Game Review: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!

And so as my first Nintendo Switch game I decided to play the one that came with my bundle….Let’s go Pikachu!

Before playing I saw a lot of really bad/angry reviews but I’m gonna just go ahead and say outright that this was such a joy to play that when I finally finished I ended up crying because I loved it so much (that or I’m just stressed and it’s all coming out through my love for Pikachu.) It’s less like the original Pokemon games and a lot closer to basically Pokemon Go. So if you’re a fan of Pokemon Go this will be super easy to get into.

Does the above video bring you joy? Do you think this is the cutest thing that could keep you engaged for days? If the answer is yes then absolutely I recommend you pick up let’s go Pikachu or if you prefer, there’s also an Eevee edition where instead of Pika Pika you hear Eevee with its BUI BUI’s.

The game begins with you getting your Pikachu (or Eevee) and once your affection level is high enough they will ride on your shoulder. I believe if your character gender is a female you will get female pokemon, same for male getting male pokemon. The female Pikachu has a heart shaped end of her tail and the female Eevee has a heart shaped pattern on her tail as well. You also get to name your pokemon so because of said tail I  named mine Kokoro. As you continue on your adventure to catch pokemon and battle randos and gym leaders you can eventually pick clothes for both yourself and your buddy. Sometimes Kokoro would give me presents after I played with her, petted her and changed her hair. It’s also good to check upon your buddy every once in a while or after an event because they will have special emotions/actions to react to what just happened. I checked on Kokoro pretty frequently (which is why I have 588 screenshots for this game) and here’s a gallery of some cute moments ^_^

For those that are nostalgic for the old Pokemon anime you also get to fight with Misty and Brock, and this time she doesn’t complain about Ash Ketchum stealing her bike.

And of course we can’t forget Team Rocket and THE BOSS who got their asses owned multiple times and blasted off again 😂

There’s the addition of your childhood friend and rival whose ass you kick throughout the game and including the very end after you defeat the Elite 4. Not sure how it is if you play as a male character, but if you play as a female character he appears to have a crush on you??

You also get to name him at the beginning of the game so I gave him the name I was told is the typical “rival” in these games which is Shigeru? But then THIS dude shows up and calls himself BLUE but he just looks like Gary (aka Shigeru) to me?? 😂

As you progress through the game you unlock various features such as Pikachu’s skills that allow you to cut bushes, move bricks, surf on water and fly to any town from anywhere. When you finish the game you can just fly over everything with Pokemon like Charizard. Once you get to Celladon city you can go to the department store to deck out your buddy and when you get to Fuscia city you can go to the Let’s Go Park. The park is where you can deposit all your Pokemon Go pokemon and then catch them in Let’s Go to add them to your pokedex.

You also get a chance to catch legendaries in this game but I only managed to get Moltres and Articuno before I finished the story. You can of course go back and get them anyway but I got too lazy lol. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Once you defeat everyone and become the pokemon champion you can do endgame stuff like catch Mew Two but you have to grind your pokemon to at least 70 and when I finished the game my two highest were Mew and Pikachu that were 63. I didn’t feel like doing the grind for Mew Two cause I caught him in Pokemon Go already lol. Still once I returned to Pallet town and Pikachu gave me a boquet I ended up bawling (´;д;`)ブワッ

Honestly just looking back at these last 4 screenshots still brings tears to my eyes. 😭😭 I played a little bit daily so this game took me a few weeks to complete but I enjoyed it a lot. The only annoying part is when I played it on the TV it forced me to use the “throw” method to catch pokemon and playing with Pikachu was really awkward with the joycons. So ultimately I played most of the end of my journey on the handheld version  instead and I miss it already. I will keep the game around so I can still come back and play with Kokoro every once in a while or maybe when I’m bored one day I’ll return to it and get Mew Two ^_^. Overall a very enjoyable game I would recommend to everyone.

On a side note I just want to talk about my overall Switch experience. The tl;dr of things is THIS IS NOT PORTABLE. Okay it’s portable in a sense where you can bring it to someone’s house to play it but it’s very awkward to play during a commute. The Vita was already pushing it size wise, but trying to unravel the switch from my bag and attach the joy cons is such a cumbersome hassle. So because of that I actually finished this slower than I potentially could have due to all the time lost that I’d normally use to play games. So I think if you are just looking to play this at home or between rooms – it’s cool, but if you want something on your commute like a smartphone it’s very inconvenient. Also tbh I don’t feel comfortable playing otome games on such a HUGE screen surrounded by a crowded subway anymore. I had a privacy screen on my Vita but I got a regular protector on my switch. (; ・`д・´) So yea the move to Switch is a bit of an inconvenience for me but seeing how there’s rarely otome games even being released anymore I somehow don’t see this as too much of a big issue…..😂

8 thoughts on “Game Review: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!

  1. That heart-shaped tail looks really cute! Aww those pictures are egging me to get this game. I’m not really a Pokemon fan but I liked Pikachuuuu haha.

  2. I’m playing Eevee. I named the female Trainer Evie and the guy’s name is Goh. I went with puns.
    But Eevee seriously kicks butt. Gets so many awesome moves that I just have her fight the battles.

    1. I think I just named myself Hinano lol. Pikachu gets really good moves too and since it’s electric, every water pokemon would basically be 1 shot lol

  3. Yes that’s Gary!!! The names were messed up between the localization and stuff so he’s called Blue in the US and Green in Japan (if they refer to him with the color). I’m so happy that Leaf is in this game like I’m literally getting this only for her (it’s been so long Nintendo how dare you) and because my love for Pokemon is so big it’s sad rofl. I don’t really get the whole negative view people have for this, so what if it’s mainly a Pokemon Go promotion? Many wanted a true Kanto (leafgreen/firered) remake and whazza. But if we’re here to talk about the games that did mess up that’s for sure X and Y rofl. Black and White weren’t the best in terms of Pokemon but it was the first time a Pokemon game ever tried to deliver a good story and I sure balled my eyes out lol.

    1. Ahh no wonder, that explains that lol. I can see you’re a huge pokemon fan just by your comment lol. I was always a fan of pikachu more than “pokemon” but I think Pokemon go really got me back into things

  4. Ugh this game T___T made me cry too much! Especially during the Cubone/Marowak scene. Why did they do that to us?! Anyways I really enjoyed it too, much easier to play than the other games.

    On a side note, do not reset your game! I lost my Mew 😦 apparently you can only get it once!!

    1. Yea that was really sad too T_T I never thought to reset my game but I’m glad I didn’t since Mew was one of my strongest on the team lol

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