Otome Game Review: OZMAFIA!!

Our heroine has amnesia and finds herself in a familiar town full of mafia families. She gets picked by one of them, the Oz family. They’re not just any family though, they are the Wizard of OZ characters, with the leader being the Lion Caramia, and his two right hand men the Scarecrow Kyrie and the Tin Man Axel. They give her the name Fuka and from that day on she spends her days being a freeloader and interacting with other mafia families in town. Spoilers immediately following the jump so skip to my final thoughts if you’re still playing/planning to play!

ozmafia002Since the epilogue of the game pretty much is more like a PROLOGUE to the game I’m just gonna barf all the spoilers here. I mean if you’re reading this, you probably came here for spoilers anyway so get ready! 😆 There once was a girl named Dorothy who along with her dog Toto, got her house blown away and had to follow the yellow brick road to Emerald City. On her way she met a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man and a cowardly lion.  They all decided to stick together and hope that the Wizard of Oz would give them what they are missing, and allow Dorothy to go home. Once they reached Emerald City everyone got their brains, hearts and courage but Dorothy decided that she can’t leave her traveling friends alone.  She decided to stay back so she could watch over them and she acquired magic powers to do so. Unfortunately by doing so, she became a witch and in order to not become the wicked witch of the west, she had to be forever alone as she is not allowed to use magic for her own benefit. By request she then turned the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man into hot dudes, and decided to play doll house by creating a town for them and creating a bunch of other fairy tail characters  and throwing them into the mix.  All the characters she created since they are “created” are basically immortal and they live forever and never change (kinda like in QR’s Alice game.)

ozmafia003The humans who live in this town though ARE mortal which is why they are commoners and only the created cast all somehow banded into separate mafia groups. In order to be able to watch over everyone but not interact with them directly, Dorothy also created a tower in the middle of the city  where she confined herself along with her dog Toto. After a while though, Dorothy got lonely and decided to leave the tower cause she got sick of being Miss Rapunsel. By leaving town though, it messed up her magic and split her body, soul and magic into 3 parts. The body is in a coma, the magic is wandering outside town and the soul…..is our heroine Fuka! That’s right Fuka is actually a self insert Mary Sue for Dorothy to be the “ideal self” that she wanted to be. You see, Dorothy is a kawaii loli-chan desu, but really she wants to be a sexy lady who can screw as many dudes as possible without a care in the world. And so our brainless Mary Sue Fuka goes around doing whatever the fuq she wants with no rhyme or reason because I guess Dorothy didn’t think her cunning plans all the way through.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, the tower and the dog Toto are both pissed off that Dorothy has left them. They’re both so yandere that they decide to MERGE with each other, Toto’s body dies and now Dog-Tower-kun gattais into a shota named Sou. Sou is the final boss who’s out to sacrifice whatever is necessary to get Fuka back into Dorothy’s body. Guys that lock you in cages? Old & busted. Towers that lock you inside themselves? NEW HOTNESS. And so from here, our story begins! 😆

ozmafia004Kyrie – Not gonna lie, doing Kyrie first was probably a bad idea because he’s one of the mains and the first run of the game is just suffering with all sorts of stories/side plots being thrown into your face with nothing making any sense. (Not that this changes much later on but first run is painful without any skipping.) Kyrie is the scarecrow who while without a brain is a sweetheart, but the moment he gets his brains he becomes cunning bastard and after playing the grand finale end, it was clear to me that he never loved Fuka in the first place. He always just thought of her as Dorothy’s spirit (but wasn’t sure how) so in the end Fuka was always Dorothy’s replacement. Kyrie LOVES Dorothy. He loves her so much that despite Sou casting a memory wipe spell on everyone, Kyrie’s super brain still remembered her. Kyrie loves to gamble and constantly be a smartass to people, and the only way to get him to bone you is by constantly resisting his advances! Fortunately he makes it incredibly easy to resist himself cause he intentionally makes himself to be a huge dick. So then after a whole bunch of nothing he just randomly asks Fuka to go out with him and uh she agrees for like no reason. He’s even like “oh wow I was just kidding I didn’t think you’d agree.” Even everyone around them is like “why are you dating him again?” Of course since Fuka has nothing in that head of hers, she has no good reasons. End  1 – Axel tells Fuka that he loves her and he feels that she’s better off with him than Kyrie.  Kyrie realizes what he’s losing out and gets really butthurt but Fuka tells him that she loves him and she rejects Axel. He then gives her a pendant and they screw in his room that night. Turns out that the pendant is actually his “brain” that the scarecrow had wished for in the wizard of oz. Sadly our heroine LOSES HIS BRAIN and then runs around panicking looking for it.  Though because he’s lost his “brain” Kyrie becomes a sweetheart rather than a bullying creeper.

Fozmafia005uka feels terrible though so she continues looking for it and gets kidnapped by Caesar part 5, so Kyrie runs to save her since he doesn’t have his “brain” inhibiting his emotions.  Sadly he gets stabbed like a BBQ stick by Caesar salad, but Caramia comes to help. In the epilogue, Kyrie recovers but he’s still in his brainless dumb form but I find him more charming that way. (ノ´∀`*)ノ I guess the moral of the story is ignorance is bliss, and honestly I preferred Kyrie this way lol.  End 2 –  Fuka tries to be all bakapple with Kyrie by doing dumb things like pretending to be sick :lol:.  It’s all part of Kyrie’s plan to make this game like Storm Lover and he then tells her to do all this other dumb shit to show off how fucking raburabu the 2 of them are. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Well I guess it’s good I did this ending after the previous one since it made me hate him less and since I got to skip most of his rudeness, this just seemed silly rather than irritating. But then for like no reason, Kyrie dumps Fuka on Caramia telling him to “take care of the rest” so Caramia’s like “alright bro” and asks Fuka to “date him” for a day. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  After this Kyrie gets all butthurt and is like “why don’t you go date Caramia if you like him so much” sigh.  Fuka gets all QQ and when Caramia finds her he’s like “yo guurl to tell you the truth I actually like you too”.  And so the next day Caramia and Kyrie basically fight over her but Fuka chooses Kyrie in the end.  Fuka loses his pendant again and his brain and he goes back to being a cutiepie ( ≖‿≖).  She attempts to find it and is caught by Caesar once more and taken to his hideout. Kyrie comes to save her and gets his crow mob to kill everyone.

ozmafia007Turns out that the pendant he gave her was just a replica and him acting all cute and deredere was all an act omfg (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. He’s like lolol I trolled u ww. Instead he gives her an engagement ring which he says is what his “real” brain is asking her not to lose it this time. (Though at this point I think he’s fulla shit lol.)  And so they get married and ichaicha in front of Caramia annoying the crap out of him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.NTR End 1 –  Axel realizes that despite his statement earlier, he actually loves Fuka more than his favorite candy!  Fuka also realizes that she’d rather be with Axel than Kyrie cause he claims that by being with him, she’ll only be miserable. She then breaks up with Kyrie and continues her ichalove life with Axel ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! After this Axel finds himself getting too attached to Fuka so he asks Kyrie and Caramia to help him out. They decide to then hang out with Fuka for 3 days and have Axel stay away from her to see how much he can take. (Why are they doing this omfg.) When 3 days pass, Axel comes back to Fuka and is like lol that was pointless, I couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole time and got extremely depressed (´;ω;`). So then the Grimm family goes nuts and starts killing ppl so Oz family have to interfere and Axel gets badly injured. I thought he died but then like bam, epilogue, the two of them are smooching at some festival wtf lol. NTR End 2 – While everyone runs to stop the fight in town, Fuka is alone at the Oz mansion and Caesar CEASES the opportunity to kidnap her.  Axel has a bad feeling so he runs to rescue Fuka but gets beat up by Caesar and his glasses broken so he can’t see.  Fortunately Kyrie saves their butts with his rifle and Caesar runs off.  In the epilogue Fuka acts as Axel’s guide until he can get a new pair of glasses.   Even after he gets his new glasses he takes them off because this way she will continue to hold his hand and guide him. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Apparently Fuka thought he was moe too and then glomps him as they both topple to the ground (ノ´∀`*)ノ. (But then Kyrie comes around and kicks them ( ´_ゝ`))

ozmafia006NTR End 3 – Kyrie’s upset that Fuka won’t give him the time of day as his “lover” so he goes to Robin Hood for advice. He then figures out that Caramia has the hots for his girlfriend and gets pissed. He loses his brain like before (though at this point I wonder if he’s just faking it since he did say his brain is in the ring not the pendant.)  Caramia says he’ll do his best to work hard in Kyrie’s place.  NTR End 4 – Fuka is sick of Kyrie’s shit so she kicks him to the curb and goes off on the rebound with Caramia. In fact she’s so ready to move on she goes and screws Caramia immediately :lol:. Fuka then officially joins the Oz family and asks Caramia to teach her how to use a gun. So then Caramia gets into rage mode cause Hameln returns with his flute. To make sure that Caramia doesn’t go batshit on everyone again and cause problems, they tie his hands back to the bed frame like some weird BDSM fetish movie. Caramia tells Fuka that if he ever tries to hurt her, to shoot him. He manages to escape somehow and Hameln commands him to attack the Oz family but then Kyrie steals from flute from him and OH NOES NOT MY FLUTE!  Also turns out Caramia was wearing ear plugs so him going “crazy” was all just an act.  That night he shows Fuka his “animal strength”…in bed. 😆 NTR End 5 – A battle breaks out with the Anderson family and Fuka is attacked by Elling and his machinegun.  Caramia shows up in rabid flute mode but as usual Kyrie and Axel come as backup to save her.  In the epilogue Robin treats Robin’s wounds and Fuka visits him to see how he’s doing. Wow is there enough NTR ends? Ugh well if you’re gonna NTR anyone it’s best to NTR Kyrie or Caramia cause there never really felt like there was any chemistry between them since Kyrie would constantly push her away (probably to test her loyalty to him) but whatever Kyrie, I know you just wanna bang Dorothy instead. In the drama CD where we get to hear Kyrie’s inner thoughts, he’s basically like getting off on the thought that Fuka will feel horrible and guilty for spilling some tea. Kyrie, Wordsworth called, they want their horse back.

