B’s Log June 2012 Issue

キタ━━━━⊂⌒っ´∀`)っ━━━━ !!

So since I got a 6 month subscription to B’s-Log I figured I’d do a monthly review post on the issues I receive. Each issue is released in Japan on the 20th so I will probably get it a week later. I may be behind on the news but I guess this is more of an interest gauge post to see how many people are interested in me doing this? It seems like most of my otome gamer friends already either get the magazine before me or download it someplace –  so maybe nobody will really bother to read this but here we go xD;

First let’s start with this months goodies:

Hana Awase pamphlet

To be honest I have no interest in this whole series. They’re marketing it as Yura’s art and look at these seiyuu gravures but….


No offense to Mizushima, I love the man’s voice but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we want to see 2D men not the 3D men who voice them…..most seiyuus are not gravure material…I sincerely wish they would stop wasting B’s Log pages on this ^^;;

UtaPri Stickers

These are cute! No idea where I can even stick them to be honest and I didn’t think they’d be so large! I should put Tokiya on the mirror that came with the magazine. And yes that is the next goody:

UtaPri Mirror

Omg what the huge. I thought it was a compact mirror as in “a small pocket mirror” not a giant mirror I can put on my desk and use it to put makeup on with lol. Look at the size compared to my PSP 3000.

Grimm the Bounty Hunter Poster

With my newfound love for Quin Rose, I proudly hang this on my wall. Thinking about limited edition of the game as well.

Honeybee x Black Butterfly

Looks like a new drama CD series collab with Yone doing the artwork. She’s like whoring herself out everywhere now that she’s left Kusomate!! 😆 I don’t really listen to drama CDs though so other than the pretty art I can’t say I care much. I don’t think I’ll be hanging this one up; I’m tired of dudes with horns come out of their heads from Yone xD.

And now for all the magazine stuff:

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Ok so far as as UtaPri debut – unless I’m reading it wrong – there may be some kind of brief scenarios with the senpais. Gameplay is identical to all previous games. As usual Natsuki loves everyone \( ^o^)/  The July issue of B’s log coming next month will have a special drama CD with Sho & Masato. It looks like you can get the dream cushions on Rakuten but sadly their store doesn’t ship globally so time to find a good 3rd party xD.

Kamigami no Asobi

For those who haven’t heard it from Girls Style, this will be Kazuki Yone’s new otome game that she’s doing for Broccoli. The story appears to be involving Greek & Japanese gods so I gues we’re gonna have like Amateras and Zeus fighting over the heroine or something lmfao xD. It would be epic win if they had Kondo voice Zeus again…. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) They keep promoting these 2 characters but I hope that’s just a teaser and that the game is more than just…these 2 characters. Then again with that ossan hoihoi game by Blue Moon I can’t be too sure anymore.

Mary Sue has become a shotacon.

Otomate’s milking Amnesia some more with drama CDs & character songs. Whatever. 🙄 Moving on.

Starry Sky ~After Winter~

After winter is just around the corner and SuzuKen says that the game will be rich with play volume because he said he had a ton of lines. In fact he thinks he had more lines than anyone in the game. The pages also contain hints on which game choices will raise affection ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Now I don’t have to wait for a guide!

Diabolik Lovers

I’m sure everyone is dying to know what’s gonna happen with the actual game. I read through it and picked up a few points. They wanted to make the heroine ” unique” from all other heroines which is why they gave her that poofy blonde hair. I’m hoping that also means she’s not gonna be a TOTAL doormat though I’m not expecting Quin Rose level asskicking. The game system appears to be kinda like Vitamin X where you will read the prologue and then pick a dude and do his route. By route though it appears that rather than it being an adventure game it’s just a situation game so actually I guess it really will be like the CDs. You pick Raito and have him drown & sexually harass you for 3 hours. ( ´_ゝ`) Hm not sure if I want lol. Rejet also promises “racy” stuff so I’m guessing lots of implied secks and other naughty things 😆 Creators comments mentioned Raito is a maniac perorist (licker) lmfaooo. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They mentioned Shuu has a closet full of the same cardigan and in his CD supposedly he is super do-S but in a way that “pleases” the heroine. “Come lick me woman you know you want to.” Well I suppose it beats drowning & bitchy shotas?


I feel like they’ve announced about this game almost a year ago and it still hasn’t been released. It’s coming out for the PC (for once) but I feel like I haven’t seen any progress with it except maybe a few cgs every 4-5 months. I guess due to this my interest hasn’t been high or maybe after Arcana Famiglia mafia games make me rage.

Skipping over Toki no Kizuna because it’s the same the same the same from Otomate and I really dgaf right now. I like Miko’s games when they’re about cooking and beast mastery anyway. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

Virus School

So I really dgaf about drama CDs but I’ve kept my eyes on Virus School because it’s the same artist that did all those cute Starry Sky chibis. It started as a 4koma and now it’s being turned into a drama CD. Hey if we can have a drama CD about food men turned into an otome game, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to date the Killer-Tcell-kun sometime in 2013 😆


I’ll be honest, I am no longer looking forward to Koisen Love & Peace. I wanted it to be another Hotokenser but it’s not going to be because the heroine is an eyeless sack of air. All the Cgs make it quite obvious that she doesn’t matter and you can tell the official site doesn’t give a damn about her when she’s not even LISTED AS A CHARACTER. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even come with a default name. ( ´_ゝ`) Sorry but unless I have an awesome heroine who is also one of the rangers, this will never be as nearly as awesome as Hotoken was.

Stop it Otomate.
Storm Lover Kai!

