Otome Game Review: Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

The original makers of this game were a BL team (Yura) so I was told by everyone how it’s such a shocker I’m playing it since it has “dark themes”. Anyway that aside the story is about a hikkikomori girl who’s been sitting in her room because of a certain incident that happened at school. She refuses to come out until one day she has a dream where some cowboy oniisan tells her to try to get out and stop being a hikki. She decides to listen to this dream man and so she goes out and is stopped by a random guy who decides to cut her hair in the middle of a children’s playground. She is so shocked at how different and better she looks that slowly she decides to come out of her shell and return to school. Skip to my final impressions to avoid spoilers.

Sonomura Ikuto – Ahh Hino Satoshi how I’ve missed you (*´д`*)ハァハァ Ikuto is Kanade’s younger brother. Well he’s not really her brother. He is the son of her mother’s lover so therefore they are not blood related and this is totally okay in my book. It’s obvious he’s got the I love my aneki syndrome so needless to say he’s very tsundere most of the time but he truly does care about her. In fact tadah, he created the hero oniisan person in her dreams. He snuck into her room every night and whispered stuff into her ears so that she would have these weird ass dreams. After the school festival they both accidentally get drunk from drinking sake (why was there alcohol at a school festival…?) and tumble home like 2 drunken idiots. From there she grabs and uses Ikuto as a hug pillow and of course this probably drives his hormones up the wall poor guy. Even though he had a curfew for her before, he takes it off in the hopes that she will find some other guy to mooch with but she still comes home around the same time.

He even makes her a deredere bento and then they go to a manga kissa together where the only room that’s opened is the couple room (〃ノノ). Ikuto is also a hard core gardener and he grows a bunch of vegetables on the balcony attached to his room. At one point their bathroom pipes break or something and so they have to go to this bath theme park (lol?) for one day. While they are running around her top falls off and he instantly goes to grab it, grabbing her boobs in the process 😆 All this constant cockteasing is of course making the poor guy really irritated and he then tells Yukio to stop coming to pick her up in the morning as well. It becomes so bad that one day Kanade catches him fapping while saying “a…ne..ki…” ( *´艸`)フフフ He realizes he’s been caught so later at dinner he’s like “I know you saw it, I’m a man too you know.” (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ She just shrugs it off as “it’s what all boys do.” Ikuto is like so sexually frustrated by this point he even imagines just going into her room and having his way with her but he holds himself back because he doesn’t want to make her cry.

In one of her weird dreams that night Kanade imagines having a boxing match with hero oniisan. She then wakes up and tells Ikuto that she knows it was him and she thanks him for helping her out through dreams all this time. In both the true and happy ends this is pretty much followed by an ero scene either in her room or his room. In the happy ending she fails to make decent chocolates for him for Valentine’s Day so he says he’ll just have to cover her in chocolate and have her instead (〃ノωノ). In the true end they both are married and open a restaurant together (which is a shocker since Kanade’s cooking skills are null.) Then to get a missing CG I did one more run through which was the same scene but instead of them biting out of the same tomato, they both kissed (while Kotoko kissed Komine in the background lmao.) What was funny in Ikuto’s ero scene is right before they were about to do it, he stopped, ran off to his room and came back going “I MADE SURE I GOT THE CONDOMS.” Well that’s good. It’s been a while where some otome game actually practiced safe sex I tell you!

Sudou Yukio – Yukio is the former classmate/friend of Kanade’s and she runs into him because he hits on her “new look” after Tomoomi cuts her hair. He lost touch with her after she became a hikki but was glad he was able to see her again. As Yukio keeps coming to pick her up they get all ichaicha which annoys the hell out of Ikuto. He’s all like “god would you two just get on with it already(ಠ_ಠ)”. They dance together by the bonfire at the school festival and not too soon after Yukio asks her to be his girlfriend. (And shockingly if you say no – you’re gonna be headed towards a bad end so don’t be mean!) He kisses her on the way to school and then after school he apologizes and asks if he can kiss her lol. It’s all really cute and dorky and they both blush like a バッカップル so it’s kinda adorable. Yukio lives alone in his apartment because his parents run their own company so they moved and let him stay there and pay for his apartment. Because of this sad fact though, Yukio is an extremely spoiled attention whore brat. This may be a shrug if its a female character but uh not too great for a guy.

