Unboxing: Pokemon Let’s Go -Pikachu Switch Bundle-

So thanks to this adorable Switch bundle, I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase my first Nintendo Switch to go with the whole wave of otome games moving to that console. (*´з`)

So since this is my switch I have to do the usual “compare to my previous otome game console” thing. I’ve only really done the basic account setup but my observations so far:

  • USB-C charging port which is the same as my smart phone which means that all my electronics now use the same charging port! I had recently bought a microUSB charging one but I guess once I play the remaining Vita releases it won’t be getting much of a use…
  • No proprietary bullshit memory card. I found an old 64GB microSD card I had sitting around and I just threw it right into my new switch. Perfect! Screw you and your overpriced BS Sony!
  • Touch screen is smooth and quick! Thinking about how slow and unresponsive my Vita touch screen is I’m looking forward to actually maybe utilizing the touch screen features on the Switch in any upcoming otome games.
  • Nintendo store loads a million times faster than the PSN one and is easier to navigate through.
  • The obvious compatibility and smoothness of swapping between TV and handheld. I was an avid user of the PS TV but recently they had released their updates at a different time which left me unable to load my Vita save file for a whole day before the console received the same update my PS TV got. I’ve also had many a times where I’d forget to put all my memory cards into one and not the other or leave the house with them still in my TV console….so having the switch be so easily portable is definitely a plus.
  • Obviously the resolution is also larger on the switch as well as the size – so while the vita is more “portable” with things like otome games that are probably mostly auto-mode save for choice selection I may not even need the joycons attached. For that reason I bought that Sumikko Gurashi  case where it mostly fits without the joycons attached unlike most cases.

That’s all I can think of with just the initial setup but maybe I’ll have more to say once I play some games on it. (*´▽`*) Downloading Let’s Go Pokemon as we speak (it came with a digital code rather than a cartridge) and will be playing the rest of the week! Probably once I get pokemon out of my system I’ll get back to otome with cendrillon palika. In the meantime have a video from the days of my childhood 😂:

14 thoughts on “Unboxing: Pokemon Let’s Go -Pikachu Switch Bundle-

  1. Might want to hold your horses on the USB-C…my switch promptly rejected my Huawei USB cable, probably because of the voltage rate.

  2. Love that case! And the dock with Pikachu and Eevee is adorable.
    That’s the only thing about these bundles — usually the game is digital, which is a bummer IMO.
    Picking up my Let’s Go with Pokeball tomorrow!

    1. ah is that how it works normally? 🤔 My cendrillon palika was a physical cartridge but I figured that’s just Japan doing it’s physical thing as usual lol. It’s alright cendrillon is fun so far so I don’t mind waiting 1 day to play Pokemon 😙

  3. Maybe you should have waited like me for buying a switch, because a brand new switch with better autonomy and better screen will be available next year.

    1. I don’t really regret this purchase as it’s really cute and I’m pretty satisfied with it. They haven’t concretely announced the new model yet and I don’t want to hold out on “hope” that it will be worth the wait

  4. Oooh so cute! I’m a long time reader, first time poster 😀

    I can’t wait to hear all about how it goes! I am a little reluctant to buy one, I know that tome games are being released on the switch but I don’t think they will be available where I live 😦

      1. Very true! I actually forgot you play imported Japanese games and not the localisations! Also did you know that Nightshade is coming to Switch soon? (I actually own the Steam version, much cheaper haha).

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