Party Castle Service Closed.

Uh I just happened to stumble upon this article but turns out Party Castle has closed its doors as of 8/31/2010. Wow that’s sad, it’s not even a year that the service has been open! 😯 I guess it’s just dumb luck all these games I quit eventually ended their service. I guess I must have a knack for knowing when something is epic fail 😆

Apparently you can still download the client and play around with stuff offline though.

Uninstalled Party Castle

Well if it wasn’t obvious already I uninstalled party castle. I don’t feel like drawing lately, let alone designing any clothes. To be honest I think Party Castle is a great concept and for artists it’s really a nice way to express your creativity. However I’m at a state where I feel my art sucks, I have no creative design skills – I just copy stuff from other games (like Pangya)…and I’ve been away from it for so long I don’t even think anyone would care if I made anything lol. Maybe one day I’ll come back but considering I haven’t touched it in over 2 months there’s no need to keep it around on my computer.

Since I am no longer following it I won’t be posting any further updates about it on this blog. (Until I return…if that ever happens.)

Party Castle updates

Yea it’s been a while but there seems to be a lot of significant changes I figured worth mentioning. They have reorganized their shop so it’s a lot easier to find stuff now. They’ve also added the option to export wireframe when you want to edit your stuff in photoshop or something. This way you don’t have to keep flipping back & forth between the client & your art program. Makes editing textures a lot easier. They’ve also added their new cash system “Crysta”. I’m not quite sure what Crysta currency is used for other than their newest lottery:

You can use your party points or Crysta if you recharged any to try to win lottery items. Continue reading “Party Castle updates”

Party Castle Vocaloid Event

It’s been a while since I posted any PTC updates but there’s a Vocaloid Event now going on and since I really like Vocaloid stuff I figured I’d mention it.

Basically all you do is dress up your character as a vocaloid  by making or buying pre-made vocaloid parts (there’s a ton to buy so you don’t even have to make anything) and then uploading the picture to pixiv with the tags “PTC” and “ボーカロイド“. Also if you uploaded it to party castle’s site make sure to add the “ボーカロイド” tag as well. I uploaded my Kaimiku picture lol. The event will go on until 11/30. I have a Miku outfit project planned that I may start on tonight or at least this weekend…so this is actually good timing.  ^_^

The other event is if you turn level 20 before 11/30 you have a chance to win a computer, some bromide cards or webmoney I think? Additionally those who turn level 20 will automatically receive a special 3D “part” to customize. I still haven’t even done anything with the glasses piece I received…haven’t been on Party Castle much these days.