The Worst Shopping Experience: Square Enix Store

I have a shopping guide I made for importing games but I would like to take time out to share an experience with an American online game store that I will absolutely never do business with again. I hope this will serve as a warning for any future buyers ( and tbh I just want to rage about how shitty this store is 😂).

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Special: Why I quit buying otome PC games.


Happy May everyone! I’m settling into my new place while plowing through the Norn9 FD! 😀 Anyway I don’t really do too much of these things anymore but I was just thinking about all these PC games collecting dust on my bookshelf that I have nothing to do with. I came up with all these ideas in my head that I figured would be beyond 140 characters in my twitter account so I’m writing a post. Warning, this is a rant ;D

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The Pitfalls of Bad Game Systems: My short lived encounter with AreaX


So I had a little bit of time yesterday and today and decided to finally play AreaX that I purchased from Zeiva at Otakon this year. I’m very sorry to say that while I really wanted to give this game a chance, the system pretty much prevented me from doing so and therefore ruined my experience overall. Btw this isn’t really a review of the game, but rather a commentary.

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