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Tartaros February Macros

Phew almost missed them completely.

Ruko & Elpin have become such a canon yuri pair I am disappoint. Also they’re clearly making Aerlot seem gay and making Soma seem as shotafied as ever (even though we’ve clearly seen that he’s not actually a shota….sigh). I’ll have the March macros up soon.

Disappointing that they did nothing about Ruko’s birthday except add the stupid voice macro meh.


(・∀・){゚+o。A HAPPY NEW YEAR。o+゚}(・∀・)

From me and my Tartaros crew (´^ω^`)

Tartaros December Macros

I think they’re gonna change them after Xmas so I decided I better hurry and record them.

Ahh it’s gotten more grindy than before but I just love my characters (well the 5 I care about…) that I just can’t quit playing no matter how much they nerf the game and make stuff annoying. (´・ω・`;) Can’t say I feel the same way about Pangya 🙄 Hopefully we’ll get a REAL christmas event this week instead of 1000 hole bullshit that’s going on now (ಠ_ಠ).

Tartaros November Macros & System Updates

Wanted to upload these before they change next week. There’s been a couple system updates in case you haven’t been around:

  • 最上級 items no longer drop anywhere on any map. They must be crafted. Only 上級 items drop now, same goes for challenges.
  • Crafting has been remade and now there’s less specific materials required, and most crafting items require challenge boss drop items (核心)
  • The challenges that involve you making a book (Tesbell, 飛龍 and レギン) now drop both weapons & armor that aren’t upgradeable/tradeable but give really high defense/attack etc. The respectable levels are 27, 48 and 57.
  • There’s an inventory dedicated to quest items only now.
  • Stuff doesn’t stack properly, plz fix it MK.
  • Stones like ベネフィス and ミリティス that you make tioses out of no longer drop from the boss. They can only be obtained by breaking down weapons & armor and getting a box which will gives you either one of those stones or stones like dodge/antiknockback/hp etc.
  • Challenge levels have been adjusted slightly (need to be 34 to do tesbell etc.)
  • Caliber experience tables have been updated and you no longer have to spam N maps. Expert gives decent exp but I haven’t leveled up my Aerlot high enough to test this hypothesis although according to 2ch, Beavers & Dragons on Ex give the best experience there.

I think that’s about it. Nothing much has been going on, and there haven’t been any drop events so I haven’t been to motivated to play. I do want to get my Ruko up to 70 soon though as she is close to 69 already.