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Since Terashima Takuma  is in quite a few otome games I thought this piece of news would be worth mentioning. Apparently the staff of Kokoro Connect anime, hired a less popular seiyuu Ichiki Mitsuhiro, to record lines for what they claimed was an original character. When they then did a radio show with the other voice actors, namely Terashima Takuma & Mizushima Takahiro, they revealed that the guy recorded lines for nothing and it was all a hoax. He apparently even dropped some of his projects thinking he had a role but they just ended up laughing and making fun of him in front of everybody. At the end of the video they think it’s funny to offer the voice actor a job as a janitor. ( ´_ゝ`) In Japan public humiliation is a huge deal and some people  commit suicide because of it that’s why this is now a serious matter. Here’s a video of the horrid live show:

Edit 9/2/2012: Kokoro Connect anime site has issued an apology implying that the videos were altered and that uploading them to the web is illegal. LOL. Way to dig a deeper hole :lol:. Terashima Takuma has issued an apology on his blog but it implies that he and Ichiki are friends and that this was all the internet’s misunderstanding…and that the whole thing was really a staged act. ( ´_ゝ`)….right.

 Other voice actors, like Sugita Tomokazu were disgusted that they ended up unfollowing Terashima on twitter. He also apparently ignored him at the Bandai event.

There’s two 2ch threads discussing this as well as the tweets with eufoneous the music composer (who I had no idea was a jerk.) A wiki has also been setup detailing the events that went on. Amazon members are also giving Kokoro Connect 1 star reviews saying how they will not buy a show produced by such shameless staff. Here’s an anti Terashima thread on 2ch and here’s a matome blog for a simpler breakdown. Here’s a detailed matome blog but be careful it has some NSFW ads/posts on it. Ichiki Matsuhiro on Sugita Tomokazu’s radio show discusses the incident here. Edit: Apparently this whole drama spawned from some unrequited love incident and prior bullying.

【山中隆弘】 「オーディションのときさー笑わないようにするの大変でしたよ^^」
 “During the audition it was hard for me not to laugh ^^”

「アレは歴史的瞬間ですよ多分 」「衝撃的でしたよ(笑) あんなに人が崩れ落ちる瞬間が綺麗なんだって思いました(笑)
いろんな人使って仕込みもしました。凄いよねw 」
“That was an epic moment! Seeing someone break down like that was gold! His schedule is gonna be so full now! “

eufonius 音楽担当:【菊地】
>本人はそこに気付いて無いから更に使いやすい。 だから雇わなぃー♪
“So many people are chasing their dreams in this business but because of that they’re desperate and easy to use.♪ Because he didn’t realize it himself he was easy to fool, that’s why he won’t get hired-♪”

Wow eufoneous and I fucking liked your Clannad music you son of a bitch. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

I feel disappointed because while I do expect this kind of thing to go on behind the scenes, I expect it to STAY behind the scenes. How could you publically make yourself look like such an asshole is beyond me. I liked the Kokoro Connect anime and I liked Terashima as a voice actor so I have to now try to ignore this incident if I want to enjoy any of the games he is in or the rest of the anime. Then again money is what talks so I probably won’t be giving them any monetary support from now on… I wonder how long before people start trashing on Terashima’s CDs on Amazon. Here’s some niconico comments I capped on the video about Terashima:

Additionally some relevant tweets:

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  1. Aw shit this is sad. Kokoro Connect was the dark horse show of this season and I really liked it, too. Well, I’ll keep this incident apart from the show when I keep watching it.

    It’s good that there’s negative reaction against the news, though, as it should get.

    1. yea I also enjoyed kokoro connect since I barely watch any anime these days…it’s really a pity. i think it’s even worse for me as an otome gamer because now i have to try to put this incident aside when going after any characters he voices :s

  2. this is so fucking repulsive, i hope terashima loses any fans he has and kokoro connect doesnt sell well, too bad that i kinda liked KC..

