Otome Game Review: (P)lanets -the life of normalcy has ended!

I decided to take a break and try out this new English otome game by Teacup. Kazuoki Marin is an high school sophmore who’s just too smart for math class and so she often gets so bored she pisses off her teacher. Her best friend is a trap named Haruhi who is 2 years younger than her. After class Marin trips & falls down the stairs and gets a concussion. When she wakes up her parents come to see her and call her a clumsy fool who will now jack up their medical bills. Turns out that’s not what her parents are saying but instead our heroine now has the power to read minds! One day some mysterious bishie named Kaius shows up telling her that in order to control her powers she needs to transfer to a psychic academy called Planets. Marin then decides to leave her family & trap bff behind in order to start her new school life. I recommend skipping to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers since the game really was fun to play.

Takishima Ryuu – Ryuu is the laid back bad boy of the game and often skips his classes. He loves trolling people (especially Kaius) and doesn’t care what others think of him. His psychic power is teleportation although he can only do it once a day or else his body gets tired and he teleports to random places. Ryuu is room mates with Lucan and both are in the same class as Marin. He often gets into fights with Kaius and spends lunch time sleeping on the roof. One of the days Marin stops by there during lunch he’s so hungry he eats a bite out of her sandwich claiming it’s an indirect kiss. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Because he always skipped class so much he ended up failing and having to repeat a year. He says that he doesn’t care since he won’t graduate anyway and he just wants to have fun this year. One day for lunch he teleports them to some lake so he can have a private lunch with them but he brings a nasty meat-only bento he made. He must have no taste buds since he thinks its the most delicious thing ever. One morning when Marin’s late for class she gets caught by Ryuu and they both end up cutting and playing in the rain. This causes Ryuu to get a fever and when Marin comes to the boys dorm to visit him, he’s not his usual happy self, has a fever and asks her to nurse him back to health. She and Lucan bring Ryuu to the nurse’s office and Lucan asks her to try to keep Ryuu from doing crazy things. At the school field trip some days later, Ryuu sneaks out with Marin and takes her out on a “date”.

They go to a playground where he has a swinging contest with her and the winner can ask the loser to do whatever they want. Since Ryuu is more athletic he wins and asks Marin to be his girlfriend. She turns him down because it’s so sudden but the sad look on his face stabs her in the heart with guilt. Afterwards she gets separated from her class and she asks a bunch of rapists to borrow a cell phone. Since they’re rapists they drag her into an alley but thankfully Oginuma sensei comes up and uses his powers to smash them into a wall and save her. Some days later Ryuu and Kaius get yet into another fight and it’s so serious this time Marin gets involved and she and Kaius fall off the building. Because Ryuu saves them using his teleportation, he passes out and is taken to the nurse’s office by Oginuma sensei. While Ryuu is resting, sensei tells her that Ryuu’s body is weak and he cannot handle psychic powers like other people can. This is why he’s been passing out lately and it’s become a lot more frequent. Marin stays by his side and she holds his hand asking him to wake up. When he wakes up he hugs her and that’s when Marin realizes she really does like him and she confesses her feelings to him. The next day Marin finds out from Lucan that Ryuu never woke up that morning and was taken to the hospital because turns out he’s got some uncurable heart disease. Lucan and Marine go to visit him and he seems better than before saying he’s totally fine while he’s attached to an IV. Marin then says that she wishes he would have told her about his condition but he yells back saying he didn’t want her to treat him different ly or feel sorry for him.