ozmafia008Hameln – Hameln is the pied piper and the not-so-last boss of the game. He pretty much is MIA until he comes back to town to cause havoc because guess what, he’s the reason there was a huge incident a few years ago. His friend Robin Hood, was supposed to get married and he was headed to the ceremony but then…Sou went and mind controlled him to go insane and shoot Robin’s wife at the fuggin altar. The worst part is this was on a Sunday, a day where mafia families are not allowed to fight each other. After this Hameln was labeled as a criminal and even though the mortal humans at the time may have already died so a lot of people don’t know him, the immortals – like Robin, are forever pissed off until they can get their revenge. Sad part is, nobody knows that it was Hamel’s fault, and well since he’s one of the immortals he pretty much comes back every time to start shit cause he figures 1. everyone hates me anyway so nothing I will do will ever be redeemable 2. hopefully someone can manage to kill me and put me out of my misery.  SO REALLY MAN POOR HAMEL HE’S LIKE THE SADDEST EXISTENCE IN THIS GAME (´;ω;`)ブワッ! End 1 – Fuka rejects Kyrie’s confession and Caramia asks for Fuka to officially sign a contract and join their family since at the moment she’s just a guest. Fuka then finds Hameln,  sleeping in a church like a homeless bum and he calls her an angel. She then continues visiting him on a daily basis and chatting with him.  He really starts to get all deredere for her which totally threw me off seeing how he was a psychopath in an ending I did prior to this. When Dorian Gray comes to the church, Hameln goes to hide with Fuka so he isn’t caught and while there he takes advantage of the situation and kisses her (*´▽`*).

ozmafia009After he comes out of hiding though he has to part with Fuka because he’s pretty much on the most wanted list. Fuka isn’t satisfied with this so she runs to Hameln and asks why he’s a criminal as everyone claims. He says that  he’s caused a lot of people to die and because of this he’s just been on the run and he has nowhere to go, not even back to his own family. He says that it was best for him not to return to this town or to the Grimm family but something told him to come back.  He wants to leave town because it’s best that way but his body just won’t move so he’s been bumming around the church. Fuka’s like its ok babe I’ll take you outta here and admits that she fallen in love with him. They smooch but the next morning he tells her that he can’t take her with him because he doesn’t want to hurt her and he leaves her behind. Caramia then tells her that because of his crimes, Hameln’s been arrested until further notice. Since he can’t die, he’s to be kept imprisoned until there are no more people who have not forgiven him for his crimes. In the epilogue, Fuka joins the OZ family officilaly and her first duty is to be a prison guard. Caramia assigned her this role so that she could visit and see Hameln at any time. щ(ಥДಥщ) End 2 – Lol well my tears and shit were all pretty much kicked in the face because Hameln goes back to being a psychopath. He rages at Fuka saying that he just used her and then uses his flute to cause chaos because he can control animals like Pashet and Caramia (cat & lion.) He then kidnaps Fuka and says that he’s a criminal who will always be a criminal no matter how much time passes. Since he can’t die, he has to deal with this shit for all eternity.  He almost strangles Fuka to death but then Robin Hood shows up, reveals himself to be an ikeman and rages at Hameln for abandoning him. The two of them have a stabbing contest and Robin stabs Hameln with poison saying that if he can’t kill him, he’ll just slowly disable him from being able to cause anymore harm. Fuka runs to defend Hamlen and Robin says that if she defends him, he will kill her.  Fortunately Axel and Kyrie save her and in the epilogue, Fuka becomes a nun at the church where she met Hameln. Sigh poor Hamel, forever misunderstood.

ozmafia010Sou – See at first I thought Sou is this sweet adorable patisserie shota but yea after you find out he’s a yandere tower-dog-kun HE JUST CREEPS ME OUT MAN.  Sou is in the wolf gang  family and often takes care of Caesar cause guess what – Caesar is Dorothy’s magic! So in order to keep watch over him, he offers to basically cook and clean for the Wolfgang group. Additionally in order to keep an eye out on Dorothy’s soul Fuka, he runs a pastry food cart in town every Sunday. He claims he doesn’t like violence but in reality it’s that he doesn’t like to do violence directly so he just acts as the mastermind to cause everyone else to fight instead!  End 1:  Because Sou doesn’t show up with his usual food cart Fuka goes looking for him at the slums, and almost gets attacked but Sou tells everyone to fuck off and saves her. Kyrie and Axel come looking for her so Sou helps her return back to the Oz dudes. Kyrie is pissed that she’s at the slums when Caramia told her to stay away from there because it’s dangerous. After this Kyrie tells Fuka and Sou to stop hanging around each other cause if they fall in love, it’ll cause conflict between mafia families. Sou then suggests that he and Fuka run away from this town together.  Fuka agrees and the next day the two of them escape town. That night as they eat together Sou asks to kiss her and they smooch while some voyeur squirrels watch (like in Ayato’s ending in Dialovers www.) Sadly the next day Caesar shows up and is like grr you took Fuka from me so now you must DIE.  Sou somehow ends up winning but Sou can’t bring himself to finish hm off so he leaves medicine for Caesar to take to heal himself (or rather, he don’t want Dorothy’s precious magic to vanish!)

ozmafia011Turns out leaving town is bad for Sou’s body so he starts to suffer and Fuka suggests they return back. Guess you can’t really have the tower leave town either.  Fuka rushes Sou back and brings him to Robin Hood for treatment because he has a high fever. After he recovers, he tells Fuka that if he loses his “role” he basically loses his existence. The following day, Fuka finds out that Sou has died and his body vanished leaving behind only a flower. Some time later the spirit of Sou shows up telling Fuka that he’s always been by her side and he’s always loved her which is why he wanted to free her. He then says that for her to be happy, he can’t be with her. I’m gonna guess that rather than yandere tower-kun end, this was basically Toto telling Dorothy that he’s always been with her and he’s always loved his master~. Poor wan-chan.  End 2:  Fuka joins the Oz family which officially makes her Sou’s rival. They run away together anyway though this time Fuka is the one who gets sick. As Sou runs to get her back to town and to Robin Hood, they get intercepted by Kyrie. He tells Sou that he’ll be arrested for kidnapping and when Fuka is brought to Robin, he says he has no idea what to do because she has no symptoms but her body’s on fire. While she’s out cold, Sou visits her dreams and tells her the only way for her to recover is by forgetting about him. He says he’ll erase himself from her memory but his memories with her will always be in his heart. Needless to say, Fuka forgets about him but she wakes up completely healthy and returns to the Oz family. Sou is back to business as usual but unlike Fuka, he remembers all of his feelings for her while she treats him like there was nothing ever between them. щ(ಥДಥщ) Admittedly my first place through I was really really sad, but thinking back in retrospect I’m like m9(^Д^)プギャー.  I didn’t really get this ending though it’s like Sou can be together with Dorothy but he can’t be together with Dorothy’s soul? Guess she’s gotta be all in one piece or there’s some pime taradox.

ozmafia012Manboy, Dorian & Alfani – Ugh so these 3 UNFORTUNATELY go together as the “brothel endings” of the game. Fuka is told multiple times to stay away from Oscar Wilde’s building but she keeps coming back anyway cause lol brain where. Not only that but once she realizes that holy shit I love dem dicks, she keeps coming back to screw more and more at the brothel. The good news is, Kyrie pays for all her manwhore activities because he doesn’t want to “restrict” her…or maybe he just fuggin loves when the spirit of his waifu is getting NTRed idk. Manboy is a servant who works at the brothel and while mostly he’s just cleaning/food service, when necessary he provides MAnservice if uknowwhatimean. Alfani is like the top manslut at the brothel because he’s a huge do-M though seems like he can be do-S on request. I think Dorian prolly buttraped him so many times his sense of sexuality is screwed up like some poor abused Johnny’s Entertainment idol.  Dorian is the number one scumbag because not only is he the owner of the brothel but he then pretends to be this priest on the side. LOL PRIESTS. End 1: Manboy begs her not to come there anymore because he doesn’t want her to fall into darkness and become some sex crazed weirdo. щ(ಥДಥщ) She comes back anyway. When she comes back she’s like “nope not enough dicks”  so both Manboy and Dorian double team her. Dorian also tells her that basically Manboy’s  real name is Sauseido and he’s created the “manboy” name to separate his personality. Needless to say the 2 of them doubleteam Fuka and after this Dorian buys her as his sex slave. WHY DID YOU EVEN SELL HER KYRIE OMFG. When she tries to escape Dorian and Alfani catch her and beat her down. Realizing she’s screwed for life, literally, Manboy comes to her wishing he had kept her out of the brothel but he had fallen in love with her so he couldn’t push her away. щ(ಥДಥщ) He tells her that they should run away together but she’s been raped so many times by Dorian that she’s completely broken and refuses to leave. =_=

ozmafia013In the epilogue Kyrie is surprised to see her in this state and asks if that’s what she desires but she’s so messed up she doesn’t even answer. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! See this ending makes no fuckin sense cause in one of the NTR routes, Kyrie said that if he ever saw Fuka in the brothel with another man, he’d kill him. But what does he do here? Sell her as a sex slave and is shocked that she’s now Dorian’s sex doll? Okay. ( ´_ゝ`)  End 2: Fuka becomes a massive sex addict who just wants non stop dick from both Dorian and Alfani. When they’re not available she asks Manboy to fill in that gap…literally (  ゚,_ゝ゚). Manboy gets sick of her being treated like a blowup sex doll and tells Fuka to destroy Dorian. She agrees if afterwards, Manboy becomes her one and only. So what they do is drug Dorian, find his portrait with his true self and is like “oh beetch you lied to me” as she strangles him. She then demands to have everything, including this brothel all to herself. And so basically Fuka becomes the brothel owner with everyone at her service, including Dorian who I have renamed to Pedobear ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.  In the epilogue Kyrie finds out that Fuka is the new brothel owner and shits bricks. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ Seriously this was possibly the most revolting 2 endings I’ve done in the entire fuggin’ game. Even though in the 2nd one, Fuka becomes super-pimp woman, it’s still revolting omigod Dorothy what have you doneee. Moral of the story is, stay away from whore houses. Btw what the game mentions lightly but needs to emphasize more is the fact that 1. anyone who gets an STD is obviously kicked out until they die and 2. They probably don’t have protection in ye olden days here so the babies who are born from rape/sex work are then raised into being prostitutes like their mothers. UGH. Disgusting. Instead of Dorian becoming her sex slave I wish Fuka would have thrown him off a cliff instead. ( ´_ゝ`) That would require a brain though.

