B’s Log July 2012

Better late than never!

Alright so let’s start with this month’s furoku:

Seishun Pencil Board, Sample booklet for the CD below and the usual Hana Awase crap

On the CD is just a cast comment about Utapri debut from Shimono Hiro & Suzumura Kenichi, some mini drama from Koisen and drama CD samples from Ikemen Daioku. The koisentai part is SO DUMB I think it may have almost killed my motivation to play that game. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Arabians Lost Poster
Trick or Ra…..Alice Poster
Seishun Hajimemashita! poster

Eh kinda disappointing I guess. I’m not too keen on Honeybee’s new game, Trick or Alice eugh and I have to play Arabian’s Lost before I decide whether I’m going to hang that poster (but knowing my QR love I think I probably will like it.) I’m getting tired of Hana Awase and their ossan gallery:

I don’t really know what the deal with this is supposed to be or why they are promoting it so hard in B’s log every month but after seeing this page…I no longer have the desire to play it.

I think I’ve had my fill of bitches after Hanaoni & Amnesia so I’ll be passing. I hope B’s log stops with this Hanaawase crap soon and adds better stuff to the magazine. Too bad I don’t feel like paying a dollar to mail them my opinion card & tell them how much of a waste of space it is.

I don’t usually care about drama CDs but I thought it was noteworthy that the writer who wrote the Hanaoni novels also wrote this new one called “Koisuru Exorcist” which is being turned into a drama CD. I have a funny feeling we’re going to be seeing an otome game sooner or later.

Terashima Takuma’s releasing his debut album. I feel like a lot of seiyuus are releasing song albums nowdays… I guess if the fans want it it’s all good? Most of the time most seiyuus really can’t sing….*coughShimono…

Anyway honeybee’s new game “Seishun Hajimemashita!” which is planned for a 2013 release will be a PSP release and is rated Cero B. That means expect pretty tame childish level stuff they had in Starry Sky minus the implied secks so I may actually pass on this game lol. If I see another face frontal kiss CG I’m gonna hurl 😆 The artwork is obviously Kazuaki and I guess it’s just her style but I feel like I’m seeing the same characters all over again and the 2 main leads look like the spawn of Shiki. Story is about two twins, Futaba Chitose  & Futaba Chihaya,  just began their senior year in high school and return to a town they used to live in their childhood (until about the age of 9 when they went to live with their parents overseas) and  reunite with old friends. And so they want to make their senior year as memorable and “youthful~” as possible.  The setting for the storm is some  inaka in the mountains by the sea so I expect they have nothing to do but cause drama amongst themselves as they have probably dialup internet and no cell phone reception 😆 (Sounds like Kami Naru Kimi To XD). The game period will span over the time of  1 year so it should be longer than your typical run in Starry Sky.  Also it has a fat kid.  Additionally when you start the game you will be able to pick whether you want to play as the girl OR the guy, which kinda reminds me of one of Takuyo’s old games. If you pick the guy  you end up with the girls, if you pick the girl you end up with the guys so despite me thinking there will be BL endings I guess honeybee is just really trying to please everyone?_? Yea I mean the concept sounds KINDA interesting and maybe the story will be good but I guess I’ll have to see more on the game but right now I’m not too impressed by the concept & artwork alone. I’ll be keeping one eye open 😉 Though I’m not sure what to think when honeybee admits the scenario will be bittersweet like that in a shoujo manga :lol:.

Dousei Kareshi – a new game announced by Black Butterfly, infamous(?) for their soine CDs. Jumping on the ripoff bandwagon, this series will feature 3 games, with 1 character each called Butterfly Lip, Butterfly Gloss, Butterfly Rouge..errr…

Lol I couldn’t help it :lol:. I’m so sick of these split up games. I mean I thought  the ossan game was bad enough but ONE CHARACTER PER GAME!? Are you crazy and I bet it will cost like 2000 yen or something ridiculous. In the end your purchase will clearly depend on the voice actor (which are not listed yet.) Meh this kind of thing should just stay as a drama CD or a cell phone game or something. I probably won’t be wasting my money on this.

~Gracefully skipping ss after winter page because…..lol….~ Also skipping all the soine CDs . I hate the Soine CDs and I will tell you why: ANNOYING VIOLIN AND PIANO MUSIC. Only Amemakura did it right with RAIN in the background so we could actually SLEEP. The moment I start falling asleep because of sexy voice -> BAM ANNOYING VIOLIN STARTS GRATING MY EARS. So yea screw you stupid soine crap lmfao.

If UtaPri wasn’t milking you with all their overpriced merchandise already, now they’re going to release a set of CDs where they mix all the units and include the senpais. I think I feel the same way as Tokiya above when it comes to this kind of thing lol. Also why is Masato in an apron 😆 Speaking of merchandise, it wasn’t too long after I predicted it but looks like finally they will be releasing bootleg dakimakuras that are 70cm long. Though they are shaped in a funny way that you can fit 3 characters on it. Maybe I will get that S class one mmm Tokiya… I mean… ( ≖‿≖)

Oh boy my favorite! Diabolik Haters! I mean Lovers! Looking at their casual clothes strangely enough the characters look rather different and rather….pleasant (except for Kanato he looks like he needs to get a week of sleep.) They showed a few screens from the game and it had this one of Raito looking like he’s about to orgasm with the caption saying “Hentai imagination running wild Raito. I wonder what he’s imagining?” 😆 He looks so precious in that screenshot but then I remember the drowning and (ﺧ益ﺨ) …….They also have a pic on the following page with all the guys shirts open. Raito’s says “Raito’s WELCOME POSE!?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ If I end up liking him by the end of the game anyway someone please slap some sense into me.

Holy sheit dat tongue Takumi. (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)  Storm Lover kai! is around the corner. I’m still debating on buying it but this brief feature on it is making me lean towards COME TO ME BABY (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.

Skipping TMGS since I’ve yet to play of these games and they’re in the deep dark corner of my backlog at the moment.

Hakuoki Yuugiroku 2 will be released in September. I’ll see if I can try it out but I bet it will still cost like 6000 yen for regular edition despite the game just being mini games and like 1-2 CGs. The fact that CGs will not be by Yone but by some Otomate tracer/copycat, I would think twice before purchasing for anyone out there who is a fan of yone’s artwork.

Skipping Toki no Kizuna lol whatever backlog you go.

Kamigami no Asobi are more “unfinished” character designs of Loki & Hades. I think both look pretty hideous without the “Kazuki Yone CG style” applied to them and I keep seeing Ooshirou in Loki lmfao. HE EVEN HAS THE SAME LAUGH (Nihihi)…in before they cast Suwabe for him ww. It also says its some kind of forbidden love. Uhm okay…I think I want to see more about this game than just blocks of text and unfinished character designs Broccoli. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Something tells me we won’t see a release on this until mid-2013.

Vitamin Z illustration by Maeda to celebrate the stage play. I’m really kinda tired of hearing about it, I’d rather we get some information about the Vitamin Z fandisk instead!!

They revealed the Ozmafia case but I have NO IDEA WHO ANYONE IS. Omg it’s been a while since I saw an otome game where I just don’t know who anybody is. Not a single one. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Only time that ever happens is in an R-18 game and I’m pretty sure Ozmafia is all ages. Seeing this + them dragging out the game with no release date….I’m pretty much losing any interest I had remaining for this series.