Not much to say about Storm Lover Kai other than щ(゚д゚щ)カモーン. I haven’t played the original so this is really a pleasure to play a nice version from the start!

Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku OVA

Anime adaptation of a game that’s still in my backlog. At least it’s an OVA so hopefully their budget is higher than Hiiro no Derpkera.

Spinoff game キタ━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!! This is like the best news for me and Quin Rose already has the official site up. I can’t wait to play this! Maybe this time I will buy the limited edition to get the manga furoku that comes with it. The heroine Ui looks like she’s as badass as Shizuka and won’t take crap from anyone being the princess of a dragon clan. Also like Shizuka apparently she harbors a great power and cannot control it either so it’s been sealed inside of her.  The characters look a lot nicer than in the first game so I’m really excited for this one. There’s also a tengu guy whose last name is Tobiura but first name is Wakaba…maybe he’s a relative of Moegi from the first game? We’ll find out.  The sample CGs kinda look like the ones from the first game so I pretty much expect a lot of similarities but to me it’s just “more of a good thing”.

Double Score

This game should just be considered illegal robbin’ da cradle or something lmfao. The fact that they shamelessly LIST THE FREAKING AGE GAP at the top….the fact that one of those age gaps is great than my own age….. (#゚ω゚ ) お断りだぜぇ. The worst part being of course that each game only has 2 characters and costs like $35. What a joke lmfao who is gonna buy this? I can see them wanting an age gap but can’t they at least make the heroine of LEGAL AGE (20)?? 😯

Skipping past otomate’s WOF2 FD and Nekomimi games (lol I’m really hatin’ on them) the main event:

Grimm the Bounty Hunter

Hansel is a MASSIVE TSUNDERE. LMFAO I AM SO EXCITED TORIUMI IS VOICING HANSEL AGAIN dsfdsfsd Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! So anyway this made my day lol! Also Kishio said in his cast interview if you play this game you will get a chance to experience some リア充 hahaha XD.

Arabians Lost

Arabians Lost remake! I normally steer clear of stat raisers but if a friend can make it through the original I can try to make it through the remake which supposedly has an easier system or something.

24 Hour Cinderella

I’m still crawling through the first game but definitely looking forward to the 2nd one! It’s too bad they couldn’t get Fujita Saki to voice Rosalia in that one, woulda been pretty funny XD.

Asaki Yumemishi

I wanna play this because I did like the first game but changing the artists & getting rid of poor OnoD (replacing him with Toriumi)…not sure how I feel about this. I’ll probably give it a shot none the less though.

Skipping past Trick or Alice (the art is nice but hiyo is writing it and I haven’t really seen any news about a release date.) Skipping past Hiiro 4 (which is really 5 go to hell Otomate.)

Confidential Money

Mmm naked mans (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Otomate rage aside I am looking forward to Confidential Money. The CGs look way better than some of the derp I saw in Musketeer so hopefully it’ll be as awesome as Death Connection was.


If the tracing wasn’t bad enough now they delayed the dam game back to May 31st. Seriously if you trace, what’s the delay? That doesn’t take much effort at all!

My excitement for Danzai no Maria  La Campanella kinda died the moment they announced a Director’s Cut to be released in July. With the demo being in huge PC size what is even the point of buying the PSP version?? Sigh Karin you and your non stop porting disappoints me. I won’t be buying this game anymore.

I was hoping L.G.S. would be as funny as S.Y.K. and judging from this screenshot we may have a winner? Hopefully it won’t have psp crashing bugs like the SYK fandisk did or else…… ( ಠ益ಠ )

Custom Drive

Custom Drive is looking to be more and more interesting. What girl doesn’t love dress up games! But getting the chance to dress up your dude = awesome. The only thing that worries me is the heroine has a hot man allergy…this can’t end well.

Reader polls:

Top 3 Games You are looking fwd to:
1. UtaPri Debut
2. Amnesia Later (it’s already out?)
3. Hakuoki Kusoroku (why)

Top 3 PC games you wanted ported:
1. TYB
2. Starry sky After Summer
3. Starry Sky After Spring

Top 3 Favorite Otome Dudes:
1. Kurusu Sho (sigh)
2. Saito Hajime (SIGH)
3. Ichinose Tokiya (*´꒳`*)

Animate Top 3 Sales Rankings:
1. Hakuoki Kusoroku (ew)
2. Dramatical Murder (アッー!)
3. Amnesia Later Limited Edition Set

Didn’t have time to read all the detailed interviews on some of otomates games (not that I care tbh…) but that’s pretty much that for this issue. Hope you guys found this post entertaining & informative!


80 thoughts on “B’s Log June 2012 Issue”

  1. Wow. This was extremely amusing LOL. Especially all your rage comments about otomate and the bias to QR haha I like, I like. Nicely done my friend xD And wow Kazuki Yone really is whoring herself out to all the other otome game companies lol I guess it’s her way of saying “screw you otomate” lmao but it’s not surprising, I feel like every other company is going to try and hire her now xD Her artwork is like, legendary I guess you could say LOL.
    Trick or Alice looks like it’s going to be full-o rape and since hiyo is writing the scenarios I feel like it’s going to be Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori all over again aka rapeapalooza? well, I guess we’ll see. I’m sure the M inside of me will probably get the game lol ( >﹏<。)~
    I think you should keep doing this 8D I am liking this post a lot already haha! That, and I don't download/order the mags so I have a tough time keeping up. QQ I'm always out of the loop
    (I didn't know half of these games existed LOL sad day and I call myself an otome gamer sigh lmao) (´;ω;`)

