The Big 4.

Happy Anniversary! ゚.+:。∩(・ω・)∩゚.+:。ゎ~ぃ
Happy Anniversary! ゚.+:。∩(・ω・)∩゚.+:。ゎ~ぃ

And so this blog has reached it’s 4 year anniversary. I never thought that starting a Pangya blog and here I am 4 years later, quit Pangya and playing a ton of otome games. Things change, sometimes for the good but sometimes for the bad. Going to look back at the changes and events this past year.

The era of PS2 otome games is officially over
That’s right all otome games are now PSP or PC as well as mobile. 2011 still brought us a few ps2 otoge but 2012 was the cutoff. Not really ready for Vita yet – if ever.

Mobile otome game market explodes
While Voltage is great for bringing English translated mobile games to us, they are taking advantage of the fact that there’s hardly any competition. Sure there’s a ton of Japanese mobage/gree games but English translated games? Not so much. Sadly with their poor marketing towards Western fans and their notoriety for bugs/crashes as well as ripoff $4 per character routes, I’ve been keeping my distance. Fortunately there’s still a few other better mobile games with more decent pricing out there so Voltage can take their Twilight rejects and creepy faceless heroines and shove it.  Additionally this year GREE finally opened up to the English market but being the racist pigs they are, a US gree account only lets you access ENGLISH games. So yea all those Japanese otome games I want to play – LOL SORRY NO. Due to this we’re stuck with more garbage voltage poops out.

Dummy Head Mic Drama CDs & Games are the hot new thing
Drama CDs = meh. Drama CDs that sound like they’re right in your ear? YEAAAA. I first experienced the whole effect when I played Kanno Mukashi Banashi portable in January.  I then enjoyed Amemakura and was entertained by Diabolic Lovers, both of which have been turned into games. Maybe this dummy mic CD -> game transition will become a trend. It certainly does add a lot to the gaming experience.

Otome game to anime adaptations are becoming more common
Whoever thought that we’d only be stuck with Kiniro no Corda and Angelique as our otoge adaptations. Then came the horrors of DEEN with Hakuoki and Starry Sky and Hiiro no Kakera. All of which looked fucking terrible. UtaPri wasn’t by DEEN BUT thanks to it being so god damn homofied, it attracted a bunch of fujoshi which forced Broccoli to adapt their newest UtaPri game to their liking. That means fans of the original series who came for light hearted romance, instead got a bunch of BL wangst. At least the JC Staff handling of Arcana wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t DEEN or Utapri bad. The newest announced adaptations of Amnesia & Brothers Conflict is also being done by Brain’s Base so I have a higher hope it will turn out to be decent. No comment on the KuroKin porno OVA :lol:.

Otome Game Delays are a trend
A trend that I wish would die but Otomate doesn’t seem to want to stop. UtaPri and Danzai no Maria were delayed as well but since Otomate is a pretty big company with multiple teams working on different projects….yea no excuses son. Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue? What is that? is it delicious?

I met an otome game seiyuu.
Well aside from not being to Otakon in 6 years, I made a 2 month last minute plan to attend Otakon to meet Kakihara Tetsuya. Was it worth it? Fuck yea it was. He’s such a cutie in real life and it’s always a fangirl moment to be able to say something to your favorite seiyuu. I feel like American anime cons always focus on female seiyuu but the male ones get tossed aside or only the GGEs come over. I requested a bunch of otoge seiyuu for next year  and got my hotel room reserved. Hopefully for their 20th Otakon, it won’t be in vain.

I got too popular
Oh boy this is a fun one.  That’s right I got popular enough to finally warrant a band of haters! I mean let’s face it, if there’s someone you don’t like but they’re totally unpopular, you don’t give a fack and move on. But if they’re popular people put EFFORT into trying to take them down out of jealousy.  All I can say to the party poopers is:

Anyway that’s as far as I’ll go with this, but I do thank my readers from even back in the day. Your comments are a motivator and they do help me realize that people do enjoy and appreciate what I write – even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I also have a disclaimer on my about page so if you come here raging at my posts, you’re only making yourself look like an idiot.

Goodbye Otomate, Hello Quin Rose!
While I had originally intended to wait until 2013 to do my Quin Rose marathon, the string of delays & kusoge from Otomate finally pushed me to start my first QR game: Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance. Wow I mean I was just blown away. A heroine who stands up for herself? A heroine who makes the first move on the guy? A heroine who doesn’t take anyone’s shit and doesn’t always need to be protected like some Mary Sue? Yea needless to say I dumped Otomate aside and took a 1 way ticket into QR land. I even plowed through Arabians Lost and all the Alice games grueling system but it was all worth it. The characters and story and interactions in these games is just unbelievable. It’s like someone over there just read my mind of how I want a game to proceed.  The downside of course being now that my expectations are so high, any other otome game has some pretty big shoes to fill to the point that I’m starting to slowly toss games out of my backlog. I guess I used to think I need to play EVERY game since if I don’t play it nobody will but now I’m like well too bad if nobody plays it cause I’m not taking one of the team anymore. This also brings me to my next point of goodbye R-18 games. Your rape and shit plot will not be missed.

B’s Log and Dengeki Girls Style
These 2 are the prominent source of otome game news and  while I got a subscription to B’s Log and I enjoyed some of the content, I can safely say it wasn’t all worth it. With a bunch of pages dedicated to things like BL, anime and vocaloid as well as repeat content for any upcoming game…yea. Also go to hell Hana Awase damn I picked the worst time to get a 6 months subscription. Maybe I can sell the pamphlet in a set or something cause eugh.

Otome Game Fragmentation
On of the other terrible trends I wish to die soon. So you tell me I need to buy 6 otome game routes separately but pay DOUBLE for it? ( ´_ゝ`) How about no? And no putting drama CDs in with it doesn’t make it any more worth the value sorry. I will not support this kind of b/s and companies who think this is a good idea are just shooting themselves in the foot.

The end of MMO gaming for me.
Yea thanks to me getting old and my arms going out of commission I’m pretty much done with mmo gaming. Most Free to Play games are becoming nothing but gamble spam with no new user content. Just new ways to get users to blow money for some pixels. I’m glad I quit blowing money on that crap and instead bought myself new clothes or limited edition PSP games which I can have permanently while an MMO game will shut down sooner or later.

Terashima Takuma and Ono Daisuke
I think one of the big events regarding otome game related seiyuu this year was with Terashima in Kokoro Connect and Ono’s false marriage rumor. I mostly have gotten over Terashima’s stupid act but somewhere deep inside me I still think of him as a lesser person. OnoD I don’t think is a big deal, I mean if his marriage was real, awesome. I just think the fangirls who ripped up all their merchandise and broke his CDs well m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー.  Also while my post on the Kokoro Connect event was meant to be informative to the otome game community & my readers, somehow it managed to make its way to a lot of various places, including 2ch and wikipedia Σ(´∀`;).

