Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama -All Star-

OP Movie removed cause Broccoli has a stick up their ass about foreigners watching their youtube videos

So I ran a backlog poll on my blog a few weeks ago and All Star was the top choice so while waiting for my Amnesia Crowd to arrive I figured it would be a good way to kill a week. Surprisingly the game took longer than a week but ultimately – I REGRET NOTHING. Those who read my Debut review may remember my SCATHING words towards UtaPri and Broccoli and the many tables that were flipped during broadcast. Fortunately, Broccoli listened to their reviews on Amazon, kicked out all the fanfic writers and had Mr. Crazy Goat handle the storyline this time around. With this, the game went back to being a fun game about a hard working music composer and the idols she composes songs for. Our story this time is Haruka has no partner and she ended up graduating all on her own efforts (fuck yea screw those men Haruka you don’t need them!) She wasn’t able to take the master course cause all the guys were busy BLing up with each other and leaving her forever alone. Haruka’s new job is to compose a song for the Christmas concert featuring the special shuffle unit with the 4 senpais: Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus. In addition, after this she must partner up with one of them and compose a song to enter into the music festival competition. If she does not win the competition she will not be able to debut and will be kicked out of the agency.

utapriAS_04052013_193731Kurosaki Ranmaru – I did Ranmaru’s route cause he was the most disliked character for me in debut but thankfully this game made me UNhate him! That’s right turns out that Ranmaru’s just a lone wolf tsundere who likes to play with stray baby nukos. (*´▽`*)ずきゅ~~~ん!♡ Ranmaru’s a turdburglar at first as always but he starts to warm up to Haruka when he finally acknowledges her effort and knowledge of not only music but various sound equipment as well.  One day when Haruka goes into a small mom & pop cafe run by a grandpa & grandma, some yakuza comes in demanding money. Haruka manages to talk them out and they leave but they hurt the grandpa so both get taken to the hospital. She then runs into Ranmaru there cause well turns out Ranmaru used to work in the kitchen at their restaurant in the past. Due to this he’s been secretly helping them pay off their debt for them using his idol earnings.  For one of the jobs where they are in a commercial, Ranmaru plays bass while Camus plays violin. Unfortunately the pianist for their performance gets into a car accident so Haruka’s like hey I can play the piano. She’s so nervous though she starts shaking as she tries to play. Ranmaru actually then gives her encouragement telling her to just play and he and Camus will makeup for any misses. His role is to then put a necklace on her neck but as he does it the necklace gets caught in her hair lmao. After this Ranmaru notices the cello that Camus has, looks like one that he used to have in his family’s house. After this Shining rages that a “backstage” staff like Haruka is not allowed to step in front of the camera. He only forgives her  because the director praised her performance but warns her to never do it again. He then tells Haruka to go be a maid at at the restaurant of the grandma & grandpa while still working on her song writing! One night Haruka gets a file with all this personal info about Ranmaru from Camus. No idea how he dug it all up but basically it says how his father passed away leaving the household to his mother. He tried to raise money by being in various bands but they would break up because of constant problems with female members.

utapriAS_04052013_193734Eventually he gave up trying to form a band and was scouted by Saotome. When Ranmaru finds out that she knows about his past he’s of course pissed off.  They make up when he comes to the restaurant when Haruka is working and helps out with the cooking. Unfortunately at the end of the night yakuza come in to make sure that they’re “working” to repay them. Ranmaru gets pissed and goes to the yakuza telling them to GTFO while the morons throw chairs around. Ranmaru gets pissed ready to fight them but Haruka tells him not to get involved because it would be bad for his idol image. Haruka then grabs her phone and yells out that if they continue doing shit she’ll record everything and submit the evidence to the cops. Ranmaru then tells them if they really wanna start shit to get their top head to come here instead. After the idiots leave, Haruka goes with Ranmaru to his place. He lives in some crappy small apartment where he feeds stray nukos lol. THere’s nothing in it except like a couch and a bunch of CDs and musical equipment. He then offers to write the lyrics to the unit song for the xmas live. After listening to a few songs Haruka starts falling asleep and wakes up the next morning to the sound of Ranmaru feeding the nuko XD. The Christmas concert is a success and the senseis praise Haruka for her hard work.  After this Ranmaru and Haruka visit the grandma & grampa restaurant and they tell them they finally paid off all of their loans. After this Ranmaru takes her to where his old mansion was but now since it’s been taken down it’s been turned into a park. He shows her where he used to play and then tells her he has to take care of his mother and sister because after his dad died, they were left with his massive debt. He says that he still distrusts people but he’ll make an acception for Haruka, and if she’s ok with that he’ll be her partner. Haruka’s like LETZ DO IT!

utapriAS_04052013_193741Ren and Masato’s butlers inform Haruka that they knew Ranmaru’s family because of all the rich bocchamas mingling together. They say that Ran’s dad worked too hard and died from overwork. A few days later Ranmaru invites Haruka to his place to hear her solo song progress. He tells her it’s a good song but it’s not appropriate for him to sing and he won’t perform at the festival. Haruka’s like wtf dude and he’s like ITS NOT YOU IT’S ME. ( ;∀;) Haruka’s like come on dude we can work this out and he pins her against the wall going LISTEN WOOMAHN YOU’RE NOT NEEDED and pretty much goes back to his old self circa Debut. It’s all basically because a loan shark Hariya is after him and he’s afraid that the guy will target Haruka so the best way he can protect her is to not associate with her. He apologizes for scaring her and Haruka leaves his apartment. The next day Haruka finds out that Ranmaru punched that Hariya dude and it gets caught on film and is published in the paper as  a scandal. She runs to see Ranmaru and tells him that she doesn’t believe it’s his fault and that he did it for no reason. He says that he’s always done stuff on his own and never trusted anyone. Haruka stars crying so he gives her a hug telling her goodbye and saying she can tough it out on her own. Haruka’s like NO SENPAI I WILL  WAIT FOR U BBY. So then some time passes and Haruka has no contact with Ranmaru and he doesn’t answer her phone calls or emails. She completes his song and goes to his place but on the way she runs into the stray nukes he feeds. They meow and scratch at his door so he opens it to let them in, only to find a stray Haruka pushing her way into his house. ( ఠ‿ఠ ) She shoves the song in his face going AT LEAST HEAR MAH MUSIC BEETCH. He listens to her song and is like well it’s a good song good luck to whoever sings it. She’s like no ho, you gonna sing my song and then she gets Ren and Masato to be sponsors and also gets Saotome to agree to let Ranmaru perform at the music festival on the condition that he will WIN. If he loses, Haruka will be kicked out of the agency along with him but Haruka is determined to WIN. Ranmaru goes and sings the lyrics he wrote to Haruka’s song and afterwards he hugs her and gets all deredere saying he’ll perform with her and he’ll PROTECT HER SMILE!