ozmafia014Robin Hood – Yea you know I thought Robin is supposed to steal from the rich to give to the poor?? Apparently the Robin here is instead a miserable doctor who hides under a fugly mask so no one sees his true self: A miserable man whose wife is in a coma for years upon years while he talks to her like his personal livejournal instead of putting her out of her misery. And THE NTR FLAG PREVAILS again because despite Robin having a wife, and still being obsessively in love with her, Fuka falls for him and decides to be a homewrecker. Ok I give her the fact that the wife is pretty much a vegetable on her death bed but to Robin she’s as good as alive n’ kickin’ so nothing Fuka does will change his mind. But that’s okay, Fuka has no brain so even when Robin’s always babbling about waifu-chan and comparing Fuka to her, she’ll try to get Robin no matter what!  End 1: Fuka goes into his secret room and finds his wife in sleeping in some weird tube. The next day Robin is fuggin pissed that she went in there and rages at her for breaking her promise. He tells her to GTFO and return to the Oz family house.  The following day Fuka comes back to Robin and apologizes saying she was only curious because she wanted to know more about the man she loves.  He then tells Fuka that on his wedding day, Hameln crashed their wedding and shot his wife. She was able to keep her life but she’s pretty much been in a coma and if she wakes up for more than a few sec, she will die. Since then Robin’s been pretty much keeping her “in storage” in that tube until he can find a way to heal her fully back to health since unlike Robin, his wife is actually a mortal human. His wife was a nun who I guess got tired of being married to god so she went to marry a sexy blonde doctor man. Ok well actually the truth is, I think she got fucking tired of Dorian’s shit tbh since he’s the church owner. The next day Robin bed intrudes into Fuka’s room at night  and is like “oh btw I love you, the hell with my half dead wife, pls take this ring!” Apparently he did this to steal guns from the Oz family to take revenge on Hameln who’s back in town.

ozmafia015A few nights later, Robin’s wife wakes up and asks to finally die because she’s tired of seeing her husband go yandere all these years. She tells Robin he needs to move on to be happy, says she loves him and finally goes off to rest in peace. They hold a small funeral for her and afterwards live happily ever after cause he tells FUka “well you love me right, may as well!” (  ゚,_ゝ゚)  End 2: Robin keeps babbling to his comatose wife about how he feels guilty about spending time with Fuka cause then it’s betraying her~! In the meantime he keeps coming and using her as his comatose livejournal and the poor woman is laying there hearing it all wishing he’d put her out of her misery.  When he figures out Fuka likes him, he basically laughs about it behind her back with Miss Comatosejournal. No wonder she wished for him to put her out of her misery!  So then after allowing his wife to finally die, Robin goes to see Hameln to take his final revenge. Before Robin can shoot Hameln, Caramia and Kyrie come to arrest him for breaking into the prison. He asks why at that time they didn’t help bring his wife to the hospital, but they’re like “our job is to keep peace in town and stopping the Grimm family from going crazy was top priority.” (´・ω・`;) Fuka then finds out that Robin’s been arrested and thrown in jail for breaking into their prison and killing one of the Oz family members. At the funeral DURIAN SHITLORD admits that Robin’s wife was a child from the brothel, HIS BROTHEL, I BET SHE WAS HIS DAUGHTER FROM SOME WOMAN HE PROBABLY RAPED THERE UGHHHHH DISGUSTING HUMAN GARBAGE. Disgusting pedo brothel priest, I bet he molested her while she was a nun too (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻.  Anyway after this Axel gives Fuka permission to visit Robin so she can tell him about his wife’s funeral. Some time later, he’s released out of prison because they need a doctor in town and apparently no one else can do it. Fuka’s been waiting for him this whole time cause despite everything she still loves him~. ( ´_ゝ`) Bleh…this is probably 1 step above the brothel ending, but still fucking terrible none the less.

ozmafia016Caesar – At first Caesar was kind of annoying cause he’d always show up and start shit for no reason. However that’s cause Caesar’s a tsundere and that’s just his tsun personality because he’s Dorothy’s magic and he just wants to become one with her soul. (Incest or OTP?)  He’s the leader of Wolfgang and unlike the other mafias inside the town, his gang actually lives outside since that’s where Dorothy’s magic & body split so he can pretty much  travel both inside and outside town. He’s also a NEET who doesn’t work and pretty much relies on Sou’s food cart business to pay for everything. He’s also really weak and often picks fights that he can’t finish xD. He often calls Fuka his “prey” but on Sundays Fuka decides to visit his hideout for the hell of it and as she continues visiting him, he gets deredere and starts calling her by her name.  End 1: He comes to the star festival but hidden in mostly a robe so nobody would recognize him.  Unfortunately everyone recognizes him and misunderstands thinking that he’s come to cause trouble. Fuka protects him and tells him to run away. After this the Oz family restricts Fuka from going out because they find out that she’s been visiting Caesar on Sundays. Axel basically patrols her all day and if she goes out, he comes with her. The next day she finds Caesar being a waiter at Sou’s cart so he can actually earn money for all the ingredients Sou always uses to cook dinner.

ozmafia017A week later, they find Caesar at Sou’s cart and he says while the town is in commotion (since Hameln’s returned), he’s gonna steal Fuka away. Axel’s like I won’t let you, but Caesar then grabs and kisses Fuka right in front of him \( ^o^)/. The next day, Hameln lures Fuka into the slums but fortunately Caesar comes to her rescue and after she runs home the 2 of them babble about destroying everything. Needless to say, Hameln gets all the kiddies and furries fighting amongst each other and when Fuka runs to find Caesar he’s babbling how he has to kill her. After he’s done tho he’s like “ok nvm I don’t wanna kill you” and glomps her like a deredere cupcake. They defeat Hameln and Caesar’s family is allowed to be part of town and not be outcast. Thanks to this Fuka is allowed to freely see him whenever as they continue their ichaicha love life. End 2: After fighting Hameln, a rabid Caramia appears! He stabs poor Caesar but before he can cause more damage, Axel comes and snaps him out of it. After this, Fuka keeps visiting Caesar daily while he recovers at Robin’s place. Once he recovers he glomps Fuka and tells her that she is forever his ~prey~ (*´ェ`*)キュン♡. In the epilogue, Caesar keeps trying to steal Fuka away from the Oz family, though Kyrie refuses to let her go because he doesn’t approve of a “weak man taking his daughter” xDDD. Man I really wish Caesar got more screen time in his own route. In other routes when he showed up I was like meh but in his route I wanted to see more of his cute blushing face (*´▽`*).

ozmafia018Caramia – I think it would have been better to do Caramia’s route first but I was just following this girl’s walkthrough blog and she hadn’t gotten to him until midgame. I thought Caramia was alright, I didn’t like or dislike him and I thought he had moe fangs but then……his NTR from Axel’s route pretty much ruined everything. (;^ω^) On top of this, Caramia admitted that he…never bathes. In fact he rarely ever goes in there (probably cause Kyrie is sick of smelling his shit). Guess being a stinky lion he was used to having fleas but I swear don’t lions still bathe pretty frequently? Now that you’re a human, get your ass in the tub. Caramia x bathtub is my OTP.  After he starts getting closer to Fuka and getting jelly of her with other guys, he confesses to her at the star festival. End 1: Fuka catches Caramia with some ho at Oscar Wilde’s brothel and starts crying. Axel is there and comforts her taking her home. The next day Axel confronts Caramia and tells her that even if it’s a misunderstanding, he should be responsible enough to clear it up with Fuka. Caramia then goes to Fuka the next day saying that it’s probably better that they break up because before being her lover, he has to be a mafia boss – even if it means sleeping with dirty hoes for information! The next day Fuka’s like no beetch you ain’t breaking up with me and they make out. ┐(‘~`;)┌ After this Fuka agrees to join the Oz family officially but during one of the patrolling nights, Caramia accidentally shoots her! 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ Like wow man so much for having sharp senses of a lion….did his love make him so 色ボケ that he lost them? And since this like old country, they gotta pull the bullet out while Fuka is conscious and feeling all the pain! After she recovers, she goes to see Caramia and he’s depressed and crying while wallowing in his guilt for shooting her. Turns out this was such a hit on his poor weak heart that the courage he received in the past poof & vanished so he’s back to being the cowardly lion. While he ends up cooping himself up in his room out of fear, Fuka comes to visit him daily to give him comforting words. She also ends up being his substitute at meetings until Hameln shows up, kidnaps Fuka whistling his flute and making Caramia go batshit. He  manages to overcome it though, defeats Hamel and then ichaichas with Fuka until Kyrie jabs him in his wounds.

