B’s Log November 2012

Well it’s my last B’s Log issue but since I do have access to scans I may still continue doing these posts. They will be mostly text/news bit related than image heavy though I guess? Not sure if anyone’s interested in that since news spreads pretty quickly but let me know if guys are interested.

This month’s big tokuten is this  UtaPri tote bag. It’s tacky as fuck and I have no idea what I could put into it or where I could even bring it, but it does have a nice little inner pocket for like a phone or something lol. Oh well I’ll keep it in my bag box maybe   It could come in handy one day for something.

Kinda pissed that this is my last issue of B’s log because apparently for the next 4 months they’re gonna have these Alice inserts in their issues. I woulda rather had that than stupid ass Hana-Awase pamphlets. THEY ARE SO GROSS UGH:

DO NOT WANT BRO. Is anyone even going to play this game? Everything about it grosses me out including the art. I have no idea how it could be from the team that brought me Love Revo & Real Rode.

There’s also this dousei kareshi poster which is hilarious becuase on the other side are the 3 main guys all in WHITE while this side above is the GUYS YOU CHEAT WITH all in BLACK! lmfao

I read the Diabolik Lovers vs character interviews with Subaru & LAITO (apparently it’s not Light or Raito its LAITO hahaha lol wut.) Some random facts: Laito’s erogenous zone is below his belly button and he also gets turned on from Subaru’s jealousy :lol:. If he switched bodies with Subaru for a day, he’d go screw bitch-chan and take pics to show him later. おまわりさんww Subaru’s interview was quite brief and he told us to stop asking dumb questions or he’d kill us. Lol, the Vs CD comes out this week, I’m very much interested in hearing how it will turn out lmao. I think Laito just wants to 3P it up with Subaru & Yui xDDD

In case you’ve been under a rock, Amnesia anime will be airing Spring 2013. Is it me or does Toma look hotter in the anime than the game?? Also Brains Base is doing it so THANK GOD NO DEEN. It may actually turn out to be a decent adaptation for once.

Amnesia CROWD will be the name of the next Amnesia game slated for next year. They better give me a real Waka route this time.

I was actually wary of the Yone poser for the new hakuoki yuugiroku game but as you can see it’s not THAT terrible. In fact it’s kinda cute! I’m actually kinda looking fwd to this now. Let’s hope Otomate doesn’t delay it another 20 times.

The next Vitamin game has been announced: Vitamin R. The game will feature a completely new character/cast set and it’s basically about you, a teacher trying to turn around a bunch of tone deaf flunky musicians to play like pros. I expect there to be a lot of horrid violin scratching noises 😆

Just a screencap from   Kamigami no Asobi. This game’s progressing at a crawl lmao.

Koei x Tecmo’s new game. Since Tecmo is involved, that means they’ll actually do more than just stare closely at each other like constipated frogs while keeping a 1 foot distance.

One of Otomate’s announced games at Otomate party. It looks different than their usual artist and I’m totally down with that BUT:

WHAT IS IT WITH THOSE TINY FEET. THE DUDE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF DEM CHINESE CONCUBINES THAT WAS FORCED TO HAVE HER FEET BOUND SO SHE COULDN’T WALK. It’s not just this guy either. All of them look like their feet could snap at any moment. I mean the good news, we won’t be seeing their feet most of the time during the game but still what the hell 😆

Sangoku Rensenki has now been ported to VITA. Though really the only difference between that and the recent PSP port is now you can TOUCH the choices or touch the screen to proceed with the text. That’s it. Yea. Well if you have a vita and you haven’t bought the port for sangoku rensenki, then the Vita one might be worth holding out for. Otherwise pass.

PlanPeace, the makers of the Love Revo PC version, are releasing a new game after god knows how many years – Solomon’s Ring. I see lots of elf men. Is this like some lord of the rings spinoff lmao. I Didn’t bother reading the story but maybe I will later >_>.