He then says he loves her and kisses her. He then turns into his usual self and instantly teleports them back to the school roof top to get all ichaicha but Marin lets him do what he wants because she realizes he wants to make every moment of his life memorable. And so as the 2 start dating, Marin becomes a delinquent too and sneaks out at night to the boys dormitory to visit him. Lucky for her she has good timing cause she comes just as an almost naked Ryuu comes out of the shower (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.They go to the rooftop together where they both decide to be together after graduation and one day live under the same roof. They  smooch and almost get caught by the teacher but Marin manages to get back safely. Some days later Marin passes out in the hallway and wakes up in the nurse’s office only to find out her psychic powers are gone. Oginuma tells her to pack her things and GTFO back to her old school. Back at home she gets depressed being back at her boring old school but luckily Ryuutan comes to her room and says he doesn’t want to go back to his boring school life without Marin. She tells him that she’s worried about him and she wants him to rest if he feels tired so they both take a nap on her bed together. In the epilogue, Marin & Ryuu reunite after graduating high school and he gives her a key to his apartment that he rented in Marin’s hometown. Daww Ryuutan was so fucking adorable asfhlkasfh |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ I kept imagining him being voiced by Kimura Ryohei….HE WOULD BE JUST PERFECT (*pq′ー`)♥. I suppose the incurable heart disease plot was a bit cliched but Ryuu was very charming as a character so I didn’t really give a damn anyway lol. I just secretly wished there were more kiss Cgs hehe (つω`*)ホ゜ッ

Saimori Lucan – Lucan is the prince character and he has a 200+ person fanclub at Planets. One of the fangirls is unfortunately Marin’s room mate Ruiko and when Lucan sees her he runs for the hills. His psychic power is telekenesis so he can move various objects and his bloodline is sweets. That’s right all he eats ever are cakes! Lucan has a shy personality and the reason he’s actually best friends with Ryuu is because he wishes he could be more outgoing like him. Sadly he often has to break up fights between Ryuu and Kaius. Despite being a cake maniac he’s actually good at cooking and offers to teach Marin. After lunch she finds a rabid fangirl mob outside the room where Lucan is in but Marin manages to get in there to try and save the poor sap. He then explains the rumor of him dating a girl from another school is fake and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Marin then takes his hand and they run for the hills to escape the rabid fangirl mob. They run and hide in the broom closet which causes them to rub closely against each other 8DDD. The mob eventually finds them and when they open the door Marin’s lying on top of Lucan and they rage like there’s no tomorrow. Even her own room mate Ruiko tells her to stay the fuck away from Lucan or else GRR. Needless to say after this Marin starts getting bullied by all the stupid bitches in Lucan’s fanclub. Lucan comes up to them and gives them the look of death telling them to leave Marin alone and then the next day she tells him that if they’re seen together the fangirls will bully her again. He pouts saying he made her a bento and so she agrees to eat it somewhere where nobody will see them together. They share an umbrella one rainy morning and afterwards he gives her a towel to dry off her hair and then he brushes it. (´^ω^`)

He’s also a pro sewer and he always carries a sewing kit along with him just in case. He says he has no choice but to be like a caring mom because he has 4 younger sisters who he has to take care of because his parents are irresponsible idiots (lol just like Marin’s!) At lunch that day Marin realizes she forgot her wallet and runs to get it bumping into the girl who threatened to cut her hair. The girl stops her asking “where am I who am I?” but Marin doesn’t want to deal with her anymore so she runs to her dorm room. During the school field trip Lucan and Marin go off on their own and she tries to tell him that he needs to be more proactive in his romantic approach so Lucan grows a pair and holds her hand. (*´ω`*) He then gets even braver and licks the melted ice cream off her fingers some moments later. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Realizing what he’s done Lucan gets embarrassed and runs away. So then after the rapists scene, and the Ryuu vs Kaius scenario, we get a love triangle between Ryuu Marin and Lucan who doesn’t want to betray his best friend for his own feelings. Marin then hugs him to keep him from running off again and tells him that she likes Ryuu as a friend but feels that Lucan is more than a friend to her. After this Lucan runs off and starts avoiding Marin, even though she accepted his feelings. One day after class she grabs him by the shirt and drags him to the court yard trying to tell him to stop thinking about Ryuu and to think about himself and his own feelings for once. She convinces him the moment she brings up cake and he suggests they make one together after school. Ryuu then teleports them to the grocery store and says that he doesn’t care if the 2 are dating – and that he still considers them both his best friends.