ozmafia019In the epilogue, Caramia gets his courage back and marries Fuka. (Though ew Dorian marries them, that revolting pile of trash.) But then Caesar comes as a wedding crasher and interrupts the wedding forcing everyone to fight him. XD  End 2: Fuka hears Caramia saying that she “reminds him of someone from the past” (aka Dorothy) and gets jealous and pissed. She confronts Caramia directly asking who she reminds him of and he’s like “wow how dare u listen to on my conversation with Kyrie, never do that again, it’s none of your business.” Fucking rude so I was like fuck u Caramia and I went to cheat on him with Kyrie :lol:. Seeing her upset, Kyrie takes her on a date to let her de-stress and then at the end of the night asks if she’s interested in dumping Caramia for him instead. Immediately after Caramia comes into her room and he’s pissed off that Kyrie’s trying to NTR his g/f lol. Fuka tells Caramia not to attack Kyrie because she’s glad to have found out the stuff he was hiding from her. So then like she immediately dump Caramia and goes to spread her legs for Kyrie \( ^o^)/.   Kyrie then attempts to get Fuka to learn how to cook since all she does is just laundry and nothing else while bumming around the house. She then officially joins the Oz family and when a fight breaks out during the announcement meeting, so he takes Fuka to the brothel and rents a room there as his personal love hotel :lol:. After they leave, Caramia shows up in rabies mode thanks to Hameln’s flute, jumps on Kyrie and starts strangling him. Thanks to Fuka coming out and yelling Caramia’s name, it distracts him giving Kyrie the opportunity to knock him out. Fuka gets injured though and almost passes out which freaks out Kyrie and he thinks he might lose her again. After this Kyrie gets all ichaicha raburabu with Fuka because he realizes he can’t control or read her movements like he can with most everyone else.  End 3: After they do the mattress mambo, Kyrie tells Fuka that he used to be a scarecrow without a brain made out of straw. The old folks who made him gave him a crappy hat that his eyes would get washed off in the rain. POOR SCARECROW MAN. щ(ಥДಥщ) I kinda wish this info was revealed in HIS OWN ROUTE not when I’m fuggin NTRing omfg.

ozmafia020He also adds that the reason he hides his right eye with his hair is because it changes based on his mood and he doesn’t want anyone to know his true feelings. Turns out that Kyrie’s the one who set Heidi’s place on fire so that it would cause the mafia families to fight amongst themselves. The reason is because Fuka said that she wants less violence and he figured HAY IF THERE’S LESS MAFIA FAMILIES THERE WILL BE LESS VIOLENCE. Kyrie………..I don’t think this is what Fuka had in mind….(≖_≖). After he smacks a rabid Caramia back to his senses he tells her to take care of Fuka, while he heads off to fight Hameln. He defeats him as usual and in the epilogue Caramia makes fun of him and Fuka for ichaichaing in public ?? I have no idea what the point of this ending was. End 4: Fuka choses to stay with Caramia and rejects Kyrie’s proposal to go out with him. Fuka then joins the Oz family and then the shooting happens and Caramia becomes a scaredy lion again. After Hamel kidnaps Fuka, Caramia comes running but he’s so scared he could pee his pants. He ends up getting hurt badly to protect Fuka and in the epilogue he remains a cowardly moe lion with Fuka by his side. End 5 & 6: After Caramia tells Fuka to break up with him, she goes to Axel for advice and..ends up switching to him. This is so stupid tho because in this ending it’s revealed that the ho that Caramia was with at the brothel only really has interest in Kyrie. If he just explained this to Fuka she wouldn’t go off with other men and be upset? Anyway the ending is like Axel’s other NTR end in Kyrie’s but this time they reveal that Axel decided he was determined to survive for Fuka and then Caramia comes to his rescue. The rest is the same as it was in Kyrie’s. So yea all these little things that Caramia did just kinda piled up  and by the time I was at the end of the game I was like bleh, Caramia. Even Kyrie felt more redeeming at this point (cause then I imagined Caramia smelling like the homeless bums and creepers on my subway ew.)

ozmafia021Axel – Axel is the most moe tin man ever! (*´▽`*) Seriously aside from Caesar, this guys right here stands out as the best and sweetest character in the game to me. He’s apparently younger than Caramia and Kyrie so Fuka refers to him as “kun” rather than “san” like with the other 2. He’s very suspicious of Fuka at first but eventually warms up to her, especially when she agrees to go eat sweets with him since he’s too embarrassed to do it on his own.  She even compliments him a lot calling him hot & sexy and he just responds negatively lmao. xD She tells him he’d be hotter if he smiled more (*´▽`*)!! Additionally Axel can’t use a gun and instead uses a hand weapon. He’s also pretty much blind without his glasses and in his spare time carves figures out of wood.  End 1: Axel keeps avoiding Fuka so she goes to confide in Caramia on why this is happening.  While he pulls some feather out of Fuka’s hair, Axel walks in from patrolling duty and completely misunderstands and runs off crying like a shoujo manga heroine. NO BABY COME BACK I LOVE YOUUUU щ(ಥДಥщ).  When Fuka runs after him he’s like HOW CAN U NOT UNDERSTAND MY FEELINGS AND HOW MUCH I WORRY ABOUT YOU. He then calls her a horrible person and runs away someplace so Fuka decides to look for him.  So then jumping in for the usual NTR, Caramia tells Fuka that he loves her and if she wants she can always switch to him. NOPE SIR NOT HAVIN THIS NTR SHIT IN MY WAIFU’S ROUTE ( ಠ益ಠ ). Caramia and Fuka go looking for him once more and find him drowning his sorrows in alcohol at a bar even though he’s really weak to it. Axel cries that he loves Fuka so much but Caramia’s trying to NTR her away ;_;.  They bring a drunk Axel back home and she stays by his side until he wakes up.  He babbles how he’s scared that he’ll hurt her with his tin man body (he has a higher strength than anyone) and that she should go with Caramia but Fuka’s like NOPE HONEY I LIKE WHAT I GOT and grabs him and kisses him. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

ozmafia022A few days after Fuka rejects Caramia, she joins the Oz family officially.  One night after they go patrolling Axel tells Fuka to go back first cause he wants to secretly buy her a hair pin. On his way home though, someone knocks him out and after Fuka hears news of it they run to Robin’s place to see how he’s doing. (´;ω;`)  After he wakes up he threatens to kill Sou saying that he’s the one who attacked him (LOL NO SHOCK THERE).  Turns out that the pendant he always wears is his “heart” that the tin man received and because it broke, he’s back to being an emotionless stiff and treats Fuka coldly. щ(ಥДಥщ) NO BABY WHY WON’T U LET ME LOVE U! He still has memories of everything but has no reactions to it and only focuses on his patrolling duties. A few days later Kyrie announces that since someone from Wolfgang attacked Axel, they must take revenge in the name of the Oz family. Meanwhile back at the slums, Hameln’s given guns to all the poors and now they’re running around shooting everyone and everything.  Axel comes to save her but gets badly injured by Hameln…though somehow this magically brings back his heart and feelings for Fuka. In the epilogue, Axel’s been recovering for a month from his injuries. Once he recovers, Kyrie and  Caramia make a bet if he will lose his virginity with Fuka プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  End 2:  Kyrie tries to NTR Fuka and Axel gets really pissed.  After he finds out that Kyrie goes clothes shopping with Fuka, he gets so pissed he aims a gun at Kyrie’s head. After Axel leaves pissed off, Kyrie asks Fuka to switch it up to him and then Caramia tells her to stop the mans from fighting over her for the sake of the family. When she finds out that Axel has burned all of his love letters that he had written to her,  she tells him that she loves him and not Kyrie. He hugs her saying he loves her back and then Kyrie walks in only to be given the loser flag m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ.

ozmafia023After the Wolfgang attack incident, and the battle against Hameln, Axel doesn’t regain his heart but says he will only “follow Fuka’s orders”. She then teaches him slowly about what feelings are like and uh teaches him about how to make love on command :(;゙゚’ω゚’):  End 3: You cheat on Axel with Kyrie for no fucking reason other than cause you’re a horrible person and he’s so heart broken he says he will never fall in love with anyone again щ(ಥДಥщ)!!! The rest is the same NTR shit that went on during Caramia’s route that I did.  After Fuka wakes up, everyone teases Kyrie for saying lovey dovey stuff to her. I skipped Kyrie’s other NTR end cause I found out the missing CG was NTRing with Caramia and the less I have to NTR my baby the better (´;ω;`). End 4: To get some lewd CG of Caramia I had to cheat on Axel again (´・ω:;.:… This is extra bad because the scene of Fuka picking Caramia over Axel takes place immediately after they find him drunk and crying over Fuka at the bar. オリャ-( ゚Д゚)ノ====┻┻゚ロ゚)フギャ!! And of course immediately that dirty slut lion beds her going “oh its ok if you think of Axel, I’ll fuck all dem nasty thoughts out of you.” And then I had to have my heart broken a 2nd time by Axel’s reaction to getting dumped by Fuka 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん. Everything else is the same though. Didn’t bother doing the 2nd NTR end since I figured other than maybe one new non CG scene. It’s funny how pure and innocent Axel was when it comes to doing the mattress mambo but in the NTR routes he knew damn well what he was doing. Once again, what is consistency? But yea, Axel was so adorable, an adorable tin man who likes sweet things and is shy. (*´ェ`*)♡♡  I didn’t care as much about NTR in Kyrie and Caramia’s routes but damn it hurt in Axel’s because it was blatantly obvious how much he loved her. Seriously forcing NTR just to get CGs…this kind of shit should just be a “non CG scene” for those who are into that crap sigh. Also the fact that Fuka spreads her legs for the guy immediately after the NTR was even more horrific here. UGHHH AXEL BABBY I’M SO SORRY.