utapriAS_04052013_193739Love End: Camus pulls some strings and gets Hariya off Ranmaru’s back. Ranmaru wins the music festival competition and he’s kept as an idol at Saotome’s agency. Haruka wants to continue being his partner but as she babbles randomly, he kisses her and then she….runs away and avoids him for a few days. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  He then invites her to his private club house room where he tells her he loves her as partner and as a WOMAN! They both admit they love each other and screw on the couch lol. (Woulda been nice to have a CG but whatever.) After this Haruka moves into Ranmaru’s apartment with his cockblocking nukos and their new baby nuko family (*´▽`*)!! Kouhai End: Ranmaru wins the festival contest but he and Haruka are about to go their separate ways until Masato and Ren decide to be wingmen to get them together XD. Turns out the granma & gramps at the restaurant thought Ranmaru was a baseball player, not a musical idol lmao xD. Once they find out he’s the rich bocchama of the Kurosaki group, they tell him that they used to be cooks of one of the ships that Ranmaru’s dad owned. Since he liked their cooking he lent them money to help them start this restaurant. While the grandma & grandpa go in the kitchen and Ren & Masato leave, Ranmaru pulls Haruka under a table, makes out with her and tells her he loves her (︶.̮︶✽). He asks her to continue being his partner.  Well damn this was better than the love end wtf lol. When Masato & Ren come back they wonder where the 2 of them are, instead Ranmaru grabs Haruka and they run for it.  Friend End: The 4 senpais perform at the Christmas concert and afterwards rage at each other for messing up. After they’re done, Ranmaru and Haruka go to the gramps restaurant to celebrate Christmas. Just then Camus shows up looking for some jumbo parfaits and tells Haruka she owes him one :lol:. He gets a gigantic parfait  that’s like half the size of his body and after eating asks Haruka to be his partner. Ranmaru rages saying that Haruka is gonna be his partner instead.

ai01Mikaze Ai – Since Ai was a huge cockblocker in Natsuki’s route and was also on my shitlist, I decided to his route next. Well turns out he isn’t such a bad guy after all and well he has his reasons (though still not valid to what happened in Natsuki’s route orz.)  At first, Ai refuses to be Haruka’s partner because according to his “database” by partnering with her, there would be no merit for him and the chances of them winning the festival are low. After hearing her song demo eventually Ai agrees to be her partner but warns her that she better help him with his work and be useful. (ಠ_ಠ) Haruka’s like Challenge Accepted bro. Things start to get a little weird when Ai mentions that he hates the beach and Reiji keeps asking him if he has any siblings because he looks like someone he used to know.  Ai tells Haruka he doesn’t understand what love is. During one of his drama acting sessions he does everything well except the part where he has to kiss the heroine on the forehead. He keeps failing so afterwards he asks Haruka to help him practice 8D He manages to do well after this. When Haruka gets sick she passes out with a fever but Ai stops by and helps take care of her. While he helps her make some udon, she ends up falling on top of him and they accidentally kiss. ( ఠ‿ఠ ) For Xmas he asks if she wants to ride the ferris wheel. They get stuck there because of some malfunction so Ai hugs Haruka to make her feel better and they watch the falling snow. Somehow this short circuits him because it’s too much emotion at once and he ends up passing out in her arms. Haruka’s like whut is going on so Ai admits that he’s a robot since at this point she’d find out anyway. He says that he was setup so he would “learn” emotions and since being with Haruka was DOKYUUUNNNNN it broke his fuse 😆 After this Haruka takes Ai to that professor guy who fixes him. Ai says that he’ll be a burden on Haruka with all his short circuiting but she’s like NO ITS OK I GOT U BABE. WE STILL TOGETHER YO.

ai02The next day all the senpais are pissed that Ai wrote all the lyrics to their xmas song without consulting them.  They agree to all rewrite the lyrics and their performance at the Christmas concert goes well.  After the new year, Haruka comes up with a song for Ai to sing at the music festival. He asks Haruka to show him a good time so they go to the aquarium together. That’s when Haruka realizes she’s fallen in love with the robo man.  They go to the beach together and suddenly he throws a shitfit. He tells Haruka to stop playing his song, and that his name is Kisaragi Aine and HE TELLS HARUKA NOT TO TOUCH HIS HEART! (´・ω・`;) Haruka yells out “Save me MIkaze Senpai!” and he returns to his senses…with no memory of what he just did. Haruka goes to talk to Natsuki and Sho and mentions Kisaragi Aine. Natsuki says that it was the name of an idol who went MIA and still hasn’t been found. Haruka goes to talk to Reiji about it since he mentioned it before but doesn’t get much out of him. A few days later, Ai comes to Haruka’s dorm room.  He tells her that when he tries to sing Haruka’s songs, his robo body comes up with an error and he can’t sing. When he tries, while singing, he short circuits and shuts down.  He apologizes and says he can’t sing anything she composes including the song for the music festival. Sho calls her that night telling her that it’s possible Aine might still be alive. They said that before Aine vanished, someone saw him being carried into the university medical center. In addition to this, they saw that professor who works on Ai was with Aine at the time of his hospitalization.  Haruka goes to see the professor with Natsuki and Sho the following day. Professor then tells them to come with him & they go down the elevator to Central Dogma some secret room full of computers and cables where they find Aine lying in some capsule with his eyes open. Professor says Aine is actually his nephew who’s been in a coma after he was found passed out on a beach.

ai03Turns out basically he had a massive mental breakdown from his idol work and “shut out the world” and has been a vegetable ever since. He’s  the reason that’s cockblocking robo-Ai from singing Haruka’s songs. By creating Ai, professor was hoping to connect him to Aine’s brain activity and wake him up. He wanted Ai to become an idol and do his work well and learn that the world is not a scary evil place after all. Since Ai learned “love” and it was passed to Aine, Aine couldn’t handle it and that’s why he kept rejecting it – aka Haruka and her songs. The professor asks Haruka to keep distance from Ai for a while or else his whole system will crash again. Ai finds her in the music room the next day and asks Haruka to tell him the reason he can’t sing her songs because he knows that she knows. He then asks if it’s so wrong for him to have feelings and starts crying. Haruka starts apologizing and crying too, but when she tells him that she heard about everything in the lab, he runs off and intentionally cuts off the circuit connection between himself & Aine, knocking himself out in the process. While Ai is knocked out on the professor’s couch Haruka decides to play him her song in hopes that will solve everything! And well it does because Ai wakes up and thanks her. He tells her the reason he cut off the connection with Aine is because he wanted to sing Haruka’s song and he wanted his emotions to be HIS only. He says before doing that he had a mental chat with Aine and makes a promise to sing him Haruka’s song. After this, Reiji and Ai manage to properly finish the last scene of their movie without Ai throwing a shit fit because it’s on the beach. When they finish the shoot, Ai asks for Haruka to come with him to the beach one more time.  They go up on the ferris wheel and Ai says he finally understands the meaning of love and gives Haruka a hug. He then asks to kiss her and I made sure to press dat YES button. After kissing Haruka Ai learns that kissing is awesome and they make out some more \( ^o^)/. After this they go on raburabu dates together while working on their song for the music festival.