While they’re cooking Marin discover’s Lucan’s dark secret that he can use reverse telepathy where it will brainwash people. He made all his fangirls stop liking him and he made it so his parents actually give a damn about their children so his sisters would be taken care of while he’s gone. He then says that the reason he became so popular is he brainwashed people into liking him because he has a rare care of 2 psychs. Now Lucan regrets to ever having done it but says that he never brainwashed Marin because she was kind to him from the start. If he reverses the telepathy to make people dislike him, it will wipe their memories so he’s afraid to do it. The only true friends who liked him without brainwashing are Marin and Ryuu and he feels so ashamed of ever wanting to be popular and says how pathetic he is. The next day Marin & Lucan go to Oginuma sensei to tell him the truth in hopes that he can reverse the brainwashing without wiping everyone’s memory. Oginuma says this is a crim punishable by imprisonment but says he does have a machine that can reverse this. He tells him that he won’t send him to jail but he must expell him from the school for his actions. Lucan then runs off saying they should break up since they won’t see each other anymore but Marin tells him to STFU and kisses him to prove that she loves him. He apologizes for everything and gives her his home address so she can visit him. Not too soon after Marin loses her psychic powers and returns home as well. Deciding that she misses him, Marin goes to visit Lucan’s house where his loli imoutos all squeel over their oniichan having a girlfriend. After Marin graduates high school she visits Lucan every weekend to help him take care of his sisters who want her and Lucan to get married so she can be their big sister lol. Lucan then pops the question and asks her to move in with him because they’re like a married couple anyway. (*´ω`*)

Oginuma Kaius – When Marin first runs into Kaius she realizes that he’s the first person whose thoughts she can’t read. This is because only the most advanced psychichs can block telepathy. His father is the principal of Planets and also the principal of Marin’s former high school that he uses as extra cash/energy on the side 😆 Kaius has his right eye hidden by his hair and rumors are that anyone who sees it will be cursed. Due to this a lot of students don’t approach him and he often takes private classes. Personality wise he’s an obvious tsundere, or maybe kuudere well either way you gotta wait for him to get dere while he pushes you away like a porcupine for half the game xD. One day during lunch Marin goes to eat near some bushes and runs into Kaius who was prolly fapping in there or something because he has this extremely embarrassing look on his face プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. The two then start arguing like children until Marin gets tired and goes to each lunch elsewhere. The next day that she has lunch she forgets her wallet or something and Kaius then buys her some rice balls. He then gets further dere and offers to help her with her math homework. She finds him in the bushes again during lunch and turns out he’s actually been keeping some stray baby nukos in there and giving them food. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 During the rainy morning when Marin trips & falls on her fanny, Kaius picks her up ohimesama dakko style and carries her to the nurse’s office despite her protests. In the nurse’s office she tells him to stop being a dick because she’s done nothing bad to him. He then stops tsuning and puts a bandaid on her leg before walking out embarrassed out of the nurse’s office. After constantly pushing her away, he eventually gives in and lets Marin eat lunch with him as his ice wall finally melts. During the school field trip they go to the arcade together and he gets all shy and tells Marin that she’s his first friend.

He also adds that Ryuu is the one who spread the rumors about him because he accidentally used his psych on him. At the arcade Marin wins a nekomimi headband out of the crane machine and makes Kaius wear them 😆 During the rapist scene this time Kaius is the one to save her, and using his psych he nearly kills them. He uses so much of his powers that he’s unable to block his thoughts from Marin so she takes him  to a nearby bench to rest because he refuses to go to the hospital. Kaius then falls asleep on her shoulder and that’s when Oginuma sensei finds them and takes them back to Planets. He says he’s worried that Kaius used his psych but relieved that it wasn’t to the full extent. He then adds that he might give them both extra credit if they get closer プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  After the fight with Ryuu, Marin goes looking for Kaius in the forest and finds an entire area of trees completely obliterated. She finally runs into him and tells him that she cares about him no matter what his secret is and so he takes her to the place where he takes his private psych lessons. It’s the obliterated area of the forest and he says that if his psych goes out of control, he could kill her. Marin’s like “ain’t no thang” and so Kaius decides to tell her that when he was little he was always bullied at school. He would just ignore it and come home to his mom who would always be there for him. One day it was worse than the others and he began crying and releasing all his negative energy and he accidentally killed his mom. (ಥ_ಥ)When his father found out, he kept telling all sorts of lies to protect him and there was no evidence since the body was completely destroyed. Kaius was then hidden from society and his father turned their home into a school for psychs because he figured he could make a place for people like his son.

