Otome Game Review: Amnesia

One day you wake up trippin’ balls and find that a shota with horns has crawled into your brain. He calls himself Orion and says that due to some pime taradox he’s ended up in your head and now you have amnesia! The only way for him to get out is to get your memories back. So now our heroine, who I’ve appropriately named Mary (short for Mary Sue – as she doesn’t come with a default name) must go on an Agatha Christie adventure with Orion to get her memories back and figure out who dunnit to make them fly off in the first place. Mary has to face 5 creepers while looking for her memories, but she can’t fend any of them off because she doesn’t talk! That’s right you have to just imagine what she is saying or thinking or hope that Orion’s snarky commentary covers it.

Shin – Shin is the boyfriend figure of the heart world. He’s actually very affectionate towards her but since she remembers nothing she reacts like a dead fish to anything he does to her. He’s actually Mary’s childhood friend but 3 months prior to her accident, he asked to become her lover because he just couldn’t see her as only a childhood friend anymore. Even though he’s 1 year younger he’s very straight forward with his feelings and despite knowing that she has lost her memories, he still continues acting like her boyfriend. Despite being direct he does have his soft spots to her especially when Mary practices  her maid cafe lines with him he has to try very hard not to jump into her panties. (´^ω^`) In the past it’s revealed that Mary worked at a maid cafe (with everyone else in this game apparently) but in this route Shin is busy with cram school so he doesn’t work with her. Mary also used to be in a band and when Shin first heard her sing, he thought she fucking sucked but a year later she improved (by playing Uta no Prince Sama every day) and that’s when he fell head over heels for her! He then secretly started a hobby of playing the bass in hopes of some day to join her band and play amongst side of her. Soo then we get into the “accident” that caused the memory loss. Well to get to the point, she was in a forest with Shin one day and I guess he wanted to take things up “further” in their relationship. Mary was too busy being a dead fish doormat and so she pushed him away when he tried to kiss her and ran off like a wanker. Just then she tripped and fell and when she woke up she thought  she found Shin helping her up. Unfortunately she was trippin balls again and it wasn’t Shin but it was her other childhood friend Toma (who is also her “older brother figure.”)

As every single childhood friend ever, Toma was ALSO in love with her and in fact when they were like 5 Mary wasn’t satisfied with one dick so she said she wanted to marry both Shin and Toma at the same time! Well Shin proposed to her asking her to marry him (lol childhood friend proposals) and Toma pretty much raged about this the rest of. HIS. LIFE. So yea needless to say when Mary mistook Toma for Shin, he got so pissed off, in a jealous rage he pushed her off a cliff. So yea she fell and knocked her brains out but Toma continued denying it until Shin played Sherlock Holmes and figured out whodunnit. For some odd reason though, they talked it out like bros and then Toma said he’d go turn himself into the police. I guess he had to because otherwise they kept doubting Shin cause Shin’s dad was apparently some crazy wacky tabacky guy too who killed someone or something. So yea in the Good End, Mary regains her memories and says she remembers Toma pushing her off so yea Toma leaves with his tail between his legs. Mary and Shin end up getting back to being all raburabu with each other and they walk home holding hands while Shin blushes like a tomato. (I guess forest sexy time is ok but hand holding clearly shameful.) In the Normal end, Mary never regains her memories and Toma’s pretty much off the hook for everything. Shin then tells Mary to break up so that he can make her fall in love with him all over again /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Umm yea…that was rather anti climatic. Didn’t help that Shin spent like a week in jail so we didn’t see him for 1/4 of the route. Mary having no lines made it really hard for me to FEEL Shin’s love even though I could tell he really loved her and really cared for her. I guess it didn’t help that until the very VERY end,  she was just like a log who just floated around as everybody talked to themselves for 6 hours.

Ikki – Ikki, short for Ikkyou, is the boyfriend of the Spade world. He’s got the unfortunate issue of always being surrounded by bitches and whores. That’s right, when he was a shota, he made a wish upon a shooting star to be popular with the ladies and BAM shit came true. Now whenever any girl looks into his medusa eyes she immediately falls in love with him, and since he’s got a huge following, any girl he may love back will obviously get bullied by all the other jealous bitches that he’s mesmerized. So due to this he’s pretty much been dating these whores for  3 months at a time at which point either he’d dump them, or they’d break up with him. While he thinks that he’s the one who made this rule, turns out its his FANCLUB who made this rule. That’s right, he has a fanclub of every cumslut who’s fallen in love with him and got dumped or something. They all have a stupid ranking system and when you are high up enough in the rankings, you are then “allowed” to ask him to date you for 3 months but as you date him you have to report on all your activity. SOUNDS FUN WHERE DO I SIGN UP. ( ´_ゝ`) So yea this all continued until Ikki fell in love with Mary! The reason he fell in love with her is because unlike all the other hoes, she actually REJECTED his medusa look! Well actually, she did fall for  it, but because his manwhoring ways reminded her of her manwhoring dad (who’s like on his 4th remarriage) she managed to give him an ACCESS DENIED simply based on all the rage boiled inside of her. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ

