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RPG Review: Persona 5 Royal

After holding a twitter poll of whether I should tackle my Trails backlog or dive back into Persona, Persona 5 Royal won so I decided to give my 2nd Persona game a try. Warning, there will be some light spoilers so if you have yet to play beware if you are reading.

This is a Makoto x Ren shipping zone 🥰🥰



“Akechi” sounds way too much like “Adachi”, like c’mon man get some new material.

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Otome Game Review: Birushana no Senki ~Ichijuu no Kaze~

So after playing Birushana and feeling like I need to see more nice romance with the characters I decided to get the fandisk. Unfortunately my expectations were crushed hard and left me in a disappointment.

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Otome Game Review: Birushana ~Rising Flower of Genpei~

Shanao is the heir to the Genji clan which was just defeated by the Heike clan. Everyone keeps trying to fight her but she just wants to live in peace in the mountains. Eventually after many years of training, she finally goes through her ceremony at age 16, becomes Minamoto Yoshitsune and joins her half brother in trying to regain control of Kyoto from the Heike. Only one of her man harem members knows she’s a woman and along the way she ends up fraternizing with the enemy. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) But anyway, let’s be real, you’re here to learn all about the Genpei War.😂 Also because I’m too lazy to type out Yoshitsune, I will be referring to the heroine as Shanao.

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Guest Review: Bustafellows

Alrighty, so this time there’s no snide comment like “siiiiiigh, well at least this was in the Christmas sale so I was only forced to pay a dollar for it.” I spent basically full price this time for Buster Fellas! It was released on Steam over the summer and I just waited until they released a patch for it. I managed to get about halfway through it before Endwalker hit, but now that we’re in a bit of a lull there I fired it back up to finish it up. Again, as usual spoilers, etc.

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