He concludes saying that this is why he can’t be near Marin because if he hurts her he would never be able to forgive himself. Marin then hugs him telling him that she knows he didn’t intentionally do it and then she confesses her feelings. Kaius then apologizes saying he’s sorry for all the bad things he’s said to her and says he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. After that night Kaius keeps avoiding her until the following Saturday he embarrassingly takes her on a date. They go to the pet store in town where Kaius says he wants to adopt a baby nuko to secretly keep in his room that the 2 of them can take care of. The game lets you name the kitten so I named it Tama XD. So then Kaius admits that he loves Marin as well and just then his dad shows up as giddy as ever that his son now has a girlfriend and tells them to use condoms. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ They then go into his room and he misunderstands Marin’s request to kiss as a request to hump and is like (/ρ\)いやーん. Then after various moments of fumbling he lets Marin read his mind and he says he loves her followed by a kiss. After the Marin losing her power scenario she returns back home until one night Kaius secretly visits her through her bedroom window. He then tells her that he’s transferring to her high school and then he curls up in her bed like a kitty and they spend the night together. In the epilogue Marin is close to graduating high school and often spends her time at Kaius’ apartment with Tama. Kaius then glomps her and they make out planning to live together after graduation. Kaius is adorable honestly especially with his kitten obsession but I kinda wish there was more focus on that for some reason. I think I’m just biased towards baby nukos though don’t mind me. 😆 His tsundereness was well developed, I approve (≧∇≦)ъ.

Haruhi – While Marin is gone to school Haruhi gets bullied and eats lunch alone. His parents then abandon him and instead Marin’s parents adopt him as their son to replace her. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Nice family lol. He’s a trap but he secretly harbors feelings of love for Marin and so after summer vacation he climbs into her suitcase and comes to Planets with her XD. When they get there he surprises everyone and to prove that he’s a boy he flashes his manboobs. When doing Haruhi’s route the night before she goes back to Planets, he says he’s happy that she has boys she likes but says he misses when it was just the 2 of them. There’s a flashback of when they were in elementary school, the girls would make fun of Marin for being too masculine and Haruhi for being too feminine. One day after playing when they get dirty Marin suggests they both take a bath but Haruhi then reveals that he’s a boy and he only looks girly becuase his parents wanted a daughter. They both decide not to keep secrets from each other from that day on and become best friends. And so that night Marin lets him sleep in her bed just like old times (even though he’s 13 and she’s 15 now lol). Before Haruhi returns to Yasuragi he gives Marin a star bracelet so that she can remember him. After Marin returns home and is unpacking, Haruhi comes home and he actually looks like a boy, wearing a boy’s school uniform. He says that he suddenly got a growth spurt and the girls uniform didn’t look right on him anymore so he decided to act like a male that he is xD. He also admits that his parents wanted a girl, not a trap so he got tired of trying to please them. He then kisses Marin on the cheek and says he loves her but Marin says that she accepts his feelings but doesn’t quite feel the same way since he’s a bit younger than her. Haruhi then goes on to say that he’ll get older and marry her ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . Lmfao aww that was so adorable. I kinda wish there was some wedding epilogue or something xD.

I made a walkthrough again 😆

Ryuu Lucan Kaius
Stay behind Stay behind Catch up with him
I don’t remember! 4-A. 4-B.
Roof Classroom Courtyard
Laugh Accept Stay here.
Energetic & Happy Cute and sweet Mysterious and cool.
Roof Courtyard Cafeteria
Teasingly wake him up That sounds great! I should ask Kaius for help.
I should help him out I should help Lucan. Ryuu was at fault.
You shouldn’t be so violent I wish you two would stop fighting I want to be close with Kaius
Do you really feel that way? You aren’t pathetic.


Stay behind.
Mysterious and cool.
I don’t need his help.
Ryuu was at fault.
I have someone else in mind.
You can sleep here.