ai04Love End: Ai tells Haruka that his system is reaching its limit and soon he won’t be able to sing at all or be able to function period. Haruka starts crying but he says that he’ll sing his best, even if he can’t be there for her debut moment. (ಥ_ಥ) He thanks her for everything, and kisses her goodbye. After the concert, he comes back to Haruka and passes out in her arms. Their song wins the festival and Haruka is able to debut but Ai and professor vanish and Ai is listed as “gone overseas to study.” Since they never broke their contract though, Haruka still remains “partners” with Ai and she’s still waiting for him  even though she’s had no contact since. One day Saotome calls her telling her to go see the movie Ai was acting in and make sure to pay attention till the end. At the end of the movie Ai comes on screen saying “I’m here, where are you now?” Haruka runs to the beach where the movie shoot took place and lo & behold Ai is there. Haruka jumps into his arms and he tells her “I’m back!” (Erm coulda used a better explanation here but okay!) Kouhai End: Ai wins the music festival competition but then he passes out in front of Natsuki, Sho and Haruka asking them to take care of her. Some time passes and he disappears from the idol industry but Natsuki and Sho want to do a tribute concert to him. After the concert they run into Ai and turns out the professor managed to fix him BUT he’s been completely reset and this time not connected to Aine’s brain. The professor asks Natsuki Sho and Haruka “teach” Ai all over again and Haruka to write songs for him. So basically this time they do the master course but for Ai and he’s now THEIR kouhai. Despite this Ai still has his selfish attitude and is very possessive of Haruka and ichaichas with her telling everyone that she should prioritize making songs for him XD. He then gives all 3 of them a big ol group hug. For some reason I felt this ending was better than the love end and felt a little less ambiguous. Senpai End: When Reiji tells Ai that he reminds him of an old friend Ai gets pissed off. After the concert they make up and are friends again…until Ai says that Reiji should get a cute partner like he did. Haruka’s like whut we’re partners now and Ai grabs her going “you don’t have a problem do you?” (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Of course Haruka agrees and they ichaicha while Reiji makes fun of them XD. I still kinda wish we got to see Aine wake up and maybe see him and Ai acting together side by side or something since it’s not like logically Haruka can be together forever in love with a robot.

reiji01Kotobuki Reiji – I never had anything against Reiji and he just seemed like the genki goofy senpai but turns out he’s just a great actor in hiding all of his problems. Since I had just finished Ai’s route, coincidentally Reiji’s route had half of it focused on that whole problem so I kinda knew what I was getting into. First it starts when Haruka runs into Reiji’s old actor colleagues, and they tell Haruka that Reiji may seem nice to her but she doesn’t know about his past. So then Reiji tells Haruka that he’s cold weak and a cheater and if she wants to win the music festival it’s best not to partner up with him. ┐(‘~`;)┌ While at a Karaoke session one day, Reiji tells Haruka about an idol who disappeared (Aine) and how Ai is exactly like him. Haruka’s like it’s ok I’ll accept you just as you are and he’s like lol lil’ guuurl you don’t know sheit. He pushes her down on the couch and moves in to kiss her but Haruka screams and closes her eyes. He’s like “see? don’t say shit like that.” Apparently his two colleagues were bffs with Aine so they’re pissed at Reiji and think it’s his fault Aine “vanished”. At one of the programs the colleagues grab Ai and ask if he’s really not Aine. He slaps them away and tells them he has no idea who they are. The song he sings is the same one as Aine’s graduation audition song. For the audience vote though, Ai goes on the studio computer and votes for Reiji. The colleagues tell Ai that they felt as if Aine had returned and they tell Ai that they wish for his happiness. On the way home Reiji gives Haruka a ride and when she falls asleep he kisses her forehead. She wakes up the next morning and he leaves her a love note and some breakfast he made for her. After the Christmas concert, Reiji and Haruka go to the beach and he gives her a necklace as a Christmas present. It has a key on it and he tells her that he hops she can unlock his heart with it one day. He also tells her that this place on the beach is where Aine vanished. So then after New Years party, Reiji catches a cold. Haruka goes to his place to help take care of him.He tries to act like he’s all fine until he collapses on top of her.

reiji03Reiji tells Haruka that he was raised to pretty much tough it out on his own so he’s never relied on anyone. After she gives him some okayu and medicine he feels better so he offers to walk her back to her dorm. As they leave his apartment building, they run into some paparazzi who starts taking pics of them. Reiji hides Haruka’s face but not too soon does a tabloid magazine publish the photos. They also claims that besides being a womanizer, Reiji is a horrible friend and that it’s his fault that Aine vanished. Reiji says he admits that he feels like he “killed” Aine by “ignoring his troubles” but wishes they’d take back the womanizer part instead! Reiji decides it’s best to just wait till all the commotion dies down and tells Haruka it’s best that they break up their partnership for the music festival. He tells Haruka that he ignored Aine when he asked him to listen to his problems since Aine usually never confides in anyone. After Aine disappeared, Reiji just felt like it was his fault and feels like this whole incident is a punishment from god. (;´∀`)  Suddenly that douchebag Hibiki, Reiji’s old colleague, comes to apologize since he’s the one who sent the paparazzi guy to take the pics. After Hibiki leaves, Reiji tells Haruka goodbye and a few days later he disappears leaving a note saying “I’m fine please don’t look for me”. He then asks Saotome if he can quit the agency because he’ll cause TROUBLE~ to the agency! Saotome tells Haruka to find another partner but Haruka’s like NOPE. He warns her that if she can bring Reiji back and convince him to sing, he’ll let them perform at the music festival. If she can’t do this, they will both be fired and Haruka will not be able to debut. Haruka agrees on the T&C and runs off to look for a moping Reiji. Reiji’s other colleague then gives Haruka the address of Reiji’s family’s house and tells her to check there for his whereabouts.  He says he hated Reiji for “killing Aine” but after hearing Ai’s songs realized that they’re just chasing after Aine’s shadow and to let old grudges on Reiji go.