Also losing interest in KoiSenetai because that drama CD was overbearingly annoying. I’m not too fond of the artwork and the heroine is constantly getting her face blocked in one way or another. Not surprised since it comes from a  cell phone game but I’d imagine they could have done some editing and given her eyes?! Yea…


They’re advertising Hiiro Bluerays in the magazine but based on the cover illustration it doesn’t look like the art gets any better than the crap you see above. Sigh. I like Mahiro but I don’t know who this guy on the left is. Maybe some long lost brother of his ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Enough with the drama CDs, Virus School, just let me get  in bed with these 2 sexy beasts (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

Quin Rose’s new game School Wars. The director says they wanted to try to branch off and try something new besides their usual fantasy series which is great since the setting will change but their writing & characterization stays the same! This time our heroine  Ichijou Shiori is working hard to support both herself & her ill mother while trying to get through high school. Her father passed away when she was little and so to learn the skills of survival she enrolled in this war school where you gotta fight for your right to paarrtay!  J/k but you gotta seriously learn some battle tactics. Due to her focusing on surviving  most of her life, it’s now senior year and hormones are running high as she slowly starts to grasp the concept of love. Well sounds like typical QR heroine who’s self willed & strong but when it comes to love she’s a bit challenged 😆 Anyway it looks great just from the promo pics and I’m already excited (๑→ܫ←๑) Cast will be announced in the next B’s Log issue.

Not sure if it’s been written anywhere yet but the story of Isshoni Gohan is the heroine Akane needs a part time job for college and so she becomes a cook for a family of foods wait what 😆 Yea I guess pun intended when they say “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Not surprised they went with a basic concept like this but at least the heroine’s in college so I hope at least she has some maturity….please…Game is scheduled to release on 9/27.

Otomate’s newest doormat series game: Glass Heart Princess which is slated for November (assuming they don’t delay it 10 times) is about an ojousama ~ heroine (Himeno Kyouko) with a weak heart. Now it’s up to YOU to “train her heartbeat” by going on dates or some crap. 😆 ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ The director is the same as Beastmaster & Prince and the art team is the as same as Amnesia (according to the otomate staff blog.) I dunno why Otomate keeps shuffling the teams but the premise already sounds rage inducing. We’ll have to see how the rest of the game system and characters (read: who are seiyuu) pan out. Director mentioned that there may be some “very strong scenes” but after them it will be a likely chance of game over…so I guess if guy approaches you and starts to lean in to kiss you if you don’t punch him in the face or run away = bad end? (ಠ_ಠ)Each character will have 20 date events and the heroine’s bodyguard is actually a robot. Why do I feel like they’re gonna cast Nakamura Yuichi for this guy…

Skipping drama CD series, skipping WOF2 FD since I haven’t played any of the series. They did mention that the April Fool’s pics they drew will actually make an appearance in the fandisk so I guess expect some WOF x Hakuoki in there lol. Skipping the cat ear game lol whatever.  I don’t know why cat ears are so offensive to me. Maybe because I start to think of BWS and Akazukin /puke.

I AM BUYING THIS GAME. I AM GETTING LIMITED EDITION. TAKE MY MONEY QUIN ROSE \( ^o^)/ \( ^o^)/ \( ^o^)/ The heroine, Lisa’s goal is to take on dangerous jobs but she has no problems because she’s SUPER STRONG. I mean she like literally breaks tables in half and lifts giant boulders. xDDDD The bad guys have no chance huhuhu. ( ≖‿≖)

Abunai Koi is coming out in a week. I don’t get it: They look FINE in this pic but in the game they all have a serious case of yellow face. I thought the system would be a complicated stat raiser but it doesn’t really seem like it from what I am reading. I’ll wait to see if any guides come out before attempting to try it since it’s not really something Quin Rose themselves had created.

Hmm I don’t think Aileen is gonna let you lock her up Stuart 😆 Anyway Arabians lost is definitely on my to play list but I know it’s a complicated system so I’ll have to bug a friend to help me get started xD;

The cast of the next Kaidan Romance game as listed above. Miki Shinichiro, Kaji Yuki, Kishio Daisuke, Irino Miyu, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Maeno Tomoaki & Terashima Takuma. I dunno who the girl is but idgaf 😆 Nothing new except a few event CGs for 24 hour Cinderella but the game’s scheduled for 9/30.

Um no blood is not sweet dude are you nuts? (ಠ_ಠ)Something new about Custom Drive is kind of annoying me and now I’m hesitating to buy it. If you look in the bottom right corner there: Download contents. I guess if you buy the limited edition, you will receive a serial code or something to download extra outfits. LAME. What is this Project Diva!? Sigh yea I kinda don’t wanna buy this game anymore seeing how I’ve never once used the PSN store and god knows how to even access the Japanese one assuming I even buy the limited edition. Screw you D3P!

Boob Grab!

Huge huge coverage of Trick or Alice in this issue blah. I finally went and listened to the voice samples to see who’s who. Guy above is voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke, ironically enough rather than Hino Satoshi who is actually also in this game. All the sample CGs on the site & in the magazine are really difficult to look at. They’re either all full of frills and sparkles or they just zoom in on the heroine’s boobs or crotch. Since hiyo is writing it I’m staying the hell away ┗(^o^ )┓三. Also the voice of the heroine is the same as the lady who made our ears bleed in Under the Moon. NO THANKS.

I was looking forward to the new Asaki Yumemishi game but pardon me…where are her eyes? I hope it’s just a coincidence with this CG but she has eyes in other ones… Also one of the other pages contains a bath CG and Gio and that red head friend of his look like 10 year old shotas uh…? (ಠ_ಠ) Not sure how I feel about this. Game will be a PC release so maybe at least the graphics will be nice & large….as large as the game cost orz.

Skipping HaruToki & Genroh blah. Not interested.  Genroh might have an intersting story maybe..but it’s Otomate…not sure if I trust them anymore…

She can’t take your hand she has no eyes.

Kimi Kare…..someone give this poor girl an eye transplant. Also KimiKare has revealed on their site that they will have tests, and timed choices. I am having some bad Vitamin flashbacks. No thank you!

Whoaa ass grabbing in Confidential Money rooowrr lol. The teddy bear hand holding is really sweet too (*´ω`*).  Well I think this game is gonna be good 8D so I hope the system doesn’t turn out to be too painful!  Game’s slated to release on August 30th.

<●><●>….Kakki voices this character omg. I think I really will wait it out for the Director’s Cut though!! Patience is a virtue (maybe).

Not gonna lie, I am actually excited for LGS. It looks a lot like SYK as far as humor, scenario and characterization so I am hoping it will be a decent game. The heroine looks like she’s not doormat land immature little girl either so I hope this will be on of the games Otoamte releases this year that doesn’t disappoint me.

Oh my Jesus! 😆 THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I WANT TO PLAY PURE RASPBERRY. I hope it has more content than Sweet Jelly Beans, that was such a disappointment!!

Sfhfaljkasfhaksjf OH MY GODDDD man if ONLY I HAD TIME to replay all these games. Bloody Call was such a good game. If only the yen rate wasn’t so bad I would consider buying this щ(ಥДಥщ)!! They’re adding an after story & a parallel story to the main story line hnnnggg omgg. If you never played this game I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING THE PORT> HIGHLY.