Soo basically the entire route Ikki spends trying to get her to fall in love with him before the 3 month deadline as she continues rejecting his advances. Not even going to see a movie called “Sexual Love” does anything! Well actually Mary finds herself falling in love with him all over again but she also notices that he often rejects her and acts cold to her – in front of his hoes. At the end Mary eventually remembers that turns out she was in the fanclub too! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ The reason she joined is she didn’t have a better hobby so she was morbidly curious as to why all his rejected hoes are in that fanclub. Turns out Rika, the titwhore leader who’s prolly been in love with Ikki since middle school – but never confessed or asked him out was really the one pulling the strings. She made up the 3 months rule and anyone who would dare to break it would get bullied and –  I guess if you did the bad ends in this game – fucking killed. So once Ikki asked Mary out, and she agreed, at the same time Orion landed in her head and she lost her memory. Since she lost her memory, she lost her feelings for Ikki, but continued dating him WITHOUT reporting to Rika. HOW DARE SHE! That little bitch! So yea needless to say the bullying continued so Ikki only acted sweet to her in private where his bitch fangirls wouldn’t think that the 2 of them are “close”. I do pity the man honestly. He’s tried to kiss her a million times and had to hold himself back on multiple occasions from ravaging her in bed. The only way he was able to probably contain himself is to get incredibly drunk from depression so she could let him wallow in his pity while being in her arms. (´;ω;`) So then Mary’s dad tells her he wants her to move in with him cause he’s on his 4th remarriage but that would make her move 2 hours away from where she currently lives. (Oh no not 2 hours!)

In the Good End, Mary decides that she will move in with Ikki and so he finally stops being a dumbass and tells his whore club to fuck off or he gonna Nice Boat them all. He’s so excited that she loves him back and regained most of her memories that he goes and makes out with her in front of the train station. In the Normal end, Mary says she wants to try to change her dad’s manwhory habits like how she changed Ikki and she choses to move away. (ಥ_ಥ)Ikki tells her to forget about him, but if she ever feels like it, to give him a buzz. And so a month later she sends him an email saying the stars look really nice at her dad’s place and he should come visit sometime. Ikki of course is forever in love with her, so he replies saying he’ll visit her immediately. I don’t know why I just found this ending to be so much sweeter than the Good end xD; Hm so overall I think Ikki made me ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ several times but I think I felt more sorry for him than anything. Every time his bitch fangirls showed up I wanted to punch them all in the tit and throw them off a cliff instead. Even though he felt like a manwhore to me 80% of the game, I really did feel bad for the guy once I knew what the real deal was. Unfortunately by then it was too late to totally love the character cause the route had ended. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Waka was fucking hilarious in this route but the  strangest thing was the fact that Mary never did find out why she lost her memories. I guess we have to just assume that it’s because of Orion landing in her head even though it was different in Shin’s route. To add on to the sadness about Ikki, OOOORRRIOONN god it got really depressing when after Mary confessed her feelings to Ikki, she wasn’t able to see Orion anymore – only hear him. (´・ω:;.:… Eh again I just feel like if the heroine talked throughout the route and expressed her feelings I might have gotten into it more. I just have difficulty projecting my own thoughts into game characters because when I play these games ME =/= heroine.

Kent – Oh my god I didn’t think it would possible, but Kent is my favorite guy and route in this game. Perhaps it’s the way his story was written or maybe there was enough flashbacks, or maybe this marysue format works well for his stereotype but either way I just loved it. Kent is the clover world boyfriend for Mary. He’s your typical nerd whose only resolution to everything is logic, but he gets that from his crazy parents who are so logical that they order catering for dinner because it would be a waste to make food when all of them are barely home. His way of “romance” follows logic meaning gasp there must not be kissing until you’ve held hands! Kent was Mary’s math teacher in the past (probably doing student teaching or something) and that’s when they first met. Kent pretty much fell in love with her then and got really jealous because he overheard her talking with Sawa and thought she was in love with someone else. After the Math tutoring class was over, they happened to run into each other in the morning when he would go do his research room and she would walk her dog Kuro. So yea they started talking and Kent proposed for her to go out with him. It was such a nerdy proposal like “I think I have feelings of love for you and to further observe them I need you to date me. You can refuse if you wish.” For some reason Mary’s really awesome in this route so she’s like come at me bro and they began to date. Needless to say since she wasn’t exactly in love with him all they did was argue with each other and then around that time Mary lost her memories. After she lost her memory she began acting really sweet to Kent, which was the complete opposite of her..arguing with him. He thought it was weird at first but then he didn’t care because they basically turned into a cute ラブラブ couple and he just wanted it to be that way even if it was “fake”.