reiji02Haruka goes to visit his family’s bento store, runs into his sister and then runs into Reiji himself. The sister acts like a wingwoman and tells Reiji to let Haruka into the house xD. He tells Haruka that he has no intention to return because he doesn’t want to ruin things for her. Haruka tells him to stop staring at her pantsu, and to sing her songs because his former colleagues are over their butthurt about Aine. After hearing Haruka’s song, Reiji is so happy he hugs her and Haruka cries asks him to return with her to perform at the music festival. Reiji agrees and they sneak out of his family house before his mom catches him and yells at them. When they return Saotome’s pissed but Reiji manages to appease his rage with special Kotobuki bentos xD. Love End: Before going to sing, Reiji grabs Haruka and gives her a kiss telling her he will “continue” after he’s done. He wins the festival and Haruka debuts. The 2 of them then go to the beach where Reiji asks Haruka to continue being his partner in music and in love.  Before he’s about to kiss her it starts raining all over them xD. They run into his car and drive to some nearby hotel to dry up so that they don’t catch a cold…and well it’s a hotel so of course humping ensues (◉◞౪◟◉ ). Kouhai End: Reiji tells Haruka that she can “cheer on” Tokiya & Otoya, but she better be Reiji’s no. 1 fangirl. He tells her that he knows she likes him and he loves her as well. He then tells her that what he wanted to tell her after the music festival is that he wants her to be his lover. Before he’s about to make out with her, Tokiya & Otoya walk in and are like (  Д ) ゚ ゚!? XDDDD Reiji’s like “god damnit you cockblockers” lmao xDDDD. Reiji then tells Haruka to come with him where they won’t be interrupted and tells Otoya & Tokiya to keep their mouths shut :lol:. Friend End: Ai asks Reiji what the fun of Christmas is all about. Reiji takes Ai out to town with Haruka and shows him that Christmas is about being with those you love. Reiji then proclaims that they’re all BFFs together. They all then go to the beach and yell out random stuff at the sea. Since Ai yells out that Reiji’s an idiot, so Reiji lifts him up over his shoulder without realizing that the robo-man weighs a ton of bricks. Oh well this ending was pretty ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ but I’ll let it go since these 2 have too much drama intertwined within their routes lol.

camus01Camus – Camus is the only character in this whole game whose song I actually liked. I don’t know what it is, I found a lot of older UtaPri game songs catchy but this time nothing really caught my ear except this guy. Camus is also probably the only character who stays pretty much true to his debut persona so at least you know he’s canon throughout all of the games. Unfortunately unlike the other guys, it took some time before I didn’t dislike him for treating Haruka like crap but like the others he redeemed himself near the end. He refuses Haruka’s partnership from the start saying he has no fucks to give about the Xmas concert or the music festival. He also continues bickering with Cecil (though sans White Devil saga this time) and Cecil pleads for Haruka to stop being partners with that guy. When Haruka overhears Camus talking to his “queen” he drags her out at night into a deep forest…and to his house. He tells Haruka that if she promises to be his slave he won’t kill her =_=. By slave he really means he just wants her to be his housekeeper :lol:. Haruka has no choice but to agree so she’s pretty much confined to his house,  spending her time cleaning his room and feeding his dog Alexandra. ( ≖Д≖;) The following day Cecil, Ringo, and Ranmaru bang on Camus’ door because Cecil said he saw Camus drag Haruka into the forest. Since Camus ignores them, Cecil rages and tries to break down the door :lol:. Camus gives up and tells Haruka to open the door to which she’s greeted with a nearly crying Cecil yelling that he’s happy she’s safe.  Ringo sees Haruka wearing an apron and is like whut the fuck’s going on? Camus lies that he and Haruka are happily living together but Cecil’s like “u’re fulla shit lol.” Camus then grabs Haruka and says that they’ve become lovers!  After Camus goes to show other parts of his house to Cecil & Ranmaru, Ringo asks how in the world did Haruka and Camus become lovers. Haruka admits that she doesn’t “love” him but says she’ll be staying with him for a little bit longer. Close to the Xmas concert, everyone realizes that Camus is messing up the unit harmony. Ranmaru yells at Camus and says that he has no passion in his singing. Camus is like fine I’ll prove you my passion and he solo performs Haruka’s song. Haruka then realizes he’s passionate but she doesn’t know “who” he is passionate for and gets all jelly (without realizing it’s her!)

camus02After the Xmas concert goes well, Camus demands that Haruka make him some chocolate fondue as she ‘promised’ when Ringo, Ranmaru and Cecil came over. He then tells Haruka she can leave if she wants to but Haruka asks if she can stay at his place. (*´▽`*) She says she thinks he’ll be lonely and he tsuntsun’s at first and then tells her to work on his music festival song. He also gives her a spare key to his house and a lucky aurora stone. In addition to this he finally refers to her by her first name instead of “kisama”. After the new years party, Cecil tells Haruka that his country wants him to come home and do an arranged marriage. Cecil says he’ll stay in Japan if Haruka will be with him but she refuses since her heart is set out to Camus.  Suddenly news comes that the person Cecil is set to marry is none other than the queen of Silk Palace and the one Camus has been serving. Upon hearing this everyone, including me, shat all sorts of bricks :lol:. When Haruka is cleaning Camus’ room the queen of Silk Palace demands that Haruka hand over her body.  She then takes over Haruka’s body, but not mind and Haruka finds that she cannot control her movements. When Camus finds her he gets the feeling something weird is going on and realizes that his queen is in Haruka’s body. The queen says that she refuses to marry Cecil because well turns out she’s like madly in love with Saotome instead :lol:. She don’t wanna marry the son of the woman who screwed the dude she loves! MAN SHINING STOP PIMPIN ALL DA LADIES. She says that she intends to stay in Haruka’s body forever so she can secretly stalk Shining from within her /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  The queen rages but Camus asks her to give him a chance to try and do something to stop the wedding. The queen finally leaves Haruka’s body but Haruka’s now extremely jealous cause she could tell the gentle face that Camus showed to her when the queen was inside. Camus then calls Cecil on the phone and tells him to come to his house ASAP. While waiting for Cecil to arrive, he tells Haruka that he’s not a mage but he’s borrowing powers from the ice queen. He said he’s been looking for a body for his queen to take over because it’s really rare, and Haruka just happens to fit within the requirements.  Saotome then found him and forced him to pretty much be an idol so he figured well why not this way I’ll be closer to Saotome. However, due to Camus having a lot of work though, the time for him to see Saotome lessened.

