Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune Portable

So I made a promise to some friends to play this game and we coined ourselves the #WOFSufferingTeam. Unfortunately it seems like the other 2 were casualties of the draggy system and so far I’m the only survivor who managed to fully complete the game. 😆 So anyway, our heroine Lulu’s granny gave her a magic wand when she was a loli and ever since that day Lulu decided to become a mage. She enrolls in a magic academy called Mills Claire and she must train hard in order to pass the final exam. So basically it’s like this game but without the porn.

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Otome Game Review: Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~

Wendy Darling is trying to be the perfect daughter so that her mother will finally stop berating her and show her approval. Her mother used to be kind & gentle until her father died and she was forced to return to the workforce. After this the only thing that mattered was money and despite remarrying, she continued her cold hardass attitude. Wendy in the meantime gained 2 step brothers that she became responsible for in addition to being Miss Perfect herself. One day she runs into a shota in town by the name of Peter Pan and at night he bed intrudes into her room telling her he’s taking her to his country, Never Land. Not only that, but he also wants Wendy and her 2 brothers to be judges in a sweets competition that he’s holding. Wendy, John and Michael are flown into Neverland to be judges, but unfortunately unlike Michael, Wendy & John both have traumas regarding sweets and refuse to eat them. Since they are judging the sweets based only on “looks” their judging is false and they continue failing to properly judge the competition. Unless Wendy & her brothers can all successfully agree on a single winner from the bottom of their hearts, they cannot return home.

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Dengeki Girl’s Style February 2013

I decided I had $17 to blow into the wind

Just as an FYI for anyone who missed it in my last month’s post – I will no longer be making news posts/magazine posts unless I actually buy the magazine. And no I do not plan to buy every month. I only buy if I like the stuff that comes with it.

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Android Otome Game Review: Shisengumi ~Ayakashi Setsugekka~


Our heroine (who I randomly named Soho Kaori) finds herself being attacked by an ayakashi. She has no idea why they are after her but she also has no memories of who she is. A bunch of dudes who call themselves the Shisengumi come to be her saviors! They dress like the SHINSENgumi but in black and they got this modern ass spaceship station. They take Kaori there for the time being until the bad guy, Mikaze, keeps coming to try and take Kaori away. Official Site.

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