Otome Game Review: Brothers ~Koisuru Oniisama~

This is a rehashed review from my old anime blog. This game should be called レイプするお兄様~ but that’s beside the point :lol:. I’ve been downloading otome games like a mofo the last couple days so I’m hoping after I get all the rehashes back up, I’ll be able to post up some new reviews. Currently making my way through Asaki Yumemishi so expect something on that next week.

bros01That’s right it’s an otome game where you get to do your brothers! Well step brothers that is. When I first started playing this game I was excited by 2 factors. One, Koyasu Takehito was in it. Also the guy who voiced all those dudes in the other otome games I played was in it too. (He was Leni in Under the Moon). That happiness was quickly dispelled the moment that their characters were angry and/or emo. Well it was still pretty amusing so I decided to roll with it anyway. Also this post is naughty, proceed with caution.

The premise is basically that your mom has found a rich writer dude who she plans to marry. However despite the fact that he looks like he’s 26, he has 4 sons. They range from ages like 20-27. One of them, is in the same class as you. I’ll talk about each guy in their respected sections. Let me talk about the main character (aka the player) Her name is Suzuna and she is a freshman in college. She wants to be a kindergarten teacher and she is on the cheer leading squad with her bitchy friend Mai.

bros02Oh god this girl (Mai that is), is incredibly airheaded and all she cares about is what guy she’s gonna date (aka have wild sex with) next. She’s also a total bitch and at some point tried to steal Suzuna’s “oniichans” away but acted like she was totally supporting her. I wanted to slap her every time I saw her and JP constantly said “I just slept with the whole football team hehe!” So on the topic of weird side characters let’s talk about Suzuna’s mom and soon to be dad. As I said the dad looks like he’s 26 but her mom totally looks like some 40 year old cougar about to pounce on some young nubile flesh. I guess this is why she fell in love with the dad lol. Anyway time to move on to the oniichans.

bros03Kasuga Setsuto – So first I played Setsuto. He came up with this weird bet that while the parents are away, the first person who can make Suzuna fall in love with them will make the decision on whether or not Suzuna’s mom marries their dad. Of course being a good girl that she is, Suzuna evades all their moves on her, especially Setsuto (who likes crawling into her bed in the morning) and eventually the parents come back, the brothers approve, and they all get married and live as a family. In part 2 Setsuto basically continues his drama shooting and modeling job while Suzuna attends college. There’s also this really annoying part where you’re on a “map” of the house and you need to click on various rooms to interact with the brothers. There’s a love meter in the corner where you can see whether your relationship with a brother is headed towards “brotherly love” or like “pure love” where there are nothing but romantic feelings. Needless to say the guy you’re on the route of has 0 brotherly love for you and only pure love.

bros04The game really drags on and at points I was like “ugh I’m so sick of going to all their rooms and waking them up to eat breakfast”. The only exciting events were when Suzuna gets a part time job and at one point Setsuto helps. Also when Suzuna almost gets mugged in a dark alley and Setsuto magically saves her and finally when Setsuto has trouble with his drama acting for a parody drama of Sekai Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu, Suzuna helps him out and eventually they fall in love and do it immediately. On the topic of doing it, it’s hard to take an ero scene seriously when the drawings are so off. Many a times Suzuna’s boobs would be lopsided, or her nipples drawn too high or at one point her hand looked like some sort of a stub. 😆 Since he was the first character I played I decided to check out all the endings. In the first good end, basically Suzuna & Setsuto become lovers and eventually the Paparazzi catches on.

bros05They constantly try to ask what their relationship is and Setsuto just replies with “She’s my cute little sister..but also my special lover”. Like dude, you’re not helping things lol. In the 2nd ending, which is a bad end basically Setsuto treats Suzuna like a whore and she and her mom have to leave the Kasuga household. And this is all because at one point when Setsuto tried to seduce Suzuna in a love hotel, she went along instead of saying “NO you’re my BROTHER!” I guess in this game whores don’t prosper lol! In the next ending, she once again “gave into his temptations” but a little bit later than before, so instead he gave her like S&M where it’s basically like rape except that she actually wants it since she picked “ii kamo” option. He doesn’t beat her or anything, but rather than treating her like a lady, he once again treats her…like a whore. Anyone seeing a pattern yet? This also by the way leads to a bad end. (So basically we sit through 2 badly drawn pr0n scenes for a bad ending lol.) Speaking of rape, in the next ending basically when you make 1 wrong choice and pick Souiichiro over Setsuto, suddenly Souiichiro has the hots for you which makes Setsuto a jealous rapist. He then proceeds to attempt to rape Suzuna in Seiichiro’s room (but Suzuna is saved by Seiichiro) and then he grabs and tries to do so in his own room(in which he sadly succeeds -_-;;) I thought in this ending it would be a bad end anyway, but it seems that her mom and the father got married anyway. Then the credits rolled and at the end it said Rhapsody…which I THOUGHT was going to continue the story according to the guide I followed…but it like didn’t. I found out later it was an addon (motto rapesuru oniisama) which I’m really glad I didn’t install.