2 Years of Otome Game Broadcasting
So yea in September 2012 I hit 2 years of broadcasting otome games. I know a few of you don’t know that I broadcast otome games after being avid readers but that animated gif on the side is not a random spam ad. I in fact do have my own channel and I pretty much broadcast every game I play. Be sure to stop by and chat and fangirl sometime if you haven’t yet ;).

Otome Game Backlog Progress
Not including the ton of mobile games I’ve reviewed, I’ve completed 55 games! That averages to about 4.5 games per month. Unfortunately a lot of games I played were also new releases so I only made a small dent in my old game backlog lol. I also started tossing out things from my backlog (like Kanuchi) because I’m at a point where I don’t feel like I need to play EVERY single otome game out there now that there’s so many being released these days.

Game Rankings

Well now that I’m done looking at the major events of the past year, let’s look at the games I’ve played/come across in the past year. (and please remember this is all my personal opinion based on what I’ve played this year etc.)

Kusoge Of the Year:

That’s right I said it. I didn’t play this, but from what I hear from friends and watching the demo movie: ITS NOT FULLY VOICED. They spent time delaying this for like 5 months and they couldn’t even add full voice acting? What the hell were they doing for 8 months? I can understand not having full voice in the phone version but you finally port it to PSP? Worst part of course being that nowhere does it say on the site that the game is NOT fully voiced. In this day and age Broccoli we just ASSUME PSP ports are fully voiced, what are you, KOEI? 😆

Homo-ge Of the Year:

That’s right I said it again.  I’m sorry I bought an otome game, or so I thought but apparently ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ is the way to go now with this series. Despite horrid reviews Broccoli doesn’t seem to give a fuck and is releasing ANOTHER game featuring the 4 douchebags who ruined Debut in the first place. Well the fujoshi can have fun with that but they’re not getting a cent out of me.

Best Ear Porn:
I gotta say it’s Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable. The only 3 Dummy Mic games that came out in 2012 were this, Dialovers and Shinobazu 7. Shinobazu was too segmented, and Dialover was horrific and most of the dummy head stuff was the same with just blood sucking. Kannou however had some RANDY PHRASES with that dummy mic (oh god Tattsun) which makes it the best of the 3 in my eyes (and ears :lol:.)

The Most Poorly Programmed Game Award:

Yea go to hell D3P and to think for a moment I thought you were a decent company after Storm Lover Kai. Runner up: Hakuoki Yuugiroku 2 and Brothers conflict. I was originally gonna give this award to Quin Rose and their rubber band my PSP skip system, but Custom Drive EXCEED the kuso system expectations.

Best Remake:Not gonna lie I loved this game. Seeing the previous game I was like lol derpy art but playing this I just loved it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one though since  enough people loved it to warrant QR making a sequel (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。). Storm Lover Kai was a nice remake too but it wasn’t as nearly as “totally revamped” as this game was.

Most inappropriately rated game:
Not gonna lie. Cero B? Are you kidding ww. Alice screws every guy in the game and there’s boob grab CGs but somehow its Cero B. Even Cero C Otomate games don’t come close to this. 😆

Most Catchy OP song:

While I love the Joker Alice Op and the Kanno Mukashi Banashi OP, there’s just something about a rhythmical “che..kattari” at the beginning that makes me pick this one as no. 1.

Award for the best “Oh no you didn’t just go there” game:
Man here I go staying away from Black Wolves Saga to avoid HORROR but well this game just shoved it in my face. I thought I was jaded to all sorts of things but Diabolik Lovers takes it to a whole new level. Especially Laito’s route….he crossed every line I had.

Worst Fandisk:

This is the worst FD and I will tell you why. It costs 7800 yen for limited edition and each character’s route was approximately 2 hours of game time. TWO HOURS. On top of this, they still had bitches and they completely o/c-fied like half the cast. That evil bastard Kaki? He’s now a deredere cupcake. Needless to say good riddance to this series and well frankly I’m trying to avoid any ONI games from Otomate like the plague. Runner up: Miyako FD, I still haven’t even finished that shit cause the system made me rage quit and I spent a lot of money on it orz.

Most Unnecessary Sequel:
cin24Seriously this was SO NOT NECESSARY. At least the way Quin Rose rush-released it with its lack of anything. And now they’re going and releasing a 3rd game with some erojiji as the heroine’s fiance wtf honestly. I think if QR is gonna do these sequel/spinoff games they should at least put more effort into it. Rosalia didn’t even feel like a cinderella to me and shoving in cinder jokes just makes more painfully obvious.

Most Educational Game:

Let’s face it this game was pretty damn educational…well except the fact that a lot of stuff were just old timey sayings rather than poems or nursery rhymes. Still it was entertaining for what it was and I almost think a game like this would be a great game to bring over to the English market seeing how half of it is already in English!

Most Non-Otome Otome(?) Game:

Seriously Reimeiroku could be a great game if you’re having insomnia and you need someone to recite war facts to you to knock you out. There was no romance in this game except in Sano’s route and the mini omakes at the end with Chizuru. The rest was either abuse/war/death/tl;dr. I know Hakuoki Fans are probably grinding their teeth at me for saying it but this is definitely not an otome game. I still feel like they could have presented it to be more interesting by actually making the main protag not be a pansy ass whimp.

Most Inappropriate Game to play without Headphones:


Yea you go ahead and play this in your living room with your speakers set to full blast and see how many weird looks you get. 😆

Best “Japan’s representation of the west” game:

Cause nothing says “American spirit” like shutting off the power in all of Manhattan just so everyone can see the stars~ (While screaming and panicking because the hospital generators have been destroyed sending all of the patients there into emergency evacuation.)

Most Delayed Game to finally be released:


I still remember writing about this game being announced in 2010. It was finally released in the spring of 2012.  Still felt unfinished when the heroine had no nose or boobs in half the CGs. Runner up: Brothers Conflict. Lol.

Uguu Cage of Love Award:


Cause seriously I don’t think I’ve ever seen an otome game throw the heroine into an actual dog cage and make her stay there for her “safety” as justification for said action.



And by year I mean from Dec. 3 2011 ~ Dec 3, 2012. I know people will beg to disagree with me on this but here’s why I gave Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance this award. Ouma was my first QuinRose game and it helped me get introduced to the fact that their heroines have balls of steel.  Not only that but it helped get a lot of my otome gamer friends into Quin Rose games as well. The catch here is that in the past all QR games had grueling & confusing turn systems that scared people off. Ouma was a pretty straight forward linear vn with no weird random events and a smooth game play. (Only down side is of course the PSP rubber banding until they implemented a better system in their newer games later in the year.) I feel the game was a revolutionary step for Quin Rose as a company and that’s why I gave it this award. Also unlike Otomate, Quin Rose seems to have kept with every release date this year.

Stats & Rankings

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4 Year Anniversary Giveaway

For the first time on this blog I decided to do a give away (mostly because I need room on my bookshelf lol.) To enter the give away just comment on this post saying you want to enter and then list the prizes in the order you want the most. Example:

I want to enter!
Prize Choice 1: B’s Log (I’m a US resident)
Prize Choice 2: I want you to review XXX
Prize Choice 3: I want a CG pack of XXX

There will be 3 prize winners and the higher place winner will get first choice of prize and so on. Please use your real email address when commenting or I will not be able to contact you.