  3. … (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Dammit. Just. Argh. I really loved Terashima so much, his voice is amazing. And Kokoro Connect is one of the most moving animes I have seen, all the drama. Why did this have to happen? Why was Terashima such an idiot? I mean, how much idiocy does it take to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE THAT SHIT. щ(ಥДಥщ) He has to understand that it’ll most definitely turn a lot of people against him, not only that, he probably doesn’t understand how much humiliation Ichiki felt. If it were me, it would have taken me a lot of courage to go and record my voice, and then to know that it was just fake and have that publicly announced? Really, Terashima, really??

    Sigh, well I suppose I’m going to have to put this behind me if I still want to watch Kokoro Connect and Terashima. I hope he realizes what he’s done. (;¬_¬)

    1. yea I’m trying to forget the horrid voice he made when saying those horrible lines. the “IT WAS ALL A LIE LOL!” keeps looping in my head

  4. “>時間かけても報われない努力と薄給でその業界に自分がいれるだけで
    >本人はそこに気付いて無いから更に使いやすい。 だから雇わなぃー♪”


    You missed translating the ‘they’re [pitiful enough to feel] just glad to be in this industry even if they get paid next to nothing and their stupid efforts will always be in vain’ part and the ‘so easy to use, but they have no future♪” parts, you know. WHICH MAKES IT WORSE.

    The hell? And they’re doing this in a public event? IN FUCKING JAPAN? HOW ON EARTH…..? How could anyone think this is funny…?

    1. Also I read more of that 2ch thread discussing Eufonius and wow, it just looks like he’s a disgusting person in general. Still haven’t got to Terashima’s threads yet, but am I glad that I’m not a person who even REMEMBERS seiyuus. (Well, except maybe Yusa Kouji because his voice never ever really changes and he was everywhere at one point.)

      1. Yea to be honest I am shocked about eufonius as well like wat dafuq bro I liked your music why do you do this!! you weren’t even on the freaking show!

  5. He digs his own grave. I’m sure he will lose fans, friends and maybe his career, even Sugita ignoring him. Isn’t he is 28 or something, he should act just like his age, what he did is very immature and childish. I hope he will regret it and eventually apologize for what he did to Ichiki.

    1. I saw tweets saying the fans will still support him but hearing his voice say those nasty comments really ruins it for me.

  6. What a dickhead. I watched the live stream and after the segment ends and Ichiki is about to leave, he looks at Terashima and says ‘I won’t forgive you’ and Terashii just laughs it off, sigh. It’s such a shame cause I really like his voice but now hearing it will just piss me off.

  7. I have lost all respect to him now. Not only is this going to mess up his career, hardly no one is going to watch or play any anime or game that he going to be in now. And even if they do, they will always be reminded of what he did.

    1. I think even if he’s in an anime, if people like the anime they might still buy it BUT as far as his drama CDs and music career, yea it’s over.

  8. I like Kokoro Connect so I hope it won’t get affected by this controversy. But I don’t like Terashima Takuma, even as a seiyuu so…yeah, boycott him. I don’t care.

  9. Wow, that\’s a pretty dick move on both Terashima Takuma and Mizushima Takahiro\’s part (and also the production staff?). Did they not realize this would be tantamount to career suicide? Whatever consequences come their way though, everyone involved fully deserves it because wow… just wow. :/

    1. Mizushima just kinda feels a victim of circumstance to me, kinda like “damn if i don’t laugh along i’ll be in the same fate as the poor guy”. He didn’t go and say nasty comments afterwards – i think that’s where it really is the worst

  10. Ugh Terashima Takuma is my favorite seiyuu so it hurts me a lot to read all this, and i would have never guessed that he’d do something like it. Though it feels like he’s the only one getting the blame while he wasn’t the only one part of it.. and that pains me a lot too..

    1. Everybody else ‘at the scene’ is getting the flak, too, don’t worry. They’re smearing Eufonius’s personal life all over in 2ch (what he did was kind of deserving of the flak, if true) and people are boycotting the Kokoro Connect BDs not only because Terashima is there, but because the whole production staff that lets this happen deserves to get flayed by the internet, too. The internet also drags up the names of EVERYONE involved in the event, what role they did exactly.