Ok that’s about it for game news time for this month’s Rankings:

Top 3 Games you’re looking fwd to:
1. Utapri Debut
2. The cat ear game
3. Starry Sky after winter (lol)

Top 3  PC Games You Want Ported to PSP
1. TYB (again)
2. OZMafia!! (How about a release date?)
3. Starry Sky After Summer (your dream came true girls! ww)

Top 3 Reader’s Favorite Otome Game Characters
1. Kurusu Sho
2.   Saito Hajime
3. Okita Souji
(excuse me while I puke)

Animate Sales Ranking In April:
1. Jean no Tame Nara Sekai wo Kowasu
2. Miyako FD (meh)
3. DRAMAtical Murder

Is Animate like #1 BL Game selling HQ or something? 😆

Upcoming Attractions: Special focus on Diabolik Lovers.

Whew my back hurts, that took me like 4 hours to write :lol:. I hope you guys enjoyed! (´^ω^`)


83 thoughts on “B’s Log July 2012”

  1. oh I kinda stopped caring about “art quality” from Otomate because in the end I realized I’d rather have interesting non-generic characters & fun story line than “pretty pictures”. To each their own I guess!

  2. I’m waiting for Toki no Kizuna! The characters are so beautiful! (♡´∀`♡)

  3. sorry it’s a habit of mine I probably won’t be changing anytime soon…sometimes it helps me get my feelings across. ^^;

  4. I love your reviews and I love your writing; the commentary is generally hilarious, which I definitely appreciate on a blog like this (even if I don’t always agree – that’s the best part often!). So this is just a nitpicking thing, but I wish you wouldn’t use those silly smilies. They distract from the articles and tend to read as really passive aggressive, which makes each post a little less funn to read.

    So. Just some constructive criticism you naturally don’t have to indulge, but I DO like reading this site. It’s just frustrating with all the “lol i’m really irritated [smiley]” stuff.

  5. I’d wait for the director’s cut of Maria if I were you since it’s nicer to see large screen sized CGs on your PC than tiny shrunk ones on your PSP xD

  6. Quinrose and Karin Entertainment JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY

    Sooo excited for the upcoming QR games and the upcoming KE games…. I want to buy la campanella BUT MUST RESIST….

    *goes to buy it anyways*

  7. well those people are the reason otomate’s crapping out hakuoki yuugiroku 2…even though yone’s been looong gone…

  8. After I read “Top 3 Reader’s Favorite Otome Game Characters” my mind went blank and I actually forgot the rest of this post….
    Why is Saito still ranked within the top 3? I don’t even know what to say about this anymore….

  9. I dun get Sho’s popularity either, Tokiya is my favorite. I liked Utapri a lot because I thought it was light hearted and comedic and well maybe you didn’t like it, but I thought the romance parts were rather good. Problem is Broccoli decided to be like honeybee and make it a giant wangst fest ala after winter so everyone’s like uhmm wtf this isn’t Utapri!? As far as Arabians I heard QR made it easier in the PSP port so maybe it won’t be so bad.

  10. You know, I don’t understand UtaPri’s charm. I have finished the first game, but I still don’t understand why is it so popular. I feel like the routes were mediocre, and the guys (esp Otoya) are so cheesy. When I set the difficulty to “hard” the music game gets really hard that I went on despair.
    I don’t understand ;__;
    I also don’t understand Sho’s popularity. I thought you guys liked Miyano more?

    Well, Shimo-chan’s character in that 大陸シリーズ (AraLost, Crimson, and Wizards & Master) doesn’t scream as much as Sho, I assure you. 死ぬほど好きなのにルートがなくて、生きるのがつらい・・・。

    Oh, believe me, Arabian Lost is like the easiest game out of that series. All you have to do is earn money through selling items that monsters dropped and through the casino (which is the easiest way). At least, if QR hasn’t changed it, that’s how hard the game could get. I mean, dude, I completed the task of earning 100,000 (i think) by day 12-ish. Piece of cake.

    It’s a shame that QR rarely releases FD, because I would kill to have AraLost’s FD.

  11. I liked Vivaldi as a bff side character but I didn’t want to pursue HER unless her route was like “helping her” rather than “hunting her” orz.

    Only 4 people yea but I’m stuck in the middle of Homo no Prince Sama right now so probably no Alice resumage until next week. Kinda regretting stopping Alice for HomoPri meh.

    I don’t mind Shimono (in fact I liked him in Beastmaster) it’s just that he screams too damn much in UtaPri. A friend of mine managed to make it through Crimson Empire and Arabians so CE aside, I may give Arabians a chance since at least I have someone to help me out if I’m stuck

  12. Aha, no Vivaldi, as I thought. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I didn’t do her route too, even though I love her seiyuu. You’re currently doing Anniversary, right? So, there are four people left? Niiice. You’ll hate your life when you reached Joker though. No, I mean, seriously.

    Dunno dude, I would think you’ll hate Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama as well. It has a similar gameplay to Crimson Empire. I don’t know if you’re going to play it, but since you’re planning on playing Arabian Lost, I thought I should inform you about it, in case you want to see more Meissen.

    Although… his seiyuu /might/ make you cringe (Shimono Hiro).

  13. I got the normal edition since I couldn’t care for the BL drama CDs that came with the dear darling (or should I say DARING box)

  14. Thanks for summarising all this! Can’t wait for your review on UtaPri Debut =D Did you get the normal edition or the dear darling box set btw?

  15. Hinano:Me either.So I’m assuming this would be their first game?Hoping there will be less rape than Akazukin although I have doubt about that since it’s a ninja/samurai game..(shuriken style!)

    ET:Drop two stars from the review just from a name?!I wonder do they ever finished the game 😐 I kinda understand why FFX-2 doesn’t allow changing name since it’s a freaking sequel of the game,but oh my xD

    I still don’t get this “social pressure on otome gaming”.I dont see any problem with galge games.Is it that the idea of a girl being surrounded with pretty guys really offending/disgusting to them?

    Anyway,I’ll be stopping now before I get strayed xD

  16. I finished Peter, Ace, Twins, Blood & on my way finishing Elliot’s non-stay route as we speak.
    I’m not doing Vivaldi so after UtaPri all that’s left is the amusement park guys + Julius & Nightmare. I’ve really gotten the hang of the game so I fly through it pretty fast now.
    As far as post…well pretty much most of it is already written,..it’s really not a huge deal like some people made it out to be xD;
    I guess I must be some kind of gaming pro now and nothing stands in my way! (except Crimson Empire 😆 )

  17. Well, I consider Shizuka’s hair as medium length. IMO, short hair is when the hair barely touches the shoulder.
    Yeaah, so I will have a hard time adapting to Miyumiyu’s voice with that face and that hair…

    Wait, but he’s–wait, he plays a large part–, wait–WHAT?
    But I thought the story kinda sorta revolves around him and the heroine or whatever? Old game; my memory’s a bit fuzzy.

    Have they actually released Crimson Empire on PSP? LOL. Just, LOL.
    You already have 5 characters done? Wow, that’s… quick, I guess. I bet writing the review’s going to be a pain… Which ones have you finished, btw, aside from the two rabbits?

  18. Well the OUmagatoki heroine was kinda short haired right? XD;
    Lmfao oh my god QR loves casting Ishida for red heads don’t they? xDDD;
    The Asaki is a sequel…where they threw out the lead guy? lmfao yea I dunno what the inspiration for that was.

    But yea I guess I am QR fangirl (though I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Crimson Empire unless I play with a friend’s PSP save or something xDD;;;)
    I just finished Elliot’s route and OMG DYINNNNG hm yea kinda hard to start on UtaPri without finishing Alice first but I guess I’ll finish up Elliot’s non-stay route so at least I’ll have 5 characters done before I play UtaPri but I will definitely come back to it after I’m done with the Princes xD

  19. I am very happy with the fact that you are now a QR fangirl as well. I’m not the only person who loves QR anymore! I’m really excited for School Wars, but I can’t help but feel like Shiori looks like Erica (QR Mother Goose’s heroine). Goddangit, QR, must you always have long-haired heroine? Where’s the love for short-haired people? .__.

