A Decade of Otome: 10 Year Anniversary of かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!

A decade of gaming platforms

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since I started this blog. Originally what began as a blog about my Pangya and MMO adventures somehow evolved into an otome blog and I think it’s now devolving back into my MMOs and RPGs again 😂. This is a special time since it’s now a decade since I’ve started this blog, the longest blog or site I’ve ever run in general. Most people know the site as “breadmasterlee” but the actual title is “kawaii janakya dame nano!” (It must be cute) which derives from the fact that I only ever wanted to play MMOs that had cute characters and avoided stuff like World of Warcraft lol.


The otome game industry is changing and let’s be honest, it’s shrinking faster than your tshirt on high heat in a dryer. For those who are mostly buyers of English otome games it seems about the same as far as frequency of releases but in Japan the otome game production scene has shrunk drastically. Mobile games that are “for women” (rather than otome) have sucked up a lot of the market and only a few are still left clinging to their consoles. From looking at sales even the kusoest of games have sold more copies on a PSP than GOOD games that sold on the Vita. Switch sales don’t seem to be that great either so I hope Otomate made the right decision with moving to that platform over the PS4. I’ve purchased a Switch very recently but been too busy catching them all and figured I’ll start my Switch games with a fresh anniversary year of this blog probably next month or even next year in January.

At least our screens are getting bigger lol

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve gone from PC → PS2 → PSP → PS Vita/PS TV → PS4 → Nintendo Switch as far as otome goes so as much as all of us like to stick with the same platform unfortunately we gotta keep up with the market too. The way things are going though, I sadly feel like the Switch might be the last and final otome platform. I think eventually everything will just end up on mobile because makers are finding it’s a lot easier to make money from gamble gacha mobages than to put out a full quality console game. It almost feels like console games are more of a “trigger” to get people to instead then spend money on events and merchandise – rather than try to make money from the game itself.

A game that never happened

Other than the switch to..the Switch it’s been a fairly quiet year for otome, at least for me as well. Can’t think of anything I truly enjoyed this past year that wasn’t a fandisk of a previous game I already liked. None of the new games appealed to me and I felt like I had more enjoyment playing non otome games than anything else to be honest lol. And with that it’s time for the yearly OTOME GAME AWARDS (that are completely biased and in no way reflect the view point of anyone but me 😂).

The Bad

💩 Kusoge of the Year: Un-Birthday Song 💩

I’ve never been into incest stuff, but this game goes the extra mile to let you bang your distant grandpa. 😱😱 Yes you heard correctly, bang your grandpa.

💩 The Brett Kavanaugh Award for Most Amount of Sexual Assaults: Piofore no Bansho 💩

Yea I know this game got good reviews, and maybe some people think it’s over-reacting, but heroine abuse and physical and violent abuse of female characters in games is a landmine and a turnoff for me. Bonus: The secret character also pretends you’re his sister and wants to simultaneously bang and also kill you depending on what choices you make.

💩 Worst Parents Award: Gakuen Club 💩

Oh boy siscons are sure the hotness in my otome games this year! 😓😓 But that aside, every parent in this game just wanted to extort their child before they even graduated high school. How’s this shit even legal? 🤔

💩 The John Spilsbury Award for Most Segmented Mess of a Story: Tearblade FD – Fragments of Memory 💩

Nothing I love doing more than going back & forth in a timeline and trying to piece the chronological order in my head and also remember the names of like 30 characters that only show up for 1-2 scenes.😓

💩 Have you had enough siscons yet? Award: Charming Empire 💩

Loving your sister? No strangers here my dude, everyone’s your bro in this category. Sweet baby jesus I didn’t realize how many of the games I played that had siscons and now I’m actually more horrified than I was before writing this post. 😂

The Mediocre

😐 Worst Rendition of Russian Revolution: Chouchou Jiken Rhapsodic 😐

Ah yes I remember now, with the exception of Elena and Haruka, everyone was horrible, and violent and the retelling of Russian history was complete balls. 😂 At least some of the bgms were pretty catchy and to be fair I did kind of enjoy some of the mystery bits of the game…it was close to being in the GOOD  category but a few pitfalls and I threw it into this one (along with the trash in this dumpster above.) The trophy completion requirement that forced you to record people’s random voice lines 100+ times was pretty shit too lol.


😐 Matantei Loki Award for Best Norse Mythology Fanfiction: Usotsuki Shangrila 😐

I can also tell this game (and this screenshot) is Rejet’s last cry for help as they basically rage quit making console otome games

😐 Minesweeper Award for Most Offputting set of Love Interests: Fortissimo 😐

Pretty sure every guy in the game likes someone OTHER than the heroine and while it’s cool to not have a guy fall head over heels for her from the start, it’s kinda off putting when the reason they don’t like her are because they have a girlfriend or are having an extra martial affair. Ew. ( ´_ゝ`)

😐 Nice Boat Award: Dance with the Devils -my carol- 😐

Having after stories that follow the BAD ends was kinda crap, and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the humor level as the first game….but it still had it’s charming moments at least. Also Ritsuka still great as always 😂.

