Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict -Passion Pink-

Hinata Ema is a 16 year old high school girl gamer with a talking squirrel named Juri. Ema’s mother died soon as she was born and her father finally decided to remarry into the Asahina family. Luckily for Ema, her new step mom can’t keep her legs closed and had like 13 children all ranging ages 11 – 32. Ema’s got a truck load of new step brothers but they are more than willing to cross over the sibling line. 😆

The system is pretty simple. Ok maybe not. You basically stalk your brother and do various family events with flags for the guy you’re after. However beware if you miss ONE scene with your guy you’re headed straight to normal end. You cannot save during choices so be sure to save or quick save every once in a while. I used peche’s guide which was pretty much smooth sailing for me. The only thing about her guide is for Kaname and Masaomi’s route – watch your family affection. If it looks like it’s at 40, ignore what she says and only spam Masaomi (or Kaname) until you get their 12th event. Make sure you have at least 1 save in July, one in October, and one in January in case you screw up & need to go back and make changes etc. I also had the game black out on me in Fuuto’s route around November 14 so make sure you save around there during his route and if it happens – just restart the game until it goes again. Took me 3 tries sigh.

Asahina Yuusuke – Yuusuke is Ema’s classmate and a huge tsundere. It helps doing him first because well even before they started living under one roof he’s already had the hots for her. ( ≖‿≖) He deredere’s to Ema very quickly due to this and pretty much spends most of his route trying to fend off his horny brothers from Ema ww. Yuusuke is also manly enough to cry and will cry over things like TV documentaries. He stutters around Ema a lot but eventually agrees to let her stay in his room cuddling with her because its cold ;). At the family vacation Yuusuke freaks out seeing her swimsuit (along with Subarun ww) and also helps carry her on his back when she hurts her foot. (*´ω`*) After Rintaro and Miwa’s wedding ceremony, Ema finds documents and photos that make it seem like her father Rintaro is not her father. Before her dad can explain she runs out crying and Yusuke comes after her telling her everyone is worried. She returns home to listen to the truth from her father. Rintaro explains to Ema that his college friend Kenji is Ema’s real father and her mother Yukie is her real mother who died soon as Ema was born. Kenji had to go on a long trip for work and asked Rintaro to take care of her. However at the age of 2 Kenji died in a car accident. Since neither Kenji or Yukie had any relatives, Ema was sent to the orphanage. Rintaro couldn’t stand to see her be abandoned like that so he adopted her and still thinks of her as his real daughter. (This scenario repeats in every route so I’ll just mention it here.)

In January Ema’s classmate Sasakura confesses to her but she says she has someone she likes. He then goes “oh everyone is saying you’re dating Yuusuke so I guess it’s true.” Ema then tells him that she and Yuusuke are step siblings and he’s like oh okay…well I’ve not given up just yet! lol. Because of the rumors Yuusuke starts avoiding Ema in school making her cry. Yuusuke sees her crying with Sasakura & gets pissy and yells at her earning a punch from Sasakura ww. Afterwards while Ema ices Yuusuke’s face, he apologizes for avoiding her. In the ending, some dumb ho kouhai Minakami keeps hitting on Yuusuke and being a bitch to Ema who starts to get kinda jelly of the whole thing. Not only that but this biatch then starts bullying Ema by doing shit like throwing her shoes out. Fuuta gets pissed at Yuusuke and tells him to just go out with Minakami so she stops bullying Ema. Yuusuke is shocked to even hear that Ema is being bullied. He then goes and confesses to Ema right in front of Minakami & Fuuta |D. And so in the epilogue, 1 year has passed and both of them have graduated high school and Yuusuke gets accepted into college. He’s so happy that he asks Ema to marry him. In the memory scenario Ema says she wants to come to Yuusuke’s room and he only imagines randy things but she’s like “LETS STUDYING!” 😆 They do end up studying but Yuusuke kisses her midway saying he needs a break and they’re dating so its ok to do this ;D. Baww Yuuchan was so cute and |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ You cannot help but love the bumbling tsundere who’s got an emotional reaction to everything but then gets sweet like a kitten XD. I can’t resist characters like this and in other routes when Ema would end up with someone else Yuusuke would be like NOOOOO xDD.