camus03When Cecil arrives, Camus says the reason for the arranged marriage is because the queen’s powers have been weakening. By marrying Cecil then Silk Palace would have access to magic resources from Agnapalace. Cecil says he doesn’t want to be the king of Silk Palace and Camus is like s’okay I don’t want you there either lol.  Only thing that matters to Haruka though is that Camus loves the ice queen and not her. On a trip to the hot springs, Camus and Cecil try to figure out how to stop the ice queen from taking over Haruka’s body and tell Haruka to try and keep a strong will and block her.  To try and get her mind in focus Haruka works on the music festival song for Camus instead. Turns out that the whole arranged marriage thing is set up by Cecil’s step-dad and cousins because they want to get rid of him by marrying him off into another country.  (Mostly cause ew you half Japanese cheese.) Not only that but they figure by having him be the ruler of another country they can then take advantage of him as well. While Haruka is on her way to her room, Suddenly a bunch of guys from Silk Palace attack Haruka thinking she’s Cecil because she put on Cecil’s jacket due to it being cold. Fortunately before they can turn her into an ice cube, Camus beats them up. Suddenly Cecil shows up saying that there’s been a coup de tat at Silk Palace, WELL EXPLAINS THE ATTACKERS! Haruka passes out and gets a fever so Camus takes care of her at his house. Haruka freaks out when she finds out that Camus changed her into pajamas on his own (◉◞౪◟◉ ). Cecil stops by to inform them that the queen has turned everyone against their marriage into popsicles. He also apologizes to Haruka that it’s his fault she got hurt. Camus also adds that the guy who’s been impersonating him is one of his relatives and due to this, if he returns to Silk Palace he’ll be considered a traitor. After Haruka gets better and they start talking about the music festival, she realizes that that’s when they’ll have to part and starts crying. To stop her from crying he tells her he’ll grant her a wish so she asks what his last name is. Camus tells her he has no last name and that his name was given to him the day he pledged loyalty to the queen. Hearing the queen come up again Haruka continues crying. He asks her to give him a last name and so they come up with CLIZZARD or maybe its Chriszard idk (Crystal + Blizzard)l lol. This is almost as bad as BLFLUFFY XD. Before the festival, Camus takes a short trip to Silk Palace leaving Haruka to work on the song by herself and take care of his dog.  Cecil tells Haruka that because the queen’s power is weakening, once the power vanishes, the barrier she’s had on Silk Palace to protect it from the blizzard will vanish. With this, the entire country will just be frozen in ice in no time. Haruka is worried about Camus so she manages to activate the communication device that connects to Silk Palace and wakes him up. She says she’s lonely without him and asks if he’s alright. He tells Haruka not to worry and says he will save the queen as well as Silk Palace. Haruka asks what if the queen is still forced to marry Cecil, and how he’d feel about it. Camus is like whut I don’t like the queen in that way lol. Haruka’s like OH PHEW and then plays the finished festival song for him.

camus04While Haruka is out to work the following day, she gets a message that Camus’ dog has disappeared. Not only that but it’s now it’s time for the music festival and Camus’s isn’t there to perform. As expected, Camus enters FABULOUSLY riding a WHITE HORSE! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He pulls Haruka on the horse with him and they ride towards the stage. He tells Haruka that her song is what will break the ice curse on Silk Palace which is why Cecil kept babbling that Haruka’s a muse. While Haruka babbles he hugs her and tells her that he can’t live without her anymore.   Love End: With Camus’ song the curse is broken. He takes Haruka on his horse to the park and leans down thanking her for saving his country. He then pledges loyalty to Haruka saying he’ll do anything for her. Also turns out that his horse is actually his dog Alexandra turned into a horse ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.   Camus then returns to Silk Palace and thanks to Haruka’s song, the queen’s powers returned and started getting stronger so there is no longer a need for her to marry Cecil. A few weeks later, Camus returns back to Japan and tells Haruka that he needs powers of the muse to sustain his country so he will continue being an idol as well as her partner. Before he returns to his idol activities, he has a few days off so he asks Haruka to go on a small vacation with him. They go to the hot springs together, where Camus admits that he’s fallen in love with Haruka ever since that original hot springs trip where they performed their music together. He uses his magic to create an Aurora of colors and then kisses her. He promises to stay with Haruka so they can make beautiful music together as they make out in the hot spring water. Kouhai End: After Camus returns, Saotome floods him with a shit ton of idol work. During one of his days off, Cecil stops by and he’s pissed that Haruka’s still living with Camus since they’re not lovers and the festival is over. Camus is like “yo Haruka do you have a problem living with me?” and she’s like “Nope (✧≖‿ゝ≖)” so Cecil rages that he’s put a curse on her lol. They basically end up fighting over Haruka the whole time. Friend End: After the Xmas concert, Camus gives Ranmaru a stuffed teddy bear. This was the bear that Ranmaru saw in Camus’ room but then he’s like I DON’T WANT THIS THING. Camus is like whatever just take it and shoves the bear into Ranmaru’s face :lol:. Camus says he knows that this bear used to belong to Ranmaru’s family mansion  before all the items were auctioned off. Ranmaru gets pissed that Camus makes fun of him for his teddy bear so he instead makes fun of Camus about liking Haruka (✧≖‿ゝ≖). They almost go at it until Haruka convinces Camus to stop by telling him she’ll make chocolate fondue for him XD. Oof sorry for that text wall but admittedly, Camus had the most interesting plot in the whole game lol.

ringo01Tsukimiya Ringo – Ringo’s and Ryuuya’s routes are sadly half the length of the senpais with only 3 chapters each. The good news is, they do take place immediately after the fandisks so that means it starts off with Haruka and Ringo already being secret lovers. Unfortunately the novelty of Ringo turning into a dude kinda wore off and they just added some weird wangst into this route which kinda felt anticlimatic.  I never really had the impression that Ringo was so weak when he wasn’t being a trap and the emphasis on this weakness felt really strange to me. I guess they needed some kind of plot and I suppose I can’t really think of anything better myself either.  Saotome splits the senpais to either be with Ringo or Ryuya and tells Haruka to pick which team she’ll work with so since I’m on Ringo’s route working with Ringo and co team A. Basically the two teams are to compete at the music festival as a unit. During a show recording one day, Ringo is set to be interviewed with that stupid ho from Ren’s route in Debut, Seira. Seira says that Ringo’s fulla shit fooling his fans by being a trap and DARES him to do a performance in his man form. Ringo’s like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and says that he will perform at the Shining music festival but in his man form. He agrees to do this but later on realizes that when he’s in man form he can’t be as flamboyant and personable and feels like he has nothing going for him unless he’s a trap. (;^ω^) Despite this Haruka cheers him on and tells Seira to GTFO and that Ringo is gonna put on an awesome show. Seira just says Ringo’s a loser trap with a secret girlfriend and walks off. Ringo then keeps trying to imitate all the other utapri guys to see how it would fare for him when doing his male act lol.  Ai and Camus come over to help him out but Ringo just gets frustrated and stressed out.