Takuyo’s new game, Rakuen Danshi is based on a manga in Chees! Comic. I coulda sworn they had this game in the works since 4 years ago or something but I’m glad there’s finally progress. The art reminds me of their other games (like Hoshiiro) so hopefully that means no more crap like KamiKoi ugh.

HatsuKare, by the same artist as Isshoni Gohan. Since Otomate isn’t doing it, hopefully it won’t be delayed. Just looks like your typical school romance with a pretty decent voice cast. It’s being done by Furyu who did Aoiza.

Otomate’s game Norn9. The only thing that stands out about this game is it has 3 heroines. This could be good or bad. I remember in DareUra the idea of 2 povs of 2 heroines was good but then you had 1 who had a decent story while the other one was treated like utter shit.  Hopefully they know what they’re doing with this whole system.

Yea I have nothing for Diamond alice this time because all the CGs are actually from previous issues or on the website now lol. I found this comic funny though, Peter claims he’s sacrificed his voice like the little mermaid so Alice told him to turn into bubbles. More than that though, this pretty much confirms that Peter will NOT be voiced in the game which is why he has no voice listed on the site. Very sad indeed.

Yay Cinderella! Still waiting for my copy to fly in this week. Why hasn’t anyone posted a walk through yet gdi lol.

Hyakki!! Nothing really new here either, just a few more CGs but most of them are already on the site as well.

Tasogaretoki mentions there will be rival scenarios. I hope that also = 3P ends lol. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

I got a school wars poster to hang up on my  ever expanding otome game poster wall lol.

Kinda sad coverage of Arabians Doubt this time around. I didn’t like Stuart pulling Aileen’s hair like a jealous little turd that he is. I hope in the scene that follows Aileen kicks him in the head.

More Confidential Money. I really want to play this game lmao Otomate stop delaying it. I want to see your vision of my city!! XD

Hell’s about to freeze over cause Ozmafia finally has a release date after like 2 years of being in limbo or something. Though tbh I kinda lost interest /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

Did I mention that Otomate delayed Glass Fart Princess last issue? Cause they did. 😆 So we got like a traitor, a phantom thief, a vampire and an android alien.  Sounds like happy fun times.

The final installment of the TYB FD series coming out this week as well. Hammer looks hot. I’m sure he has a happy ugu room of love prepared for Chihiro. Lucy looks randy as ever ww.

Ok this made me laugh. I mean I thought the Yanderes in Yandere Heaven are supposed to overpower the heroine and go batshit not like blush and wear an apron HAHAHA. Now I’m actually curious about this game. Maybe if I walk in expecting rape – o – rama and then get this kind of scenario, it will actually be funny.

I just took a photo of this cause I thought it was funny that Toriumi’s wearing a tshirt that says “La De Fucking Da!!” lolol

Idk Butts.

This month’s ranking, looks the same as always except it looks like we have a NEW entrant at number 10! Wait that #10 is a do not want lmao. Also Toma moved up wtf =_=;. Though the good news is Diamond Alice is the game in 3rd place that everyone’s most looking fwd to.

Meh that’s it lol. I really don’t see a reason to bother buying a subscription anymore. A lot of announcements get spread like a wildfire the day before the magazine is even out and since it takes me a week to receive my copy by the time I get it I feel like I’m regurgitating old news. I’ll see about maybe posting the news stuff like I mentioned at the beginning but not sure if anyone cares since stuff spreads pretty fast nowdays. Oh well hope you enjoyed my posts up to now!


67 thoughts on “B’s Log November 2012”

  1. Dousei Kareshi~ I’ll go for the butterfly rouge, Sena-sama desu(`・ω・)… hmm, Cage boy ranked #5?! oh but I’m happy that Kanato ranked number 10, he deserves it for being the best Yandere ever~ And NORN9, I’m excited for this game since Nobuo Uematsu( composer of FF songs) will be its bgm composer (´Д`) ~yeepee!! Yes! Amnesia’s going to be an anime, it’ll be a hit for sure. Alice in the country of diamond… ill be waiting for this:> Oh and thank you for the overlook of the magazine.