ozmafia024Scarlet – Well if the aftershock of Axel’s NTR wasn’t bad enough, the poor baby Scarlet gets SUPER FRIENDZONE ROUTE.  Wow like man Fuka gets laid with the brothel douches but what does Scarlet get? Only 1 CG with her in there with him.  Scarlet is red riding man-hood and a kuudere in the Grimm family. Since Hameln’s been gone, he’s had to basically take charge and try to control Hansel and Gretel from causing havoc.  Fuka seems like the kuudere-kun and she even goes to grope dat shota when he shows her his mafia tattoo. Still this is apparently not enough for him to get a romantic ending with her -_-. End 1: Caramia & co. think that Fuka’s going to betray the Oz family because she’s been getting too close to Scarlet. After Scarlet gets attacked by Wolfgang members, Caramia tells her that the only way they will help is if she joins the Oz family.  After doing so though, she won’t be able to hang out as much with Scarlet but to save him Fuka agrees. They rescue Scarlet and bring him to Robin to recover but Caramia won’t let Fuka be with him because of her agreement. (´・ω・`) While he’s unconscious, she tells him goodbye and thanks for all the fish. And then she like pretty much avoids Scarlet period for whatever stupid reason even though Axel and Caramia are like “You can still talk to him its ok!” (  ゚,_ゝ゚) She avoids him to the point where the poor guy has to chase her down and be like why the fuck are you avoiding me щ(ಥДಥщ)!! Once he finds out that she joined the Oz family because of him, he’s like oh god I’m so sorry it’s my fault I “took your freedom” but begs her not to stop talking to him. IT’S OK SUKACHAN BABY I STILL LOVE U EVEN IF SHE DOESN’T (´;ω;`).

ozmafia025Once Hameln shows up wanting to start a war with all the other families, Scarlet rage quits Grimm and goes to join Oz family instead. They immediately brand the Oz tattoo on him and team up to stop Hameln. When they face off, Hameln tells Scarlet to shoot him and Scarlet finally uses his gun. After it’s all over Scarlet confesses to Fuka but before Fuka can answer back, he…passes out. In the epilogue he becomes an iron chef for the Oz family to make sure they all get 3 proper meals per day.  Poor Scarlet, friendzoned till the end. End 2: We get to see how sad and upset Scarlet is when Fuka avoids him щ(ಥДಥщ).  After Hameln returns, Scarlet says he can’t betray the Grimm family after all and says that he will be joining Hameln in the war against everyone. He asks Fuka not to be in front of him though because he doesn’t want to have to shoot her. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and Fuka shows up in front of him so Hameln tells him to shoot her. Because Scarlet is shaking and can’t do it, Hameln instead shoots himself and says hey bro I’m in the past, you gotta move on. After Hameln dies, Scarlet becomes the Grimm family leader but Fuka still comes to see him on “business matters” just so they can talk like old times. Meh poor Scarlet had like no romance in his route and in the CGs there’s only ONE CG with Fuka in it..the rest are just of him on his own…(´・ω・`). Also sigh poor Hameln part X.

Pashet – Before I go on to Pashet let me just break the rumor:


ozmafia026That’s right, Pashet’s route is actually a really sweet best friends route and the kind of female route I prefer in my games!  Pashet is awesome because unlike most characters in this game, she tries to keep our dumbass heroine out of trouble. She keeps her away from Dorian Pedophile and the brothel and best of all, keeps her from going on an NTR spree! Pashet is the puss in boots♀ but she’s a knight so she carries her sword and beats down all the lewd men in this game. She does have a girly side and has cute flowers in her nuko ears and has a fear of frogs. Fuka and Pashet go shopping together for girly dresses for Pashet since shes’ always wearing manly clothes. At the star festival Pashet dresses up in the dress they picked out, and gets all shy around Axel cause she apparently likes serious guys like him! And so this pretty much becomes a Pashet x Axel shipping route x3. Pashet then tries to find out some sweets that Axel might like  and goes to learn how to make them with Sou for him xDDD  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q She makes sweets for everyone and goes on a picnic with Axel, Caramia, Fuka.  Caramia figures it out and has to tell Fuka that Pashet likes Axel. After this Fuka basically ships Pashet and Axel together and says she’ll cheer them on (ノ´∀`*)ノ  However my joy is cut short when one day when Pashet comes to the Oz house she brings cookies she made for Axel, but he refuses them saying that he can’t accept anything from other families. (´;ω;`)ブワッ

ozmafia027End 1:  Pashet is so heartbroken after Axel’s rejection that she gets pissed at Fuka and tells her to GTFO for lying to her that the sweets plan would snag a man! (but lol Pashet honey seriously taking advice from Fuka…)  After Hameln comes back, Kyrie tells Fuka to stay inside but she’s worried about Pashet and runs out anyway. Needless to say she nearly gets stabbed until Sou saves her.  ( ´_ゝ`) They find Pashet and she’s like all bummed out and can’t fight so Fuka’s like I’m HERE FOR YA GUURL. Just then even Axel comes to help out and he and Pashet team up like my shipping babies that they are (ノ´∀`*)ノ.  Poor Hameln gets captured as usual and afterwards Pashet tells Fuka that she needs to become stronger and stop being a tea server for the mans. In the end Pashet says that she wants to protect Fuka from all the lewd mans in this game…which is great cause seriously that was incredibly necessary in those brothel endings..( ̄□ ̄;)!!End 2: Pashet asks her family member Percy who is also a nuko, for various advice. After all the stuff with Hameln ends, Pashet decides to quit the long boot family and become a patissiere. She has one last sword fight with Axel and kisses her sword goodbye. In the epilogue, Pashet has opened up her own sweets bakery and everyone goes to visit to try her new stuff. Even if I can’t really ship Axel with Pashet, I would totally ship Pashet with Percy. He only had a bust shot sprite but he was SO CUTEEE. I really wish I got to see more of him (and less of Alfani and Dorian ew. Yes I’m gonna bring up every time that I’d rather never see Dorian again jfc why did you create him Dorothy is this a rape fantasy of yours?)

ozmafia028Grand Finale – So since I mentioned the epilogue in the intro of my post here’s what happens in the end. Sou basically sends out letters to everyone saying that they should all go out in a battle royale style and kill each other and the surviving family will get their wish granted.  Sou knows that the Oz family will win and they do cause everyone either kills each other, or in the case of Oscar Wilde brothel, they just kill themselves! After everyone except the Oz family is dead, Caramia, Axel and Kyrie head up to Dorothy’s tower with Fuka. The tower looks like the yellow brick road and eventually everyone but Fuka is left behind an invisible wall. Well turns out it was all JUST AS KEIKAKU by Sou to get Fuka back into the tower so that he could convince her to jump back into Dorothy’s body cause yandere-dog-tower-kun. Caesar then shows up and he’s like not so fast bro, how dare u try and get rid of my other half! You see once Fuka goes back inside of Dorothy, her existence will be wiped since after all, she’s just Dorothy’s soul right? Fuka however says that she wants a peaceful town and if that means sacrificing herself it’s all good. Caesar then agrees to abide to Fuka’s wish and he merges his magic with Fuka so that she can use it to grant her wish: Everyone who died in the battle royale is revived and the town becomes peaceful. Sou tells Fuka to get her ass back into Dorothy and so she does and disappears.

ozmafia001Just then, Dorothy and Fuka have a girl talk inside of Dorothy’s head and Fuka’s informed that she’s become such an “individualized piece” that she can freely return back to the town and live just like one of Dorothy’s creations. Dorothy chooses to stay forever alone back in her tower instead and Sou tells her that it’s ok cause yandere-tower-dog-kun is with her forever. AND EVER. While Dorothy & Sou go around wiping everyone’s memories of herself, they run into Kyrie who will never forget Dorothy, poor guy. He tells her that he’ll never forget their journey and that he wants to see her again someday. Poor Kyrie, NTR’ed until the end. Now that I think about it, the lyrics of the OP song are pretty much a reflection of his love for Dorothy.  Man this sucks. Kyrie don’t get da loli. Caesar is gone. Dorothy gets stuck in yandere tower kun and Fuka is back to being a dumb ho in town (´・ω・`)ショボーン.  So basically it’s like NTR the game! I still have unanswered questions though.  Why did Hameln, die like how were they all able to magically die when they are supposed to be immortal magic creations? Why can’t anyone be truly happy in this game?    What happened to Hamel, was he revived too? What about Robin Hood? Did his wife magically resurrect? Who was the actual Wizard of Oz or is that title supposed to be Dorothy’s now? Is Fuka’s hair blonde or pink? Seriously it’s blonde in some CGs and pink in others (ಠ_ಠ).  Though I thought Dorothy is supposed to be the non-wicked witch of the compass direction. Meh whatever it ended on an unsatisfying note to me but by this point I was just happy to be done with this game.

A clear representation of how I felt post finishing most routes in this game.

You know I didn’t really have high expectations for this game and when I started it, the whole Wizard of Oz premise seemed really cool but by the time I was on the way to the finish line, I just wanted to jump out the window. I was simultaneously playing Koibana Days and despite all the hate, I found that game to be somewhat therapeutic to finishing this one. (;◔ิд◔ิ) I think the setting and characters were good but the execution was absolutely terrible.  Let’s start on the fact that the game doesn’t have any kind of affection indicator and the only way you figure out whose route you’re on is based on the eye catches between scenes. The eyecatch is basically a black screen with silhouettes showing whose route your own and a small melodic jingle. THIS FUCKING EYE CATCH SHOWED UP AT LEAST 50 TIMES PER ROUTE MY FIRST RUN OF THIS GAME I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA FUGGIN SHOOT MYSELF. Once you do the first run, the eye catches are cut down to maybe 25 times per route  because you get to skip them during the skipping. =___= There was no basic features like scene replay so when I found out new info about a character and I wanted to replay his scenes…I had to load a save but it just didn’t work out the same way so I gave up and moved on.  The game had too many characters and too many choices. Each route had like 40-50 choices and since there was no  巻き戻し you had to make sure you click the right choice or hope that you had a save nearby in case you messed up.