ringo02So then Ringo hears that Ryuuya’s team hired some pro song writers and he gets pissed because this could mean that his team will lose and Haruka won’t be able to debut. Ryuuya tells Ringo to chill dafuq out but Ringo starts babbling that maybe it’s better than he and Haruka break up. Haruka hears this but pretends not to say anything until some weeks later. While she’s at his house one day she brings it up but he tells her he was just frustrated and fighting with Ryuuya. He admits he was just mad because he felt like Haruka would lose her chance to debut. Haruka’s like nooo this is my fault nooo so he’s like NOO ITS NOT YOUR FAULT and grabs her and starts making out with her. Realizing he’s forcing herself on to Haruka, he lets her go and she runs out of his apartment. (And then goes gee wiz why did I run away!? ヽ(。_゜)ノ) Yea it was pretty much after this where I couldn’t really take this route seriously.  Haruka then asks Seira to give Ringo some moral support but Seira’s like “whut Ringo’s like my sworn enemy!” She admits that after seeing his acting in his male form, she feels that he should just stay as a guy. On top of this she’s like “Oh I have a great idea to motivate you. If you and Ringo lose the music festival I’ll tell everyone that you guys are dating.” Haruka shits bricks and then runs into Ringo the next day in tears. Ringo tells Haruka that Saotome cast a “magic spell” on him when he became a trap and he’s always been afraid that the spell would wear off like in Cinderella. Haruka tells him that even after the clock strikes 12, Cinderella found happiness and he asks Haruka to kiss him and to ~erase the spell~. After they kiss he’s like ALRIGHT SPELLS BROKEN BEETCHES LETS ROCK n ROLL! He offers to write the lyrics for the unit song to help Haruka.  For their stage performance they plan to do a Cinderella play with Ringo being Cinderella during the singing and a man at the entrance ceremony. Ringo then promises to Haruka that his team will win!

ringo03Love End: Ringo’s team wins the music festival and Haruka debuts. Seira admits defeat and promises not to tell anyone but Ringo and Haruka’s relationship. A few days later Haruka comes to his place and the look at the blossoming cherry trees from his window. He tells Haruka he wants to keep up his trap image because he only wants to be HER prince rather than have a bunch of girls squeal over him. He then pulls out the dress he wore for the music festival and asks Haruka to put it on. He also gives her a necklace with a little glass slipper as a charm to congratulate her on her debut. He then makes a promise not to force anything on her by…….kissing her foot. (ಠ_ಠ) Then without cleaning his mouth he kisses her lips lol okay yea I’m being too realistic here but I’ve got foot problems lately and this unsanitary issue just cannot be ignored! 😆 He then asks Haruka if he can just fuck already and Haruka pretty much agrees cause well I thought they already screwed in Sweet Serenade BUT MAYBE NOT. Kouhai End: Ringo’s team wins the music festival and that night Ringo stops by Haruka’s place to celebrate her debut. He grabs her and smooches her on his lap. Ringo then pwns Seira on some show together that they appear on, and then he becomes popular with everyone. He  complains that he only wants to be popular with Haruka as he glomps her in his trap form.  Friend End: After winning the festival, Ringo says he’s still mad at Ryuuya. They fight some more about various stuff and Ryuuya said he did it because he was confident Ringo could get over his complex. When Ringo hears what a caring friend he has he glomps Ryuuya but since he’s in his man form it looks quite┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ. He then asks Haruka to take a bff photo of them together. Eh honestly the drama felt a bit forced like I said and well the foot thing was just a huge turnoff for me (and well this is a personal preference maybe some people like feet I dunno.)

ryu01Hyuga Ryuuya – Like in Ringo’s route, they are secretly lovers. He asks her to compose the unit song for the festival because he feels bad that she hasn’t debuted yet. One of Reiji’s old colleagues, Hibiki who is now a freelance director scouts Ryuuya to work for him. A few days later Ryuuya tells Haruka that he feels like he’s getting too old for this idol work and he’s not as “sparkling” as all the youngins these days. He feels like if he left Shining agency someone could easily replace him but the only thing keeping him there is pretty much Haruka at this point. So then the next day a magazine publishes a photo of Ryuuya and Hibiki having dinner and spread a rumor that Ryuuya plans to join a competitor agency and act in their movie. Ryuuya had originally refused the offer but Saotome accepted it on his behalf. Ryuuya comes raging at him saying wtf are you doing dude, do you wanna kick me out that badly? Who’s gonna replace me? Saotome tells him that Ryuuya’s pretty much outgrown his agency and he knows it so at this point by being there he’s just wasting his talents away. He tells Ryuuya has has 3 months to do his best at the music festival and then he’s outta here. When Ringo finds out he throws a shit fit like a little girl, slaps Ryuuya with a magazine and says he’ll never forgive him ヽ(。_゜)ノ (I think Broccoli just wants to please the Ryuuya x Ringo shippers lol.) So then just like in Ringo’s route, Ringo this time hires the “prince of song writing” to write the song for their music festival unit which puts pressure and high competition on Haruka. Ringo’s still got shit up his ass so he goes on some TV show to promote his A team for the festival and says that he’s gotten Natsuki, Masato and Otoya to be back dancers for their unit.  Haruka ends up getting stressed and collapses. Ryuuya decides to take her out for some fresh air on his motorcycle and they go to the beach. He hugs Haruka by the shoulder and tells her he’ll do his best for her. He then tells Reiji that he will perform on stage with Reiji and Ranmaru together.