    1. Glad you found it useful! XD Took me like 3 hours lmfao xD;;
      And yea I’m sure trick or alice will be a rapefest…I like the art & voice actors so I may play it and then rage & regret it like I did with Akazukin 😆

      1. I know right lmao I always go into so many R18 otome games thinking “god, gorgeous artwork and great VAs I know I’ll regret this later but HERE I GO, PLAYING IT ANYWAY” and then ofc lol like, one route in I ragequit out of it lol. Akazukin made me so mad lol so much raep in that game, it was ridiculous lol and the artwork was so effing weird too LOL I like the art in Trick or Alice but it’s like they’re trying too hard to copy Yura’s coloring style lol

  2. well I’d read your B’sLog posts since i have no (early) access to it IRL and digital lol

    how does unique = poofy hair? LMAO (if u want unique, make her have 3 arms, now that’s unique)

    what irks me the most about Double Score is the awful marketing -_- 2 characters per disc is ripoff. Plus why cant we get a heroine who’s over 20….

    – reins aka jilatlanun

    1. maybe cause most otome game heroines are black/brown straight haired girls? XD I dunno.

      the 2 chars per game is crap indeed but I saw some of my Japanese friends already plan to buy them all…..orz…

      1. the only other ‘unique’ thing I noticed about her is she’s wearing two ribbons on her neck lolol more things to strangle her with, I guess…

        at least the Hana Awase discs cost less than 2000y each, iinm

  3. OMG THIS IS SO PRECIOUS. Please continue doing this! xDD I laughed to hard at mizushima & stopitotomate LOL. OZMAFIA when are you going to be released like seriously. (#ノー_ー)ノ彡┻━┻

    Isn’t otomate kinda dropping in quality recently? …and consistency (with their releases’ dates). It’s kinda sad that they have to make other illustrators (like Ike?) copy Yone’s art. I don’t really mind OK-art with OMGSOAWESOME-story. But since it’s otomate we’re talking about…. D:

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! yea I kinda lost interest in Ozmafia especially with so many other games overshadowing it. Otomate’s been such crap all year its like 2012 the otomate world ended lol.

  4. That was very informative, thank you! \o/ The persistence of Hakuouki in the reader polls will always make me lol. Stop buying all the crappy spinoffs, you’re just encouraging Otomate! (; v ; )

    I do want to say QuinRose’s games look a lot better in terms of art now. ;; I haven’t been keeping up with them at all after Mother Goose, and I know it’s shallow to not try something out because of the art but honestly there have been just so many other games piquing my interest at first glance that I’m not exactly dying for more games to add to the backlog. xD;; Much more interested in trying them out now after seeing the scans though!

    Lastly, “Shuu has a closet full of the same cardigan” >> ????

    1. yea i really REALLY don’t get hakuoki other than “kya historical bishies” but there’s so many historical bishie games i just don’t get it. spinoffs are bad but crap like hakuoki cafe & hakuoki nails are like (;☉_☉)

      lol yea you know after all the crap I took from otomate QR’s art doesn’t even bother me anymore. its not great and i can see flaws but the story/characterization makes up so much for it. this is like a huge reason why I liked Vitamin X even tho the art at the time was horrendous XD.

      yes if you open up Shuus closet you’ll see like 20 yellow cardigans XD

  5. Love the news! I’m terrible at keeping up with gaming news and I’m pretty much clueless until a game comes out and someone starts playing it, so for once I’m enjoying hearing about these things in progress.

    LMAO at all the Otomate rage, although I kind of wanted to see the pretty art from Miko wwww (/ω\). Also.. what the heck is going on with Hakuouki.. WHY ARE THEY STILL ON IT. I can’t believe they’re throwing in cosplay pictures in a gaming mag.. oh geez.

    @Suri I’m as shallow as you are I think xD;; because I tend to be interested in games at first glance to the art too. But, after reading QR game reviews I’m getting really interested in them. I also think they have more.. “racy” scenes than Otomates or other games with fancier art. /sobs I can’t resist this shallow part of me that wants beautiful things though ;;;;

    Oh yes, thank you so much for the Diabolik Lovers information! I’ve been wondering what they’re planning to do with that although the talk about the heroine being “unique” isn’t making me feel any better. I bet her “uniqueness” will come from her super doM attitude and her magical blood of ambrosia lulz. Also, no comment on Reiji’s drama CD? Hmm.. I guess I’ll reluctantly look forward to Shuu’s I’m too much of an M

    1. those actually aren’t cosplay pics, its from the Hakuoki PLAY. STAGE PLAY. geez next thing you’ll know we’ll have a Hakuoki Circus. 😆

      Quin Rose games are as someone said “Cero C done right”. When I think about Cero C with Amnesia and its hand holding I’m like ಠ_ಠ I think reiji’s drama CD info was listed in the previous B’s log issue. This time they only had the interview with Toriumi for Shuu!

  6. Not really sure what’s going on between Honey Bee and Black Butterfly. But I must admit that I absolutely love the artwork shown on the website. .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。.

      1. no probs I tossed your duplicate comment 😀
        I think the Honey-Butter collab are just soine CDs. They should make a game, I’m sick of all this drama CD flooding

        1. erm the only yone art is that horned guy. the other artists are Kazuaki and like someone else. all those characters are either from the black butterfly soine CDs or like some new drama CDs. it has nothing to do with starry sky. starry sky’s art is like restricted to Kazuaki lol. the festival page is for the collaboration of like honeybee i guess doing the cd marketing/promo/art while black butterfly does all dem dummy head mic things 😛

          the starry sky is just them selling the tshirts at the festival and that’s about it

  7. You know, it’s kind of funny that all those Mary Sue Drama CDs tend to have their front cover guys in vulnerable ‘eat me now’ positions, but the content and/or the games they spawn tend to be mostly about THEM being ‘I’m eating you now hohoho’ manly and you being an ‘eat me now’ doormat. That said, since I admittedly lay on the wrong side of the do’something scale, I rather enjoy looking at the artwork. Although the horns can go break themselves.