The Prizes:
1. B’s Log July 2012 Issue – This prize is for US RESIDENTS ONLY. Sorry it’s really a pain in the butt to send things internationally so US addresses only. If you are first place winner and you are outside the US then you’ll have to settle for one of the other prizes 😦 Please note this is a used copy so I have taken some of the posters out of it but I will be including some of the furokus as part of the package. See photo below:

2. Otome Game CG pack of Choice – You can request ONE CG pack of any otome game that I have reviewed. I will email you a download link and you will have about a week to download it before I delete it from my storage account. Disclaimer: My R-18 CG packs are…selective shall I say and I’ve tossed out any horribly drawn pr0n.
3. A request for me to review any otome game that I have not reviewed yet (assuming I have access to it or it’s in my backlog.) Warning, it MUST be an otome game so don’t bother requesting Dramatical Murder or Hadaka Shitsuji. Also Hanayoi Romanesque, Crimson Empire and Kanuchi are excluded from this as I will NEVER play them again. Additionally you may only request a game that has been released as of December 3rd. I’m not taking requests for anything “upcoming” because of possible delays etc. Oh and no R-18 games lawl, I’m not sitting through a rape marathon for you ( ´_ゝ`).

The entry deadline is December 8, 2012 11:59PM EST. Good luck everyone who enters and thanks for sticking with me for 4 years! 🙂


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  1. ah fu* seriously? gomen gomen, really sorry 😦 I mustve been thinking about 4shiki 😦 I hope this doesnt offend you. i was a noob then and didnt care much who the blogger was. but I do remember a lot of your posts, promise. thanks for correcting me though 🙂

  2. Yay Philippines ranks 4th! haha maybe I come by your blog a little too much XD or maybe others do too. Can’t help it, I got ‘introduced’ via Lucky Dog to, though I’m not much of a BL fan lololol

    A little too popular, ah nevermind them haters, I’m just glad you acknowledge when people disagree with some of your thoughts, but still talk to them after if you conclude the argument in a cool way.

    Your ranking for 2012 looks rather useful, I’ll make sure to bookmark this post ^^

  3. Haha I can feel your pain – well, kinda. I usually take my time with otoges (completing one route after two months is actually considered an amazing feat for me) unless it’s my favorite character then I would start rushing like mad because I really want to get the ending. I tend to hop around a lot of games because I get bored easily – I have 2 otoges, FF Type-0 and Project DIVA Extend all in my PSP so I can switch between them as and when I start rage-quitting on any one of the games. 😛

    Don’t ever attempt Alvaro’s route first for WoF – and don’t believe whatever that SM guy says. Tbh he’s the only character that I need a walkthrough guide side by side or else I’d start raging at him for a week DX I don’t get why Jap chicks love him while most of us overseas players hate him… From some of the reviews I can see that you kinda like tsunderes so I’d recommend Lagi. 😉

    Too bad about Koishiba – cuz Asagiri’s random (sometimes weird) lines were actually quite hilarious. As for the complex gameplay, depending on the “rules” that are passed during the discussion you can change some stuffs like the characters’ costumes and the school’s layout, etc. Nothing much, but oh well. There isn’t any guide for this game so it’s was kinda hard to plow through – I was just raging over Narukami’s route a few days ago while I completed Habasaki’s without any hiccups. I’m actually going for all the characters at one go then quick-save them before the trigger for the single route starts so that I can skip playing it from scratch when I switch to the other characters’ route (plus I have accumulated so much points from Habasaki’s route to buy off all those “rules” and speed up the game heheh).

  4. yea I heard Koishiba system is crappy but I was expecting it since its by the same programmers as Custom Drive ヽ(。_゜)ノ

    I’ve played real rode and all the last escorts so I’m sure after raging I can figure my way around WOF xD;; I hope anyway ww…

    Koishiba was in the back of my list after CUstom Drive. I think I can only take 1 kusoge from Vridge per year ;_;

  5. Oh? Then I might have a go at School Wars after I’m done with Ouma. XD

    The gameplay is quite a killer in the main games, but in the fandisks they are non-existent (well, almost). I’ve actually finished Est and Lagi’s route on WoF 2 FD and I’m holding back Solo’s (because I’m having too much fun with Koishiba). The 3 Years Later story in the 2nd fandisk is quite a disappointment but the Dance Party was much better. Did I say that the crazy gameplay is taken out of the fandisks? Eh, in the first one it’s a yes and it’s very straightforward (and it’s also my favorite) but this 2nd one…uh, there is a bit of gameplay which is kinda random but Lulu is just too cute so I’m letting it slide.

    Oh yea, gotta warn you that the gameplay in Koishiba is a killer too – but at least the lines are funny.

  6. Thanks for always reading! Oh I hope you play Ouma too. I’m liking school wars a lot so I can recommend this as well 😀

    haha @ prize no. 3. I actually made a promise with a friend to play that game next year and I don’t think I can get out of it 😆

  7. おめでとう!^o^ I’ve been mostly a silent reader of your blog – but I do pop by on rare occasions heh. Usually I just entertain myself with your awesome reviews and I don’t really go to get those games and play – like, you play an average of 4.5 per month and I only play games during my long rides while traveling orz (about just 1 game every 2 months?) – plus I’m too lazy to plow through some of dem routes. Sometimes I would consider playing the games after being convinced by you haha (just got Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance recently but I’m still on another game – you make it sounds so good and I’ve been itching to get started on it – I love kickass heroines).

    Anyway… I would like to enter the contest!
    Prize Choice 1: I want you to review Koishiba (yep I’m currently playing this otoge btw but I wanna read your review too hahaha)
    Prize Choice 2: I want a CG pack of Amnesia Later
    Prize Choice 3: I want you to review Wand of Fortune (ok, maybe not since the gameplay would probably kill you? >D)

  8. I really love your blog! I’ve been reading it for a while. I’m working on a sort of Otome short story game featuring the dragonboys from my book. I’m thinking of asking you to review it when it’s done (if I can get it done). Keep reviewing games! And keep up the humor!

  9. I’ve mostly been a silent reader of your blog for some time now. There are things I agree wholeheartedly with you, and those I have the opposite opinion (or purely different). Whatever my reaction, I do enjoy reading your posts. I’ll bet it can’t be easy to maintain a popular blog and writing those long reviews, so thank you so much. Thanks to some of your reviews, it gave me a much better insight into the games I thought about playing- more than a blurb ever could!

    Congratulations, and I wish you all the best.

  10. Congratulations on your 4 Year Anniversary!
    Thank you for your hard work and Hope there are many more reviews to come^^

  11. Happy 4 year Anniversary c; [pretty late aren’t i ;~;]! And I’ll be entering the contest hehe.
    Choices; B’s Log Issue, continue to make more of these awesome reviews of these otome games !