On the topic of choices, THERE WAS NO CHOICE TO AVOID NTR holy shit. No matter whose route you do in the OZ family it’s always headed towards NTR but you have the option to split from the NTR and stay with your guy or go off and cheat with the other guy. Normally in games, you have to go out of your way to get the NTR/3P but here the game throws it in your face forcing you to GET OUT OF IT. Basically it reminded me of the rape in Akazukin and how you basically had to get raped and then decided if you want to stay with Mr. Rapist and love him, or hate him and run away and get raped by some other guy. Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン The game had very few CGs but at least half of the CGs in each guys route came from only NTR scenes. Wow really? Thanks. At least in Storm Lover I could avoid cheating/hurting the guy because it didn’t give CG rewards but in here, if you didn’t do those ends not only would you not get CGs but you wouldn’t be able to see the final epilogue of the game. ( ´_ゝ`)  The heroine was fucking awful. Fuka? More like FUCKER because seriously this ho couldn’t keep her legs closed. I’m okay with like a “sexually confident woman”, this isn’t what I am raging about. I’m raging about the fact that she goes with guy a, cheats with guy b and immediately fucks him. Wow can I at least get some romantic development before she flashes her gash??? And don’t even get me started on the shit that went down in Manboy’s routes ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!!  The other problem is the game is in 3rd person so most of the time we never even  got to see Fuka’s thoughts/feelings/emotions. Due to this, I couldn’t even figure out what the fuck she was thinking 90% of the time just like the heroine in this game. There were too many random side characters that really just felt like a waste of space to me – mainly Gretel and Ande. Ande’s voice was so ear piercingly terrible that I had to actually lower her voice volume in the settings. Gretel was just fugging annoying and while I found her funny at first, after a while I just wanted to punch her in the face.

what the hell

I knew coming in that the game wasn’t going to be fully voiced and since I played TxM I expected it to be in the same fashion. Nope. The reason the game isn’t fully voiced is because they recorded lines → realized they wanna add more story in → added lines without voice. This IS SO TERRIBLE. you have this romantic scene, guy is talking – suddenly his voice just….drops.  I would have preferred it like in TxM where the common route is unvoiced since you skip it the 2nd time around anyway and then the meat of the game is consistently voiced. The voicing here was inconsistent and sometimes the moment everyone stopped talking my attention span would just float away.  If budget was the reason, they could have cut out like 3-4 pointless characters (Heidi, Gretel, Ande and her entire family tbh) and made it more consistent. Then again, adding lines POST RECORDING is a really bad thing to do because it shows that you’re basically releasing and moving forward with an unfinished product. I wanted to enjoy the characters and really like them but in the end only Axel, Caesar and poor Scarlet stood out. The game would basically bring a character in, give you a first impression and then run over it like a steamroller. Stuff would just constantly contradict other stuff and  seeing how the writer took 3 years on this game due to a lack of staff, they probably forgot what the hell they wrote over that time span and with how much of a mess all the choices & programming had become. I imagine they probably just gave up.

Look I know this is a game made by total newbies (aside Satoi and her beautiful art of course) and I would be more lenient except I paid like $94 for this game and for that price I expect a little bit of a higher quality?? I’m not even complaining about “lack of CGs”, or the fact that all the BGMs were basically variations of the theme song, or that the voice actors were 80% total noobs. I’m complaining about writing consistency, and just overall direction.  Adding an affection meter and cutting out the eyecatches would improve the smooth progression of scenes. I’d see a really great scene but it would be cut short and then followed by a scene of completely unrelated characters. It felt like watching a movie and in the middle someone throwing a bag of popcorn in your face. I wanted a better built up of the romance, I wanted there to be more time spent on WHY the guy fell in love with Fuka (seriously this only happened in Axel’s route).  I wanted there to be less NTR or have the NTR be something you go out of your way for, not go out of your way for to AVOID.  I wanted the characters to be likeable and when I started to like them, the game would go out of its way to make me hate them. どうううううしてえええ(´;ω;`)ブワッ



I wanted to like the game, I really wanted to enjoy the characters but the game just didn’t want me to. Due to this I am sadly disappointed. (´・ω:;.:… At least the OP song was catchy and the male cast was great! Most of them seem to be from Atomic Monkey which is an agency run by Seki Tomokazu! It was nice hearing someone other than the same set of 30 guys that are in every game.


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  1. thanks for reading all this time XD
    and yea I guess I try not to troll as much as I used to, or maybe stuff that happens in otome games is no longer a huge shocker to me like it was when I first played them 😆
    yea I really really hate NTR whether the guy does it or the girl does it so for that reason I’m also staying away from Dousei Kareshi series

  2. This game is on the top of my wishlist – until I read this *lol
    I really interested since Satoi doing the artwork but if the story is like that I’m completely lost it (ノД`)・゜・。
    I’ve been lurking this blog from the start and really love it. – I think your writing is really improved (I laugh a lot reading your reviews). Thank you for your great reviews… (*´∀`*)

  3. Just checked out your review, seems like they certainly handled the whole mafia aspect better. I think honestly they didn’t even need “mafias” in this game. Coulda just been Fuka’s adventures in wonderland.

  4. ooh okay. I’m interested in the voiced one so if I ever have free time I am considering buying the android version since it’s cheap anyway. Idk why Yumas decided to write NTR into the game…I rarely ever see NTR in otome games so it was pretty jarring o_o.

  5. ah no problem ;D I like reading all comments!
    I’d even shovel in Fuka as worst heroine of the year. I’ve become pretty accepting of passive heroines but I just can’t deal with heroines who do shit without rhyme or reason. It’s obviously a fault of the writers for not putting thought into them but that’s just how it is I guess!

    A lot of people commenting here are surprised at how bad the game ended up being as am I. I didn’t have high expectations but I guess it’s not the “usual things I find wrong with a game” which is why it was such a surprise. I can’t even remember the last time I had to play a game with so many choices (maybe some old Takuyo game)

  6. I can name a bunch of otomate games with great art but crap story/system too XD I guess shit happens is all I can say at this point 😆

    Not sure if they will have a next game but if their first release is like this I don’t really have faith to support any future ventures ^^;

  7. I was planning to give this game a try (since the plot interest me a lot) but after reading your post…..NOPE. Thank goodness, I did not order this game out of impulse. I probably jump out of the window too, if I ever did. NTRs in OzMafia despite the fluff-ish art? the system really bad too. Especially the 40 – 50 choices! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    Such a waste. They hired a wonderful illustrator……and the game turned out like this.

    I hope for a big improvement in their next game…and please no do-s type of game. Recently, there quite a number of do-s themed games / drama cds….I’m just ughh.

  8. Not selling yet, but taking preorders.

    Speaking of the nendroid… It is too cute… Must… buy… to… add… to… collection… Hentai is going to make me poor.

    What I understand of Sopranos is it is like Godfather for TV.

  9. Lol, this is very unexpected. _(:’3_)_ I thought your review will be out after I got back from my dorm to my house, and it really did come out! And the content is really unexpected. I am only half-through OZM and from this review I know I WILL BE TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED by the endings that I expected. (Well it’s my fault to see spoilers before playing it anyway, but it really doesn’t matter since spoilers make me avoid wasting time). So I really need to thank you. I really enjoyed reading this post. (lol beware of some rage text below)

    Wow, seriously. SO MANY NTRs. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE FUKA is that our dumb heroine _(:’3_)_ I thought she might be different and all, but I guess I am wrong. And I really hate NTRs, and this game IS SO FULL with it. I mean, geezus, I buy this game FOR the plot (and Satoi’s beautiful artworks), and seeing the routes are so a lot (and some are pointless and disappointing), I mean come on.

    Could they just work on some of the main characters instead and focus on it? I think there are a lot of unnecessary routes that could waste their money _(:’T_)_

    And I really can’t stand NTRs (I’ve never expected OZM! have EVEN that), with Fuka cheated on my Caramia for other boys in other endings (sure a lot isn’t it) it makes me feel like I’m going to throw tables out of this house щ(ಠ益ಠщ) And from your review, I reacted like: “Geezus, Caramia’s routes are only like that?! щ(ಥДಥщ)”

    I know they are a new company (and to support them, we buy their games) and I’m really pessimistic when a 2-years of hard work turned out to be like this. They could do better. If the next game turned out to be like this again, I am sure as hell I won’t be buying anything from them. It’s just me with my stingy preference of money _(:’| _)_

    P.S: Sorry for the long post omg.

  10. “Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku sama” was actually a different writer, but Satoi did do the art for that one, yeah. (The pay version you mention added some after-stories, CGs, and voices, but the original game was and still is free on their website. The core story is intact, so the free version is a good option if you’d rather check that out.)

    The writer’s doujin work was “Sakuya-hime no Kisetsu” and “Yata no Kikan,” which Satoi had no involvement in. I never finished the trial for the latter, but the former didn’t have any NTR like this did. (Its “true” route made no sense to me, but it wasn’t necessary to understanding or enjoying the other characters’ routes. Compared to how the Ozmafia cast is, they seem like a better bunch. I dunno what changed the writer’s mind.)

    Oh yeah, I know those feels so well. Like you try to find even a glimmer of a reason to like it, but your common sense goes, “Nuh-uh, can’t excuse this shit.”

    Curse the temptation!