    Aside from Quinrose games (all of them look delectable oh god, QR certainly had leveled up some in art), I have to confess that Custom Drive is the game I’m most enthusiastic about. It promises to have the right amount of crack and seriousness, and who doesn’t like molding your boyfriend into a perfect 俺好み? It’s creepy IRL, but in games it’s TOTALLY FUN. Still keeping an eye on Koisentai, though, because hope springs eternal and MAYBE all those people who voted it game of year weren’t entirely made up of do’M doormats. And I’m also crossing fingers on the virus thing becoming a game because I’m a biologist and this hits my nerd glands pretty hard.

    BTW, when I went to QR’s site for Hyakki Yakou for the first time, I stared at the pic for a few seconds and died laughing when I realized that the megane dude is basically a MALE YUKI-ONNA LOL.

    1. Also, wow, Otomate, that was some epic tracing. O_O

      I still like WFP enough to wait for the FD, though. Just, you know, I’m not necessarily buying them. And I’m STILL not sure how they’re going to make a game with abusive vampire Do’S menz and a ditzy genki girl without classical rape.

      1. Of course there will be rape but it’ll be off screen & implied…though I doubt they’d even get close to Quin Rose level randy but hm since Rejet is involved I imagine maybe something like Gekka Ryoran Romance levels? XD

        and yes I love how in drama cds its totally the opposite image of the cover. its like a cat who lies there with its belly exposed then you go to touch it and it grabs & claws at you lol 8D

        If voting tells you anything, Saito Hajime has been in the top 3 for like 3 years or something…with that in mind I imagine KoiSen is gonna be rather crappy.

      2. On Saitou Hajime : Dude is that true. O_o

        The persistence of Hakuouki leading into Musouroku being the bestseller of ‘otome’ titles lead me to believe that the general gaming community in Japan may be onto something when they scoff at otome gamers for being ‘stupid girls who can only play simplified games for Mary Sue romance stories’. I used to rage so much at that one, considering that eroge players don’t really get THAT flak, but then at least they bug-test the non-ADV eroges and the buggy ones don’t make bestsellers just because they have hot people in it. Just. I can sort of understand why they’d buy Hakuouki Yuugiroku. But Musouroku? Why? WHY? Musou games are hard to balance and it’s by can’t-code-for-life IDEA FUCK, for god’s sake.

        Maybe it’s that most Otomate fans are not nerds and not in the known. The girl equivalent of COD fans, maybe. That mental image sucks.

        1. lmfao IDEA FUCK and KUSOMATE AHAHAHHA m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ
          that’s a good one maybe that’s why any idea factory/otomate collabs are always so shitty but stuff they do with like rejet and others turns out to be 20 times better.
          though that doesn’t excuse all the tracing in Atelier Elkrone 🙄

      3. Well Otomate is a subdivision of Idea Fuck, so….. maybe it kind of depends on how independent the internal studio that did the good games are? IDK.

    2. dude that’s true. i never noticed about the discretion between covers of drama cds and content but yeah… i wonder why it’s like that? maybe it’s like the bl-syndrome where you want both the dominant male and the submissive feminine one. feeding both desires in one maybe?

      1. Well, if that’s their aim, they did a rotten job of it. XD

        I think it has more to do with creating moe potential at first glance, honestly. Regardless of your S-M status, moe is generally defined as some sort of vulnerability. What vulnerability is in your strike zone depends on your tastes, but it’s pretty safe to have a dominant guy showing his weakness only in front of you and making/calling it moe. Therefore they don’t have to bother as much with the actual content and just focus on the ear molesting.

        P.S. Funny that you mentioned BL, I never figured out how to enjoy otome games with doormat heroines until I read enough BL and learned how to switch my mindset between the uke and the seme at appropriate moments lol. It helps that no heroines are voiced because Still Not Attracted To Girls, although this is probably not helpful in the way the makers intended haha.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write it!

    Otomate is dead to me. I guess I’m not the only one >.<''''

  9. YES i love this since i’m lazy and this is hilarious. also MUCHO LOVE at the quinrose fangirling. yess join the dark side where (gasp) HEROINES ACT LIKE THEIR REAL-LIFE 21ST CENTURY EQUIVALENTS OF (relatively more) EMPOWERED WOMEN. YA.

    i honestly wouldn’t dislike otomate’s “serious” games (like hnk & hakuoki) so much if they weren’t such downers. srsly i was so depressed playing hakuoki i had to pause and just look at everything on the internet like WHY do people enjoy the angst-fest? it’s so hopeless and depressing T-T same goes for the hnk series. i didn’t have any /fun/ playing them except for the fandiscs…

    1. HnK was depressing? O_o I thought the emotional manipulations were so obvious and artificial in that one that I kept saying ‘yeah, yeah, quit wangsting already being all emotional and no logic wouldn’t solve your problem’, which is kind of a shame because I thought the sacrifice deal has potential. Cognitive dissonance maybe?

      Hakuouki, though, was a ridiculous downer train. I know that anything involving the Shinsengumi HAS to be depressing, but they could add a few lighthearted scenes here and there in the comedy of tragic errors, couldn’t they? Also, it’s probably more frustrating because you can see all those moments you/heroine can do something about it but the game won’t let you/Chizuru is too busy being shocked to think about doing something. They can’t really use history as an excuse either, they lost that one the moment they added vampires and let Okita live.

