Otome Game Review: Oumagatoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Suzue Shizuka seems like your average high school girl….except that she’s the descendant of a great water spiritShe has no family so she spends most of her time floating around the school pool even though she hates swimming and water. Because of her blood, she has a ton of power inside of her and unless she lets loose by getting into fights with other spirits at the school, she comes down with a fever and her powers go out of control. Typically she and her good friend Hisoka run around causing trouble and annoying the student council president and teachers. The school they attend is an average school with humans attending the day classes. At night however, it’s the “Witching Hour” where all the spirits come out and “play school” despite some of them being over thousands of years old.

Izumi Reiji – Reiji is the 2nd strongest demon at the school, a kouhai to Shizuka and also massive tsundere. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He’s a fox youkai and likes to play tricks on others, while hating when someone plays tricks on him. Shizuka has an unforunate run in with him when she plows into him during one of her fights with Hibiya. After that the two of them become rivals who keep fighting over stuff, as simple as their lunch xD. During his spare time, Reiji plays the koto and he has to be a tsuntsun before finally agreeing to play in front of Shizuka. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ In addition, Reiji is also part of the archery club and of course when she comes to watch him he starts fumbling and missing ( ≖‿≖). Shizuka can tell what a tsundere he is and manages to manipulate his reactions to her advantage. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) They constantly compete with each other until Reiji starts falling for Shizuka but she’s too busy seeing him as a rival to realize it XD. In fact when Reiji is resting in the nurse’s office one day (he has a weak body so he often skips gym class) he manages to sneak a kiss on Shizuka. Rather than like every otome game heroine ever who would run away in embarrassment…..OUR QUIN ROSE HEROINE TAKES CHARGE OF DAT SHEIT AND DEEPENS THE KISS HAHAHA ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. To her she’s like “oh well since he can suck some of my extra energy through my mouth I’LL JUST HELP HIM OUT HERE” xDDD. Unfortunately for him, Reiji’s kissing intention wasn’t because he wanted to suck her energy out…(´・ω・`;A).  They go on a date to the park one day and she makes him a bento which makes him so giddy and excited he calls her his angel xDDD. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌

After that rumors start spreading that the two of them are dating but Shizuka just sees him as a cute little brother that she gets to tease. Shizuka gives him a fox strap that he kept trying to win by constantly buying bottles of green tea. He’s so happy he begins sparkling and calling her an angel again (*´ω`*). However he is then disappointed that she called him out to this empty place in the hallway only to give him a strap instead of you know…confessing to him or something. Reiji then tells her that he will “tell her” when the two of them go to his sister’s wedding together the following weekend. At the wedding, he tells Shizuka that in the past he woulda been wishing only bad things upon his sister out of jealousy, but now he actually wishes for her happiness. So after the wedding Reiji’s mom is SOOOO happy that this KAWAII KO is there with him she pretty much talks her into spending the night (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Good job mother! Aaand somehow they end up sleeping in the same futon xDDD. Reiji of course doesn’t wait too long to start making out with her and uh doing other things but Shizuka’s like “…why am I not punching him away….!” Lmfao realizing that he still isn’t getting through to her Reiji tells her that she’s the only one who can give him a run around like this. (♡´౪`♡) The next evening they go to a festival together but then despite her boasting, Shizuka gets lost. Eventually Reiji finds her but too embarrassed to confess to her face to face, so he keeps his fox mask on. He then finally raises all his courage and says that he loves her. :;。+゚+。キュ━(*´U`*)━ン。+.。゚:;。+

Shizuka then takes his mask off and goes “how about you tell me again? ( ≖‿≖)”. He kisses her without saying it and she’s like “Say it again hehe.” xDDD And so in the good ending, since Shizuka’s got somewhat of a man harem, Reiji starts getting really jealous until Shizuka punches him telling him to calm his tits. The next day she goes to his classroom and affirms that they are lovers and when Reiji hears this he’s like (〃ノωノ).  And so that night he tells her that he does get jealous and she reassures him that she would only do something like this with him – as she grabs and kisses him. Reiji then starts making his way down her skirt with his hands as they make out in the forest. Shizuka’s like hey stop getting randy out here and so he takes her to his place instead and they do the futon samba. (/ρ\)いやーん The next morning they sit together as they watch the butterflies in his yard. In the inarizushi ending (lol?) you end up at it if you don’t go to the wedding with Reiji. The two of them eat the sushi that Shizuka made, on the school rooftop. In the best ending you pretty much get to pick all the choices I originally wanted to pick which tells me QUIN ROSE AND I THINK ALIKE. In this route Shizuka actually starts thinking about all the “hints” that Reiji gives her that he likes her and rather than brushing it off, it starts making her uneasy. So the route difference starts after the woods making out.