ryu02Love End: Ryuuya’s team wins and Haruka debuts. Ryuuya then challenges Saotome to duke it out via fist fight but he loses. However Saotome rips his contract and goes “oh yea I just did all this so you’d get out of your slump lol you’re my idol forever bro (✧≖‿ゝ≖)”. Afterwards, Haruka and Ryuuya go back to his place to treat his wounds but instead they end up screwing on his couch. ((*^ω^)ノ∠※PAN!オメデトクラッカー♪ At least this time she didn’t cockblock herself like in the fandisk :lol:.) Kouhai End: Reiji makes fun of Haruka about being Ryuuya’s girlfriend before the festival performance. After they win, Haruka comes over Ryuuya’s house to celebrate her debut. Suddenly Reiji and S class burst in with the contract to the other agency saying they traded it with Saotome in return for taking more work on themselves. Before giving him the contract they demand that Ryuuya admit that he and Haruka are dating. Ryuuya grabs Haruka and goes LEMME INTRODUCE YOU TO MAH WOMAN and everyone’s like I KNEW IT BUT ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン. Friend End: Ringo still has a 40 foot pole up his ass and says he’ll beat Ryuuya at the festival but of course, Ryuuya’s team wins.  Afterwards Ringo goes all tsundere for Ryuuya while all the Ryuuya x Ringo shippers cheered outside their PSPs.  Some days later, Ryuuya, Ringo and Haruka go drinking at some bar (though Haruka is still underage so she gets the non alcoholic drink.) Ringo pays for everyone to make up for being a butthole the whole time. He then tells Ryuuya if he keeps beating around the bush, Ringo’s gonna NTR Haruka away from him. The 2 of them then get piss drunk but while Ryuuya’s fallen asleep, Ringo has Haruka put on a sexy dress and sit on Ryuuya’s lap (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Ringo then puts on a fancy dress and has a random dude take a photo of both himself and Haruka sitting on Ryuuya’s lap ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ also ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ. (Does this count as a 3P end? :lol:)  Well overall Ryuuya himself was okay but they made Ringo strangely tsundere and obsessed with him it was near O/C level. I’m kinda glad I did Ringo’s route first because had I done Ryuuya first it would have been an awful aftertaste. ( ≖Д≖;)

nuko01Rainbow Route – Instead of giving Ryuuya and Ringo decent routes, they cut them in half to make room for even MORE half assed routes for all the other princes. I guess they felt bad for screwing them over in debut, but I don’t think this is the best way to go about making up for it! 😆 Haruka is bored one day and decides to look through her photo album aka flashbacks to UtaPri Repeat. She has no luck getting her song samples accepted and has still not debuted. Saotome calls her in and asks her to write a song for the special shuffle unit to perform at the following year’s music festival. The special shuffle unit is basically ST☆RISH and he tells her to maji write a song and win or she’s getting the boot. So basically Haruka spends the entire route working with Starish on the festival song. However one day she runs into some bad guy from Agnapolis and suddenly is turned into a cat! ( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!! Some fat nuke chases her down so she runs into the Saotome academy to escape.  Finally Natsuki notices her and glomps and squeezes her and Haruka tries to meow to tell them its her but well it only comes out as MEOW MEOW so they don’t understand. I don’t get it I mean Cecil can turn into a cat and has his MUSE-DAR, shouldn’t he be able to tell that it’s Haruka?? They then fight over who will take her home for the night and agree to look for her owner the following day. Of course being taken home means Haruka gets to be cuddled by the prince of your choice! Sadly instead of working on their music festival song and performance they waste their time making posters and videos to try and find the owner. Finally Haruka manages to prove who she is by playing her song to them and Cecil’s like DERP WHY DIDN’T I NOTICE THIS CURSE! Why didn’t you bro? ヽ(。_゜)ノ Now that they know Haruka’s the cat they once again fight over who gets to take her back to their room but then Tomo-chan comes to the rescue. They don’t tell her the cat is Haruka and just end up shitting bricks when Tomo cuddles and kisses her. Masato lies and says the owner can’t take the cat back for a while and asks Tomo-chan to take care of her in the evenings.

rr02In the afternoons, Haruka is taken back to the guys to help them with song practice (though I honestly don’t know what she is doing while being a cat.) The guys then split into groups to look for the one who turned Haruka into a cat and see if they can find a way to turn her back. In the meantime Haruka attempts to work on her song but well she’s still a cat and its hard to press buttons with a paw. Haruka hears people saying shit about her composing skills gets totally bummed out. The princes tell her NAH GUURL U’RE AWESOME SAUCE WE GOT YO BACK. Natsuki also gets Den-chan aka that fat nuke who chased Haruka down in the beginning, to apologize to her XD. Eventually Haruka somehow completes the song with her furry hands and the boys perform it and win the musisc festival. Their song is so magical that it manages to break the curse and turn Haruka back to normal. Depending on whose route choices you picked, you will get a short ending with one of the princes where he confesses his love to Haruka at the ball following the concert. To be honest after the first 2 runs of Tokiya & Otoya the rest of the Rainbow Route really bored me. It was pretty much copy & paste and most of the events were the same between the “pairs” (i.e. Tokiya/Otoya, Natsuki/Sho etc.) The ending was predictable “I’m gonna confess to you/I’ve loved you too!” and the reward CG was just some bust shot of the guy with a ~starry sky~. Once you finish all the individual guys endings there’s a bootleg harem end. The novelty of Haruka being a cat was already worn off since I was pretty much skipping all of the common stuff. I think it would have been fine if they just had the “group ending harem end” style ending than having us go through these pathetic individual “routes” for each guy. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Instead I ask Broccoli make a real game for the guys and with the same writing style as Repeat/the routs of the Senpais in this game. I kinda feel like the original princes got screwed over in both this game and debut, so I think they deserve a real game and some better romance with Haruka. Also I feel like the “bonus CGs” should have been included DURING the confession scenes instead of shown after the fact meh.


mansThe Rainbow Route really made the game drag out for me and it was so unnecessary. I guess Broccoli couldn’t stand releasing an UtaPri game without the original princes having SOME kind of a route but it honestly just felt like a repetitive drag after the first 2 times.  Admittedly while the rainbow route was a drag after the first 2 runs, at least the first run or so was fun and had some novelty to it. While debut taught us that partnering with Haruka brought you the ultimate doom, All Star has taught us that by not having Haruka partner with anyone, she couldn’t write any decent music and was a failure as a composer. ( ´_ゝ`) The tutorials for the music games were really annoying and you couldn’t skip through them. It’s like they assumed everyone playing this game would be complete utapri noobs who never played a single UtaPri game before. Gee you only had like 5 games released prior to this, surely none of us ever bothered to play them before touching All Star! 🙄 Some sprite changes would have been nice since I couldn’t even tell what season they were in until suddenly CHRISTMAS. As far as the character routes go I’d pretty much describe it as: Pervert Tier: Reiji, Ringo & Ryuuya, Tsundere Tier: Camus, Ai, Ranmaru, Screwed until further notice tier: The princes, Nuko tier: Haruka :lol:. I guess because All Star was written a lot better than debut, I actually ended up liking all the senpais who I wanted to throw into a black hole last time. I think my favorites ended up being Ranmaru and Reiji. I like Camus and all but he took too damn long to derefy xD. Ai was okay but I can’t go into further detail without spoiling so you’ll have to read his paragraph to find out my thoughts on him lol. Overall if you played debut and wanted to punch a baby, I recommend playing all star and kick dem’ nasty thoughts. It was much better written and a lot more enjoyable to play, especially the senpai routes more than anything else. Haruka was really involved in everything and her hard work really shined this time (especially in Rainbow route omg). Watching the Maji Love 2000% anime while playing this game was surreal because the anime Haruka seems to have logged her brain out. Now let’s hope Broccoli can get their act together and one day release a Uta no Prince Sama ~the idol love life~ or something with decent routes for the original princes and actually giving Haruka some decent screen time.