I think there was supposed to be 1 more ending but I couldn’t find it and the gallery was completed so whatever 😛

You know what I enjoyed this game. This was a one (wo)man production and anyone complaining about shit like “art” or “anatomy” should just go eat a bag of dicks. ( ´_ゝ`) You don’t like it? You think you can do better? Go fucking make your own game. Go spend months programming and drawing sprites and then having to replay the same scene over & over until you figure out why your game’s crashing. Having made a game with renpy before I KNOW THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS that goes into making this and I really give the girl props for going through with it. (Unlike me whose otome game project’s been on hiatus for a year 😆 ) Despite all the stupid negative comments, I feel my review and opinions are a lot higher than some idiot who has never played a single otome game in their life. Coming from someone who’s played over 50 otome games, I can say that for an otome game this was a very good game. The characters were all portrayed just like I’d expect of that archetype and the dialogue and scenes were very cute. I was all ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑  especially in Ryuu and Kaius’ routes. I don’t hate you Lucan, but the prince guy isn’t really my type! I do have to say Lucan’s sisters were cute, kinda reminded me of Homare and his family. Oh yes when I first saw this game Starry Sky came to mind, but you know what I might have enjoyed this more than some starry sky games I played (I’m looking at you After Autumn 😡 ) Since the game’s not perfect I guess I’m gonna nitpick a few things and I hope these are taken as constructive criticism for future reference! I’d like to see a backlog. I don’t know if this is a renpy limitation but just using the mouse wheel to scroll through text in the text window is kind of annoying. The names had some inconsistencies. Some names were Japanese and the town was Yasuragi so I assume this took place in Japan but then you had names like Kaius and Lucan so that was a bit confusing xD. There were some gramatical issues here and there, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s a single country where cherry blossoms bloom in July 😆 Another thing which might be a renpy limitation is I couldn’t right click to get rid of the text window to look at the CGs. Had to wait till I finished the route before I could look at them in the gallery!  On the topic of CGs I wish we could see the various CG instances in the gallery….we were only able to see one instance, sad! Other than those things I enjoyed the game a lot. Sure there were some CG inconsistencies since the creator made the game over a span of time, but this didn’t take away from my enjoyment at all. I really liked this game a lot and as it’s free, I would definitely recommend it other otome gamers. To non-otome gamers? Take a hike ( ´_ゝ`).

Also here’s some crappy fanart  cause my hand hurt lol (´^ω^`)

リュウくんミュミュ(´ε`* )☆


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  1. I dunno if I’ll get an answer to it at all but, in the game review you mentioned a epilogue. Is that real and if so where do I get it?

  2. They’re making a sequel. With different characters though. This time your character can see auras.

  3. Is there a epilogue after the endings? Cause when I played it, I didn’t see any epilogue…. BTW, I chose Kaius, hehe 😀

  4. How do you stop it from like..The auto thing, How it types a message but changes right after it does so?

  5. As much as I like this game, I have to be that person ‘complaining about shit like anatomy’. Because that is really the only downside to this game that bothered me, the anatomy. It’s REALLY off.
    I always notice issues with anatomy and they always annoy the hell out of me and I do not know why because I can’t draw for potatoes.

    Then again, I overlooked it for everything else once I finally got used to it (Just like with, say, Higurashi). It’s just very distracting and noticeable when you start, not so much once you really get going and get into the characters and story itself (besides, I have played much worse games with better and worse art anyway).

    I’ve tried making my own VN before too, I ended up using stock art so I give TeaCup props for doing EVERYTHING on her own and making it much better than the one-person-team competition I have seen thus far. And for free to boot!

    Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

  6. Who’s also in love with Ryuu? Yaaay 😀 He’s frickin’ adorable. ❤ and so god damn cute. I've done Ryuu first cuz' he's .. ahw ❤ *-*
    I haven't done Lucan cause he isnt my type, lol.
    Kaius was ok.
    I love the arts in this game. And nice fanart! :3 It isn't crappy. -.- Better than mine xD
    The Story = Great.
    Kaius dad = 😀 (!)
    Nice Review! =)
    Can't wait for (P)lanets 2. I've heard Ryuu etc. have cameos. (:
    Sorry 4 my english. In our country we have little sissys as english teachers. 😛

  7. I love this game and the music!!! Actually, i want to download all of the background music to my phone, can u tell me what’s the name of them???
    thx a lot

  8. I loved this game! Also, I think I found the fifth ending. It’s a bad one and it has to do with Lucan; instead of saying “You’re aren’t pathetic” you go with the other option and the story goes on from there.