  2. Hmm… Well, thanks anyway! 😀
    I think I will stick to BWS, since I loved the first game so much. 8D I wonder if I should buy the LE or not. xD Seriously… there are too many decisions to make… ^^

  3. i think it’s their first game? I never heard of pony patchet until Ozmafia at all so…
    yea I’m kinda wary myself about preorders so I stick to Quin ROse since usually the game will be good enough to buy rather than absolutely atrocious XD;
    I don’t like BWS and after Arcana my interest in mafia games is kinda low so I can’t give you any recommendations on that one!

  4. I’m wondering about how Ozmafia will be… Are there any other games from this company, so we can compare the system or whatever? I got kind of cautious about preordering games, after Custom Drive was kind of an disaster… ^^ It’s cute, but WTF is with these HORRIBLE requirements for CG’s?!?! *rage*

    I don’t know if I should get BWS LH or Ozmafia… since I’m not sure if I can afford both games… (´;д;`)

  5. Oh, thank you about the information.

    I normally order CDs from CD Japan but games from AmiAmi. Maybe I’ll think about ordering games from CD Japan as well. Thanks again!

    PS I’ll definitely miss Peter TT..TT

  6. Peter is my second favorite in this series.I hope he will come if Quinrose makes a Spade no Kuni no Alice T.T
    I’ve just recieved a e-mail about Diabolik Lovers poll in B’s Log website.This poll will go on until 31 Oct. so this is not the Final result yet :3

    ●1位 逆巻シュウ(24.67%)
    ●2位 逆巻ライト(22.90%)
    ●3位 逆巻カナト(15.72%)

    Maybe because Versus vol.3 haven’t released yet. Shuu, please stay there forever.

  7. Yea they pretty much delay EVERY game that they announce. You are right, at this point it would be a surprise if anything was not delayed from them lol.
    Peter’s not voiced in diamond because he shows up in the prologue and then vanishes. He’s not really in the game I think except maybe in flashbacks 😦

    I always order from CD Japan thanks to their nice point system so despite shop tokutens ill probably order from there regardless x) Usually CDJ gives 2L size print but i think for hyakki we’re getting buttons for a change

  8. Thank you for your review!

    New year comes with new games (AND delayed old ones). XD

    Now I don’t expect anything on time from Otomate. The delays did turn me off really. What a pity. Towards the end of this year Otomate has a lot of interesting titles but I kinda lost my excitement for them.

    Oh, finally something about Ozmafia. Good news. I better hope its release before hoping it porting to PSP. XDDD

    Yeah~ QuinRose! But I can’t believe Peter’s not voiced in Diamond. Oh, I can’t imagine Alice series without him (I’m getting wimpy now lol.) And School Wars, I can’t wait! I wonder when the staffs would update shop privileges so that I’ll make my decision. Phew~

  9. Peter not having a route is sad indeed 😦
    I believe Otomate does a character poll for all their games so once Diabolik Lovers is released I’ll be sure to cast my vote in 😆
    I bet Kanato will win lmao I hate that character the most

  10. I want that Alice postcard *w* (since Joker is in there xD)

    Diamond no Kuni no Alice is the most interesting game for me although adorable Peter will not have a route.I hope that Quinrose will make a love route for Joker.and PLEASE make White and Black Joker route separated together.I want to play White Joker’s full route.

    About popularity vote,the 1st-3rd are same as I though(I mean same as every month =_=).Toma takes place in 5th! I can’t believe that but it’s good news since he’s also my favorite LOL.Yandere onii-chan :3
    But Kanato in 10th…I suspect why that TsunYan shota is extremely popular in Japan.Don’t shout at me Kanato!!.I really want to see popularity poll for this game,seriously.


