Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers -More Blood-

And so our heroine Komori Yui has been living with her abusive man-harem for some time and they are all fully aware of the power and source of her blood. One day on the way to school, their car has an accident and during the process Yui starts trippin’ balls and seeing Karl Heinz invading her brain telling her she is “Eve”.  Upon arrival to school, she runs into 4 new  half-vampire transfer students, the Mukami brothers. They are Kou, Ruki, Azusa and Yuma.  The Sakamakis think that the Mukamis are after the power of Yui’s blood and decide to protect and watch over her. For you as the player, you get to pick which one will “protect” Yui during the game ( ´_ゝ`).

morefanfiction001So this time around, Rejet decided to change the entire  scenario writing team save for 2 people. Due to this, the new people probably have no fucking idea what the characters are like and ended up basterdizing them. On top of this check out this bullshit plot. Apparently when god created trees and animals and shit, he created not HUMANS but VAMPIRES. That’s right, Adam and Eve were actually vampires! And then one day Eve ate the fucking apple and LOST HER VAMPIRE POWERS OH NOEZ!!1 And so Gendo Ikari Karl Heinz is some magical jesus who wants to bring back the amazing love between Adam and Eve to show the world the greatest love there ever was!! (Gee where have I heard this before). Oh and apparently he also wants to spread the seeds of Adam & Eve all over the world too (and whatever else they pull out of their ass as reasoning in every route.) And so he decided that Yui will be his “Eve” while his sons will be the candidates for “Adam”. When Yui chooses her Adam, the guy will basically start getting major blood cravings for her blood. In order to stop this, he must acknowledge his feelings for Eve and they will live their happy fairy tale life ever after. IN OTHER WORDS, YOU MUST TAKE THE ABUSE UP THE ASS IN ORDER FOR THE BISHIE TO HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART. Because well if you don’t, you get to die – twice. Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン But that’s okay if you fail to be a good Eve, Karl will just rip your heart out and move it into the next Eve vessel. Oh and also apparently there’s 10 Adam candidates because the Mukamis were part of this too! But wait there’s more: The Mukami’s aren’t actually eligible to become Adams because they’re not pure blood vampries! They’re just there to make sure that Eve picks one of the Sakamakis as her “Adam” but yet they try to take her for themselves anyway. What is consistency?! Oh wait this entire game is a giant retcon merry-go-round.

morefanfiction002Sakamaki Reiji – I decided to start from my least favorite characters and work my way up. I’m not gonna lie here but Reiji’s route is BORING. Here’s the thing, clearly almost nobody likes Reiji and his merchandise is selling for 30 yen on the sales rack in Japan. Rejet decided to make him a bit nicer so there’s a whole lot less beating, and whipping. That’s not to say Reiji has completely changed for the good. He’s still like a drill army sergeant and he rages at Yui when she gets a 95 on her exam like some overly strict asian father. I think the most memorable and funny moment in Reiji’s entire route was when he gave her tea, acted like it was some horny tea that he gave her last game but in fact it was just a placebo effect from ginger tea he gave to Yui. Clearly, Yui just wanted to get hot & bothered by Reiji :lol:. Actually most of the game she’s got some massive do-M tendencies for his “tough love” and when at one point he ignores her she cries to herself saying she would rather be punished than ignored /(^o^)\. But otherwise, Reiji’s route is just another dejavu of his hatred for Shu and the whole Sakamaki household because nobody gave any fucks about how much of an overachiever he was. When they first started the route with flashbacks to shota Reiji I thought he was endearing  – until he started babbling about world domination and how much he fucking hates Shu’s violin performances. At one point he even laughs when someone breaks  Shu’s violin and is pissed off that Shu doesn’t get angry at him and continues to…ignore him. So basically once again Reiji’s route turns into WHY WON’T ONIICHAN AND OKAACHAN NOTICE ME GRRRRRR!? That aside though, Reiji decides to “infiltrate” the Mukami household to try and find out information about them by pretending to be their ally.  He says that he wants the Sakamaki house destroyed and so he and Yui (who came along as a blood supply bag) share a room together for a few days.

reijizzAfter some time, Reiji starts getting rabid urges to suck Yui dry cause of that whole Adam & Eve crap, but keeps trying to hold them back. Poor Yui of course is so worried about him she tries to help him and gives him water and even sleeps outside in the hallway like a bum so that he doesn’t kill her in the middle of the night. And when they get that Adam transformation thing I guess it means that they’re in love with Yui so of course even Reiji becomes a deredere cupcake. Sadly this dere phase is short lived because the butthurt inside is STRONG. Turns out, Reiji found out that dun dun dun Yuma is Edgar – Shu’s childhood friend who we all thought died in a fire many years ago. And so he can finally have a chance at revenge again! He knocks out Yuma, knocks out Shu and for shits & giggles knocks out Yui and throws them all in the Sakamaki dungeon. When everyone wakes up, Reiji decides he’s going to kill Yuma in front of Shu to make him SUFFER SOME MOAR for his thousand years of butthurt.  Cause welp he couldn’t bring his mom back to kill her again last game, so I guess this is the next best thing! Shu says that it’s his fault for ignoring Reiji and he should have acknowledged him and not just run away. Shit gets real though and when Shu decides to stab Yui but then Reiji gets in the way and gets stabbed instead. Wow the nicest thing he’s done the entire route!!  I guess the stabbing calms his tits and he finally has a heart to heart talk with both Yui and Shu. Reiji doesn’t get over everything but at least gets over the majority of his butthurt.  Sadly because he’s been stabbed in the chest he falls asleep into a coma. And so Reiji’s in like a long period coma even though all of his wounds have healed. Yui comes into his room every day waiting for him to wake up saying she’ll wait for him forever.

morefanfiction003Manservant End: Some time has passed and both Reiji and Yuma have been out cold for months. Yuma wakes up first and has no idea what the fuck went on. He then attacks Yui saying that lol Reiji’s sleeping might as well. After he punches Yui (poor Yui), Reiji wakes up and tells Yuma to GTFO.  Yuma then takes revenge on Reiji and knocks Yui out into ~eternal slumber~. How is this in ANY WAY Manservant end?? Manservant end was that end 2 in the last game where Yui was dominating and making Reiji her manslave. But instead gorilla comes and wifebeats Yui again. When I first played this end I was shocked since Yuma was nice in Reiji’s route but after playing Yuma’s route…納得.. Brute End: Reiji finally wakes up out of his coma and he wants to continue his plan of revenge so he goes and kills everyone in the Mukami and Sakamaki household. He even has Yui come help him but then he goes “LOL I JUST REMEMBERED YOU HAVE THE BLOOD OF THE SAKAMAKIS INSIDE YOU TOO” (Cordelia) and goes & stabs Yui too! Just as Yui dies Reiji babbles about his great plan to kill Karl…UNTIL KARL SHOWS UP AND KILLS HIM LOOOOL m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー. Vampire End: Yui has some bonding time with shota-Reiji when she manages to somehow jump inside his heart while he’s in the coma. He gives her a “medicine he made” for her wound which is really just honey and he laughs when she takes him seriously. He says that his mother & brother are afraid of him so they constantly keep their distance. So then she runs into adult Reiji who has no idea who he is and she helps “bring back his sense” by showing him the watch his father gave him years ago. This is apparently super effective and both Yui and Reiji wake up and Reiji goes back to being a deredere cupcake and kissing Yui. In the epilogue Ruki tells Reiji that Karl actually turned all the Mukamis into vampires as part of his great keikaku of 10 Adams x 1 Eve (Yui) plan.  Guess Karl got bored and was like HEY LETZ PLAY BIBLE YA’LL.

morefanfiction004And so at a ball later Shu and Reiji makeup but Shu goes away so he isn’t cockblocking Yui and Reiji’s ichaicha time. Heaven Scenarios: First one, Yui is cleaning up Reiji’s room as an excuse to hang around him longer.  Unfortunately while cleaning up he finds her test that she got a score of 45 on and STRICT ASIAN FATHER TIME. Or so I thought but apparently seeing Yui cut herself and lick her own blood turns him on and well it’s sexy time over study time xDD.In the 2nd one, Reiji and Yui are studying at the library. He asks her to get the sequel for a book he’s reading but Yui can’t reach it that high. Just then Reiji starts babbling us the summary of his route in the first game and how he was jealous of Shu and killed his mother out of a jealous rage. Yui feels so sorry for his misery that she starts crying and hugging him from behind lol. Instead of raging and babbling about his pride and not needing pity Reiji decides to just..hit dat sheit and starts making out with Yui instead \( ^o^)/ .  Reiji and Yui go shopping together and she sees another couple ichaichaing wishing she and Reiji would be the same way. Reiji sees her staring and goes and buys her ice cream but doesn’t ichaicha with her. Fortunately much to Yui’s surprise, he instead just starts making out with her and licking the ice cream from her lips xD;;. Wow I felt like I was in another dimension cause well if this was Reiji the rest of the game I might have actually liked him more (´・ω・`). So in the end, not only did Reiji’s route not really redeem him but it was dull and well not as funny without Cordelia to spice things up(except the lulz Brute End). I guess Reiji fans who hate Cordelia and wanted more time with Reiji might have enjoyed it but I found it to be a snoozefest until I was just rolling my eyes at “not this shitto again~”.  It was made even worse in the bad endings for Yuma and Shu ugh. Honestly the scene with the ginger tea and the Heaven scenarios were probably the best part of his route. If they focused Reiji’s personality more on that than “grr revenge, grr im a drill army captain” he might have actually been a decent character, oh well. Oh and I’m sorry but Konishi Katsuyuki’s blood sucking scenes just sounded like a constipated weiner dog trying to climb up the stairs so I couldn’t even enjoy the route for that bit.

morefanfiction005Sakamaki Ayato – After seeing that they mellowed down Reiji I figured Ayato would follow the same fashion but LOL NOPE.  Ayato’s route was even worse in this game than the last simply because Yui wanted so hard for him to see her as a person…not a lunchbox. Sadly thanks to our fanfiction writing team, this doesn’t happen until the very very end and by then my patience had wore thin. A flashback shows shota Ayato working on a jenga tower but having it constantly be destroyed by either his brothers or his mom. It’s a representation that no matter what he does it’s never good enough. The route started out okay with Ayato being a tease to Yui and playfully joking around with her. I think the funniest scene was when she found some porno mags in his room, looked through them and was promptly told she’ll never be like that cause she’s a チチナシ. ( ఠ‿ఠ )www He also seems all sweet and goes around kissing her  pretty often (as opposed to Reiji who never really did until his ending.) So basically shit starts to hit the fan the moment Ruki shows up and says he wants to take Yui as his Eve. Right about now, Ayato starts to awaken as Adam which as usual involves a deep craving for blood – Yui’s blood. After Ruki sucks her blood she gets horrified and runs away from the Sakamaki house because she’s afraid what would happen if Ayato found out.  Ayato acts like he doesn’t know but in fact he does and after this he becomes a yandere stalker and has his bats follow her around and RAGES at her that she TALKED TO ANOTHER GUY AT SCHOOL GRR! As a punishment he has his stupid bats scratch her all over and then he licks all the blood from the cuts ( ´_ゝ`). When she tells some classmates that she and Ayato are like “siblings”, his stalker bat reports it to him and as a punishment, he comes into her room and pours salt into all her open wounds on her body. Fuck you Ayato seriously. Lol Reiji is an angel compared to this shit. By this time Yui has already acknowledge the fact that she’s just Ayato’s blood bank.

morefanfiction006Ruki shows up for the rebound and tells Yui to come with him because he sees her as a person, not as a livestock. (which is lol so ironic if you play Ruki’s route.) Just then Ayato shows up saying he knew about Ruki and says that Yui is nothing more than food.  Yui is so upset that the reality hit her so hard she starts crying.  She tells herself that all she ever wanted was Ayato to see her as a person. Despite the nice offer, Yui still refuses to go and stays with Ayato. He even goes “lol idgaf who sucks your blood” and says she’s nothing more than food which upsets her to the point that she finally runs out into the woods where she encounters the Mukami brothers and comes with them to their place.  Sadly she still runs into Ayato in school and he demands her blood. He kisses her and all but it’s only because it makes her hot & bothered so her blood tastes better to him.  Unlike Reiji  who holds back his urges, Ayato just keeps on sucking her blood non stop. He traps her, locks her in storage rooms and all sorts of idiotic shit in school to get her to give him blood since she’s no longer living with the Sakamakis. And this shit just goes on and on until the end of the game (;一_一). Finally Yui decides to stop giving Ayato her blood.  When Ayato attacks her in the classroom the next day she tells him to fuck off and as he gets pissed, Ruki comes to her rescue. He tells her that she has feelings and that Ayato’s being a dickface for not understanding it.  Ayato then fucking  PULLS OUT A KNIFE THAT HE WAS CARRYING IN CASE HE NEEDED TO USE IT ON YUI (“though he didn’t plan to” fuck u dude) AND STABS RUKI WITH IT. FUCK YOU AYATO. THEN FOR WHATEVER REASON RUKI LIES TO THE NURSE THAT HE STABBED HIMSELF INSTEAD.  ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

ayatonAnd so after this when Ayato tries to control Yui to tell her what to do she refuses…because she LOVES HIM! And she tells him she wants him to see her as a person not as food. He’s like if you love me go jump over that railing on the roof and ..she climbs over it and he’s like ZOMG WHAT ARE U DOING. He then babbles how he will never have anyone special to him until Yui gets blown off the roof.  Well I guess this suddenly makes Ayato have a MAGICAL CHANGE OF HEART and he gets all tsundere with Yui babbling that he didn’t want to have anyone SPESHUL UNTIL NOW. Yui kisses him on the cheek and then they ichaicha in the courtyard while the dad is like ●REC from the roof. ( ´_ゝ`) Nice fanfiction there rejet. After this Yui tells Ruki that she can’t accept his offer to be with him but Ruki’s like yea it’s ok I was kinda b’sing you anyway by saying sweet words but if you chose Ayato nothing I can do. After Yui leaves, Karl tells Ruki that the plan to move Cordelia’s heart into another vessel was planned with Richter way before Ayato killed her. Manservant End:  After sucking her blood for a while Ayato tells Yui to never come into his room again.  He says that if he keeps sucking her blood he’ll eventually kill her because he can’t control himself. (Oh wow NOW he realizes it..) And because he doesn’t suck Yui’s blood he goes on a rampage and kills random other girls.  He doesn’t come home until several years later saying that he was afraid that if he came back he’d kill her. He comes back saying that he’s fine now but LOL YUI GOES ALL YANDERE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE SUCKED BLOOD OF GIRLS BESIDES HER LOL. She then kills him with poisonous tea she made that she learned from Reiji LOL. From that day forth she like lives with his dead body until Karl shows up and kills her too lol. \( ^o^)/  This way he can take her heart and put it into another girl and start his Adam & Eve plan all over!