Asahina Subaru – Subaru is a college student and as Fuuto calls him the sports idiot. He’s on the basketball team and I guess he’s had his head in his sports so much he’s quite shy with girls. He started playing basketball cause he read “Slime Dunk” from Tsubaki’s room lol. He’s pretty much a kuudere in that sense and a lot like Yuusuke though not as loud XD. His first big encounter with ema is seeing her walk out of the bathroom in only a towel while he’s half naked about to walk into the bathroom. Imagine the shock for the poor guy! At the family vacation Ema almost drowns until Subarun saves her. He then realizes he’s groping her in her bikini and drops her back into the water lol. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ After his 20th bday party he gets drunk with his brothers and when Ema goes to check on him she accidentally steps on him. He wakes up babbling that his head hurts and they both end up tripping with him falling on top of her. He then almost confesses to her and kisses her – immediately falling asleep like a drunken idiot. A few hours later Azusa & Tsubaki help get Subaru’s log body off Ema. After this event Subarun let me into his futon pretty quickly. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) The 2nd time Ema comes in he pins her down on the bed saying that he can do anything to her cause he’s a man too. Ema babbles how she trusts him and he’s like “sigh I give up” ~_~; When she comes in another night he gives her a kiss on the lips but Ema’s in a deep sleep so she isn’t sure what happened. Poor Subaru’s genetic hornyness that spins through these brothers genes has finally awakened and he can’t let it loose!!

In his ending, Ema plans to enroll in the same college as Subaru and he’s like (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. He says “I’ll protect you from all those man beasts!” She says she’ll come watch his basketball game and his brothers make fun of him XD At the basketball match Yuusuke says he can’t attend it and he runs off crying – prolly cause of his feelings for Ema ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). Because Ema cheers Subaru on at the game, he improves his gameplay and scores. He then says that he wants Ema to always be by his side. And so in the epilogue Subaru invites Ema to see a pro basketball game with him and then have dinner afterwards. Tsubaki and Kaname then make fun of them for being dorks who only ever talk about basketball XDDD. After their date that day Subaru tells Ema directly that he loves her and asks her to go out with him but she’s like “um I thought we were dating already. I’ve kinda only been into you for a while ww.” In the extra memory scenario Ema gets confessed by a classmate at school and rejects them but Subaru freaks out when he finds out. His brothers tell him to take better care of Ema so he drags her to his room where she’s like basically telling him she wants more PHYSICAL AFFECTION. Subaru kisses her on the forehead like a dork but she grumbles so he finally kisses her on the lips (*´ω`*). Baww Subaru was so cute too. It was like another Yuusuke but he just needed a little more of a push to organize his feelings for Ema. I felt so bad for Yuusuke though, he was such bro (ಥ_ಥ). Though I don’t know if it was OnoD or the crappy recording but at some points I could barely even hear what Subaru was saying.

Asahina Fuuto – Fuuto is 2 years younger than Ema and a HUGE BRAT omg. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ He’s an idol singer whose dream it is to be an actor so he’s pretty much a shota diva here. While he’s got this do-S oresama personality going on, because he’s young and immature it just comes off as bratty lol. He’s always complaining about one thing or another and telling everyone to leave him alone because he’s tired from all his idol activities. I guess I can sympathize with him, coming home after a long day of work and being asked to go on some group date with the family. At the family vacation Ema realizes what a hard worker Fuuta is when she sees him acting during one of his drama shootings. He’s always trolling Ema by pretending to say sweet lines to her but then going “oh yea I said these in a drama once :lol:”. Rui often does Fuuta’s hair styling and when Rui goes to style Ema’s hair, suddenly Fuuto realizes what a cute oneesan he really has. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He invites her to his new year’s concert where he says words on stage that are pretty much directed at her – apologizing for always being a smartass brat. After the new years Ema finds out Fuuta is starring in the role of a movie and if he does well he’ll be acknowledged as an actor. Unfortunately it’s not going well for him and the director’s constantly getting mad at him. He asks her to comfort him and kiss him but she tells him to stop being an immature gaki and learn to deal with work stress. Poor guy (´・ω・`;A). He does admit that he always took his idol career lightly but now with his acting career he has to be more serious about it. Ema tells him that she likes him being imperfect as he is now even if he strives for perfection. It makes him feel better and he sincerely thanks her. After this Fuuta keeps working hard and one night he invites her on a date at night because he’s busy during the day. He takes her to a place to watch cherry blossoms at night as a thanks for everything. He then tells her that he’s been accepted to high school (though he doesn’t tell her its her school ;)). After he enrolls in her high school, because he loves her, she still thinks he did it cause he felt like it.