bros06Kasuga Souiichiro – In this story I actually ended up going through really fast because most of the interaction was for some reason with Yoshitaka or Setsuto. Anyway going back on Souiichiro…at first he was this big dick. He’s really into like following Japanese customs and is often found wearing an elaborate kimono. He also sleeps in a yukata. At one point he almost kills Suzuna with his Katana for coming into his room. Throughout this story, it’s obvious Souiichiro is jealous of Setsuto and actually Setsuto acts like a big dick. It’s hard to believe he was sweet and gentle, and it’s easier to believe that he’s an evil rapist. 👿 Also just like in Setsuto’s story, Yoshitaka’s crush on Suzuna is really big. Anyway after the parents marry, Souiichiro is a lot nicer and helpful to Suzuna. He’s also very protective of her and when he hears about other guys he instantly tells NO lol. Fun Fact: Souiichiro studied German, English and Latin in college. Anyway the game continues, he helps her with English and even takes her to the zoo ^^;

bros07Eventually he stops coming home and when she visits him in the hospital she asks why he won’t come home. He eventually yells at her and tells her that he can’t come home because of her. Because if he is at home, she will be his “sister” and he wants her as a WOMAN. I thought this was pretty sudden but perhaps he was just really good at holding back his feelings lol. Anyway eventually she stops him from leaving permanently and says she loves him and the “oniisan demo ii” line (I think some siscon people will find this game appealing) The most amusing part is during the eroscene, not only was Suzuna suddenly a virgin (in Setsuto’s she wasn’t), but apparently Souiichiro has such a huge wang that he was like tearing her apart lol. Is that to add on to his “manliness” in general in case we haven’t realized it already? LOL. Or does this mean Setsuto has a needle dick? 😆

bros08So anyway after that guess what? They get married! I guess I like this ending more than Setsuto’s since it feels more complete than being chased by paparazzi. In umm bad end no. 1, when Setsuto like attacks her and Souiichiro finds them instead of saving her, he drags her into the outside shed and rapes her e_e; Wtf. This wasn’t even her fault!! The worst part is during the rape does the art look proportional for once -_-;;; Wtf is wrong with these people. Alright now I’m really avoiding all the other endings. I know there’s an orgy ending in there somewhere but all they do is rape her. It’s not even like in Under the Moon where she like voluntarily wanted it. Stupid rapist endings. 👿

bros09Kasuga Subaru – Subaru is the 3rd oldest Kasuga brother and is the lonely piano genius. He also has a pet chameleon named Berry who only eats strawberries for his meal. At first Subaru is pretty mysterious and sorta “out” of the family. He always goes off at night to some woman’s house and rarely ever eats breakfast with the family. Once in a while he’ll cook dinner but all he can cook is hamburger. He is often heard playing piano, but when someone other than a close family member watches, he cannot play in front of people. As Suzuna gets closer to him, he realizes how more of a child he is. For example he asks to go on a nice boat with her when they go on a date in the park. At night he crawls into her bed because he’s afraid of sleeping alone. (In Setsuto’s route he crawled into Yoshitaka’s lol!)

bros10Coincidentally Suzuna has to pass a piano class (god knows why though) and naturally she comes to Subaru for help. He’s reluctant at first but eventually offers to help her a lot, but she sucks really badly and I think the teacher passes her out of pity. 😆 When a time comes for his piano recital, he ends up running off stage because he cannot play in front of anyone. Apparently there’s a rumor that after he injured his hand he was unable to play in front of people. Later on Suzuna talks to Papa (her new dad) who explains that his former wife (Subaru’s real mother) passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. The night this happened Subaru tried to call his dad at work but his dad said he was busy at a meeting, and by the time he got home it was too late and the mother died at the hospital. At the time Subaru was about 11 and Yoshitaka, who was also there, was 8. Due to this Subaru has held a grudge for his dad thinking it was his fault that he ignored the mother and allowed her to “die in front of Subaru”.