  12. No problem \o/ once I start you can’t get rid of me 8D LOL creepin’.
    And yeah omg lol dummy head mic was great but the plate otaku route was just like, wtf man wtf. LOL and when I saw Zeus was a guy you could capture the first thing I thought was ZEUS IS SUCH A MANWHORE WHY ZEUS?? ww |D
    And yay \(^0^)/ I shall continue stalking you like the creeper I am! 😀

  13. @Gothicat:

    Are you the same Gothicat from Mangafox? Not only Mangafox but I’ve seen the same username everywhere.

  14. Oh my bad 😛 I thought it was a girl with short hair. Now I recognize him now that you mention it lol.

  15. glad you got into otome gaming ;DDD I wish we can meet up again! And this time you can visit the top and basement floors of Kinokuniya lol (i totally tanked into some short Japanese worker there yesterday cause they try to sneak around me like mice idk why ww)

  16. Thanks for stalking for such a long time ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ hehe
    Haha let’s face it if Kanno wasn’t ear porn it was damn funny. Plate otaku made me laugh so hard xDD

    Will continue blogging like an otoge tank ;D

  17. Yea the BroCon system isn’t the best but the guys are really cute so if you can deal with using the guide it might be fun!

    wow yea I don’t know if I can review Tokimemo fully? It’s such a complex game it would take me forever to do a complete review I think lol. But yea I’m sure I can do some basic thoughts on the guys 😀 Thanks for reading this long!

  18. Happy 4th anniversary! ❤
    wow, Can you believe it? I has been reading your blog since late 2010. What a long time.( And here I am, at uni and still spend my parent’s money on otome things >///<)
    Brothers Conflicts❤❤❤ I want to play it but its system turns me off.
    About your contest:
    Prize Choice 1: Tokimeki memorial girl side 3rd story premium review.(This game is the why I has been started learning Japanese(◕ヮ◕)). It's not necessary to be a full review (of course), I just want to hear your hilarious comments about my favorite guys (•ᴗ•♡)
    Oh, and whenever is fine.
    Prize Choice 2: Custom Drive Cg pack. Don't wanna play it but I like the art.
    Thank you for everything 😀

  19. Thank you~! oh then I’m cheering for you if you already have the list… that means more otome games, more reviews XD ganbatte ne<3

  20. HAPPY 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    Although I only recently got a wordpress & started blogging, I’ve probably been stalking you for at least 3 out of those 4 years you just didn’t know it 🙂 I probably shouldn’t have said that ’cause yeah, it sounds creepy as a mofo but OH WELL LOL \(^o^)/
    I laughed when I saw your ‘i got too popular’ cause it’s true xD haters gonna hate lmfao no doubt about it. And omfg. Kannou Mukashi Banashi was just yummy lol even if some of it was kind of strange (hi i’m looking at you plate otaku route)
    I agree with your Mother Goose comment, I would love to see it come over to the US. Sugar Bean’s Vampire Sweetie can die in a fire, QuinRose games are bau5 (have I ever said welcome to the QR fangirl club, btw? xD) and Reimeiroku is like a walking paradox. Honestly, whoever decided that Reimeiroku was a good idea to make as an “otome game” was probably high at the time. Lmfao

    Anyways, totally entering your contest!
    Prize 1: B’s Log July 2012 issue! 😀
    Prize 2: PLEASE REVIEW YANDERE HEAV- I mean LOL I would love to see a review of Black Wolves Saga from you 8D either Bloody Nightmare or Last Hope ^^
    Prize 3: CG Pack of Arcana Famiglia -Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi-

    I hope you continue blogging so I can continue stalking you!! ^0^

  21. Actually can I move my Prize Choice 2 to number 1? 8D

    Prize Choice 1: Toki no Kizuna
    Prize Choice 2: I want a CG pack of Custom Drive
    Prize Choice 3: B’s Log (I’m a US resident)

  22. Entering~ A request for me to review any otome game that I have not reviewed yet :3 (The only one I want xD)

    Yay! 4 years of awesomeness~ Congrats! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the School Wars review ^o^ (I’m planning on playing it too, Cero D…MHMHMH *wink wink*)

  23. ブログ4周年おめでとうございます、ヒナノ先輩!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧・・・遅くなってゴメン。

    I’ve been reading your blog since pretty much forever, and you’re one of those cool people who actually got me into the otome fandom again, so I wanna say thank you! It’s been fun talking with you on twitter (you’re a pretty cool bro 8D) and sadly we missed each other when I visited NY last summer – so maybe the next time around! I hope you’ll keep doing reviews for a long, long, loooooooong time. xD

    I want to enter! (obviously)
    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log (I’m a US resident)
    Prize Choice 2: I want you to review (Y U NO TAKE 18+ GAME I was about to make you do Yandere Raep Heaven) ………….. Toki no Kizuna ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ
    Prize Choice 3: I want a CG pack of Custom Drive

  24. Happy 4th anniversary! (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

    I’ve been reading your blog over a year now and I’m still enjoying it! 😀 Your comments always make me laugh and even chatting with you while you broadcast is incredibly fun!

    I want to enter too and my choice is an Oumagatoki Kaiden Romance CG Pack. Seriously, you already reviewed all the games I wanted you to review, so… xD

  25. ain’t no thang, school comes first!

    eh tumblr’s fulla people that think a bit too highly of themselves and feel like their opinion must be adapted by everyone on the site…so yea not a place I like to have my freedom of speech be oppressed on 😛

  26. I can’t believe you’d have haters. I get so many people daily still searching for Planets on here that it’s hard to imagine. But yea haters gonna hate!
    I heard you put Planets 2 oh hold which makes me sad but I hope one day you do decide to pick it up (though if you’re like me and you wait too long you eventually lose all motivation lol)

  27. Happy 4th anniversary✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    These last 2 days i was at school all day and very tired so i missed your anniversary(∩︵∩) .
    I guessed i’d stalked your blog nearly a year now. Your blog’s what made me come to otome’s game land so thanks a lot (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

    I enjoyed your tumblr as well so really sad when you delete it. Did read some of “that” hater comment, what is she, try to mary sue herself huh(≖︿≖)

    Still keep up your wonderful review, i’ll continue to stalk your blog (ΦωΦ)

    I want to enter!
    Prize Choice 1: Tsubasa no Oka no Hime ~ A red & blue moon -finite loop- CG
    Prize Choice 2: I really love Quinrose so Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~ review

  28. Congrats on 4 years, Hinano~ ^_^
    I’ve been following your blog forever, wayyy back when you were on the blog before this one. I feel so bad that I barely ever comment, but I hope you continue to blog for a long time – as long as you find it enjoyable, anyway! Just know that someone’s always lurking 😀
    Also totally know how you feel with the haters… I have to admit that’s a BIG reason why I put (P)lanets 2 on hold. The more popular you get, the more people who dislike you it seems -sigh- But hey, you have plenty of support and that’s something worth being proud of! I really need to adopt your attitude and tell all the haters to go screw themselves lol.
    Oh, and I’d like to enter the giveaway! 🙂

    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log
    Prize Choice 2: Review. I don’t know what of yet… if I get picked can I tell you then?
    Prize Choice 3: A CG pack of… same as above. ^^;

  29. QuinRose ftw!! I’m glad you’re into their games now 😀
    I used to like Hakuoki but Otomate kinda…killed it for me x_x
    I do listen to drama CDs sometimes but i have to always rip them and copy them on my phone since the only thing in my house that plays CDs is my computer lol

  30. eventually you’ll become an otome game pro just keep at it |D!
    Yea I don’t know if you ever saw but at the bottom of my blog I actually have the new releases as well! Well at least new ones I actually plan to play lol thanks for the heads up though! 😀

  31. Well again it’s something I’d have to buy and I guess I’m pretty wary of buying unofficial doujin games? (;^ω^) If one of my friends bought it I’ll see if I can borrow a copy in case you do win.