He’s like I didn’t do it as an idol or as your little brother you’re so stupid ww. He also tells her he wanted to just be a regular guy with her for once, coming home with her after school despite being a celebrity. He then tells her to stop being thick headed and get it through her head that he likes her. And so Ema doesn’t see Fuuto for a while because he’s busy with his movie which gains him new fans. While she’s busy studying for exams in the library one day Fuuto comes to see her. He then asks to hug her and she asks if something happened to him. He tells her that he failed to pass the requirements to go from idol to actor so he feels down. Ema also notices that he’s gotten taller and he’s like HELL YEA I HAVE as he takes her into his arms. He asks for a reward for his effort in the movie but Ema tells him only after he fully clears the actor requirements. He’s like psht whatever, we’ll continue this in your room after work xDDD. In the epilogue Fuuto’s movie is a huge hit and Ema goes to the theatre to watch it. Before the movie starts he sneaks in to the seat next to hers and watches her reaction to his acting. He then sneaks in a kiss and tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him back. In the extra memory, Fuuto was supposed to go on a date with Ema but I guess he got tired from all the work so he’s fallen asleep in his room instead. She watches him sleep but he was totally faking it the moment she walked into his room xD. He was hoping by faking it Ema would get naughty & kiss him. He says he’s too tired to go out so they’re gonna have a “date” in their room by having some sexy time. Rival End (?): At the end when Ema and Fuuta go to their park date, Yuutan shows up and takes a bite out of Ema’s crepe. Fuuta & Yuusuke then argue with Fuuta calling him a stupid monkey ww. Ema tells them to stop arguing and she’ll make them something at home and they call her dense XD. The game just ends on a normal end with Fuuto telling Ema to take care of him. Haha Fuuta had some randy ass scenes in the end and saying stuff like “I’ll grow up before you know it oneesan” …(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ ←おまわりさん、こっちですww Despite being really bratty he did have his cute moments so I’ll forgive him ;).

Asahina Hikaru – Hikaru’s route was erm rather frustrating because he doesn’t even show up until about 7 months into the game. But when he finally shows up….IT’S A TRAP! Hikaru doesn’t live in the same apartment building as the others because he’s doing his own thing being a writer. He writes dark mystery suspense novels and in order to get closer to “thoughts from criminals” he dresses up as a woman. Frequently. However once he falls for Ema, he tosses his drag aside to be a sexy beast. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Eventually Hikaru invites Ema to his place in his man clothes. He does an interview on her for his book. He asks her who her type is in the brothers but only manages to get out that she prefers “adult group” xDDD. He then acts like Masaomi and Azusa to her whispering sweet words into her ears and then asks her to stay over since it’s late. He then tells her to “strip” so she can try some of his woman clothes lol. So basically he trolls her by constantly telling her stuff but then slipping out going “oh yea just seeing your reaction for my book.” Ema asks to stay over his place using the excuse for “more interviewing”. Hikaru then tells her that she has to sleep with him cause he’s not giving her the bed or making her sleep on the floor. The 2nd time she comes over he pushes her on the bed and kisses her showing her that she should know what it’s like to sleep with an adult. And the 3rd time she sleeps over he asks for her to pamper him because he’s been stressed at work and he uses her as his body pillow. Ema gives him an idea for writing a scene in his novel and he’s so happy he kisses her on the cheek and runs out of bed to write lol. He then gets back into bed for some cuddle time with Ema.

In the ending during one of his interviews with Ema, he asks if she wants to stay over again. Ema tells him she wants to be alone and asks if he’s only hanging out with her because of his novels. After he does a fake confession to her, Ema tells him that she can’t be his novel material anymore and she runs home. She avoids Hikaru for a few days until she gets a package from him. It’s a script of his latest novel where basically he writes his adventures with Ema and how he’s fallen in love with her. Hikaru then comes to her house to once again telling Ema that he loves her and she says she loves him too. In the epilogue the other brothers suspiciously make fun of Ema saying that perhaps the novel is about her cause they don’t know she & Hikaru are dating. They also grumble that since she visits Hikaru a lot, they have to do their own chores. At Hikaru’s place, he tells Ema that his romance novel is popular and the reason he dressed as a woman and it’s not because he was some crossdresser like she thought XDDD. He then says he’s tired of holding back and they start making out on his bed. In the special memory Ema goes to see Hikaru during one of his book receptions and he makes out with her and then takes her up to his hotel room to make lovin’ all night yeaaaaa. Man I really really wish we got more time with Hikaru. And when I say Hikaru, I mean MAN Hikaru. Like yea I know he crossdresses for his novels, but in other parts of the game where he’d come as a woman for a NON -novel event I’d be like…why are you in drag man. Also deep voiced Okamoto (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ.