    Aralost isn’t that hard, really. I would even consider it super fun. I mean, it’s the only otome game that I have replayed several times, first on PC, then on DS.

    But srsly, I squeaked irl when I saw the seiyuu list for Kaidan Romance. Also, the girl’s voiced by Matsuki Miyu, the person who voice Fujiyoshi Harumi in Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. So.. I can’t help but picture the girl as a fujoshi now.

    Also, aww, the red haired guy isn’t voiced by Ishida Akira. That broke the chain a little bit.. (by chain, I mean this: http://risamarii.tumblr.com/post/21763553072/dont-you-think-they-all-look-alike-i-guess-joker) But I ain’t complaining if he’s voiced by my dear Miyumiyu.

    Wait, wait, is the new Asaki Yumemishi game a remake or a sequel? I’ve never heard of this before!

    Wow, I wrote a lot. I’m so sorry for this tl;dr post. .___.

  20. Hand holding naughty!? OK, I understand that someone’s sexual inexperience might be a turn on for some people, but….ugh, I can’t even find the words…

    The option with eyes on or off seems like an interesting concept, though it must have required a lot of time, what with changing the CG scenes and all. But it’s a nice way to please both crowds. Though I would prefer a character with eyes, even if s/he is a silent protagonist. Because…well…look at that 2nd eye-less image. Screamer material right there. :I

  21. Ah, cool, see you there then. My username’s 蒼海龍敏… yyyyyeah, I know, I’m trying to figure out how to change it, it’s a leftover from my very first otome game where I failed in naming. XP I’m basically the annoying person freaking out and text-walling over the game back when it was first announced. I don’t post much (lurker in general, plus I only play the very few otome games that have settings and heroines that interest me), but hopefully things will get more lively now that the game’s actually out.

    I find it’s more useful in general to play otoge for the character interactions, fluff and/or angst (for people into that; I much prefer crazy hijinks). Trying to match them up with the real world is often an exercise in insanity, to the point where I was happy to see ANY wartime scenes and politicking (though unlike some gamers I’m also cool with fantasy not being super-realistic and romance not being the be-all-end-all for otoge). That said, lol and oh so true at everyone being so nice to some random Wa schoolgirl in Sangokuren Senki; I actually was shocked that Cao Cao only turned out possessive rather than outright violent, not to mention Zhang Fei… Maybe because the portal was a kid’s book, IIRC? Anyway, discussion can wait for the forum, if you’re interested. Hope you “see” you there!

    P.S. There is not a PFFFT in the world large enough to express the wtf factor of that novel you described. XD

  22. lol, I can read Japanese so I was wondering about the English-version… guess it’s not that great. 😉 oh well… at least was only $29. Yeah, the yen rate is a killer… spending $75+ on a game seems so crazy.

  23. @Julia

    Yeah, I think we should move. >_> I don’t have an account over there but I can totally make one; always nice to have more places to talk about otome games. My circle doesn’t like them much, hence my tendency to tl;dr I guess.

    Short (?) answers before that though
    – Yeah, I played Sangoku Rensenki, but it was….like, my gateway game, thanks the fact that you’re supposed to be a strategist. I had strategist moe at that point. So being first otome game ever I hadn’t figured out how to enjoy otome games yet and spent most of the time WTFing at ‘why she does this’ ‘why is there a cutesy scene here and not a politics scene’ ‘why is everyone so NICE is this really the three kingdoms’ ‘wait wasn’t he already married at this point in history?’ ‘god why is everyone so UNPROFESSIONAL’ so I wasn’t moe’d by anyone in particular. I remember his route suffering from nothing happening compared to other routes even if I thought he was kinda cute when he moved the stick out of his arse (and really professional, most of the time, this earns a + even though he kind of swings between being too verbally abusive and just regular strict dude). Should be a better judge now if I go through his events gallery again, though. Game’s still on my HD.
    – Yeah, there are BL written for Sun Ce/Zhou Yu, although it’s marketed as an ippan novel. With a tagling ‘女だからこそ書く三国志’ so it’s still really obvious who it’s for. It’s hilarious; Sun Ce was this coldhearted bastard seme while Zhou Yu was like this weepy weak uke. It’s like BL in the 90’s, minus the sex. And there’s a bunch of shoujo manga and novels which concentrate solely on how incredibly slashy their friendship was.
    – Cao Cao was a Renaissance Man a thousand years before the Renaissance was even DREAMED of. XD

  24. yea the prices of the games hurt especially when the yen value is so high so I’m careful with what I spend money on (though I can safely say every game I bought this year has made me rage and I feel like I burned my money in a brick oven.) Hakuoki in English might piss you off if you can read Japanese so have fun with that xD;;; Happy gaming!

  25. Hello, thanks for all the great info about current and new otome games! I’ve only tried a couple but plan to start playing a lot more. 🙂 I finally bought a PSP along with the English-version of Hakuoki, and they’re supposed to arrive today, yay! I only bought the English-version because it’s so much cheaper than the Japanese one, lol. QR’s games look really good so I’m hoping to buy both Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance and School Wars soon. Also, Bloody Call looks great! I think I’m going to buy that one first, before the QR ones. Too bad the games are so expensive.

  26. @ET – Oh dear I think we are ‘jacking the thread sorry HInano. Wish there was a place we could go off and squee/chat without bugging people too much. >_>; You have a My Neoromance account? The Jyuuzaengi thread is kinda dead, so there should be room.

    Guo Jiaaaaa~! Also Cao Caoooo~! Love those guys to death, along with that most badass of badasses Zhang Liao, and yeah, Mengde=bestest (technically) ruler, even after one factors in the “winners’ priveleges.” Talk about being a Renaissance Man before the term was even invented! I don’t know how he found enough time to father like twenty kids. (Incidentally, did you play Sangokuren Senki, and did you like Xun Yu? Because from what you’ve just said, I may have the same moe.) Hell, I even love some of the late Wei/Jin guys (okay just DENG AI and Sima Yi but whatever). Haha, yeahhh, poor Yuan Shao.

    You have a point that Sun CexZhou Yu/Taishi Ci/okay everyone else in Wu is pretty lulzy. (But there’s seriously old BL involving him, not just “oh yay for the holy love men have for each other that is so much better than that with wimminz”!? Wow.) I can see Zhou Yu’s appeal, and I know he was a capable guy, I just don’t like him. (Also his wife tends to piss me off in games and her designs because unlike her sister, it seems that all we know is that she was hot, so she never gets any depth. At least Da gets to be an advisor for like one scene.) Also hipster Luo Guanzhong (or whoever) lol. I think it also had to do with the politics of the time; IIRC, the intro to the translation I read talked a lot about how the Jin kinda ended up sucking, and even after the Tang functional governments after major upheavals moved to or arose in the southwest a bunch of times, meaning you get a lotta people pushing for the old Shu bastards throughout history, even besides the stated underdog-ness.

    I’ve been keeping tabs on the Amazon reviews, actually, and they’re all pretty happy about the game (though a lot are also like “wow Otomate can still make decent games!?” XD). Here’s hoping!