  32. haha I swear Peter Pan is in my immediate backlog |DDD I plan to pretty much make it through every QR game but now that they release 1 per month its getting hard to catch up lol.

  33. I want to enter!
    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log (I’m a US resident)
    Prize Choice 2: I want you to review Wand of Fortune or Will O Wisp (your choice)
    Prize Choice 3: I want a CG pack of.. could it be a save file instead?

    There’s my official entry. lol

  34. Thanks for the recs, Jiritsu Kidou Sensha looks interesting I need to check that out. I’m not well versed in the PC side of otome games, I mainly play PSP games. I think it’s hilarious you get a bad end if you try to do BL in the game. XD

    Yeah Norn9 definitely has my attention. It made me think of the Last Exile anime when I saw it. I enjoyed the setting in that anime.

    These feel like the most common settings to me: Japanese School, Ancient Japan, Ancient China, an ancient history fairytale/fantasy setting with or without magic.

    I think just about any setting can be made romantic. Hmm I don’t know perhaps they feel the scifi setting appeals mainly to boys, with mechs and Gundams and all.

  35. Happy 4th anniversary~ We shall see what the next year brings lol.
    I would request a review of Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan – ‘cos you know you want to play it and imo it was their first game where they finally did a straightforward VN while keeping their solid length and depth. (Actually I just want more people to play the game. XD)

  36. Glad to hear it always a plus when the heroine doesn’t piss you off, I will try to drop by sometime while your playing School Wars.

    Oh my gosh what craziness is that… kingdoms and horse drawn carriages with mechs and modern buildings?! lol Hmm thinking about it now I guess Armen Noir would be as close to scifi as I’ve seen/played. But I want spaceships and aliens, full out scifi. Maybe one day. XD

    That’s funny about your husband. XD I managed to make it thru without anyone hearing. lol

    Btw I didn’t realize you drew that Renji when I first commented it’s really cute and funny~

  37. Don’t know if I have the right to say I want to enter because I don’t comment that much ._.

    But! If you can could you review the game ‘Dandelion’? It’s not Japanese and just came out! And I would love to hear your thoughts on it 😀

  38. woah Congrats there~!! 4 years of playing otome games?! that’s amazing, I’ve been only playing for almost 3 months (lol) happy 4th year Anniversary again! keep on playing otome games cuz’ I’m a huge fan of your blog (*^▽^)/
    And yeah, I have the complete list of the new otome games:> i hope that this will help you find a new interesting game XD

  39. Congratulations!

    Thank you for your hard work so far. I really hope I’d have much more time in order to read more reviews.

    Myself a fan of Hakuouki, but I won’t say I disagree with you. I understand your viewpoint. I also do think that Reimeiroku would be a great game if not categorized in the otome game genre. And Yuugiroku just turned me off.

    Actually I’m sick of drama CD as an external bonus, too. Getting them with the games I rarely listen to them. I’d rather prefer OSTs though those game companies’d rather save the soundtracks to make more money.

    And I really thank you for introducing me to QuinRose. That’s priceless. c:

  40. Congrats on 4 years!! My first time commenting on your blog but i’ve been reading it for a long time LOL. Love your hilarious reviews!
    And “Award for the best “Oh no you didn’t just go there” game” —> awesome & appropriate award title lol.
    I’d like to join the request wagon! Harukanaru toki no naka de 5! I know it’s not fully voiced and it might be a turn off lol, but i’d like to know your opinions on it!

    Anyway, keep up the spirit of gaming & reviewing!

  41. Oh really? xD Then I’ll request : Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! [恋は校則(ルール)に縛られない!] ^-^/


  42. Congrats on the four years! I’ve only recently started following your blog, being a new Otome convert, but I’m enjoying the ride thus far immensely. I hope you continue for years to come. 🙂

  43. Kakihara was pretty nice too but his staff were crazy no-photo nazis 😦 I wish they at least allowed people to take a few non-flash pictures man.

  44. just so you know I am going to play LGS immediately after school wars (i already started on it) so if you want you can request something else XD

  45. Congratz for the 4 years anniversary ^-^/ Time sure fly fast xD I already stalks you for 1 years lolz. Hmm I’ll enter the contest too, since I’m outside US so Bs log will be out of question.

    1. Custom Drive CG packs xD
    2. I’ll be a total evil here, Trick or Alice, lolz just kidding, I’ll pick: L.G.S Shinsetsu Houshinengi


  46. Funnily enough, my seiyuu interaction was also in 2006, though at Sugoicon. Kiuchi Hidenobu seemed really nice and down-to-earth, and seemed to appreciate my attempts at speaking to him in Japanese. Now if only more American cons would get people like that (´・ω・`)ショボォン‥

  47. Congratz on your 4th anniversary ❤ ~ Keep up the good work ^^, I worship you for doing so much otome games T^T
    1) B's Log
    2) CG Pack of Shinobazu 7 -01. Subaru-

  48. Sorry for jumping in but : regarding SF in otome games, there’s a bunch of time-traveling ones all over the place. D3P did a space opera one where the heroine is a spaceship captain, so kudos to them, but the heroine is a really REALLY dumb brick that I wouldn’t put in the janitorial bay let alone the captain’s chair, so IDK what the point is. Jiritsu Kidou Sensha is a pretty decent otome game with a mecha setting; the second half lets you play the heroine’s brother and intereact with the dudes, but it’s not BL. (And if you TRY it’ll bad end you.) Kazeiro Surf isn’t so much SF as quasi historical war stuff, but you’re an AIRPLANE MECHANIC. And there was a doujin game where the heroine finds that the way through the heroes’ heart (and to stave off her death) is through quantum physics, but I lost the link. Norn9 MAY be trying for an SF setting, too, but who knows how far they’ll go with it, it’s Otomate after all, chances are they’ll pull out some sort of magic….

    Hard SF was as popular with shoujo as shounen in the 1970-1980’s, so I’m not sure why the offerings for women lately are stuck with fantasy. Maybe it’s difficult to do with the requirement that heroines must not be above average intelligence, but eroge manage it all the time so I don’t think that’s the problem. Maybe it’s not romantic enough?

