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Since I appear to get a few similar questions from time to time I figured a general blog FAQ would be easier. With this in mind, anything asked in comments that’s already in this faq will either be ignored or considered as spam and deleted. Please remember, all reviews are subjective to the reviewer, so there may be times you may disagree with what I write – and that is absolutely ok. Just because I do not like a game, doesn’t mean you are a bad person for liking it. 😂

1. Where can I find the walkthrough for game _____ ?
Google the game name + the word 攻略.

2. How do I get a custom icon in my avatar when I comment on this blog?
You need to register at Gravatar, upload a custom image and when you type in your comment use the email address you registered your gravatar with. Alternatively if you register a account you can edit your avatar through that as well as it’s connected with Gravatar.

3. Where can I buy/import Japanese otome games?
Check out my shopping guide.

4. Do you plan to review ________ ?
Since there’s barely any otome game releases period, if by now I have not reviewed a game that’s been released, I am probably not going to review it. There are many reasons which I won’t go into but honestly I think after 10+ years my brain is just tired of reviewing every game that comes out. I mostly just buy games that are made by a reputable writer/team from Otomate or if it looks interesting enough to preorder. I rarely buy localized games especially if I have previously played it.

5. I’m an indie game developer and I’d like you to review my commercial otome game. 
At this time I no longer accept requests to review fanmade games. Sorry I don’t really have the time for this anymore!

6. Are Japanese Switch games region free?
Yes you can buy physical or digital copy and play them on either your English or Japanese account. Please note however you will need a Japanese account to access the Japanese e-shop and you will need to buy prepaid e-shop Japan cards as they do not accept foreign credit cards.

7. How come I can no longer comment on the posts?
Effective February 2023, I’ve decided to permanently close commenting on this blog. I realized I really don’t want to have to deal with clearing spam on a daily basis and attracting some uninvited drive by trolls. While I had a decent amount of commenters in the past, most people now interact with me via Twitter and the comment section was just turning into a burning dumpster fire I had to clean up every week. Sorry to those who enjoyed the discussions we had here!

8. What’s up with all the RPGs on this blog? I thought this was an otome game blog.
I’m sorry to disappoint you, but otome games are a dying genre and I’ve moved on back to greener pastures. 😂

9. What happened to the blogroll? (´・ω・`)
Due to there being a ton of dead blogs on it I decided to completely get rid of it. I’m sorry to those of you who still have active blogs, but I can’t be bothered to keep up with it anymore. There’s very few otome game bloggers out there and now they’re spread out between wordpress, youtube and twitter. You can use google if you ever need to find them!


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