😐 Spelling Bee Bonus Round Award: Heiligenstadt no Uta 😐

Look I love games that are funny and have jokes and stuff, but when most of the game focuses on jokes and then realizes oh shit we have to finish telling our story…it starts to get REALLY DULL. It also really kills the mood and atmosphere because a joke that should have ended 5 minuets ago is still going. And don’t ever ask me to spell this name, had to even copy and paste it for this post because I can’t German.😂

😐 Best Soundtrack: Charade Maniacs 😐

The soundtrack of Charade Maniacs was absolutely the most favorite of any game I played this year…but THAT IS IT. The game seemed really cool at first with the whole mystery aspect but once you unravel a lot of it you realize how many Swiss cheese plot holes they left and not to mention a lot of the characters leave a lot to be desired…….Definitely think if they polished the story a bit more and made the heroine less of a blob (extreme game pun intended😂)that molds to the guy’s route I would have really enjoyed it a lot. The zoomed in CGs also felt rushed and cropped last minute so that was a bit disappointing since I really like the game artist.

The Best

🌟 First & Last Original PS4 Otome Award: Code Realize -Silver Miracles- 🌟

I enjoyed this fandisk more than the 2nd one to be honest and I guess even though it’s the only PS4 Otome game I’ll ever get, at least the big HD resolution gave me pretty CGs to enjoy. (`・ω・´)

🌟 Best Robot Otome Game: Nier:Automata🌟

Ok yea I know this only had 1 love interest but I still enjoyed it tremendously. 😂😂😂😂 Jokes aside this is a really good game and even if you suck at fighting style games, the auto-chips can just do that for you so you can enjoy all the ~otome~ bits huehuehue.

🌟 Best Game If This Was 15 Years Ago: Final Fantasy X/X-2🌟

I mean to be fair seeing Yuna x Tidus everywhere has made me want to play this game for 2 decades!! But my mom refused to let me get a console system!! Because it would rot my brain and I’d fail school!! Unfortunately objects in the mirror are not always what they appear. Also haters gonna hate but I liked FFX-2 more 三┏( ^o^)┛

🌟 Most Unique Heroine: Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark-🌟

It’s not every day you get to be a heroine who is literally a zombie. 😂 While I only really liked 2 of the guys in the game the whole premise was unique enough to keep it somewhat interesting most of the way down.

🌟Best FD & Best Game of the Year: Collar Malice -Unlimited-🌟

Honestly while I did enjoy the CxM FD a lot, I wouldn’t say it was best game of the year, but in my “selection” of things I played this year basically there’s no other choice! Everything else was either kinda meh, terrible or pretty good but not quite as enjoyable as CxM FD was. It’s sad that a fandisk of a game I already enjoy is the “best game” for me because I am already coming in with bias that I “like this game” so it doesn’t really get a fair battle against the other games. But with so little choices this year (and a kusoge that I managed to dodge like a bullet) I’ve been kinda branching off back into RPGs mostly in the Final Fantasy series since I’m still playing FF14. In fact over the thanksgiving Steam Sale I kinda stocked up on a few new things….😂

I don’t know if I’m just falling out of interest with otome or just the low selection doesn’t give me much to pick and choose anymore. Before there was so many games but everything just feels like a port of an old game I’ve already played or when I finally go and buy what is a “new” game I get disappointed because the scenario CONSTANTLY gets the backseat treatment. If they just put effort into giving the heroine a personality and a backstory that actually matters….but they just kinda seem to throw popular tropes against the wall and hope something sticks. I had actually thought of maybe closing up shop once otome moved to the switch but Pikachu crashed my plans and I guess I’ll continue holding the fort a little longer. 😌 A lot of fellow bloggers have closed up shop and only a few of us remain so be sure to support everyone, things like likes/blog comments mean a lot to everyone and help motivate to keep us all plowing on through the rough otome waters. 😇

Lee’s first appearance as an April Fool’s mobage 😂

I feel like I wanted to ramble about all the stuff from previous years because after all it’s a 10 year anniversary but I feel like I’d just sound like a broken record lol. Feel free to click my blog anniversary tag and take a stroll down memory lane if you so wish to. I think the TL;DR of things is sometimes it can be discouraging to keep going when I constantly run into games I don’t enjoy. It can feel like a chore that I have to finish a game that I think sucks because I want to write a post on it. But I guess I’ve kinda grown attached to this blog, it’s been a huge part of my life and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people through this hobby. Even though most of my friends nowadays are from FF14 and don’t care too much for otome, I don’t want to toss this thing aside just yet. However I know the time is coming because the types of otome games I play are becoming more and more scarce. But hey I think we can probably stick it out and make it for another year. 😏 And if anything I just ~return to innocence~ and just go back to my RPG/MMO blogging instead lol.

