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Taking a quick break from my (partially broken) PSP, I decided to play a fan made English otome game by Macuyo called Get Dumped ! (Free download available on their site.) Our story is about Michi, your average high school girl, with a hot boyfriend named Arashi who she’s been with for 6 months. She don’t take no one’s shit and often finds herself talking back to all the jealous bitches who want to steal her man away! Though suddenly one day Arashi asks her to break up! He does promise her 1 last date though.

After the breaks up with her the bullying on Michi gets worse and on top of that a rumor spreads that Arashi’s getting close to the basketball team manager. It’s up to you to lead Michi to a successful(?) final date with Arashi though it seems she has to go trippin balls 6 times first before she goes on an actual date with him :lol:. After a few hours I’ve finally managed to get every ending so to make YOUR life easier I’ve provided a guide below!


Check up on Arashi
Read it & ask for Kisa’s opinion
Be Mean (Save 1)
Follow Arashi around
Go to the group date
Record it
Make a lunch box
Frilly & cute

Food poisoning End – On their final date, she makes Arashi a bento which is so disgusting he passes out from food poisoning.


(Save 1) Load:
Ask Arashi directly
Go to the group date
Ask mom to cook it
Buy food from a store
Formal & Neat

A clean break up end –  On their final date Arashi dumps Michi but he’s glad that she’s taking it so well (which she’s not but lol)


Sneak into a Home Ec class
Keep it and read it
Stay quiet
Ask Arashi directly
Watch Arashi’s game
Ask mom to cook it
Make sandwiches
Formal & neat

Left Behind End  – On their final date, Arashi randomly leaves her lol.


Go to the library
Trade it for something
Act innocent
Check Arashi’s cell phone log
Go home
Change channel
Buy food from a store (Save 2)
Neon & Retro

Horrid Fashion Sense End – On their final date, Michi changes into some terribad cosplay outfit in the movie theatre and scares Arashi away ww.


(Save 2) Load
Frilly & Cute

Clingy Hoes End –  On their final date, Arashi gets some random hoes clinging on to him and grabbing him away from Michi.


Check up on Arashi
Keep it and read it
Stay Quiet
Ask directly
Watch Arashi’s game
Record it
Make sandwiches
Formal & neat

Stalker End – On their final date, Arashi finds a ton of pics of himself in Michi’s phone and wallet and freaks out lol.


Best End.

True End – Once you get all the ends above, it will automatically unlock the true end. On their final date, Michi asks why Arashi’s breaking up with her. He tells her it’s because he’s taking up too much of her life and she’s been skipping cram school and stuff to see his basketball games. He also adds that he feels like she tries too hard around him and isn’t her natural self, in addition to being bullied by jealous bitches. He then admits that he never really liked her more than a friend anyway but Michi says someday she’ll change his feelings for her.



HEY MICHI YOU DON’T NEED DAT HO, KICK HIM TO DA CURB AND GET YOURSELF A PARKING TICKET MAN WITH FAAAAIIINNE WRITTEN ALL OVER HIM. Lmao XD Well it was short but fun! Arashi can go screw himself and his bitch brigade cause Michi is awesome and is probably better off without him anyway! m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! The layout and system of the game was done really well and I really loved all the expressions Michi presented on her face. She was the most dynamic character in the game. My only regret is during the bullying I kinda wish she’d either fight back, or have Kisa come to her rescue to beat up all the bitches. The fact that she just took their shit and the fact that her pussy ass classmates didn’t do anything was pretty disturbing. (´・ω・`) Overall it’s a fun game to pass the time and well it’s FREE and in ~English~ (as I often get the inquiry on this blog) so be sure to drop by Lemmasoft forum to get your copy!


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  1. Damn I really hated arashi in the ‘dreams’ just like what his name means ‘storm’ comes to michis ‘our’ life and then messes us up and leaves TTvTT , the ending made me cry so much ! But in the true ending I came to kind of not really like, but understand why he dumped michi. . . Though it still hurt TTvTT poor michi QvQ u’ll find someone else!