Asahina Tsubaki – When doing Tsubaki’s route I was like 嫁ええええ but that was until I did Masaomi. I’m sorry Tsubaki I still love you but Masaniiii. Anyway. Tsubaki is a triplet along with Azusa and Natsume. Since Natsume doesn’t live in the same building as the others and is a salary man at a game company, Tsubaki only has his identical twin Azusa to BL it up with. In fact both he and Azusa are actually anime & game seiyuus and often do activities as a pair. Not only is Tsubaki a brocon for Azusa, he’s also a siscon for Ema. HE WANTS BOTH. He’s also always teaching the youngest brother Wataru all sorts of bad things omg. Speaking of BL at one point Ema thinks they’re really BLing it up when they are practicing lines and Azusa reads the female part xDDD. For sleepover events he pushes Ema down on the bed and kisses her forehead (*´ω`*). After she falls asleep he mumbles that he didn’t think he’d really fall for her and kisses her on the lips ;D. Another time he asks her to hug him since he’s always the one hugging her. After Ema runs from home when she finds out about her parents, Tsubaki comes after her. She acts all bratty saying she’s not going home and tells him to go to his seiyuu work. He’s like “how can I go work knowing you’re like this?” He then tells her that he was happy to have a ‘little sister’ at first since he’s in a giant sausage fest house but he cares a lot more about her now. She thanks him for talking to her about the whole thing and he’s so happy he made his imouto smile he marches off to work. SUCH A CARING ONIICHAN. So then Tsubaki falls into a slump saying he feels like his older voice roles sound so crappy to him now and wishes he could redo them to sound better. He also seems to think Azusa sounds a lot better than he does and this is like a huge complex for him. Tsubaki is the one who dragged Azusa into the seiyuu world but now Azusa has gotten better than him.

So then one day Tsubaki doesn’t show up for dinner and when Ema goes to check up on him he’s really upset. He tells her that he auditioned for the lead role of this robot anime he really wanted to voice act in…but he failed and instead the role was given to Azusa. Azusa of course refused because he knows how much Tsubaki wanted to act in it. Tsubaki was of course upset he failed, but he got really pissed that they picked Azusa without even having him audition. Tsubaki then gets depressed saying that he’s just an idol seiyuu and maybe this job’s not for him. Ema tells him not to say those things and to be more like his happy self (´・ω・`). He feels better having talked to Ema and then asks her to be his body pillow for the night xD. In February Azusa gets really sick to the point of passing out and Tsubaki freaks out. He grabs Azusa and doesn’t let go until Ukyo tells him to GTFO so they can get Azusa to the hospital. Tsubaki & Ema get left behind at home comforting each other until they’re mentally ready to go to the hospital. When they get there they find out they can’t visit Azusa until the following day and he needs to be hospitalized for a while. At that time Tsubaki gets a phone call from his manager who tells him that they want Tsubaki to do that robot anime lead role instead of Azusa because Azusa said he wanted Tsubaki to take his place. When he tells Ema this she asks why he isn’t happy about it and Tsubaki says he’s under a lot of pressure to be as good as Azusa. Ema drills it into Tsubaki’s head that she loves his voice and that it’s never going to be the same as Azusa but it has its own charm. Tsubaki gets better and as a thanks he grabs Ema and starts smooching her all over the place (♡´౪`♡). At the end of March, Azusa finally gets out of the hospital and Tsubaki & Ema come to see him. Tsubaki then admits to Azusa that he’s always had an inferiority complex towards Azusa’s voice acting. Tsubaki ends up hugging both Azusa and Ema thanking them both for helping him get over it.

Azusa then quietly whispers to Ema that she has not only stolen Tsubaki’s heart, but stolen his as well…though he’s sad to admit that Tsubaki is the one who stole her heart. NOOO AZUNYAN NOOOOO WAIT FOR ME IN BB ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). In the ending, Tsubaki invites Ema to his room to watch the anime Azusa is voicing the lead role in. While watching Tsubaki tells Ema that he thinks it’s time he graduate from his brocon and move on to greener pastures – aka her xD. He asks her next time he practices lines he wants her to read the lines of the girl. After they finish, as Ema is about to leave to his room, Tsubaki grabs and kisses her telling her loves her and he wants her to be his girlfriend. In the epilogue Tsubaki asks Ema to practice a love scenario with him where he voices a do-S character xDDD. He then asks her to accept all of him as he kisses her on his bed asking her to spend the night. He then informs her his room is sound proof for all his voice acting practice so she can “Scream all she wants” tonight nuhehehehe (◉◞౪◟◉ ). And so they hump happily ever after. In the extra memory he meets with Ema on a date and surprises her by using a deep sexy voice from his newest role. He then asks Ema to call him Tsubaki without the san, as he takes her to a love hotel to make up for “lost time” due to his work xDD. Azusa & Tsubaki End: Tsubaki asks Azusa to practice reading lines from his script and while he BLs it up with Azusa, Ema watches in jealousy 😆 They tell her that they both scored roles to voice the lead twin brothers. Tsubaki and Azusa profess how they love each other but they also both love Ema lolol. They say they can’t pick between one or the other so…3P End where they end up screwing and Ema can’t even tell who’s doing what HAHAHA (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン!!! Baww Tsubaki you cute seiyuu otaku ww. He even has an OreImo poster in his room lol!! He’s such a cute siscon..and brocon..and well I almost write TsubaSA in my notes a lot because he pretty much sounds exactly like Tsubasa from Starry Sky lol. Looks like SuzuKen will be using this type of voice in Isshoni Gohan as well so now I’m really looking fwd to that game.