morefanfiction007Brute End:  Yui’s sexually frustrated cause Ayato won’t suck her blood at all. When she runs into Ruki he’s like “its ok baby I’ll suck your blood” but then Ayato catches them in the act and is like you want it baby you got it . And well he basically sucks her blood until she dies. (And for all I know the implied text from Yui means he also screwed her until her last breathing moment ew.) Vampire End:  Like with Reiji, Ayato ~chances for the best~ to be this nice sweet guy who loves & respects Yui. So then Ayato goes to sleep in Yui’s bed one night and doesn’t wake up for a while.  Eventually he finally wakes up and FANFICTION ALERT: HE ASKS YUI TO MARRY HIM LLOLOLOOL.Heaven Scenarios: In the first one he throws soumen down her shirt and then chomps on her shoulder (  ゚,_ゝ゚).  Yui pats his head and is like “please be gentle (*´ω`*)”… 🙄  In the 2nd one Ayato starts making out with her while Laito and Kanato are in the next room. Because she holds her voice back he brings her to the game room  where she can have privacy to scream her lungs out as he fucks her on the pool table lol. To make it worse, he attaches a karaoke mic near her face so that her moans are amplified. Did Shinjo Mayu guest write this? 😆 In heaven 3, Ayato asks Yui to kiss her while they ichaicha in bed and then screw some more. Ayato’s route can best be described as eating an apple, then finding out the apple’s rotten and has worms  crawling out of it, cleaning out the rotten and moldy parts and then told the “rest of the apple is safe to eat”. I know some people like to do this but ONCE THERE’S WORMS IN MY APPLE I THROW DAT SHIT INTO THE GARBAGE BRO. So needless to say, once Ayato’s route went downhill there was just no redemption.  I realize most of it was jealousy and immaturity because Ayato acts like a fucking manchild but I just couldn’t help feel sorry for Yui the whole time. Part of the sadness turned into anger because I was like why the fuck do you love this son of a bitch BETTER MEN AWAIT U GUURL. Maybe because the first game ends weren’t really happy or sad and Yui had basically told herself that Ayato would never truly love her I was ok with it. But the fact that she still keeps trying to get him to love her and somehow this magically changes his heart made me like ( ´_ゝ`)フーン..nice fanfic! Still though, the yandere Yui end made me lol, I guess that explains why she was so “in love with him” the entire time! 😆

morefanfiction008Sakamaki Kanato – You know I said I actually liked Kanato last game but this game he’s just a tantrum throwing little shit. The moe point for Kanato would be that after he threw his tantrum, he’d come crying to Yui because he’s a baby who just wants attention and love. Unfortunately in this game, he’s just a fucking jackass who just wants everything to be MINE MINE MINE MINE. Seriously Yui coulda been a bag of bubble gum, a sack of potatoes, or a new teddy bear but as long as Kanato feels it belongs to him he will rage at anyone who tries to take it away. Unfortunately since Yui is not a thing but a person, he instead takes his anger out on HER and blames HER for everything ( ´_ゝ`).  They made him so ridiculous o/c too. For example he threw a tantrum at Yui for coming home wet and getting the hallway dirty. SINCE WHEN DOES KANATO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CLEANLINESS!? Seriously his room is a mess, did someone confuse his personality with Reiji’s??  It’s as if the writers were trying to find every possible thing to nitpick and have him throw a tantrum about it and well frankly after a couple situation parts it got OLD.FAST. Meanwhile, Azusa keeps trying to get Yui to give him her blood and since Kanato stalks her he rages at her. After this Kanato uses one of his tsukaima and turns it into the shape of his Teddy, calling it Daddy. Daddy is basically Kanato’s stalkerma so he can know what Yui is doing 24/7.  The only nice thing that this game explains is regarding his teddy bear. The teddy bear Kanato has was given to him by his mom when she found it as a gift from one of the many dicks she screwed. Kanato of course thought that it was given to him from his mom directly and to him it’s the only “form” of affection he’s ever really received from her.  Kanato kept trying to get attention of Cordelia by doing things like showing that he cut himself but she’d just be like “ew go ask the maids to help you clean up, i have dicks to fuck kashira hohoho”. He fell off the balcony and got hurt but didn’t die but Cordelia was like ‘hoho oh kanato that strange child of mine’ and went back to her dick #124163.

morefanfiction009And so basically the battle between Azusa and Kanato continus with Yui being the punching bag in between (´し_`〃) Kanato then goes from raging to crying that everyone keeps abandoning him – but in the end all of his tears are fake and its all to catch Yui off guard. And so the awakening of Adam begins in Kanato and he can’t stop his blood sucking urges for Yui.  He gets so desperate he tries to drink his own blood, realizes it tastes like crap and wants Yui’s instead.  Yui gets tired of Kanato’s shit and decides to go with Azusa. When Kanato comes raging Azusa sets his teddy on fire lmao.  At school the following day when Azusa tries to suck Yui’s blood and Kanato comes raging, punches the living fuck out of him and then chains Yui in the torture chamber.  He keeps her there for a few days sucking her blood non stop to attempt to quench his thirst. =_=  After a couple days he asks Laito to take Yui out so she can rest. Instead Kanato goes to yell like a nutcase at Azusa saying that Yui belongs to him and to fuck off. And so Kanato’s blood sucking urges get worse and he starts taking it out on Reiji’s dishes to the point that even Reiji gives up trying to get him to stop lol. When Yui tries to calm this idiot down, he starts crying and strangling her saying that he’s pissed off just thinking about her. So then he goes from yanGIRE to yanDERE and carves a “necklace” in her skin with hickeys and scratches from his nails so that she can “belong to him”.  So when he decides he’s done yelling like a psychopath, Kanato starts making out with her and screwing her.  Yui’s like “hooray I can finally have my dream abusive bishie make love to me (︶.̮︶✽).  Yui makes him a teddy bear to replace the one that Azusa burned parts of and he just rages about it and throws shitfits in his room. So here’s the real fanfic kicker:  Yui runs away from Kanato’s tantrums and goes to the church where she used to be with her dad. She runs into her dad and he calls her a monster who’s taken over her daughter’s body! WHAT THE FUCK DUDE U GAVE HER AWAY TO KARL AS A SACRIFICE. So then Kanato shows up going HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DIE GRRRRRR  WTF LMAO.

morefanfiction010He runs with her to the woods and tells her that he’s burned his teddy bear. Meanwhile the dad comes after them threatening to shoot both of them. Kanato tells him to fuck off and says that he can’t have Yui die because she belongs to him and she has to fix his new teddy bear! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Yea ok whatever. Sadly her idiotic dad shoots them anyway but then Azusa comes outta nowhere and takes the hits protecting them. He says that since he couldn’t become Adam, he wanted to at least protect Adam & Eve (´;ω;`). After he dies the Mukami brothers come and pick up their dead brother and leave (´し_`〃).Manservant End:  Kanato is still jealous even after Azusa is dead so he gets pissed off when Yui keeps visiting Azusa’s grave. He then throws Yui into a coffin and throws the coffin 6 feet under next to Azusa so she can realize who “she belongs to”….aka he buries her alive. ( ´_ゝ`) Brute End: Kanato throws a shitfit that the teddy bear Yui made for him is worse than his original Teddy.  She keeps making him new ones but nothing is ever good enough. He then decides to do like he did with his mom, burn her and put her ashes into his new teddy bear. ( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End:  Kanato and Yui live a happy raburabu life and she spends all day making him teddy bears. She’s made him 57 bears and none of them are ever good enough but she continues making more.  They end up ichaichaing within their massive pile of bears because this is some terribad fanfiction a/u ending and Kanato is as sweet as sugar. Heaven Scenarios: Kanato starts bitching that Yui cares about flowers more than him ( ´_ゝ`). He threatens to burn all the rose bushes but Yui convinces him that she loves him more than the roses. Instead he decides to suck her blood and hump her in the rose bushes. Wow those thorns in your dick must feel nice Kanato. 2. Kanato takes Yui on a midnight picnic in the woods where he sucks blood out of her smelly armpits. 3. Kanato throws some shitfit while sucking Yui’s blood because he couldn’t find her as she went to take a walk outside. P.S. Fuck the entire route ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`).  Worst route in the whole fucking game. It’s kinda funny I expected this kind of shit in the first game but since the first game proved me wrong, seeing this crap is so 今更…

morefanfiction011Sakamaki Laito – Like the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, Laito’s route was the only saving grace after the 3 above.  After the horrid shit that went down in the first game I expected more horrid shit in this one. Surprisingly, his story was very well written and actually gave him *gasp* character development! Because Cordelia raped Laito as a child, he thought that “love = lust”.  With this he realized that words like I love you are totally worthless words to him that he can use to get laid. In the past when Laito fucked random maids he’d be grossed out at things like sex but wouldn’t care when it came to sucking blood.  He felt like he always had an empty hole in his heart and was getting sick of his mom constantly calling him for dick -__-. Most of the route is just Laito’s kinky sex fetishes with Yui though this time they are on a milder side like watching a porn flick together rather than forcing her to self mutilate her body. There’s a scene where comes into her room one day cause hes’ tired so he lies down in her lap and she pats his head and its all adorbs until he looks up her skirt and the discussion moves on to whether her bra & panties match XDDD. At the beginning of the route Laito still has his 3P/NTR tendencies because “conventional methods” bore him. During the route when Kou often tries to get Yui’s blood Laito’s like “oh sure go ahead I’ll watch” or “oh let me join in!” Unfortunately for Laito, Kou doesn’t want to be part of his kinky fetishes and always leaves grossed out XD. When she runs into Kou next time he tells her she’s just like the slut Laito calls her cause her entire neck is full of bite marks.  After Kou rages at her and leaves with his fangirls, Laito comes and brings her to the mens bathroom where he sucks her blood. I tried to get Yui to act like a dominatrix but Laito said its impossible cause she’s a washboard lol! And so eventually the usual Adamly bloodthirst comes so Laito wants to suck her blood more often. As he sucks her blood in the nurse’s office one day, Kou comes in pissed off & grossed out at them. He calls Laito a scumbag for not thinking about Yui’s feelings but Laito’s like “pft whatever not like she cares”.

morefanfiction012After Kou leaves Yui starts to think about what Kou said and realizes maybe she really DOES want Laito’s words that have feelings rather than empty ones. When she goes to hang out with Kou Laito sees this all and starts getting all irritated/turned on at the same time. Yui feels guilty but then is like “well he never gives a fuck if I’m with another guys so :S”. One day Yui goes on a normal date with Kou, playing video games, taking purikura, eating fast food etc.  Kou tells her that he feels sorry for her because he’s not a pure vampire and he was once a human so he knows how she feels. Just then Laito shows up and he’s so thirsty for blood because of the Adamization and asks for Yui’s to put out.  Kou realizes that the one becoming Adam is Laito and not him and gets pissed. When Kou comes to try and get Yui on his side again, Laito shows up again telling him to GTFO cause as usual he’s thirsty for blood. He sucks her blood more & more and says her blood is special so Yui is upset that once again he only thinks her blood is special rather than herself. And as usual he sucks so much blood from her  she thinks she’s  gonna die. When she tells Laito she wants him to basically tell her in words not just his “actions” that he loves her, he gets annoyed because he’s just thirsty for blood. Laito says that words are empty but Yui feels like that’s what will fill the emptiness in her heart – similarly to how Laito felt when he was younger. He tells her that he doesn’t believe in love or like or any of that bullshit. And adds that he’s pissed off that she wants that from him in exchange for her blood. He gets so irritated that he wants her blood so badly that he starts to strangle her. Laito then falls to the floor in pain and tells Yui that if she doesn’t want him to kill her, to stay away from him. Yui of course can’t leave him lying there suffering on his own and says she’ll give him her blood if she wants.  He asks why she’s doing this and she says it’s because she loves him and he’s like “what do you want something from me? I don’t believe in this love bullshit GTFO”.

laito02The next day Yui comes home from school and finds Laito trying to kill himself covered all in blood because he can’t stand constantly wanting her blood. He’s been trying to stab himself over & over and Yui tells him to just suck her blood already. Shu tells them to stop being dumb and to clean up the bloody mess lol. After he agrees to suck her blood he says that he’s horrified that he has to basically rely only on anyone for anything. He also keeps asking Reiji for poison to control his sucking urges but Reiji is like wth is wrong with you.  In the past Ayato tried to punch some sense into Laito and be like “that stupid bitch doesn’t love you, me or Kanato why don’t you realize it” and Laito just ran away from him and told him to never bring it up again. He thought that he and Cordelia were different and refused to accept the fact that she just used him as dick #234235235. (This is about the only decent thing Ayato’s done in like the whole game.)  To try and hold down his urges Laito goes and sucks blood of random hoes and when Yui smells their perfume she gets really upset. She tells herself that she knows he’s this kind of guy but offers her blood to him.  He tells her to strip and be all lewd and she does it anyway because she loves him that much -_-; And so Laito continues avoiding Yui so she talks to some dog until Laito shows up pissed off as usual. She tells him that she can tell he is suffering and wants to help but he just kisses her to shut her up. Eventually he starts sucking her blood but Yui realizes for some odd reason it doesn’t hurt.  After this he stop denying himself and consistently asks for Yui’s blood. He’s still a hentai tho and he puts a blindfold on her telling Ayato to join in orz. They put a blindfold on her so she can’t tell who is sucking her blood but she ends up picking Laito in the end.  At one point he gets so delirious in his blood sucking that he can’t even tell what he is doing until he nearly sucks her dry.  Once he gains consciousness of himself he goes back to being an asshole and pushing Yui away. She continues getting upset that he’s suffering alone and also ignoring her. She tries to tell Laito that when Kou sucked her blood she tried to push him away and that she only loves Laito. He gets further pissed off that she keeps trying to get into his heart and make him her one & only. He tells her that he’ll only stop avoiding her if she stops trying to monopolize his feelings (´・ω・`).

laito03He continues to harass Reiji for medicine to kill himself cause he can’t take it anymore. Reiji tells Laito that if he kills Yui his urges would stop but for some reason he’s not doing it. Reiji offers Yui poison to drink to kill herself since Laito won’t do it and Laito says that she doesn’t love him, but just wants him to give her pleasure through his blood sucking :s. Yui tells Laito that having love be physical is ok but she loves him too and if dying will free him of his suffering, then she will die. She then goes ahead and drinks the poison. After she dies, Laito starts crying because he’s finally accepted Yui’s feelings and so the bloodthirst is finally gone. Meanwhile Yui is tripping balls having a chat with Karl who tells her he’s “had his eyes set on her since she was a baby”. He then says that he’s stopped her soul from going to heaven and tells he’s got her soul and to go back to Laito.  On her way back she runs into a crying shota Laito, and tells him not to cry. She then awakens in Laito’s bed and tells him the same thing.  And so Laito learns that his feelings for Yui is what love really is and says he only wants to make love with her from now on. And so Yui & Laito hump happily ever after.  Now that Laito truly loves Yui, he’s just a dere dere hentai and nothing else, constantly trying to get her to join in his weird foreplay fetishes (◉◞౪◟◉`). Brute End: Laito asks Yui to kill him because in vampire land that’s the greatest form of love.  Yui refuses since this is bullshit logic, but he claims that she doesn’t love him and so he kills her instead. Yea nice o/c ending there. ( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End: Laito asks Yui to go with him on a date and they walk together holding hands lol. (*´ω`*)  Then then go into a purikura booth and take pics together while smooching (*´ェ`*)キュン♡. Afterwards, Laito gives Yui an engagement ring saying that Kou told him humans like to have a “physical symbol” of love.

morefanfiction013Manservant End:  Laito misunderstands and thinks that Yui’s cheating on him with Kou instead of the fact that she treats Kou as just a friend/classmate. Yui tells Laito that him being jealous is not like him since normally he would even be happy that she’s with other guys. She decides to try and be careful until Laito can control himself but Kou is like TROLOLOLOL LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF WE MAKE HIM MORE JEALOUS ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Well this was a bad idea cause Laito basically kills Kou, then puts Yui into a torture chamber and tells her the happy story of silkworms. Silkworms are raised and bred in human captivity in order to basically die for silk. Laito then says that he’ll treat Yui like a silkworm because this way keeping her & killing her will be a form of love. He says that she will be his one and only pretty butterfly and he will “keep her” forever & ever.  Well it’s a horrible bad end but when he mentioned silkworms we all thought that he was gonna either slice her skin off or boil her in hot water and  felt disgusted afterwards. Idk what he does other than “lock u up yandere time” but thankfully it wasn’t described and I will never think about it again l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il . Heaven Scenarios: Well after that traumatic Manservant End it was kinda hard to pay attention here ugh lol. In the first one they just hump in bed or something. In the 2nd one they screw in the limo when they go for a ride around town. In the 3rd one Laito decides to play doctor with Yui, and he feeds her some arousal medicine mouth to mouth that he prolly got from Reiji.  And well you can probably guess where things escalate from here \( ^o^)/. Laito had a similar thing to Ayato in where Yui wanted him to love her as a person and not just as a blow up doll/food but for some reason I found Laito to be a lot more tolerable?  I can’t even think this is bias because I didn’t particularly like Ayato or Laito but after this I felt like Laito’s route was much better written to show the progress of his feelings for Yui. With Ayato it felt like  one huge denial bus. Looking at it in retrospect, Ayato’s route could have turned out like this if they had turned down the ESA ESA ESA shit. Maybe because Laito’s abuse is just mostly”weird kinky sex things” rather than just blatant wife beating.