    /goes away now and stops bothering

  49. yea a friend of mine has provided save files like that as well XD I guess im just so traumatized it’s been hard for me to go back in ^^;;

  50. Or why dont I just give you a save file for Crimson empire, right at the point where there wont be anymore monster fighting required, you can pretty much just sit and enjoy each of the person’s route. Peche’s guide made you do all the fighting, money gathering in the begining then allowing you to have the same start point to do the romance part.

    And so anyways I want to enter!

    1) Review a game of my choice
    2) CG pack
    3) B’s log, but im in Toronto so.

  51. ah yea I know peches guide but it was still confusing as hell. what i might do is download a friend’s save file and just view the scenes in the PSP version we’ll see. not really interested in dealing with CE’s b/s.

    i do plan to play Mahoutsukai but not a huge priority right now since I tend to focus on newer games. however if you DO enter the contest and win you can request it and i’d prioritize it 😛

  52. I’d actually like to read last hope’s review but i’m unsure if it’s playable without knowing the story of the first, so bloody nightmare. 🙂

  53. Im glad you love Quinrose! You’ve done wayyy more than me even though I did the 1st generation Heart no kuni no Alice when it came out. I do recommend Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama New Ground. Its a remake of Quinrose’s first game. Does this mean I have to enter the contest to have you review this game? Ive yet to try Arabians lost. Whenever I get a chance. Too bad you gave up Crimson empire, I quite liked it. It is bothersome but if you follow the guide provided by “Peche” she tells you what to do each Turn that you cant fail the route and sureley you get all the subevents.
    Is it ok to post links here? Peche’s Otome Guide blog for Quinrose:

  54. lol yea I go places where no one else dares to go 😆 but I am glad you still keep reading despite this 😀 though I can surely tell you my Quin Rose game reviews are probably the most “tame ones” since I really like pretty much all their games XD:; It only gets bad when I Play something Rejet or R-18 >_> ww

    lol I’m glad I made you laugh (and cry) despite all that xDDD

  55. yea what you mentioned is one of the reasons I started posting reviews. a lot of people didn’t understand the games but wanted an idea of whats going on 😀

    Nah man I got all these b’s log issues I may hold more give aways of them later lol, no room in my small apartment XP

  56. i guess my tumblr wasn’t in vain after all 😀 I’m not sure if they will be doing anything new at this point since they’ve gone as far as “jump to next choice” and most otome game companies DON’T do that so they’ve really come far.

    My seiyuu interaction at Otakon 2006 was Kawasumi Ayako..she was rather obnoxious lmao…didn’t put the greatest impression of female seiyuus to me ^^;;

    yea I figured my blatantly honest writing is what attracts readers since people can read sugarcoating from more professional review sites

  57. Yeah as a regular reader I feel like there were times when I was like whoaaa she did not- nope, she did go there. And honestly what I was uncomfortable with I ignored/got over cuz I wanted to keep reading and so this is just what readership is about. If someone doesn’t like what they’re reading they can always click the back button (unless they get off on it… which they must if they’re regular trolls <– a sad thought).

    So yeah, CONGRATS on steadily going strong (if not stronger) after four years of ups & downs! This sounds cheesy but honestly your blog has provided such a welcome respite for me during my own personal ups & downs and you've never failed to entertain/inform/warm the cockles of my heart (with tears and laughter lolol) and yeah just a big thanks for keeping this up. This blog is really something special and fun so don't ever change! (unless it's like changing with the times to keep up with technology etc xD)

  58. Haha well since you requested it, I could certainly push it up high up in the play order XD;

    haha yea sure stop by when you have time. at least stop by during Alice haha 8D

  59. Thank you!!

    Haha yea when I get into some hobby I jump knee high in and get dirty!! XD Lots of new releases next year let’s hope there’s less delays!

  60. yea I think even if I did use the “usual” categories I couldn’t come up with anything . THere’s so many great characters I’d never be able to pick a “best one”…though I guess I should have done “best system” or something insteadXD

    which Black Wolves Saga were you referring to? Bloody Nightmare? Asking since Last Hope is just around the corner!

  61. oh not late at all I just had my post auto-post really early 😆

    GLad you like my Reiji www

    I think its weird too like I recall hearing that there was like forced female rape in Hadaka Shitsuji to which I was like (ಠ_ಠ)?!

    Lmao oh Custom Drive. Good luck with that one XD

  62. Regarding CInders I am not sure if I’ll be able to play that if you do win. Reason is it’s a commercial game and since I don’t particularly like the art i”m not really willing to spend money on it (´・ω・`)…so if you could request either something free or a Japanese game (for PSP/PS2) that would be a lot more doable for me!

  63. haha I see well I try to play new releases now days particularly QR ones so not much of a surprise lately eh XD

    regarding Reiji I figured emasculating him further was funny (im evil :twisted:)

  64. I want to enter!
    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log
    Prize Choice 2: I want a CG pack of Starry Sky ~After Winter~
    Prize Choice 3: I want a CG pack of Uta no Prince Sama -Amazing Aria-

  65. Congratulations on your fourth anniversary of doing this blog. Thank you for taking your precious time on playing otome games and posting reviews up. Your reviews are really interesting and detailed. It meant a lot for people in US that wants to play but doesn’t know much Japanese ;A;. It’s really generous of you doing a giveaway TvT.
    Here’s my choices for the giveaway.
    1) B’s Log Issue
    2) CG pack of Hakuoki Zuisouroku~

  66. Man replies on this site are weird! If those games are covered then something like Joker no Kuni Alice CGs or Anniversary no Alice CGs work (idk it doesn’t even have to be a bunch of them, just of Nightmare or Joker or w/e).

    And yeah I think I started reading your blog around the time you reviewed otome games or whenever you were half otome games half Pangya or that other MMO you played.

  67. It’s….inspired. XD If Reiji is like this in the game I might actually *like* him, lol. Why him, though? I had the impression that you thought the guy is a bunch of sadism bricks with no really moefying core?

    Well, Koisentai actually said it’s partially voiced on their home page, in fairly clear font that is not a shifty small print. Sure it’s overpriced for what it is, truly half-assed on that front, and they could’ve said it more clearly because lol this is the psp we have ASSUMPTIONS, but they never really did *lie*. I suppose I do understand the feeling of realizing that your Feature is missing when you’ve got the game, it’s kind of like buying Diablo 3 for offline singleplayer without realizing that Blizzard has stated for months that the game is online only. People got pissed off enough to try a class action lawsuit, so it’s a common reaction, and one that is understandable. It *just* doesn’t make either Koisentai or Diablo 3 a kusoge.

    Nope! I enjoy stumbling onto you reviewing whatever you want to review, it’s fun that way! WHAT WILL HINANO DO NEXT, sort of. I don’t collect CG packs, and I don’t live in the US anymore so. XD

  68. Congrats on four years! I’ll admit that I found your Tumblr this year and became a fan through that venue. Your frequent QR posts have really piqued my interest in them, though I think I’m going to hold off just a bit longer to see what they do with their system.