When Kanade is late for their date he stands in the rain emoing and waiting for her. They go to his apartment and she finds a bunch of magazines about how to go on a date with a girl and uh ….get her to do it with you. Kanade’s like 😯 and he admits that she is his first girlfriend and he wanted her to think that he’s all cool and not a big dork that he really is. (Honey that hair of yours can’t save you.) They attempt to do it but get all nervous so I guess it takes her a 2nd time to go to his apartment before they finally have sex like 2 virgin dorks. The same night though, he calls her and asks her to come over immediately. Worried about him Kanade runs over and before she can even step foot into his apartment he’s grabbing and smooching her and before you know it they’re doing it right at the door (which they finally closed.. >_>). Because of him constantly wanting to make lovin’ all night both of his grades and her grades drop and she finds herself falling asleep in class a lot. His grades drop so badly that he’s close to repeating a year.

Then shit hits the fan when she finds out that his parents’ company may be forced to shut down and they will not be able to provide him money for the apartment. They tell him to come back home and he just cannot be without Kanade, WHY DONT YOU UNDERSTAND HIS PAAAAIIIIN. She suggests he take 3 days off away from her to cool off and think about what he will do. He flips out and then comes to her house that night banging on her door. In the true end where we saw his thoughts he just bitched and said how he hates himself and then he locks himself up in his room for a few days. After 3 days pass she comes to his place but he refuses to open the door and puts a chain up even though she can unlock it with her keys he gave to her. She gets a part time job at a kyabakura (why is this legal) to try to make some money for him and for some reason EVERYONE SUPPORTS HER. (Again why is everybody ok with this.) So then she goes to his place 1 more time saying she really wants to see him and says she has to go to her part time job now. He’s like WHAT JOB and then he rages that she’s just making him feel more like a loser and he slaps her and tells her to leave (´・ω・`;A).

That night she goes to his place and drops off the keys he gave to her because she feels like she can no longer reach out to him. He hears it and comes outside and runs after her. He then cries and emos that he didn’t treat her well and apologizes. Time passes and I guess he unemos and he goes to live with his parents but they visit each other every once in a while. So then as I’m about to start the true end the fucking game crashes ( ಠ益ಠ ) forcing me to force skip through the happy end again (I almost went into a bad end then I realized in time and stopped…(ಠ_ಠ)). In the true end he apologizes to her, asks that he re-confess. It’s all sweet and crap and calls Ikuto and says GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER FOR THE NIGHT /dork and then they do it with a recycled ero CG ( ´_ゝ`). In the true ending they spend time eating ramen for Christmas because I guess his part time job can’t afford him to buy her a Christmas cake. Meh emo shitlord who’s using sex as an escape; no wonder he had like 6 bad ends (which I didn’t do.) I really wanted to like Yukio, but I guess his personality was as fail as his haircut.

Konno Chihiro – oh hay it’s Hirakawa. Chihiro is the sensei with the glasses. I instantly thought he’d be this kichiku megane sensei but instead he bakes cookies and writes children’s picture books (ಠ_ಠ). During the school festival a baby chick somehow got into her shirt and he covered her up with his jacket so she could get it out. He seems like this gentleman sensei and he always blushes and stalks her lol. She falls for sensei but thinks its one sided – but little does she know that he…watches her a lot. At one point they get locked in the study room and it gets cold so he gives her his jacket. Then Ikuto barges in raging that the door wasn’t locked and that pedosensei should stay the hell away from his Aneki! Sensei feels guilty about it and stays away from her angsting on his own while Kanade emos in her room ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ。

Then I guess Ikuto is sick of them both so he punches Chihiro in the face, breaks his glasses and tells him to take care of his sister. Chihiro then admits to Kanade that he loves her and they make out. Ikuto leaves them alone and goes to Yukio’s house and the 2 of them OTL together 😆 So suddenly after they are “lovers” Chihiro completely forgets that he’s a teacher and he makes it really obvious that the 2 of them are dating. They got shopping together and run into a woman who I guess Chihiro knew and she says to “not run away” from him. And that’s the last we see of her. What the hell was the point of adding this little plot twist if you aren’t gonna build on it? So stupid. So then she comes to the study room one day babbling how she likes kissing him and wants to get more intimate so of course he’s like “oh you want to fuck okay” and he immediately screws her on top of the desk. What’s stupid is she’s like OH GOD I LOVE IT but afterwards she runs away like she just committed a horrible sin!

