[FFXIV] A return to blogging

MFW Mobile based gacha otome games

I know it may seem like Otome games are thriving because so many English localizations have been picked up, but you know what, they are not. Most companies have gone MIA, are releasing ports of old games (most of which I have already played) or they’re focusing on their mobile section because GACHA$$$ games make the most money as people are apparently that gullible. Hell even Otomate just announced a fandisk for Code Realize that’s gonna be a simultaneous PS4/PSVita release signaling there’s a possibility otome games are moving to PS4 after all. A custom made PS4 with the C:R engraving on it signifies this even further. Regardless of what may happen, even though I still play otome games on the side, I’ve been slogging the same game for a month now and even when I review it, I only have 2 other games left on my plate (one of which is a shitty half assed Matsu game I wish I didn’t waste money on.)


With that in mind I’ve decided to bring back FFXIV blogging! My focus and goal is mostly to show off various weapons, glamors and scenery that I take with reshade and gpose. Gpose is a feature in ffxiv where you can adjust lighting, effects and camera angles specifically for taking screenshots. In otherwords, the game makers clearly know what the big attraction for casual players is!

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Osomatsu Game – Choromatsu Set Unboxing

Not shown in the photo is some kind of PS Vita sticker and also a code for a downloadable vita wallpaper that came with my game. No idea if this was part of Amazon (I coulda sworn I ordered without that option) or not. I honestly had pretty low expectations for this game, especially since I knew it wasn’t going to be an otome game but I found out something extremely shocking today: the game is not fully voiced. Not only that, but they actually put effort to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to replace voices with sounds you’d hear in some 1990s 8bit video game. Check out the youtube video below (scroll to about 3:40):

I didn’t expect an amazing story from the game but as a character game, I want my characters FULLY VOICED. That’s part of the charm! But instead I get this annoying sound that when I actually play this – I will probably actually just mute all the voices. For something I paid a LOT of money for, I very much regret it. I tend not to watch play movies to try to spoil less of the game for myself but now I regret not doing so. Had I know it was gonna be this bullshit I probably would have cancelled my order =_=.

Otome Game Review: Side Kicks!

Oh yea I sure love it when the opening movie features naked 2D mans in the rain! 😂

Our heroine Inori has been randomly falling asleep at random times all her life and when she falls asleep she has foreseeing dreams. They are bits & pieces of what happens in the future so she takes notes and tries to act upon them if she can. In the town of Sakrada, California, there’s a drug war going on with a drug called Lip Code. One day at a diner, Inori has a dream where she sees a truck slam through the window of the cafe by a drugged driver. She warns everyone to move away and after they do, moments later the truck comes smashing through. It turns out the group whose lives she saved are a detective team called “Sidekicks” at the Sakrada Police Department and they recruit her to join them to help solve cases. The one big case they are trying to solve is to catch a serial murderer named “Rain Killer” who is involved with murdering those involved with the Lip Code drug.
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Otome Game Review: Taisho Alice ~Heads & Tails~

This is the fandisk to Taisho Alice, and because some of it is more like another point of view, it contains some spoilers from the first game so caution to anyone reading.

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