    Your mention of male seiyuus on the con circuit made me remember the one time I’ve ever interacted with a seiyuu. Oh the memories~

    I think it’s really cool that you’re doing a giveaway. Here are my choices:
    1. CG pack of Tsubasa no oka no hime ~A red and blue moon -finite loop-
    2. B’s Log issue
    3. Review of Harukanaru toki no naka de 5

    Don’t pay attention to the haters. Even if I don’t always share the same opinions as you, I think that your take on these games is refreshing and funny. Please don’t feel pressured to change what you do–you should do what you want.

  69. Choice 1: Shinigami to Shoujo review (I know you said you’d play it at some point but might as well ww)
    Choice 2: Custom Drive CG pack

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! Once I’m done with this semester I swear I’ll come to your broadcast more often lol. By the way, I totally saw this post in my dream last night. I don’t remember the details but I know at some point I went to your blog and saw a post with 200+ comments lmao. I must be prophetic.

  70. Congratulations on the 4 years!!

    As usual, I love your blog and will continue to do so because of its fantastic information and content. Anything Otome-related and *zip*, your blog it is! Not to mention the hilarious commentary that comes with your reviews XD Thank you for all the hardwork and may the Otome games be even better next year too!

    Stay healthy – your fan from SG

  71. For the contest:
    Prize Choice 2: I want you to review a sonohanbira yuri game (HUEHUEHE) Okay i’m kidding, black wolves saga since i thought your dialovers review was one of the funnier ones and I can’t imagine what BWS will be like.
    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log (I’m a US resident)

  72. These categories were so great, props to not just listing ‘best character’ ‘best gameplay”best bestness’

  73. This is a bit late, but congrats on your four years! I’ve been following your blog from pretty much the start, but not really commenting until a couple of months ago. XD

    That is a beautiful picture of Reiji, no sarcasm.

    I know what you mean. I’m a fujoshi, but I don’t like my otoge having BL elements. If I want to play a BL game, I’ll play it but I mean. Not in an otoge.

    Oh and I finally started Custom Drive (because it came in the mail) and asdlkfjasldfasndfandsfnalskdfaskjdf I don’t. Why. It’s so difficult to. aksjdflkjasdf

  74. I also would like to enter!

    Prize Choice 1: B’s Log
    Prize Choice 2: Otome Game Review Request – Cinders (I believe it’s an otome game… I’m not sure how much romance is in it, but it’s an amazingly gorgeous game (just look it up and play the demo for five minutes– I was freaking out) that deserves to be more well known). If that doesn’t qualify then Winter in Fairbrook, which I was interested in getting but too worried about how good it was to actually buy. (Cinders is on my rewards list)

    Congratulations on getting so popular! I think you deserve it. I recommended you to my friend and she loves you, because she just LOLs constantly at the way you describe things. Plus we’re cheapo college students who don’t have enough money nor enough knowledge of Japanese to play these games so we live vicariously through you (BUT SOMEDAY I SWEAR I WILL BE ABLE TO READ JAPANESE SO THAT I CAN PLAY HARVEST MOON GAMES WHEN THEY COME OUT IN JAPAN Orz)

    Thanks for all that you do in keeping this blog active! I love reading it and it’s a real treat when I know there’s another post up. ^^ Here’s to another good year~!

  75. haha thanks for the idea XDDDD
    oh right I heard you couldn’t go after some of the bad guys you could go for in the cell phone version too! wtf honestly

    haha oh that marathon oh….(ノ´∀`*) noted about B’s Log!

  76. Congrats on four years (`・ω・´)

    I’ve only known you starting this year so I can’t say much, but here’s to hoping for at least four more \o/

    And can I just say Moe!Reiji looks fab xD

    I think the worst part about Koisentai, apart from the lack of voice acting, is that they removed routes? Like I heard you can’t go after the green ranger anymore or something? Or was it black? Idk but I remember some people on twitter lamenting that fact lol

    Hmm for a while I was totally prepared to request Wand of Fortune, but since we’ve already planned our maraton… |D

    I guess I’ll go for the B’s log issue then o/

    Happy Anniversary~  (*´ ▽ `)ノ

  77. yea MOST stat raising games in my backlog are from Otomate lol. (Otherwise I think I’ve played it?) I didn’t bother putting up my list only because if something isn’t in my backlog I’m sure one of my friends has it so I didn’t want to limit anyone (other than the fact I can’t play DS games.)

    haha you sneaky person! :OOO then you musta seen me go from Pangya maniac to Otome game machine lol 😀

  78. That’s Otomate isn’t it? I don’t like Otomate games myself so probably not. I have no idea, you should put up your backlog list so people can see what games you’re thinking about (and what you will absolutely not do). That way they can choose ahead of time and not badger you on certain games if they already know you plan on doing it (one day lol).

    Also I used to comment using a different names, it’s fun seeing your blog change over the years.

  79. Your English is totally fine what are you talking about 😀
    Glad you found the reviews useful! And yea Rikka’s doyakao is pretty awesome in that gif XD

  80. yea my thoughts exactly pretty much XD if you don’t like it move on bro! lol etc

    lmfao oh my god well is there’s a specific game you’d want me to play? XD I do have Wand of Fortune burning a hole in my back 😛

  81. I don’t know when I started to read your blog,but I like it! (Although we have some disagreement lol) I also focus to your fc2 blog.
    Congratulation for your 4 years Anniversary, I will continued follow your blog >_< .I'm waiting for DiaAlice reveiw ❤
    I doesn't live in US and I want to choose No.2 . Can request for Custom Drive's CG? I never play it but maybe in the future. (Seems you didn't really enjoy with this game right?)

    Ps. Your fan from Thailand

  82. Zomg didn’t expect my country would be in the top 3 of ‘most viewed in’
    I’ve been reading your blog since I started playing otome games wif Starry Sky series. Your otome game reviews helped me in one way or another and reading them add to the enjoyment of playing otome games. About haters gonna hate, I lawl at the gif. I hope you’d stay strong and keep up blogging!
    I’m sorry for my bad English @@

  83. hey I don’t expect everyone to agree with me so if you can still enjoy my blog despite the difference of opinion then that’s great 😀 I have my Alice preordered via EMS so I should have it hopefully here by the 22nd! (unless the postal service gets lazy before Christmas!)

    yep I took a million CG shots of Custom Drive so I have that available. Will make note!

  84. Lol haters gonna hate! Even if they don’t agree with your opinion it’s your blog, I don’t see how they thought that hating on you would change anything. I don’t always necessarily agree with you but you’re not a bad person so w/e. ┐(‘~`)┌

    I never watch otome game adaptions or get into the new stuff (all guys want do-S and yanderes nowadays!) so I can’t comment much on that but yay for QR and good riddance to Otomate!

    Anyway congrats on reaching 4 years! It’s a big accomplishment to keep your blog going and active for so long! I doubt I’ll win anyway but if I did I’d want you to get on that backlog or play lots of stat raising games (・`ω´・) Once again, happy anniversary!