Then a few days pass and after school she runs into him as he grabs her from behind. He pushes her against the window and screws her IN THE HALLWAY saying “oh nobody will be here for another 2 hours”. Okay um exhibitionist or what? Afterwards she’s all like scared of him. I Don’t know normally I’d be like wtf rape but I can’t bring myself to think this when in her “thoughts” all it says is “oh who am I shitting I LOVE THIS” (ಠ_ಠ). Alrighty then. So then rumors spread about them screwing – which by the way he spread. She says they should stay away from each other for a while and he should focus on his book writing. He emos and wangsts about how she just wants to be away from him. So in the happy and true ends basically she graduates, and they’re so happy they fuck each other’s brains out. His writing career then moves on to writing porn novels about their sex adventures 人生オワタ\(^o^)/. So terrible, so so terrible it’s not even funny. What a shame cause for the first half of the route I was はぁはぁing over hirakawa’s moe voice but yea so much for that.

Hasui Tomoomi – Tomoomi’s the creeper barber. I mean I love Mizushima san’s voice and all (like in Arcobaleno) but srsly. (ಠ_ಠ)I do partially feel like he’s kind of the main guy of the story. Anyway obviously he’s the guy who cuts her hair and pretty much changes her life and appearance. He tells her that she never has to repay him for his services as long as she is his “cut model” and that he can take some photos of her for “the salon”. One day they run into some male celebrity who knew Tomoomi and Tomoomi does his best to avoid him and not to talk to him. At the salon he tells her that he likes her and before they can kiss some alarm thing goes off that Ikuto set on Kanade’s phone 😆 One day when she goes to see him at the salon it appears to be closed and so she disappointingly goes home. When she checks the business card she notices all it has on it is his name and salon name but no address or operating hours. Next day he picks her up from school and takes her to his salon to cut her hair – but he then also I guess puts some kind of sleeping meds into her drink and she falls asleep for 2 hours while he faps to her hair something (ಠ_ಠ).

Next day he dresses her up and buys her expensive clothing while they are at the mall. They even have dinner at an expensive fancy hotel which raises some flags in her head of the fact that 1. he knows celebrities 2. he’s extremely rich. Before she goes home he kisses her. She finds out from Kotoko that he was a celebrity make up artist but one day he suddenly “disappeared” from the scene. She gives her the hotel room number that he’s staying it. First Kanade goes to his salon and it looks like it’s closed but when she calls the phone there…he picks up. She’s really confused so she goes to his hotel. On the way there she runs into him and he’s annoyed that she’s “like the others”. He takes her (read: drags her) to his hotel room where he rages as he pulls her hair. She then runs into some room full of maniquinns that have the exact same hair as her. He tells her that Salon Azaria is a salon just for her and she is his only customer.

He gives her the key card to his room and tells her to “come back on her own.” Next day Ikuto steals the keycard and says she has to find it. She finally finds it and goes to Tomoomi’s hotel room. The room is full of gray roses everywhere and he tells her to strip. He then gives her a dress to wear but she refuses saying she’s not a doll. So then like she babbles about how she has a personality and they both emo for like 15 minutes in the shower until they finally do it and the game ends. (ಠ_ಠ) So completely unsatisfied with this so called b/s happy end I went to do the true end. In this one he admitted that he picked her out because he felt potential in her – potential to cut hair once more! \( ^o^)/ So in the final scene she wears the dress and he tells her to stop talking because it “ruins” his work of art. She rages, picks up the scissor and begins cutting the dress apart yelling that she is not his doll. She yells that while his makeup/hair styling is great, it’s his kindness to her that’s made her happy.