Asahina Kaname – Kaname is Jinguuji Ren. I’m not even gonna lie. So while on one hand yes he had really really sexy scenes, his manwhoreness really irritated me lmao. It also didn’t help that at one point I relied on the guide too much and almost failed to get the best ending. Fortunately I had a save that I was able to load and crisis was avoided. Kaname is a monk which is like this half assed job of his as his brothers refer to his temple as a host club :lol:. At the family vacation Kaname and Ema take a walk on the beach at night where they both end up falling into the water and kyakya ufufuing. He tells her that while the pen is mightier than the sword, LOVE conquers all and then he grabs and kisses her. (;´・ω・)…エ? What already? Welp Kaname doesn’t hold back. After this Ema has a hard time facing Kaname and things get awkward between them. When they accidentally touch fingers at the dinner table passing soy sauce Ema freaks out and spills it. Kaname asks her to go for a drive with him and shows her a place with pretty night lights. He then asks to kiss her again and while she’s freaking out he starts biting her ear shdksjglkd (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Before he can kiss he’s like okay lets go home and watch Tsubaki’s anime! A few days later he comes to Ema’s room promising he won’t do anything if she lets him in. He tells her he’s bummed out because Ema’s been avoiding him. She promises to talk to him if he stops pawing at her all the time lol. He agrees to stop and return to being a nice older brother for her. For sleepovers Kaname tells Ema that she’s the only girl he’s ever let into his room. She tells him to stop using the same tactics to get her as he does with other girls. He’s like ooh u jelly, and then tells her lately she’s the only girl he has interest in. He then goes “hm it’s rude that I don’t do anything isn’t it since you came here after all” and starts making out with her. Ema’s all like “no but we’re siblings….!” and he’s like “lol idgaf”. Kaname also asks Ema to comfort him when he’s down after his priestly duties when he sees the relatives of the deceased person in anguish. When Ema lies down and lets him cuddle her, he goes and kisses her saying that at this rate he’ll fall for her ;D. When Kaname starts falling for Ema for real, he starts getting jelly of her being sandwiched by her other oniichans that he loses his cool.

For Xmas, Kaname takes Ema to a fancy hotel to have dinner and almost scares her thinking they’re gonna spend the night ww. He goes “oops I drove but now I drank alcohol now we’ll have to spend the night!” In the end, they take a taxi home lmao. In January he feels she spent too much time taking care of the brothers so he decides to give her a “break” and takes her out. Unfortunately they accidentally hit and kill a kitten ;_;. Kaname gets out of the car to get it out of the road and bury it. He then does his priestly prayers and tells Ema when a person dies, their spirit goes to where their “memories” are. In February when Ema stays over his room one night he decides he ain’t holdin back anymore and he starts kissing her neck. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ In the ending, Ema sees Kaname out with some random woman and gets really upset. Tsubaki tells Ema that he may be a nice brother to her but that’s the kind of guy he is. Ema starts crying and Yuusuke and Tsubaki are like don’t tell us you’re in love with him. Tsubaki gets pissed and rages at Kaname for messing around with Ema’s feelings. Kaname says he’s serious about Ema and he goes & breaks his cellphone to prove it, so that he won’t contact any other woman. When he comes out of the room he’s surprised Ema heard the whole thing and takes her to his “special place” where he showed her the town scenery. He then explains to her that when she saw him with a woman, he was actually meeting her 1 last time to tell her it’s over. Kaname then tells Ema that he’s in love with her and he doesn’t want anyone else. And so they end up screwing in his car キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!! In the epilogue Ema is finally graduating high school and getting ready to go to college. Kaname meets her on her final day of school with a congratulatory boquet of flowers. AND HE CUT HIS HAIR AND LOOKS EXTREMELY HOT. He also apparently quit his monk b/s job and joined his mother’s company xD – all just for Ema ;). In the extra memory, Ema tells Kaname that he’s really changed and Kaname asks for a “reward” for all his hard work. They end up humping and the next morning Ukyo rages at Kaname on why he’s answering Ema’s cell phone. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 I really hope in Brilliant Blue, Kaname looks like he did in this ending because omg what the hot. I guess he does have the potential to be a sexy responsible adult, rather than a manwhore monk lol. Too bad the sexyness was shortlived!!