    ROFL I laughed so much when I read this! And you’re so right! The feet are totally out of proportion with the rest of the body wtf

    I love Toriumi’s shirt LOL. I want one 😀

  12. That’s what I’m doing xD And I had to replay a certain chara 10+ times…..before figuring out how to get the best end. It’s actually quite easy. There are subevents, but luckily not random. Anyway, there are guides out now 😀

  13. Dude thanks so much for doin this again i’m lovin the lols as usual and since i’m not really in the loop it’s nice to have these collective updates + your thoughts here on this blog. I’m hoping that you’ll continue to do the updates with less pictures(?) thing cuz i really like what you’re doing here 😀

  14. I kinda miss her art in real rode and loverevo. Her new style grosses me out, no matter how interesting the story may be. All the bs log pamphlets have made out the guys to be sooo abusive looking i was just turned off 😐

    and i totally feel you on the MORE of. When I see more of Hakuoki I want to barf but more Alice? FUCK YEA lmao

  15. A kingdom for an edit button!

    Re : Shiratsuyu, she’s supposed to be a snarky tsukkomi gal, so at least Otomate’s putting SOME sort of effort to be different. Time will tell if they succeed. And in any case I’m weak to these types of settings lol (which is why I ❤ the Kaidan Romance series most out of QR's stuff. It's a different kind of folklore, but folklore! <3)

    I would love it so much if Elise is a snark-with-a-perfect-smile kind of haraguro. QR's haraguro is the best, and Elise is pretty perfect for the snark-with-a-smile-only-not-snarking-or-is-it type. And it'd make sense with the rumor that Spencer's setting up for her part like Feather did for Rosalia's. My copy's not here yet unfortunately, but here's to hoping that QR catches sequelitis! (Haha I frown at everyone else's sequelitis, but QR's sequels are like YAY MORE OF.)

  16. Oh BTW re : Yura’s art style. She had an art shift between her two latest doujin game efforts (BL games), and the latter one proved to be a hit. Actually, it’s probably a hit because the story was downright awesome, but I think that’s part of why the art style is kinda stuck. It was supposed to be stylistically reminiscent of the Prohibition, so maybe that’s why afterwards her art style has slowly evolved into….what Hana Awase currently is. It’s pretty and distinctive, but rather weird for the current state of otome games.

  17. of course I have and I LOL’ed hard since at least they now stopped B’sing. Otomate is trying to set a record for most delayed game for sure 😆

    She’s older but she’s still only 19. I don’t have confidence she won’t be any different than Mary Sue from Amnesia, who was the same age ww
    GHP might be fun – in that oddball kind of way.

    Maybe Elise is a haraguro? THat would be so epic. I just got my Cinderella in the mail today so I’ll be posting an unboxing on my fc2 blog this evening. I would totally buy the sequel. Sadly I still got 7 characters to go in ToyBox but at least I’m just a few days away from being totally ready & set for Diamond!

  18. Unrelated, but Hinano, have you heard how Delaymate has quietly slipped Brother Conflict Brilliant Blue to 2013? It’s kind of like ‘lol, I was kind of curious about it in 2011 man, WHAT IS IT AGAIN’. I thought only Type-Moon has these hilarious delays, they’re not the most difficult things to program for! (Though maybe they took criticism from Passion Pink to heart and revamped their entire engine or something. Yeah, like that would end well.)

    Related notes : I’m actually kind of excited about Shiratsuyu. Heroine is older than the guys and seem decently interesting, and I like this kind of plot. (I keep thinking I’ve seen the art style from somewhere, though…) Cautiously optimistic with Norn9 and STILL Confidential Money and maybe Glass Heart, if it turns out to be weird enough.

    p.s. I really, really hope there’s a third Cinderella game. I like this setting, and there’s still Elise even if she’s less…fun than Rosalia. Who knows what she’s like in her internal monologues?

  19. I still like it when you do the magazine updates though since ur site is where I go to check what’s new in B’s log.

  20. yea i usually do that too, we store all our grocery tote bags in those since Costco doesn’t give us free bags to use lol.
    i never really understood what hana awase’s story is about but reading all the sample scenarios in bs log the heroine gets abused by a bunch of wackos so im like uh no thanks….