They both cry and in this scene Tomoomi explains his past. Says that in the business world they basically stifled his creativity and even if he thought a certain hair style would look beautiful on someone, they would tell him that his opinion doesn’t matter and he should just do as he is told. Oh Japan. (ಠ_ಠ) He quit all that shit and was really heartbroken because he could no longer cut hair oh the tragedy! (His paaaainn..) So then when he found hairy Kanade his hair cutting senses tingled and that’s why he opened that salon just for her lol. They comfort each other until they fall asleep and then they wake up and have a really long ero scene in a bed of roses. How romantic. Maybe if the roses weren’t..gray. So afterwards she helps him run the salon as he cuts hair for the guys in the game. He then tells her he wants to open the salon to the public but only if she is by his side. Needless to say, wedding end. Daww. Well at least the true end was an improvement!

Kotoko & Komine – Uh so if you get Kotoko’s keys theres some stupid yuri CG of her grabbing Kanade’s boobs. I didn’t really wanna see this and I began skipping and before I knew it Kanade was in an orgy with everyone but there was just sprites for a while…then a CG showed up 😯 She was on top of Ikuto, being humped by Yukio from behind while giving sensei a blow job..while Tomoomi was kinda just..staring. Lol wut? If you pick the blue key I guess you get to do it with Komine lmao. Too bad he didn’t have an actual route, just an ero scene (´・ω:;.:… Kanade tells him if he doesn’t stop she’ll tell Kotoko and he instantly stops. Obviously has a crush on Kotoko lmao.

Bad Ends: I took one for the team and braved out the bad ends. Staring with Tomoomi – first bad end is he rages at her and locks her up in his room to pretty much be his sex slave. He almost went and cut off her clitoris with his scissors which almost gave me a heart attack but fortunately it just ended with him licking her cooter ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ.  In his black end I think he gives her ecstasy and she becomes his sex “doll” I guess? 😆 Since all she wants to do is have sex and she doesn’t think or feel anything else. In sensei’s black end Tomoomi attempts to hit on her because he’s like “lol wtf teacher & student”. Then he licks her cooter on the desk in the study room again. And the game ends with them doing this stuff in the study room every day after school. Umm I fail to see how this is a bad end? (ಠ_ಠ) In Yukio’s one bad end you agree to have sex with him and have more sex later and then when he emos about going back to his parents’ house….he has sex with Kanade again…and the game ends. In the other bad end for Yukio he got what he deserved for being an ass and Ikuto punched him in the face for hitting Kanade o(●゜ー゜●)=○)゜O゚).。・ This still gives you the happy end so I kinda wish I had done it this way the first run around lol.

Ikuto’s bad ends were probably Tomoomi level disturbing. The first bad end showed us the same CG that he “thought about” in the good end where he did her from behind. That was nothing until in the final scene she’s tied to the bed with rope, a vibrator in her cooter and then Ikuto does her in the butt. (ಠ_ಠ;;)I don’t even. In the infamous egg ending – while Yukio is in the living room Kanade and Ikuto go into the kitchen to make tamagoyaki. While she’s trying to break the egg over the bowl he grabs her from behind and fondles her boob while sticking his fingers up her cooter. Then he tells her to go to the living room while he “makes breakfast”. When Yukio says what’s wrong, Ikuto says that “Aneki couldn’t break the egg and I got my fingers dirty in the process..” and then he licks his fingers in front of the both of them. Yukio sadly doesn’t realize a thing lmao ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. In Ikuto’s final bad end Yukio thinks it’s a brilliant idea to make Ikuto “catch them in the act” so he would “give up” on Kanade. Well he does, and they fuck and Kanade feels bad and Ikuto runs away to fap in his room probably 😆 Whatever you deserved it after those 2 bad ends you crazy 弟くん.(ಠ_ಠ)

