Otome Game Review: Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori

So if you think this is the story about little red riding hood…think again. They basically decided to shove every fairy tail element they could think of and so came out Akazukin. I’d say its like red riding hood + snow white mixed with some sleeping beauty? XD Anyway the story starts out when our (not so little) red riding hood Tiana is told by her step mother to go and visit her uncle on the other side of the forrest. She gives her a map of the forest but her mom’s a dirty cumslut and the map is purposely in a way that will make Tiana fall into a river and die.  Tiana knows her mom’s a stupid bitch so she tears up the map and decides she’ll just go into the forest and get eaten by the big bad wolf! Unfortunately for Tiana the wolf she runs into happens to look like he came out of Twilight and because I guess Tiana’s giant boobs & thunder butt aren’t satisfactory for him, he tells her that he’ll “raise her to be more plump” before he makes a 3 course meal out of her. So now she gets to stay in Mr. Wolf’s house while she interacts with all his furry friends and the 7 little perverts. One day Tiana returns home to see if her dad was worried about her, but her dad & stepmom threw away all her things as if she’s dead and are now having a new baby of their own. She runs back to the forest and decides to never return home. Will Tiana ever leave the forest and get revenge on her piece of shit family? Spoilers ahead…so skip to my final thoughts to avoid them! Also this game’s R-18 so please read at your own risk.

Mr. Wildcat (Yamaneko-san) – I did Yamaneko first because he’s that fucking irritating as shit whiny bitch shitlord yusa kouji character in EVERY OTOME GAME EVER. The good thing is as you can see I’m jaded to his shittyness so I came in expecting a massive rapefest. I guess I was prepared because it didn’t seem as awful as it could have been and maybe because most of it was implied/behind the scenes crap anyway. Well it helps that I skipped the blatant rape end route too but anyway. Yusaneko owns a restaurant named “Restaurant Solitude” because hes a LONELY LOSER and he just wants people to come and make him feel LESS RONERY by having the restaurant in the middle of the woods. His sweet talk & shit made me go like ( ´_ゝ`) but Tiana, being the fucking reteard that she is, was all like “kya he’s such a gentleman!” I mean she’s so dumb that the first day they meet, he freaking slips his hand up her thigh and she thinks NOTHING of it! WHAT A GENTLEMAN. Wolf tells him to stay away from the flower field knowing little that his crazy idiot is the one who created the field in the first place! In fact, there’s a curse in the forest where if you say your real name outloud, or anyone says it, you will turn into a white flower that will bloom around the cursed tree. At one point when some erojiji tries to rape her in the forest, she calls out to Yamaneko for help and he comes and tricks the old fart into yelling out his real name and immediately this guy turns into a flower. The only person whose real name has been spoken but is ok, is Tiana. At one point he asks Tiana to leave Wolf and to live with him instead. Tiana of course is a bloomin’ idiot so she of course agrees! He then pulls some confession bullshit on her and gives her a ring made of flowers in that field.

That flower field is no ordinary field though. When Tiana goes there, she can see spirits wandering alone at night. To try to gain Tiana’s trust (like she wasn’t gullible enough) Yamaneko writes his “real name” as Francis Wells on a piece of paper. Tiana falls for this and he gets to bed her…and immediately after he drops the bomb saying “LOL I JUST NEEDED TO SCREW YOU FOR MAGIC POWERS, THANKS HO.” Tiana’s like (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  She cries and cries but he threatens that if she doesn’t do as he says, he will now use his newly obtained magic powers & kill everyone! Great! So now basically Tiana becomes his tenga, that he can stick it in anytime he needs to POWER UP! He also informs her that he hates all humans and while he finds her “useful” he will never love her. Mr. Bunny gets worried about her so he demands that Yamaneko release her and stop abusing her. Yamaneko’s like LOL *zap* and turns Mr. Bunny into a plastic figure. Tiana gets desperate thinking she can actually stop this crazy psychopath so she tries to stab him but he grabs the knife before she does. Plan B: She yells out his name! Lol sorry that backfired like he’d ever tell you his real name little girl! He “punishes” her by making her suck his ding dong while having her legs tied (I don’t get this bondage but ok.) In the CG her ass looked so gigantic I couldn’t stop laughing even though it was just another form of his sexual abuse. So I guess that blowjob was just too much for him so he instantly gets sick and lies in bed for 3 days. In the meantime, Tiana decides to go through his study (instead of like you know kill him or run away or something). She finds information about someone named Claudia, who has the same name as her mother. This Claudia and Yamaneko were really close apparently.

When she goes and talks to him about it sometime later, bomb #2 is dropped when the Claudia he knew really WAS her mother. If that wasn’t enough it’s now revealed that Tiana’s grandma was raped by some piece of shit who was married but yet her grandma was then labeled as a WHORE for it. The rape baby was Claudia I guess and so her grandma raised Claudia to be a witch to take revenge on all the village idiots. This didn’t go just as planned because Claudia decided to stop being a witch and fall in love with a man – Tiana’s dad. At that time Claudia took Yamaneko as her pupil and he warned her “Don’t do it son!” It was too late cause Claudia was already knocked up with Tiana. Tiana hearing this realized that the reason none of the kids her age ever played with her is that she was labeled as the “daughter of a witch” and when someone saw Claudia healing Tiana’s wounds with magic, they all suspected of her as being a witch & the witch hunt began. So now Yusaneko goes into his long manchild speech and Tiana says she fell for him because he’s ronery. Tiana tells him to STFU and threatens to leave. He starts bitching about how he’ll kill everyone and she’s like “then I will kill myself!” So then Yusaneko’s like… (´・ω:;.:…ok..fine… (´;ω;`) and he bawws and goes IKANAIDE~ and begs her to stay with him promising he won’t use evil magic anymore and that he will love her more than Claudia. So then in Ending 1 they live happily ever after running the restaurant together. So then the game continued dragging on Yusaneko’s emofest by having him basically slip special drinks that would erase people’s memories. He did this so that Tiana would forget about them and vice versa and that she’d only depend on him. Like hey dude, just cause you’re a shitlord, doesn’t mean she has to be one!