morefanfiction014Mukami Ruki – I am so sad about Ruki because he’s a victim of god awful writing. Ruki is similar to Reiji in which he’s got his goal, he’s got his target and he will do what is necessary to achieve it. The difference is, Ruki doesn’t always feel the need to randomly whip her or abuse her to Reiji’s degree (and I mean last game only) until we get to Ecstasy and all sense of consistency jumps out the window. I will say this though, the sweet guy Ruki from Ayato’s route is a lie. He does not exist and while I didn’t expect him to be that way in his own route I’m pretty shocked at how DIFFERENT he was period.  I think the other thing is, being voiced by Sakurai, Ruki gives off huge Mejojo vibes. He’s also had a really rough life, and his family betrayed him and he’s living for revenge in the same fashion and he must have everything be his! Yea just add cat ears & tail and you got Mukami Mejojo here :lol:.  When Ruki was a shota, he was a pretty obnoxious and spoiled bocchama. Due to this he often abused his servants, called them awful names – typical rich snob stuff. But then he got hit with the karma bus and boy did it hurt. His family lost all their money so his dad killed himself and mother ran off with some lover. Due to this, all the servants were like well now that we’re not getting paid fuck this and took revenge on all the times Ruki abused them. They beat him up and he ran away and began a homeless life on the streets. Eventually he was taken into an orphanage where he was constantly beat up and abused by the other jealous kids there for being an ex-bocchama. The orphanage guards there acted like prison guards and treated him like shit as well. He was hoping he could just die and be freed from his misery but he would always survive painfully and decided that if he can’t die then he’ll just have to OUTsurvive them all. He gained some “followers” – Kou, Azusa & Yuma and decided that the 4 of them would plan an escape out of the orphanage. They manage to escape but the guards caught up to them and started SHOOTING AT THEM. Wow really, shooting at little kids who escape a fucking orphanage yeeeaaaahhhhh. ( ´_ゝ`)

rukinAnd when Ruki gets caught, they burn scars in his back again ‘(ಥДಥщ) They say this is proof of him being a criminal and call him a livestock that will never be free until he dies -_-. Just then Ruki’s fairy godfather Karl Heinz showed up and told Cinderella that one day he can go to the ball and meet a prince too! In other words, he gave the 4 of them a chance at life once more by turning them into vampires. In exchange, Karl asked Ruki and co. to help him with his Adam & Eve plan. Due to this, they all feel like they owe their lives to Karl (;ಠ益ಠ;)….and will do anything for him, even if it means abusing Yui into being a doormat who will fulfill the Eve prophecy (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. Overall Ruki is pretty stiff with Yui, calling her his livestock but when he sucks her blood he actually calls her by her name so I guess there’s some humane part left in him. My one and only favorite scene was when Yui falls into the pool and nearly drowns thinking it was shallow. Ruki saves her and kisses her after he gets her out…only to get pissed off at her for looking through his porno mags the next day ヽ(。_゜)ノ The pool scene was probably the first one in the game that made me ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆ Ayato comes in the route a lot trying to get Yui to return to the Sakamaki house because when you do the Mukami’s, she’s decided to stay at their place.  He even goes as far as chasing her down into the girl’s bathroom to suck her blood =_=. Yui starts to realize that even though Ruki is strict with her, he still treats her nicely.  At one point they find a blind baby nuko and Yui wants to take it home because she feels sorry for it. Ruki however feels that by having it live and suffer in captivity is worse so he takes its soul so it dies quickly. After this Yui goes to bury the kitten and cries so Ruki hugs her from behind saying it was for the best. While Yui spends time with Ruki in his room, he constantly has nightmares which are flashbacks of what happened to his family. She tries to hold his hand so he calms down but instead he unconsciously grabs her and starts strangling her. When he comes to his senses he gets off and tells her he doesn’t need her pity. He then picks her up and kicks her out of his room telling her to sleep in his room from now on. He basically closes the door to his room and the door to his heart from Yui.

morefanfiction016Sadly this is where shit goes downhill because when the Sakamakis find out where Yui is, Ruki locks her in their dungeon because time’s running out and he needs to become Adam. (And also because suddenly JEALOUSY OF AYATO who we haven’t even seen for a while lol.) This is stupid though because in fact, Ruki cannot become Adam (none of the Mukamis can) so the fact that he’s still “trying” the whole route is stupid and even stupider when he then takes out his rage on Yui. But if he gives up this fact then Karl will abandon them! Like GRR I can’t become Adam and it’s YOUR fault *throws in dungeon* :roll:.  While imprisoned, Yui refuses to eat because she’s so upset and because Ruki keeps sucking her blood she starts to get anemic. He then gives her some ecstasy drug which I guess replaces her anemia with arousal….( ≖Д≖;). Well it was nice while it lasted I guess. Shit gets worse when apparently Ruki gets some bitch girlfriend who threatens Yui if she ever does anything with him. It’s all part of his ingenious plan to make Yui jealous so that Yui can hurry and pick him as Adam. Of course it works but dirty whores and NTR is like a landmine for me so I was pretty much done with Ruki after this (´・ω・`). At one point when Ruki is sucking her blood in the dungeon, he leaves the door open so Yui uses the chance to escape the Mukami household. Of course Ruki catches her and tells her to prove that she’ll never escape again.  Yui asks why Ruki is so nervous and wonders if it’s because of the Sakamakis. Ruki just rages saying that he doesn’t need her pity and his goal is to have everything. When he leaves her that night KARL MAGICALLY SHOWS UP IN THE DUNGEON AND ALLOWS YUI TO SEE A PAST VISION of poor Ruki being abused at the orphanage. It shows him getting 2 scars branded on his back which is what Yui saw on his back once while she was sleeping in his room.  After Yui finally seems like she reaches through to Ruki he agrees to let her out of the dungeon as long as she stays with him in his room in the evening. Things seem to make progress until…Ayato flies in like fucking batman  into Ruki’s room, knocks him out and goes to kidnap Yui. He then fucking sets Mukami house on fire and flies away with Yui. Wow man Kanato couldn’t do this to Yui’s dad when he attacked them but Ayato is like fucking superman here!

morefanfiction015As Yui is returned to the Sakamaki house, she can’t stop thinking about Ruki and cries while in the shower that night. A couple days later Ruki sneaks into the Sakamaki garden and runs into her.  Brute End: RUKI MAGICALLY RETURNS AND KILLS ALL THE SAKAMKIS ALL ON HIS OWN LMAO WTF. He couldn’t even fucking stop Ayato from kidnapping Yui but he can kill everyone at once…RIGHT NICE ONE. And then for whatever reason he throws Yui into the dungeon until they both starve to the point of becoming nearly skeletal. Karl finds them realizes his dumb plan failed and burns their bodies. Vampire End: Mukamis are gone for a while but then Ruki comes back for shits & giggles and tells Yui that he can’t become Adam but he will betray Karl. He asks her to come with him as the “snake who tempts Eve” :lol:.  They then make out in the sunset~…uhhh okay…….( ´_ゝ`) Manservant End:  Ruki magically comes back and kills everyone in Yui’s class with his knife including Ayato lol. Karl says that he’s pathetic like a human but Ruki prances like a fairy going NO! I’m A ~*VAMPIRE*~! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then takes Yui and jumps out the window with her. Well since this is from the top floor of the school building they both fall on the ground and die in each other’s arms. How…romantic. Heaven Scenarios: First one Ruki and Yui ichaicha in bed together. In the 2nd one, Kou tries to get Yui into his room but Ruki catches them and stops him. Ruki then decides to show off to Kou that he can make Yui orgasm (just like the heaven scenario in Shu’s route in the first game ._.;;; ) After Kou sees it he then leaves telling them they can screw in his room or something. In the 3rd one, Yui goes shopping with Ruki  and they get separated. As she starts to get hit on by some random dude Ruki finds her, gets pissed and throws her into the stupid dungeon in the Mukami house. ヽ(。_゜)ノ He then splashes water on her reminding me why I didn’t play BWS Bloody Nightmare ( ´_ゝ`). Aaand for some reason Yui enjoys all of this and they make out or some dumb fanfic shit god damnit this entire game to hell. Ruki’s endings were the worst shit ever holy crap how could they think any of those were acceptable? I’m okay  with bad ends happening but this was like blatant trolling level with no consistency AT ALL.  With Ruki it was the most obvious because he suddenly becomes so fucking powerful he’s able to just mass murder everyone. Like yea ok if he was able to do that, why didn’t he just do that in the first place, and just have Yui to himself from the start??? Instead he just let Ayato constantly attack her and then got mad and threw her in a dungeon…(;一_一) Well I tried to like Ruki and I really was starting to warm up to him but yea after the dungeon thing and the jealous bitch thing….I was done. Couldn’t even leave the heaven scenario troll free sigh.

morefanfiction017Mukami Kou – Kou is a shitface and well I expected him to be a shitface but he was the biggest shit that was ever shat out of a butt. I get it, he’s had a rough childhood, but so has everyone else! That gives him no right to intentionally make the weakest thing near him suffer the “same fate”. Yea the other guys beat on poor Yui too but it’s usually as a result of them angry about one thing or other and she’s the closest punching back. With Kou, he intentionally goes out of his way to purposely be as sinister as possible to Yui. He’ll start by leading her on and acting nice only to throw her down to the ground and stomp all over any remains of confidence she has left. Here’s what happened in Kou’s past. He was a homeless abandoned child who lived alone in the sewers and his only dream was to see the light of day – the blue sky. Eventually he was caught and brought to the orphanage where he was given clean clothes and food so compared to his sewer life it was heaven.  Kou was also blind in his right eye…or rather he had no right eye and would often cover it up with his hair. Anyway once he came to this prison they call an orphanage, he was basically sold into child prostitution and would be forced to do god knows what at a brothel. The thing is he was so happy to get paid for it that his mentality became “money can buy me anything” and he would basically continue doing it rather than trying to run away. At one point he got sick of it and tried to tell the brothel person that he’s ugly and he’s got no eye but the creeper was like OOH KINKY and gave him even more jobs =_=.  He even attempted to kill himself via stabbing but couldn’t bring  himself to do it because he had SOME HOME of one day seeing the blue sky again. Sounds like a nice story right? Well as much as I felt sorry for little Kou, I have absolutely no pity for him as an adult because he’s an absolute hateful shitface. Some of the wonderful things Kou does to Yui are tying her up and throwing her in the rain until she passes out because she refused to give him blood due to feeling sick. He tells Ruki that Yui is a “masochist kitty” (M猫ちゃん) and she loves the abuse he gives her.

morefanfiction018In school he intentionally makes out with her in front of his fanbitches (because he’s an idol) and of course they bully Yui, beat her up and lock her in the storage room. He also threatens to smash her face with a burning frying pan because she was trying to teach him how to cook properly.  I think the most glorious moment for me was when he constantly got butthurt about Subaru and one day brought him and Yui to the rooftop. Kou then proceeded to make out with Yui to be like LOOK WHAT I GOT & U DON’T and Subaru’s like ( ´_ゝ`)…….before punching Kou’s lights out. m9(^Д^)プギャー HAHAHHAHAHA best part of the whole route.  Buuutt sadly because Yui can take any abuse and still feel pity for the assholes in this game, when Kou tells her about his past she starts crying. He licks her tears off and she gives him a hug and he just babbles how he doesn’t need emotions cause he’s just a vampire and begins sucking her blood. Despite Ruki telling Kou that he cannot become Adam, Kou wants to keep trying anyway and remembers Karl Fairygodfather’s words that he must have a DEEP LOVE with Eve. Sadly whatislove.mp3 and Kou doesn’t actually understand what it is so he has no idea how to get Yui to love him. He figures if he adds some “kindness” along with his abuse that she “likes so much” things will go well! But lol yea Kou and kindness don’t co-exist so when he sees her coming home one day after lending her notes to some male classmate he gets pissed off….then slices her skin with a knife to “mark his territory” (as if his  bite isn’t enough.) He also then tries to get her to be jealous by making out with one of his fanbitches in front of her and later on coming home, and kissing her and praising her as well. By this time Yui’s in full do-M mode and is like OH HE CALLED ME CUTE (︶.̮︶✽)イヤン!! ( ´_ゝ`)フーン……. And the stupidity continues when one day Kou gives her a dog’s leash because he calls her his pet, and takes her to walk on all fours outside.  When they run into a guy with a real dog he tries to remove the leash from Yui but Kou punches him instead 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸.

morefanfiction019He purposely NTRs Yui with some other girl right in front of her because he’s “bored” (´し_`〃) As usual he says that girl tastes like shit but Yui is like YAY HE LIKES MY BLOOD MORE and gives him that “pls suck me” look so he immediately jumps on the opportunity. e__e When Ruki asks how Kou’s LOVE Plan is doing he says he’s on his last desperate attempt. He then jumps in front of a car but Yui jumps in to save them. He’s like why did you do this and she doesn’t know why but he’s like “oh you did it because you love me right?” Yui can’t answer that cause she has no idea. I HAVE NO IDEA EITHER TBH. When Subaru tries to take her back to the Sakamakis in school, Kou rages at him but Subaru ain’t gonna deal with Kou’s shit so he just leaves her. Kou is so pissed off that he sucks her blood and beats her in the storage room. ( ´_ゝ`) He then continus to “test her love” to see how far she’d go for him…by doing shit like turning the gas on everywhere and then turning on a lighter. Because he nearly kills her, Ruki realizes that Kou’s fucking out of his mind and throws him in the dungeon to keep Yui safe. Buuut Yui goes to to see him, and decides to “test his feelings” by attempting to slice her neck. Kou then is liek NO WHUT ARE U DOING and grabs the knife and slices his hand instead going OH NOESS MAH PAAINN. After Ruki and the others escaped and got caught  they were brought back to the orphanage where fairy godfather Karl showed up and offered them all ETERNAL LIFE as BAMPAIYAS.  Karl also gave Kou a new eye to replace the black hole in his right socket. With this eye he got the ability to read people’s minds. (Which of course makes everything worse because he can easily read her mind instead of assuming what she’s thinking then raging at her. Oh wait I bet he DID read it, but raged at her anyway cause he’s a fucking shitface.)  Ruki tells Yui to stay away from Kou for her own safety but when she doesn’t see Kou for a while and THE LONGING increases their FEELS. When they run into each other suddenly KOU’S MAGIC EYE CAN SEE THAT HE’S IN LOOOOVEEEE WITH YUI. He tells Yui that he can read minds but he’s afraid to read hers because LOTS OF FEELS and then they make out in the garden. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Wow …I just have no words.

