Galge Review: Summer Pockets

Bought this on a STEAM sale because why not, it’s a Key game, surely it will be REALLY GOOD and all the reviews on it are so positive! Sadly, I was disappointed so this isn’t gonna exactly be the most positive review. Our protag Takahara Hairi was on his school’s swim team but he ended up costing a victory for his team by messing up during a competition and robbing his seniors of their final year victory. He felt so bad that he ended up not going to school and getting involved with some bad kids and getting suspended after getting caught by the police. His parents then had constant fighting over him and while he was suspended they divorced. Just then he got a phone call that his grandma died and his aunt needs help sorting out her remaining memorabilia at her home in the turbo-country side island. Seeing it as a chance to escape his situation, Hairi heads to a the island to spend his summer. Remember to jump to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers.

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Otome Game Review: Hoshikuzu Heliograph

So does anyone still remember the Starry Sky games? 😅 Well turns out the writer and artist formed their own company called Animal Planet and decided to release a game extremely similar to it, featuring childhood friends on Pixiv’s doujin site called Booth. I’ve been following them for a few years as they released stuff like artworks and drama CDs but they finally managed to release a partially voiced game. The story takes place on this turbo inaka island, that’s so inaka that the kids literally need to take a boat to school that only runs 4 times a day. Our heroine Mishio Aika is in her senior year of high school and like most other classmates, she is thinking about leaving the island to go to university. She also has 2 childhood friends who as the template has it, have loved her forever though one is not very honest with his feelings. In addition childhood friend #3, who is a few years older, returns to the island after finishing his college studies and becomes their homeroom teacher. There’s a couple other characters who join the cast but at the moment they do not have a release date or voices in the game but maybe one day…

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Otome Game Review: Dairoku: Ayakashimori

Akitsu Shino has the ability to see spirits from a young age, so when she grows up she joins a secret agency that keeps track of and handles ayakashi. Her job is to make sure to keep the peace between the various ayakashi districts in the special ayakashi town known as Sakuratani.

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Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs -Stardust Lovers-

So in hopes of some missing otome game action from the last game, I decided to play the (extremely short) FD. Unlike most FDs I’ve ever played, this one doesn’t take place AFTER the previous game – it takes place in BETWEEN chapters 6-8 of the last game during the summer. They knew they dun goof’ed on the bullshit ending in the last game so there was no real way to do an after story FD…so yea time to shove the missing otome events right!? And so for this reason everyone including the substances is all horned up for Akira and fights over her the entire time. 😂

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