So then Wolf & Fox come to save Tiana from this idiots house but since Tiana’s fucking idiotic, she runs back to Mr. Rapistneko and says “I trust you!” Just then Wolf & Fox show up & Wolf decides to take some freaking action so he shoots at Yamaneko. Tiana being the dumbass she is, gets in the way & is shot too. Wolf’s like “oh shit dude why’d you get in the way!” So then Yamaneko uses his remaining magic and completely heals Tiana while he dies (for like 40 minutes). He asks Tiana to bring him to the white flower field and tells her his real name Freddie so she can call it out and let him turn into a flower so he would be by her side forever. She’s like “no man let’s just break this damn curse” so  they set the tree on fire. Turns out the reason Tiana didnt turn into a flower is because she’s Claudia’s daughter and the forest protects her. So soon as FRED dies, his Yamaneko ghost family shows up and trolls everyone and brings him back to life. DAMN TALK ABOUT BAD END ( ´_ゝ`) So then Tiana & FRED decide to leave the forest and so they have some happy sex and FRED feels like a virgin~ . Fred then asks to go visit the village he was born in but since he like killed his entire clan the only thing there is a CUTE BABY NUKO. It mews and I’m like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  cause this is the only good thing about the entire route =_=. So then they decide to hump like rabbits and “revive” their clan and have lots of weird furry babies. Good god that was irritating. Maybe if they gave this guy a different seiyuu so I could at least not just be like I’m hearing the same freaking character in every game ever all over again. I’m glad I did him first to get him out of my hair and forget his existence Σ(・●_・;)ガーン…Character profile said Yamaneko was 26.

Mr. Wolf  (Ookami-san) – As my husband said this is the big bad sex wolf! He must also be a pedowolf cause he’s 29 and Tiana’s like 19 (since they mentioned a 10 year gap.) See at first I didn’t believe this because in yusaneko’s route, he was really sweet and caring and saved her from the rapist. Well I guess I just HAD to be proven wrong when the character was ruined for me midway! Anyway before I derail into sarcasm land…Wolf is the forest guardian. Whenever someone enters the forest he’ll be the first to make sure that person doesn’t disturb the peace. He also makes sure nobody goes near that white flower garden and because he’s the forest guardian, a lot of people are after his life. When staying with him, Tiana keeps having dreams of blood on her hands and holding a knife as a loli during a red moon. The hoes at the restaurant are all jealous that Wolf’s got some chick living with him but they’re happy to find out that she doesn’t have a hug ass or big titties like they do (or so they think!) Mr. Bunny suggests that Tiana become Wolf’s lover so that he won’t eat her. When Tiana goes to ask him what she can do to stay at his house and not be eaten….RAPIST MODE ACTIVATED. Suddenly he goes from nice gentle wolf to big bad sex wolf and tells her to become his sex toy and to fap in front of him. Well at least unlike our under the moon heroine Tiana’s like “yea grabbin myself is doing nothing ( ´_ゝ`)” so Wolf’s like “sigh fine I’ll have to grop you instead” and instantly いやーん! So then from that day on he pretty much screws her like a million a day and she’s lovin’ it.

When he screws her though he never kisses her so one day after he fucks her on the table she asks him to kiss her. He rages and tells her to GTFO and that he will never screw her again! OH NO! She cries and runs off……to Yusaneko! Great! Just who she needed to see right now! 😆 Needless to say he attempts to rape her too (double the fun!) So then I guess thanks to Mr. Fox, Wolf hears that his sex toy is now getting USED by someone else so he runs to save her! How ironic for rapist #2 to save her from rapist #1! Of course Tiana doesn’t see Wolf as a rapist because she loves him so much so everything he does is OKAY and suddenly he says “I love you!” Wut. Apparently his rapist mode activated because he wasn’t gonna eat her in the first place (durr.) In fact he was so in love with her he felt betrayed that she only thought of him as someone who would eat her! How dare that hussy! So then they make out and come home and do the mattress mambo. The next day they go to the apple orchard to pick apples and Wolf puts Tiana on his shoulders so she can reach – and she suddenly has flashbacks of her “兄さん”. She overshears Bunny & Wolf discussing something about her stabbing her mom. That night she has a vivid flashback of stabbing her mother with a knife  and she passes out on the bathroom floor. Wolf comes back and freaks out and the next day tells her to stay at Bunny’s house for a while. She freaks out and runs out of the forest back….to her house lol. She overhears her mother & the house servant talking about how there’s rumors that Tiana may have killed her mom.

Tiana hears this and shrieks making her mom freak out when she sees her standing there like a ghost. Tiana takes her mom’s food bags and offers to carry them into the house. Inside she sits down and inquires her mother about what really happened and why her father would never tell her anything.  She promises she will leave and never return home if her step-mom tells her the truth. Step-mom tells her that one day Tiana came home with her “wolf oniisan” with a knife and her hands were covered in blood. Half the village thinks the wolf was the killer but half thinks Tiana did it. Soon after Tiana’s mom Claudia died, people who went into the forest would never return (Yusaneko’s curse.) Step-mom then said that Tiana’s father distrusted her because she was the daughter of a “witch” and he was afraid Tiana had scary magic powers too (then why the fuck did you MARRY a witch you dipshit?) So when Claudia died, the villagers were happy she did the dirty work for them and that the witch was dead. So the night of her mom’s death, Tiana was worried and ran into the forest to save her but she ran upon a site of her lying there dead(?) with Wolf next to her. She saw a purple glow on her mom’s fingers and thought Wolf was in danger so she grabbed a knife and stabbed Claudia herself. Tiana thanks the step-mom for telling her all of this and leaves. On her way back to the forest she recalls her mom collecting blood of young girls in the village to increase her magic powers because when she was out of the forest they would weaken. Her mother then set a curse in the forest that anyone would was in it could never leave – with the exception of Tiana because she’s probably the only thing Claudia truly loved. On her way back Tiana realizes why Wolf wanted to stay away from her and then suddenly emo rain pours and Wolf finds her. Tiana says she doesn’t care that she has those dreams and she wants to be with Wolf forever and ever and they go fuck in the bathroom where Wolf suddenly looks like Fabio.