  27. what is semen how about “kyaa hand holding that’s so naughty!” <-the concept behind GHP haha 😆
    yea I feel honestly when the heroine shows emotion then I can kinda like UNDERSTAND THE SCENE better….i noticed the huge difference in this when they had starry sky for PC without eyes and for PSP with the eyes option added on.

  28. Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance was also really good and what got me into playing QR games so I expect School Wars to be the same if not better quality =)

  29. I think the reason some games have that protagonist with no eyes is so the player can put themselves in the game more easily. Most of the time (for me, at least), it’s really hard to care for a person with NO EYEBALLS because you can’t see the emotion they want to portray (not to mention trying to show emotion through a person with no eyes is pretty lulzy) and they’re usually the Mary Sue silent protagonist type. And I hate silent protagonist, with a few exceptions.

    But anyway, I’m looking forward to your reviews on these games. I really like the look of the heroines in Confidential Money and L.S.G. Their appearance looks so…fresh. They look like competent women who are looking for love, not retarded “OH GOD, WHAT IS SEMEN” Mary Sues. 😐

  30. Isshoni Gohan’s heroine is really cute, I love her outfit.
    I’m actually really hyped for School Wars. In my opinion best looking QR game so far and as usual I expect a strong heroine from them. The boys doesn’t look that bad either so I’m crossing my fingers!

  31. I like replacing names from time to time when the original name is ridiculous (no, FF5, Batz is NOT going to fly, and wtf Takuyo what are you thinking by naming her Koi, I am changing that to Aoi and that is that) or when I feel like it doesn’t fit the feel of the protagonist (this happens more often than you think), so I’m not especially bothered by the idea. However, it’s kind of wrong to drop two stars from a review just because of that, and I see this often enough. Not regularly, but often enough to be noticed. I mean, are you going to score Mass Effect lower on Metacritic just because it doesn’t let people call you Commander Lucas instead of Shepard? Or when FFX-2 doesn’t let you change Yuna to Aeris? I don’t mind the system either way or even if people like/don’t like it, what really sucks about it is the people throwing fits just because they don’t like it can be loud, and they SOUND like they’re the majority of the market most of the time.

    I think it’s less girls being picky than guys than the otome market being smaller than the galge market and with less demand, honestly. The galge market is ENORMOUS, even with its high turnover rate, and there’s a huge, huge variety in its sub-genres. With a smaller market, the fans’ echo chamber is louder (although this works in strange ways sometimes), and a maker has way, way less incentive to create sub-genres. Smaller market = smaller room for niches = smaller sales for niche games = less variety. So it goes. Plus, there’s quite a bit of social pressure from general gaming society on otome games already, anyway.

    And I’m sorry I’m ranting again but. >_>

  32. Ooh that one….hmm I duno ninja game…possibility of rape via bondage/weapons eek. Never heard of this brand before so maybe I will give them a chance we’ll see. I’m not really into ninja stuff lol (Says the person who’s still reading Naruto after 6 years….)

  33. Hinano: Yeah,It’s Cero B.It’s listed at the previous page before the ass grabing pic.Though it would probably change in next issue :3 (what Amnesia FD really?oh my hope is crushed)

    Oh no,not that one.It’s this one http://www.straight-products.com/kimikoi/index.html (just found the link)

    ..But then I remember I’ve seen this before.. orz oh well,nevermind. xD

    ET:Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that.Especially the yaruge part.

    Yeah I doubt about that too.Although I like placing my own name in the game too hehe(not just otome,rpgs too actually).

    Girls are really hard to please than guys… :v

    People also complain about Bambi like that?I see that she has even less personality compared to TMGS 1 and 2! xD

  34. I know 1 Japanese otome fangirl on twitter who gets upset if she can’t change the name of the heroine to her own name…some people like mary suing themselves that much I guess…. But I did see a few jp bloggers who said “to me the heroine is not ME so I am happy when leaving her name default the guys will call it” so I guess opinions vary. to me now faceless heroine = no personality blob and the game then just becomes one sided as you try to MOLD yourself to the guy.

    In Last escort 3 the heroine was like modeling clay. She had eyes but her personality felt non existant throughout the entire game (except in suwabe’s route because of his porn flowers and she had to react to that somehow HAHAHA)

  35. /threadjack sorry I talk too much I’m really sorry

    Dudes with no faces were popular in eroge like, ten years ago. Now it’s mostly A) not-so-special guy who gets girls throwing themselves at him by virtue of not being a douche, B) super badass. So Otomate heroines and Quinrose heroines in guy form, yes, although I’d say that Nitro’s heroes still out-badass Quinrose by a mile…..they’re different genres of fiction, though, so it’s hard to compared unless QR starts writing noir. The only times I see faceless dudes anymore are in some genres yaruge, and that’s the case where you can hardly care if you even have a guy protagonist, it can be any random rapist with a dick, really.

    Maybe we’ll get an end to faceless eroge heroines in ten years. Given how people throw hissy fits every time they’re not able to change the name of the heroine to their own names, I kind of doubt that though. Didn’t see guys throwing fits about that when it happens….

    P.S. I thought Bambi has a bit of a personality. It’s kind of thin and you can sort of customize it and turn her into whatever girl you’d like to see as a heroine, but it’s there. And you know that despite how thin it is, SOME people were complaining that she has too much personality and is too active with her life so they can’t Mary Sue themselves into her?

  36. @Julia

    I kind of like Kongming as a badass (okay, kind of) administrator with awesome taste in wives, honestly, but then again I have a moe for admin-types these days. And as far as strategists go my personal favourite was for a long time Guo Jia, even though he, like, had next to no role in the novel. I actually kind of get what’s likable about Zhou Yu, though—I mean, people didn’t BL him with Sun Ce for thousands of years and almost every derivative work EVER for nothing; manly friendships of that sort will always have a place in fiction, and he kind of fits the warrior poet ideal better than most, which is an ideal that grows on you when you read old Chinese novels for a long time. (Historically, I think Cao Cao is better at that point, though. Cao Cao is totally my favourite ROTK person overall. That bad end love story between him and his ex-osanajimi baaaaaaw. Although, there is probably a point that Cao Cao’s faction GETS to write history, so.) But yeah, even so, I think he’s kind of romanticised too much these days. Or in the old days, even. One of my old discussion circles, a professor IIRC, used to to say that part of Zhou Yu’s character assassination was because he was really romanticised and popular when the novel was written, and Luo Guanzhong was being hipster and edgy and cheering for the underdogs as well as trying to hit his audience in the face with screwed-up morality tales. Kind of funny how that worked out some centuries later.

    Well, if you like cat ears, then I hear that initial reviews of Juuzaengi have been quite favorable so far and that Guan Yu’s handling is properly dignified (take that with a grain of salt, though, this is the otome market’s idea of ‘dignified’, but I’d give them the benefit of doubt, too). I’m guessing this is good news for you. 🙂

  37. I never get the insert face into heroine thing but that’s because I also see the heroine as someone “to relate to” rather than “replace”.
    It’s not Cero C? The rating isn’t listed but I’m pretty sure it will be Cero C…Otomate loves sticking C on everything even stuff that doesn’t need it (cough Amnesia FD)

    If you mean Trick or Alice (or should I say Rape or Alice) then I’m avoiding that like the plague. It’s not going to be innocent because the same writer as Ijiwaru my Rapist and Akazukin to Rape no Mori is writing it.