This year I’ve asked on twitter for fanarts of Lee and I want to thank those of you who submitted them! Check out the gallery below and be sure to visit the artist’s twitter or art site to see more of their works! (*‘ω‘ *)👌 And hey if you missed the deadline but still want to submit something just hit me up on twitter or comment on this post~ I don’t mind 👀💕

And now it’s time for THE ULTIMATE STATS – 10 YEAR EDITION:


Top 10 Referrers:

  1. Twitter
  2. My defunct anime blog
  3. A friend’s defunct pangya blog
  4. Facebook
  5. Macuyo’s site (the creator of Get Dumped)
  6. My defunct tumblr
  7. myanimelist.net
  8. http://oto-game-me.blogspot.com (Also related to Get Dumped lol)
  9. sandeian.wordpress.com (rip your awesome blog my dude)
  10. Someone’s now private tumblr

Top 10 Posts (excluding directory pages):

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Top 10 Search Terms (*excluding stuff like otome/blog/breadmasterlee):

  1. amnesia otome game
  2. armen noir
  3. clock zero
  4. starry sky after spring
  5. starry sky game
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  7. (p)lanets walkthrough
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Top 10 Most Commented Posts:

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Overall looking at the stats alone I feel like 2012~2015 were my peak years and then it kinda simmered down because of otome games moving to Vita and eventually mobage flooding the market and a lot of people losing interest. Blogs are also a dying breed, to the point that Otomate doesn’t even make blog banners to link to for their games anymore. 😱 Things certainly have quieted down around here but I honestly like it more that way….I feel like when this blog’s popularity exploded I got so much hate and harassment I’d rather be quietly unpopular lmao. I’m just writing my thoughts in almost a diary-like fashion so there’s no need for anyone to get their knickers in a bunch over it. I’ve seen a few people here and there also use my reviews to “decide” whether or not to buy a game and honestly I think it’s ok to “check my opinion” but it shouldn’t be your “ultimate buying decision”…unless you are absolutely sure we have very similar tastes. I’ve gotten a lot less tolerant of abusive shit lately and these days heroines really make or break a game for me which for some people hardly bothers them. I think it’s good to check reviews everywhere, including Amazon and then see WHAT people are specifically complaining about and if that’s a thing that would bother/interest you. I try to always give specific things that “ruin” a game for me, so that way someone can see why I like or dislike a game before they decide that they will/will not buy it.

Anyway holidays are approaching and I’m still on the road to be the very best like no one ever was so hopefully the otome gaming will pick up for me in 2019. I’ll be going to Japan in March so I’ll probably pick up that Kenka Bancho Otome sequel (?) game that’s coming out around that time. We’ll see how otomate handles the move to the switch and if other companies will adapt. I’m honestly treading carefully because I feel like we’re pretty much on our final train on the otome game railway. I hope things change for the best and we have another Code Realize or Collar x Malice level hit next year! (*^▽^*) As always I want to thank everyone for sticking around with me up until now and hope you’re all still with me in the future! 😌✨


Eorzean Lee (^ω^)


62 thoughts on “A Decade of Otome: 10 Year Anniversary of かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!

  1. Happy 10th anniversary! I don’t think I was around for the full ten years but I do enjoy reading your reviews over the years. Esp when u review games that I won’t play/buy lol /punched
    Tbh I didn’t buy that many games this year.. Coz all the new hype is with the idol mobages now – _-) Here’s to hoping otoge on the switch will keep this genre alive. I hope 2019 will be a great year for us console otome players 🙏

    1. It’s okay I’ve learned often SOMEONE has to take one for the team but at leas even I have standards enough not to buy Broccoli’s kusoge 😂

      I wonder when the idol mobage hype will die. I think utapri is the only one I keep up with and even so I pretty much ignore it until there’s Tokiya event lol. (which is good meaning I don’t have to constantly keep up with it)

  2. Happy 10th anniversary Hinano! I totally get where you’re coming from (I myself am deep into cnovels and haven’t touched otoge since August/September…). Cos why make yourself play a mediocre or kusoge when you have more fun indulging in something else? And your situation must be more dire since you’ve played so much more than me.

    Like you said, I really do hope that we will get another otoge on the same level as C:R and CxM. I realised that my peak was in 2011 ~ 2013 and those titles were one of those which sparked back my interest in otoge.