    Anyway, despite the few anatomical errors in the art the story is solid and everyone is so cute I always end the game with a smile!

  9. i heard that there’s an evil-Lucan plot….how do I get that? much love for your website, it’s really amazing 🙂

  10. I’ve found 4 endings and I think one is the one u couldn’t find. Lucan says her his secret and if u choose “you should stop doing this” or something like that, he pushes her with telekinesis out of the class and get a bit hurt. The next morning she is late for class and meets him in the hallway and he is calm and kind than he looks in her eyes and she gets brainwashed too. It was my second ending :3

    Sorry for my very VERY bad english ppl!

  11. I’m really sorry , i find why i couldn’t find the third CG
    I tried to erase my comment … I’m really sorry ><
    Anyway , thank's for your reply 🙂

  12. sorry I don’t really remember the game since it’s been a long time and I don’t have it downloaded anymore so I can’t help you.
    If my walkthrough didn’t work for you, then try changing some choices on your own ^^;

  13. Hi , Hinano-san
    I read your review and your walkthroug but for Lucan , I don’t have the third CG art …
    Can you tell me why ?
    I’m extremly sorry if i’m bothering you and I’m sorry if my english is bad (i’m french ><)
    See ya~

  14. Oh my gorsh no one go with Lucan O__O He tells you he brain washes all the girls to make him feel better and I chose: THATS WRONG! STOP DOING THAT! As my conscience would not allow me to say, Its alright….. You try to tell the principal about all his wrong doings and right before you get to him, Lucan gets to you and brain washes you………. O___O The end…… Now all your life you become obsessed with some douche X___X

  15. Ahhh! I LOVE THIS GAME C:
    It was so cute… I liked all the routes~ Especially Kaius’s. (Because I fall for the red haired bishies eg Yoh //gets shot)
    There’s one more route? Really O-o
    I got all of them, including Haruhi!
    I have to say, I’m surprised you didn’t include that if you’re on Kaius’s route, and the rapists come for you, and they stop you from running to the hills, Kaius comes instead of like all the other routes, the teacher.
    YES! I AGREE! MORE CGS! (esp. for Kaius’s route //gets shot and when he falls asleep on you //gets shot)

  16. *Blinks* People are complaining about the art!? It’s the second-best I’ve ever seen in a free visual novel (with RE:Alistair++ taking the crown for that.)

  17. OMG loved it sooo much ❤ I can only imagine how much effort and dedication was put into it, awesomeness! This is my 2nd otome like game I have downloaded..I hope i am lucky enough to stumble across one as great as this one! Thankyou =)

  18. Oh my god, I love this game. I haven’t had an English otome game make me feel this way in so long LOL. It was sweet and simple and more than enough for me, really – even if the art/grammar could use a bit of work. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would though, because the characters and the storyline were excellent for a one-man project. Thanks for introducing me to the game, Hinano, and thanks for the great game Teacup! ^___^

  19. I’ve been wanting to play an otome game, since like FOREVER. and this made my dream come true ^^

    Most of the otome games are in Japanese and i dont really want to go through the whole Japanese otome nodding my head and having no clue what the characters are talking about.

    Though listening to some of their sexaaaayyy voices are a plus xD

    The drawings are awesome though i have seen better BUT i can’t draw for nuts so who am i to say? xD

    Storyline is cuuuuteeeeee~ ^___^

    My favourite is Ryuu, havent done Lucan yet xD

    (Sorry Lucan xD)

    I just wish there were more CGs >____<

    But overall awesome game~~ I can't wait for her other upcoming projects~!

    OH! are there others like this, that i can play?

  20. I love this game. the story line is just too cute (^_^) i could just die of happiness right now. thanks i didnt know about this game. is there any other ones like this i could play?

  21. OK ^^

    But if some time you are curious you should really try it, i think it is worth 😀

    PS: sorry for my bad english XD


  22. I haven’t played it but I don’t really play English games since I’m a seiyuu freak and I tend to play biased on what japanese seiyuus are in a game xD
    I only played Planets because it was a free game I could finish quickly ^^; I’m sure X-note is good but since it’s not free I don’t think I will be playing it anytime soon.