Wolf then asks her to marry him and have lots of babies and reveals that his name is Claus (but tells her not to say it out loud because of the curse.) That was End 1. In End 2, Yamaneko starts shit again by saying that Wolf was in love with Claudia but because she didn’t care about shota wolves he killed her out of rage. In the meantime all Wolf wants to do is hump Tiana every day and Tiana knows Yamaneko’s just bullshitting her. She talks to the dwarves about the incident from that day and they say that they saw Claudia strike herself with lightning so most likely it’s not Wolf that killed her…but that she killed herself! Her body was buried under the apple tree in that flower field obviously so that Yusaneko could revive her later (see his route above.) So then Yusaneko convinces Tiana that he can revive Claudia but he just needs 1 more flower – so he asks her to give him Wolf’s real name. Tiana has no intentions of doing this and when she comes to the flower field Yusaneko binds her down threatening to kill her if Wolf doesn’t give him his real name. Tiana has no idea what to do to stop all of this so the only thing she can think of is…to STAB herself! Well what else would I expect when her brain seems to be in her butt. So after she stabs herself she hears her mother’s voice tell her Yusaneko’s real name and so she says it out loud and FREDDIE turns into a flower. Tiana passes out and somehow magically survives. So now back at the Wolf residence  she says she’s liked him since she was a loli and thinks that her mom probably didn’t wanna be revived anyway and just wanted to rest in peace. Bunny took over Yusaneko’s restaurant and Wolf & Tiana hump like rabbits and then have some bootleg wedding in the forest…with Wolf saying he wants to screw her all day long to make sure she gives him some babies. Honestly with that whip cream can attached to his ding dong, I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten knocked up already! Anyway, meh. Woulda been better if he didn’t turn into a rapist. I don’t know why Hiyo feels the need to make everyone into rapists. Maybe it turns somebody on but it just makes me roll my eyes the rest of the route 🙄

Mr. Fox (Kitsune) – So here I am thinking the fox is gonna be so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  and cute BUT GUESS HIYO HAS TO BE A PARTY POOPER. There’s so many cute scenes at first. Like how she lands on top of him and then slaps him calling him a hentai. He has a lot of really cute chibi CGs that pop up as well. At first I’m like “wow I guess he wants Fabio Wolf to stick it in his pooper” but eventually he stops being gay for Wolf and decides he wants some booty from Tiana. He’s a tsundere fox and he likes to collect cute things which is why Tiana’s room at Wolf’s house looked like a girl’s room. His house looks like a giant mushroom and he has a pet llamadeer. Yes a llamadeer. It looks like someone crossbred a llama and a deer (ಠ_ಠ). So anyway after the 2 of them get all ichaicha eventually they both confess and get all いちゃいちゃ when she decides to move into his shroomhouse.  She actually moves in because the bird slut from the restaurant was pissed that Tiana was cockblocking wolf from fucking every furry in the forest. Fox runs to Wolf yelling “FATHER PLEASE GIVE ME PERMISSION!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After Tiana moves in, Fox tells her a story about when he was younger his first love was the girl who bullied him. That’s why he swore to become stronger so that he could one day stand up to her and make her fall for him. GUESS WHO THAT GIRL WAS. So yea needless to say he has a massive jealousy complex for Wolf who was Tiana’s Oniisan~ and first love.

So then they attempt to have sex and it fails because he decides to just STICK IT IN. Tiana’s like OWWW and passes out. Fox feels so bad about it he decides to stop attempting to do her and then Tiana gets like really sexually frustrated. I mean he kisses & hugs her every day but doesn’t stick it in! One day when he comes home from his part time job at Yusaneko’s restaurant, she jumps on dat dick and tells him she wants to fuck like all night long. Fox is like “but I didn’t wanna hurt you…!” so then they have sex and the thunder thighs return….but for like REASONS UNKNOWN TO ME HE DECIDES TO NOT ONLY STICK HIS FINGERS IN HER ASSHOLE HE ALSO THEN LICKS IT. OKAY okay I know this is a DARK otome game but do DARK otome game fans like it when the guy LICKS THEIR BUTTHOLE 😯 UGH it was like so painful to sit through and I got carpal tunnel and I can’t just click my way through this sheit ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー He comes home one day all injured because Yusaneko’s been using him as a soccer ball. So like here’s where shit really goes downhill. Another day Tiana decides to come pick him up and walk home with him after his job so she goes to the restaurant. While there she  finds Mr. Bunny pulling his hair back while drinking and he’s like ONE SEXY MANBEAST and so she compliments him and he says he’s too shy (*´д`*)ハァハァ  Mr. Bunny tells Tiana that Fox is stuck in the past trying to be strong and feeling weak all the time. So then Fox comes out and he’s pissed because his woman was TALKING to his COWORKER. HOW DARE THAT HUSSY!

So soon as they get home he makes like every yusa kouji char ever and smashes her against the bitching like “oh so you like Mr. Sex Bunny more than me huh!” He notices that she starts bleeding and is like “I’ma go cool myself off now bro peace out.” In the meantime Wolf stops by to see how things are going and tells Tiana that Fox is a pathetic little piece of shit who needs Tiana to calm him the fuck down. He then leaves and comes back our rapist #3! He has to make sure Tiana never talk to ANY other man again and he’s SO SURE that she still holds feelings for big bad sex wolf so …he rapes her! Not only does he rape her, he also TIES HER HANDS BACK (and this has a breast enlarging effect for some reason 😆 )So then when it’s over he realizes what a fucking shit he is and feels bad about it…and Tiana’s like “what the fuck bitch if you feel bad about it DON’T RAPE ME IN THE FIRST PLACE.” She punches him and tells him to BE GENTLE AND SHIT and so then in ending 1 they live happily ever after with their llamagoat. Also he’s jealous of the llamagoat. Good lord. So then in Ending 2 he completely goes bat shit and decides to cut off his fox tail thinking oh hey Tiana doesn’t have one! Great cut off your spine why don’t you! Then Tiana’s like “I wanna eat the apple in the tree thats in the flower field nobody should go near!”

The dwarves are like “no you like really shouldn’t do that” but after being kicked in the nuts one too many times by Yusaneko, Fox goes & tears the apple down and BITES INTO IT. He then tranfers the BLOODY APPLE INTO TIANA”S MOUTH. She’s like ewww it tastes like blood. OF COURSE ITS YOUR MOM DUDE. So then Yusaneko appears bitchslapping Fox as usual so Tiana takes some serious action this time and stabs the fuck out of that apple! It sounds like she’s stabbing a dead body..oh wait where has she done this before! Yusaneko’s like “NOOOO MY ONE SIDED LOVE NOOO!” Well if you played this route first you’d have no idea why he’s freaking out but now I do lol! So then he freaks out so badly it’s back to the drawing board for his plan to take over the world and he ends up bed ridden for a few days. Fox & Tiana must be masochists cause they go and VISIT this idiot who not only beat up Fox but burned & almost RAPED Tiana! Nice. Fox is all like “Yea well I’m not scared of you! And I’m gonna still work for you! And Tiana’s mine so MEH!” ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ So then Tiana finds out that Fox’s parents got killed by some witch and he thought it was his fault all this time cause he couldn’t save them. They have a happy end fuck and Fox grows a giant ding dong while Tiana’s boobs..shrink! Yes he claims they grew but that CG would say otherwise (ಠ_ಠ). Okay as you can tell I am unhappy. For the first half of the route I was like (*´д`*)ハァハァ but then he has to turn into a jealous RAPIST! Okay I can understand chars like Yusaneko being rapists but why this guy? Why can’t you just leave cute tsundere characters aloooonnneee.