    1. Thanks Yume! I’m not even sure if Cendrilon Palika is mediocre but I’d so much rather just play with Pikachu right now. I think Piofiore steamrolled my otome game motivation lmao.

      There used to be way more otome games back in those years you mention, not so much now though. I feel like the move to Vita killed off a lot of companies.

  3. Been a lurker for 5 years already, and I want to thank you for all the effort that you’ve put into this blog. I always get a kick out of reading your thoughts haha. Glad that you still have MMO’s to keep your gaming dreams alive =)

    I do want to feel optimistic about the move to the Switch, but I honestly don’t know since we haven’t even had our first real wave of Switch otoge releases yet. It doesn’t hurt that the Switch is buoyed by good ol’ titles like Pokemon, Smash, and Zelda lol so less buyer’s remorse if u do end up getting it for otoge at first b/c Nintendo doesn’t let down with their titles.

    You are so right about new games having awful scenarios. One of my only 3 Vita purchases this year was Broccoli’s latest title. It looked like it had a lot of things going on for it on the surface BUT BOY WAS THE SCENARIO LAZY AF (in addition to it being xtremely laggy for a VN), I just felt so cheated I could only laugh. Also, thanks for the heads up about CM, I can use that money towards rent.

    Happy 10th Anniversary!

    1. Thanks for reading for that long! 🙂 Yea I definitely feel like there’s more games I want to play on switch than I did on the PS4 but I still enjoyed the few non-otome PS4 games I played (and uh the code realize FD 2 I guess lol).

      I’m so glad I avoided Broccoli’s garbage, they cut corners on everything and literally try to lure people with fake yone shit lol

  4. Happy 10 year anniversary!! I only found your blog a year or so ago, but I’ve love reading your reviews (both otome and non-otome)! I’ve been a bit nervous about otome game releases suddenly drying up so I spend so much time on each game, almost rationing it, until I know another lot of localisation news has been announced. Also I love your Pokemon Switch!! It’s super cute~

    1. I’ve been dragging a lot of games lately simply because they are just not captivating me like they used to. Not sure if it’s me getting tired of it or makers just don’t bother putting much effort into the story/scenario anymore these days 😦

      And thanks! I love Pikaaaa

  5. Happy 10 aniversary Hinano!
    Wow I only found out about this nog recently 6 months maybe and sadly your right otome has become more niche than before which honestly sadness me because I only just go into it and since I don’t know any Japanese there are MANY games I haven’t even played yet. Thankfully your blog is so detailed Instead of playing the games I can enjoy reading reviews about them instead. If you do ever decide to quit I will be sad but will support you in whatever else you choose to do !!!
    Ps. Why don’t you make a post about how you self studied Japanese (since ther are so many people who don’t know Japanese but would benefit fro learning )

    1. Thanks Elli!
      A lot of westerners only now getting into otome games probably think business is booming due to so many more localizations but yea the oasis is definitely drying up in Japan. I don’t want to post about how I studied Japanese cause it’s so half assed and bad it’s probably not very recommended lmao

      1. I know this is a couple of months old now, but I just had to say, please do make a post about it! Reading how someone was able to “halfassedly” (xD) learn Japanese might actually motivate me to try more. lol

        In regards to the otome well drying up. Honestly, I think the whole VN industry as a whole is drying up or shifting directions. You’ve probably already heard, but minori unfortunately has become a recent victim, with one stated reason for them closing up shop being they felt they wouldn’t be able to continue to make the type of VN they like in a way they’d want. It’s unfortunate.

        1. Yea I mean I guess every plotline has been done to death and the sales are dropping. Also let’s be real people would rather play a quick game anytime on their phone instead of dedicate a lot of time to reading a long book (or having to deal with game systems/choices/parameters etc.)
          I’m not too upset though, just shifting what my interest in games is anyway lol

  6. Happy 10th Anniversary Hinano,
    because I found your Blog Last week it is just a short time I know you… But I read a lot of your otome reviews and really enjoyed reading them!
    So here is a present „Heiligenstadt“ means a holy City or a City with a holy person.

    1. Ahh thanks for the heads up. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to pronounce that name XD But I guess meaning wise it does make sense with the whole story ^_^

  7. I lost my shit at that Brett Kavanaugh thing OMFG. I adore your reviews, and here’s to another ten years! Thank you very much for all you do. I’ve yet to buy a Switch (cause it’s damn pricy), so I’ll be playing vicariously through your, since all of the otome games seem to be moving there, hehe.

    Happy 10th Anniversary!