Eventually Mary admits to him that she lost her memories and he admits that he secretly wished she never regained them. He said that she hated him and he wanted to continue being in this normal sweet relationship with her. Mary then thought that she doesn’t want to remember anything either but Orion was like “wtf ho how am I gonna get out if you don’t remember anything щ(ºДºщ).” Orion talks to Kent via Mary writing down his thoughts and tells him that even if Mary remembers everything, they’re both in love with each other to the point that it shouldn’t put a damper on their relationship. Before Kent has the opportunity to disclose the real reason Mary hates him, she gets hit by a car and is sent to the hospital. The day she got hit was the day that Kent was supposed to do his presentation to be accepted into a program to study abroad. In the Good Ending, Kent decides to screw his study abroad plans because he’s so worried about Mary and he rushes to the hospital to see her. I guess the after shock of getting smacked revives her memories and she remembers a car hit and killed her dog Kuro. Kent had secretly wished that dog would DIAF because it was always cockblocking his time with Mary. The day she spent at the vet  instead of giving her comforting words, Kent gave her “logic” and she was like “god GTFO I hate you why would you say this kind of shit right now?!” Obviously Kent didn’t mean to be an asshat but you know logic just naturally comes out of his mouth (you should have trained your dog better so next time it won’t die etc.) Kent took her words very seriously and has been very traumatized by this which is why he was very hesitant for Mary to remember everything.

Mary wakes up and tells him she remembered it all but she doesn’t hate him and she admits she said thing that were rather harsh herself. Kent apologizes for being an insensitive dick and then tells her that he secretly didn’t want to go abroad anyway because it would mean being apart from her. By then she’s recalled everything and Orion says goodbye and disappears. ;_; After Mary’s released from the hospital, Kent takes her to a nearby park where he asks her to marry him someday. (*´ω`*) He then takes her to the classroom where he taught her math and admits that he’s liked her ever since then and then he finally kisses her. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ A few days later, he reveals to her that he plans to try for the London study abroad program again the following year and he wants to take Mary with him. And so in the final scene, the 2 of them are in London and he speaks English to her saying sorry for making her wait as he kisses her by the bridge. afhjklsjkaf SO CUTE ;AAAA; Oh my god Kent you are so cute you are the saving grace of this game!! In the Normal ending, Kent doesn’t rush to the hospital and instead he successfully passes his presentation. Three weeks later he is hugging Mary at the airport as he prepares to leave. She says she’ll miss him but she will wait a year for him to return. Some time later she checks her email from him and instead of his usual  “good morning” or “goodnight” he says “I want to see you.” (*´ω`*) dAWW oh my god Kent is so sweet. And the scene of him blushing like a dork at the pool and dragging her in so that nobody would see her giant boobies except for him. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、  So yea wow I don’t know what a different this whole route and character was compared to the other two. I am seriously excited for the fandisk now.

Toma – Toma is the diamond world guy but unlike the other world’s he’s not actually her boyfriend. Why? Because he’s too busy being a selfish brat who can’t decide whether he wants to be her lover or her oniichan. This is a huge problem because not only has Mary apparently been in love her whole life with Toma, the dumb bloke doesn’t realize it AND on top of that thinks she loves someone else. Due to this huge misunderstanding, he goes fucking batshit but in the end Mary fucking SUE decides to forgive him anyway because she’s a dead fish doormat emotionless log. ( ´_ゝ`) Oh btw she’s not really his sister. As I mentioned in Shin’s route, he uses the word “sister” as an excuse to hang out with her since their parents got divorced a while ago. At first he acts like he has NO interest sexually in her what so ever, but that’s such a lie when he turns red like a tomato after they go into an underwear store and the worker mistakens them for a couple. He gets home and  tells her that she shouldn’t “invite” him like this and when they spend the night sleeping next to each other he realizes “oh wow yea I wanna hit that.” At the same time, Ikki’s bitch fanclub thinks that she’s dating Ikki because she joined it and I guess he asked her out or something. The only reason she joined is because Mine wanted to join it being an Ikki fangirl, but being only a high schooler she asked Mary to join in her place. They start bullying her by throwing potted plants on her head, filling her mailbox with maggots, ketchup, mayonaise and olive oil and pushing her into train tracks or trying to have her get run over by a motorcyclist. What the fuck really.