    2. lol empowered women are apparently everywhere except Japan where getting pregnant & marrying = quit job forever! yea Hakuoki was like sooo depressing im like WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP DYING lol. Hiiro wasn’t depressing it was just TEXT WORDS LONG DIALOGUES TEXT kissing TEXT MORE TEXT BATTLES etc. xD 10 hour routes give me a break!

  10. HAHA that was the same reaction I had whe I saw those “gracure” pics xD Like… seriously, I’m not interested in the seiyuu, I just like their voice acting lol

    Thank you a lot for the mag review, I get these through the net but it’s nice to read an actual review on them 😀

    I’m looking forward to being able to watch your gaming broadcast on the games you plan to play, hope I can do it 😛

    1. yea I can probably count the number of GOOD LOOKING male seiyuu on my left hand ಠ_ಠ no offense to them but thats why I’m into voice actors not idols… lol

      I think twitch finally fixed their stupid chat so maybe I won’t have to ragequit broadcasting after all lol

  11. I’m glad to see that QuinRose’s art became more pretty

    Also LOL at dat traced pic 😀

    1. yea they’ve improved a lot. they still got ways to go but with their charming cast I really don’t even care that much!

  12. LOL at all your rage XD Well, technically the results of Otomate’s new policy since 2011 has super sucked but they’ve always been hit, miss and decent.. I still really like them when they hit. Quinrose is like that too, I heard Mother Goose was a disaster/Cinderella not so impressive.. I really can’t say the Otome game companies are reliable like Key/5pb/Nitro Chiral and VN companies when you can buy games just because you like that company. Otomate obviously doesn’t want to do that, they mixed up members of each team so people can’t judge new games based on team any more, and keep recruiting more staff so they can make moar games. Hence Hanaichi’s team quit to make their own company so they can stick together and keep their quality.

    Well, even if I’m somewhat interested in Toki no Kizuna (I feel very good I didn’t play Hanaoni / all of Hakuouki now so I’m not affected by oni overdose) and Genroh.. none of the new games sparks me up that much. Reading whatever was in this volume didn’t help any. I guess this B’sLog was unimpressive?

    Speaking of Miko and her games, I don’t think she has much say except to draw. I attribute a lot of what is Beast master to it’s scenario writer (who was also in charge of the plot, and who has also left Otomate lol). I have no idea about Toki no Kizuna. The staff are a new team.

    Thanks for Dialovers part and random stuff here and there~ ってやっぱりこのポストを書いて大成功になったじゃん!I told you I was probably the only one XD

    AND OMG /THROWS ALL TABLES TOWARDS IKE and KUSOMATE for all the tracing lately =__=”’ *grossed out*

    I’ll get to reading your Ouma gatoki review later 🙂

    1. lol yea throwing tables with you the tracing is bad. It’s probably not even ike’s fault, she’s probably told to like trace or GTFO =_=

      I didn’t know how otomate’s teams worked but this musical chairs shit lol what a joke honestly. I won’t agree with 5PB though…I played games like Hakushaku to Yosei and Your memories Off so uh I don’t exactly have a great feeling towards them (Haven’t played BTF yet.)

      Man the writer of beast master quit? Bummer. I hope she goes somewhere good. I heard she also wrote Kaito Apricot for Takuyo so I actually wanted to play that sooner rather than later. I coulda had more in my post with rapist of the opera and trick or alice but after like 3 hours of scanning I just got lazy 8DD;;;

  13. Thank you so much for sharing it, your comment is really amusing ^_^ I am wondering too, how come Hakuouki is still on the top? I kinda bored with that game (^_^;)

    About Otomate, kinda have a mixed feeling, recently their game is not that good (Hanaoni,etc). But I really looking forward for Toki no Kizuna, Genroh, and Confidential Money.

    Kamigami no Asobi looks interesting, I’m so glad they decided on Greek/Japanese Mythology. But I hope there is no Zeus in there lol, I can’t imagine how he is fighting with Apollo over the same woman キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

    I kinda lost interest with Starry Sky lol, I played the spring and after spring, Tsukiko is beyond dumb ( ̄□ ̄;) , and in the middle of the game I feel asleep.

    1. I was bored with Hakuoki before Aksys even licensed it lol. Yea Otomate needs to think up of something new instead of beating a dead horse over & over.
      Toki no Kizuna & Genroh I’m just like 🙄 not this again. Confidential Money feels like it will be interesting though so I have higher hopes for that one. I admit Zeus entertained me in Kanno Mukashibanashi so I’m like bring it on man XDDD

      As far as starry sky the best to worst is like Summer > Winter >>>> Autumn >>>>>>> Spring so you played the worst one of them. Try summer, maybe you will like it =)

  14. I like this post. I get the mag from kinokuniya sf but I cant read Japanese that well yet so its mostly me looking at pretty pictures. Are you going to review dengenki gs as well?

    1. I don’t order Girls Style because they recently decided to stuff their magazine full of manga crap so if I feel like it I may download scans but as the scans are not mine I don’t post them on the blog.

      1. Aww that sucks. I hoped dengenki had good material since I subbed to it. Btw is the Maria director’s cut only on Pc then? No psp?

        1. ever since they went monthly theyre like LETS FILL IT WITH CRAP yea so I decided to pick B’s log instead. Maria is coming out as a PSP version but wouldnt your rather play a 1020 PC screen size game than a 480 one? XD

  15. Please keep doing this. I don’t bother to download these magazines even though I really should, because if I had I would have found out earlier about the sick branding stuff in BWS way earlier and I wouldn’t have pre ordered it. Because they only bothered to show that thing on the site on release day, very smart rejet. So please keep doing this if you can.