    1. Hahahaha 😂😂 Thank you!

      There was a few sales for black friday but maybe if Nintendo releases a new switch model next year the old ones might really plummet in the cost. We’ll see how the new switch games are, I’ve been to distracted to even begin lol

  8. Happy 10th anniversary! I started reading your blog in my early teens and now I’m in my twenties lol…I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog for the large variety of otoge you play and the detail you put into your reviews; your reviews give me a good idea of whether or not I might like a game and tend to affect my choice of whether I’ll buy a game or not. It’s partly my selfish wish but I personally think the otome industry is merely changing rather than about to meet its end, and needs to adapt to the times now. As someone who was addicted to mobage a couple years back, I find myself getting more into otoge as I grow older…fully voiced games are attractive and tbh one otome game is cheaper than the amount of $$$ normally needed to roll a gacha until you get that SSR/5* or rank in an event. As for blogs being a dying breed, the thought really saddens me and I’m honestly hoping they somehow make a comeback in the future. You never know. They can be hard to find but sometimes I’ll stumble upon a gem of a blog that makes me realize how great blogs are all over again. Sorry for going off on a tangent there! I love all the illustrations of Lee you included throughout this post btw, they made the entry even more fun to read!!

    1. haha wow thanks for being a long time reader ^_^

      I see Otomate trying to adapt but doing that V-Tuber thing doesn’t seem like a direction I’d want them to go into :/
      And blogs yea….it takes time and effort to write a blog and I’ve even cut down on a lot of my tl;dr rambles in my posts these days. Most people would rather just live tweet their playthroughs lol.

      We’ll see what happens I guess, I’m just kinda pessimistic cause things have been going downhill as far as console otome is concerned for a while now.

  9. Hey Suzu~ It’s Ala (from FFXIV). Just dropping by to wish you a happy anniversary. ❤ Ten years is an amazing achievement, and while it seems to be a bittersweet time, I’m sure many (myself included) will hang on with you until the very end.

    Hope everything else has been well with you and the hubby. You’re always welcome in Discord if you ever have a moment. :3

    1. ahh hey long time no see! Did you guys just plain quit FFXIV? 😦 I haven’t seen you online in a while and the FC leader changed so I figured you guys moved on to other things.

      1. Aha, yeah… I kind of ragequit after the last housing fiasco, and Noah joined me. >_> Though it was really a long time coming, since we’re both just so busy now that it’s not really worth it to keep up the sub for maybe a few hours of gameplay each month. :v These days, I’m just wearing out my thumbs with Shining Live, saving humanity in Fate Grand Order, and trying to finally learn Japanese (just in time for the otome industry to potentially fizzle out…). XD

        Are you guys still on Gilgamesh?

        1. yea we are, but we’ve mostly been on our alts on Ixion cause Japanese players do way more player events which is a lot more fun for someone like me who never raids…which is pretty much all Gilgamesh has become. Such a crappy server, only raiders and RMT sellers lmao. If I wasn’t stapled to my house I’d probably leave lol. Couldn’t even get a decent map party going , people are so god damn stupid – yet on Japan these work so seamlessly. I’m being biased af but yea I’ve made more friends and had more fun on my ixion alt than on my Gilga main which now feels like an alt.

          Btw I also play shining live but I’m still on the Japanese version , I assume you’re playing the English one XD

  10. Happy 10th anniversary 😀
    yay I’m happy to see someone else played Ephemeral and actually liked it! I enjoyed it as well but was hesitant to recommend it to friends cuz it’s a mobile port :c
    I got into otomes when aksys localizations started late 2016, it’s sad to know that that’s when the market started dying D:
    now that vita cartage production stopped here I’m finally convinced that the English market is dying as well, so I decided to work more on my kanji skills and pick up Japanese otoge :3
    it might be quiet times for veteran otome gamers but as a new comer my backlog is exploding xD .. your blog helps alot when I try to find older otoges! I’m mostly digging for vita games but it seems the psp had some pretty good ones too so I might check
    some 🤔 I had a psp since 2009 but never got into otoges cuz they weren’t any localized and I was busy learning English instead of Japanese
    I’m happy you enjoyed nier too!! I was in for the gameplay/angst but now that I think about it it did have some otome bits haha xD

    1. It doesn’t have voices on the mobile one I think (?) so maybe the voices really helped me enjoy it more than if I had played it without them lol

      Maybe AKsys or whoever will consider Switch? It seems like a lot of stuff is coming to Steam these days as well so who knows? there’s still a lot of old psp games I never touched but when I Look back at the system/art quality I don’t even want to bother anymore lol

      and hell yea nier. 2Bx9S is my OTP ( ̄ー ̄)✨

  11. Happy 10 Year Anniversary!! That’s a crazy accomplishment 🙂 Yeah, it’s a bummer that most games are being ported to mobile but I guess I can safely say at least another gaming company f’d up more than the otoge industry recently. RIP everyone who bought Fallout 6 lol.

