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Since I appear to get a few similar questions from time to time I figured a general blog FAQ would be easier. With this in mind, anything asked in comments that’s already in this faq will either be ignored or considered as spam and deleted.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU COMMENT: If you don’t like what I write, just close the browser and go elsewhere. No one is forcing you to read this blog and by no means is my opinion the gospel truth. It’s simply what it is: my personal opinion on the games I play. I am not paid to do this, I do this as a hobby and therefore by no means is this a professional review blog that represents anything. Not everyone will agree with what I write and that’s okay!

1. Where can I download otome games!?!?!
Not here, how about buying them and supporting the companies instead?

2. Where did you get game _____ in English??
I do not play any games in English except any fan made games. All my games are played in original Japanese format. Typically fanmade games can be found at the Ren’Py forums or in their wiki under game list. All my screencaps/posts are manually translated end edited by me.

3. Can you send me a CG pack of ________ ?
No sorry I do not send CG packs by request at any time.

4. Where can I find the walkthrough for game _____ ?
Google the game name + the word 攻略 if you’re lazy. For newly released games there aren’t that many guides and typically walkthroughs are posted on 2ch.

5. How do I get a custom icon in my avatar when I comment on this blog?
You need to register at Gravatar, upload a custom image and when you type in your comment use the email address you registered your gravatar with. Alternatively if you register a account you can edit your avatar through that as well as it’s connected with Gravatar.

6. Where can I buy otome games?
Check out my shopping guide.

7. Do you plan to review ________ ?
Due to a massive otome game burnout, I’m trying to be more picky and choosey with what I sit through. With that in mind, I can’t stand games that abuse the heroine, games about war and tl;dr, and 和風 games because they tend to use old timey terms that fly over my head. As far as what I DO like are fairy tales, school life or work life type games. Some gothic fantasy stuff is alright too if the story is decent.  Once in a while I may review a galge if I liked the anime it was based on or I heard good things about it.  I will never play or review BL games.

8. What happened to your otome game broadcast?
Since I can’t broadcast any of my gameplay from Vita or Switch this basically only leaves me with broadcasting PC games. Most games I play on PC are RPGs so if you check out my twitch channel you will see most of my highlights are from jrpg games. Unfortunately unless it’s on steam, I really cannot broadcast otome games at this time.

9. I’m an indie game developer and I’d like you to review my commercial otome game. 
At this time I no longer accept requests to review fanmade games. Sorry I don’t really have the time for this anymore!

10. Are Japanese Switch games region free?
Yes you can buy physical or digital copy and play them on either your English or Japanese account. Please note however you will need a Japanese account to access the Japanese e-shop and you will need to buy prepaid e-shop Japan cards as they do not accept foreign credit cards.

11. How come I cannot comment on some old posts?
I have the blog set to automatically close comments after 90 days to avoid excessive spam.

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