  11. I didn’t mind her drawing for Diabolik Lovers, despite all the crazy shit that went down in there, it was still more consistent/interesting than this game was (and also less frustrating system wise)

  12. Hey guys I was just wondering where I can buy/download otome games. I don’t understand Japanese so English sub or English dub is needed! Thank you!

    Ps- I live in Canada

  13. LMAO no wonder you raged about this game, reading your review I can feel your pain. Fuka is just so dumb/idiot or whatever lols , luckily I only played Caesar and she is okay in his route www. Reading your review makes me want to play Axel fufu.

  14. Ahh Satoi’s artwork is beautiful and unique as usual. I especially love Kyrie’s and Axel’s designs (despise Caramelia’s though, cant not notice that ugly hair parting)
    But I feel bad for Satoi cuz she draws for shitty games 😛 what a waste of good art!

  15. Are you talking about Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku sama by any chance? I had thought of playing that since it was only 500 yen for the android version but now that you tell me its the same writer uh….

    I love Satoi’s art and if it wasn’t that I’m not sure how I would have made it through this game (´・ω・`;) and yea this is probably my longest final thoughts. I think I really wanted to like the game but because it didn’t let me it was like some kind of cognitive dissonance inside of myself 😆

    And yea when preordering otome games you risk getting crap at the expense of all the preorder goodies xD

  16. Oh, goodness. I knew about both the writer and the artist from their doujin work, and I was hoping their first commercial release was going to be successful. Given that it took them years because of actual delays and not the perfectionism to refine it, though, it shows through the length of your final impressions. (And that might be the longest one you’ve written, out of all your reviews!)

    I played the demo and was let down by how boring it was. I was hoping that maybe they unfortunately packed in the story outside of the demo, but I’ve started learning that most hopes for otome games are cruelly dashed. Not sure how to quite express this, but my sympathies for how this game treated…everyone.

  17. well a yandere is someone who is obsessed with someone because they love them so much and I just got weird yandere vibes from Sou because he wanted Fuka back in dat tower no matter what, even going as far as making Hameln his scapegoat, killing Robin’s wife, forcing all the mafia members to kill each other….i mean no sane person would do that right? XDD so that’s how I saw it anyway.

    as far as abandoning his mission and running off with Fuka …I just saw that as yet another story inconsistency (like do you want me to think of Sou as this sweetheart or is this all just as keikaku etc.) Maybe I’m looking into things too deeply after all those crazy games I’ve sat through!

    ruined an adorable character and turned him into a half-assed villain

    I could pretty much say this about almost everyone in the game lol. Not the villain part but the whole ruining an adorable character part 😦

    I agree with you about Dorothy I loved her a lot! But then I kinda think she’s such a loli that having all those sex scenes with her would be kinda awkward (;´∀`)

  18. Axel’s route was the best until we got to the NTR and I started flipping tables (;ಠ益ಠ;)╯︵ ┻━┻ I remember in Alice, Alice pretty much screwed everyone too but at least she did 1 guy at a time jfc! XD Also she had pride as a woman and didn’t go working as a prostitute e_e

    I feel you on the どうしてこうなった xD

    I don’t mind some inconsistency, it happens…BUT when it gets to such a bad level I have to just facepalm. If it’s at a point where the inconsistency stands out above everything else then you haven’t done a good job of convincing me otherwise!

  19. I have so many mixed feelings about this game. On one hand I feel like I enjoyed playing it and having all the weird shit thrown at me, but on the other hand looking back on it the plot was terribly shabby, the only two characters I liked completely were Axel and Scarlet, and Scarlet’s route was completely lackluster romance wise. In the end the only aspect I was completely satisfied with was the art. The sprites were gorgeous.

    Clearly you thought Sou was yandere, but I didn’t get that impression from him at all. Considering he only became self aware thanks to Toto for the sole purpose of dragging Dorothy back without having had any attachment to her herself, and being completely emotionally stable for the whole game, I’d say it was more his sense of morality that was borked. He had no problem abandoning his mission right away to run off with Fuka either, so in the end I was just left wondering what the hell his real motivations/feelings were or if he even cared about anything. Given his role/fate they could have easily made him a sympathetic character, but instead they just flung in an outright cruel side to him in the epilogue that ruined an adorable character and turned him into a half-assed villain. It was a waste since his route on its own was really sweet and fluffy.

    After the epilogue I ended up wishing Dorothy herself had been the heroine since those 5 minutes of her at the end made me like her more than I liked Fuka for the entire game. As bland and boring as some heroines can be I rarely end up feeling more than just slightly irritated with them, but Fuka was annoying as hell and and her head was full of fluff from start to finish. I hope otoge makers cut it out with the amnesia shit since it just gives them a reason to make the heroines as dense as they can possibly be.

  20. I remember hearing about this game from the start too and how for a while there were no updates and how it got delayed and well honestly seeing the effort of 2 people I really just wanted to support a newbie maker more than anything. I wanted to give them a chance since Otomate’s reining over all the releases nowdays..but yea I guess this is what I get lol.

  21. I admit I also got hooked on the art as well and if it was some other artist I may not have gone this far to buy it. and lol seemes like you saw the best parts of my broadcast 😆

    Caesar DOES look like Subarun, I was like if only Kondo Takashi had voiced him! XDD

    Yea the looks of the game are extremely misleading. When I look back at the CG gallery now it’s hard to believe some of the CGs take place during an NTR scene ~_~

    I wonder if QR will do an Oz game since PoniPa beat them to the punch. I think if someone sent a suggestion in they might consider it? Though QR’s pumping out too many games and FDs lately that I almost have no faith in them lol.

    For Mirror Alice, I ordered it along with Shiratsuyu no Kai so they will be shipping together. Until then I’ma be gardening like a boss 8)

  22. yea I hear ya, I kinda walked into this game with a blank slate, not having played the demo and barely being familiar with anyone but red riding man-hood and it was definitely SOMETHING ELSE 😯

    I never played Rapist of the Opera but I guess now I know that basically that’s Ozmafia the R-18 version xDDDD

  23. Pretty much all the characters aside from the Oz guys got screwed over. Instead of giving us like 9 NTR ends they should have given more depth and length to the side characters routes’ :s. I personally liked Dorothy better, I kinda wish SHE was the heroine instead of her Mary Sue self insert 😆

  24. yea it’s frustrating that you have to “replay portions” of the game for “new events to happen” so you’re constantly playing a game of skip – no skip. Someone gave me a tip that pressing CTRL skips the eyecatch so i pretty much had my finger on CTRL the rest of the game 😆

    I love Manboy in the Wilde group but yea Dorian is gross, Alfani is gross, ANdersons are annoying and I coulda pretty much done without Heidi while we’re at it lol. They contributed nothing to the story except make me question what the fuck was going through the heroine’s head. And yea I agree with you it felt like Kyrie had the cutest scenes only in his NTR ends wtf??? O_o

    When Fuka’s back I think Caesar’s magic is just back in Dorothy’s body. I guess Fuka became her own self but Caesar wasn’t good enough? poor guy ;_;

  25. I figured delays were because of being understaffed but sometimes I wonder if the delay was when they added all those unvoiced lines. They coulda not done that and released it and it woulda been fine I think!

    I also skipped the NTR events in storm lover, it’s just not my thing :(;゙゚’ω゚’):

  26. I thought I made it pretty clear that she’s incredibly inconsistent throughout basically the whole game lol. yea Kyrie’s like obsessed with her but then lets her go off and fuck other dudes??? okay?? lol I feel ya.

    Pashet’s love for Axel is only shown in her route but it seems like once she felt rejected (?) she pretty much got over him.

  27. I never saw the Sopranos but is it full of weird love triangles like some mid day soap opera? 😆 let me know when your azuki azusa post is up xD also seems like ANimate USA is now selling the tsukiko nendroid

  28. Glad you share the same thoughts :D!
    and yea I have no idea how they fell in love I saw no progression except with Axel o.O
    yea the ending song is nice too, is it also Article one? I didn’t check the credits

  29. yea the art is lovely, when I Look at the CGs out of context I’m just like man why did it have to turn out like this

  30. I never even played the demo but from hearing everyone’s thoughts, it seems like you would have never expected to get what we got in the final release 😆

    I hate cheating on otome games and it should definitely be something you go out of your way for, not like “before I knew it, 2 guys were after me for no reason” lmao.

    I wish Pashet was the heroine, she was great!

  31. yea well that’s why I didn’t feel ~as bad~ cheating on Caramia and Kyrie but the game gave me 0 reason to ever cheat on dat babycake Axel ;3;. I think the game is cheaper if you say pick Airmail shipping + order from Amazon japan. I ordered with Tokutens from Seagull with EMS shipping so that racked on a good $30 on top.