bros11Anyway one evening while Papa, Subaru & Suzuna are getting stuff from the shed, a bunch of things fall on top of them. Subaru & Suzuna are ok, but Papa gets some serious head injuries. Souiichiro takes care to bring him to the hospital and he seems to be able to recover. He does apologize though that he can not make it to Subaru’s contest recital – the recital that if he wins, he will get to travel abroad to study his piano – since his dream is to be a pianist. Anyway needless to say, Subaru forgives his dad and of course wins the recital. Immediately after this, Suzuna professes her love to Subaru and they do it on the piano 😈 Subaru leaves to study abroad, but comes back a month later saying he can’t be without Suzuna and can’t sleep alone. So basically he takes her with Berry to live together in Germany while he becomes a super famous pianist.

bros12Kasuga Yoshitaka – I’m going to just say that Yoshitaka is the “main” guy of the series for 2 reasons. Before you even make it halfway through the game, his “love” meter is 75% full. He’s also the only character that gets 2 romantic eroscenes with Suzuna, while the rest get 1 romantic and 1 rape. I’m pretty sure he has a rape scene too, as it turns out all of them do, but as with Subaru, I decided to skip it. All it does it put a damper on the character and ruin the game’s enjoyment. Whoever thought it was a good idea to do this needs to get their head checked. Anyway Yoshitaka & Suzuna have known each other since high school so they’re pretty long time friends.

bros13Unlike Suzuna though, Yoshitaka’s had a crush on her since forever. He’s one of those “sports baka” characters so his favorite hobby is playing soccer. His dream is to be a professional soccer player, and coincidentally Suzuna happens to be on the cheerleading squad. They’re a match made in heaven right? The other thing to note about Yoshitaka is he’s very tsundere (oranyan?). It was annoying at first but when he shows his deredere side it’s really adorable. :mrgreen: After the parents get married as the game progresses you can see Yoshitaka’s pretty upset about being Suzuna’s “brother”. One day he can’t hold it in any longer and he confesses his love to her. (Big difference from the other characters where the big confession is held until the end.)

bros14Suzuna is shocked at first but then tells him she feels the same way. They decide to keep it a secret from the family as well but get cockblocked like 4 times lol. Before his 2nd big match (he loses the first one) Suzuna gives him some “ganbasex” (which is what I like to call cheering on sex lol) in the soccer gym shed lol. Needless to say the next day he wins the match by shooting a goal, they find out that all the brothers already knew about their “relationship” (but mom & dad didn’t get it lol) and as a celebration they do it that night in Yoshitaka’s room. Time passes, Yoshitaka makes it to the world cup and when he gets a “Hero Interview” he yells out for Suzuna to marry him on live TV lol. Suzuna says she will accept it when he comes home. Not too deep of a story like Subaru’s but it was really adorable and one of my favorite ones in this game.

bros15Kageyama Satofumi – Satofumi (often referred to in the game as Kageyama by everyone except the parents) is the Kasuga house butler. He basically cooks, cleans, delivers, you name it. Apparently the Kasuga house used to have a ton of butlers but when their grandpa went bankrupt he sold everything except the house itself. According to Kageyama, he was adopted by Papa because his parents died. Anyway most of Satofumi’s story is basically just following the other guys’ stories but once in a while going into the kitchen or his room to help him with cooking/cleaning or just running into him naked in the bathroom. 😆 (But that event happened in everyone’s story lol)

bros16Satofumi has an interesting ending. One night when Suzuna goes into Kageyama’s room (which btw is located separated from the rest of the house), he tells her to immediately get out and that a butler’s room is no place for the master to be in. She trips and in an attempt to catch her he falls on top of her. Just at that moment Souiichiro finds them and gets really pissed thinking Satofumi was trying to take advantage of his little sister. He tells Satofumi to get out and the next day he’s missing. Everyone goes out looking for him after hearing a tragic story from Papa…about how he is actually Papa’s real son from a girl that Papa’s family wouldn’t let him marry. (So basically he knocked her up in an attempt to elope with her.) He often is found wearing sunglasses to hide an accidental scar from childhood that Souiichiro gave him during his sword practice.