      Terashima does get more of the attention because he’s allegedly friends with Ichiki, which makes this even worse because it’s betrayal of trust at its ugliest. The wiki actually names Yamanaka, the producer of Kokoro, as the main culprit, and is calling for fans to pressure King Records to fire him from their company.

      So don’t worry, Terashima is not getting unfairly bullied here.

      1. Ah thank you for your comment! I’m also not saying that he doesn’t deserve it though, they have all hurt the guy and that can’t be forgivin just like that, but I just think that they’re all equally guilty for doing so, so thanks for your explanation!

      2. Oh, my bad then! It’s just that you end up seeing quite a bit ‘but Person X is not wrong! This is unjust! The anime is not wrong! Don’t boycott it!’ comments quite a bit on these things and it makes you cynical.

        It’s kind of like “I’m going to buy product X even though it uses child labor because I like it”. Makes you lose faith in humanity!

  11. Daaaaim! Daz juz sad. Why’d he hafta do sommin’ like that when his career seems to be going well. Ain’t he everywhere nowadays, too? Bullyin’ and publicly humiliatin’ some1 aint cool, TT-san. Tsk, tsk, tsk. My ‘eart would break if ma favorite seiyu pulls a stunt like that. I would light a candle for Terashima Takuma’s career’s demise, but maybe lighting up Terashima Takuma’s merchandise would be more appropriate. Phew, good thing I don’t own any “just Terashima Takuma” stuff then.

  12. As you see japanese people is not that nice and sweet…
    Seiyus as well are showing their real face…

  13. Seeing this kind of things both saddens and infuriates me. What pisses me off the most is that Terashii, who is a fellow seiyuu, is kind of the ringleader of a sort. I wonder if he didn’t remember how hard it was to climb up from the bottom.

    I wish their boss Morikawa would set fire under Terashii’s butt for this prank. If this WAS just some elaborate publication stunt (which I highly doubt), it still doesn’t change that lives and reputation are ruined. :\

    I think it’s gonna be hard for Terashii to get a job now since he’s essentially the dick of the seiyuu world now.

  14. WTF!! I never expected him to be such a giant asshole. He was one of my favourite seiyuus up until now too. Now I feel like every character I like voiced by him is ruined for me. Hope he, Eufonius and the other staffs who picked on Ichiki lose their jobs or get stranded on the streets. Never ever gonna like or support him ever again. ==; I hope Ichiki is alright now.

  15. >At the end of the video they think it’s funny to offer the voice actor a job as a janitor.

    I don’t think it was janitor – IIRC they make him the “Publicity Chief” – but they still mock him and laugh at him for being given such a job.

  16. Wow, just wow. I feel really really really bad for Ichiki Mitsuhiro ;_____; How can those two think about just laughing at him like that and saying those things in PUBLIC? GRRR!! That’s so mean!! T_T My respect for them is low T____T I bet after this they’ll make some kind of bs apology cause they lose their fans or something. D:<

    Dick move by Terashima Takuma & Mizushima Takahiro. What a asshat they are.

    1. I’ve not heard news of Terashima apologizing but I’m sure they all feel like asses now! Mizushima isn’t really to blame though. He wasn’t directly involved, he was just on the show laughing along probably not to make himself stand out.

  17. Eehh!?? Terashima is actually such a terrible person…and he’s not apologizing? He’s not one of my favourite seiyuu, but I still enjoyed some of his drama CD. Now just hearing his voice makes me irritated(`_ゝ´).

  18. Why- and he was in fav seiyuu list :/ lost many respect for him.
    Staged act? Sure,with insulting a seiyuu who had worked hard for getting a role and the recording,then being humilated,being told that it was just a prank? Just how much they paid you?

    Has he forgotten that his earlier works were also mostly side characters? sigh. (; ̄Д ̄)
    Wouldn’t mind him apologizing,but only if he said it to Ichiki-san directly,not just written in blog. Not sure if Ichiki-san would forgive him though.Him being friends with Ichiki-san even made it worst I don’t even-

    Eufonius’s Kikuchi too………why- looks like they’re being so high and mighty there……….(¬д¬。) better prepared since you might lose all of your fame from now on.