Asahina Masaomi – HUSBANDO RIGHT HERE. Also totally the OTP and best saved for last ^q^. Masaomi is the oldest brother who is often taking care of the youngest brother Wataru. Often times when he goes out with Wataru people around think they are father and son /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He is also a doctor and he became one in order to be always able to take care of his younger siblings. Unfortunately despite becoming a pediatrician, he can’t stand the sight of blood and it makes him really sick. Masanii also loves sweets and is good at sewing so he sews stuffed animals for Wataru and Ema. He also has a very shy side to him and when Ema gets sick and he has to check her temperature, just the slight view of her bra he’s like (∩∀`*)キャッ. XDDD |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ For the sleep over event, he bumps into things and falls on top of Ema while making his way to bed. He then accidentally kisses her and asks if she disliked it. Ema’s like not at all ;D and so he asks to kiss her again and they make out xDDD (/ρ\)いやーん Miwa asks Masaomi to go to an omiai because she wants him to hurry & get married already. Wataru, Ema and Kaname come along so they can spy on him. Masaomi apologizes to his omiai partner that he cannot accept it due to him having someone he already loves. Ema hears this and gets really upset (lol silly Ema.) For Christmas Masaomi gives Ema a stuffed bunny he made himself and tells her there’s “secrets hidden in the back”. In January when Ema and Masaomi go for a drive they find an old granny collapsed on the ground and Masaomi runs to help her. Ema helps him call an ambulance and afterwards he hugs her thanking her for all the strength she’s given him. (*´ω`*) Wataru tells Ema to look into the back pocket of the stuffed bunny Masaomi gave her. Inside she finds a necklace and starts crying thinking maybe Masaomi wasn’t treating her like a child after all. Realizing she’s in love with Masaomi, she wears the necklace so he can see it the next day. (*´ω`*)

He asks if she enjoys being with him despite him being so much older than her. He then tells her that he was a bit jelly of how she has fun playing video games with Yuusuke and Subaru. In the ending, Wataru breaks some glass and gets a huge cut on his arm. They call Masaomi over but at the sight of the blood he passes out. Fortunately Azusa comes over to help and then they call an ambulance. Ema starts yelling at Masaomi telling him to be a man and help Wataru. Wataru scrambles himself up and gives directions until the ambulance arrives. When they get to the hospital, Masaomi is so stressed out he passes out and is hospitalized as well. After he wakes up in the hospital bed, he tells Ema that if she didn’t say anything he wouldn’t have been able to help Wataru. He then says he became a doctor to help all his younger brothers but feels useless since he can’t even stand the sight of blood. He tells Ema that he’ll protect her so that she won’t get hurt and then Wataru runs in crying asking if Masaomi’s ok. Ukyo takes Wataru home and asks Ema to stay with his pathetic oniisan ww. After this Masaomi starts taking training in the surgical center to get over his fear of blood. He then tells Ema that he wants her to be by his side not as family but as his lover. They then both confess that they love each other and before they can kiss Masaomi bumps his head XD. In the epilogue, Ema and Masaomi get married while all the other brothers baww (especially Yuusuke omg yuutan ww). ( ≖‿≖) In the extra memory Ema is having Masaomi’s baby xDDD…and all the brothers throw a shitfit (especially Yuusuke omg xDDD). Tsubaki starts imagining his niece and his upcoming siscon adventures omg. Family/Normal End: Azusa, Tsubaki and Wataru carry Ema into the living room where they all throw her a thank you party for being with them for a year. (´^ω^`) In the extra memory Ema is sleeping while a hand pats her on the head…AND IT SOUNDS LIKE JURI OMG JURI ROUTE WHEREE. JUUURIIII LET ME LOVE YOU!! ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) Baww Masaomi was such a darling, the way he blushed at anything Ema did for him was so precious I just couldn’t resist. And the way he was like “I got you macaroons for white day…but then I got myself a box and some cakes on top hehe… (〃▽〃)ポッ”. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Cannot resist. Also since he gets a baby & wedding end, seriously OTP.

JUUURIIIIIII ლ(இ e இ`。ლ)