  38. Lol, I must have been used to playing Tokimeki games,so I don’t really mind faceless heroine XD. This stuff probably natural in Japan because players can [insert own face here] in the game like most of galge/eroge games(correct me here). ==

    And THAT ASS GRABING WOOT. Seriously, why isn’t this game rated Cero C?I would be sooooo playing it xD (even it isn’t, I’m still going to look forward for the game ^^)

    Oh yeah,isn’t there also a new r-18 game coming soon?Urm, I don’t know how to read kanji but it’s from Straight.But looking at the character design….it looks like a normal innocent otome game that I really can’t imagine anything dirty with it lol

  39. lmfao it also looks horrific…at least with Tsukiko the hair covered up her eyes enough that it wasn’t that bad but with this kind of character design it looks like she’s physically disabled orz

  40. I just don’t understand why so many people fail to draw eyes for the heroine. It’s kinda hard to Mary Sue myself into someone with such different physiology ( _。д゜)

  41. haha I like Takatora the most but I like those kind of characters. Strangely enough I listened to Shuu’s Diabolik CD yesterday and Toriumi sounded pretty good. I recommend listening to it as it’s not his usual ossan voice

  42. Oh.. I think his past is a sad one so I like his story better than Takatora. For my fav, goes to Shuu (I want his dialogue about his age because he’s 30 now. He will sure admit of being an ossan). For Toriumi, yeah, I don’t like his voice actually, except in PersonA.

  43. @9:19 – Gahaha, yeah, I love (hate) the marketing strategy that equates female with pink. Global and annoying. (Seriously, don’t most people regardless of gender like blue or something?) I will try to actually post something and link to my blog eventually. There’s a short story posted that at least has the heroine beating the shit out of people and then going back to kind-hearted otome mode, which made me lol, so I think I’ll try my hand at translating once I’m done reading the thing.

    @ET – Yeah, I guess so, but I always laugh about that battle (and, well, Liu Bei in general) in the novel, so yandere was the closest thing I could come up with. (FWIW, Shu-Han is actually my favorite, with Cao Wei very close behind. Only guy I absolutely love in Wu is Lu Meng, and Gan Ning’s pretty cool too, but I wanted most of the rest to die in a fire.) Novel!Kongming=hax (less the case in real history, yeah; he was definitely more of a politician and administrator) and he’s a textbook Magnificent Bastard in popular culture, so YMMV pops up a TON when talking about him. (He has a cool-in-folktales-and-not-super-hot wife, though, which means I automatically award him cool-spouse points.) I think one of my professors likes Zhou Yu the best, but I hate him and think his novel character assassination is hilarious, so I guess it all comes down to taste. *shrugs* There’s just a lotta drunk people in the Three Kingdoms regardless of kingdom, and I don’t remember anyone being super obvious about it except for Zhang Fei, so I guess I don’t mind it so much.

    I like cat/animal ears a lot, actually. I’d been hoping for a non-BL game that wasn’t aimed at guys or ドMs with them. (Yeahhhh, I’m picky. >_>) If the “fantastic racism” premise ends up actually being consequential and is handled okay, I’d be quite happy (and Ma Chao’s potential route might be more interesting, since he really was part-Qiang but this fact doesn’t seem to get brought up that much).

  44. I doubt it too, but my wallet can be hopeful none the less. It could maybe work out if they cut the ‘if you didn’t get with them before’ stories and the retarded extra characters. But sadly they’ll probably add another five guys to the harem. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ 

  45. And by that I mean Zhao Yun, but I think you got my drift anyway.

    Although we all seem to agree that the cat ears are like wtf. Why cat ears? Why use RoTK when it’s pretending to be something it’s not? I mean, there’s taking a gigtantic amount of liberties like SYK, and there’s being a whole new setting.

  46. I wouldn’t call Liu Bei’s yandere for Guan Yu the yandere in the otome sense, though. I mean, he wasn’t CREEPY. (Don’t worry, no spoilers. I read the thing years and years ago.) And yeah, he’s far from my favourite character, and his faction my least favourite faction—because Liu Bei never does anything except getting rescued and whining and Zhuge Liang is an egotistical bastard whose strategies weren’t that amazing and everybody except Zhao Yu are drunks—but still, what he did re : Guan Yu’s death actually kind of makes sense if you’re a military man and your Really Powerful General is not acting trustworthy (from Liu Bei’s point of view, that is), and wasn’t he sort of a frustrated old man basically knowing he’s lost the ‘war’ at that point, despite having crown and land and everything?

    I may have forgotten details, though. It really has been many, many years, and I’ve been more concerned with the historical records than the novel lately. Lately being like five years ago.

  47. lol no problem, I think as far as romance of the 3 Kingdoms I would prefer Sangoku Rensenki as well…not because I care about that story but because I Loved all the characters & it’s not full of furry cat people

  48. @Julia: Oh, so there’s a limit. Thanks for heads up! Let’s see if this reply makes it lol.

    Wherever your post ends up being, if you link it, I’ll read it. 😀 Haha, I like the tassel, if only the rest of the wand (it’s an upgrade from staff; it’s also more correct, considering my reference to Sailor Moon XD) were as easy on my eyes. Something in my head is screaming you’re right about the functionality, but I can’t get past the colours for the structure lol. Dat palette, “Hey, how do we know who to target?” “Trust me, you’ll know.” It’s going to take time.

    I hope I get over it before the game arrives, because otherwise I’ll start annoying even myself.

    Though I do think her cheese stick is much longer than it appears, too.

    Okay, shutting up now. Sorry for clogging up your blog, Hinano. OTL

  49. Hopefully this works due to the (very sensible) limitation on replies-within-replies…

    @ET – Erm, potential spoilers, but uh, actually novel!Liu Bei is totally yandere for Guan Yu. It’s kinda a major part of the reason he died, as a matter of fact. Okay, so he wasn’t a nuko or a shouta, but novel!Liu Bei WAS pathetic. 😛

    @9:19 – Gah, sorry, I was kinda responding to both you and Hinano and didn’t make clear who I was aiming various sentences at. In fact, YAY ANOTHER PERSON WHO KNOWS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. \o/ I’d love to do a review of Jyuuzaengi, but it’ll probably take a while since I insist on looking up EVERY SINGLE KANJI and only have a warfare vocab. (Seriously, I can’t understand any “normal” school-life or modern-day stuff. It’s really sad. *foreveralone.jpg*) Also my “blog” tends to die from malnourishment. Perhaps it’ll be possible to guest post somewhere. I’ll think about it.

    I think that even though the color palette Guan Dao here is totally *~*SHOUJO SPARKLY*~*, the way she’s positioned on the front page makes the blade seem much smaller than it actually is because it blends into the logo. Also, I’ve seen some pretty ostentatious designs for Guan Yu’s weapon even when he’s a guy, and I gotta say that Jyuuzaengi’s actually seems pretty practical, with the distraction-tassel and fairly minimal ornamentation (ribbon aside…).

    Don’t even talk to me about Koutetsu Sangokushi. Just. Please. Don’t. *mumbles expletives about Wu under her breath*

    @Hinano – Yeah, but that’s the fandisc, and I’d think you of all people would know how disappointing those can be. XD I’m really enjoying the hell outta the original game; it might get bad later, but so far it’s a blast. Kazukiiiiii~! (And, well, everyone so far except Hiro.) I think I’ll wait for your review on LGS, and yeah, I can see BWS and Akazukin putting one off kemonomimi forever. Fair enough re: the tastes in historical period, though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone somewhere starts making an Anastasia otome game (cliched as that is; sorry, don’t know much about Russian history so I dunno what else would work. ~_~ Catherine the Great maybe? That would be cool.).

  50. I’ve no idea how this reply thing works. XD (The button only shows up on certain posts but not others? O_O? What? < Such a newb.)