    I would like to watch the Bandai Namco live where Sugitan ignored Terashin but looks like nobody uploaded it yet @ _ @ (or already deleted)

    Sorry for long comment,have so many mixed feeling (´;д;`)

    1. i’m not sure if it’s been uploaded anywhere since I just saw the thread with the screenshot. yea the fake apology and claiming it was a misunderstanding is really just throwing fuel into the fire

  19. I think the weirdest/saddest thing is that ICHIKI was the first one who apologized for it being his fault that the fans were ‘confused by lies from the internet’. (Seriously, Kings Records, you’re trying to placate 2ch who happens to be your main fans/customers for Kokoro Connect, stop making them enemies to appeal to the non-otaku/shareholders. Of all the ways to do this wrong.) It explains something, but there are more things that didn’t add up by this explanation, like Why On Earth would he tell it to Sugita strongly enough for Sugita to get pissed off and NOT correct the misunderstanding?

    It could be true, but there’s also a good chance that he was forced into it so the higher-ups wouldn’t have to assume responsibility. And after the Internet wasn’t placated after THAT—considering the stance is ‘you’re liars and this is against the law’, it’s not hard to see why—-Terushima and Mizushima spoke up, all condemning the internet. Which is brilliant! Whether it’s true or not, the internet is a convenient place to put the blame on because ‘no one is really hurt’ and the responsibility isn’t theirs and the shareholders gets a satisfying answer as to who screwed up! Who cares if the internet is made of real people! /sarcasm

    Damn if they just want to stick to ‘what we did was right’, can’t they JUST say ‘sorry, it was scripted but our scripts just sucked, no one was hurted we’re all friends and we’ll never do it again!’ and be done with it instead of condemning your fans and indirectly threatening them with lawsuits unless they stop?

    /rant, sorry, feel free to ignore

    1. ah no problem, I think all the apologies blogs are complete and utter BS and I think for the most part the majority realizes this. Everything is being said as “misunderstanding” or “it didn’t happen”. Typical Japanese mentality of “lets wipe the dirt under the rug” instead of cleaning it up.

      At this point it’s not placating the internet, it’s throwing fuel into the fire. And yea I lol’ed at “this internet hate machine is strong!” lol god way to make yourself look even worse. At this point the best way to speak is speak with your wallet. I believe Terashima has a new single slated for November so hopefully people who aren’t dumb enough, will refrain from buying it.

      1. Not to mention that Ichiki’s “I don’t think it’s power harassment, I was fine with it!” really, really looks a lot like the wife who’s full of bruises and crying to her neighbor about how miserable she is every day then testifying to the police that her husband didn’t beat her out of fear that she won’t survive without him. OI.

        I think 2ch’s right in calling it ‘napalm bombs on a raging fire’. *rolls eyes* I know Japan’s lifestyle is not as wired as the West, but god these companies really, really need to get a better clue on internet crowd management because every idiot in the digital age knows that THEY’RE DOING IT WRONG.

        /watches as Kokoro Connect’s BD preorders keep plummeting, also dammit Terushima’s in a few games I look forward to. I’ll buy used if I buy, I guess.

        1. He’s in Hyakki which I preordered but he’s not a character you go after so I don’t care. Besides I want to support Quin Rose and by not buying the game because of him I feel like they’re losing more money than he is tbh :s. With Kokoro at least multiple VA’s/staff are involved so not buying those is totally justified.

          Other game I know he’s in is KoiShiba but I’m kind of annoyed at dengeki for being all super exclusive and giving like NO info on it in B’s Log so I don’t really feel like buying it anyway XD.

      2. I was mostly talking about Koishiba, but yeah, I guess both it and Hyakki has their casts confirmed and contracts signed since forever, so it wouldn’t be fair to boycott them based on Terashima. Maybe games that STILL has him as cast member without having the grace to be sequel/fandisk, haha. If they announce one of those pops up, should be fair to boycott the shit out of it.

  20. Wow. Where to start.

    I feel really bad for Ichiki. He’s not even a complete nobody or anything, he just isn’t an A-level voice actor. So I sympathize with him.