P.S. Broccoli, I’m not going to kiss ON him…(ಠ_ಠ)


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  1. omg I LOVE your review o>w<o way more enjoyable reading it than playing the game because it's all in japanese n i hv no effing idea what they all mean =w=llllll n the 'kiss on him' phrase? i ws like, kiss on his where? =w=lllll

  2. I wouldnt bother with Debut honestly. The personalities there are completely different than their All Star counterparts (except for maybe Camus).

  3. I was wondering if I should waste time on debut or just get to All star without bothering with it. I’ve known senpais from anime but I’m not sure if I should start debut just to see their first meeting ect….^^

  4. Do you know how to get the rainbow route? D;
    i cant read through this due to spoliers, but do i have to finish every route before i unlock the rainbow one or something?
    nice review, very funny btw :3

  5. Ah, fair enough- and it was good of you to give it a chance. We all like your reviews!
    >_> Trying to catch fish with the wrong bait, if you ask me… (LOL! I’ve never used – or heard that analogy before… well, there you go.)

    You are very welcome.

  6. translations probably don’t exist and you’re better off assuming there is never a translation for any japanese otome game except maybe in a few people’s personal blogs tumblrs, neither of which I would know about since I don’t go out of my way to look for them.

  7. Herro! I’ve read like alll your Utapri game reviews and almost the main reason even know half of what’s going on in my game!!! My Japanse is waaay rusty and I can’t read half the kanji to save my life. Do you have any suggestions or know where I can find the traslations so I can play the game and know exactly what’s going on rathr than read ” asdfgh Iove you ahshdjdjas forever by your side asgjksfhdh gonn be an idol gdhhysf5esaa”

  8. yea I kinda avoided all star when it first came out but after hearing opinions /reading jp reviews I figured I’d give it a chance.
    They added the prince routes obviously to try and lure people to buy the game since the senpais didn’t have a great image in the first game and were afraid they couldn’t uphold the game alone.

    Thanks for lurking, reading and commenting 😉

  9. Ah, gosh I love your reviews.
    Funny how I’d been waiting for all star to come out (so I can read its reviews of course, seeing as my Japanese is about as good as their preschoolers.) yet I somehow forgot all about it for a whole there… Yet continued to get updates on the anime and new idol songs ^^”
    Anyway, I guess I might do as others have done and come out of lurker mode for now 😛
    I’m surprised Ranmaru turned out like he did. I thought he’d just bitch at her the whole route or something. I’m kinda loving Camus for the whole ‘riding a white horse’ thing, he looked damn attractive just there.
    Also, why on earth did they add in prince routes? And I mean, can you even call them route’s’ since t would have been following almost the same lines the entire way through? *sigh* it would be better if broccoli just made a completely alternate storyline up for them instead of chucking them in this situation again from different angles. I mean, maybe have them already in a band, touring. Or even meeting up at a normal school and starting starish up from scratch. It might be cliche, but I think it would be better.

    Ah, I cracked up as soon as I saw the all star advert. ‘I will kiss on you’ pfft, I know how some Japanese can be with their English, but really, it’s beyond me how they did it in a full on commercial, I mean, did NONE of them understand that made no sense in actual English?
    When I saw it a few months back now (huh… I guess it’s been a while…) I ran down the hallway to tell my nan. She didn’t really care, but still…

    Anyway, I’ll stop my pointless rantings. I’m proud to say I’m now not a lurker~! Bye!

  10. Did you play it in Japanese? or did you play it in English? Please do tell i wanna play it too 🙂

  11. I love the english level of Broccoli’s people… You will… kiss ON him… xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. After reading at least 3 of your UtaPri reviews I have to ask out of all the games which one is your favorite?

  13. I dont mind anime Haruka that much but because she seems so dumb, when she does something awesome, it just becomes weird. For example, running to the staff to give them Ren’s CD so he can sing when the power was out

  14. yea I agree with you about Anime-Haruka….they made her intentionally stupid so I guess she wouldn’t get in the way of all the BL fangirls yaoi fantasies? 😆

    Rainbow route was a waste of time yea, I would have preferred better written routes for Ringo & Ryuuya instead.

  15. Truthfully, I don’t mind Haruka as a heroine. Even if she isn’t nearly as strong willed as some Quin Rose heroines, she’s not that bad in the games. In the anime though….
    Seriously though, did they have to shove in the Rainbow route? I mean, c’mon! >.<

  16. Music 2 is basically like music 1 but with songs from debut and all star and probably the new anime. I’ll probably review it since I like music games!

  17. WHAT?! IT’S A RAINBOW ROUTE INSTEAD A ROUTE WITH JUST SEMPAIS god i was expecting more i would of thought they’d be more ‘romance’ between the princes too bad~
    i heard there’s gonna be a new game music 2 released in September this year
    think u could review it? (assuming it’s like repeat, fandisk, etc)
    thx for the review i support u 1000%

  18. Well it’s because the anime Haruka has like no brain and does really stupid things (like in this season for example she climbs upon a set for no reason and then proceeds to slip and fall off…and how she’s constantly CONSTANTLY tripping on her fanny.) I just think it’s a shame people hate Haruka BECAUSE of the anime when her game persona is completely different.

  19. Sometimes, I see Ranmaru as a wolf/dog. He’s really alike. LOL

    Many anime fans hate Haruka. I don’t understand why though I’m also anime fan.

  20. Yep, I was talking about the anime.
    In this game I don’t know, didn’t play it yet. But in Repeat I didn’t like her either .-.’

  21. I’m not sure what you’re not seeing? Either way I think sweet serenade better covers ringo and ryuuyas past than this game does.

  22. I don’t really know why you hate her as she really works hard in this game. In the anime if you hate her then I can sympathize.

  23. I totally ship RingoxRyuuya XD
    Yeah, I agree with you, having the Princes in this game was quite unnecessary. Maybe Broccoli can’t focus only on senpais.
    I read you talking about the charc. and how annoying they’re sometimes, but for me Haruka wins the prize. I hate her! XD
    She’s so damn annoying XD
    Thanks for the review!! =D

  24. Just can’t see any possible way how Haruka can be with Ringo or Ryuuya. What I am interested is the relations between Ringo anf Ryuuya, cause I know that they’re supposed to be close friends, but there’s so little info about them in anime, so I wanted to play UtaPuri games where I can get most of the info about them. Can you advise me which ones? (*o*) I suppuse this one for sure, ne?^^

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