Welcome to “Kawaii Janakya Dame nano!” and I am your writer Yurika. This originally started out as a Pangya blog which spread out into a general foreign mmo blog, which then had some otome games added on to it and before I knew I was blogging about every game I was playing. The site’s main focus now is whatever game I currently finish. Most reviews are done by me however for JRPGs my husband Kanade plays along with me so typically those reviews will have commentary from both of us.

In regards to any visual novel/otome game/eroge reviews: THEY WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. I post pretty detailed accounts of what happens in the story of each character in the game. To avoid spoilers, be sure to jump to my “final thoughts” section of the review where I basically talk about my general thoughts (and complaints) of the game. Please remember that because I’ve played so many otome games, my views/opinions will differ from someone new to the genre or is more “forgiving” towards things that I won’t be. (I.e. I am a lot less forgiving for terrible programming/systems because of all the kusoge I’ve sat through.) So please keep that in mind when reading and enjoy the reviews for fun. By no means are the reviews supposed to influence you or change your opinion – it’s simply an angle from someone who has played a lot of these types of games and has certain standards they uphold when reviewing them.

Comments are welcome but I will not answer annoying spam or download requests. In fact comments requesting download links will be deleted with extreme prejudice. For general Q&A please check the FAQ page . Please have common sense/courtesy when commenting.

If you would like to support me, please click and buy stuff via my CD Japan affiliate link in the side bar. It helps me when buying otome games to review so if you’re gonna import stuff from Japan anyway why not use my link? (*´ω`) You can also subscribe to my Twitch channel or just donate directly.  You can also use my Amazon Affiliate links to order basically anything. Every little bit helps with things like yearly blog renewal fees and paying for all those streaming things I purchased in 2021…

About the Characters

Yurika – Based off my FFXIV viera OC, I’ve decided to create her to use for my gaming streams and so I became an FFXIVtuber. I’m not your average vtuber (who loves to scream and say horny lines to their simps) and while it’s a vtuber style avatar, it’s more just a replacement for a “live cam” rather than an actual individual persona. That means most of the streams are pretty chill and low key – except when I start howling with laughter at some video game joke or squealing over video game cats.

Kanade – Kanade is also based off his viera FFXIV character and he’s often found backseating while I play games. Once in a while I will get sick of some horridly made puzzle dungeon and force him to do it for me or make him google up text style guides from 2008 on GameFAQs. We’ve been playing FFXIV together since closed beta and he often likes to get random pointless achievements that I could never be assed to bother with (like making 10 million gil in leves…💀). Since we pretty much play RPGs together, our reviews will frequently feature both of our thoughts on the games.

Bread Master Lee – Lee started off as an April Fool’s joke back in 2012 but over the years I’ve began to include him in all my anniversary posts and now he’s basically the blog’s official mascot. He’s often found baking bread and suffering through mediocre otome games.


Yurika's game diary

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