    So glad you enjoyed Nier Automata!!! I’ll have to go and read your review sometime after I finish mine lol. I’ve been swamped with so much hw and tests that all of my reviews are like “lol you’ll never finish me!”

    And agreed so much on scenarios that never go anywhere. Hopefully next year brings something good, but considering not many new otoge are even coming out….:P I’ve been really enjoying Haitaka no Psychedelica so far so if you ever get bored it’s worth looking into.

    1. Thank you Leaf! yea I might look into it maybe, or maybe hold out to see if otomate ports it to switch with new stuff added on. And I hope you get to finish Nier 🙂

      1. 🙂
        Haha it just may get ported since it was internationally released. I’d rec steering clear of the localization tbh. It’s not awful but you can really tell the translator/editor didn’t do their job because the tense isn’t consistent throughout. It’s pretty aggravating haha. I hope I get to the review soon too rofl it’s been so long since I finished the game but I’m like “I’ll do it tomorrow!” and then it never happens xD

  12. I’m 2 days late commenting but congratulations on 10 whole years!!!! It’s kind of insane it’s been this long since you’ve started blogging!! I still remember stumbling on your blog when I first got into otome games hahaha. It’s crazy how time flies and how much the community has changed since back in the day. I’ve low key given up hope on otome game companies producing great games in the future but I still have a tiny, little bit of hope that maybe we’ll get a few great games next year!
    In the mean time I’ll be playing my usual RPGs and shit tho so I guess I won’t be leaving the video game scene at the very least for a while haha.
    Also that desktop of all the FF games is literally me lmao I’m still trying to get through all the FF13 games as well ^q^ thanks steam sales www
    It feels a little bittersweet that 2018 is soon coming to an end, but I hope 2019 will be a great year for you (and for otoge ww) \o/

    1. lol yea I know it’s hard to believe it’s been that long but when I think back to my PS2 game days and running home during lunch to broadcast…ahh the memories lol

      and yea rpgs are more appealing to me now I’m struggling to get back into the 2 otome games sitting on my shelf at the moment lol

  13. Congratulations on Your 10 Year Anniversary 😀 !
    I don’t always have the same opinion about games as You but I still find them funny and enjoyable, so thanks for Your hard work and priceless sense of humour!
    I’m happy to see that this blog is still gonna running despite the crisis in the otome franchise. Let’s have a better year for otome in 2019! But if that’s not gonna happen how about returning to the older titles? I would happily read Your review about BWS Bloody Nightmare for example. But of course it’s up to You. It’s a little soon but… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 😀
    (P.S. Sorry for language mistakes. I’m not native ^^’)

    1. Yea it’s cool even if our opinions are different 😀 Sometimes I’m like “hey listen if every game I hate you love you can now know that anything I hate will be GOTY for you” to some people lmao. So it works out both ways lol

      Not sure if I’d go back to older titles, especially PSP screen is so painful to look at now x.x Happy holidays to you as well!

      1. Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare is a PC and Vita game (there was a Vita port that made 2 games in 1), so no PSP here ;]

        1. ah right, well in the case of BWS I utterly hate Mojo Jojo and his catboi brother so it’s a game I don’t ever intend to play (I played last hope which at least focused on the wolves lol)

          1. But there is also more of Julian there :p Welp, so how about the Apple Polisher the heroine of the game is really great (last proposition since I don’t want to be pushy ha ha).

  14. Hinano aaa please don’t retire you are the only blog I’m still following for otome game reviews lolol do you consider PC otome gaming now that console is slowly dying ??

  15. Congrats for surviving another year as a blog! 10 years is really impressive, I have been slowly dying out of pure laziness. Anyways glad to see you enjoyed Automata, that was definitely my highlight of last year!

    1. A lot of fellow bloggers have been waning in interest and dying out honestly you are not alone. Sometimes I feel like I’m dying out on otome gaming but at least I got other games to keep me entertained!

