Japan thinks we’re all Twilight fans.

Alright I’m really happy that companies like Voltage are opening up to North American audiences and bringing us English language version of their apps but………WHAT IS THIS ATROCITY:

I never had any issues with 2D mans remaining 2D. You didn’t need to go all this way to create Edward clones:

ಠ_ಠ This is like the worst stereotyping ever! Why do you have to turn perfectly well drawn 2D mans into Twilight rejects.

Created JUST FOR US guys. Cause clearly, those 2D mans pft whatever, we need some Twilight rejects to get us all titillated! While they’re at it, they may as well tell us that our cell phone covers must be pink and the only other game we play on our ipads is bejeweled!

I guess at this point if you want the original art you have to either deal with the BS Gree version or learn Japanese and play the original Japanese app version.  For more horrific comparisons you can check out this post. Next thing you’ll know they will make an otome game out of 50 shades of gray.

Edit: Here’s what us foreigners think of your game Voltage:


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  1. I honestly don’t know how Voltage came to the conclusion that we don’t like 2D men considering Walt Disney, Pixar, A:TLA, and the absurd number of times we watched Spirited Away in elementary school. On the bright side, the Harlequin-esque spin-off spawned the most entertaining reactions I’ve seen in a long while. You guys are the best, group hug of love! XD

  2. Twilight is a disgrace to us vampires! Ve are immune to sunlight and angst! A friend said that a friend went to watch twilight with his gf… and the rest of the cinema was full of teenagers.

  3. OMGZ !!! What DID THEY DO WITH MY BABY!??!!
    Those beautiful prince of our has change to ugly I mean SUPER UGLY MONSTER!!!
    My little otaku heart has been burn down since I saw them.

  4. Hopefully the app received enough bad reviews and PR that they will think twice before releasing another monstrocity like this. I think the worst part is they lowered the price on the ugly dudes lmfao xD

  5. Just LOL man. Just LOL. it’s like some japanese fighting games: on the japanese cover, the guys are all girly looking bishies but when a US version comes out, all those skinny pretty boys suddenly become gachimuchi 40 year olds.

    Now that 50 shades of grey is the new big Twilight thing, new english otoges are gna have men in dominatrix suits, thigh high boots and whips in their hands.

    Gotta love japan.

  6. like how they turned Zoisite into a girl in the sailormoon dub just so they could cover up the fact that he was gay in the Japanese version? 😆

  7. This reminds me of when anime was becoming popular in the States, so companies started to “anime-tize” their cartoons to attract more people. Even though they had the giant eyes, shiny plastic hair, and forced slapstick humor, a 12 year old child could tell something was completely off, kind of like the art in this game.

  8. Give it a couple of years. Kanji isn’t hard (after a while you WILL cringe at the lack of them in ‘easier’ games, honest) but they do require time and a lot of sweat, tears, and terminal eye strains.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS. I saw this floating around on Tumblr and thought it was just some random shit someone made, since Tumblr can be like that at times. Then I just decide to catch up on blogs because I’ve been away and I see this blog entry of yours? What the hell?


  10. *face palm* I hate Twilight. And I’m playing otome games for the 2D guys!! Why, Voltage, why?! I guess I have to hurry up and learn Japanese.. >.< Is kanji hard to learn?

  11. I just checked it on itunes n the reviews were so hilariously bad xD everybodys like WTF so… Who knows. I think they’ll probably still put out this game since they spent money n time converting the graphics and translating (and proofreading thank god) but maybe the next one they put out will be 2D again

  12. My first impresion was


    Then i decided that it was funny and showed it to my friends to scare them, I know what to do for halloween from now on show them this and everyone will run scared for life XD

  13. Why did they have to do this?! I mean, the point of why otome games became so popular to overseas fans is because of HAWT 2D MEN. 2D!!! OTL;;

  14. Let’s hope they don’t find out about the fanfiction known as Fifty Shades and believe that the western audience is also into BDSM. :l

  15. Oh woops I just saw the link on your site. I was gonna do it but I think considering my level of popularity I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and link to some blogs and not others 8D;;; I do appreciate it though :3

  16. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. xD I know your blog is gaming-centric, so if you don’t want to do your own post, that’s okay.

