Osomatsu App Review Roundup


Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing like spending it with your 2D mans right? So because all the terrible vita otome games that I’ve suffered through lately and with the delay of Taisho Alice FD, I’ve fallen back on more mobile apps by getting a bunch of  Osomatsu apps that were released over the past year. I picked up PazuMatsu, Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu Sanpo and TabiMatsu which I’ll be reviewing after the jump!

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Mobile Game Review: My Lovely Cat


Because I’m a masochist for terrible mobile games apparently, I decided to get another one of Genius’ terribad mobile apps called “My Lovely Cat” where our heroine (once again named Mirai) works at a cat cafe. This time she has an amazing power where the cats look like hot cat boys to her ( ´∀` ). The app is available for both Iphone & Android phones. Warning for spoiler CGs under the cut cause there’s only 1 CG per route.

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Mobile Game Review: Yumeiro Cast

So because recently there was an announcement for an Idolish 7 anime, I decided to step foot into mobile idol game black hole. 😂 Unfortunately the I7 music game made me nauseated and none of the character interactions really drew me in. Someone on twitter suggested I try out Yumeiro Cast which has individual romance scenarios with all the guys + heroine and a more simplified music game. I was drawn in by the music game, the romance scenarios and the artwork courtesey of Fifs, the artist who worked on Prince of Stride!

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Android Otome App Review: Noraneko to Koi no Renkinjutsu

Translating to “Alchemy Love with  a Stray cat” this is like some complicated RPG version of neko atsume. 😂 Official site with download links is here however those outside Japan will probably need to use QooApp to bypass the gaijin block.

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Mobile Otome Game Review: Otouto Scramble


I’ve been so disheartened by the amount of kusoge I’ve sat through recently that I decided to further damage myself by buying a kuso-mobile game! Fortunately, it was ironically entertaining for all the wrong ways so in a way, it was a worthwhile purchase for me. 😂 The story is about our heroine Mirai (age 19) who is studying to be a preschool teacher/nurse/whatever the translation wants her to be and her mom suddenly remarries. The new stepdad has 4 sons and he and the mom suddenly say they’re going to France to work for like 6 months or something. They tell Mirai to take care of her new otoutokuns but being a mobile game heroine, Mirai has about 45 minutes to fall in love with all of them from the moment I blow $11 on all their routes. 😂😂😂

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