My first & final experience with Cybird mobages

Surprising nobody: it was terrible and I didn’t think it was going to be anything but. Still, due to lack of console games lately, I was bored out of my mind (and lured in by Uchida Yuuma) that I decided to give it ye’ old free 2 play only experience to see how far I could get before rage quitting.

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Ameba Otome Game Review: Boyfriend (Kari)


So because the games I ordered in January got lost in the mail, I spent most of February forcing Alice down my throat and tapping my android phone with a money jerking card game. Fortunately because idgaf about collecting every pokemon, I didn’t spend a penny but none the less it was a good time killer so I figured I’d share the wealth. Continue reading “Ameba Otome Game Review: Boyfriend (Kari)”

Ameba Mobile Game Review: Himitsu Kareshi -Idol Hitotsu Yane no Shita-


Hikari just got laid off work, bummed out and depressed she wanders around until she bumps into some hot dude. Turns out he’s a popular idol and since she recognizes him, he grabs her and brings her to his apartment. Apparently he shares it with 3 others idol room mates and their apartment care taker has recently quit. He offers, or rather shoves, the new care taker job on to Hikari whether she likes it or not. And so, Hikari’s adventures of living with idols begins.

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Mobage Review: Watashi no Kareshi, Hen Nandesu!

So we have “my bofyriend is a weirdo”. It looks like its by the same makers as the Tulip game since the system appears to be identical. Story is you’re a college student (whose name I made Iijima Ami using a name generator) studying psychology, and you get to pick from 4 weirdos to get with: a siscon, a yandere, a sports hetare and your psychology professor. Let the games begin!

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