  2. there are heroines who aren’t dense as a wall of bricks, but most of them don’t seem to make their ways into PC games.

  3. Oh-My-Gosh!
    Finally a heronie who isn’t as dense as a wall of bricks! *cough*StarrySky*cough*

    I really don’t see why most otome games have us play an emotionless, sometimes eyeless, doormat who just acts like an IDIOT sometimes.

    Thank goodness, if I played another game were the main girl is like a sack of rice, I would rip my hair out.

    Yeah, that might’ve been a little melodramatic…

  4. Woah, I just played the game and it ended in tears… (´;д;`)

    I think Michi is an awesome heroine, who stands for her own and I’m kind of sad, that she always got dumped by Arashi, but it was really justified. She was sacrificing too much and as Arashi said… she wasn’t herself. Well, it wasn’t the typical shoujo girl game, so it was kind of nice. The art was quiet pretty too… 🙂

    Thanks for suggesting this game!(^v^)

  5. The awesome guys are either gay or taken and the awesome girls have no taste in men. Such is the sad fate of romantic comedy.

  6. lol I know right? I’m secretly hoping for an FD but I think she’s busy with another game at the moment XD
    I hope you enjoy it, it’s not really a long game and you’ll be done in no time!

  7. Omg lol this game sounds really interesting! Heck yeah, Michi, just leave that good-for-nothing guy! An awesome character like you deserves someone better! Will play this sometime this weekend. I hope the author will think about making an FD where Michi gets to choose which good guys she wants 😉

  8. I cried.. a lot. It related a lot to me, except I never dated the dude. And I’m pretty sure other girls can relate to?? Lol, I had a similar conversation with that guy just like Arashi and Michi had at the end. That’s why I cried. Haha, silly me. 😥

  9. Erasing your comment as requested but I still wanted to respond xD

    yes you can link to the guide feel free! i had trouble getting some of the ends so your hints did help XD the rest was trial & error lol

    and thank you for being a fan of the blog 😀 i hope to see more games from you since your writing style & sense of humor is great ;D

  10. Oh, I see, I see. Sorry if I spoke out of turn. Yeah, that is inconsistent… :S It’s hard to write a generally “strong” character getting bullied and make it work (outside of plot devices). Thanks again~ 🙂

  11. I agree with you about the Japan bullying but seeing how strong of a heroine she was, it seemed so weird that she didn’t really fight back? She spoke back to them in 1 of the choices so talking back but letting them have their way was really weird to me. So it’s more a consistency thing for me than anything else.

    There’s not much spoilers in my post its mostly choices for the endings so if you get lost feel free to refer to it!

  12. I don’t actually find NTR funny because they’re recently done some awful things with it in games I’ve played….but in this one I think it was actually necessary cause Arashi really doesn’t deserve her lol.

  13. Wow, sounds pretty interesting, Hinano! Thanks for the review, the guide and the link to the game. 😀 After reading through the beginnings, I decided I want to play this game and jumped to the final conclusion section to avoid major spoilers.

    The more I think about how you mentioned that her classmates didn’t do anything to help Michi out when she was getting bullied, the more I depressingly appreciate the accuracy of such a situation. It’s clearly set in Japan, and not only is the bullying/”ijime” shockingly bad there, but I read articles and talk to people online that admit that nobody tries to step up to the task of trying to help their fellow classmate- even the teachers don’t! No wonder those kids become hikikomori or kill themselves (or even others!) As somebody who was bullied for almost my entire school life, I empathise how one loses the gumption to fight back. I only learned to fight back when I finally got sick of it. I do see how it is frustrating to watch a character that doesn’t even try, though.

  14. lol yea she’s great, if you like her I strongly recommend Desert Kingdom and Wand of Fortune xD Actually Alice from QR series was like this too (though recent QR heroines make me roll my eyes)

  15. ⊙0⊙ XD i’m like WTF at the title and all the end, so she really get dumped lol, until i read the True end
    But Michi sound awesome XD Go girl (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

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