Android Otome App Review: Be My Princess for GREE

The story is about a girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend and can’t seem to find a job in fashion design. Luckily one of her applications to a very famous company is accepted and she lands a job as a fashion designer for a rich castle where a bunch of bishie princes live. She’s flown to the castle immediately and begins her job but it seems that aside from designing clothes she also has to end up entertaining them as well.

Actually this isn’t really a review because I ended up quitting this game after playing it for a few weeks. Since I’ve played enough mobage to know how these things work, this app uses the kind of system that grates my nerves and is pretty much the ultimate reason I quit: It requires you to spam people. Yes you need to go make like 1000 Gree friends and spam them daily to get these “royal  party points” or whatever and once you get enough THEN you can proceed to read the next chapter. Not only that but even though I had read about  20 chapters or so, I was still on the “common” route. I never even MADE it to “picking” a guy even though in amost every mobage I’ve played you got to pick your guy immediately after reading the brief prologue.

How about no? It doesn’t help that to go to the ball you have to watch like 2-3 flash animations lag by and I think you can only visit the ball a few times per day due to fatigue limitations. I tried one of Voltage’s other games on mobage (Darling wa Geinoujin!) which basically had a similar system and I quit that immediately. I realize these mobile companies need to make money but this doesn’t make me want to spend money and rather it makes me quit the game instead.

Too bad as the characters seemed KINDA interesting but yea this pretty much made me lose all interest I had in this game. If you love spamming friends and don’t mind dealing with this kinda crap, the game is available in English from the android market. You just need to download the new Gree app which will let you register an English Gree account. Sadly since it’s an English Gree account you can only play this one game as all the other Japanese Gree games will give you an obnoxious “This isn’t available in your country” message.


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  1. WOW this totally explains what’s going on the drama CD… I was all like since when she is a student? on that one.

  2. hm mobage works on my non-rooted phone now so too bad you can’t get it to work :O
    I don’t like the way the English GREE works with Voltage games. After be my princess which I guess i misphrased myself – it didn’t require me to spam people BUT it did require me to spam the ball to read the other stories. It was like “oh you dont have enough ball points” and I was like wut
    Going to the ball to get points requires you to have friends with high statuses so technically to me its like spamming.

    The mobage I play I just login – read chapters – logout. Anyway fortunately I have like 10+ mobage in my “to play list” though I’m only playing 4 at a time….so I don’t think I’ll have issues finding a mobile game to play for a while (especially seeing how 1 game with all the routes takes me like 6 months because of the daily free chapter limits lol.)

  3. Bwahaha. Apparently I don’t even know what the hell I’m playing! ヽ(。_゜)ノ

    Sadly for me I don’t think mobage works. 😦 So I have to take my otome where I can get it. If you are looking for another mobile app though I’d suggest maybe Ninja Love from Gree since it works just like a mobage game. The socializing shit is just extra that you don’t need to do.

    Just thought I’d mention it since we seem to have similarish tastes. 🙂

  4. i assume you mean iOS not ISO 😛
    and yea I know they have the pay $4 per character apps but I don’t find that valuable at all.
    its only good if you dont know Japanese so you will buy any English otome game but for someone like me who buys English otome games for the same price I can get a game with full voices, music and CGs where the heroine isn’t faceless.

    these cell phone games are really just not for me, I’ll stick to playing my free mobage on the side since at least half of those never require you to do more than login & read your daily chapters.

  5. That’s weird you never got to pick your prince. I’ve been playing for eight or nine days now and I got to pick my partner. My only guess is that they wanted to let you see the characters before just going hey pick one! But truth be told I was getting annoyed the last couple of days too.

    Also the royal rewards don’t require you to spam in the iSO version at least. You just need to go to the royal ball. Which you can go to with a mate so they get bonus points too. You need to spam people if you want the gacha points. Which I find annoying since you never get a full set anyways. 😐 So I just sell the bagillion doubles I get from the free spins to get the in game money. Which has let me nab all the ‘special’ routes so far.