  23. Hi~

    Well, it´s the first time i put a comment in your blog but i have been reading since a short while…
    I would like to tell you so many things in each one of your posts~ ^_^ but i don´t have the time, anyways, seeing this post i decided to finally write you to ask you if you know the name called “X-note”….
    Well, i have not played that many otome games, but until now, and after reading very much of your blog, i think i still can say that one is the best otome game i have ever played. The art is not that good, but with the story and the music i think is good enough.

    You play a lot so probably you have played it, but i tried searching it in the blog and it didn´t appear… well, anyways, if not maybe you should try and tell us your opinion 😀


  24. For the sake of perfectionism, and just because I feel like it, the 5th ending is a bad ending for a certain nice guy. <> Bwuahahahahahahaha!

  25. i just played the whole thing…… I LUV IT 🙂 compared to some other games i have played the art was really good and the plot is perfect though i would have luved to see and epilog with Haruhi (also my spelling sucks sry) my favorite couple though was with the red head i absolutly adore that couple

  26. hmm did you play PC version or another one? I played the PC one and the guide I posted is what worked for me…not sure if this is an issue for other versions :s

  27. I don’t know if I did something wrong but, when I was doing Haruhi’s route a couple of error screens popped up and suddenly I was on Lucan route…QAQ Do you have an idea of what’s wrong?

  28. @Yu-i — Download link is on the very first paragraph~ Click on “English Otome game by Teacup” to get to the link.

    PS: Sorry Hinano, I answered for you. o 3o Lol.

  29. . . . My bad, spelling error. (;´Д`) うぅっ。。

    “The art really grew on me as time passed, I don’t get why people were so picky.”

    //shot -slaps myself- Urrgh. //knifed

  30. Ahaha, it really is too cute. (*ノ∀`*) The art really grew on me as time passed, I don’t get why people was so picky.

    And Good Luck with your game then! ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)*・゚☆ It kind of made me wanna work on a game or manga too. ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ Though, I bet.. I’ll end up stopping 1/4 through the whole thing. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ //is usually like that. xD;;

    I’m sure if you do create one though, it’ll be amazing. (*´∀`*)えへへ

  31. lol see I told you it was cute!! I kinda wanna work on my own game too, gotta see if I can get livemaker to function properly or something x3

  32. GYAHFDSHKLJQJ’;aj;lj;l;;~~ < 3 < 3 (*´∀`*)えへへ

    Just finished playing Ryuu's route and afterward I was like, "Why is this game so friggin' adorable?" (ノ∇≦*)ポッ The story line was so much adorable. Pfff— RYUUUUU~ WHY SO ADORABLE? (*´ェ`*)ボー -dies- I was all "GYAA OMFG, RYUUU~ WHY SO CUTE?!" the whole time. Ohoho. ❤ Must.. finish this game. Pff- Heck, I skipped doing homework after school for Ryuu's route. Pff– ❤ I must do a fan art too. 😀
    Story line was a bit cliche, but the characters are developed and so lovable that I don't care. (σ´∀`)σ Aside from the minor grammatical errors (That are hardly noticeable unless you're a grammar freak like me //shot) this game was very good/cute. Better than a lot of free ones out there (Heck, maybe even better than a lot of otome games out there too). (●´ω`●)ゞテレ

    Hope Teacup decides to do a Fandisk. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚☆

  33. Mimi> sure no problem! at the bottom before my final thoughts is a walkthrough if you get lost though! 🙂

    AriaAi> the game only took me about a day to fully complete so if you got some time between your homework try it out!

    allisandre> I agree, I mean it left an impression on me enough to do a fanart anyway 🙂

  34. Oh thank god lol I was surprised to see a review of this, but I’m really happy I did otherwise I would have never realized the game was released XD I have the demo slash played the demo so I’ve been waiting for this release _>

    I didn’t actually read this review ’cause I didn’t want to be spoiled XD Hopefully I can find the time to play it now lol 😛

  35. :O This game sounds interesting~ I’ll keep it in mind. ; w; Since I’ve got school and all now. //shot I’ll try and play it over the weekend. Ohoho. The characters seem so lovable. ❤ I'll go and download it right now~ 8D

  36. I played this just now. Sure, the art wasn’t so pretty. But there’s depth and and an amusing plot. And I agree that Kaius’ tsundereness was well-developed. The other characters were also portrayed very well. Although I’ve only pursued Kaius’ route, everyone else leaves you an impression that makes you remember them up to the end. Thumbs up for this otome game!