Wataru is the younger brother I never had. Fuuta is the randy younger bro who stuffs his head into your boobs as he hugs you. Iori is that high school prince you though was out of your reach but really loves you. Yuusuke & Subaru are your teenage puppy love. Rui is the guy you take naps with so when you wake up he can fix up your hair. Natsume is your typical salary man with a soft side who you’ll catch cuddling a baby nuko. Hikaru will take you shopping for a new dress and then buy you 50 shades of gray for Christmas. Tsubaki is the oniichan who will teach you all sorts of naughty things & play games with you. Azusa is the responsible oniichan who will spend quality time with you until Tsubaki runs crying in jealousy. Kaname is the oniichan who will do naughty things to you. Ukyo is the strict oniichan who is probably a closet pervert. Masaomi is husband material. It’s hard to decide who I like the most because I honestly liked everyone. I’d probably say my top 3 in order are 1. Masaomi 2. Tsubaki 3. Yuusuke though XD. And while I enjoyed the characters a lot let’s talk about DAT SYSTEM omg. Let’s see the bugs I encountered: The characters will say things that are different than what’s on screen, characters repeating the same line 3 times in a row, character sprite appearing on screen even though the text says “oh so and so isn’t here.” The backgrounds in the game were filtered photos which made it feel like some cheap cell phone game. You can’t save during any choice so you really had to follow a guide or save CONSTANTLY since you wouldn’t know when a choice would come up. The fact that you had to be SO CAREFUL with family love was stupid because then you couldn’t pick whatever activities you want. God forbid your family love is too high, sorry not getting the good ending! The entire point of stat rasiers in my eyes is so you can at least enjoy picking the stats to some extent (i.e. picking where to go on a date) but this was so strict it pretty much killed the fun for me. Only time I think I enjoyed it was in Masaomi’s route where I finally felt “Safe” enough to go around to the Brilliant Blue brothers and take them on dates. This gave me a chance to better get to know Iori, Natsume and Rui who barely had screentime in any of the routes. Brothers Cocktease, Programming Conflict. At least the BGMs were catchy and the chibi characters during the schedules were cute. I also liked the omake with the profiles where the other brothers talked about each other. Anyway I really hope Otomate learns their lesson and 1. stops delaying Brilliant Blue 2. Fixes the horrid bugs (holy QC batman) 3. GIVES ME A JURI ROUTE. JUUURIIIII LET ME LOVEEE YOUUUU ヽ(o´3`o)ノチュチュチュチュ.  Looking forward to how Brains Base will be handling the anime series!

BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink Regular Edition / Game


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  1. Fuuto… Oh God Fuuto… I almost cried tears of blood in order to obtain his route…xDD. But I thought you couldn’t do all the routes of all the brothers on Passion Pinks! :O. Weren’t half of them on Deep Blue??


  2. see I didn’t wanna call him Julie because I thought it’s a male squirrel so Julie would be a weird name right?? So I left it as Juri lol

  3. “Julie” the male squirrel? Lol. I remember a character named Juri in Revolutionary Girl Utena, and it translated to Julie in English.

  4. I understand. With the game you have the chance to get with any brother you like while in the novel it’s up to the author to choose. And yes Natsume is winning. He is my second favorite after Masaomi so I don’t mind if either one of them wins in the novel.

    Actually I started reading light novels so I can get better at kanji. XD. I play games too, but with a book, I can make notes of characters I don’t know or something.

  5. Reason I avoided the novels is for the reason you mentioned – it’ll prolly piss me off if the game is different. Other reason is since in the game you can get with every guy its nicer than say in the novel where you are forced to see Ema get with whoever the novel wants you to (and a friend told me Natsume is in the lead right now?)

    I have no patience to read all the kanji in novels. I tried to read DRR once and it made my brain hurt. I think it’s something about reading vertically I don’t know XD;; I’ll just wait till Brilliant Blue to find out what the deal with Iori is!

  6. I don’t know if you like light novels or not, but I suggest that if you loved this game, you should try reading the novels. I recently just started playing Brothers Conflict passion pink, but I think that the novels were better (not that I don’t like the game). A few of the events that happen and the brothers personalities are very different from the game. Like Iori ,for example, is just scary.

    My favorite character also has to Masaomi. PERFECT Husband material.Actually the only reason I started the game was to get Masaomi’s route. I just hope Ema ends up with Masaomi in the novels.

  7. Yeah I hope it comes in soon so I can get my fill of Onii-sans!!! Yeah I saw the walkthrough for this and I glanced it over and the first thing I thought was TOO MUCH EFFORT and then I read your review and I was like SCREW IT LOL I’M STILL GETTING IT xD Yeah I’m sure BB’s system will be like PP which is probably quite unfortunate LOL (when you wrote BB at first I was like “how did we get into talking about Big Bang?” the kpop band LOL silly me |D) and yeah it’ll probably be the big black ambiguous harem curtain end lol…>_>

  8. i only use one if there’s a complicated word I need to look up. in the case of this game it was pretty straight forward for me so nope.
    i have an american PSP so no you don’t need to change your region.

  9. do use a dictionary to play the game? D’: i love japanese but im still can’t read the language TTATT.
    when you play the game, do you need to change your psp to a different region or do i need to buy a new one from japan?