Additionally she gets spam emails telling her to die in a fire, break up with Ikki etc. Toma actually is pretty bro in regards to this and he actually goes and cleans up her house removing the needles from her door and cleaning up whatever shit is left in her mailbox (lol konyaku.) However at the same time he also then goes off the deep end, telling her to stay at his place and never leave. Since Mary’s like Curious George, she leaves one day to see what’s happening with her house but when she returns ONIITAN IS NOT PLEASED. He drags her back home and tells her to wait until he calms the fuck down. Apparently this requires an hour.  In order to stop her from leaving the house (which I can see he’s worried about her but in an abnormal way) he starts spiking her breakfast with sleeping medicine causing her to wake up, eat breakfast and basically  fall asleep again until like 5PM. By then he’s back from college and he knows his darling imouto’s been home all day. So then Shin comes over and he’s like why the fuck’s she staying at your place. Worried that Mary will run away to Shin,  Toma decides to take his insanity one step up, and stuffs Mary into a fucking ANIMAL CAGE.  (He even complained how hard it was to bring it into his apartment.) Seriously, he fucking carries a giant animal cage into his apartment and NOBODY says anything. Sasuga Japan! So anyway he keeps her in this cage, giving her food and letting her out only to use the bathroom or take a shower. When opening it, he of course handcuffs her to make sure she doesn’t run away.

By this time it’s obvious that Mary was in love with him and she starts to recall her feelings for him BUT SHE DOESN’T FUCKING SAY ANYTHING. CHRIST WOMAN IF YOU JUST FUCKING TOLD HIM YOUR FEELINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE WE WOULDN’T BE FUCKING PLAYING ZOO FOR 3 WEEKS. ┻━┻ ︵╰( ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ No she just sits playing monkey with him until one day when he’s at college she realizes the cage has a defect and she manages to escape. She tries to go to the maid cafe to ask for help but she gets hit by a motorcyclist (thanks bitches!) and then injured she drags herself back to his fucking apartment and GOES BACK INTO THE CAGE. Okay let’s think about this logically. You escaped  and now you have SCARS that you wouldn’t have if you stayed in the cage. Do you fucking think he wouldn’t notice? So of course Toma gets home and notices and gets fucking pissed telling her to strip so he can see her injuries. Well I know he said it because he wanted to see if she was hurt but his yandere side took over and he went into raep mode. However I guess Mary finally decided to stop being a god damn doormat and she yells out “Save me Toma!” referring to her oniichan that always was there for her the entire life she’s known him. I guess this snaps him back to reality and SUDDENLY he happens to find her diary where she wrote HOW SHES MADLY IN LOVE WITH TOMA. WHADYA KNOW TOMA DON’T YOU FEEL LIKE A FUCKING DICK NOW! m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー

And so they both realize they’re madly in love with each other and hooray her one sided love is finally over after 19 years! And so they tell Rika to get her bitches off Mary or else he’d call the cops (lol we should report you to the cops you shitlord.) Toma tells Mary that by picking him she has no taste in men and there are ROUGH times ahead but Mary admits that she’s like a massive bro-con and she ain’t even mad Good Ending. I skipped the Normal end cause there was no CG but I kinda wish I did it now because apparently she runs off to Shin and Toma goes and jumps off a cliff or something rofl. ざまあああ. Annnd I went and did the bad end which DID have a CG in which she became his chained cage monkey the rest of her life as he keeps drugging her and fucking up with her brain so she doesn’t remember anything except him, yippie. 🙄 Oh did I mention Toma was voted as the #1 character for Amnesia? ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Even he admits anyone who voted for him must be high. I have to say, a lot of people compared Toma & Wabisuke from Gekka and I will say for sure I liked Wabisuke a lot more. He was in love with the heroine and he made it obvious that he was and she had the chance to return her feelings and only when she led him on and refused him, did he go batshit. Toma just went batshit cause he couldn’t make up his fucking mind on what kind of relationship he wanted with Mary so whatever, dumbass. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Ukyou – Ukki (well I call him Ukki xD) is referred to as Denpa Otoko by Orion so at first I just wanted to roll him up in a futon and shove pizza in his mouth. In all the other routes he’s this weird stalker who constantly threatens to kill Mary or doesn’t threaten in the case of Toma’s route. So then I’m thinking he’s gonna be even wackier than Toma but his route was actually pretty bland. He often saved her from incoming death (thanks to Ikki’s bitches for the 3rd fucking time) and nothing extraordinary was happening. Well nothing happens if you listen to what he says. He often warns her not to do things she shouldn’t and as you go down his route you have a chance of encountering one of  8 bad ends if you don’t pick the right choices (ㆀ˘・_・˘). I skipped most of the bad ends in this game but I did  do Bad End #4 for Ukki which basically if you tell Toma that Ikki’s fanbitches are after you, Toma goes batshit and kills them. KILLS THEM. SWEET REVENGE. But sadly after that he locks you up in a cage again. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  So anyway, Ukki and Mary met when he first saw her in March under the cherry blossoms. They met again in July  when she found him crying after his grandpa’s death. He’s been in love with her ever since that day but he was afraid to confess to her until August. Unfortunately that’s when Mary got caught in an explosion and she went into a coma and never woke up. So here’s where Otomate thought it was fun to combine the storyline of Clock Zero with that of Natsuzora no Monologue!

