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Bright Shadow is back from the dead to haunt you one last time.

So without me knowing (or caring) apparently Bright Shadow Japan FINALLY closed its doors in February!

They even had some campaign to give items to people starting new accounts on Gamania’s other games (Divinia & Lucent Heart.) Well not surprising as this game was outdated & crappy and last time I played on the JP servers there was practically nobody on. In the darkness of this closing, Beanfun, which recently picked up Lucent Heart decided to also pick up Bright Shadow which Failpot USA dropped. Supposedly the English Bright Shadow will reopen on July 8th (so very soon actually!) but you have to think about this: The Japanese version of BS is gone, Korean’s been gone for a while…don’t know if the Taiwan one is still running but basically you got a dead game reopening. What does this mean? It means there will probably be no new levels or content updates EXCEPT for the multiple gacha items that Japan had spewed for like 2 years until they finally shut down. Maybe while they’re at it, Beanfun will also revive Fantasy Earth Zero who knows ┐(‘~`;)┌

So unless you just wanna mess around with BS for old times sake, I wouldn’t recommend the English version. You’re essentially playing a zombie game at this point. I’d recommend playing Beanfun’s Lucent Heart (although I hear there’s a BR invasion recently 😆 ) Neither of those 2 games appeal to me so I’m just waiting on my closed beta pass for Ragnarok Online 2 Lime Odyssey! ( Actually seeing that the same team who dragged on RO2 the Gate of World is now dragging their asses on Lime Odyssey…I don’t have much hope for this either tbh.. ( ´_ゝ`)).

In other news if you’ve been under a rock Prius Online English has been open for a while but I’ve decided to pass up on it since essentially the only cute thing are the lolis and the playable characters are kinda fugly or furry lol. Also they banned like almost every country ever which is good for the certain spammer countries but bad because now some of my worldwide friends can’t play with me.

Update: And so 1 year later Beanfun shuts down bright shadow on August 30, 2012. Let’s hope it stays dead for good this time lol.


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but…

I’ve recently been getting a lot of blog hits for “prius online english” so to see why the sudden spurt I googled it myself. Turns out Prius Online will actually be coming in English in 2011. It’s no longer licensed by NetMarble USA (which is more fail than Gamepot USA) but it’s now been picked up by gPotato instead. I guess we’ll see it hopefully sometime in January of next year. Until then you pedobears will just have to stay in hibernation 😆

I might try out the English version. Loli crap aside the background graphics were amazing.


P.S. Apparently G-potato hosting this game isn’t such a good thing after all?

Prius Online just lost its chances of coming to America lol

Yea I know the English version is somewhere in limbo but because of this who knows if they’ll even pursue it anymore. I mean come on, playing games is fine but if you have a baby, why don’t they just play…at home? What a concept! Also how the hell do they spend 12 hours a day on a netcafe playing these games? When do they work/sleep? If they don’t work/sleep how do they even afford to go to PCBang? 😯 If their baby was 3 months old, it was clearly becuase they had like celebratory sex after beating some boss in the game and then were like “oops damn we have a baby now, maybe if we starve it it’ll go away, let’s go back to raising our Animas!!” 😆

Also Prius is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like 2nd life. It doesn’t have giant penises floating around and your avatars don’t randomly go having sex with each other in private rooms. Whoever quoted that is a freaking idiot 🙄

Prius Online coming in English


Looks like Netmarble (in English??) is planning to release Prius Online for all of us non Japanese. Hooray, now you guys can all stop spoofing your mac addresses and using bootleg proxies/vpns to connect to the Japanese servers. On the other hand, most US licensed games turn out like crap…and without Tamura Yukari voicing the loli it’s just not the same anymore. Oh well when the English version is out, if I’m not busy with any other games, I might give it a shot just to see what it’s like. I heard Japan recently added like 12 new classes or something so maybe that’s something to look forward to.