morefanfiction020Manservant End: Kou is so obsessed with Yui that he thinks that her SKIN is in the way of him getting to her so he slices her up with a knife until he realizes what he’s doing. Yui is like oh its ok u can cut me up anytime cause u love me! But Kou realizes that LOVE IS TOO PAINFUL TO DEAL WITH so after barfing in the bathroom, he completely ignores Yui’s existence.  Yui is so despaired that her abuser-kun won’t pay attention to her she goes into yandere mode, stabs herself (??) and lies around the sewer telling Kou that she will show him what “human love is”. Oh and when Kou gets there I totally heard the sound of chains and handcuffs so she probably chained him to her bloody body ew. Lol I don’t even get it but the hell with this ending. Brute End: Yui’s thrown into the Mukami dungeon by Kou, HOORAY!  He then decides to try and re-enact the knife scene again but cause he’s a fucking retard he ends up killing her.  When Karl magically shows up he’s like “nooo please save her” and offers his right eye. Karl’s like “not good enough bro” and takes his other eye leaving Kou completely blind. And so Yui magically wakes up and has turned into a vampire and lives with blind Kou happily ever after. What is this fucking bias, all the other brute ends are horrible and trolly but here it’s like MAGICAL LOVE. Vampire End:  Just like with Ruki, Kou decides he’s just so in love with Yui and he cannot give her away to the Sakamakis since he can never become Adam.  Ruki tries to stop them so Kou rips out the eyeball Karl gave him and asks him to return it to Karl (ew.)  Ruki’s like oh go on you two lovebirds and so Kou & Yui run off into the night (with a CG that looks exactly like one of Shu’s from the last game.) Heaven Scenarios: Kou and Yui are getting all randy in bed until his loose earring pokes her back. He puts some medicine on it but then Yui says she needs to take a shower so he ends up prpring her body. 2. Kou gets stalked by some paparazzi while on a date with Yui but instead of running away, he grabs her and starts making out with her for the dude to take pics lol. The dude finds out Kou is a vampire and shits bricks running away without his camera. 3. Kou is all pissy that Yui was talking to Subaru in school so he bath intrudes to “inspect her body” to make sure Subaru hasn’t done anything…( ´_ゝ`). After confirming that nothing was done he apologizes by making out with naked Yui who gets so hot & bothered she asks Kou to suck her blood. ヽ(。_゜)ノ How is it fair ANY WAY that Kou basically gets 2 sweet/happy endings while everyone else’s Brute end was absolute shit. Great, looks like the bigger asswipe you are the better ends you get yippie! I feel sorry for Kimura Ryohei to have to be forced into voicing this piece of shit (´;ω;`)ウッ…

morefanfiction021Mukami Azusa – I always had my eye on Azusa out of all the Mukamis and I was right because AZUSA IS AN ANGEL. So of course because he’s an angel, they got the fucking demon of a writer to write all his shitty endings and heaven scenarios. Here’s the thing with Azusa, he’s so traumatized with PTSD that he’s absolutely insane. HOWEVER the worst he will do, is stab  himself in the arm. He hardly ever does anything to Yui and unlike the others, when she asks him to go away, he gets so upset and doesn’t want her to leave him that he…goes away. He doesn’t force himself down her throat or rage at her for not putting up with his shit, he’s just simply a lonely baby (`;ω;´).  Azusa was a gypsy child adopted by a family with other kids named Justin, Melissa and Christina who constantly beat up & bullied Azusa saying it’s thanks to them that he even has a house. After them beating him up for a while, similar to Laito, he started to see the abuse as a positive way of getting attention. Due to this he became a huge masochist who constantly wants people to beat him up and slice him to bits. Eventually his family went broke and his “friends” died from starvation. Since there was nobody to “prove his existence” with the abuse anymore, Azusa started slicing his body all over and named his wounds after Melissa, Justin and Christina. (´;ω;`)ウッ… Once Azusa lost his bully friends and was put into the orphanage he became some other kids’ punching bag so he was happy -_-. When the wounds would heal, he would just cut them open again so that his friends wouldn’t disappear and he wouldn’t be lonely. Due to this he has multiple cuts all over his body and bandages all over to he doesn’t leak blood everywhere. He even has a special knife collection he keeps in his room and when he asks Yui to test them out on herself – she refuses…so instead he grabs her hand and stabs himself with the knife in it instead orz. In school Yui runs into Kanato and he starts raging at her for being a traitor but Azusa saves her many times. At one point he even tosses Kanato’s teddy out the window which was fucking hilarious xDDD.

morefanfiction022Ruki tries to snap him out of the mindset that he’s still at the orphanage or with those bully “friends” of his but Azusa’s delusions are STROOONG.  Yui tries to tell him that he’s alive and he doesn’t need proof in WOUNDS to show this.  Yui decides to go visit the church she runs into her dad and he babbles once again about how “he heard his daughter was in danger and came back but it was all a trap cause she’s a monster now!” Yea this goes well with the fact that you gave her away to be a sacrifice Seiji lolol. Fortunately Azusa comes and gets her out of the church before her dad turns them both into swiss cheese. Still though, Azusa does get shot in the arm with a silver bullet and if left in his body too long, it will spread to his heart and he will die.  And so Yui’s dad goes majikichi and starts lurking around the Mukami house aiming to kill Yui. She ends up staying inside and hiding with Azusa watching over her. Yui keeps crying cause of the shock that her dad’s been fanficafied to be a huge asshole. Azusa comforts her and hugs her in her room (*´ω`*). They cuddle and sleep in his bed together as he tells her about his past with Yuma.  Ruki asks Yui to convince Azusa to let go of his past and his “wound friends” and stop stabbing himself.  In addition, because Yui’s asswipe dad shot him in the arm if he doesn’t cut off his arm, he will eventually die. The thing is, Azusa doesn’t want to cut off his arm cause his “friends” are on it. Unlike the rest of the cast, Azusa tells Yui that  he likes seeing her “wounded” but not “suffering” so he kisses her to make her feel better then sucks blood from her lips (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ Eventually Yui decides to really take a stand and tell Azusa he needs to do something about his arm or else he’ll die. Azusa only gets upset that Yui isn’t taking his side and wants to separate him and his “friends”. He starts strangling Yui because she refuses to let it go but Yui pushes him away saying she can’t let it go because she don’t want him to die! Azusa cries and says he hates her, running off to his room and locking the door for a few days after. щ(ಥДಥщ) Yui yells out that she’s in love with Azusa and Yuma tells her to take care of him. The next day Yui tries to climb into his room through his veranda but gets blown away by the wind from the balcony.

morefanfiction023Fortunately Azusa sees her and saves her bringing her to his room. After Yui wakes up she hugs him saying she’ll heal his poor wounded heart. Azusa starts crying and asking if Yui will punch him and she’s like “no you’re special to me which is why I WON’T punch you.” (*´ω`*) And so after the pain gets severe, Azusa agrees to part with his “friends”.  And so Yui and Azusa ichaicha together and make Ruki jealous & butthurt that Azusa couldn’t become Adam. I thought that they had to amputate his arm to save him but based on the sprites and CGs this doesn’t seem to be the case?? Or could just be lazyness I don’t even know anymore.  Brute End: For no fucking reason at all Yui thinks that being with Azusa is bad for the both of them and decides to run away!  And of course Azusa comes after her and he’s pissed off that she’s abandoned him that he…stabs her over & over to show her how much he loves her. Somehow she survives this and becomes his happy stab doll who he stabs over & over as she screams in pleasure. Karl then is like lolol not just as keikaku and he burns down the Mukami house as Yui gets stabbed & BBQs to her doom. ヽ(。_゜)ノ It’s hilarious too cause literally Yui says “I have no idea why I ever thought this”. Oh I have an idea, and it starts with the letter F and ends with the letter N! Vampire End: Ruki says that because Azusa can’t become Adam, he cannot have Eve next to him and locks Yui away from Azusa.  Yui apparently turns into a vampire and breaks her way out. When she runs out, her dad runs after her, shoots her in the arm but she manages to pull the gun off him threatening to shoot him. She says “oh yea I’m a vampire now” and without holding back shoots him. She runs into Azusa on the way back and he’s like whatever Idgaf about this Adam/Eve shit I just wanna be with Yui. Ruki says that he hasn’t given up trying to kiss Karl’s ass with the Adam/Eve plan but says he’s happy for Azusa and tells him to run away with Yui.   And so they run away and live happily ever after trippin’ balls together pretending they had kids who are named after all of Azusa’s old bullies. Great the only happy ending Azusa gets is some weird as fuck delusion.

morefanfiction024Manservant End: Azusa is worried someone will take Yui away from him because he can’t become Adam. Yui tries to tell Azusa that she’s never gonna give him up, let him down, run around or desert him. But yea it’s not good enough cause suddenly Azusa becomes a small minded jealous weirdo and rages that she as much as TALKS to another guy!  Annnddd so he locks her up in her room for days and never lets her out so that she only interacts with nobody but him. Eventually Yui asks why he kept her in there, and he said that he was afraid that being Eve, someone would take her away. And so I think he uh eats her so that she could be “his and only his” or some bullshit o/c end ( ´_ゝ`). I’m honestly disappointed in all of Azusa’s endings. I kinda wish his route had ended PRIOR to the endings =_=. Heaven Scenarios: 1. Azusa says they should go be in the a world of their own and drown in the lake together. After hugging he’s like oh its ok we don’t need to drown yet and instead they take turns playing erotic asphyxiation on each other ヽ(。_゜)ノ. 2. Yui wakes up in the middle of the night next to a sleeping Azusa who’s buried his face in her boobs. She gets embarrassed and tries to get out but Azusa wakes up and thinks she’s leaving him so he puts a death grip on her.  After Yui convinces him she’s not leaving him they listen to each other’s heartbeats. 3. Azusa whines that Yui’s not paying attention to him while cooking. She ends up accidentally cutting her finger so he sucks blood from it. He then decides that he wants to suck all her blood out and to make sure she doesn’t get empty he tells her to suck his blood. ヽ(。_゜)ノ So yea things were going well until the endings/heaven scenarios where it was obvious nobody’s driving this bus. Makes me wonder if the writers who wrote Azusa’s route are the ones who wrote the heaven scenarios for Reiji & Ayato, while the writer who wrote Ayato’s route then wrote Azusa’s endings. Writer shuffling, good ol’ fashion disaster!

morefanfiction025Mukami Yuma – Yuma makes me a sad panda man. He was this cute big bear type character with a Donkey Kong BGM who would give you sugar cubes and grow a veggie garden. Unfortunately this game loves to turn characters into shitfaces once you enter their routes and Yuma is no exception! Once you get into Yuma’s route he calls you a female pig (yea well you’re a male gorilla) and basically acts like Tarzan and beats his Jane around most of the route.  He even carries Yui on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes or like Tarzan would lol. The difference isn’t that he’s doing it for the sake of being evil like Kou, he’s just got meat for brains and doesn’t understand how to handle anything gently….which of course goes against the whole fact that HE TAKES CARE OF A VEGGIE GARDEN. ヽ(。_゜)ノ The route starts off on an awful note where Yui tries to run away from the gorilla but instead he catches her and locks her in a room to “teach her a lesson”. When Yui once again attempts to call for help using Kou’s cellphone, Kou comes by, steps all over her fingers until Yuma gets her out only to throw her in his room and commence with the blood sucking. He rages at her for eating his sugar cubes because he’s some kind of sugar cube drug addict and then shoves his fingers down her throat to “get any remaining sugar” out of there. ヽ(。_゜)ノ What pisses me off of course is between all these stupid scenes there’s a lot of really cute scenes with Yuma. Like the scene where he cuddles in bed with her like a big bear, or how he shoves random veggies in her mouth to try out that he grew himself. Hell at one point when she passes out he even shares his sugar cubes with her!  When she gets sick he tries to make her stew but he can’t cook it properly so Yui has trouble eating it. He notices she can’t eat it so he goes to fix it up and make it edible for her. ;D Comes back with it and blushes babbling that it’s not like he made it for her or anything (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ He then sucks her blood but claims he’ll be “gentle” lol. SO THIS IS WHERE I’M JUST LIKE YOU HAD SO MANY CUTE SCENES WHY DO YOU RUIN THEM WITH THE SHITTY ONES (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

morefanfiction026Well here’s the deal with Yuma. As  reveled in Reiji’s route, Yuma is Shu’s old friend Edgar. After his village was burned down, he lost all memories and was picked up by a shota gang to hang out with. The boss, Lucks, took him in and trained him together to steal food to survive. But then the usual rebellion stuff happens and the gang is thought of as part of the rebellion so the government guards go and shoot them. Yuma shat bricks and passed out so he survived and was taken to the orphanage while the rest of his gang friends and leader all died. After this he’s had a mix of nightmares varying between his gang friends giving him survivor guilt OR him constantly burning in some kind of a fire because of Reiji burning down his entire village. And so the usual story of Yuma joining up with the other Mukamis, trying to escape child prison, getting shot by guards and then having fairy godfather Karl turn them all into vampires.  Due to this Yuma hates rich folk and so he hates Shuu and the Sakamakis in general. He especially hates Shu because he calls him a NEET and has no motivation to do anything but gets everything handed to him.  Yuma also grows roses inside of his garden for his gang friends who died. Buuut then for whatever fucking reason he gets pissed off because Yui wants to pursue her dream of being a nun. (She never had this dream before but suddenly she does!) He’s all butthurt that “dreams don’t come true” and if his couldn’t come true then grr Yui’s can’t come true either!! And the whole time he’s like punching and raging at Yui and she’s like “uhhh..why is he angry e_e???”  I’ll tell you why Yui, BIOPOLAR FANFICTION DISORDER. This is so annoying because Yuma has all these great scenes but it feels like you get all excited and then you get punched in the face and have to try to pick yourself up again bleh. His story about his dreams is actually heartwarming but it gets overshadowed by all the rollercoaster of abuse. Ruki keeps asking if Yuma is gonna turn into Adam but Yuma’s liek idk. He then thinks by sucking her blood non stop it’ll get her to acknowledge him as Adam and Yui’s like ヽ(。_゜)ノ?!

morefanfiction027He continues to be all pissed off to her because he can’t become Adam but Yui tries her best to try to get along with him anyway ;_;. He breaks a plate which ends up cutting her fingers so he lifts her up princess style carries her to his room and licks the blood off her fingers. ;_;  But the next scene he gets pissed off at her because some guy starts hitting on her ( ´_ゝ`)… He starts getting all pissed off and sucking her blood but then the dude who was hitting on her comes back and is like “wtf bro”.  But then Yuma’s all like “oh but she’s my toy now” and makes her admit it out loud :/. He then starts making out with Yui in front of the dude ( ≖Д≖;).. Yuma’s other winning scenes include making Yui become his “desk” and put the plate of cake she brought him on her lap and not move until he’s done eating. Also chaining her up on one of those BDSM chain leashes to make sure she knows she’s his “esa” blah.  When Ruki goes to NTR Yui for shits & giggles, Yuma gets so pissed off he kicks his cabbage and punches Yui and rages at Ruki for being a rich snob 4 lyfe. After Ruki leaves, Yuma continues raging and crushes everything in his garden, including the roses he raised for his friends.  After raging in her room the next day Yui finally calms his tits and gives him a hug.  And somehow her magical hug makes him SUPER DERE and he starts kissing her everywhere. Since Yuma’s calmed his titties he goes back and fixes up his veggie garden. He also apologizes for punching her in the fucking face. He tells her he just wanted to become Adam because whoever Eve chooses ets great powers.  He said he doesn’t wanna rule the world or anything, but he wanted power to  take down all the rich oligarchs and change za warudo!  He then realize that he can’t be Adam though so I guess he no longer cares. Yui says he still has a chance maybe 😉 so he grabs her and ~gently~ sucks her blood lol.  In the end they hump because if he still has a chance of being at Adam uh he’ll take it or some shit and won’t give her to anyone.