Mary’s fate is to die on August 25th no matter what. Ukki made a strong wish for this to be reversed and so the god Neil, who is also Orion’s supervisor decided to make  it come true. So ever since then, Ukki and Neil, who merged bodies (kinda like Orion & Mary) would jump into worlds where Ukki doesn’t exist to make sure that Mary is alive past 8/25. This meant that basically instead of Mary dying, Ukki would take her fate and die instead. However if Mary died somehow (i.e. bad ends), Ukki would be so depressed he would then suicide so that everything would be reset and they could start over again in the next world. So yea this kept going on for god knows how long until Neil realized he’s running low on juice and came up with the conclusion that the only way to get both Mary and Neil to survive is if they brought them back to the original world that she died in. Due to this stuff got screwed up and that’s why it was like freezing cold in August all the time and why there were all these sudden events of lightning and typhoons. Orion was also sent into Mary’s brain (it was not a coincidence) to help HER stay alive and guide her so that she wouldn’t be dead before August ended. So yea after dying like a million times in other worlds, Ukki went bonkers (who blames the poor guy) and he created dual personality which only wanted to kill Mary so that Ukki could survive.

This isn’t what the REAL Ukki wanted so basically whenever Ukki went batshit that was his other personality coming out that he eventually began to lose control of. So then finally in Ukki’s world he’s really trying hard not to have her die because this is their last chance and he begs her to sit at home and stay alive. Mary realizes that if she stays alive, Ukki will die and she recalls them being lovers and runs to him to confirm this. Unfortunately she runs into the fucking bitch cunts who throw her in a shrine and throw fireworks in it until it’s set on fire. They run off like little shits that they are and even though Mary calls 911 for help, they’re like “plz wait” lol yes please wait and die in a fire. (ಠ_ಠ) Fortunately Ukki comes to save her and they basically spend the next 20 minutes running from a bunch of random natural disasters that try to kill her. Finally at 30 minutes before 8/26 everything seems ok as they run into the college classroom….UNTIL Mr.HYDE UKKI COMES OUT. He starts strangling Mary saying she should die so he can continue living but Dr. Jekyll Ukki is like NOO SHE MUST LIVE. And so this continues until he pulls out a knife and failing to kill Mary, he nice boats himself. ((((´・ω・;`)))) And so after Ukki dies, Neil asks if Mary will forgive him for everything or not. If you don’t forgive Ukki (who’s died like 20 times for you), you go straight to the Normal end where Mary survives and forgets about his existance.

However when working at her cafe, Waka asks if she knows about who this “Ukyou” customer is but Mary says she has no idea as tears start running down her face. Later on she says goodbye, not knowing to who and not knowing why. I decided to save the best for last and so I forgave the poor sap and this got me the good ending where Ukki and Mary live happily ever after in their original world. Neil and Orion say goodbye, but some time later, as Mary and Ukki are on a date or something, she drops her hankerchief and a boy picks it up and gives it back to her. As she turns around, it’s the human versions of Neil and Orion   ウワァァ━━━━━。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━━━ン!! OH MY GOD ALL MY TEARS. ORIOOOOONNNN ;________________; They’ve basically taken the punishment of becoming mortals in exchange for losing their godly powers. Lol I should be celebrating a happy end for Ukyou but ORIIIOOONNNNN. So yea Ukki becomes a pro photographer and the like and has a happy life with Mary. I think had I played all the bad endings in the other routes, Ukki’s route might have felt more emotional to me, but at the same time I might have been so disturbed I don’t even know if I would have finished the game. From what I heard some of his kill Mary/suicide ends are so tragic I get sick just thinking about it now. ( ̄□ ̄;)!! Ukki was a nice wrap up to the whole story though so now that all the misery is out of the way I’m hoping for happy fluffy raburabu time in the fandisk. DON’T LET ME DOWN OTOMATE ( ಠ益ಠ ).