  85. I don’t know when I started to read your blog,but I like it! (Although we have some disagreement lol) I also focus to your fc2 blog.
    Congratulation for your 4 years Anniversary, I will continued follow your blog >_< .I'm waiting for DiaAlice reveiw ❤
    Can I request CG of Custom Drive? I never play it but maybe in the future (Seems you didn't enjoy with this game?)

    Ps. Your fan from Thailand

  86. Congradulations!! =D
    4th Anniversary!! That’s cool!!! =D
    Omg, I agree with you in almost everything you wrote, especially about Otomate games and about the otome game anime adaptations.
    Award for the best “Oh no you didn’t just go there” game XDDDD
    I agree again, Hakuouki mont non-otome game XD
    And this song is really catchy!! =3
    About UtaPri, well, I like because I like BL, Shou and Natsuki are the most gay ones for sure X3
    I love your blog!!! Congrats!! =D

  87. Lol fairy. Alright BTF it is then I guess 😀 Yea Laito’s crazy and I do agree like I feel pity for him but he does horrific things and I’m like LAITO NO. Hope you can make it through his route!

  88. I’m from Portugal, so no choice one, choice 3 I can do it myself, and as for choice 2….

    Let’s be honest, we kinda like almost the same games, so almost all the games I’ve liked you’ve played or will play. That leaves…BWS? While I like the game, I’ll admit BN was too focused on the cats, who were the most horrible thing ever and who I hate. The cute family and main guy almost get nothing (and no one talks about them…), so why bother making you play something you won’t enjoy? Heck, even I am mostly excited for LH and barely replay BN, except for the extra stuff. Maybe if LH is nice it’ll be worth a try, but I don’t wanna subject you to something that ‘may’ be good, when there’s a chance you’ll get a cat branding you.

    The other stuff I could request are also cruel, Trick or Yawn, the most boring game ever and only so you’d share my suffering, and rapist of the opera. Which is just crap. And again, while r-18 are usually your funniest reviews, neither are as ‘good’ as akazukin, so why bother putting you through that torture?

    So…..Beyond the Future? I really liked that one. It has too much story and few fluff for your tastes, but the guys are fun, there’s a puppy guy, and the childhood friend doesn’t get screwed over *le gasp*. Also he’s a fairy.

    Oh well, fantastic list I must say. I’m still shocked that DiaLo is just Cero C though. I mean, come on, Laito. I’m playing him now since I missed most of his broadcast and he’s the most awful thing ever. At least Reiji’s whipping will be old for me by now (also, unlike in BWS, he doesn’t have one of his brothers watching it), but Laito, like you said, is crossing all my lines. I hate him, but I still pity him more than Ayato and Kanato because Cordelia was just awful to him.

  89. Well, let’s seee… then I’ll request Beyond the Future :), I played it myself but that story was too complicated for my shallow Japanese >.<.

  90. sadly I don’t have a DS so I can only play either PSP/PS2 or PC games.( ・´ω・`) If you have a request for any of those then please let me know! Thanks!

  91. Congrats with the 4 years! I totally agree with you on the most catchy op, that song is so addictive! I might not comment often but still, I want to enter the contest too :). And if I would win I would love a to see your review on 暗闇の果てで君を待つ (that title is sooo beautiful!) but it’s a ds game and I don’t know if you do those… anyway thanks for those 4 years of great posts :).

  92. lol thank you for reading all this time (*´ェ`*)ポッ
    it’s nice to see old time fans come out and speak up xD
    My fc2 blog has become mostly my outlet for game package photos ww

  93. haha well I didn’t really start tanking through my backlog until 2010 but yea I guess I have a lot behind me now 8D thank you~~

  94. Hey it’s good to see some silent readers come out of the woodwork once in a while 😛

    Juuzaiengi eh lol kitty ears!! Noted 😀

  95. eroge has soo many game genres though that they can actually separate their rape and non rape games. meanwhile otome games have a long way to go ,especially R-18 ones.

  96. Yes that’s supposed to be my crappy rendition of Reiji 😆

    The reason I gave Koisen the award was more because of the whole deceiving factor? At least Hakuoki the only deceiving thing was the kuso system and lack of yone but hey if you came to hear your dudes speaking that’s what you got. I don’t mind not having voice acting in…a free cell phone game but if you’re gonna charge crazy money for the PSP port then you’re deceiving & half assing it in my opinion. So yea rather than the “lack of voices” it’s the “lol we lied to you” factor.

    I take it you’re not interested in the giveaway?:P

  97. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary! I’m happy to see that you’re still going strong on the otome gaming scene, I mean, 4 years.. so I guess you’re now a veteran in otome gaming 😀

  98. Hi! I’ve been reading your otome game reviews since Hakuouki was adapted into anime so it’s been awhile. I never commented on your blog before so I get a little bit nervous here lol. Anyway, I decided to say something here since this is a good opportunity. I love reading every entry of your blog. Your reviews are really helpful for me to pick any games I may or may not like. Also, it’s a shame that your tumblr was closed down, but I still check out your new posts on fc2 blog. Damn I sound like a stalker lol.

    Lastly: Congratulations on 4 years! I’ll be looking forward to more of your posts in the future 🙂 Please keep up the good work!

    A fan of yours from Thailand

  99. Have been reading and re/back reading your posts on this blog for over a year now I think, and must say that it really adds to my enjoyment of otome gaming since I don’t always have as much time to play myself and get through games — but I really love reading your candid reviews, pls do keep it up and congrats on reaching 4 years!

  100. Happy Anniversary! I don’t remember if I’ve commented on your blog before but I’m more of a silent reader. Many thanks for years of entertainment!! xD

    Hm I don’t live in the US and already have all the CG packs I want, so my choice is no.3 for the giveaway. As for the game to review…….十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~? I would love to see your opinion on that. 🙂

  101. Congrats on 4 years! Hope you enjoy playing/blogging about otome games for years to come. XD Gosh I need to play School Wars! I keep game hopping around lately. Now hopping to Xbox 360 games.. I got sucked into Mass Effect romancing too thanks to a friend of mine. Which makes me think where are our Scifi setting otome games Japan? It would be interesting to have a really different setting for once.

    Haha I played Drastic Killer and I remember having to lower the volume because of their crazy moaning while I drained their life force. Gosh that game was so entertaining! And totally I felt like an idiot spinning the PS2′s sticks like a madwoman with what was going on the screen. lol I want more crazy fun stuff like that again.

    As for the give away, I vote for the B’s Log as my first choice if I win. 2nd a Review of an older game hmm Maybe Will O Wisp because I’ve never read a review of it. But I’d like time to think about it.

  102. Hey, fujoshi didn’t force Broccoli. They got greedy and pulled that dick move on their own. :p yeah I know you’re half joking but.

    I wouldn’t say Koisentai is a kusoge, though. Maybe it is if voice acting is Super Important to the player, but it has a decent plot and decent writing. I’d give it a 3.5. Would play it instead of fully voiced crud like lol yuugiroku 2 any day. (Then again, I like Koei games in general and dislike voice acting in a couple of game genres so OPINIONS)

    Otherwise, happy anniversary and carry on!

    P.s. Is that Reiji or are my eyes lying?

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