morefanfiction028Brute End:  Yuma has nightmares about his dead friends coming back all bloody ragging on him for abandoning them. Yuma pretty much goes insane from it and tells Yui not to call him Yuma and that his name is Bear.  When Yui tries to calm him down, because it’s the Brute End, her magical hugs don’t work and Yuma knocks her out. She becomes a vegetable and he takes care of her like the vegetables in his garden. How romantic! Oh also everyone starts calling him “Bear” now. Manservant End:  Yuma looks around for Shu to discuss his flashbacks and instead he runs into Reiji. Reiji says he don’t know where Shu is and instead says he knows the info Yuma wants and says he’ll tell him instead. Yui goes home first and when Yuma comes home he’s completely distraught. Reiji basically lies to him and says it’s Shu who burned his village and family down herp derp. Sooo one day Yui trips and falls on top of Shu in the library..and of course just then Yuma comes in and sees her on top of Shu. He gets  so livid he beats up both Shu and Yui to death. When he goes home that night his house is set on fire while he’s sleeping but he thinks that it’s his bad dream again.  But nooope it’s REIJI AND HIS 100 YEAR OLD BUTTHURT TAKING REVENGE FOR THE LAST TIME! LOLOLOL. And the sad part is, Reiji’s reign of terror ain’t over quite yet as you will see in Shu’s route! Vampire End: Yuma tells Yui that he can’t become Adam but he don’t wanna give her up and so he asks her to marry him.  Ruki’s against this but then Karl shows up and is like HAY I’LL BE DA PRIEST YA’LL LETS DO IT LADIEZ! So then they have this bootleg ceremony in their school uniforms in the garden. Yuma tells Yui that haw haw you can’t be a nun anymore. Yea…Heaven Scenarios: 1. Kou and Yuma fight over who gets to shove cake into Yui’s mouth.  Yuma then starts to suck her blood to show everyone her orgams face or someshit. 2. Yui and Yuma go on a shopping date together and they buy some sugar cubes. While they eat some crepes in the park some dudes look at her so he violently pushes her against a tree and starts making out with her. After that he starts biting her everywhere to mark his territory or w/e ( ´_ゝ`). 3. Yui wakes up in the middle of the night so Yuma gives her some sexy time (and blood sucking lol). Well after that disaster I’ve pretty much concluded all Mukamis  are screwed forever and even when Azusa had a decent route, he got shitty endings & heaven scenarios. I kinda feel sorry for any Mukami fans since I heard they weren’t as god awful in the CDs (;´Д`).

morefanfiction029Sakamaki Subaru – I had originally intended to leave Subaru for last but I heard they made him extra TSSUNNN in this game so I decided to do him before Shu. Sadly they were right because he’s just ANGRY FOR NO REASON. Seriously some of his scenarios he’s just sittin there ragin’ about shit and I’m just like ….why are you even angry Subaru. It was like on par with why the fuck was Kanato always angry but at least Subaru only punches walls and tries to derp away from Yui.  There’s a flashback showing his mother Christa going fucking insane because she didn’t want to be alone without Subaru but when Subaru would show up, she’d throw a shitfit because 1. rape baby 2. looks like her rapist. Subaru thought the best thing to do was to stay away from her but because he’s a sweetheart he couldn’t bring himself to abandon her (´;ω;`) Cue Kou in the picture and Tsunbaru gets jealous because he’s in love with Yui (and since Kou’s using his magic eye he can tell Yui is happy to hear this.) But of course sinister shitface Kou has to intentionally spur Subaru’s jealousy just so he can destroy his and Yui’s relationship for shits & giggles ( ´_ゝ`).  He blames the whole thing on his shitty dad and well you are totally right Subaru!  Whatg made me laugh though is in the past Christa told Cordelia that Karl don’t want her used ass hot dog down a hallway cooter and that he loves Christa more. Cordelia started raging and fighting with Christa while Subaru had to break them apart lol. Christa was totally bipolar though. She’d act like she hates Karl but then when he’d show up he’d like ooh Karl I love you and when Subaru would tell Karo to GTFO she’d slap Subaru for being “rude to his father” ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  Yui wants Kou and Subaru to get along but I’m like facepalming cause even this route makes it obvious that Kou is fulla shit and having played his route beforehand is even more of an influence on this factor.  So I can honestly sympathize with Subaru when he gets pissed off though that was probably not the game’s intention.  So when the writers were done making Subaru be angrrrryyy, he went back to being his cute self…but then Adam awakening as usual and Subaru gets even more jealous and irritated of Kou as well as his urges to suck Yui’s blood more.

morefanfiction030Kou continues to troll Subaru just to piss him off. Subaru is frustrated on why he’s always so irritated and that he can’t do anything about it. Yui starts crying because she can’t do anything to help him ;_;  He tells Yui that he needs blood really badly and that it’s better for her to stay away. Yui’s like nooo bebe I can’t leave you alone ;3;. Subaru continues to break random shit and says that he’s better off alone and that Yui’s better off with Kou…and im like LIKE HELL I’D BE BETTER OFF WITH ONE OF UR BROKEN CHAIRS BABY.  Shu comes over, knocks Subaru out and tells Yui to take care of her violent boyfriend so he can get some sleep lol. He tells Yui to talk to Reiji to see if they can get some medicine for him to calm him down.  Reiji temporarily gives him some sleeping medicine to calm him down.  After Subaru wakes up he’s calmed down a bit and he tells Yui to go to Kou because he’s better off alone sighhhhh fuck whoever wrote this fanfic. Yui decides to leave him alone because he hurts her and the shock is too much for because he’s never hurt her this much.  But yea obviously he did it to try and get her away before he hurts her further T_T.  After Yui leaves, Subaru can’t take it anymore and tries to stab himself in the heart with the silver knife so he can die and stop the cravings. While Yui is away from Subaru, Kou decides to NTR her away from Subaru.  Yui pushes him away admitting that she loves Subaru and there’s no way she can be with Kou.  Eventually he gives up trying to hold himself back and just sucks Yui’s blood. He then tells her to stay in his room until he falls asleep and Yui to tell him a bedtime story lol ε-(*´∀`|萌|. He babbles about cutting her heart and sucking blood forever but all he does is a small cut on her boob lol.  When she’s cutting onions her eyes get teary eyed and Subaru is like oh megusta ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) and tells her to cry some more cause he wants to see lolol.  He bites her hand to make her cry then licks off her tears lmao xD Subaru’s “abuse” is like a kitten biting you.

morefanfiction032The problem here is Yui don’t get da Tsun and doesn’t realize da bebe is in love with her too lol. She wants him to suck her blood if it makes him feel better.  Aaannd once again Subaru starts babbling that Yui should go with Kou and Yui’s like whut.  It’s such a Scorpio thing to say that but in reality Subaru wants her to pick him and that he’s just testing her. Yui tells him she wants to be with him but Subaru continues pushing her away and building walls around himself. Yui even tells him she loves him but he continues the tsun-nami (`;ω;´).  When Yui goes to Kou for advice thinking he’s a friend, Kou finally shows his true colors like the shitface that he is!  He then says he’ll try to take her away but Ruki tells him to face the fact that he was just a catalyst for Subaru & Yui’s relationship LOLOL.  Aaaand so Yui keeps chasing Subaru doing going WHY DONT U LET ME LOVE U and Subaru continues babbling I JUST CAN’T CAUSE I’VE BEEN WRITTEN TOO TSUN.  He says that he’s scared that he’ll do something terrible to her or kill her because he’s not himself. He tries to run away but Yui latches on to him saying “is it because you care about me” but yea tsun continues and he’s like no it’s because you’re a delicious snack blah blah.  Eventually he’s like fuck it not holding back and just sucks her blood (´・ω・`)… Yui doesn’t know what else to do so as he bites her ear she says “Subaru …I Love you.” This makes him stop sucking her blood and then he starts crying and being tsun because he REALLY REALLY wants to be dere but the writers of this game are like NO ( ಠ益ಠ ).  When Kou tries to force take Yui away again Subaru shows up and says he’s FINALLY had a dere-lation and that instead of wangsting alone, he’d rather hit dat sheit. And so Subaru and Kou have a punch off and Subaru tells Yui to watch as they fight for their woman! LOL xD   And so after they knock each other out Subaru gets up and Yui hugs him and Subaru says that even though his bloodthirst is gone he still wants her ;D. He says he loves her and they start smooching until Kou wakes up and cockblocks and leaves like da loser he is HAHA. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ  Then Subaru acts all tsundere with Kou about making up and becoming friends lol.  After Kou leaves, Subaru gives Yui his silver knife and says if he ever goes nuts again to use it to kill him.

morefanfiction031They both say they love each other and smooch on the rooftop. Brute End: Since Kou’s Brute end wasn’t brutal enough, they decided to put it in here instead! Kou basically kidnaps Yui and locks her up in the Mukami dungeon sucking her blood non stop. After 10 days or so he realizes it won’t make him be Adam so he frees her and tells her to GTFO.  She returns home to Subaru and he’s all worried sick about her because obviously he never bothered to look for her.  When Yui runs into Kou in the library she’s scared shitless and runs home scared.  Subaru of course misunderstands this and well cue Laito Manservant end where he gets needlessly jealous sigh. He tells Yui that he keeps thinking someone’s gonna TAKE HER AWAY from him again.  Yui thinks OH NOES I’m causing him grief so she goes and…stabs herself to death. (ಠ_ಠ) Vampire End: Subaru’s irritated that Yui is worried about Kou but she gives Subarun a kiss and tells him that he’s the only one for her~. xD His mom has invited both Yui and Subaru to visit them at the main castle but Subaru doesn’t want to bring Yui because he’s afraid that they may do something bad to her. Yui says she wants to meet Subaru’s mom because she wants to know more about him.  She answers the invitation saying they will both go and Subaru gets pissed off but ends up going anyway (in exchange for some humping). When they meet Christa, she apologizes to Subaru for being a shitty mom and asks Yui to make up for all the lost time and love him instead. Afterwards he admits the reason that his mom threw this party is to finally get him to ask Yui….to marry him (*´ω`*). What bothered me though is Subaru told Yui that he realized in the end his mother loved Karl after all and I’m like WHUT. Right she loved her RAPIST which is why she asked Subaru to KILL HER MULTIPLE TIMES the last game. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Wonderful.

morefanfiction033Manservant End: Gullible Yui-chan accepts an “energy” drink from Kou which is really a sleeping drug. She gets knocked out and Kou throws her in the Mukami dungeon. Subaru manages to actually find her this time but she’s like noo I’m not worthy of being saved! Kou comes back bitching that Yui is his “final chance” but Subaru says that Yui is everything to him. He acts like he’s gonna run away and Kou laughs saying Yui’s been abandoned but then Subaru comes back and knocks Kou the fuck out LMAO.  But yea somehow Yui gets caught in the shockwave and dies too lol.  And Subaru is like OH NOESS and stabs himself and dies too. Yay that made so much sense ヽ(。_゜)ノ Heaven Scenarios: 1. Subaru is bored so he sucks blood from various parts of Yui while she’s undressed lol. 2. Yui comes into Subaru’s room unable to ask him anything properly so after he laughs at her he starts smooching and ichaichaing with her.  He asks where she wants to be bitten and she’s like ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) anywhere u want baby then is shocked at how randy she’s being lmao. xD 3. Yui has some bad dream where Subaru is leaving her and decides to check his room to make sure he’s ok.  She tells him she had a bad dream and gives him a hug and he just bumbles random stuff but tells her to do whatever she wants. (*´ω`*)  He then decides to give her some “sexual healing” ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). Subaru’s route was frustrating and it was obvious the writers had no idea what to do with him. Subaru’s a sweetheart and he doesn’t want to hurt Yui but just having him ichaicha with Yui the whole time apparently isn’t gonna cut it so GRR WE MUST MAKE HIM ANGGGRRYYY for da plot! Combined with the completely shitty Brute & Manservant endings, other than the cute Vampire End fluff I found the route to be disappointing. It makes me wanna go back to the original game and replay his route instead.

morefanfiction034Sakamaki Shu – Saved the best for last! Shu is like literally an angel. He spends most of the route smooching with Yui or sleeping like a log next to her and the fact that he’s screwed in both bad ends tells your something! So in the past when Shu was little he was hanging out alone in the woods and that’s when he ran into Edgar.  They would hang out together a lot and this was one of the most special times of Shu’s life cause at home he was faced with pressure to be heir and bullshit from Reiji. Shu once brought Edgar to one of his parties by having him borrow his clothes & dress up all fancily.  Unfortunately Reiji saw right through this and came over being a fucking asshat that he is. Of course! It wouldn’t be a Shu route without Reiji’s butthurt! Yuma can’t dance properly so he runs away in shame and afterwards tells Shu that this rich folk life ain’t for him. Shu follows him and apologizes, but not before Reiji giving him a speech that humans are worthless shit and cannot mix with glorious vampires like them! And so after this Reiji burned the village down where Edgar lived and Shu never saw Edgar again. He would still visit the burned down ruins and hope that maybe he’d find Edgar alive but since he never found him he had presumed he was dead. After this Shu blamed the entire incident on himself because had he not become friends with Edgar, Reiji wouldn’t have targeted him. As far as the route goes, as usual tells Yui to be proactive in getting him to do anything. tells her to strip and throw her boobs into his face so he can suck her blood lmao…which she does xD  The worst thing Shu did in the whole route was strangle Yui during a full moon when he had his vampire PMS but it was brief and it was to get her to GTFO his sight.  Yuma tries to NTR her and get her to come with him to the Mukami house.  While they’re standing near the school stove Yuma seems TOTALLY OK with the fire but when Shu shows up he’s like get away from there. Nice consistency there! You see in Yuma’s route he said that he hates the sunset because it “reminds him of burning flames” due to the fire trauma…but in this route, this trauma don’t even matter!

morefanfiction035He then starts getting all irritated at Yui cause yay Adam awakening or w/e but lol the O/c here is even more obvious because Shu wouldn’t rage at Yui and grab her violently, he’d just go roll around the floor and sleep instead. ( ´_ゝ`)  Yui finds Shu wangsting alone in the rain all soaked. She says she’s worried about him and he’s like why u worried about me, you’re just a bait livestock to me. He tells her to stay away from him and says she should just run away to some other town cause he ain’t gonna protect her.  Yui says she ain’t gonna leave him alone and tells him to suck her blood. They go to the park together and Yui doesn’t realize that they came to a place where a bunch of couples are making out / humping in the bushes lmaooo xDDD Shu’s like “did u bring me here cause u wanted do things?” XDD Shu only agrees to go home if they do the same as the couples and tells her to kiss him.  She does but he’s like not this pathetic kiss and tells her to slip her tongue down his throat lmao. They end up making out (/ω\)イヤン. And most of the route pretty much went like this which was a relief from the abuse wagon.  When Yuma goes to ask Shu about the past Shu just ignores him so Yuma punches him. Shu punches him back and is like idgaf about the past. Shu checks that Yuma has the same scar on his back that Edgar did when he was a kid and asks him about his burn marks. He figures out that Yuma is Edgar but doesn’t tell him immediately and Yuma says he’ll come back later. Unfortunately FUCKING REIJI also figures out that Yuma = Edgar and dat 100 year butthurt plan is BACK IN ACTION. After realizing that Yuma = Edgar, Shu goes MIA so Yui goes  around looking for him. And so when Shu almost gets hit by a car Yuma saves him which is when Shu tells him that he’s Edgar. He adds that it’s his fault that Yuma’s village got burned down but no bebe it’s not your fault Shu, it’s all Reijizz. He then lies and says he doesn’t care that the pathetic humans died and that he thought Edgar was dead the whole time.

