A Week in FFXIV: [7/9/2019 – 7/15/2019]

Mandragora garden

Spent most of the week crafting, gathering and doing side quests. Warning for some mental health tl;dr after the jump.

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A Week in FFXIV: [7/2/2019 – 7/8/2019]

Honestly, they ain’t wrong about some of the glamours I’ve seen running around these days. 😂😂😂😂

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A Week in FFXIV: [6/25/2019 – 7/1/2019]

It’s time for early access so just gonna cut right to all the new stuff. No worries, there are no spoilers however there will be screenshots of the new areas and items so click at your own risk! Continue reading “A Week in FFXIV: [6/25/2019 – 7/1/2019]”

Otome Game Review: Variable Barricade

Toujou Hibari is an ojousama and the heir to the Toujou group. She’s 17 years old but her grandpa is saying that the relatives are rushing to get her politically married. Since grandpa loves his grand-daughter, he wants her to marry ~for love~ so he specially picks out 4 guys for her to live with in a temporary house so she can pick the one to marry. Unfortunately her options are a marriage swindler, a gambling addict, a loan machine and well a male prostitute. All of them are unemployed bums and now Hibari is in living hell with them, along with her trusty long time butler Kasuga. However, as Hibari spends more time with these guys, there is more to them than meets the eye.

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A Week in FFXIV: [6/18/2019 – 6/24/2019]

I’m late again this week due to helping friends with finishing 4.0, grinding my sub jobs and visiting photo studios on other servers 😂 Only 3 days before early access and 1 day left before maintenance!

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