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I thought to make it easier to sift through Otome Game and Eroge/Renai reviews (without having to search through the tag cloud or rummage through pages in the otome game/eroge categories) I’d create a separate index page for them. Mobile android games are mostly previews rather than reviews since they take too long due to cash limitations. The Stuff I Rage Quit at the bottom are games I quit because they were just too クソゲー for me but maybe one day if I’m extremely bored I’ll attempt to play them again? ┐(‘~`;)┌ If you need some genre recommendations, please check out my recommendation post. Due how massive this list has grown I have created individual pages for all the categories to make it easier to sift through.

All Ages PC Otome Games
R-18 PC Otome Games
parfait PSVita Otome Games
PSP Otome Games
PS2 Otome Games
PS4 Otome Games
Mobile Games
Eroge/Galge & Doujin Games
Stuff I Rage Quit
Hanayoi Romanesque

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