Waka route where.

After Ukyou’s route I felt like there was a huge boulder weighing my heart down. (´・ω:;.:… I’m honestly torn on what to think. I think story wise it was actually very good and I found the whole revelation part to be intriguing but the cast……Ok well Shin I think is a great character but his route just felt like a massive speeding info dump so I feel like I got to enjoy his personality in every route but his own. Ikki felt so fake and manwhory to me that by the time I found out his true intentions, the route had ended and I was still raging about his bitch brigade 3 routes later. Kent I absolutely loved and he was probably the only route I was fully satisfied with from start to finish. Toma can go jump off a cliff and Ukki….FEELS BAD MAN ;A;. . It’s certainly not a romance focused game….at least I didn’t really feel much except in a few scenes here and there and Kent’s route. Everything else was HEAVY, just so SO Heavy (even more than Gekka) and now that I know the deal with Ukyou, I wonder how I might have felt had I played those mass of bad ends (instead of only playing 2 of them.) The biggest problem for me was getting INTO the game due to the heroine not having any dialogue. I felt like I could finally enjoy the game when the dumb ho finally began talking at the end but by then it was too little and too late. It’s kinda like how the stupid on screen text in Natsuzora ruined the game for me, I feel like Mary not having any lines ruined the game for me too. The fact that she didn’t come with a default name and me constantly naming her Mary Sue made it difficult to take the game seriously sometimes (but that could be my fault but how can I not name her Mary sue when you have to fucking project yourself into her!?) While she was cool in some routes (Kent, Kent, Kent Kent Kent, Ukki.) in others I just wanted to kick her in her stupid emotionless expressionless dead fish face (Toma, Shin..) Sometimes because of the guys having these lengthy monologues with no heroine lines to break them up my eyes would just start glazing over which is why my reviews for some of the routes are so short. As far as Hino and Toma are concerned yes this is my 4th game where he plays some yandere brother. Wow I can’t believe it, it’s like lol Yusa Kouji? That’s so last year! Hino Satoshi is the new go-to yandere rapist! I still remember when he went bonkers in Pretty Witch Academy but it’s not near the level of this and man that was R-18…. 😆 While the CGs and stills were very pretty in this game, the backgrounds were TOTALLY GHETTO. They looked like they were run through some photoshop filter and then added some cheap gradient. Man that’s such a good idea, if I ever make an otome game I should do that too! The moving mouths and overall game system layout was very smooth and easy to navigate so props to that. Well anyway I pretty much flew through this game during my break but I really hope we get a reward and get some more romance focus in the fandisks. I feel like I want to get to know all the characters more romantically without getting stabbed or hit by a potted plant along the way. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)


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  1. yes I believe it’s slated for Spring 2013. Since Brains Base is doing it, instead of kusoDEEN, it should actually be a decent adaptation.

  2. the anime for this is coming out in 2013 O.o after reading so much about the game…and how odd of a storyline it is X”D I have to say…i’m looking/not looking forward to it lol, thank you so much for this honest review!!

  3. if you use the \ symbol or > or something i think it cuts off comments so try not to do that I guess? XD
    lmao if you think Toma is bad you should see Wabisuke in Gekka Ryoran romance 😆

  4. Areee???? okashiiinaaa.;;; I wrote like 3 paragraphs but I guess I got cut off….;;;; only my first and last sentence got posted;;; OWO 5 mins of writing is goneee TwT
    Sighssss just wanted to say Touma just ruined my lifeee
    I LOVE ur blog
    I cracked up so much in your review~ ❤
    And that I LOVE your blog….did I already say that??? MUHAHAHAHA

  5. Oh LOL I just finished Shin’s route and Touma’s route…gotta say I agree with EVERYTHING you said in your review….
    Shin’s route made me go to sleep….too much info info info suspense and a dash of love ~w< fangirling ur blog sorry OTL

  6. Amazing review and I would, like, totally agree w/most of the stuff, like it’s annoying when the heroine is mouth-shut but hey! I know that one game that you might like!!! It’s called “Arcana Famiglia ~La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia~” the heroine shows a bit emotion and her personality is well seen. Also, the graphics are amazing and gorgeous and the routes are fun too! ^^

    It sounds interesting enough…. sorry I don’t want to read the comments (spoilers) so i dunno if someone already asked but….
    what is the INSTALL thing at the title page? install whut?