The game was quite buggy. Until I applied the patch apparently there was no ending list. Additionally before the patch the sound bugged out and I would hear this one sound effect repeated over & over until I went back to the title screen =_=;. At one point the game crashed on me during the OP song and my happy end run was erased so I was forced to force skip through it again just to be able to do the true end. A lot of Yukio’s CGs covered up his eyes so it felt like I was playing some eroge. This was further enforced because in a lot of the CGs the only thing that would change would be Kanade’s face but the guy’s face would remain the same – except in a select few. The descriptions for the bad ends seemed scary when I first saw them on the wiki, but after actually playing some of them I was kinda disappointed lmao. I guess after all the shit I’ve played through from Mirai and Sugar Beans I must have developed some tolerance or something 😆 While everyone was freaking yandere they did have their moe moments. Ikuto was my favorite and sensei did have his cute moments as well. Yukio woulda been better with a different hair style and less bitching at the end and I’m not even gonna go into how inconsistent the art for Tomoomi was overall 🙄 In the ero scenes sometimes it felt like I heard Kanade moaning more than the guys. You can turn her voice off but I want to hear it during non ero so it’s easier for me to read the dialogue so I just gave up lol. I guess the bad ends didn’t really RUIN the game for me (well maybe they made me think otherwise about Ikuto…although poor poor Ikuto..) but the good ends were decent within themselves. The half-assed sensei storyline pissed me off though. Honestly why even add that bit about him knowing some woman with a child if we never hear about it again? 😯 And why did Kanade become a hikki in the first place? I guess we’ll never know 😐 As someone in my broadcast chat pointed out “Lazy-Cheese” \( ^o^)/ . If you like yanderes I recommend this game. If you like LOTS OF PORN I recommend this game. If you like cute fluffy stuff and like all the seiyuus I recommend this game. If you hate dark themes, just skip the bad ends then although really the only REAL bad ends were Tomoomi’s and Ikuto’s anyway. I hope they make a fandisk and give Komine a proper route at least…(´・ω・`;)

Fellow otome gamer Koori will probably be playing the remaining bad ends so stop by her blog to see her review at some point as well!


33 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

  1. I didn’t feel like anyone was seriously yandere except for Tomoomi. I mean if I were Kanade, I’d probably run the heck away after seeing that room with the mannequins. I thought that scene was only going to be in the bad end, like maybe they’d make him more normal in the happy end -_-.

    Ikuto’s so cute, but I do think the part with him going into her room every night to be the Hero onii-san’s kind of creepy. Creepy and HEARTWARMING, is that even possible? All things aside, I wish they’d make a heroine who can actually cook, the whole “oh-i’m-such-a-klutz” thing is getting old for me 😦

    I like what you did with Tsukiko’s face in your banner 😀

  2. piggy> lol thanks, she needs some freaking eyes (ಠ_ಠ)
    I guess Ikuto felt a lot more “dangerous” in his bad ends than anyone else. They don’t necessarily need to wield knives and stab to be yandere but being sweet one moment and then saying stuff like “I know you saw me fap so you should see me as a man now” and then sticking his hand down her panties lol
    Maybe it was the BGM I dunno. Tomoomi was creepy lmao true. I’m just holding on to the fact that I really like his seiyuu and I liked his character in…Arcobaleno ..・ヾ(。><)シ ぎょぇぇぇ

  3. Somehow I expected this game to be buggy and rushed cause they were the only company who kept their December release date (unlike Sugarbeans and Snapdragon who delayed their titles until like april lol). Also their writer sort of failed at making this a dark story, they should have hired whoever worked on Crazy Rapists or Tsuki no Kage instead. 😆

  4. you’re so fast at playing this,, @__@
    it just seems endless for me ~__~
    looks like it took a while for me to finished this one,,,
    and reading your spoiler makes me wants to hurry see the end xDDD

  5. Dude. WTF at Tomoomi’s happy end/bad ends/Tomoomi in general.
    LOLWHAAATTT THE HELL. That is the craziest bad ending ever lol and so is Ikuto but Ikuto… he’s just… urgh so cute lol that I guess his bad endings don’t really faze me about how cute he is xD LOL but Tomoomi will always exude the stalker creeper air to me. lol so this totally wasn’t as dark as I thought it was gonna be…. I thought it was gonna be way more dark and creepy and full of raep but I guess not haha I’m kind of okay with that though lol! I totally want to play this game. 😛

  6. Taiyaki> I know right (ಠ_ಠ) I don’t feel bad playing the bad ends here but reading someone’s post on crazy rapists makes me really glad I skipped them. Oh well it’s their first game for the otome side of things…maybe they will release better stuff later? XD

    Chie> I always follow guides and skip as much “read” text as possible XD I totally don’t have time/patience to try to find the ends on my own (´・ω・`;)
    Good luck finishing it!