  21. Ooh that’s where I’ve seen the art before. I Guess I never noticed their legs since they were lying down but when they stand up – wut.
    Yea I’m rather shocked at yandere heaven, I expected them to be crazies 99% of the time.
    And yea Conf Money…maybe Allan will be like that? He’s the one who’s gotten my attention 😆

  22. I… actually like the art for Hana Awase lol
    Buying 3 separate games is too much though, I’ll probably opt to buy the visual fanbook or something.

  23. Thanks for sharing, as always!

    The Dousei Kareshi poster looks nice. I WANT IT, TOO!! 8D
    As for the new game from Otomate that was announced at Otomate Party… The art seems to be from the artist that also draw Shukan Soine. The proportions of the feet there were terrible as well. 😀

    Oh, Yandere Heaven can be cute too? WTF? xD lmao That was really unexpected and caught me off guard. LOL

    I’m looking forward to Confidential Money. Hopefully Porthos #2 will be featured too? 8D

  24. I use any huge tote bags I get to store my smaller bags lol. But then again that shiny existence could be quite glaring in the room. www

    I’ve lost interest in Hana Awase ‘cos they keep promoting + at the start it felt as though the concept could turn out interesting but I don’t really understand the story of it anymore.

    I didn’t know about the new games from the other companies so thanks for the post! \o/

  25. I personally love these since I don’t follow any other otome blogs/news. So I get my info from these. Haha xD

  26. I don’t know honestly the art looks like stereotypical Kazuki Yone so I guess at this point I’d like to know more about the story. So far it just looks like Broccoli throwing in a bunch of gods into a school setting with a mary sue heroine ^^;

  27. I always try to reply to comments (unless they are dumb comments asking for download links 😆 )
    I’m glad you finished Ren! My favorite LoveRevo dude is actually Wakatsuki-sensei hehe 😉

  28. GHP could end up being really ironically hilarious. Like if they end up making fun of themselves & the game then it could be entertaining who knows!
    Ozmafia comes out a day after Diamond Alice so yea ill be busy in Wonderland lol

  29. Glass Heart Princess looks so shit honestly I thought it’d be a cute game but where’d the aliens/vampires come from? o.O Who knows, maybe it won’t be that bad but it seems to be getting stranger and stranger every update.

    I’m excited for Ozmafia though!! I hope it does actually come out around Christmas and isn’t delayed again ugh

    Ahahahaha, I can’t believe Kanato managed to make it into the top 10 fav characters, seems like the magazine is playing a joke 😛 I thought he was the most hated character from Dialovers though I don’t mind him much.

    By the way, thank you for taking the time out and posting the scans! 🙂 ❤

  30. You helped me conquer Ren’s route with just that simple message, just replying. You were so helpful and since then I’ve been watching for updates. Just got my internet back today and saw your posts. I’ll look no matter what you put. 🙂

    P.S. Thank you again sooo much by the way. >.< The day you replied to me was the day I managed to get Ren's first event to trigger and eventually over the next couple days completed it. 🙂 He's so sweet once you manage to squeeze yourself into his heart. ❤ I seriously fangirled a bit. D: That's a rarity at times haha.

  31. On one hand I really love these posts because y’know, news, screenshots, stuff. They’re lovely ❤ But on the other hand I feel really sad that I won't be able to play any of them anyway because I don't know Japanese.

    Also, from what I've seen/read so far Kamigami no Asobi seems really cool. What are your thoughts about it?