  17. Ahaha, thanks. Maybe I will just comment from now on… xD

    lolol omg plz no (((( ;°Д°)))) The thing is, the artwork itself is actually well drawn (they look like models you might see in a Prada ad or something lawl), but it’s just not something I wanna see in otome games (……or anywhere else for that matter orz). I mean, I thought the whole point of otome games and the like was the 2D anime style. :I

  18. yea I doubt that western audience is gonna even bother with this kind of thing but now they’ve also alienated their original audience as well.

  19. Well whoever did the market research for the target audience should be fired or at least be admonished gently. I guess they’re trying to reach outside the anime/manga fans but replacing it with heavily airbrushed dead-eyes porn novel models are not the way to go -_-

  20. Hahaha Voltage;s failure brought me a new commenter! 😆
    Ain’t no thang all comments are welcome XD;

    They might as well have renamed this to BE My Twilight Princess 😆


    And, come on, if they revised all the characters just for us Americans, would it have killed to revise some of the names, too? “Prince Edward of Charles Kingdom”? ಠ_ಠ

    Long time reader, first time commenter. This post actually moved me to comment. Kudos to that, I guess, Voltage. Not that I don’t enjoy your posts, but I just don’t wanna spam “LOLOLOL” on all of them. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

  22. I emailed Voltage about the changes although I don’t know if they will understand what I said because it is typed in english.

  23. …I pretty much laughing a lot thanks to this atrocities xD;
    I mean all the characters looks very different from the original, and not in the good way, and the worst is the sprites clashing so badly with the background(which still drawn in 2d style) ORZ

    the bed intruder scene is the worst actually…its look shopped a lot from the original version it just like they change the head, oh and the pop up ad pretty much look like coming straight from harlequin novel hahaha..

  24. I know right LOL sometimes those bed intruding scenes can be nice and raunchy ;D but in this case it’ like HELP I NEED AN ADULT STRANGER DANGER xD

  25. I was saying that myself like hey if it was 2D mans doing that im like HELL YEA but in 3D its like UGH POLICE THERES A BED INTRUDER! xDDD

  26. Yeah I saw that picture LOL I was like WOWOWOWOW it’s even worse with those crazy ass real life models LOL I don’t know how I should feel about that bed intruding scene LOL I’m sure if it were 2D and written well I’d be like obaby but with that model… it makes me want to hide under my covers and lock my door LOL
    Even abercrombie & fitch models look better than that hahahaha xD
    I can’t help but laugh every time I see the models now LOL. i can’t take this game seriously now lmfao

  27. Lmfao did you see the tumblr link someone just posted XD

    I thought they took like abercrombie & fitch models or something lmao xDDD

  28. I just puked. A lot.

    My eyes… My brain…. I need some mind bleach right now LOL. Those faces are really creepy and wdf do I see Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner somewhere within those pictures? It’s like they used Robert Pattinson’s face and changed his hair style several times for some of those charas LOL wwwttttfffff is this hahahahahaha oh god where is the american otoge market goingg.

  29. I think paying for routes is OKAY but $4 is ridiculous it shouldn’t be more than $1-2 per character in a 6 character game jeebus lol.

    If they don’t change it back though they’re going to lose more customers than they are going to gain.
    Oh well either way my money’s going to Quin Rose anyway XD

  30. I didn’t say their games were any good, did I? XD Their game titling sense alone puts me off, because I’ve seen BL with better titles, and BL have some shitty titles, and they tend to tell you what the quality of the game is. Also, they have the worst pricing scheme ever. Free apps with microtransactions is the way you go in the iOS, yes, but paying to unlock ROUTES in a VISUAL NOVEL? No, go screw someone else, please.