bros17Eventually Suzuna finds Satofumi in the park and drags him home (literally). Papa tells him that he wants Satofumi to live in the Kasuga household not as a butler but as a son. Reason is they don’t really need a butler anymore because a lot of the brothers are now busy with various activities and won’t be home as often so there will be less work to do. On top of tha Papa is bringing in more money from his writing so Satofumi doesn’t need to do his part time job. Suzuna goes to Satofumi’s room that night and he explains to her that while he is happy to be considered the “oldest brother”, he feels he has done something that’s wrong. Basically he has fallen for Suzuna (which btw is sooo random rather than built up) and suddenly she has fallen for him too (wtf =_=;;) So yea they like immediately do it…twice (ok I guess he’s the other character who has 2 doing it scenes that are non-rape). After some time passes, they get married….and then find out that the mom is pregnant with a baby boy. Well then guess that’ll make 6 brothers in the family…man that Papa sure is active! Knocking up 3 women in his life time! 😈

bros18Final Thoughts: Would I recommend this game? Uhm not really. It was cute in Yoshitaka’s route and had some interesting story for Subaru but the rest was really blah. A lot of the scenes were really boring and after a while I was like “ugh when is this gonna end”. This game took me 3 months to play until I finished 1 guy’s route and managed to skip through most of the others. The worst part was the CGs. I don’t know why but Suzuna looked deformed in almost every one of them. I’m not one to speak about proportions but you’d think with (what I assume) professionals making this game, they’d put more effort into it -or at least into the eroscene CGs. I mean it’s hard to take them doing it seriously when Suzuna’s leg looks twisted or it’s as if someone pinched her face. By the end of the game Setsuto pissed me off that whenever I saw his face I wanted to kick him in the balls. See, this is what putting rape scenes into your game does you idiots. Even Koyasu couldn’t save this game for me. 😥


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  1. The opening sequence is pretty horrible…this blue horizontal letterbox is kinda ugly. The music is bad too.

    Totally hate that XD;

  2. Main> Yea the OP is kinda terrible, I don’t even remember ever seeing it until this youtube video either…it was either that forgettable or I just never ended up watching it while playing the game 😆

    Taiyaki> Oh interesting, yea it looks better than that whole “girl surrounded by bishies in a huge house” premise that they had with Butlers and Royals too ^^; The art looks like it’s improved as well rofl.

  3. Geez I love your reviews, I mean SERIOUSLY. If you ever time, I ‘ d love to read your “analysis” let’s say, of the game Butlers by tiaramode. Keep it up girl !!! Keep it up with the same fun, accuracy, and sharpness (is that even English???) !!

  4. you know I once wanted to play Butlers but at the time I didn’t have that stupid NO-CD exe file so I was never able to run it and I just gave up and uninstalled it. Only a few months later did someone explain to me how that works but by then it’s been long since I had the game on my computer.

    After playing Brothers though…I don’t think I want to play anymore Tiara Mode games OTL;; They’re so terrible lmao treat the heroine like a complete moron and all the guys are rapists like in Under the Moon and Ijiwaru my Master if you take the wrong turn D8

  5. I have done Butlers (what kind of sentence is that ???) So I didn’t find that many rape things … Except maybe in the Nightmode, which I haven’t finished yet. But anyway, I’ll be waiting for your next 18+ otome game review just to see how you roast them ^_^

  6. ahaha alright, I don’t know what my next 18+ review will be, I’ve been playing all ages games to avoid these scenarios but I do have a couple 18+ ones on the waiting list to be played 😉

  7. Ugh, I now can’t look at subaru without thinking “lulu clone!” also suzuna/suzaku? ZOMG THIS IS CG DOUJIN GAME! seriously XD

  8. wtf Suzuna doesn’t look like Suzaku xDD he’s got like red hair!! 😆 I can kinda see a Lelouch clone in Subaru though (personality wise too) xD

  9. I don’t know why but for some reason, I laughed a lot while reading this review (mostly about the deformed art XD) makes me curious as to how they look like. ^^ Looking forward to another review!

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