  10. noo I hope you get your PSP soon! XD The characters are great but I hope the system doesn’t get you down! I Didn’t think any of the BB guys were bad so the only bad thing that can happen is another crappy system lol I get the feeling the anime will just leave it at a harem end T_T

  11. OMFG WHY DID MY PSP HAVE TO BREAK UGHHHHHHHHH Q_______Q It’s okay… my new one will be coming in soon… I’ll – I’ll just keep telling myself that…
    Hooooly crap. I was pretty much screaming the entire time I read your review, I won’t lie lol. This game sounds pretty freaking fantastic. I’m not going to lie when I saw this game was coming out I was probably way too excited about it xD And now it seems my excitement was well worth it because the routes sound great and super cute!! ^_^ I can’t wait to get my copy of Passion Pink and play it. I’m glad Yuutan’s route was so good because he was the one I was most interested in (my bias towards red-haired guys… idk why this bias exists but it does lol) and also MASANII. I love dem doctors LOL. ugh YES I am so glad all of these routes are good!! I hope that BB will be just as good as PP 😀 If not I’ll probably throw my PSP out a window and break it again. |D Lol….
    I’m curious to see how this anime will play out, especially in terms of plot line and if Ema will end up with anyone. I think I’ll actually watch it too LOL rather than just ignore the anime like I did with Hiiro and Hakuouki and Starry Sky hahahahaha

  12. Hmmm… This concept seems familiar. Might it be the gender reversal version of some harem game(s)?

    13 brothers – 12 to 18 sisters
    1 sister – 1 brother

    I shall give this a nickname – Brother Prince.

    At least it’s not as creepy as the one where you have 18 sisters from 0 to 18 to satisfy every damn age fetish… **brrrr**

  13. HAHA yay more people into masaomi bb yes ojicon is the BEST (when they’re not weirdly-bearded/immature) EVERYONE COME TO THE DARK SIDE >:D anyway wow so many otoge animes coming out (YES APPEAL TO THE FEMALE AUDIENCE SO WE CAN HAVE MORE THAN JUST THE BL FANDOM TO PLAY WITH)

    i’m actually super excited about these. reverse-harems animes are almost always super lol but unstoppably fun at the same time (moar drinking game materials! >:D)

  14. which annoying bug? there were quite a few 😆 well i hope you can at least watch the broadcasts so you wont have to deal with playing it XD

  15. enjoy the rest! i was surprised i liked everyone as well but i think that judging a book by its cover never really works in otome games for me lol. ill definitely broadcast BB if its…ever released

  16. lol we can only hope but keep our expectations extremely low! it feels kinda bad since yuusuke asked ema to marry him but the one that got to marry was masanii xDD;; poor guy

  17. yeaa im pretty sure there’s UMD bugs and hanging as well on that list. if i were you i’d also just see if you can find a cheapo discount somewhere (try bookoff online?) yea without guide its impossible to get a good ending right away :S

  18. lol masaomis the closest to my age so it wasnt ojicon for me ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ
    they don’t really have a date for BB yet just “2013” so lets hope at least it gets released next year lol

    i guess only advice is practice using it, do a lot of self translating. do stuff “outside” the classroom etc

  19. I’m so glad you played this! For me this was sooo enjoyable! DEFINITELY MASOMINII FTW WHY YOU TURN ME INTO AN OJICON!?(ಥ ̯ ಥ) But thanks to him, I’m actually pursuing the same career ^ o ^ / !!! Ugh, I love Tsubaki too. He’s so childish and fun! I can’t wait till BB, if they keep changing the date I’ma flip out! 😡

    Ps. Is there any tips or advice you can give to a person starting out on learning Japanese? D: I’m going to keep trying! (I’m still learning Korean too…xD)

  20. I wanna play this game =3
    Seems very nice. I think I’ll like Tsubaki, love white haired guys *–*
    Thanks for this =D

  21. I’m so torn on this game! ;3;

    I’m really interested based on the characters and such. But the system really puts me off. Especially the need to have a guide open at all times to get through it. Maybe if I could get it for a cheap price I would get it~

  22. ps. I knew Masaomi would be my husbando for Passion Pink back when I saw his character description. GO ME.

  23. I’ll consider Otomate all forgiven if the entire delay for Brilliant Blue was because they’re overhauling the stupid system and hopefully firing the entire programming team for Passion Pink. And not, you know, because they want to time it with anime/whatever.

    Ah, what are the odds.

  24. Thank you for your review!! I’s also love Masa-nii *grinning* He’s the perfect Husband ^o^

    And yeah, Brilliant Blue, where are you???

    I want Azusa’s route! I love his voice!! XD
    I want Juri’s rute too. I’m curious about his story 😀


  25. Aww really enjoyed your review and watching the broadcasts, I will watch what I missed 😛 I liked everyone a lot more than I thought. When I saw the first images of this game in the magazines I thought I would only like a few brothers, but it turns out everyone is really likeable. Totally looking forward to what awaits in BB!

    Hope you can broadcast BB too, and we get our JURI’S ROUTE xD

  26. Glad you are enjoying this game as much as I do. But the main reason I don’t finish this game (I only played a certain guy) is the annoying bug. Щ(◣д◢)艸チキショ→!! Honestly I like all the guys in PP which are the main charms of this game. Masaomi is really gentle and a perfect husband material xD his story is really heartwarming ^-^/

    I hope BB won’t take a long time and otomate please remove the annoying bugs lolz

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