    Quinrose is releasing an Hansel and Gretel game? I admit I totally abandoned Quinrose after Quinrose themselves abandoned their loyal PC fans by making the last Alice game, a PC series, a psp exclusive. So I haven’t even bothered even playing any of their games after that, much less buy them. Not sure I’ll get it yet, but I may at least check it out really quick in the future.

    Also, so not only is Trick or Alice total crap because it’s all humans so it doesn’t even feel like wonderland(at least Quinrose made the Cheshire cat some sort of cat and so on), but it’s being written by Hiyo? Pffft, I’m skipping that one completely, let the 18+ reviewers suffer with that one for me instead. I’ll use my imagination to make my own rancy stuff with Quinrose’s characters instead, thank you very much.

    1. Pffft, I’m skipping that one completely, let the 18+ reviewers suffer with that one for me instead.


      lol I will play it for the voice cast but I am expecting another round of Akazukin to Rape no Mori 😆

      You couldn’t cancel your preorder?? The branding thing was shown around April 10th so I imagine you could have cancelled then? Not sure which store you ordered from but CD Japan usually lets you cancel anytime before the release date.

      Too bad you’re hatin on quin rose as I enjoyed Oumagatoki a lot so…. I find psp games convenient to carry with me so I don’t mind that stuff is on there! though stuff like Karin pulling directors cuts a few months after a PSP release pisses me off lol (why even bother with a PSP release then??)

    2. Quinrose isn’t making a Hansel and Gretel game. They’re making a quasi-Grimm Fairy Tales with bounty hunting as a theme. It’s just that two of the characters happen to be named Hansel and Gretel, and they’re probably not even the main guys.

      I figured QR went the ‘eww PC piracy let’s go to the consoles’ since the day they decided to stuff their PC games with ridiculous DRM, to be honest. It didn’t surprise me, though it WAS a dick move on their part.

      1. >implying that PSP games can’t be pirated as easy as PC games.
        lmfao yea I don’t know what QR is thinking, the least they can do is brush up on their programming lol

  16. Oh, I didn’t mean you specifically, I thought you weren’t even going to play it. But it seems that most reviewers besides you, Rin and TwentyoneNights jump on the chance of reviewing every single 18+ game ever, sometimes that’s the only thing they review. And they seem to like them for the most part, remember how many good reviews Akazukin got? So why should I suffer if they seem to enjoy it? The most I’ll do is download the CG pack, although the art doesn’t appeal to me at all. Good luck playing it then. I’ll appreciate the honest review since like I said before, many other reviewers don’t rage at the rape stuff at all.

    I had to order BWS from an European site that special ordered it for me. Because if I buy it from a site that doesn’t belong to the EU I’ll have to pay taxes if my order gets hold up in customs, not to mention even after paying I have to wait up a week to a month for it to get sent to me by them. And that site managed to pre order it from animate, so if I didn’t want it I’d have to cancel from at least a month in advance. By the time I figured out the game was too much to handle it was too late. The site mostly showed cutesy stuff with some dark scenes, nothing of that caliber before.

    “Buy our magazine or you might accidentally buy a game where the heroine gets branded in the tits” now there’s an incentive to find those magazines from now on (from the video on the site, I think that’s where they’ll do it but either way it’s still horrible).

    1. Uh please point me to someone who actually thought Akazukin was good ? I think only maybe Keo may have liked it but she likes hiyo’s games in general and aside from her I can’t think of anyone else.

      oh you’re in europe – yea a friend of mine in the UK was just complaining about how ridiculous your customs fees are over there so I guess I can see your problem now. well I hope BWS isn’t too horrible, feel free to stop by this thread and post your thoughts on it lol. Damn they brand her boobs? LOOOOL omg I kept thinking like a cow they’d do her back or butt or something HAHA

  17. Nice post! I agree with all the others here about continuing if you feel like it; finding out about the spinoff to Oumagatoki means I have another game to add to the preorder pile… So thanks for that. XD

    But in all seriousness, this was very helpful (and entertaining!).

    I have to say, BWS makes me go DO NOT WANT in the worst way. Thanks for that Otomate/Rejet… I’m also starting to wonder if preordering Sangokushi: Nukomimi Edition was such a good idea. Hopefully RED will pull through, I want it to be good so badly and it says the producer for Scared Rider Xechs is involved, so maybe Otomate didn’t screw it up too much.

    1. Yea I heard pretty bad things about BWS being full of abuse with no good endings so I’ll be passing for sure lol. Maybe the Otomate version (?) will be less creepy who knows. I’m also avoiding Sangokushi mainly because ew otomate and well the cat ear heroine kinda creeps me out for some reason lol.

  18. Thanks for your review about magazine! It really help me a lot because I mostly didn’t read magz (It had to be a few years ago). Most of your rage about Kusomate is the same as what I think of. I’m tired already of Hakuouki, Hiiro no Kakera (and now) Amnesia series.

    As I had found QR’s amusing games with Peter Pan, I’d better play their games (like Cinderella and Oumagotoki) now rather than playing HnK 3 FD… It’s funny though. While I like 12 ji Cinderella rather than 24, I like the new Oumagotoki’s art.