    @Julia: I know, but I honestly can't bring myself to call it that a Guan Dao. Every time I look at her I expect her to punish me in the name of the moon. You gotta admit it looks a lot like the thing on the right: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln9em4xia71qivj1oo1_500.jpg

    ^ Lol, this is coming from a person who loves historical fantasy, nukos, and Guan Dao. I don't dislike the game, I just look at the page and…nothing computes. I'll definitely wait to hear how they deliver things once you play it! Here's to hoping it's a good crazy.

    (Also, I'm ticked because the weapons the guys are wielding in the CGs don't look like they're tripping balls. Yes, she's based on a bad, mad mofo from a Chinese epic (I think I have a copy in the basement lol), but after I watched Koutetsu Sangokushi based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I'm taking everything with a grain of salt. XD)

  51. I kinda like Sangoku Rensenki but for some reason all the cat ear furry stuff is making me squirm. I’ll just blame Akazukin and BWS for ruining furry men for me (though I have no problems with the bunny men in Alice :lol:) The art is done by the same person as Abunai Koi that QR releases next week but I’m actually kinda interested in that one lol

  52. The cat ear game is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is the same setting as Sangoku Rensenki. The heroine is supposed to be based on Guan Yu who is pretty much THE war god of Chinese literature, although I’m kind of skeptical about how she’d pull it off. I mean, last I checked, Liu Bei wasn’t a shota nuko with possibly yandere tendencies.

    Also, even regular staves can be potent weapons in anything derived from Chinese lit. The lead of Saiyuki (basis for SYK) originally used a staff. There’s a whole bunch of them in Suikoden. And I think there’s also a bunch of staff-users in wuxia shows and books, I have forgotten some of that since I left for America.

    (I’m not interested in the game, though. Something in that art style really threw me off, and it’s not just the cat ears.)

  53. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to historical stuff especially anything in the asian countries so I’d have no idea what half the game is probably even referring to. Maybe that’s why usually these kinds of games bore me?_? I’d love to see a game on Russian history at least I’d be familiar with that one lol. I dunno how good or bad Xechs is but 4shiki is claiming the FD was a pile of shit (photo included) so not sure what to say about that one o_o;

    LGS seems the same as SYK so it might be okay…SYK was pretty entertaining and the characters were charming. Let’s just pretend it’s not based off Houshin Engi 😆

  54. I can get not liking nukos and historical fantasy, but what staff? It’s a Guan Dao, which is awesome. It’s like a naginata on steroids! (Sure, the iconic weapon as described in the novel is not meant to be used in real combat…but that’s because it’s too heavy and only badasses can wield such a weapon.) I’m not saying that Otomate didn’t screw this up (will update when I actually get the game >_>), but the whole basis for the heroine is a great third-century CE hero who became THE major Chinese god of war after his death (also the worst bodhisattva just sayin’). Plus Red’s involved, and they did a pretty good job with Akira in Scared Rider Xechs, so maybe Otomate didn’t have too much influence (I hope).

    *coughs* Aaaaaanyway, LGS does look interesting, but I’m waiting to see where Otomate goes with the story. Since it’s an in-house game, I’m a little skeptical after seeing HInano’s reactions to most of this year’s games. XD

    Do agree with everyone thus far on GHP, though, what the hell, Otomate? That is the dumbest disease I’ve ever heard of. (Boy I hope it’s not based on a real thing because then I’d look stupid. XD)

  55. You have to admit Chihaya’s rout was fairly boring in comparison to the rest of the cast but I do say I’d rather hear OnoD than Toriumi…he’s in EVERYTHING I’m so sick of his voice /0\! I think the Custom Drive DLC will be free? I know D3P often gives out “keywords” for stuff on their keitai site but if you don’t live in Japan its pretty much pointless…

  56. I don’t know what to say here. But I agree with Dousei Kareshi should remain as drama CD. I think I can’t keep up with too many games come up this May (BLoody Call!, Abunai, etc) and don’t know what to do first..

    Custom Drive is finally make me rage if it’ll be to purchase something with real money, despite already purchased the game too (They should make it as online game for sure). I’m a little disappointed with new Asaki’s art, but I’ll still keep an eye on it. The hero remains me of Chihaya (with his hairstyle, sword, etc), so what’s the purpose of making new char? I missed Chihaya..

  57. haha alright I’ll give you a poke if I end up buying Custom Drive. At the moment I think I’d rather buy Storm Lover instead 8DDDD
    For me it was like all I see is frills and frills and suddenly TITS lmfao. Like I have trouble even telling what’s going on in the picture half the time, too busy. It looks like one giant cake until you see someone’s vagoo 😆

  58. I’ve used Japan’s PSN and DLCs, paid and free, before on a PSP with custom firmware, it’s totally fine! DLCs even works fine with pirated software, heh, unlike PC games. They don’t ban you or wipe your firmware. You kind of have to use Media Go and setting it up is a bit of a hassle, but after that it’s easy. I don’t really think Custom Drive’s DLC has much of anything in it; they say it’s just a costume and a little extra scenario attached to the costume, but if it really bothers you and there really are no strings attached to the process (wouldn’t know until it comes out), I’ll help you set up a Japanese PSN and all the works?

    Yeah, Takuyo’s DLCs are just stories. I’m a sucker for story content, though, sigh. Even if it’s truly miniscule. SIGH.

    It’s more than shoujotastic art man I’ve played some eroge with shoujotastic art and they were fine. Hell, I can even see some of the ‘old style’ twinkly eyes shoujo used in porn with no great difficulty. It’s just. Something. Weird. Like how their eyes are…flat and expressionless or something, IDK if I even want to see the ero art.

  59. I think this time it jumped to my attention because the rest of her body is not big enough lol. I totes remember Cinderella from your review, but I wasn’t paying close attention to her chesticles. I guess they flowed with the rest of her? XD I’m not particularly concerned about how curvy a heroine is, but I wonder if there are any games that don’t take it to the polar extremes. A flat-chested girl is fine so long as she is confident about her body, but…it’s Japan. I’m in despair already.

    Haha, yeah, I’m still waiting on more about the premise (word choice?) to decide whether it’s a hit or miss.

    Wow, that’s a lot of work. I think it almost beats the time you tortured yourself with the Miyako FD. XD

  60. For the most part, Quin Rose heroines all have pretty big racks (did you see the Crimson Empire or the Cinderella ones? :lol:) Which is good I mean most of the time we get these washboard heroines! XD

    The heroine doesn’t need a real weapon, she’s gonna be a damsel in distress saved by everyone anyway so who cares if she has a cheese stick in her hand! xD

    I hope you don’t dismiss CM because of the art since the staff writing it did a pretty good job with Death Connection and Musketeer.

    I think the reason it took so long is because of me having to wait for the scanner to do it’s thing, then resize/crop/upload each pic XD

  61. The first thing I noticed in the Arabians Lost poster was her rack, so large I had to look again to see the men. Goddamn.

    Rouge Lipgloss sounds like some hilarious shit. XD

    Yeah, no idea what’s happening with the feudal cat ears (or which ever era that game’s set in). WHY? I also raged when I saw the heroine’s staff. That’s not a weapon!

    Something about Confidential Money is turning me off. It must be either the bling or the name. Or possibly the heroine’s sweater, it looks like the artist used a humongous burn tool right down her side. Now I have to weigh my disdain for the border design against my desire for ass. Dammit.

    Don’t even get me started on Glass Heart Princess.

