Android Otome App Review: Vitamin X Soine Makabe Tsubasa


From the makers of the other Soine Apps and the starry sky Soine Apps, they finally did a collaboration with D3P to release the Vitamin X ones. Of course the biggest draw of the app is you get your favorite Vitamin X characters saying nice things to you.


Unfortunately I will not be using it and now I think I may not ever use any apps by Visual Works LTD because they just can’t program them properly.

  • Alarm app is buggy. If your sound is off you never actually hear the alarm – though the phone vibration works.
  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa sounds weird to me. Sometimes he can do this grating voice in certain acting roles and I can’t stand it. He totally does it here. I don’t really recall him making that voice in the actual game so…微妙…
  • While you can BUY extra sounds – THEY ARE ALL IN YOUR ANDROID FOLDER LOL. Ok seriously this is horrible. The thing is – after I listened to all the various recorded lines all I could think of was “man I’m glad I didn’t buy these cause they’re kinda lame.” Oh well nice free preview? Though if I did like them, I could just take one of the wakeup voices – put it into my WORKING phone alarm clock and bam I have a free alarm (though I won’t have some dude to look at when I pick up my phone I guess.)

Anyway needless to say I’m not pleased. I don’t know why they can’t get a single one of their soine apps right. Uniqlo Wakeup works so much better and hey it’s a Japanese company too so I don’t think its Japanese companies that can’t make decent alarm apps. It’s just Visual Works’ terrible programming team. Unless you just looove Tsubasa I wouldn’t recommend this app. In fact I will be uninstalling it because the stupid voice files are now getting mixed up with my mp3 list and randomly coming up during shuffle. ( ´_ゝ`) You can download it for free from Google Play.


9 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Vitamin X Soine Makabe Tsubasa”

  1. “While you can BUY extra sounds – THEY ARE ALL IN YOUR ANDROID FOLDER LOL” – true!! i wonder if they did the same thing for the shukan soine app? oh well tsubasa’s engrish makes me cringe w w

    1. oh hm I never checked the other soine apps but its really lame that all the voices are there and I can better make use of them using my phone’s default alarm feature orz

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