    1. yes I am so sick of otomate farting out the same games but what sucks is when they DO release an original game nobody cares (except me with KamiKimi sigh)

      1. Oh yeah. I’m sad about KamiKimi too. There isn’t a lot of people playing it despite the good story. Seems like it’s a trend to abuse good games with high selling

  19. Hi, thanks for reviewing the magazine! I’ve heard of it, but have never gotten my hands on one before or downloaded it (or for that matter, know how to read japanese >.<) so im thankful that you're doing a review ^-^
    Please continue to do them for the rest of the issues you'll be receiving~

    on a side note, i love your otome game reviews! Even though i don't know how to read Japanese, i still attempt to play the games (listening and deciphering what the characters say), so your game reviews help me out a lot! (providing me with the basic storyline and i can attempt to decipher things from there). Hoping to learn Japanese later down the line and finally being able to understand it all~ ^-^

    1. I’m glad you find the reviews useful! I have 5 more issues to go so I’ll keep reviewing them as it seems a lot of people like this feature =D

  20. Whoa, awesome! One of the stores I subscribe to showed this magazine, and I saw Starry Sky and Tokimeki Memorial mentioned on the front and got super excited and sad at the same time since I can’t read it. But then I went, ‘I wonder if that otome gaming girl has it?’ and I checked and saw this! WOOT! You’re awesome!

    1. Even if you can’t read at least the pictures are pretty and the “extras” like posters etc they include in every issue are pretty nice xD

  21. Otomate keeps Recycling hiiro no kakera Even though i love the series i dont wanna have a 50% of cg in game is traced ┐(‘~`;)┌lolz im only interested to ヽ(*・ω・)ノ uta pri debut ,custom drive (since i love dressing up games when i was a little girlXD) and D.Lovers (but i hope heroine will not end up for being a doormat like in CD *stares at raito CD* well i think i cant even play many new otome games since im enjoying tmgs3 *(*´∀`*)☆*in my opinion Konami&Quinrose>Otomate*

    1. The heroine will be a doormat because Otomates heroines are all doormats in the end anyway lol. I mean what kind of idiot would let a vampire have their way with them violently for that long? 😆
      I put TMGS 3 in the back of my backlog since it feels like something that would take way too long for a regular review xD

      1. Lol yeah now i remember that the only decent heroine in otomate game is nadeshiko (i wonder why they do not make more heroine like her)XD and about hakuoki for being popular i guess japanese hakuoki fangirls are too many and agressive lol (they complain too much how tmgs and utapri beats it *in popularity utapri wins and for how many console sold tmgs wins*) yeah TMGS will take many time to review it since Konami loves their tmgs fangirls they make the game too much volume (the voice acting in game takes 32 hours in DSver. O_o) XD and since its stat raising game like love revo (but even though i hate stat raising game i enjoy it very much (*´∀`*))

        1. The SYK heroine is pretty good too though and so is the heroine of Kami Naru Kimi To. yea I guess I’d play TMGS on the side of something or when I am completely out of otome games to play xD

  22. Really? Hakuoki is still a thing? なんでやねん!
    Anyways, thank you for reviewing this! I can’t find this magazine anywhere near where I live so it’s kind of frustrating (especially since QR loves to put new info on their games there and I’m a massive QR fangirl).

    ALSO, ARABIAN LOST. OMG ARABIAN LOST. GOD, I love Aileen. It’s really rare for me to love an otome game protagonist, but I LOVE Aileen. And Curtis. But mostly Aileen. Definitely will play that game again, especially since they have redrawn all the CGs. CAN’T. WAIT.

    I’ll probably play BWS just to amuse myself. I mean, I find these doS characters hilarious when they say 「ほ~ら、ありがとうは?お仕置きありがとうございますとか言えや!」. I imagine if I’m actually the protagonist I’ll say 「んなこというか、ボケ!警察呼ぶぞこら。痛いつってんだろうが」 ._______.

    1. lmfao I feel you on the doS characters, too bad the heroine thinks exactly the opposite of what i do and is like “OH PLEASE SIR WHIP ME SOME MOAR!”

      I’ve never played Arabians Lost before so I’m quite interested in trying that one. I’ve recently jumped on the QR bandwagon and I don’t really wanna go back to Otomate’s 😆

      Yea I don’t know wtf the deal with Hakuoki is, I wish it would stop. It’s like how they need to stop with Final Fantasy lol

  23. Thanks for your review on the magazine and for all your otome reviews, I’ve been following you for a long time since I love how you express your opinion about them^__^
    Can see why they like Saito, but I’m amazed that Harada isn’t that popular even when he is such a bro and good person and his routes in all the games are the best ones.
    I like Hakuoki (and still will like since I love Shinsengumi history and the art) but since Yone-san left I’m not interested in any project where she’s not the artist(maybe Reimeiroku anime). It is really disgusting to see how an otome that I really enjoyed has become… into this. Was ok with the prequel and fandisk but the games after that….
    The same can be said to how Otomate makes their artists copy Yone’s art. And the insane amount of game that they’re going to release. If Toki no Kizuna’s heroine is badass (although I’m waiting something like what happened with Nazca from Armen Noir, looked badass but still an Otomate heroine) I will give it a chance.
    Since last year I haven’t played any games (just AKSYS Hakuoki) and right now I’m only interested in Kamigami no Asobi, UtaPri and I’ll see depending on the review some of Otomate or other company.