  8. hm no I don’t think it’s an issue for something like a visual novel game lol. I’m also running 6.39 so it could be an issue with 6.60? I’m not sure.

  9. That’s weird. Pretty sure I have 6.60 firmware or higher. I’ll check to see if that’s the problem or not. Thanks for the info. I was worried without the data install load times would be horrible and allow timr for sammichs.

  10. I didn’t actually but I’m also using custom firmware on my PSP and I noticed that unless I was in CFW mode, the UMD would force me to upgrade to 6.60 or else it wouldn’t run. Not sure how it would work if you’re in regular mode though. I didn’t wanna upgrade so I just ran the UMD from my CFW instead and that didn’t give me any data install issues.

    I’m not sure if data install makes a difference though to be honest? If you’re having issues with it I would suggest to just play it without the data installing.

  11. I know this is a weird question but did you have any problems doing the data install? For some reason mine won’t work with me. Doesn’t help I suck at reading kanji

    Also I wish there’s a choice to beat the crap out of Toma. I know there isn’t. But I can still wish.

  12. not long at all I’d say 4-5 hours depending on the character. also depends whether or not you do the bad ends. I skipped most of them except like Toma’s because it had a CG XD

  13. Yeaahhh. I know. I thought about that too. It’s like, just watching the sequel of a show w/o the seeing the first. I’m probably going to play the first before I play the fandisk ^^

    about how long is each route?

  14. I would think it would be really strange to play a fandisk without playing the original game…simply because your “attachment” to the characters won’t really be there? XD At least that’s how I feel. The game isn’t really that long so you could always try playing it and drop it if you don’t like it lol.

  15. I was going to get this game, but after reading your review, I think I’ll pass and wait for the fandisk. The overall story sounds interesting but some of the routes/characters are just so…-o-; Meh, plus the fact that the girl doesn’t speak.

    It’s sort of a pity for Shin’s route cause I wanted to play his route!

    …TOMA is crazy shit omg. I’m not a big fan of yandere’s but I don’t mind them up to the point where they just go bonkers (CAGE? Really?) Oh, and I was freaking surprised that he ranked #1. Like…wow.

    Kent sounds sooo adorable. It’s like, the route with the most romance.

    Ikki’s route is just o_o; those girls, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle them.

    Ukki’s route just sounds so god damn depressssssing. I think I’d rage quit playing through his route LOL! (and Ikki’s tooooo! prob toma too -__-!)

    But I’m betting on the fandisk to be sooooo much better! I’d like to actually get the know the characters more (like Shin~), then maybe, I’ll decide to play it.

  16. From what I’ve seen the strong personality of the heroine in Amnesia is gonna shine through in the fandisk because she’s actually going to speak and have lines. I think the fandisk is going to be a million times better just because of this small detail.

  17. I think the thought of the girl not speaking is a good one, but I admit that when she has a personality through body language and how she deals with things there’s no point. It’s a shame they haven’t ever made a true dating sim, kind of like the Tsundere game, where each decision molds the personality of the protagonist until you get who you want. The challenge is whether the personality suits the guy you’re currently going after.

  18. horetazei> Aww but Kent’s route was the best! Lol but hm yea after that it’s all downhill isnt it 😆 Miayta also did the yandere sensei in VitaminX but he was also this stupid clumsy shota angel in Hakarena Heart so I guess I don’t have that association.

    dellz85> yea the cage was just….dafuq lol. Maybe if he just told her “don’t leave or you’ll be targetted” properly and if she actually listened….yea lack of communication etc.

    Yume> Funny enough I really don’t care for Ishida anymore but I just loved Kent. I actually love Taniayama’s voice more than Ishida’s but Ikki and his fanbitches ugh. I agree Ukki is rather the OTP of the game but I was so busy bawwing over Orion I guess I forgot to mention that in my post lol.

    Usagi> lol yea I guess most people who played amnesia are bunch of Do-M’s? XD I marathoned the game alll through my new years break which is why I finished so fast. Also since I skipped almost every bad end that saved a ton of time lol

  19. Kinda raged quit it after finishing Kent’s route(I got bunmei haruka the next day I got this so… :’D). I thought Toma’s route was some masterpiece because of the popularity poll and loads of fanarts in pixiv but hell, I guess Japanese players have this massive masochist/bro-con huh? xD

    Dunno if I’m the only one who noticed it though… but Miyata Kouki always has this stalker-type guys(ala Peter white of Heart no kuni) XD

  20. It is exactly what I feel about Toma and Shin route. I don’t really like Toma and that cage….. I am still shocked reading his route. Shin is ok as a guy but his route lack of something, I felt his route is boring.

