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Goodbye AiSp@ce, we hardly knew ye’

Well continuing with the trend of games I blogged about & quit…now looks like ai sp@ce is gonna kick the bucket on June 30th, 2011. Guess a game where you just play gacha & dress up your waifu and play a stupid water shooting game (which is awkward to control) just wasn’t making any money for dowango. Oh well it was a fun game…for about a week lol. The character models were really nice. I would hope they would use the data to turn into some kind of actual online game some day. Oh well for now, so long Ai Sp@ce!


Uninstalling Aisp@ce.

The thing behind me is one of the reasons for quitting.
The thing behind me is one of the reasons for my quitting.

I couldn’t bring myself to do it but basically this week I’m hitting my 1 year anniversary..and I look back at the absolutely nothing that I’ve done with that game. The water shooting wasn’t enough to keep me around but the fact that their Halloween event once again falls during time when I’m sleeping or working….yea I’ve had enough ^^;. I think the initial concept was good but they can only really keep hard core otaku who love looking up 3D animu girls pantsu and will spend thousands of dollars to do so. Sorry, not my kind of bandwagon. 😕

Aisp@ce Water Shooting

Well it certainly seems promising but I really don’t get it and it’s really buggy. I had taken more videos but I had trouble with WMM and Adobe Premiere regarding sound so I just gave up and only uploaded the one video where I successfully completed a mission. I guess wearing the rental cosplay helps you but the targetting system is really weird. I’m clicking on & on and nothing happens. Additionally if you lose “HP” your charadoll also loses her clothes…I’m not sure how this is a demotivator to perverted otaku 😆 Too bad for you I couldn’t upload the video of my Ruriko losing her clothes lol, but if you so want to see it, why not try it out yourself?  😛 At least now there’s something to do in aisp@ce except empty your wallets. Hopefully they’ll fix all the bugs so my doll’s body doesn’t run away from her head again lol.

Reorganization @_@;

Nice bug. :lol:
Nice bug. 😆

It has come to my attention that I’m playing too many games *_*;; Need to reorganize myself a little here. Let’s go down the list of what my current/future plans are for these games (and this blog.)

aisp@ce – Recently they released the water shooting game but I think in order to have any decent shooting power you gotta buy the super expensive nicopoint cosplay. As of October, it’s been 1 year since I began aisp@ce and well it’s pretty much boring. You just buy cash items and chat and that’s about it. The water shooting was supposed to add some spice to the game and I could have sworn they wanted to add a new island but when I logged on the shooting didn’t even work and 1 year later, no new island. I’m thinking around November or so I’ll finally uninstall this thing. Continue reading Reorganization @_@;