morefanfiction036Yui sees all this and is really worried about Shu asking him to go home. He tells her to return home alone because he’s going nuts due to the Adam thing. Yui’s like NOPE and hugs him saying she’s not leaving without him. Shu protests at first but then hugs her back using her as a shoulder to lean on about why Edgar is alive and is a vampire. When they get home she tells him to take a bath but Shu says only if she strips him but before she finishes he asks to suck her blood.  So then Yuma decides its cool to randomly go and attack Shu and punch him because he “pisses him off” and because he won’t fight back. When Yui tries to tell him to stop Yuma just kicks her away 🙄 and tells Shu to fight back if he cares about Yui.  Shu just says that if Yuma wants to he can take Yui because he’s just drowning in his guilt but claims its because he “doesn’t care about Yui”. Aaand so Yui gets NTR’ed taken to Mukami’s place and kept like an animal locked in Yuma’s room the whole time ( ´_ゝ`)… But then magically Yuma’s friendship memories with Shu come back and so he’s like I KNOW A GREAT WAY TO GET SHU TO FALL IN LOVE WITH U! AND HE SETS HIS FUCKING ROOM ON FIRE LOL.ヽ(。_゜)ノ Cause lolol obviously setting his room on fire will get Shu to prance on a white horse to save Yui. Also lol obviously suddenly Yuma’s fire trauma don’t matter cause he sure has no problems playing with fire! So then Reiji shows up trying to be an hero telling Shu oh btw your girlfriend’s SMOKING HOT aka you should probably go save her. Shu decides to actually go see how Yui’s doing but comes to find that she really is ON FIRE!  And so Shu comes and rescues Yui like a hero  and  Yuma gives him an apple before prancing off thinking he’s a huge wingman.  After they leave Shu and Yui ichaicha back to the Sakamaki house. And I’m sittin there the whole time like…1. why don’t you leave the burning room 2. how the fuck are you not dead after inhaling all that carbon monoxide 3. what the hell were the other Mukamis doing while half the house is on fire 4. is Yuma invincible? He was crushed by multiple burning things but magically walked out alive lol. Brute End: Yuma’s been MIA for a while but Shu & Yui have been trying to find his where abouts. Shu then locks himself in his room like a hikki refusing to come out even for Yui.  She finally comes into his room and tells him that she’s found Yuma but it’s a lie and in fact she knocks Shu out and locks him up in the Sakamaki dungeon…..going all yandere on his ass becuase he’s been “ignoring her for too long”. WOW REALLY OUT OF ALL THE CHARACTERS SHE COULD HAVE GONE YANDERE ON AND LOCKED UP IN A DUNGEON SHE DID IT ON SHU. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

morefanfiction037Vampire End: Mukami brothers magically vanish without Yui ever knowingwhat their goal was in the first place.  Shu meanwhile ichaichas with Yui telling her to stop using -san after his name. He then asks Yui to run away with him because he doesn’t want his stupid brothers to ever take her away.  And so the two of them run away and live happily (?) ever after. It was cute but it felt like it should have been some SUB ending and I felt kinda unsatisfied BECAUSE… Manservant End:  Shu tells Yui to run away from the Sakamaki house ASAP because he found a chopped up apple on his bed.  Shu says eventually he’ll run to her but even though Yui keeps running REIJIZZ CATCHES UP TO HER! CAUSE LOL LIKE IT WAS A SURPRISE HE WAS THE APPLE PERPETRATOR.  She wakes up to find herself chained up in the Sakamaki dungeon along with Yuma and Shu. Reiji then drugs like all of them and makes Shu and Yuma be hungry for blood but Yuma can’t hold himself back and jumps on Yui. Because Yui’s aroused by like anything Reiji’s like hur dur your love with Yui lost to her lust hur dur. ( ´_ゝ`) I love how Yuma beats the fuck out of Shu in one of his bad ends but he NEVER FUCKING AT ALL DOES ANYTHING TO REIJI ヽ(。_゜)ノ Heaven Scenarios: 1. Yui tells Shu he should go to school because it’s physical exam day but Shu’s like mendokusai as always. He tells her he doesn’t want her showing off her pantsu to anyone so he tells her to stay home. Instead he offers to do his own “physical exam” for her ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). 2. The triplets attack Yui saying they want to “give her a physical exam” in the limo until Subaru punches them away telling Shu to watch his woman. Shu wakes up and starts making out with her lol. Afterwards he and Yui cut class so he can lie in her lap as they relax in the woods. He tells Yui that she’s not his “food” but a special girl to him and they smooch. (*´ω`*) 3. Yui wants her blood sucked sooo badly she strips and begs Shu for it :lol:. Bleh poor Shu gets a half assed good end, a fucking yandere Yui end and an NTR end….MY POOR BABY (´;ω;`)ブワッ.  Then again looking at ends for Azusa and Subaru I can probably say the same thing -_-. Aaand since Shu is my last route I can safely say the whole game is Karl’s fanfiction since there’s not much else given out to us plot wise on why he was doing what he’s doing and when Yui picks on of the Sakamakis, the Mukamis vanish into thin air like they never existed trololol.


What the fuck did I just sit through? It was like some kind of terribad fanfic written by some part timer staff or something.  A lot of inconsistencies with the last game, starting with Karl Heinz and Cordelia. The fact that in this game, Yui never even turned into a vampire and Cordelia only made appearances in flashbacks. The fact that in the last game Yui  had a sense of what is right and wrong and knew that the guys will never love her but she has to try her best to just deal with it. Here she actually tries to “change the heart” of an abuser like she’s deep inside of a Stockholm Syndrome. Alright I guess I can deal with that if there’s at least some progress in this aspect but for the most part, she doesn’t actually succeed but somehow there’s a romantic ending anyway! And you know at least the original game had some sort of variety for the endings based on your choices of S or M. In this game basically if most of your choices weren’t M, you’d always get a horrible end where the heroine would ALMOST ALWAYS die. It was never this terrible in the original!


Also let’s talk about the lack of any kind of naming sense. In the first game Dark = bad stuff, Maniac = it gets better, Ecstasy = it was tolerable. In this game it’s the exact opposite. Dark starts out as ok, Maniac goes downhill and Ecstasy made me want to flip multiple tables (╯;ಠ益ಠ;)╯︵ ┻━┻. Not only that but how about those ending names? Brute end was ok because it made perfect sense, it was brutal. However – MANSERVANT END. When I think of Manservant end, I think of Yui dominating the guy and making him her…manslave. But nope, Manservant end is some kind of poor translation for “Yui will die a horrible death” end.  While it wasn’t as obvious in the first game, this game basically says that in order to win the bishie’s heart you must first TAKE his abuse. By taking the abuse you get the happy romantic lovelove ending and by going against it with the S choices – you die. Hooray for glorifying abuse! It’s worse too because in certain points Yui would actually be sad when the guy is “ignoring her” rather than yelling/lecturing/jumping on her for blood -_-. For those who didn’t want to spoil themselves and only read my final thoughts, I’ve created a handy FUCK YOU scale for all the guys based on how abusive/douchey they were to the heroine. The more middle fingers – the worse the level:

Ayato: middlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefinger

Kanato: middlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingerhalfafuck

Laito: middlefingermiddlefinger

Reiji: middlefingerhalfafuck

Ruki: middlefingermiddlefingermiddlefinger

Kou: middlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefingermiddlefinger




Subaru: halfafuck

So, depending on how much abuse you want to take (or want to avoid) I hope you find this scale handy! Shu is a fucking angel and while Azusa & Subaru had a few slips here & there for the most part, they are my babies. Additionally as far as plot revelations, most of the Mukami plot is revealed in Ruki’s route while most of the Sakamaki stuff is revealed in Ayato’s. Also Yuma’s story is revealed in Reiji’s so it might be a better idea to play Reiji after his? I would recommend playing them first simply because once you know what the story is about,  it’s a lot easier to make sense of “why is this suddenly happening”. (Though sadly with all the fanfiction endings, making sense of anything in this game is difficult to begin with.)


While the charm of dummy head mic won me over the first game, the abuse and pointless beating of Yui in this game was so over the top that I was too aggravated to even enjoy that aspect. 90% of the abuse had 0 contribution to the plot or character development and because I would get so sick of it right off the bat the rest of the route I’d just wish for it to end quickly. The other thing was that practically in every situation scenario it was this dumb template of “grr you did something to annoy me (or you must suffer just because) → I’m going to suck your blood now → “ow his bite is more painful than usual!!” → kissing/Yui goes full do-M and likes it/random threats → end”. After a constant repetition of this cycle in practically every scenario I felt like I was stuck in a laundry machine on an endless spin cycle. I think this is why I liked Laito’s route a lot because his scenarios were weird kink fetishes which made me laugh for the most part while the others mostly followed the same “Yui is my punching bag” template. Azusa is an exception because he’d just cut himself, Subaru would only punch walls and furnitre, and Shu would just go roll around until it was sexy times.  It’s also really annoying that the guys would be nice/funny in other guys’ routes but the moment Yui has to deal with them directly in their route they get a 40 foot pole up their asses about anything & everything.


On the topic of templates, the whole game was pretty much a template. I’m trying to to say spoilers here but basically both Sakamakis and Mukamis had a “pattern” of how their route would go. With the Sakamakis it would be the pattern of “awakening → massive blood craving → fanfiction end” while Mukamis it was “we must put you in your place → grr why can’t I be the one! → guurl I’ma take u away anyway~ → fanfiction end”. The game became very VERY predictable and so most of the time I was just hoping for the route to end because being stuck in abusive templates just aggravated me beyond belief.  It was even more so frustrating because the Mukamis acted like these nice guys while you were in a Sakamaki route, but in their own respective routes (save for Azusa) they were mostly hateful shits. At least the Sakamakis acted like themselves in the Mukami routes which basically means the Mukamis are screwed over → cue more reasons to hate this game.


Bless all of you who came to my broadcast to rage with me cause I think if I played this alone I woulda ragequit and threw my new PSP out the window. Anyway this section’s getting too long, tl;dr I am disappointed in this game because of poor writing, rushed CGs (only 8 per guy) and the blatant glorification of pointless abuse. Also this game is Cero D because of all the fucking blood & violence not because there’s any randy sexy times. I can safely say this game isn’t “Diabolik Rapists” cause they don’t actually rape. They just wifebeat so Diabolik Wifebeaters is the more appropriate title. Yui got laid like waaay more in the last game so idk what even happened here. It doesn’t matter anymore that they had “such tragic pasts” that doesn’t excuse them for being dickbutts and taking their shit out on some random girl 100s of years later. It also doesn’t justify for them to have “wounded hearts” that she must heal. In the first game, she didn’t heal anyone’s wounded hearts, she just tried her best to make with what she could of the situation but here Yui is portrayed as this do-M Stockholm-chan who is happy the moment they throw a single bone of kindness her way ( ´_ゝ`).  Also the enormous amount of various child abuse in this game is horrendous. I don’t even like little kids but I fucking felt awful for all of them. I don’t know what Rejet is trying to get at here, or if this is Otomate’s doing but if this is where the series is headed then I’m packin’ my bags and moving on to other things.

And now here’s a gallery of this game’s “classy” moments:

101 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers -More Blood-

  1. Can I just say how incredibly sad but amused your review made me? Sad, obviously because of all the ‘fuck this shit’ that the game basically sounds like, but amused because of your usually quirky writing style. I think that’s the only reason I was able to read everything. I was anticipating this review and hoping to hear good things about this game, especially because I’m still playing through the first game. And I was actually really looking forward to the second game because the Mukamis sounded like they could add an interesting element to the story and I wanted to see what they would do with the Sakamakis, but that just got blown to hell T_T

    When I read the general plot I was already like WTF, but I read on in hopes that they could make some sense of it. Sadly, I was horribly disappointed.

    It’s really tragic because the characters sound so interesting but they were all victims of terrible writing, major cases of OOC, and just focuses on all the wrong things. It’s so very, very depressing. At least some of the Sakamakis had saving graces in the first game, but since the Mukamis made their first appearance here, I don’t even know if they’re good characters who suffered through bad writing or if they’re just bad characters. I’m vouching for the former simply because some of them actually sounded pretty fascinating until we got heavy into the abuse for no reason and the overused cases of WTF happened to you in your own route when you sounded pretty decent or entertaining in someone else’s. The abuse isn’t easy to take on any level, but at least if there’s a reason for it then it’s more tolerable I guess? But like you said, this all sounds like it was abuse for the sake of abuse and I don’t know who would enjoy that.

    I adore your final thoughts. The middle finger scale is brilliant and the BDSM vs Abuse chart seems like it’s something the writers of these scenarios should learn. I don’t even know what to say about those ends. The writing sounds so terrible that I don’t even think that fanfiction deserves to be compared on the same par. At least good fanfiction would be better than this. Maybe even some mediocre fanfic would also be better than this.

    I guess the most disappointing thing is as usual, lost potential for what could be a good FD. The original game had a lot going for it, but it was just thrown out the window. Why release another game if you’re not planning on making it good quality?

    And damn, only 8 CGs per guy? Lame. They should have at least something to make up for things…but I guess not. They probably got lazy because there were 4 extra guys this time so they like…took the total amount of CGs they were willing to make and divided over 10 guys instead of 6, thereby having a low number for each guy.

    Thanks as usual for another detailed review. At least I won’t be going into the second game unprepared since my expectations were obviously too high. That’s been cleared up rather painfully.

    1. I’m glad my review served as buffer for all the er…bad? XD
      I thought this game was gonna be good cause all the amazon reviews are like “its so much more otome!” but like throwing in romance shit after abuse isn’t..otome…do they have selective memories or something ヽ(。_゜)ノ
      Azusa is a good Mukami but his endings were shit so if that says anything at least one of them is kind of redeemable?? XD

      Btw I don’t think this is supposed to be a fandisk? I thought it was supposed to be a sequel because it seems like the events take place as a continuation although there’s so much god damn disconnect I”m not even sure anymore.
      When I think of FD I think of fanservice and a bunch of non stop abuse is more a disservice to the fans if anything.

      1. It did xD. Which I appreciate a lot. Sometimes, I really don’t understand those perspectives. There is no amount of romance you can stick in after a crapton of pointless abuse. Although I really should play it for myself to make my own opinion (or at least solidify it). Some of the things your explained sound pretty horrifying though. I may need to put off the sequel for a while, much like how I have to take breaks in between playing the original game. I only finished two routes and am a littl over 1/3 of the way through my third one.

        Ah, yeah, thanks for the correction. I probably should’ve double-checked my comment before posting it. bad habit of mine. It definitely seems more like a sequel than a FD but I just wrote it that way and didn’t correct it, haha. I guess at the time I wrote the comment, I treated them more like synonyms when they aren’t really. I don’t know what this should be considered though.It’s maybe it’s more of an AU than a sequel though like BWS Bloody nightmare vs. Last Hope, although I’m sure they didn’t intend for it to be that way. Or what did you call it? Karl’s fanfiction? It makes me wonder if they’re planning on making another game for this series. If they do, I hope they shape up. It’s kind of discouraging when there seems to be a disconnect in Japanese opinions and non-Japanese opinions of a game because it’s harder to determine what the feedback will do to the next game (or even other games made after, because I suppose that could be taken into account as well).

  2. I’m not even halfway done with the game (when I finish Ayato I will be halfway) but bless my choices since I already finished the worst routes apparently.

    It’s like they didn’t get why the first game was popular!

    Kou almost made me want to give up, because they just put Kanato and Laito in a blender and the result was the worst parts of both of them!! Heck I never thought I would even hate any otome character more than Bremen but damn Kou just took the fucking cake, even when he has a backstory to explain his actions!

    The worst part was the mentality of “ok you took all this abuse here have a reward for your effort” doesn’t work because by then I fucking hate the guy and want to watch him burning, not see him getting a happy ending!! Worst of all why Azusa doesn’t get a proper happy ending? I was like “none of these endings make sense!!! what the hell? did I imagine the last ecstasy scenarios and epilogue?”

    at least the teddy abuse was funny in both Kanato’s and Azusa’s routes XD I swear I have laughed at all the inappropriate moments so far.

    Diabolik Lovers More, WHY?

    1. Well good you got through the aholes?? XD For me it was like an asshole marathon until I got to Azusa Shu and Subaru orz.
      And lol yea Bremen is a fucking angel compared to the idiots in this game -_-;
      And lol @ Teddy, I loved how Azusa basically trolled Kanato in his route ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ

  3. I haven’t played the first game cause the only character that caught my interest was Laito (although even then, I wasn’t that interested)… I’ve read some reviews and summaries about the first game though. Then I saw Azusa in More Blood and I decided to try it out.

    I haven’t read all your character summaries yet to avoid spoilers, but I gotta share my experience so far.

    So I skipped through a Sakamaki route to get to Azusa, and I absolutely LOVED Azusa. Like omg he is such a sweet baby. ;-; Until some crap happened, although I ignored most of it because of my bias for him. BUT THEN THE ENDINGS AND THE HEAVEN SCENARIOS CAME, AND I WAS JUST LIKE WTH?? Especially the Brute ending, like Yui just seriously SUDDENLY RANDOMLY decides WE CAN’T BE TOGETHER and runs away and leaves poor Azusa alone. ‘-‘ Then the heaven scenarios were just like… what… happened to my sweet Azusa? When I saw the first one and Azusa’s suggestion of drowning together in the lake to be in a “world with just the two of them” I was just like “ಠ_ಠ”. I hoped the other two scenarios would be better, but NOPE.

