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Poupee Girl to Shut Down Service August 31st


One of my blog readers just informed me that Poupee hinted on shutting down service. (;^ω^) Continue reading Poupee Girl to Shut Down Service August 31st


Poupee Honeymoon Event 2013


Swimsuits this year are hideous so I opted out for stuff from previous years. I wonder if there will be more stuff coming? It didn’t seem like it from the blog post but you never know I guess. I sincerely hope there’s more since the ribbon section is a joke.

Poupee Girl June Bride 2013


Surprisingly enough, I thought the offerings this year were pretty decent. Usually I’m like ew fugly dresses Katherine but this year it ain’t so bad! I pretty much bought everything on the first page 😆

Unboxed after a year.


Soo after like a year I’m finally unboxed on Poupee Girl. I sent them an email in Japanese apologizing for not following the rules promising to delete whatever is in my gallery that is illegal. Unfortunately I still have no idea wtf was illegal but I assume anything that had me in the photo or my hand or anything probably is so I’ll get rid of that stuff. (´・ω・`) Reason I’m getting back into Poupee is I’ve recently gotten into J-fashion in real life so I have a ton of new clothes I bought XD I’ll try to keep up with the various poupee events on this blog once again. Additionally it looks like I’m back just in time for the 2013 rainy day event!

As usual though, the ribbon stuff is awful. I kinda feel bad for any new poupee users cause they barely get anything. Everything I’m wearing is pretty much from previous years!