  16. “it’s a lot easier to make money from gamble gacha mobages than to put out a full quality console game” I HEAR YA GIRL. Everytime I see a new otome release on my phone, I get excited, only to discover it’s a gamble gacha model where I have to participate in a million $$$ events instead of just, ya know, paying for the damn thing and enjoying it a my own pace. I understand developers follow where the money goes, but they should really give the *option* at least, because they’re losing potential customers here (but I guess my ass buying the game for a solid price doesn’t compete against another sucker who’ll pay 1$ for every friggin minute.) Back to your post before I get lost in a rant, this really resonated with me too: “Before there was so many games but everything just feels like a port of an old game I’ve already played or when I finally go and buy what is a “new” game I get disappointed because the scenario CONSTANTLY gets the backseat treatment. If they just put effort into giving the heroine a personality and a backstory that actually matters….but they just kinda seem to throw popular tropes against the wall and hope something sticks.” THIS!!!! Why do they keep doing that? I know it doesn’t only apply to otome, Hollywood is having the same problem, but you’d think someone would understand that what is most important about a visual NOVEL is actually the plot??? X_X And yeah, although I admit I would have really liked to read your Koroshiya to Strawberry review, I feel you also about games that start to feel like chores. For me, that’s Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, people are raving about it being great and I’m like ???? are we playing the same game because it’s reaaaaally a drag @_@ Anyway, as long as they make games where romance is the main focus, I guess I’ll be on the otome train no matter how it ends up being called, but as always thank you for posting your thoughts, you are always so enjoyable to read<3

    1. Yee I pretty much uninstalled all my remaining mobage except shining live because I can just login and get free shit and barely have to put in any effort during “events” (bless auto mode lol). Lost interest in pretty much everything else and at least I play shining live for free lol. the stories are so boring it’s more a “tokiya collector simulator” now.

      and yea scenario getting backseat treatment is extra bad now because it’s really only Otomate left…so you don’t have any competition or change of scenery when it comes to the otome gaming choices :/. Koroshiya is too much of a kusoge for me to spend money on. Maybe if I find it for $1 in the bargain bin when I go to Japan 😂

      I heard from a few friends with similar interests who did not enjoy Psychedellica so actually that’s kinda why I’ve been avoiding it. I’m sure if I wrote a scathing review people would get really mad so I’m just staying away knowing it’s probably not my type of game to begin with.

  17. happy 10 years hinano! i just wanna say i hope you continue to blog about games! i have been reading your posts once in a while throughout the years, and it made me so happy to see someone play otome games, especially when most of them don’t make it to the western market! your blog inspires me to learn japanese and even start my own game blog (though it probably won’t be otome-focused)! i’m really excited that you’re delving into the Switch and more RPG games now! whatever you decide to blog about in future posts, i’m sure it would be a joy to read~ please continue to enjoy yourself!

    1. thank you! ^_^

      thanks for being a long time reader, and yea it’s sad the games for women get such a crap treatment in both overseas and now in Japan. I think learning Japanese is the way to go because from what I saw all the otome switch localizations have been downright terrible.

  18. I’m super late to this party, but happy 10th anniversary! Been a long-time lurker, and your reviews have definitely encouraged me to pick up more than a few titles over the years! In fact, I can probably say your reviews were one of the biggest reasons I got interested in Otome games in the first place!
    I vaguely remember reading somewhere you’re not too into “historical” Otome games and their excessive glossary dumps, but have you ever heard of/tried Geten no Hana? It was originally a PSP game but it (and its sequel) got re-released for Vita 2 years ago. It’s an Otome game from Ruby Party and Koei(!) featuring a (mostly) competent kunoichi protagonist. She and Cardia from Code Realize are up there on my (admittedly small) list of favorite Otome Game Heroines. I played it years ago when it was on the PSP and it was what got me to start playing Otome Games in Japanese.
    Anyway, sorry for the wall of text! I’ve always wanted to know if you tried this game (or at the very least, heard of it) and if you did, what you thought of it. Thanks for your reviews over the years, and I hope to keep reading until you decide to stop!

    1. Glad the blog was some sort of inspiration!
      I’m not a huge fan of KOEI games and yea the historical/ very wafuu thing kinda put me off. Mostly cause they use really complicated old timey kanji/fonts and it gets hard to read for me, also I guess I’m just not really into that time period unless there’s a gimmick (like with Shinobi Koi Utsutsu.) Good to hear they have a nice heroine though!

  19. Hinano, happy 10 years!
    Also a long-time lurker- I think I first stumbled upon your babble blog from a Pangya post you made in 2016 called “RIP Pangya (again)”. I really enjoy your writing style and the humour you put into each post, it’s very cheeky and exciting! Keep up the great content!!

    PS: have you played Pangya Mobile? I tried playing it for a bit but the fun of playing on a desktop computer outweighed playing on a mobile/emulator that’s slow :

    1. I played Pangya Mobile until it got so buggy it just refused to let me login….so I gave up and uninstalled it. It was kinda imbalanced compared to the PC version anyway so I don’t really miss ita nymore.