    I felt a little uncomfortable with how obsessed Yui and Azusa became for each other later, but I let that slide, cause I hate to admit it, but I tend to get pretty obsessed myself, and I need a lot of attention orz. So Azusa is actually kinda well-suited for me.

    I wanted to go through Shu’s route next, however, I don’t know why but… Kanato was like CALLING ME. I really don’t know why but something drew me to him LOL… I’ve heard about how ridiculous and abusive he can be, so I have noo idea why I got drawn to him cause if anything I should have just stayed away from him forever.

    … And I really should have stayed away from Kanato, cause it was so bad, that I couldn’t even get past Dark. ;-; Maybe it wasn’t really Kanato, but just the fact that some of the things he said reminded me of my ex and it just brought back so many bad memories I couldn’t handle it anymore. e_e

    I decided to go through Laito’s route instead cause I heard it was good… I’ve yet to get through all of it.

    Oh, and thanks for the review! I’ll probably be referring to it as I play. xD

    1. WOwww well I’m sorry to hear this game gave you abusive ex memories 😦 And yea I completely agree with you about Azusa. he was really sweet then THOSE ENDS wtf. Meanwhile the assholes in the game get sweet lovey dovey endings blah.
      Laito’s route had good character development so I hope you like that one. The first game was much better in terms of story telling and overall plot development. The worst of that was probably Laito and Reiji (and Ayato was bad but not as bad as in this game.) Aside Azusa the rest of the Mukamis aren’t worth it so I hope you give the first game a shot!

  4. If Shoe is angel tier compared to the rest of the guys…(╬0∀0)… He was the only char I’ve done so far and by the time he admits his feelings I’ve been holding back my feelings of wanting to punch him so much I didn’t even doki once.

    I’m glad you at least seem to like Azusa tho, but I’ll keep expectations low h a h a h a h a…… <- only reason I picked up this game ( ̄∇ ̄;)

  5. “After a constant repetition of this cycle in practically every scenario I felt like I was stuck in a laundry machine on an endless spin cycle.”

    I agree with this so much, and this is why I’m going through this game in a snail’s pace. >< I've only finished two routes (Subaru and Kou's) but somehow I just want to give up already lol. I guess I shouldn't have gone for Kou right away, I guess? orz

    It's really kind of bad how the other routes turned out so be so bad when they were actually ok in the drama CDs… Didn't expect Azusa's route to be nice though! Maybe I'll go for him next. Might take the annoying aftertaste of Kou's route away. xD

    1. It ain’t gonna get any better and well honestly if I didn’t have this blog I don’t know if I would have continued. It was pretty fucking bad and i just sat there with a Σ(゚д゚lll) face most of the time.

  6. I actually read from the tumblr fandom that everyone was better (cept for kanato and Ayato) but apparently they’re all victims of bad writing???? Woah Idk what’s Rejet doing anyway. The Drama CDs for this were great so why is the game itself bad??? Congratulations on completing the game thought, you survived it!!!

    1. lol most of “tumblr fandom” is made up of people’s headcanons so I would take it with a grain of salt. It’s probably best not to go by their opinions as 90% of them probably never played the games (・_・;) Drama CDs were always different from the game, even with the first game. I recall being okay with Laito in some of the CDs but then come game time and I’m like wtf!? Guess Rejet doesn’t seem to care about consistency as long there’s enough abuse to go around.

  7. I might be the only one who doesn’t get hyped up about the series here, but what do exactly girls love about the whole DiaLov series? I do admit some of the cds were nice (actually only Shuu’s and Subaru’s), and it doesn’t excite me to be called “chichinashi” or “bitch-chan” at all. From the very beginning there wasn’t much plot, only, I guess, character development? If there was any at all. I dunno, I might be wrong here. Not meaning to bitch here or anything^^

    1. For me the original thing was “dummy head mic” but that was a year ago. Now the dummy head mic thing is almost a standard and doesn’t have as much charm? Then again I think the problem here is the abuse here overshadows everything that not even the dummy head mic could save it for me. It didn’t feel like it was THAT abusive last time or at least it was only focused on certain characters.

  8. お疲れ様!
    I have finished a half of this game (Shuu,Ayato,Yuma,Ruki,Kou)

    well I don’t think this game isn’t that bad but yeah I agree with you about Kou. I FUCKING HATE HIM. He’s up and down character. He’s always angry by idiot things (such as when Yui tried to teach him how to cook) and he treated her like a shit that I wanted to slap him many many many times (especially when he kissed Yui in front of his fan). Someone told me that everything was gonna be better in Ecstasy but WOW IS THIS THE THING YOU CALLED GOOD!? damn….

    The main point of Ayato route that I understand is ‘YOU ARE JUST MY FOOD’ Okay Ayato, stop being TsunTsun or Yui will choose Ruki instead. (Seriously, Ruki saving grace in this route =_= )

    Shuu in MB still find but he has a bit change. He in previous game is lazier and funnier but I still like him anyway. (But sometimes Yume stole my attention, he’s very cute in Shuu route)

    and For Ruki, he’s my babe since in drama cd. I really like his DoS type, his story and Sakurai’s voice ≖‿≖ I think I’m gonna be real DoM for him……. . When he’s sucking blood and said Yui is his and he would not hand her to anyone, I’m like ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

    and the last one Yuma, He’s is such a cute Titan but too agressive. He hurted Yui many times (I think punch or slap or something?) Anyway, he’s still a lot better than Kou.

    I think I would try Subaru next and then Azusa. They’re angels in this game

    1. Kou’s route started out so bad I’m like “this isn’t gonna go well” and well it never did lol. I liked Ruki in Ayato’s route but Ruki went to hell at the end of his own. I’m not a huge fan of Sakurai Takahiro or anything so I didn’t have any “bias” to like him over anyone else 😛

      And Yuma punched Yui like a football player so even though he was cute in other routes I just couldn’t like him because of the wifebeating.

  9. Haha oh man, I could tell from your first few sentences that your review is going to full of rage. I’m really disappointed to know More Blood is disappointing since it looked so good and DiaLover is one of my favourites. Slow claps for Rejet and Otomate. (Though I really hope that it’s Otomate’s doing and not Rejet’s.)

    1. This game put Dialovers in such a bad light for me. I mean yea I enjoyed Subaru and Shu but I still liked their routes better in the last game -_- So overall it’s just disappointment and I think I’m done with dialovers anything in general. Which is good I guess less money to waste 😛

  10. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!!! I’m so glad Shu is the only one whom turned out the good route for both 1st game n More blood. I 1st started out with him because he’s my favourite character~ Surprisingly I prefer his More Blood Heaven Scenario which he gets more dere dere with Yui and also I just like how he gets tsun-tsun taking care of sick Yui >_<. It's great to see Shu actually has a good conversation with Yui, Reiji really irked me every single entire game in Shu's route. (==*) as he will never be my list.

    It's a HUGE disappointment over Mukami's routes, I have high hopes for Ruki and Yuma but ended up like shit…(=_=) even though I like their brotherly relationship but in their own personal route is just too sick!!!

    Subaru as well, it's such a pity that the writer made him too violent/angry, where are his tsun-tsun like the 1st game!!! Sigh~ Nevertheless we'll get to see who will win the popularity for the best character. I really hope it's Shu again since last year was Shu~ =D

    1. I like deredere Shu in this game BUT I also like randy as hell Shu in the last game xDDD Last game Shu made me (;´Д`)ハァハァ but this game it was just “aww this is cute but…” XD Oh well personal preference, I still love Shu-tan either way.

      I was also thinking that Yuma and Ruki would have nice routes cause they seemed decent in the Sakamaki routes but when I played them ugh….(;一_一)

      I also hope Shu & Subaru win again. I voted for Subaru & Azusa though xD

      1. Did you saw the poll results!!! Shu and Subaru are top again!!!! I never expect Azusa was the last guy and Kanato as well maintain his 3rd place. Ruki can beat him if only his route in ecstasy was good. Anyway I just love the illustration of Shu n Subaru~ It’s so cute to see Shu blushed!!! ><

  11. Thank you for your hard (time) work going through this!

    So, I guess in your opinion the original game is better than this one, right? (Just wanna know)

    I agree on the scenario issue. How could they think it would always sell by merely putting lots of love scenes as compensation for nonsensical plots? Also how could they mix all those together — fairly good routes and poor ones — and think we would feel okay with it? I can’t believe they’d do this for I was quite looking forward to this fd. (Yup, generally the Mukami CDs are not this bad as their routes.)

    I kinda feel sad for otome girls consuming this kind of passive role and eventually they might internalize it if they don’t go through the game carefully and consciously. The chart above is very clear and understandable. Abuse is not BDSM. Gosh, hope otoge creators would realize this and release no more pointlessly abusive themes.

    BTW, I love your FU scale. xDDD Hilarious.

    1. Yea I’d definitely say the original was better. A lot of plot elements (like cordelia/richter/yui’s past) were handled a lot better than in this one. I compared the story writer names to the last game and aside from 2 writers they all changed. Clearly the new writers had no idea what the fuck they were doing and that’s why we got this disaster :/.

      Yea it’s sad when I see little girls going “I don’t care if he whips me, he’s hot!! I don’t care that he’s painfully biting me it’s hot!” I think the issue is, whenever Yui gets hurt, her sprite looks the same so it doesn’t seem like “its that bad”. If they actually drew black eyes and blood marks all over her I think the message would be a lot more clear at how awful these characters really are.

  12. Omg, I laughed to death. You’re always great to read but this was seriously gold (I think the only other review that cracked me just as much was your description of Richelieu in Musketeers XD)

    Anyway, thanks for suffering for us, your devoted readers, because you’re the only way I can enjoy those games until I finish studying japanese, and I was definitely curious about this one. It’s really sad to hear they bastardized the characters though – I’m not a fan of this whole Abuse is Love! theme but I thought the first game was daring and different.This just sounds like wasted money. T_T

    1. lmao I thought my Akazukin review was pretty funny but once in a while I go back and re-read what I wrote and laugh at myself (like did I really write this lmao)
      First game had a decently solid story to make up for the abuse but here it was just an abuse wagon template so there was nothing to distract you from all the wifebeating

  13. I read up ’til Kanato’s then gave up and scrolled right to the finishing thoughts section. Talk about abusive ‘relationships’ (is it even that? it sounds more like a master-slave roleplay). ( ಠ_ಠ )ll

    The ‘FU’ scale is epic, imo. First time seeing a scale for how bad something is compared to the usual how good something is. XD

    Good job as always, Hinano (even though i skipped reading midway). ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

    Enjoy Kamigami “Love is Pain” no Asobi. And if you ever do start with Ahollon, please don’t let his route discourage you (as it did me – i BSOD’ed for a couple of days). =3

    1. The thing is, I’d call this SM play except the fact that in the end Yui somehow wants to heal their wounded hearts. Don’t think that’s part of SM play xDD (hence my abuse vs bdsm chart lol)

      You can always read the rest later if you’re bored lol 8D
      omg I started with Apollon is it that bad? Then again at the moment after Dialovers, KamiAso is heaven ww

      1. Yui should volunteer herself to those counseling sessions with them wifebeating (and husbandbeating?) fellas. Should do more good than the outcomes she got in this game, imo. At least she won’t get killed for lulzy reasons (…not during the sessions itself =P).

        And i’unno about the other otogamers, I personally dislike Ahollon’s route. The whole ex-deal turns me off, esp. if it’s employed in an otoge; i’m here for romance; family problems, fine; snags in relationships, sure that happens; but an ex who pretty much still retains a great presence in the person’s life? Hell no. ( ಠ_ಠ )ll

        And well, i’m partly miffed by how ‘normal’/genki-type fellas seem to always ALWAYS have some sort of dark/tragic/traumatizing past/personality attached (Toma from Amnesia, Eric from Beastmaster, Heishi from Norn9).

        Kamigami might be heaven (pun intended?) after DiaLover but for me, i switched to Kamigami after MeiKoi and the difference really sticks out… Tsukito is ❤ while another friend prefers Hades and Loki. XD

        I'm practically ranting by now so i better stop. Looking forward to your Kamigami review whenever you're done with it. =3

        1. lol Ahollon. And yea ex’s are a landmine for me too (totally ruined Ren’s route in Utapri Debut :mad:)
          Good thing I’m wary of genki characters after Dialovers and Kou so I was pretty much ಠ_ಠ when Apollon started calling the heroine YOUSEISAN lol
          I’m not that far in though, just got through the sports festival.

  14. I love your reviews, they’re really funny!

    At first I liked Kanato, but that was waaaay before reading reviews about the game, now I don’t even understand why is this game popular. I saw a poll and I think this was on 1st place! Some girls are crazy.

    1. I’m guessing a lot of people bought it based on either playing the first game, liking the CDs or the anime.
      I liked the first game but this was just a poor attempt at milking a series.
      It’s something Otomate would do but I never expected Rejet to sink to this level.
      Makes me think that maybe the entire project was mostly headed by Otomate rather than rejet since Rejet is not known to do sequels/FDs anyway

  15. Good grief, Hinano.

    Don’t be rude to fanfics, I’m pretty sure a decent chunk of those could do better on the ‘explore interesting themes in the original material’ front than this. :/

    1. (P.S. Just realized that I wasn’t being clear : that was meant as a joke, because dear lord what is with Otomate and their FDs lately.)

  16. Welp, there’s Rejet for you.

    This game did have some of it’s saving graces though, you got to see more of all the brothers together and it was so cute and funny to watch. We never got to see that kind of stuff in the first game.

    I am really sad about Ruki’s route because I ran into this with a huge bias since its Sakurai and I really liked Mejojo soo…. Thanks for trolling me Rejet or Otomate, whatever.

    Kanato was upsetting for me too. Half his route I was just like, waaat? I think Kaji could have done better too. T^T

    Maybe because I’m a M now because of this series, but I could put up with most of the game except for Ayato. And I sort of liked him in the first game too. What a shame. Otherwise, though this game was a little fourteen year old girl writing stuff, but you couldn’t help but love the characters. ;3;

    And trust me, the drama CDs were miles and miles better.

    1. yea I actually thought the interactions between the Mukamis were quite endearing..but that all got forgotten and buried by my rage for how terrible the rest of the game was.

      This isn’t even about being M anymore it’s just like “what does this abuse contribute to the story”. In Kanato’s it didn’t in any way. Well in most of them it didn’t but then having her “accept this abuse” and magically fall in rabu pissed me off. like if you’re gonna be twisted then go all the way. Some of the yandere Yui ends were good but then the one in Shu’s was like…why would you do this to Shu out of all people!?

      and yea I heard the CDs weren’t this terrible cause I think they were written by the person who had more part in writing the first game.

  17. Hi I’m back and surprised that this game turned out to be this bad! Maybe the otoge-playing people around me are all do-M or something since they thought it was better than the first one (I honestly don’t know but a LOT of people play otome games just for art/voices and don’t care for the story or message in the game which saddens me)

    I see you’re playing KamiAso now! I can’t join the livecasts due to time zones…but KamiAso has a different kind of abuse, the type that makes you really sad… I look forward to your review! And I’m still going to urge you to play Meiji Tokyo Renka I mean if you want something moe-worthy to heal your heart it’s perfect. (-∀☆)キラッ

    1. Well if your friends don’t actually read the dialogue, and just be like “kyaa sucking blood!” and then “kyaa kissing and romantic ending” then yea sure the game is way better! 😆

      I’ll play Meikoi..some day. I am interested in it but I need to clear the crap that arrived off my desk first!

  18. Wow if Azusa’s endings were going to be that bad, I think I’m glad I didn’t see half of his route XD Honestly, as I was watching the broadcast my head was sitting on my desk since the game was so tiring to sit through. I congratulate you for enduring every single route, you should get a golden medal. And LOL the WTF meter, now I know just how bad every route was from those that I missed. Sucks that I was super busy at the time you were doing all those routes.