    Mimi> He’s a crazy psycho barber (ಠ_ಠ) I thought it was gonna be a lot darker too and I was gonna skip the bad ends originally…but I braved them out lmao. Some of them weren’t even bad wtf lol. I think Crazy Rabbits was a lot “darker” as well as the Asou routes in JIngi Naki Otome ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ

  7. Duuude Crazy Rabbits is on my computer right now… and it doesn’t work xD I think my computer is trying to protect me. I think I’m going to uninstall it…. lol 😛 after reading your review a while back… I seriously need to get it off my computer haha. Yeah some of those weren’t bad at all lol what the hell hahaha 😛 I have Jingi Naki Otome and Jingi Naki Otome Koikoi Zanmei (or w/e it’s called) too but they’re totally just sitting on my comp… lol

    By the way, how did you get this game!!?? I’ve been trying to find it now ever since it came out D: rageragerage but I can’t find it anywhere!! tear 😦

  8. Also, I’d just like to say that Kanade’s voice was MUCH MUCH more bareable than, let’s say, Ashe’s voice from Under the Moon.

    I know I can turn the voice off, but I like to listen to her dialogue too without having my ears bleed. I’d gladly substitute a rubber duckie in place of her voice.

  9. You are so fast…
    I’ve been waiting for an 18+ otome game for Yura for a while since her company Tennenouji keeps producing BL games. LOL
    I’m sad that Komine doesn’t have a route… cause he seemed cool (and the fact that he’s voiced by Terashima Takuma).

  10. I like Yukio best based on first impression. Possibly because of his seiyuu (he voiced my favourite otome game character). XD

    Also: When Yukio says what’s wrong, Ikuto says that “Aneki couldn’t break the egg and I got my fingers dirty in the process..” and then he licks his fingers in front of the both of them. -> Me: O_O That’s a…creative one.

  11. Yayyy I was just looking at the CGs for these, and I wondered, hey maybe you’ve reviewed it already? And I checked, yes, you did! As usual, your reviews are fun XD Thank you for the lovely insight ❤

  12. Mimi> Sorry it’s a private source I cannot share here (´・ω・`;)
    Regarding Crazy Rabbits, you need to get a NODVD patch for it to run. I had to scour the net for it – I think Hongfire had it somewhere? :s
    Jingi Naki otome was fun – except for Asou lol so I recommend playing that. Koikoi Zanmai is a silly fandisk 😛

    piggy> I agree on the voice thing – I was more bothered by the fact that I want to hear dudes moaning more than I want to hear her 😛

    Hazuki> I heard her BL games are a lot more…graphic let’s say lmao so I was prepared for the worst but was pleasantly surprised? XD

    Kiseki> Well it’s R-18 can’t be helped! XD

    Reiko> lol Aw I like toriumo kousuke too but Yukio just got so emo and clingy I couldn’t stand it 😛 LOL yea Ikuto…is quite the ecchi oniitan 😛

    ainoone> haha you’re welcome 😀 I didn’t complete the CG gallery, missing 2, but too lazy to bother doing the stupid bad ends to get them (ಠ_ಠ)

  13. Hahaha, I have to agree with pretty much everything you said — while the game was good, I think it could have been a LOT better. So many details plot points were put in and then never mentioned again or built on. One thing that really bothered me was that Kanade seemed so much more willing to leave her home and be social than a normal ex-hikki would be! So what if she has some onii-san in her head goading her on, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t -really- put her out there and cause her to adapt that quickly. *sigh* Sensei and Tomoomi’s routes seemed to go downhill for me toward the end….-especially- sensei’s. I was most looking forward to his route too! Sensei, megane, -and- Hirakawa? 3 things that make me kjsadnjasdn and they still managed to mess it up for me. =A=; I also agree about the sex scenes…it felt directed more toward guys than girls. So much boobage! And the fact that Kanade made about 20x more noise than any of the guys….I really wanted to punch the noisynoisy girl!