Hunter (Ryoushi-san) –  Tiana finds him passed out like a bum in the woods cause he apparently lives in a tree. He came to the forest to slay the big bad wolf thats been killing people. She tries to get him to stop hunting the wolf saying that what if the bullet might hit her. He says he wants to take revenge on those who were killed & that’s why he became a hunter. So then Tiana turns into this big whore because I guess she has some jiji moe and wants him to look at her as a woman. I have no idea why she’s fallen in love with him…cause he taught her how to play bootleg game of darts? Even he says he’s like her dad’s age lol…says he will never get married becuase he’s in love with a woman who he plans to avenge the death of – CLAUDIA LOL WHO WOULDA GUESSED. Tiana goes to Fox for advice saying how no matter how much she throws herself on the ossan he won’t rape her! But since Fox doesn’t know shit, the next best thing is Yusaneko! Yusaneko gives her some weird bath oils that makes her horny sigh lol. Ossan’s like “oh god wtf”and almost screws her but then is like “NO I MUSTN’T!” and then instead gives her a bucket of water & tells her to wash off the bath oils to unhornify her. This doesn’t work and in fact makes her so horny she ends up masturbating on his bed while he’s outside LOL. He overhears it and comes in and tells her he’ll “help make her feel better”! LOL yea you can see where this is going. So after she’s like NOO I NEED DAT DICK so she convinces him to screw her too. So then they keep screwing until the effect wears off and he never comes or kisses her so basically he just acts like her man dildo 😆

So then she goes to wash off the oil in some lake and he comes to help her and I guess some of the oil gets on to him and he gets super horny too and they screw in the lake. I mean it was such a joke when it’s to the point where she’s like “OH STICK IT IN HUNTER-SAN!” So I guess he’s got some regrets or something and tells her to never come see him again. But yea you know how that goes and she wanders around the forest so he takes her back to his log. He tells her how he was in love with a woman (Claudia dur) and it was this hard core one sided love. When he found out the wolf killed her his entire purpose in life became to kill the wolf. So then he spent like 8 years training to be a hunter so he could kill the wolf. PRODUCTIVE LIFE. So then one day as they’re walking through the forest together, they run into the wolf and Tiana begs Hunter not to kill him. They argue and then ossan admits that he hated himself for falling for Tiana and thinking how dare he like someone else besides that crazy 1 sided love of his! Tiana runs to wolf saying she wants to walk around with him to make sure hunter doesn’t shoot him. She says she will try to convince him to not kill anyone. Hunter leaves her a letter saying that he will shoot the wolf whether she’s with him or not. He does want to talk to her after everything is settled though. She hears gunshots and runs to wolf’s house where Hunter’s about to shoot the wolf.

Tiana says that Hunter should listen to Wolf’s side of the story but he says he won’t stop his revenge regardless and says no need to talk. Tiana then is like okay then shoot me cause if you don’t I’ll come and kill you afterwards. He finally agrees to listen to wolf’s story. After talking I guess he changed his mind and took his gun and left with Tiana running after him. They then confess to each other and make out…it looks like he was eating her face.Then they screwed and she was all disappointed he didn’t spooge inside her but he’s all like “I only want to make babies AFTER we get married!” SO yea I guess he changed his mind about marriage now and he gives her some fugly necklace. That was ending 1. In ED 2, she’s busy with helping out some wedding ceremony so she hasn’t seen her erojiji in a while. She comes over and complains that he hasn’t made out or screwed her so they proceed to eating each other’s faces. And then it’s like everything in ending 1 is reset and they continue with that whole “Oh I’m an ossan and you’re a pretty young girl who can do better” bullshit until the very end where they screw in various ways and she chomps on his 1 foot long ding dong. So then I thought nothing was gonna happen and suddenly…turns out Tiana’s bitch step-mom is the hunter’s SISTER! DUN DUN DUN! And suddenly he’s like “shit dude I can’t hit on my sister’s step daughter LOL”.

But I guess this doesn’t stop his pedobear ways and he says he loves her anyway /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ During some squirrel wedding ceremony that she was helping with, some crows attack and try to steal the ring for some reason. They manage to stop them but the ring gets stuck so high on the tree it’s hard for them to reach. Tiana asks the hunter to come help by shooting at the brach to break it lose and have the ring fall down. When he comes over all the animals freak out and hide. He shoots and the ring drops down without hurting any of the birds nearby. The wedding continues and they dance together. A few days later Hunter comes to Wolf’s house asking permission to marry Tiana lol. What is wolf her daddy all the time? XD So then Wolf leaves so that the 2 of them can have some alone time to hump.  So then the 2 of them return to Tiana’s original house and I guess let her step mom know that they will get married. She’s against it at first but then agrees. They move into a real house together, instead of some log in the forest…and based on the final CG I think Tiana grew like 10 years younger. Also this guy’s real name is Gerald. Gerry. As someone in my broadcast said “Gerryatric” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Bleh I just couldn’t pay attention in this route. That beard of his ugh. The story was really plain too so he might have actually been a character to play first now that I think about it. Also the fact hat she was all happy high ho with her bitch mom just because he’s her brother pissed me off. It’s like I liked the part about her where she wanted to take revenge on her mother but suddenly all of that was just thrown out the window meh. All the CGs of them kissing just grossed me out because they looked like father and daughter =_=.

Nightmare – Tiana meets him in the white flower field. They can see each other but can’t touch. The next day when Tiana talks to the dwarves they tell her to be careful of the masked guy and to make sure he “doesn’t take her with him”. Nightmare tells her that the curse regarding leaving & entering the forest only affects those who were in the forest at the time her mom set it. He also points out that anyone who tries to cut down the tree will receive divine punishment. Just then the dwarves show up and tell Tiana & Nightmare to GTFO the flower field. Instead they all hang out in the forest with Usagi-san who’s upset that he cannot see Nightmare. One day when visiting Nightmare in the flower field he asks her what would she think if she’s in a repeating nightmare. She says that would really suck and gives him an attempted hug (even though she goes right through him…while her apple mom cries a river in the background 😆 She says that she can feels warmth from him and can feel his heartbeat. Nightmare gives in after much stalking and thinks maybe she can bring him out of the dream world.One day she wanders near the dwarf house and sees a boy lying there in a coffin. When she gets closer to it, Nightmare shows up and tells her to GTFO. Just then the dwarfes come and she goes to their house. They then gattai and TURN INTO A REALLY HOT SEXY MANBEAST (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ WHY COULDN’T HE GET A ROUTE INSTEAD OF THE EROJIJI (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. Apparently the guy form is his true form but he uses the dwarf form because it can be convenient to hide and do other things (like jump on Tiana and grab her boobies.) He tells her to call him Otona-san (Mr. Adult) because he’s no longer “little” lol.