  37. capturegoddess> lol thanks 😛 having played so many games at this point I can’t be picky about things such as art so I look at the big picture. I can certainly say I enjoyed this one-man work by Teacup a lot more than the 7 person official release Pandora by Otomate which goes to say it’s not always “pretty art” that matters.

  38. Teacup- Don’t listen to those people who only care about the art. I’ve finished one route of the game, and I loved every second of playing it. The characters were good, the ending was cute, and the story was well done compared to the average otome game. And to me, that’s what matters, that the game is good. I’d rather have that than a game with good art, but crappy characters and/or story, and these are very common in otome games. As an artist I will notice the anatomy flaws and such, but the game had such cute moments, that I didn’t even care about that. I just enjoyed myself.

    For a future game, if you’re going to do controls different than most other otome games (like the H for closing the textbox), I suggest that you start the game off with a few lines explaining the controls, even if it is obvious stuff. Then there’d be no confusion. Other than that, same advice as Hinano. Oh, and I really hope I see another game from you in the future.

  39. Wow,another english otome game, yahoo!! I completely agree with Hinano!and I would like to say a lot of thanks to the author,because it’s so so so difficult to make such a great thing… It can’t be bad one just only cause this is english game!!

  40. Lolol I was stalking the development for a while and got surprised with this release~

    It’s a cute game I agree, I think it’s good, especially since it was from one person (dur hur I had a team and we went on hiatus pretty fast orz). I agree on the backlog since I accidentally clicked through some stuff or didn’t pay attention when it was on automatic lol. Also thanks because I couldn’t figure out how to get Haruhi. orz

    I’m happy to see your opinion on this (not like it’s cause I lurk around your reviews or anything…) but because you’re an experienced otome gamer who actually knows the Japanese ones.

  41. gothicat> its the opposite for me – I don’t mind spending time on the art but the programming, yuck lol. i’ve been sitting home all year but instead of working on my own game I’ve just cleared like half my backlog lol oh well I had a good time so its ok 😆

    Teacup> haha nice to know I’ve unintentionally uncovered a lurking fan! XD Yea just ignore those idiots, they obviously have no idea how an otome game is supposed to work or are thinking they can get a diamond ring for the price of toy ring you get from a vending machine. as long as you had fun doing it and there’s people who enjoyed your game you should be proud of your accomplishment. I look forward to any other otome games you make in the future (cough fandisk cough 😆 )

  42. Hello Hinano! It’s Teacup.
    I’ve been a silent fan of your broadcasts and reviews for a long time so I’m really shocked to see you reviewed my game too! Honestly I was so discouraged from the negative comments on the forum, but seeing your positive review made me feel SO much better! I’m very glad that you liked my game and appreciate the effort! thank you for giving me CONSTRUCTIVE critiscm that I can actually use to improve… instead of bashing me like they do over at LSF =A= (Btw, you can hide the textbox by pressing H, for future reference ^^)
    Thank you so much for playing and for the adorable fanart!!

  43. Sounds like a really good game, I’ll definitely check it out. I bet you loved all these cute endings after having to play something like Pandora. And look, you finally were able to end up with the white haired guy.

    And I completely understand your comments about how hard it is to make a one-person game. I never tried to do otome games with RenPY, but I did try to make a mix of an RPG and otome game with RPGMaker. My main problem with finishing it is that I prefer programming rather than working on all the art (even though I love drawing, but when it comes to drawing spirites…), and I never finished up all the sub quest I wanted to add. Plus imagining maps and houses is really hard to me. However if I don’t get a job soon, I’ll be home all the time, so maybe I’ll pick it up again.

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