  32. Its the sangoku rensenki artist drawing butts and naked dudes (he drew the somen dude last month lmao)

    Yes they are all whores. I think that’s the point of the game lmao

  33. WTF! What was that butt screenshot for? Seriosly… Why??

    Anyway, it’s just me or the characters of Diabolik Lovers are ALL whores? I was lookin’ fwd that game but… I dunno, feels like they can’t care less about the girl and just want to feed their ego. In a extreme way. Dunno…

  34. hopefully by the time I get to Cinderella, all the guys will be up so I’ll make not about Damian. I still have 9 characters to go in Alice and my game hasn’t arrived in the mail yet so taking my time~

    amnesia should just make ukyo the OTP since he is the OTP and then end it with Ukyo & Orion or something. But who knows what Brains Base will do. Doing Shin’s route will bea copout since his route is just tl;dr snore.

    I love the blushing Shark though 8D

  35. probably money milking, also Hana-awase is doing the 3 game segmentation and the worst offender is Double Score with 2 guys per game and like 7 games?

  36. Well a guide for 24 is in the making already in the site I always point you to; they already have Oswell’s and Damian’s but seriously save Damian for later is like he got the best scenarios so far… I have yet to play Feather’s and Louis routes tough so maybe they are better. The game is easy as hell as the system is pretty much the same as 12 save for the friend events not being random I could get most of the events in one go save for one ending because I got the friend events too fast with the guide I figured that out and could end the rest myself without a guide. Warning the epilogues are loooong..

    Is it me or is Tyrone always getting the short end of the stick he is the only that doesn’t get a CG with Aileen XD
    I now am interested in the oumagatoki sequel (I love rival scenarios, especially because QR just manages them so well)

    The Amnesia anime looks really pretty, personally I think this particular adaptation could benefit from using the omnibus format but if it’s only 12 episodes long then it better sticks to just one route.

  37. Truedat! I do hope other companies do not acquire this sort of thing. I mean I get that Black Butterfly and Hituzigumo are trying their hand in otome games but man they’re kinda pushin’ too much. Can’t tell if it’s just blatant money-milking or trying to stay on the safe side.

  38. lol yes Amnesia is done by Brain Base, I’m sooo happy it’s not Deen that animated Derpi no Kakera =|
    also Otomate delays everything again. was actually waiting for Glass Heart Princess =/

    also, lol @ butts XD

  39. well at least it gives you something to do in those games since they’re stupid segmented ripoff scheme releases 😦 Though I’m not a fan of cheating, it made me feel SO GUILTY in Storm Lover orz

  40. I’d actually they focus on Ukyo since he’s technically the OTP lol but I have a feeling they’ll just make him out to be some evil bad guy =(

    Laito reminds me of the girl from Mirai Nikki in that pose lmao

  41. i guess with the anime announcement all those amnesia fangirls who voted him #1 in the character pole rose from the dead ww

    i may have to plow through 24 myself unless someone posts a guide by the end of the week ._.

  42. Haha @ the Dousei Kareshi snazzy dudes. They look more nommy-nommy than the main guys (*^v^). Hyakki Yakou’s lookin’ spankin’ sweet and Yandere Heaven looks like it’s gonna have some lolful of crayzayness. Thanks for the updates!

  43. Lol yandere heaven is having a otokonoyome lmao why is kanato in popularity list O.0まだ発売してないのにwIm so excited with tasogare and diamond no kuni no alice 3pエンドくr(ry(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

  44. Thank you so much for your posts. You’re seriously a huge sweetheart for taking the time to write these all up. 😀

    Curious but whose route do you want BRAINS BASE to focus on? I’d love for a Shin direction, mostly for Kakki ear candy, but his routes in both games… ugh ;_; either way, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Arcana Famiglia orz

    Up until now, I lost interest in DiaLovers after the announcement… but that bit from ~Laito~’s interview lol now I wonder if he’ll troll the brothers in the game. Maybe it’s just me but he looks adorable with that blush wtf

  45. Thank you for sharing this to us, I can’t wait for Confidential Money, the game looks good, and gosh Otomate you better not delay this again ャダヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

    Lol Toma is on rank 5th WTF is happening haha.

    And that school wars poster looks yummy ^-^

    Yeah i can’t find the guide for 24時の鐘とシンデレラ up until now, hopefully someone will post it soon xD

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