So then Tiana goes to see Nightmare again and he tells her that he has no idea how he ended up in the flower field but he always ends up there. He thinks he’s dead but part of him feels that he’s not. So suddenly Tiana’s like I LOVE YOUUU waahhh and cries and then Nightmare kisses her on the cheek and for some reason she can feel it for once but she continues bawing for reasons unknown to me. Otona-san explains to her about the witch buried under the tree and that the apple holds her magic. He then says that if a regular person eats it the magic will go crazy and kill them but he feels that if Nightmare eats the apple he might be able to return to his body. He also points out that it’s possible Nightmare abandoned his body intentionally. Next day Tiana goes into the flower field and the mom-apple is now golden! Tiana rips the apple down and bites into it to give it to Nightmare and it seems to like force its way down her throat….so Tiana takes action and kisses him to transfer it. (I thought she couldn’t touch him, how does this work? Lol) Well I guess this works since then magically Nightmare stops being a ghost, drops the fugly mask and now is able to touch Tiana. It starts to rain so they go look for shelter and so they go TO OTONA’S HOUSE AND SCREW ON HIS FLOOR. I MEAN HOW OBNOXIOUS TO SCREW IN SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE WHILE THEY’RE OUT LOL. Then if that wasn’t bad enough they obnoxiously make their way on to one of the beds and stain it with their spooge! How rude! The next morning she wakes up and Nightmare is gone. She runs into Otona san (who was prolly watching all night) and then suddenly decides to make like Sleeping Beauty and kiss the sleeping oujisama in his coffin. Needless to say, it works! But things don’t go just as keikaku because the Nightmare who wakes up from the coffin doesn’t remember anything about either Otona or Tiana. He tells her to GTFO and Tiana runs off crying with Otona chasing after her.

Next day Tiana returns to the dwarf house bitches at Nightmare for forgetting about her and is like “fine if you can’t remember then YOU WILL FROM NOW ON (#゚`Д゚)”. So then he’s like oh so you wanna fuck again alright and he pushes her down but unlike other routes Tiana decides she’s tired of getting raped so she punches him away. He tells her to GTFO part 2 and she runs off crying again! But Tiana won’t give up! She returns to dwarf house the next day again to make him some food because he looks anorexic and then she tickles him finally convincing him to eat. When Tiana takes him to Yusaneko’s restaurant, Wolf sees him and goes “aren’t you Ouji-sama?” Upon hearing this Nightmare runs off. Wolf tells her that in the past Ouji-sama was really nice when he came to the forest 6 months ago…but then he had suddenly disappeared and people thought he just left the forest. He disappeared when a black suited man showed up in the forest. The dwarves wouldn’t say anything abuot it everyone pretty much forgotten about it until now…when the black suited man has returned to the forest again. Tiana runs back to Nightmare and tells him she knows that he remembers everything (why make him forget shit then??) and suddenly I don’t know what the hell overcomes him but suddenly he’s in love with her and they screw on the grass and the grass effect increases the size of his dong & her ass. Anyway some time later Tiana returns to her house only to be stopped by a royal guard who tells her that there’s some weird lockdown since 3 days ago and everyone had to stay in their house. Apparently it’s because the “Real” prince of the country has died from illness and everyone is busy mourning his death. Tiana runs back into the forest and goes to see Nightmare again telling him he’s her one and only prince. He comes to her house that night like a stalker asking if she loves him cause apparently in the past people only liked him for his face. Ending 1 ends with Otona feeling left out (cause he can’t get a 3P end) so he turns back into dwarves and in the end they all paint pictures on ocarinas.

In ending 2 Wolf warns her that the black suited man has returned to the forest and to be careful. When walking through the forest they run into the black suit man who’s ready to blow Nightmare’s brains out, but Tiana gets in the way and begs him not to shoot. Nightmare grabs her and throws her like a sack of potatoes and soon after he’s shot. Fortunately for them, Wolf shows up and beats the guy up. So then suddenly he’s all like “WHY DID YOU DO THAT, WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU TO SAVE ME BITCH!?” And Tiana’s like “oh hehe you were just worried about me~” and he’s like “NEVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN!” FFFS really is that like all the chars in this game ever think? Instead of being honest and accepting the situation as it is, they gotta suddenly turn into some kind of bitchy whiners. Oh then Wolf is like “oh youth, so many misunderstandings HAH HA!” LIKE YOU SHOULD TALK MR. I WASN’T REALLY GONNA EAT YOU ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ So then she goes to visit him to try & talk things over and what does he do? Become a fucking wife beater like with Fox. GREAT. Why CAN’T a SINGLE character be fucking normal in this game? Oh that’s right the only normal character(s) are the dwarf/Otona because they don’t have a route to have the opportunity to become hateful raping assfucks. So anyway the dwarves comfort her by giving her a beetle (ew lol). Anyway, Nightmare tells her that his mother died too and he got a step mom as well. She hated him cause he looked a lot like his dead mom, and because she wanted her actual son to be the next King rather than Nightmare. First his dog died when eating his food which the bitch mom poisoned…and after that multiple people would die from the poison tasting his food orz. There was incidents of chandeliers falling on his head and his father didn’t give a flying fuck because he was busy with his new slut and the new born son from that slut.