    Either way I can sympathize on the being annoying thing. I’m just playing without spamming and all that faults me for is gacha.

    I’m not sure if they are out for android, but Voltage has Pirates in Love and My Forged Wedding in english for iSO. With those you just pay for the guy you want (3.99$) and you can play their whole story. No stats or blocks. For their price, each arc is a good 2-3 hours depending on your reading speed.

  6. I’m playing the japanese version(as contrast to you, english ver. is not available in my country xD). Well, I rage quit the game faster than you because I just don’t have patience(or money) to even pass ch. 3 :’D I don’t even see the reason why it is one of the most popular gree games here—and for 2 consecutive years now. As of now, I certainly despise all of voltage games without any exception and swears to never ever waste money in their games.

  7. I think you are overly exaggerating. You can’t even add 1000 friends even if you like. I am at chapter 6 (where you get to choose your prince), and the maximum friends I can have is only 10. The royal factor mission is before this chapter – maybe chapter 4. If that is where you quit because you failed at it, then you did not really play for a long time. Another thing is, you can’t have royal factors for greeting/spamming friends, so you really don’t have to worry about that.

  8. omg that doesn’t sound like the game I played at all!! Are we playing the game game? 😆
    That sucks man…your version sounds a lot less vapid & retarded than the one I played. I guess they had to change it to give you a reason to go & spam people.
    Yuck glad I quit I guess 😕

  9. Whoa…the premise is totally different from the non GREE version lol
    When I played 王子様のプロポーズ on the iOS the heroine was an international student studying in Edward’s country. (How did they translate シャルル? I don’t know how to translate it lol orz)
    The heroine is walking around town and finds this old man in regal clothes about to pass out. The heroine runs over to the old man and takes care of him. They rest at a park and suddenly can parks close to them and a young man comes out who looks like a butler. The butler asks the old man if he’s alright and the old man says he was saved by the heroine. The old man notices heroine’s necklace and the heroine explains that she got it from her mother. The old man wants to return the favor and gives the heroine his phone number. After that it starts raining and the heroine manages to find shelter in front of the a flower shop. At that flower shop the heroine also finds a young man in fancy clothes also admiring the flowers. For some reason the heroine the young man looks familiar…like the prince of the country she’s studying in. LOL Suddenly a car passes them by a goes over a big puddle with causes and big splash and ends up getting the heroine all wet. The car stops and a young man gets out apologizes. Another young man gets out and asks what’s wrong. The 2nd young man greets the prince look-a-like and they’re both “It’s been a while…” The first man who came out explains what happen but the 2nd young man just says “my bad” nonchalantly and they both leave. *sigh* The prince apologizes to the heroine and asks to make up for it be his party for a party. The heroine says it’s not his fault and since she’s a transfer student she doesn’t have the clothes necessary for a party. The prince says he’ll take care of it. Suddenly his servants come in and give her a makeover. She’s lead to a castle where a bunch of countries gather every year. When the party starts the princes are introduced and the heroine is shocked to find out the prince is the real prince and the jerk from before is also a prince! LOL (The jerk btw is the one that Hinano has pictured above…and I must admit I went after him first to get my tsundere revenge lol) To add even more that old man from earlier is a VIP and the master of the castle…the old man treats the heroine like a granddaughter so all of a sudden exciting things happen to the heroine LOL

  10. I am so sure I got beyond chapter 6 and it never let me pick anything.
    Or maybe I didnt? I feel like I’ve played for so long then it gave me that dumb message about
    not having enough royal points so I just quit lol. I Don’t have time or patience with my phone internet
    connection to spam greetings and balls. ( ´_ゝ`)

  11. Hi there ^~^
    about the picking a guy thingy, at the start of chapter 6 which is at the end of the prologue (first 5 chapters) you get to choose one out of the three princes in your compatibility chart

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