      Thanks for being a long time lurker ^_^

  20. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! I’ve been a lurker for most of those years and I really hope you will continue to play some otoge to Review! Let’s just hope there will be some decent console games ahead in 2019… I’m currently playing Hakuouki Kyoto winds and Edo blossoms (the two part remake)and I really like the new content! You actually get to know the guys better before the shit hits the fan, and more kiss cgs and stuff 🙂 I would recommend it to you but I guess you’re pretty tired of all the hakuouki stuff since they’ve really milked that cow dry… I made sure to only play the original and the remake as not to ruin it for me. So if you really want a break from kusoges you could pick it up? 😛

    1. thanks for lurking this long 😛 I’ll still play games since I have a switch now but the lack of releases isn’t helping I guess. Seems like Otomate’s the only one really left in the ring.

      I’m honestly already mentally done with Hakuoki after Reimeiroku and none of the new characters honestly appealed to me enough to play it again. It’s good you’re enjoying it though! I’ve honestly found myself playing less otome games and more “rpgs/general games” lately lol.

  21. It’s late but happy 10th year anniversary!
    Looking back, I was in middle school when I first discovered your blog and now I’m almost finishing my uni lol

    I always love your reviews and also my fav which are the april fools articles! I always cracked up upon seeing your own commentary and thank you for always makes me happy when reading your posts!

    Actually, I’m one of those people who play idol mobage (but only i7 and utapri survived in my phone lol) and otoge on PC only _(:3 」∠)_
    The only limitation for me playing console game is because in my fam we’re prohibited having console games until we’re an adult lol. That’s why reading your blog is my runaway(?) from my craving of console otoge (´・ω・`)
    But now since several otoge has been localized and popped up in steam I’ve been indulging myself but only managed to clear few titles. Sometimes I wonder how can you be so fast clearing those games so kudos for you! ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝

    I hope I can see more of your content in the future, good luck and once more,
    Happy 10th year anniversary! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝⋆*

    P.S. sorry for the rants just skip the middle part 😅

    1. thank you! and wow yea time flies haha, so weird that you technically “grew up with my blog” cause for me the last 10 years has felt no different than before xDD

      and yea lots of otome games are console and now I heard news of Otomate planning to port a lot of old ones to Switch. PC stuff is hard to come by in Japan because most people in Japan don’t have PCs anymore. They have smart phones/tablets or very basic portable laptops that probably can’t play CD rom level games.

  22. A very belated happy 10th blog anniversary. It’s rare to see someone continue for this long (well..if you discount me, who never stick to one blog).

    1. thank you! honestly I’ve had so many blogs/sites in the past too (I had sites dedicated to sailor moon and south park back in the day LOL) but this is definitely one of my longest ^_^

  23. Wow, it’s EXTREMELY belated, but happy 10 year anniversary! I think I started reading your blog in 2013 I believe? Around the time I first started studying Japanese (Because I wanted to play utapri so damn badly and get into Otoya’s pants. lmao). I always really enjoyed your blunt honesty and humor in your reviews. It was always hilarious. It was really nice to find a space where someone could really love Otome games as much as you do, but still be real about the BS that went on in them. You also inspired me with your Japanese ability too, because it pushed me to keep improving my Japanese – because at the time I also REALLY wanted to get to a point where I could comfortable play Otome games with no issue.

    Glad to say that over the years, I eventually did move to Japan, lived with a bunch of Japanese people in a share house, worked at a souvenir shop in Sapporo, entered a speech contests, and got to a point where I could play otome’s with ease (most of them at least)! I remember the amount of achievement I felt after finally getting to play utapri and completing Otoya’s route. Now I’m off playing stuff like Persona 5, Gyakuten Saiban, and any game that I can play in Japanese.
    When I think about it, it’s crazy how otome games impacted my life in such a big way. Which is why it’s a little bittersweet that in the past 3 years I’ve also started to slowly lose interest in the genre. It just doesn’t quite spark that same whimsy it once did.

    Reading your post really reminded me of that joy otome’s used to bring me. This has actually kinda inspired me to pick up a otome game one more time before everything just goes to moba and I completely lose interest. lol (Or at the very least this makes me want to try playing tokimeki memorial again)

    Congrats again for reaching 10 years! That is no easy feat! Thanks again for all the work you put into this blog. It doesn’t go unnoticed. ^ ^

    1. Wow reading your story is so interesting and puts a smile on my face lol. Amazing you not only went to Japan but you also lived and worked there. That’s really cool! I’ve been to Japan many times but only as a tourist lol.

      Honestly my interest in otome games is kinda waning too. Doesn’t help that there isn’t that much out there anymore either, so you’re kinda left with “take it or leave it” stuff which just isn’t that good anymore. That’s why lately I am playing a lot of non otome games lol, I find them way more enjoyable these days. No idea if otome genre will make a comeback since “mobage for women” with no romance are kinda taking over but we’ll see I guess!

      Thanks for being a long time reader!!😊😊

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