So one day some of the guards brought him to the forest to kill him and he knew this but he was ready to die anyway. He ended jumping off a cliff and the guards just shot into the air going “oh yea he’s dead” and left. Nightmare climbed out and then wandered around the forest until he passed out & the dwarves found him. He wasn’t dead but his soul was wandering around, with all his memories gone, so that’s why the dwarves laid him to rest until his soul would return to his body. So then he’s all like nice and shit to her when she runs back home and sees her step mom saying that Tiana is terrifying. Someone’s bipolar! And so then he starts babbling about how he’s afraid to die and he’s afraid she’ll die and then he comes to her house in the rain again and he licks her toejam they screw. Lmfao so while they’re doing it, Wolf hears her moaning and knocks on her door asking if she’s okay. She’s like “I’m fine uhh..!” And then when he leaves she’s like “What if he saw us!” and Nightmare responds with “We’d have a 3 some.” LOLOLOL プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So then that army man comes to kill Nightmare again so he gives him his royal necklace to prove that he is abandoning the royal family. The guy’s like “but your existance in itself sickens her so you have to die.” So then I don’t know what the fuck but Nightmare takes a carving knife and stabs himself in the face (;゚д゚). The army dude asks Tiana to wipe the necklace full of his blood and he will take that back to the bitch queen to show that Nightmare’s been “killed”. And so he gets a scar on his face and they live happily (?) ever after while he carves wooden animals and hopefully stops carving his face. At least in his “love letter” omake he appologizes for being a freaking douche. I used a friend’s savefile to view the Otona-san scenes from the CGs because I pretty much lost my patience with the game. So then I did his love letter where it seemed okay until it felt like he slipped roofies or someshit to the viewer. If that wasn’t bad enough his real name is ANEL. ANEL. ANAL. Man Hiyo just can’t stop trolling can she!

I have no idea if Hiyo wants to make her characters be sweet and perverted ikemans, or crazy psychopathic yandere rapists. The only consistent character in the whole game was Yamaneko who had a pretty solid story, solid reasons for doing what he did and he pretty much stayed true to his yandere character from start to end. You could tell by that sly smile that he was up to no good and that he wasn’t gonna be this sweet gentleman. With everyone else I have no idea what the hell she was trying to do. Wolf is sweet and caring in everyone’s routes but his own. Fox is a sweetheart until halfway when he turns into a rapist. Nightmare is freaking bipolar and while the ossan wasn’t crazy or psycho, he was just old & wrinkly and his story had nothing interesting except figuring out reasons to get him to screw Tiana. Characters like Usagi-san and Otona-san needed routes REALLY BADLY but sometimes I think it’s good that they didn’t get one because I bet that would ruin the character for me. The ero CGs were a joke (aren’t they always?) Tiana had a huge ass in most of them, the guys had like 1 foot long cocks and there was so much spooge it’s like they had bottles of whipcream inside their ding dongs. The CGs were ridiculously inconsistent. Okay fine, not everyone can draw amazing anatomy but it’s like they had 12+ different people drawing the pictures. I used Tiana as an example here but here’s 12 different shots of Tiana’s face:

Okay I know I’m not consistent with my CGs either but this is ridiculous! Some look great while others are just (;´・ω・)…エ? I’m not even comparing them to the stand-in sprites which were probably the best & most consistent artwork in the game. I didn’t play the bad ends but after hearing the content of them & looking at the CGs I was just like WTF (ಠ_ಠ). Especially looking at Yamaneko’s….I can’t see how this is a bad end…but then again I didn’t play it so don’t quote me on it lol. I played the game in an order that made the entire story get revealed in 2 routes so all the routes afterward felt pointless and predictable. For that I recommend playing in the following order: Ossan (get him out of the way), Nightmare (cause his story is like self contained), Kitsune, Ookami, & Yamaneko. The rape, and violent abuse in the GOOD ends was so irritating that it distracted me from actually giving a damn about the story which I actually thought was rather interesting. May as well call this Akazukin to Rape no Mori (ಠ_ಠ). Like I realize this is a dark game, and I’m cool with that but why do I have to get raped in the GOOD ends? Why can’t you leave that shit for the bad ends. It would be even more awesome if Tiana could stand up & bitch at the rapists (like she did in Kitsune’s route) but most of the time she just takes it and cries.

There were some omake voices if you fully completed the game (which I didn’t but I had a friend’s save file) and I felt that only Tiana’s voiced sounded NORMAL. Everyone else was just so…WEIRD. Ugh just the image I had associated with all the characters left such a bad aftertaste (and I didn’t even do the bad ends) that their omake voices just annoyed me. I checked the reviews on Amazon Japan, because surely I can’t be the only person who was disappointed & disgusted with this game right? Well fortunately I wasn’t. While there were a lot of raving reviews, the consensus was that 1. that bad ends are nasty & uncalled for 2. Tiana is a brat (and I also think she’s dumb in most of the routes) 3. all the characters have so much baggage that they’re just not appealing in any way. I realize that other English reviews of this game praise it but I just cannot agree and I have to be honest here, I was very disappointed after all the hype everyone made about it. I guess I’m glad I never played Ijiwaru my rapist cause I have a feeling I would have felt the same way. It’s so strange because I thought the GOOD routes in Under the Moon and the general routes of Love Drops were great. It’s just since Ijiwaru, Hiyo keeps making all her characters crazy psychopathic rapists who need to have their dicks cut off or something (ಠ_ಠ). Anyway I’m sorry but I don’t recommend this game. The art is deceptively good until you see ALL the CGs in the game. The OP theme is catchy and I liked Nightmare’s BGM and the main title screen BGM but nothing else really caught my ears. None of the characters appealed to me except Otona-san who then showed rapist tendencies in his freaking omake love letter :roll:. I think I am done with R-18 games. There are some I played where it was just normal sex, but the majority of them are like this and I’ve run out patience.

45 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori

  1. Otona-san was realllllllly weird since (his route is basically bye bye Nightmare he comes in to swoop in and take Tiana who’s all brokenhearted) and had a sort of cute ending. BUT THEN HIS LOVE LETTER THREW EVERYTHING OFF. And trolled the freak out of me ruining it.

    :/ I had to skip through most of the end on Yamaneko’s since it felt so weird hearing her call him FREDDIE. I kept on thinking of the bear. or is that Jason lol whatever.

    So far I’d say stay away from Aromarie’s…it’s basically a tiny package of sterotypical smut drama. xD;; and I don’t get what’s so nice about having the guy with a razor down there in games nowadays ugggh

  2. What is it with Hiyo and her characters? I don’t get it. lol It feels like most R18 otome have a rape prerequisite or something.

    Best to just let the mind fill in the blanks with the sex.

  3. Oh God. I really should push this down my backlog, since after plowing through Alicis doing another bad game will only make me ragequit.. and yeah I noticed Tiana is an annoying brat even from the trial. ಠ_ಠ

    Yusaneko is being Yusa as usual, but somehow his route actually sounds better than say.. Wolf / Kitsune. I don’t get what’s really attractive with making good characters turn into rapists. At all. >_>; LOL at the Freddy Krueger reference. xD

  4. I’ve never played this game, but my god, this review is hilarious. I wish I could require DAT ASS every time I was horny. 😀

  5. Ahaha! Hilarious review as always! XD I wasn’t planning on playing this one because the characters never really appealed to me at first glance, especially Tiana and that ossan hunter. Gahhh … DX If I play another game with a teen + ossan, I’ll cry.