    At first I thought the first game was pretty bad with all its shizz but I guess I wasn’t aware of real fanfiction tier things at the same since this one is much worse. Probably the most hilarious part of the game was whenever Azusa threw Kanato’s teddy bear or burnt him or stuffs, I’d just go like “Trololololo~~” and laugh. I wonder how there are girls that enjoy this, but really… any fetish is possible nowadays.

    Next is Kamigami no Asobi, huh? I guess I’ll see you there in like a trillion years since I’m almost never there ^^’

    (BTW I’m Aines, that weird girl that stalked Ayato’s, Laito’s and Kanato’s routes like a dumbass, became completely motivation-less and barely got to see anything of this game)

    1. well since Twitch has been complete & utter shit since last week I can’t even broadcast without it disconnecting every 15 minutes.
      If this shit don’t get fixed by tonight, I’m quitting broadcasting until further notice.
      Instead I’ll just play the games while fishing on FF14 >_>

  19. Lmao!! What is this religious stuff they tried to connect with vampires?? Makes no sense at all. Loses consistency because the church is against them. And it’s nice to know that they didn’t ruin Shuu. I loved him in the first game too <3333 but yea he did deserve a better ending. How come in this game the stupid guys get good endings but the good guys get stupid endings

    And do you hate all little kids or just the annoying ones lol? You seem to mention it a lot on your posts.

    1. I get this weird feeling some of the plot was written by Otomate staff which is why it’s so shitty and inconsistent.
      It feels like the typical crap they would pull rather than Rejet. Also seeing how one of Otomate’s prominent directors made a blog post on the dialover staff blog I almost now feel like the entire project was headed by them since Rejet is not one to make sequels.

      And I pretty much hate all children lol, god damn brats 🙂

      1. Really? I’ve been tired of Otomate and their war and oni and SIN crap lately too XD And yea although there are some kids who can be sweet the majority of them are brats lol! They like plot against you or cry nonstop in planes/buses etc.

        And btw who is the main character for the Diabolik series anyway? Subaru or Ayato? Hope it’s not Ayato O_o even in that awful anime they made they seem to be showing Ayato the most often

        1. I’m honestly not sure if there is a “main”. NO one ever really stood out to me as the “canon” character in this game lol

  20. I haven’t played this yet, but regardless whether I’ll agree with you in the end or not, this review is hilarious. I did read some liveblogging of Kou’s route on tumblr though, and I’ll agree with you that it’s horrible. At least Ayato didn’t do the dog in front of other people and the NTR bullshit, fuck that shit. Shit like that is the reason that when I read that a character is popular in game universe, I immediately put him on the shit list even when the guy is nice, because screw fangirls. Why won’t this stupid trend just die already?

    Is Kanato not even worth doing for the sexy Kaji Yuuki though?

    Oh and I listened to the CDs, and this might just be me because I don’t find vampires sexy, but I didn’t like them. The CDs are just basically non stop bloodsucking. Some of the voices might be pretty sexy, but even that goes away when stuff like Ruki calling you livestock pops up. Yuma and Kou are okay-ish I guess, but Azuza sounds so unsexy even though I liked his chara. As for the others, tried Ayato and he talks about ripping off her leg, and whether he does it or not totally pissed me off enough to stay away from the other Sakamaki CDs.

    1. Nah Kanato is such an ass this time around he’s not worth it at all.
      A lot of the fanservice just gets drowned out by all the abuse and violence and when we get it I’m just like ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
      I was never really a huge fan of the CDs either but according to everyone they’re not as terrible probably because they only have an hour of damage they can do lol.

      I can’t imagine Subaru’s CD being bad though? Subaru’s a darling :3

    2. P.S.:

  21. Oh Shuu!! I knew I was never wrong about choosing you 🙂

    I thought Ruki would be the most tolerable among the new boys but it seems like I was wrong… I BLAME IT ON THE WRITER(S).

  22. Hajimemashite 😀 I freaking gave up More Blood after Reiji because I couldn’t take the crap anymore… You’re good to sit through the whole thing haha

      1. Haha because I did Ayato Subaru Yuma (this 3 is enough to kill) then Kanato Azusa and Reiji (HP 10%)

        I think I’ll leave Shuu to the last for some medicine since I read your final thoughts and you said he’s an angel (:

  23. As someone who stalks your blog(//shot) I already predicted that the second game would be bad XD I didn’t even bother to buy it and I didn’t even bother to watch the anime XD
    In the first game, I really liked subaru, shuu and somewhat Kanato… But after reading the review………. and skipped so much parts… I think I’ll be sticking to Subaru, Shuu and Azusa… When I first heard of the Mukamis, Azusa was the first to get my attention and I am happy he was an angel ; u ; … After Norn9, Otomate really lowered my expectations….. If GHP: Platinum would suck as well as Jewelic nightmare (Which probably will) and Chronostasia games… I think I would stop buying their games ; n ;

    1. I’ve had sooo many bad games I didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t think it would be THIS bad!? lol
      Yea basically those 3 are safe though Azusa’s endings sucked 😦

      As far as GHP platinum my friend in Japan finished it in 10 hours…lol otomate FDs. I’m sure it might be cute but their FDs cost as much as a full game and have like no content lol.
      ANd it didn’t take NOrn9 for me to realize otomate’s BS. I think it was already pretty obvious after playing over 40 of their games 😆

      1. But the games looks so nice…. It the complete opposite of don’t judge a book by its cover…….. You can judge it by the makers :/

        1. I could say this about a lot of games I’ve played. When I go back to the CG galleries I’m like wow this is kind of cute but then I recall the scene and snap out of my illusions lol

  24. Oh sweetie! Thank you so much for the review/play!

    Gah! I know! The scenes were soo freaking predictable at times. I still hate Yui.
    I only favoritism played this game (Since I wanted to see my Tsunbaru again lol) and only finished the vampire endings for the MEN I wanted to play and for the Mukamis.The inconsistency of the story was ridiculous and just made me want to hurry through the boys I was playing.

    Not that I intend/encourage pirating or Like doing it in its way shape/form on getting games. I’m fairly glad that I did not purchase the hard copy of this game in order to play since playing the first one almost made me hurl in trying to play all the other guys’ routes. I would only purchase a hard copy if I really LOVE the game like TMGS 3rd story premium. No real story but very interactive…

    Kou was a total 腹黒 I just wanted to strangle him! The fact that in Subaru’s route where Kou totally just butt-rages at him for being born rich and what not made me very angry! Just because he was born in a Manhole through poverty does not mean he should put down my baby! I’m so glad I played Subaru’s route before Kou. I submit to you though I hate Christa now, even if she recovered from her bipolar syndrome in the vampire ending. When Kou intentionally took heroine to the rooftop to find that Subaru was there as well I was totally like, “Bite me! Hurry! Take me away from this idolic freak!” (shot) When he bit..and said
    久しぶりだ I was like (ノ゚∀゜). when he left, I was like (┳Д┳)

    I just loved your FU(N) scale rating of each character. I couldn’t bother touching any of the other guys due to the previous game story. Azusa very much proved to me that I am a masochist more than a sadist, but playing his route was understandable and I can see why he wanted soo much hurt. He’s an adorable gentleman! especially when he chucked teddy out the window in regards to saving heroine. He has more man-spheres than Kanato for sure. I just have to say, Yuuma was a total man-beast! I love his “gentleness” to the heroine Ahh~ (I guess I like rough? *SHOT) Ruki was a pretty blah… the fact that he trolled heroine in getting a “girlfriend” for only ONE scene, I was flipping chairs and tables! And he got his but kicked by Ayato! And Kou… You and I already know lol.

    It really disappoint me when I saw very few CGs and the story lines were awful as shell. Even Azusa’s vampire ending was so Pathetic!!! If I were to rate how I loved the boys just because and not their rushed written story it would be for me…





    Everyone else : down the toilet!

    Some release this was…. not that the first was good or better either. I think I’ll continue with the drama CDs..

    Again Thank you so much for the ( Super Funny ) review. I totally understand how you feel with the character stories and endings (well at least the ones I’ve played through lol)
    I look forward in to reading more and more! ( Not that I was stalking your blog for sometime ( ゜∀゜”)

    1. Glad you liked! I don’t hate Yui but I admit she was written rather…uh do-Mly this time around.
      Lol I liked Yuma at first but once he started punching her and actually beating her I was like…nope lol
      But hey to each their own I guess xDD

      and thank you for stalking my blog, comments always appreciated 😉

  25. Yeah you right it looks like this game is majority written by otomate staffs,
    explain about the shitty stories i just rofl reading your review.
    Your reviews is always epic XD
    I’m glad they spare Shu ;_;
    I’m buying this game just for Shu and Subaru…
    I haven’t receive mine but I enjoy read your review first ^^
    Now I’m really worried how Juuzaengi 2 will turned out… (pray every night please don’t let otomate handle the story…)

    1. Yea I’ve played enough otomate games that I can tell the level of bullshit that was in this game definitely reeked of them more than Rejet lol
      The thing about Shu & Subaru though, even though they’re the better guys, their routes were still kinda..meh. Subaru especially because a lot of stuff from last game is contradicted and because he’s angry/tsun for no reason lol.

  26. What u f*ck game it is! I’m happy I haven’t play it at all, though maybe I’ll still play it because it’s short (just to fill time). Uh, I’m disappointed in the first game, so it might continue in the new one. It’s thinkable, I guess. There are only few Rejet’s games that I like, more of it comes out with short storyline without proper plotline. Even Dot Kareshi, I think I might throw it too because the story isn’t appealing and it’s too short.
    Let’s pray Rejet will make a decent storyline for their games in the future, not just for dummy head mic.

    1. I get the feeling Rejet games are probably not for you XD
      I actually enjoyed dot kareshi for what it was – video game geek fanservice.
      I think if you want like deep stories Rejet games are probably not the best place? They have decent stories but I think the focus of their games in fanservice (though mostly fanservice for do-M people lol)

      Though I thought the story in Tiny x Machinegun was pretty good, give that one a shot?

      1. I’ve heard its drama CD earlier, and Tiny x Machinegun is cool. Well, it’s not as funny as I’d think, but it’s cool the way it is. Maybe I’ll search some time to play the game.

        Uh, I mostly came to Do-M too (for manga and something similar to it), but what Rejet did to their games were unthinkable, unlogical, etc etc…

  27. Hey Hinano ❤ Know what my friend bought for my birthday? This game! Boy, I'm excited, she must have think of me so much ever since I almost broke my PSP the last DiaLover she sent me. I mean, not-so-sparkling-but-abusing vampires are so great. Listening to your review it made me cracked up a lot, enough to make me said I will include my game's MC playing some vampires otome game in my story and poof…There come 'Immasuckyourbloodtilyoudryandabuseyoutildeath' lovers.
    Their routes are so lovely, especially Kou's route! I love it so much because Yui just being brainless and useless the whole routes. I mean lol you describe it correctly.
    Anyway my friend even said she will bring the Drama CDs for me when she came back in next vacation. I think I'm going to die! ^^
    Let's me cry in happiness.

    1. HAHAA well I guess UNhappy birthday then? xDDD
      Well I heard the CDs aren’t as bad as the game so I hope you can get some salvation out of that at least xD

  28. Choose the worst character in this game, compare it with the worst character in the first.
    Go head to head with them, decide who’s worse. then choose another worst character ever from another game and tell me who wins.
    Ayato sucked Yui’s blood. He tried to drown her. They had sex.

      1. Baby
        I’m Brooke not Broccoli.
        Reiji used his whip, fangirls cried over their idol. They had sex in public. While Reiji is like “THIS IS NOT CLEAN.” or whatever I dunno. The end.

  29. This is one of the funniest review so far on your website, definitely more entertaining than reading lots of other bad VNs.

  30. Well from what everyones told me it seems like i understand why this is a fandisck and not really a sequel. Though it defiantly knows it’s audience and i also liked how shu got an angel.

  31. Your review’s so funny and made me ROFL so hard XDD I expected this game to be better than the first game but after reading your review and I was like ಠAಠ )!!! I think I’m gonna play this game just for Shu Subaru Laito and Azusa :3(not Ayato for this time ._.) GOODJOB on the FU scales that’s so hilariousXDDD

  32. Oh I really love your review on this. Indeed, I skipped most of routes, Reiji’s vampire ending is a bit of surprise to me, Shuu & Subaru are still my favourites >.< When I played Raito & Kanato, I was like "Is this how they used to be?" when the first one is different.

    The drama cds are in fact nice, (I'm not the type shy enough to admit I'm a M person) Subaru's cd has a sad ending in fact because he stabs himself with the silver knife. The cd is the saviour to me 🙂

    1. Reiji’s anything was a surprise because he became this sweet guy lmao, clearly a sign of true fanfiction 😆

      Uhhh well now that I know about Subaru’s CD I guess I won’t be listening to it :/

      1. Listening to Kou’s cd is fine, but when I play his route, I have this urge to damage the psp or make it suddenly fly off from my hand (but I was like “no its not the psp’s fault, its the game T^T )

        Yes, I realised character personality changes. Let’s just hope the remaining 2 cds is nice. I bet Tori-san can cause so much eargasm. I’m nt a fan of Konishi-san as well ^^

        1. Changing CDs personality in game isn’t just a Diabolik Lovers thing – it also happened with Dot Kareshi. I get the feeling that with Dialovers the CDs are maybe written by Rejet but the games are written by Otomate’s staff.

  33. Okay so I can’t find this game anywhere can someone please tell me from where did you get it? ;\

  34. Ever since i say the manga cover in my favorite manga site i already knew who were gonna be my favs…….wait for it……Subaru and Sho!!!! I am so…..awesomeXD somehow i always know who are gonna be favorites right at the beginning of EVERY show i watch.Am i majestic or what?(LOL) Anyways please keep making me laugh and stay Awesome!<3

  35. ok i just watched the last episode of the anime and still makes no friggin sense but heres a summary of the last few minutes(soo not helpful lol) “oh noo’s i cant stand seeing two men fight over so im gonna stab myself in heart.(My opinion?Retarted move but hey a least she got kissed by a hot guy right?)so now everyone’s thinking”what do we do with the body?….shitshishit”and then everyones favorite douchbag comes in with the antidote but he needs something from cordelia an THEN everys thinking “what?! that womans dead bro ain’t nobody got nothin’ from her” but suddenly kanato comes and rips the head off his bear and(was i the only one who thought he was gonna turn all creepy and stuff saying he was gonna make her into wax? no?no? ok.)takes out a vile thats purple and he says its cordelia ashes and the douchbag takes it and mixes the antidote (wich was purple but then turned turquise)and then ayato comes and takes the liquid and drinks it then gives it to her threw a kiss(kyaaa!!!!)Fastforward she wakes up and everyone’s like “its a miracle!” but then she slowly sits up and says i quote “Oh im thirsty”. GOD WTF was that ending?!?!?! and after that i think it goes into a otome game with them all saying stuff and like closeups and stuff so all i can say is I DONT GET IIIIIIT!*running with tears* …*sighhhh*

    1. yea I saw the anime as well – I think they mostly made stuff up over all so I wouldn’t really take it too seriously.
      I guess Yui turned into a vampire? It was hinted in a similar way at the end of the first game.

  36. Thank you so much for reviewing their routes! thanks to your help i manage to complete the mukami brothers,kanato,shu n subaru nicely x’D

    i totally agree with you that shu’s an angel oh my gosh, i did not play the first game so i did not know how good is subaru there but playing shu makes me wanna turn from a subaru fanatic to shu’s haha x’D

  37. I have to say this post made me fucking laugh my ass off. I love your quirky writing style and how much truth you put into the reviews you do. I think you are absolutely hilarious and I definitely will play this game for “shits and giggles” (as you put lol). Otome Gaming like a Boss. That grading system FTW ( you are my hero!)

  38. your game reviews are fucking great. and if I wasn’t already a fan, the fuck you scale really just took the cake. AND of course your review is extremely helpful for knowing how to play based on preferences!!

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