    In any case. It doesn’t really matter if they translated other games before without the ‘3D’ menz shit, tbh. All that matters is that some bean counter with no idea about gamer communities walks by, sees the ‘untapped audience’ of Twilight fans and suggests that the game art should be changed to appeal less to ‘weeaboo minorities’ and more to ‘the girls who like real men, which are what this country is Built Upon’. (Which misses the point, btw.) There. Game is changed. Done. It’s like the Megaman box art all over again. Or Nier9. Or Langrisser. Or how strategy games somehow gets FPS sequels 10 years later. Too many people wants more money by ditching the core audience who likes your stuff and going after the hypothetical supposed-to-exist-but-may-not-really ‘easy to convince’ masses, unfortunately.

  31. The thing is though they’ve translated other games in the past just fine and people bought them so I don’t even understand why they would even bother to go this far. I feel like most of their fans are probably weaboo girls who wanna see 2D mans in the first place. I really doubt they’re gonna attract the twilight non-weaboo audience this way lol.

    Also from what I read most of their games are buggy as shit and they never bother fixing it which is actually one of the main reasons I refuse to buy any of them (even in Japanese)

  32. Well, they probably did some cursory market research, saw a lot of Westerners whinging about ‘never touching anything with that weeaboo anime art’, and decided that it’s the way to go. And if they’re going, they might as well use whatever American test group/imaginary beings find hot. I don’t think ‘stereotyping girls as liking twilight’ is what it’s about at all.*

    Considering what the gaming sphere in the West is like, I can’t blame them. Come learn Japanese, folks, the water’s great and we get more hot men and less dudebros!

    *Also, considering that the whole otome gaming sphere in Japan pretty much assumes that girls like shoujo OR harlequin novels and god forbid they like anything other than that or dislike wearing cute things and the color pink, I’d think this is hardly an issue with how Voltage views Americans.

  33. same! the original is available if you root your phone and download the Japanese one but I guess that defeats the purpose!

  34. I never bought voltage’s stuff because I couldn’t justify spending $30~ on a non voiced game with a faceless heroine but since they are the few companies who translate otome games into English I think this is like a dick move to their fans

  35. OMG /o\ This is sad. Just when they’ve decided to bring English versions of their games. Congrats for ruining your company! \o/

  36. I totally agree. And I have nothing else to add except this app is disgusting. Plus, I think a lot of people (including me) are buying their English apps like “Pirates in Love” and “My Forged Wedding”, so why do they even have to do this? Ugh.

  37. For once I’m actually happy for not downloading the app. =_=
    Is this a permanent change btw? I mean, if it is.. *facepalms*

  38. I would have been all over the original but seeming how they’re pulling this twilight shit; no thanks.

  39. What is this I don’t even D8

    Pretty art replaced with emo boys, please don’t let any other company believe this is a good idea. I’m now thinking of all my beloved bishounen as twilight clones DX

  40. OMG is that a joke? Thank you so much but I prefer 2D 😦 And I dislike Twilight, I watched the first movie and I felt asleep in the theater LMAO. That movie is very boring imho, I don’t even bother to read the novel.

  41. lol I wish it was a joke but that PDF of theirs says otherwise orz;
    I also think the app version is much better (and from what a friend told me has less of a vapid story like the Gree version lol)

  42. Whaaa- seriously? They’re releasing the straight story and they’re doing this to us? ( / ; o;)/ Why you do dis Voltage.

    The 2D art is pretty hot in my opinion. So why would you butcher it up and do this to it? This is one of the reasons they don’t want to translate games because they just get butchered. As much as the Gree version can annoy me; there is no way I’m switching to this version.

    I seriously hope this is a joke. =_=;;

  43. sparkling marble penis

    `;:゙`;:゙;`(;゚;ж;゚; )ブッ lmfao xDDD yea the assumption that we want fugly 3D photoshopped dudes pisses me off

  44. I’m speechless…not only is this discriminating to the women all over the world who only like 2D men (like me) but Mr. Stalker? I HATE vampires, and they just replaced a hot guy with a sparkling marble penis, WTF? They’re definitely never getting a cent from me.

  45. Omg… Orz…Gaah, I dislike Twilight big time. I remember my friend forcing me to watch the first movie and it was nearly three hours.
    Well-drawn 2D men are definitely better than 3D. (Coming from a girl that has never dated a guy and has no interest in it.) C: lololol

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