    And Terashima…that comment about “watching people break down” being “awesome” and “beautiful”. My dear, aren’t you a bit touched in the head?

    But while I agree that the producer and Terashima and everyone else involved with the prank did something totally unprofessional and Ichiki has full right to be angry at them, atm I’m more angry with the internet community and how they’re handling the situation.

    I mean, boycotting the anime? There’s plenty of people who worked very hard on making the anime possible and these guys had nothing to do with the incident. Of course on the internet you’ll see things like “almost everyone at the studio knew what as going on”. Even if that is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they had the power to stand up against the producer without losing their job, especially when show business (with included the anime business) is such a competitive field. I don’t like how 2ch users are spicing up their lives by doing this “boycott” thing and hurting people who doesn’t even deserve this crap.

    And the people boycotting the original novels…my lord. I can’t even. /sigh

    And then there’s Eri Kitamura. Who wasn’t at the event. Who didn’t make any comments about the event. She was just totally uninvolved. But because there are rumors that she’s going out with the producer who set this whole thing up, her twitter recently got flooded with pictures of penises. Because some idiots cracked a plan that somehow bullying this poor girl would eventually hurt the producer himself. I never really liked her voice (always found it kinda annoying tbh), but my sympathy goes out to her.

    That was a lot of words. But I guess all I really wanted to say was: “Dear internet, you get mad at people for bullying an innocent voice actor. And that is why you’re gonna go bully these bullies along with a bunch of other innocent people. GENIUS!” Of course, not everyone on the internet is doing these things. But to the people who are, disapproval.

    The only person I have any respect for here is Tomokazu Sugita. Thank you for being a bro and standing up for your friend and snubbing Terashima who was a dick to him.

    1. The Kitamura Eri thing is absurd and well nothing shocking out of 4chan tbh.
      I don’t disagree with boycotting the anime – from the video footage they all looked like they were trying to hide their laughter and its their responsibility for hiring this jackass to direct it. I still watch the show streamed online but I’d never spend a penny on it.

      Novels on the other hand – yea I don’t get it.

  21. Wow. What fucksticks. hope these pube eaters becomes janitors – now wouldn’t that be an ironic twist of fate eh? Those fuckers.

  22. Wow, good job on putting all of this together. What shitty behaviour from Terashima – he wasn’t my favourite seiyuu but I liked him, now I’ll have to try and ignore his voice in any games I play. Just ugh. I’m going to go follow Ichiki on twitter I think.
    Such professional public humiliation is horrible, even worse in Japan than it would be here. How did Terashima or the producer/director not realize that this will show them as totally unprofessional douchebags? Who will want to work with them now?
    I am impressed with Sugita’s response though, ❤ for publically standing against jerks.

    1. sadly I think this incident was rather enclosed..I think the DVD sales are back up and people are still cheering terashima on despite his fake apology lol

  23. I can understand buying something he’s in, because lots of artists are kind of douchebags(just like lots of people in general) and this might have just been more public than usual, but I don’t feel like listening to any of his interviews or whatever when he’s being himself, I’ll just keep thinking “You’re an asshole and you don’t mind if everyone knows it!”

    1. lol yea agreed as well as not listening to any drama cds or solo singles/albums of his since that’s not actually related to the game but to HIM specifically

  24. i’m actually having a hard time playing games he’s in now, Takuma, i mean. he wasn’t a fave of mine, but i was starting to really like him… gah, i wish i had finished all those games where i needed to capture his character before all this BS he’s done.
    now, i just try to mute his character’s voice, and that makes it hard for me to play. LOL

    and to be quite honest, though i wasn’t aware of Micchan’s name, i know his voice at least. he’s gotten a main role before, and i think he did great at it. but way to make such a move, GUYS. that’s such a very DOUCHEBAGGY move. //shakes head.
    hopefully this makes Micchan’s career bloom xD LOL

  25. Oh Noes.
    The two worked together in Desert Kingdom, Ichiki and Terashima. And Desert Kingdom was my favorite. And then came the good news that it’s being ported to psp. And then I read THIS (from your 4th anniversary post).
    I wonder what would happen to the psp version….. Since I really liked the game, I’m worried about the work.

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