    By the way, do you have some news about 赤い砂堕ちる? The doujin game by Landkarte where the writer and founder of the company is Yamazaki Asari (the one who made the scenarios of Beast master and Prince). Since that person is a newbie in making by himself/herself an otome game, it keeps getting delayed. Which is a shame because the art is really great and I played the test version, the heroine was really badass (liked the thing about the heroine having a different personalities depending on the choices) and the fighting system was very easy (maybe too easy).
    I heard that some new CGs or new information were going to be released in B-Log and since nobody seems to care for this game…

    1. you’re welcome! I’ve sorta been eyeing that game myself but didn’t know what the deal was. I checked B’s Log again and indeed there was a SMALL QUARTER OF A PAGE dedicated to it along with vampire sweetie, and BWS ^^;; So yea not really anything except a pic of so me guy eating a bowl of fried rice lol.

      Otomates pissed me off so badly I Don’t wanna look at any of their games for a while @__@. I’ll eventually get to them but yea very low priority.

  24. Hello, there~ Just found this blog yesterday! And what a find!

    Thank you for the review! And please, do continue. You amuse me so and I appreciate the laughter. Heh heh…

    Agreed on Hakuouki. And agreed again on HnK. Like, seriously? I used to love Hakuouki but after Zuisouroku, it just grated on my nerves to see IF/Otomate abusing fans with all the stupid spinoffs (Ok, Reimeiroku might be a decent one. And Yuugiroku is kinda fun… BUT!) and merchandises.

    QR has been a delight lately. I can’t wait for my Oumagataki to arrive! Have you played アブナイ★恋の捜査室? The coloring is a little weird but I enjoyed the plot very much. For once, I love all the character routes. Doesn’t help that Miki-san and Narita-san are in the cast list. Will you do a review if you played it? Would love to read what you think about the game. Your posts are too amusing, really.

    1. Yuugiroku was kinda fun and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and try the sequel but Remeiroku was a snooze fest for me :/. If they had made Ryunosuke less of a self insert pansy I might have enjoyed it more? Lol.

      I haven’t played Abunaikoi but Quin Rose didn’t make it. They are just a porter for the cell phone game and I heard its kinda….weird lol so not really a huge priority for me. I’ve got my eyes on Arabians Lost though *_*. I’ll get to Abunai Koi eventually just drowning in new releases and stuff for now lol

      1. Lol. Ryuunosuke is quite annoying. Imho, he’s a brat. (−_−#) But I’m a history buff and Shinsengumi is one of my favourite historical figures. So I played Reimeiroku mostly for the historical twist.

        Ah yea, Gigno System came up with Abukoi. Played through the mobage before the psp ver came out. Well, it’s a decent one, if not fantastic, I guess… But some of the stuffs are quite hilarious.

        I’m still thinking if I should get Arabians Lost. I heard that the system is a little annoying. And I still have Okashi shima no Peter Pan and Oumagatoki to finish first… Ummmuu~ I think I’ll wait for your review before deciding if I want to get Arabians Lost. Ehehehe~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

        1. I think they made the system easier in the PSP port but from the looks of it it’s similar to Alice’s system with the turns but instead of just “talking” I guess you’ll kill stuff and make money instead. I don’t know about peter pan but Oumagatoki was good =P So was Alice if you haven’t played that yet. Also you played Abunaikoi on Gree I assume? I’m jelly lol since gree japan requires japanese cell phone account. American Gree only has 1 otome game on it right now so I’m mostly playing mobage these days.

      2. I really, really want to try Alice. It has been on my buy list for quite a while. But I’m worried about the turns system. It just looks so complicated. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ And the countless endings thing is fun but tiring at the same time, if you get what I mean… (。-_-。)

        Oh, gosh… I hope Peter Pan has a more simple system. My puny brain can’t handle too much stuffs. Lol. I’m checking my mailbox several times a day for Oumagatoki! And like rage everytime I don’t see it. My neighbours probably think I’m an obssessed woman with a few screws loose enough to fall off. _| ̄|○

        Ah, no. I don’t play it with Gree. Gigno has Abukoi (and several other keitai titles) available on iTunes. I played them on iPhone. So don’t be jelly. Hehe~ If anyone you know has an iPhone, I say go hijack it or something. ニシシシッ Lol.

        1. well if you read the first part of my review (before the routes) and my final thoughts I posted a simple guide.
          (Just dont read in between to avoid the spoilers.)
          It’s really REALLY easy. Not sure about the other alices but Anniversary was really really easy lol.
          Ooh I’m using android phone so I don’t have much options XD; oh well my PSP backlog is a mountain so no biggie!

  25. Woah, actually, it\’s my first time here and I gotta say, you\’re hilarious XD.
    I agree with you for the Mizushima thing! We want 2D, not 3D of the voice actors!!
    Does it happen to you that after seeing the voice actor (Let\’s say, he looks weird or just not what you expected) behind a pretty 2D dude, it makes you feel weird? Or maybe awkward? \’cause I do. I really do X_X. lolol
    Any way, great review, I\’ll check out the other ones.

    Oh yeah, by the way, I think this issue has a section about nico nico utaite. Do you think you can scan it? I\’d love to see it! (Especially one of my favourite singer, maro. (jeez, I\’m such a stalker. =v=))
    Who doesn\’t stalk hot 2D and 3D dudes? lololol
    Well, actually, not really. But…meh. lol

    1. I just more think of it like “yeaaa I love your voice but I don’t need to see your pics”. There’s very few seiyuu I think are actually good looking enough for that kind of thing (like Terashima Takuma, Hatano Wataru and Kakihara Tetsuya). Everyone else is just some ossan xDDD

      Scanning’s such a pain in the butt but if I have time I’ll scan it or I’ll scan it when I do this month’s issue ^^

      1. Oh yeah, those you mentioned are good-looking. Especially Kakihara. Takashi Kondo’s also okay, but he’s getting old. :B
        Hey, huge thanks. Btw, about how much was the 6-month subscription?

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