  6. Kiseki> I’m glad! My hand hurt writing all that xDD

    Keo> OMG I AGREE…I was like I Love OTONAAA then I play his letter and I’m like WHAT THE FUCKKK./ Yea I’m staying away from Aeromarie’s game simply cause I just didn’t like gin no kanmuri and I don’t think me & R-18 games are working out =_=

    blancayuki> The miku one ugh not yet it was so late I had to go to bed xD I will today though!

    Acid> Lol yea I agree, implied secks for the win. all games should do it like starry sky did in after summer or how dare-ura did it with the “wake up in bed” CGs.

    Rin> Yeaa lol I don’t even recommend playing this and just taking it out of your backlog lol. If you’re curious just browse through my videos, you’ll instantly change your mind ಠ_ಠ
    And you’re right, Yusa is the most well written char because at least he’s an evil rapist from start to finish….not a SURPRISE YANDERE!

    Ritell> Magical butts! 😆

    rae> Yea I know right! It’s like they shoved him just to be like “oh here’s an ossan char for the ossan lovers” I don’t even mind “old man” chars, he was only 32…but why the hell does he need to be so hairy he looks like he’s 45 ಠ_ಠ

  7. This is so amusing, I can’t stop laughing. Phew. Errr… What can I say.. Hm… I can’t decide which is worse: pointless ridiculous galge protagonist who has sex with every female in-game in 1 route like a monkey (Sengoku Musou, recently translated to English), or reading bad R18 otome plots. Well at least raging once in a blue moon probably makes people appreciate the better ones more…

    In Kitsune’s route, at least she got the chance to slap and punch him lol. He doesn’t retaliate after the raep (because he knows he’s in the wrong, wait, isn’t she like a husband beater too?) which at least redeems the character a bit. Looking at the entire readout felt like it was “dancing with tigers and wolves.” (warning: Dangerous animals ahead, approach at own risk).

    Hmm, well besides Pretty witch academy, what were the other R18 otome games you recommended?

  8. Tch, you’re not the only English player that thinks this game is crap. I read all the raving reviews too, but as soon as I read that this game had unavoidable rape in the GOOD ends, I knew that this was going to be utter crap. I could only play Wolf and Fox’s routes before I got so disgusted that I completely discarded the game. And I got all their bad ends. Their normal ends are bad enough, but the bad ends, especially Wolf’s bad end…I mean you saw the CGs of it right? As if Fox’s cute character hadn’t been destroyed enough in his route, it was completely obliterated in that end.

    From your review, it’s not like the rest of the game was any better, so it’s a good thing I stopped playing it when I did. It wasn’t even worth the time I spent extracting the CGs, they were all so inconsistent and the ugly stupid amounts of spooge from UTM are back in this game. Utterly worthless.

  9. yea I saw the Cgs lol it looked pretty bad xD.
    I’m surprised you even played the bad ends rofl I avoided that shit like the plague!

    Yea Fox’s char pisses me off the most…he’s possibly even worse than Yamaneko -_-;

  10. Well, I thought that since Tiana gets raped in the good ends anyway, how bad could the bad ends be? It was a bad idea, and one of fox’s non rape ends was the worst in my opinion. Now I skipped most of it and I didn’t even bother to use different translators, but from what I understood he….eats her…so they can be together forever. Basically he goes insane from Tiana screwing around with his fears. Can’t say I felt that sorry for her.

    He’s almost worse than Sena and the dude who looks like Sena in Ijiwaru my Rapist.

  11. Pfft I agree on exactly everything!
    Kitsunes sex scene was so awkward when he started licking her ass that I had to ctrl through it because I got so creeped out o_o
    And Anel! So fucking psycho I had hard time sleeping that night. Tiana became a psychopath and Otona-san became insane too. His love letter was as much as I could take x_x Crazy ass game.

  12. I was so irritated with the game that by the time I got to Anel’s letter I was like 🙄 Oh god whatever I’m done with this shit xDDD

  13. Okay what. Like WHAT is up with their “real” names??? THEY MAKE ME HATE THE GAME EVEN MORE =_= lol I raged so hard when Kitsune raped Tiana… and of course I played it and then I watched it on your broadcast xD err, well we discussed it on your broadcast lol I have great timing woot
    I ended up not bothering finishing the game after Fox and just got a save file from OD and browsed through the CGs… the art is such fail, it makes me so upset. Thank you for ruining everything about fairy tales, Hiyo, Calameliatorte, and Akazukin to Rape no Mori. Lol I thought this game was going to be great, after reading some of the rave reviews but god, it was horrible. I wouldn’t have minded it so badly if there wasn’t rape in the good routes ugh but noooo I guess the masses get off on raep DX
    I’m going to go back to Starry Sky and Sangoku Rensenki to cleanse my poor, traumatized eyes, mind and soul. Lol

  14. To be fair, Anel means ‘ring’ in portuguese and spanish, but I doubt Hiyo knows about that, so yeah, his name is just Hiyo trolling us because the yandere rapes in this were not enough apparently. Well, some people, especially reviewers, seem to love it so I guess Hiyo is on to something. Won’t stop me from raging about it.

  15. Mimi> From what Gothicat says we didn’t see the worst of it! 😕 LOL I wish I had time to replay games – *looks at massive backlog* XD

    Gothicat> I was just glad some of the Japanese reviews on Amazon also thought this game was meh and not everyone giving it 5 stars

  16. Gothicat – true, that is very true that it does mean something in another language, I guess I could kind of see the ring thing… seven of them make a ring… okay no maybe not lol I’m just pulling stuff now xDD but yeah I doubt Hiyo knew that… I agree Hiyo had to have been doing something right for it to sell so well out in Japan lol

    Hinano – LOL well I’m glad I stopped after one route… if I had to go through Okami-san or Yamaneko-san’s route I probably would have thrown my laptop against the wall in rage lol you can cleanse your soul with your upcoming all ages games xDD lol

  17. WAAAAAT so disappointed that this game sucks thought it was gona be decent cuz of all the hype lol.

    ima still play it though – this is like reverse psychology LMAO

    awesome review as usual ❤

  18. @Gothicat wat wat where did you hear that Anel means “ring” in Spanish?? I’m a Spanish native speaker and the word for ring is “anillo” ;P (Regardless, “anal” means EXACTLY the same in Spanish as in English xD)

    @Domshiki Please play it too, I would love to read your review xD

  19. domshiki> I can’t wait to read your review! I’m sure it’ll be hilarious, I hope you play the bad ends so I can hear your opinion on them 😆

  20. Blancayuki: A friend who spoke spanish used “anel” when he was talking in spanish, but I guess he was just wrong, it’s just in Portuguese then. In itilian it’s “Anello”, which is close enough. And anal means the same in portuguese too. So she’s trolling even people of other languages. Actually, anal means the exact same thing in a lot of languages, with just a few differences in spelling, like ‘anale’ in itilian I believe. Hiyo is a major troll.

    domshiki: If you do a review of it, please play the bad endings. I want to know if there’s one that’s even more horrifying than Fox’s.