  32. …dang it. I had been looking forward to this too… :-\
    Ironically, there was a non-otome game that had a similar premise (Dorothy staying behind, mafia families forming etc), but it was a point-and-click game and the story was executed much better than this :-\

  33. Well… I thought that Axel’s and Pashet’s route might be the best ones, but OMFG… WHAT THE HELL is with this story. xDD Nope, we don’t need a ho heroine, we like it pervy, but PLS what’s with the NTRing? orz

    It’s a bit sad that this game went onto such a wrong direction. LOL I mean look at the art. It’s so beautiful (halfnaked men EVERYWHERE 8D) and the new voice actors were amazingly refreshing and there’s so much pervy stuff going on. WHY DID IT WENT SO TERRIBLY DOWNHILL. Seriously… ;__;

    And I really have to point out the inconsisteny in like EACH OTOME GAME. Why can’t they just make consistent storylines like Rejet? It’s not THAT hard to keep a straight… You know… They could put more effort in story-writing… Since Poni-Sachet was a brandnew company, I hoped they would have at LEAST a consistant and nice story. I can somehow understand that Otomate is like a mass fabric for Otoges, so there stories might me a bit inconsistent, but it’s really terrible. I don’t mind open endings, but if story elements are contradicting each other and open questions are left, it’s kind a bittersweet aftertaste from a game. And that’s NOT nice…

  34. Thanks for the review. For some reason, I’m not surprised with teh bad reviews the game is getting. I’ve heard about this game from the very start. But by the time, they actually had a release date for it, my interest faded already. And as much as I want to support up and comming otome game makers (the art really looks gorgeous for a newbie game maker after all), I don’t really want to spend $xxx.xx for something that will end up pissing me off. Guess it’s time for me to buy Dot Kareshi and Double Score 😀

  35. I know a lot of people got interested in this game just because of the art but I never base on it to judge thing so I expect nothing. But after your review I just (゜-゜) I did come in some of your broadcast and lol pedobear XD, I though this game start off like Alice with the fairy tale theme, deceiving cero (≖‿≖) but at least Alice not get raped and WTF Dog-Tower-kun, this is so creepy and Dorothy’s choice is so painful and pointless (T_T)

    Caesar looks like Subaru and even got his tsundere-ness (*´∀`*)
    About Fuka hair I got the exact same thought with Yui’s hair. I thought it’s pink but it’s blonde ? (´`;) ?

    So the game is just dark but the CG is oh so happy and fluffy ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ and why not happy ending (´;ω;`) I guess it got delayed for 3 years so it got both the brainless heroine trend and the yandere trend…(;-_-)

    Now I want an OZ game by QR and QR did took on “seven dwarfs” idea XD I’m so happy (^O^ )
    Will you play mirror Alice after Koibana or take a break? I got a hunch this game will just like Issho ni gohan but it seems better? Besides you even bought limited edition.
    You’re the only one who review most games out there so alot of people look forward to your review (including me 🙂 but with the game trend nowaday, even OZmafia is not good, I uderstand your rage. I think chose more carefully game to buy will help lessen your rage 🙂

    Anyway thank you for the review and sorry for the long post. It has been a while since my last comment XD

  36. You know, I came here expecting cute fluffy romantic comedies with a quasi-fantasy mafia theme and angsty but pure love triangles. I wasn’t expecting it to be Mirai’s Phantom of the Rapera #2 with that angle. It was like walking into a store decorated with pink thinking you’d order ice cream only to realize that the store specializes in salt-and-peppered roasted snakes.

    Now, I actually don’t mind NTR so that doesn’t bother me, but wow……talk about misleading marketing and inconsistent writing!

  37. Thanks for the review!!! I was anticipating for the English release if they were about to do it but after I read your review I felt kinda disappointing for overall story, though I had my eyes on Caesar and Hameln. I felt that Caesar didn’t get enough of story so does Hameln. They were too focus on the Oz family and the Oz family have more CG than the rest…

    And Fuka…. Oh my… I’m speechless about this heroine…(=_=;) She’s pretty cute but she had ruined everything…

    Thanks again for the review hope to see your next game review…=D

  38. Thanks for your review!

    This game was a long ride, had to replay multiple routes filled with route-ceptions. I didn’t really notice the eyecatches until playing a second route and holy shit does it appear after every scene. That jingle annoyed me so much that every time that eyecatch appears, I quickly mute the sound, not to mention it wastes time since it takes 5-7 seconds to disappear.
    Oscar Wilde’s group and the Anderson family are unnecessary. I try to avoid conversations that involved Ande cuz her screams are so fucken annoying.
    I don’t like the NTRs either, especially for Axel’s. When he was drunk and blabbering about how much he loved Fuka, I felt sorry for the guy. But really, even after they told them that they’re together, they were happy for Axel cuz they were scared he was gonna marry sweets or something, but nope, gotta NTR.
    I also thought they should put the bed scene when Kyrie talked about his eye in his own route, not in a NTR. Also, he only blushed in a NTR route, like why?! But he was cute when he was dere with no brain.

    So’s route was boring as heck. My thoughts on him were neutral, until I played the epilogue; I was just disappointed in his character. When Fuka’s back, where the hell did Ceasar go off to?! When they revealed themselves as a tower and magical power, I thought wtf is this plot twist. I really wanted Ceasar to have more scenes though, it’s a shame.

    Besides that, some scenes were humorous. The CGs are good, beside some inconsistent hands, but I don’t like how most of the CGs only appear close to the end of the route. I wasn’t bored at all when playing this game, besides So’s route, and there’s always something interesting happening so I guess that’s a good thing.

  39. Wow for a game to have a huge delay and this to be very disappointed game. Tch and here I thought it’s gonna be great since it had huge characters, interest plot and long production. As to tell you, I really f**king HATE ntr and with ntr in this game… No thank you I’ll pass. I really hate seeing characters get stole away and painfully to see them backstabing cluelessly. Well in Storm Lover, I didn’t play the ntr events and i’m glad they put it avoidable as much as how i love playing Storm Lover.

    Whew thank you Hinano for saving our butts off this game and i’m sorry you have to go through all that crap. I was thinking about buying this game, but I want to think through this and waited for a review to come in.

  40. I thought for sure that you would comment on Fuka, oh wait, I should call her F*cka now, on how badly inconsistent she was written. Guess I was wrong… Speaking of inconsistencies, WHERE IS KYRIE’S FEELINGS FOR HER CONSISTANT?! If you thought of her as a “daughter”, like you mentioned in your review once, you wouldn’t let her go to a Brothel or SELL HER AS A SEX SLAVE TO THAT BROTHEL!!! D<

    What?! Pashet likes Axcel?!!!! Now it hurts me to even like the Moebear! Poor girl, having to suffer rejection ;~; Did she appear in moebear's route?

    Also, I see what you did there with the puns ¬w¬. I'm surprised you didn't make a pun with a certain cocktail drink that has the same name or compared him to Julius Ceasar x3

    Keep doing those great reviews!!!!!! ^w^

  41. I can summarise the whole thing is a sentence or two that Ireferenced before.

    This looks like the Australian (Oz) version of the Sopranos (Mafia). OZMAFIA!

    Meanwhile… Azuki Azusa is in the fedex mail. You will have your unboxing soon…

  42. that’s what I felt after finishing this game..just it?!! I Have So Many Unanswered Questions,and the grand ending…bleh..,(|||ノ`□´)ノ
    I’m so confused with how the characters can very easy to fall in love with fuka without previous developments…and why this game don’t have scene replay!! and yeah–I couldn’t agree with you more about eyecatch and sou–sou!at first i think he look so sweet but…you know what i mean >.<.
    but–I Love the ending song and recently found out that I had the song in my laptop =/.btw thanks for you review

  43. my bro probably think that I was watching some weird porn because of my creepy laugh at night, raging moans and red eyes lol.
    Aww, I’ve missed it bcs of some work yesterday, but yep, gonna watch this too – i mean FLOWERS ACTION and your yandere obsession with it is the best thing ever

  44. Aw, I was hoping for an English release, but after reading this the game sounds like a bad idea (;;´・ω・`)
    Too bad because the artwork is so beautiful.

  45. good job finishing this game! wow when I played the demo I thought this will be good but then I read your post and I’m like ( ´_ゝ`) lololol dat feeling when you’re playing ozmafia and it turned out to be a reverse harem of oreshura.
    ALL THE NTR STUFFS omg. I never like cheating when doing otome games, I just felt guilty but then this game. when I read your Kyrie post, in the middle I thought “why is she with other guys, isn’t she supposed to be with kyrie?” and then I realized the whole thing…
    the set up is definitely good but all dat stuffs. fuka, I thought I’m gonna like you but I’m sorry. I’m just gonna hug pashet coz she’s awesome.
    also, poor scarlet >:

  46. aww man ….huge disappointment. I really hoped this game would be great . The characters are so lovely to look at, such a waste! I don’t like NTR unless the bf/gf were abusive dicks in the first place and the idea that Fuka is a huge ho ruins it for me even more…..*sigh maybe ill just borrow this game from my friend instead. $95 is a big spend on a game that isn’t very good.

  47. no I agree a lot of games are really crappy lately because I guess makers are trying to push stuff out quickly with nice art and seiyuu.
    this game stands out in a really odd way though. it’s not the usual “oh no story is boring” bad or the “nothing happens bad” or the art is derpy bad.
    it’s just like “why would you make me like this character and then completely ruin them” bad lol. so yea just decisions by the writer that completely go against everything I like in a game.
    Others seem to like this so I guess it’s just not my cup of tea xD

  48. dude man thanks for stopping by the broadcast it was a bowl of laughs even tho it was like wee hours of the morning for ya xD
    and hey I’m a gardening pro!! I already finished Tsukasa, got all of his CGs and now I’m already half-way through Youta’s route. I’ma comp the shit outta this game (`・ω・´)キリッ

  49. Ah it was kinda hard to read all this serious xD I totally lost it at yuri goggles lmao. and Toriumi tag. Still you done really great job – we all remember your raging but you managed to write everything so perfectly here without going in full depth of personally emotions xD

    awesome review and congrats on startin peaceful and lovely koibana days! :3

  50. Aww…I was hoping for this game to be good. I was expecting something way different.

    It must so painful for you to go through all those ‘not so good’ otome games lately… (or maybe I’m the only one feeling like the latest otome games are crap haha)

    Thanks for your review though ! It’s always awesome to read them and it makes my day everytime 🙂

  51. lol yea I definitely didn’t expect the massive amount of NTR.
    If you wanna support unpopular small company then yes buy the game but if you’re looking for a QUALITY game that’s worth your money then maybe not.

  52. Wow… And here I was expecting fluffy cute mafia stuff… You have to credit them, 2 people working on such a project…

    I don’t know if I should buy this or not.

  53. It was really nice being on the livestreams, and from your review I can tell the chat was more interesting than the game itself XD

    Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to more reviews, you’re great!!

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