    I totally love Ikki, Ukyo ,and kent xD But Ikki’s girlfans are totally ruining the story, everytime I saw them I want to throw them off the cliff and punched them in the face lol.

    I hope the FD will have more rabu2 moment xD

  21. Reading back I kinda recall why in the end, I only reviewed Kent’s route ahaha. 8’DD (okay, aside from my Ishida bias) I’m glad Kent’s won over someone else.

    Aside from him, I really like Ukyou (and ORION). I guess I like heart-breaking stuff and after the revelation and all they felt canon to me. Actually Ukyou and the heroine were already going out in July so it just so happened that she was in university that fateful day and ka-boom. /o/

    I was creeped out by Toma at first but now I find it fun to make fun of him and his cage fetish lol. And Shin is a nice guy but I feel neutral towards him.

  22. Honestly, I was pretty terrified too when I found out Toma ranked first in the poll. (  ゚__ゝ゚) I don’t know but I noticed that dark otome games lately have a lot of cages in them. I wonder if the cage was the reason why Toma won or is it actually because he’s a yandere lol.

    Ughh I’m so amazed you finished this in four days. That’s so fast because this game feels long to me. D8 And to be honest, I thought you would be a whole lot satisfied with this game since there’s a lot of positive Japanese reviews about it. x’D

  23. Lol Ili your comments are a novel too xDD Lmfaooo yea I was gonna say he kissed her like so much at the beginning and she just looked like a dead fish and in the end its like OMG HAND HOLDING lmfaoooo xDDD Ooh I thought he was in the same car as the guy who hit her! Woops let me fix that lol. I do recall the part where he did say he secretly wished the dog would go away though lolol. Yeaaa I was like where the fuck was this Diary until now??? 😆

  24. Oh right, I totally forgot to express my rage over Toma’s route LOL. He’ll never be my favourite because after spending a week in a friggin drugged state. Then it’s like YAY let’s spend the rest of August in a CAGE! All because of a misunderstanding.. a misunderstanding that is solved in an instant when Toma JUST SO HAPPENS to read her diary THAT JUST SO HAPPENS TO FALL OPEN on the right days. His route was definitely the one that I felt the most mary sue vibes.

  25. Ditto to the Toma and Shin route. Shin is probably a good character, but it felt like the romance was in the first 3-5 days and then the rest was just a mystery game and information dump of extreme proportions. He takes kuudere to the next level too ._. In the Good End I was just like “THE FCK!? You basically maul the heroine’s face in the first week you see her, but nope hand-holding is too embarrassing and shameful.. screw this!” lmao.

    I think the only reason I think Toma is an angel compared to Wabisuke is because Toma doesn’t actually go off to murder everyone like Wabi does in Reito’s and Atsumori’s route lolol. At least Toma has a SLIGHT decency to lock himself up in Clover, Spade, and Diamond world lol.

    I noticed a small error in your Kent post (maybe when your eyes started glazing over xD;;) but the car that hit her dog was just driven by a stranger. However, while they were walking her dog Kent was jelly that her dog has a lot of her attention and that it was always her + dog + him (apparently three’s a crowd?) so then on the faithful day he actually thought about something bad happening to her dog. ‘lo and behold the leash snapped and her dog ran out onto the road and got hit. He tells the heroine that logically he knows he had nothing to do with her dog’s death, but he feels guilty for his thoughts (because it’s as if some devil granted his wish lol) + the logic spiel about training her dog better that makes her tell him to gtfo.

  26. What’s stupid is how she tried to give him hints like “here’s valentines day candy” or “im gonna invite you to go to a movie” but he was like in this weird ass denial like NOPE ITS JUST US BEING CHILDHOOD FRIENDS DERP I MEAN CAN I BED YOU 😆 yea. I don’t think me doing Toma’s route before or after Shin’s would have made a difference in how うざい he and Mary were to me xDDD

    Most people find him boring since obviously most people who played Amnesia played it for the wackies (i.e. Toma) xD

  27. LOL yea that’s what I didn’t like about Toma’s route. It’s just a giant misunderstanding that dragged on for what.. 19 years? If only our dear Mary Sue told him and if only Toma actually grab her like Shin does, this entire zoo route wouldn’t happen. ( ಠ_ಠ ) I did Toma’s route before Shin’s, so he’s not as ruined and in the end I still like him more than Wabisuke lol.

    Also yay for Kent love! .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. The guy seriously deserves more love, I feel sad that most people find him boring.

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