Otome Game Review: Hakuoki Yuugiroku 2 ~Matsuribayashi to Taishitachi~

A sequel (?) to the first Yuugiroku game Otomate decided to poop out Yuugiroku 2. Unfortunately Kazuki Yone’s been gone for like 2 years so they had to get one of their copy cats to do all the CGs. Sadly this didn’t fare too well so to add salt on to the wound they decided to add a confusing as all hell system to make me flip multiple tables. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Hakuoki Yuugiroku 2 ~Matsuribayashi to Taishitachi~”

Android Otome App Review: Kokyuu ~Harem no Himegoto~

Senkan Ayumi (or whatever dafuq her last name actually is) is one day flown to some Occidental Arabian country and told she has to join a harem of one of the princes. The reason being is her father’s a jackass who apparently had his luggage carried by some ridiculously overpriced luggage service and he can’t pay back the fees. If Ayumi doesn’t become some arabian harem ho, her dad’s gonna get canned so begging for his life he asks Ayumi to spread her legs! 😆 And so Ayumi is forced to join some dirty harem. The good news is since this is occidental land, the princes aren’t as despicable as a typical REAL harem leader prince would be: they only have eyes for her.

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Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -03. Miki-

The story this time centers around Kisaragi Miki, also Nanako’s childhood friend and kouhai. He’s the son of a rich producer so despite acting like a happy shota all the time, he’s always under a lot of pressure. He often idolizes Fujimaru because he feels like they have a lot in common being sons in a rich family and because Fujimaru feels like a leader to him.

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Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict -Passion Pink-

Hinata Ema is a 16 year old high school girl gamer with a talking squirrel named Juri. Ema’s mother died soon as she was born and her father finally decided to remarry into the Asahina family. Luckily for Ema, her new step mom can’t keep her legs closed and had like 13 children all ranging ages 11 – 32. Ema’s got a truck load of new step brothers but they are more than willing to cross over the sibling line. 😆 Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict -Passion Pink-“