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AnimeNYC 2017 -A Convention Reborn-

Rising from the ashes of New York Anime Festival, sponsored by Crunchyroll, Anime NYC kicked off its inagural year this past weekend. I decided to get the VIP pass soon as they came out, although sadly they didn’t get any guests I truly wanted to see. That said it wasn’t a total loss so I’ll give my thoughts on the con and overall experience.

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Otakon 2013: After 20 years, you’re still doing it wrong.

My pamphlet submission can't be this blatantly illegal!
My pamphlet submission can’t be this blatantly illegal!

Ok yea I know I haven’t actually attended all 20 years of Otakon, but I’ve attended 5 and somewhere deep inside I was hoping the 20th one would be really awesome. Sadly, it was not. The good news is, at least my camera didn’t fail me!

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Otakon 2012 aka I hate Kodak

And so Otakon 2012 has come to an end. I came for Kakihara’s autograph and pretty much mission accomplished so I guess overall it was productive – except for the horrors that is my Kodak Z5120. More on that later though, let’s just start with the con report!

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