    But! QR’s art has really levelled up-I don’t know if they hired other artists or if their existing ones improved, but I have all these feels.(*´▽`*)

    Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed reading it. (4 hours, that’s a new record, isn’t it?)

  62. i don’t know who made it but it’s a GREE game and since I don’t have a gree account I couldn’t play it

  63. yep I stalk QR”s website like daily now hahaha 8D

    I’m not sure if they would release 4 FDs in 1 game. Knowing moneybee its very unlikely. I only liked the summer FD anyway so that’s the only one I will be buying!

  64. yea its the same art team as Musketeer & Death Connection so it looks good 8D And lmfaoo soulless vacuum, how appropriate!

  65. hahahha they all need eyes xDDD;;;
    Otomate’s great idea quality no surprises right?
    Yea I agree with trick or rape since the writer of Ijiwaru my Rapist is writing it 😆
    Not sure if seishun will have uho end since they said it will only be 男女 endings so the dude will go after the girls. Maybe there will be a twincest end? 😆

  66. well the faceless youkai would be appropriate at least! that just looks like some kind of unintentional horror 😆

    So the Custom Drive is a free bonus eh? But I’ve never used the PSN before and my PSP is CFW…I’m afraid if I use it they’ll ban me or something lmfao. And I have no idea how to even get access to the JP PSN I’ve just been buying games the old fashioned way in a box ^^;

    I saw Takuyo’s DLCs but I think they were only stories…no CGs right? That kind of thing i couldn’t care less about though it’s annoying none the less since I Played the PS2 version to begin with.

    I stalk Quin Rose’s website like every day so yes I’ve seen it (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。) I don’t mind QR’s derpy CGs because their characters & writing is stellar compared to most of what kusomate’s been crapping out this year. Yea GHP sucks and Trick or Alice hahaha yea…it’s like some children’s shoujo manga …with porn o_O. Some of the ero art creeps me out too especially the “wonderland” versions

  67. yea I was surprised about the delay (though not surprised about the idea of a delay this year sigh…) It looks so good, after stories! ughh ;_;

  68. that’s a great question…I went through the whole magazine and I don’t remember a single thing O_O I’m gonna go back and check again but they had a feature on it in Girl’s Style so I wonder what happened in B’s Log…really strange ^^; Then again B’s log also has nothing on Brothers Conflict or Koishiba because Dengeki dominates those titles.

  69. I’m waiting for Tiny-x-Machinegun. I wonder why there’s nothing about this game?

  70. Ohhhhh yes! I played Bloody Call and the storyline and the art were so good! I was so excited when they announced it to be ported to PSP. And then they went to delay the release. >.>;

    And I’m very much looking forward to Diabolik Lovers! Woohoo~~

  71. I was ranting the other day that they should just make an otome game where the heroine is a girl Noppera-bou (faceless youkai) so at least they can have a legitimate reason to not have a face, haha.

    AFAIK the Custom Drive DLC is just a free bonus you can get if you put in your product code. It’s pretty harmless, and it’s not like Otome games have never done this before. Hell, both Otomate and Takuyo did paid DLCs before. PAID. Otomate’s are epilogues for Hanayakana waga Ichizoku and Takuyo’s are epilogues for Kaerubatake Summer, IIRC. Your mileage may vary, but I think it’s just a nice extra for buyers? Seeing you can’t it if you pirate and everything; it’s certainly nicer than the other methods people are starting to use these days.

    Quinrose just put up the character pages for School Wars if you haven’t seen it. I’ve never thought grenades could be moe before in my life. I really like this artist, even though she kind of does weird proportions at times.

    Also : GHP’s settei makes me rage so much yeah. From the official site it’s all like ‘Oh she’s a wonderful person and perfect and smart and all but she’s shy and doesn’t think she’s ready for love it’s too ADULT for her so now that she has to train her heart (wtf?) the guys have to TEACH her what PASSION love is!’ What the fuck, Otomate. I play pretty much everything in stride; I’ve never really raged at games although there are ones that gets me to do a Vulcan Eyebrow Rise. But this. Really. Offended. Me. More than the ones where you’re a stupid OL and the guys have to provide stability in your life so you can marry and have kids. If you’re trying to get the ‘romantically awkward heroine’ market, you’re doing it wrong.

    P.S.2. Trick or Alice’s art Uncanny Valley’d the hell out of me. How on Earth do you even Uncanny Valley with an anime artstyle? O_o IDK man they look like REALLY CREEPY barbie-wannabe dolls to me.

  72. (^w^)つ<●><●>gives eyes to the heroines of Asaki and kimi kare wwww lol trains ur heart by dating a guy huh? ワロスwwww well thats new treatment or some thing? XD i think its gonna be super doormat heroine on galore XD oh i think the trick or alice has a possibility to become trick or rape レイプフラグのお知らせだwand in seishun hajimemashita i think theres a possibility of うほ♂wwwend (eventhough do not want it) since even gyaru ge- like tokimeki memorial 4 for guys (夢落ちウホッエンドw)and school days cross day version( やめてお尻痛いエンドw)have it (just WHY the hell they do that !)well i wil go 土下座 to honey bee to dont include うほエンド in these game because im sure the fandom will flood in うほ♂ウホッパラダイス  ヒィー(((゚Д゚)))ガタガタ ガクガクガクやめてよお・・・・!but its a shame since chihaya is your twins in the story though (似たもの同士CPが好きですw)i wish some otome game company will give me an eroshota like erik (←おいw

  73. The art in confidential money looks awesome, I like games that have protags that aren’t in high school or look like they are.

    And for the no face girl i guess you can’t have a proper mary sue unless her face matches the soulless vacuum of personality that’s within~

  74. Also Just to point out that the Hyakki Kaiden Romance site has character profiles uploaded if you haven’t seen them!

    Even though they are porting the Starry Sky fandisc they released a singular ~After Portable site over it being ~After Spring. Maybe I’m being deluded by hope but I’d rather a single FD over the four. :/ Only way I’ll buy em anyhow.

    Other then shrugging over the playing a guy part, at least Seishun Hajimemashita! doesn’t have a man harem so far. From what I count it’s six guys. Great improvement from Starry Skys twenty.

  75. I may be wrong but since you mentioned that Abunai Koi isn’t really a Quin Rose game, I gotta ask a question. Is it a port of a Voltage mobile game?

  76. What cat ear game? There’s one I’m not aware of? Oh wait, it’s the one by otomate that’s set in old time Japan or whatever? If it is then I don’t care.

  77. I dunno but its creepy as hell lmfao ITS LIKE HER FACE IS MISSING LIKE SOME HORROR MOVIE 😆
    Yea I didn’t scan the CGs but Lisa is like lifting rocks & breaking coffee tables in half with a karate chop xDDD I’m so excited lol!
    I’m with you as far as Hakuoki goes…Otomate needs to stop focusing on old crap but I guess it doesn’t help when you have people who keep voting crapuoki characters in the Bs Log polls every month 🙄

  78. Lol is the eyeless heroine is that popular? °Д° I wonder is that so hard to draw the eyes or something.

    Glass Heart Princess, not sure if I’ll be looking forward for this game. Doormat and weak-heart heroine? No thank you lol

    Ah that Heroine of QR, wish all the girl like that lol, so strong and that slap looks hurt xD

    I am so looking forward for Confidential Money, totally love the arts, and that scene with teddy bear, kawaiiiii.

    Meh another Hakuoki game? I am so bored with this game lol.

    And thank you for sharing this information ^-^

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