Ragnarok Online II is doomed to fail for all eternity.

This ain’t no cheap flight.

Five years ago I was playing the Korean & Japanese beta of RO2: The Gate of World. The betas ended and there was no sign of life until the whole thing was scrapped and out came RO2: Legent of the Second. After a long KR beta, a shitty SEA beta, finally we get the North American beta. I can finally play the game I’ve wanted to play for years and after a week and a half all I can say is: This game is destined to fail. Continue reading “Ragnarok Online II is doomed to fail for all eternity.”

3rd Time’s a Charm: Ragnarok Online 2 North American open beta


So after the fail that was the SEA launch, Gravity finally launched their version for the North American players.  They claim to have banned SEA, Brazil, Philippines Japan and Korea but I’ve seen Japanese players tweet about their gameplay. Could be possible they haven’t put the ban in place to use the illegal players to stress test but for now it seems to be open to everyone? Anyway after Tartaros died, I missed my favorite daimahoushi so I’ve made a mage 8D.

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Ragnarok Online II Open Beta & Image Hosting

After the Tartaros closure announcement, just when I thought I was done with MMOs….


2 years after the Korean announcement, the English open beta is coming in 10 days. I plan to jump into the OBT to try it out and see how long I last before I get bored. I think Tartaros’ “gather mob and kill like 20 dudes at once” system spoiled me so it may be hard for me to go back to the whole click on 1 enemy and kill business. Since I miss Tartaros though I think I will emulate my characters from that game in RO2 ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.

If anyone’s planning to play hopefully I will see you in game. Once the beta opens I’ll be sure to post my impressions and IGN.

Now on a different topic, recently Webshots was aquired by SMILE which will soon cease to be a free photo hosting service. This is a huge problem because I have like 6000 screenshots from all my MMO games on there argh. So now I’m desperately trying to figure out where to host game screenshots and at the moment the only thing I’ve come up with is Google+ (・_・;). If anyone has suggestions (and not crap like photobucket/imgUR/Imgshack/Yfrog) I’m all ears!

Edit: Looks like Asiasoft enjoys shitting in its own face and after a failed open beta in December, they pushed it to January and the day prior to opening announced that only 4 countries are eligible to play. This means their player base in Phillippines, Indonesia, Europe, and North America is pretty much out of luck. Oh well, all this means is that now I won’t have any MMO game to distract me from completing another 50 otome games in 2013 (・∀・).

RO2 Is back with a vengence!

So basically when we had all assumed that RO2 was dead (or as the wiki said – in development hell), Gravity decided to completely scrap the project and start over. The new game will be called “Legend of the Second” instead of “Gate of World” and it will be what RO2 was supposed to be in the first place: a 3D version of RO1.

The characters will no longer be chibi cute but I guess more mature-ish looking? I don’t know how I feel about that. I actually quite liked the style of the cast of the original RO2 (see my screenshot album) so I guess I’d have to see the 3D version before making a decision! Hopefully some trailers and stuff will popup after the closet beta commences on August 31st.

Rather than remaking all the characters and monsters (except what…porings?) RO2 will now just 3D-efy everything! Awesome, count me in – well whenever a Japanese or English version comes out. I’m going to be passing on the Korean beta (even though they claimed you could use your old RO2 beta account) since I can’t read a word of hangul anyway.