  21. Anel? In the memo it said his name was Carlfreidrich… uhh I’m confused now. Then again I skipped like 3/4 of all the dialogue. Didn’t feel like reading all that bullshit. I’ve played almost all the endings and I only like one or two of them out of what, 26ish? Wtf it’s dumb. If it weren’t for impulse to get 100% in every game, I would have dropped it after the first couple. The characters were so bipolar, what the hell. Anyways, it looks like you had fun writing this.

  22. I wish they’d go back to the good ol days of Love Drops. I hate to make my point with this but seriously, at least Love Drops only had one rapist.

    …Gosh. I just don’t get it. This is why I gave up on 18+ long long time ago. (Though admittedly my tolerance level is not the highest… Sena was already the most I could take before ragequitting.) But yeah rape makes me rage. Especially when I notice myself trying to justify and compartmentalize what’s happening onscreen with thoughts like “Oh it’s just fiction. It’s supposed to be for entertainment.” I think that’s what I hate the most, the fact that I’m letting these games brainwash me into accepting crap and douchebaggery as “ok”.

    Aanyway. Good job braving through the game. You were a good soldier LOL

  23. too bad most the guys are rapists except that old guy but he was the most freakish person in the whole game. i recommend playing hetalia after that rape fest. don’t know if you know the hetalia anime but there is an otome game for it and it only plays on the psp

  24. As I made it through the intro blurb, I ran into wolf, somethingsomething I can’t remember now, and 7 shotas and the first thing that came into mind: Gangbang

  25. Well, is it a PC game? and I wonder if these games (I mean all visual novels) work with Windows 7. Cause I hesitate a little, I’m going to buy new laptop so I’d like to know… Onegai!

  26. ARRG Damnit i need a walkthrough x) I keep ending up killing myself, when i go for Mr. wolf’s story D:

  27. Neibs> Anel = Otona-san

    hairband> yea I plan to replay lovedrops for PS2 – I wonder how the rapist will be able to exist without the ability to rape!

    MUCCXO> the ossan was obviously just there for the ossan lovers. he was more out of place than freakish to me

    Digi> there was indeed a gangbang but no shotas were involved.

    Nataly> yea it works with windows 7 as I am using windows 7..a lot of old pc games though won’t.

    Miaru> try otome.girly.jp

  28. @Hinano Ah Thank you.. Though i did finally manage to get the ending right. After a lot of tries x) But thanks anyways this sites pretty useful, i’ll definitely bookmark that, for later use 😉

  29. Hey, your reviews are just great. Thank you for posting them.
    And sorry to ask but do you buy all the games you play or you download them?

  30. I actually liked the game, I only have Ryoushi-san and Yamaneko-san to complete, but Yamaneko-san just doesn’t appeal to me in any way. I like my yanderes less emo and more crazy.
    It’s why I actually really liked Otona-san’s omake love letter, because in the game what happened was (spoilers duh) She finds a pool of blood and Nightmare is gone, Otona-san stops her from trying to find him and he’s all sweet to her until she falls for him. So I liked how in the omake it’s revealed that he killed him.

    But regardless, other than some differences, this is Ijiwaru my Master repacked with inumimi. Even some of the dialogue is word for word Ijiwaru my Master! I don’t mind though, maimasu was my first Otome game and I loved it very much.
    Rape is fine by me in games like this, but the heroine’s response just doesn’t seem right… That goes to all Hiyo games, really. Although I could care less for Ashe. She’s also guilty for rape, by me. Raping my ears till they bleed, that is.

  31. oh lol I didn’t realize that but I think I didn’t play that ending for Nightmare or I just skipped through it to get the CG because by that point I was pretty frustrated with the game overall lol. Lmfao Asche xD I agree her voice was quite grating x3. I had to turn it off during my replay for UTM lol. I never played Ijiwaru and from what I hear, I’m going to stay far away. This kind of stuff is just not for me….which is weird since I really liked Love Drops. It’s like as of UTM hiyo’s writing took a uturn for a direction I don’t like I guess XD

  32. @Hinano Nightmare may have been emo, and the artwork for him was pretty QUALITY in his porn scenes (flat butt and derp face), but I loved the story for him, it was sweet.
    Really? UTM wasn’t very subtle about all the rape, even KYLEKYLEKYLE got a really freaky rape route which I despised for being so out of character (see: Kitsune-san in this case =_=; Threesome end with Ookami-san was scary… He raped both Tiana and Ookami-san)
    And Sena didn’t even have a normal route. As…che (? Is it really Asche? Huh) was basically just a blow up doll that could talk (might explain why her voice sounded like she was on helium the entire time), completely passive.
    So no, I don’t think that Hiyo made much of a difference in her games, she just took it up a notch by not adding normal routes. But I wish she’d appeal to a wider crowd other than the rape play lovers, might’ve liked some femdom once in a while in her games…. And proper shota… /pedo

  33. haha its sad I liked Sena’s hate route more than his love route…until I played the PS2 game. Actually if you play UTM PS2 without the rape, it’s not as terrible! XD Instead of rape they just scream and wangst but it makes such a huge difference. So yea I’m generally trying to just avoid R-18 otome games as they all leave a foul taste in my mouth nowdays anyway.

      1. I see your point there, and I agree with you, I think the story could have been much better if they kind of omitted most of their sex scenes XD!

  34. sounds like a freaking disaster. Some people I know recommended this game and I decided to search for reviews but this review opened my eyes. I agree that the story sounds kinda cool but it seems to have been ruined by all the rape and stuff. What a waste of good storytelling.

    1. lol well it’s written by hiyo. she also wrote ijiwaru my rapist. take note before you play any game to make sure its not written by her lol

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