    Actually, I think you forgot to mention sensei’s other bad end. He has one where he locks her in the study room, kidnaps her, puts her in a cage, and puts animal tail buttplugs in her. >A>; That end freaked me out the most, eheh…;;

  14. partybat> OMG WHAT and I thought Ikuto’s dildo end was bad………geezus. Thank god I was too lazy to do that sensei end lmao. (ಠ_ಠ) very much do not want lol. God that sucks lol. The quick hikki recovery was weird but I was willing to let it slide if they explained WHY she became one in the first place. Must have not been so bad if she was willing to go out every day and then hang out with a bunch of psychopaths 😆

  15. LOL yeah I had NODVD patch my game but it still didn’t start… although I guess I’m kind of grateful LOL 😛

  16. Wasted potential the game. I’m so disappointed that Komine didn’t even get a sub route.;__; Him and Kotoko are the best characters in the game. I was hoping for a side story for those two, but it obviously wasn’t going to happen.

  17. I never played their other games so I can’t comment on the potential but yea I did feel like cut corners in a lot of places (´・ω・`) Maybe we’ll get a fandisk? lol

  18. Yes, I’m definitely hoping for a fandisk. There was tons of potential with the whole “psycho” theme…but they didn’t take it as far as they could. I expected more, especially from Tomoomi…he’s a -stalker- for chrissakes! BT I agree with you on the whole explanation thing….if they had at least stated the reason for her hikki situation it would have been fine. *sigh*

    @Mimi: Does it freeze at the OP or something? I know for UTM I had to remove the OP.dat and EDa.dat/EDb.dat files to get it to run without crashing . 030;

  19. Lol I LOVE your reviews.

    I so totally agree with your thoughts, it’s very funny and entertaining to read your comments xD

    I also played the game and managed to get all the fu**in Endings and cgs =.= Was such a pain in the ass… and I regret it, there were parts too creepy for me (specially Toomomi) -.-;;

  20. aww thanks XD
    well it looks like the bad ends I was too lazy to do were the nastiest ones (sensei locking her up in the animal costume and then sexmaniac boy wanting to do it to the AV on the TV 😆 )
    From what I read on another blog though, the bad ends for Crazy Rapists (Rabbits) were a LOT worse so in comparison these are child’s play 😆

  21. When I found out about this blog I loved it and went on to read a lot of your entries on the games I’ve played and that I wanted/want to play. Please keep on writing for a looooooong time x3 I hope to be able to attend one of those live stream sessions owó

    I had forgotten about the AV fuuuuuu >_.>;


    So yeah, better not complain too much or we might get something worse in an upcoming game >n<

  22. For some reason some text didn’t appear in my previous comment D:

    Just was about how I also played the so-called Crazy Rapists and how it has too much raep, yeah -_-u

  23. Might have been one of the less/greater signs I guess? XD

    But lol yea most PC R-18 games are raep paradise so I’ve actually been shifting my focus mostly on PS2 stuff XD

  24. Not sure how and why, but your review inspired me to go through all the freaking ends. And I was just about to unistall the game after another fail-attempt to finish Hirakawa-sensei’s route… (ಠ_ಠ)地獄から戻りました

    I wouldn’t mind going through Ikuto’s route again though. (*´д`*)ツンヤンクーデレ?!

    1. lmfao tsun yan kudere yea…now that I think about it I guess he’s got all 3 lol (which actually is poor writing in my eyes but anyway)
      lol yea Hirakawa’s route…. (ಠ_ಠ) even I didn’t do all the bad ends – heard the “results” from a friend to be honest. some stuff is just….I can’t understand who’d be “aroused” by something like this lol.

  25. Well, I just finished playing this game, probably because I have way too much free time. I managed to do all the endings! But I’m not happy. I did Ikuto’s bad ending before I went on to the gold ending, so I could just get it out of the way, and it disturbed me so much. I guess I didn’t like seeing Ikuto like that. He’s too cute.

    As for Sensei, I never liked him in the first place for some reason, especially every time he appeared in Ikuto or Yukio’s route, it annoyed me. So I got an even worse impression after doing his bad end.

    Tomoomi… well, I can’t really say anything about him. I liked him even in the end, because he was more yandere than anyone else, because, me and yanderes (yay for yandere!). His bad ending was horribly disturbing, probably more than Ikuto’s.

    Don’t mind R-18 games, but this seemed like way more catered to guys, like you said, Kanade was moaning more than any of the guys…

    1. LMFAO yea the game was pretty disturbing, you’re right the Black ends for Ikuto were pretty crappy :V Oh well I think I’m done with Smelly Cheese and their games lol

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