Instead of going to his house for some randy, the next day in school Reiji asks her if she wants to have lunch with him again. She agrees but only if he stops raging at her talking to other guys lol. In the cateteria he finds out that Shizuka’s class is going on a school trip and gets extremely jealous that he can’t be there with her since they’re in a different year. And so to solve this problem, he decides to transfer himself into her class since age doesn’t matter at this school anyway \( ^o^)/ . And so he ends up going to the school trip with all of them after all but as usual he gets jealous of simple things like Hisoka offering to buy a souvenier for her. After she has to cast a barrier around herself to keep them for ripping her arms off, she eventually makes up with Reiji and they go to a koi pond…..where he’s like HEY IF WE SCREW HERE WE’LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ And so soon as they see some fish staring at them he’s like alright time to get going YEAAA and starts like taking her uniform ribbon off. Shizuka’s like “hey wait we’re outside what if someone sees..” and he’s like “its awright woman I put a barrier out there so nobody will see us” (✧≖‿ゝ≖). And so they hump happily ever after. I know that’s supposed to be the “best” end but for some odd reason I felt that the “good” end was better??  But anyway Reiji is so 萌━━━━ハァ(* ´Д`)ハァ━━━━ぇ↑↑ It did get kind of annoying with all his random jealousy but his attempts to try and tell Shizuka his feelings and then make a move on her was so cute..and even cuter when she turned the tables on him (◉◞౪◟◉ )ぬひひひ.

Yurajou Keigo – Keigo is a Japanese wolf  and since the nurse is always MIA, he pretty much took that role upon himself. He’s head over heels for Shizuka from the start and she can tell it too, but she’s so horribly cruel and pretends not to notice his feelings because she doesn’t see him as more than a friend. He loves her so much that even when her powers go out of control and begin strangling him, he says “it’s alright if its you…” 萌(♡´∀`♡)え (Though that led me to a bad end where she and him both got enveloped in darkness ^^;.) Keigo often gets pissed at  Tono because he punches Shizuka saying that she’s not a “weak girl” and can take it anyway. Tono is one of Shizuka’s fighting buddies so she can let her energy out and even though Keigo knows this he still doesn’t like to see her get hurt. While they’re at the library one day some older youkai start trolling Shizuka because they made themselves look like kids. Shizuka wants to punch them but Keigo the peace maker tries to stop their fight and instead has a bookshelf fall on top of them. He protects her by getting on top and Shizuka gets annoyed that he’s always risking his life for her. STOP AND THANK HIM WOMAN. (´;ω;`) Realizing that Keigo will go as far as dying for her, Shizuka starts taking interest in him. Deciding to  stop beating around the bush, Shizuka asks him if he likes her directly. He admits that he’s liked her for a long time so she’s all like “awright bby let’s go out?” 😆 He thinks that she’s joking because he can’t believe she’d ever date him but to prove her point she kisses him (while apparently the bookshelf is still on top of them プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵). The first time he shows her his wolf form is when some idiots harass her and he jumps in like a knight in shining armor.

Shizuka’s like damn man I coulda handled this on my own but like a puppy dog he tells her that he can’t stand seeing her get hurt even though he knows she can probably kick all their asses. Despite this, she actually quite likes his furry form and starts putting him and nuzzling him which makes him all ticklish apparently. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Curious about Keigo, Shizuka asks to visit his house. When she gets there she’s greeted by his massive family of 2 loli imoutos Anzu & Kurumi, 1 younger brother Akira, and 2 older brothers Takashi & Kazuya. Even his brothers tease him for being an otome because he constantly gets embarrassed around Shizuka. Shizuka knows that their relationship really hasn’t made any progress and that it’s no different than when they were friends. When she comes over his house again, the parents ask her to stay over and so she decides to take a bath. As she goes into the giant outdoor bath…all the guys are there 😆 Normally in like every other otome game, the heroine would run away screaming in embarrassment but our Quin Rose heroine….JOINS THE FUN プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. When she gets in the 3 younger siblings turn into puppies and she begins cuddling them while Keigo & his 2 older brothers stare in envy 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 .  Afterwards Shizuka goes to Keigo’s room and deciding they need to “progress” in their relationship she grabs & kisses him. I guess this lights a fire under his ass because he then pushes her down saying he’ll have his way with her. Shizuka’s all like “please go right ahead!” (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)  While they’re on a date a few days later, she saves a human girl from some rapists and that’s when she recalls how a long time ago she had saved a random wolf from being killed by a hunter.

Well turns out that wolf was Keigo, and since Shizuka is pretty much his life savior, he’s been in love with her ever since. (*´▽`*) If you fail to remember how you saved Keigo from the hunter, you end up just studying with him in the library and the game ends. Afterwards they go to a cafe where Keigo gets hit on by some hoes while Shizuka’s in the ladies room but he’s all like NOOO DON’T MISUNDERSTAND I ONLY LOVE YOU. (She’s of course like yea…I know ww.)  At the end of their date they walk by a lake where they get into an argument with some kappas. The grand kappa like drags her down thinking she’s a human that it can eat but she’s obviously not so Keigo rescues her out.  That’s when she tells him that she went out with him only on a whim. Keigo’s all like yea I know ( ´_ゝ`) but he wanted to be near her no matter what the reason was. (*´▽`*) He then licks her hands and says that doggies like licking the ones they love and Shizuka jokes how maybe she should put a leash on him. Keigo says that he’d probably like that. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) They go to the summer festival together and since her shoe breaks he carries her ohimesama dakko style (or piggy back whatever you pick). They win a love potion from the youkai booth but Keigo says he doesn’t want her using it because he doesn’t a fake love from her. He’d rather his love continue to just be one sided. A few days later Shizuka comes into the nurse’s office and tells him that she’s finally fallen in love with him and that she doesn’t want to break up like they had discussed earlier.

Keigo is such a happy doggy that he pushes her down on the bed and they make out…and then he slowly starts moving his magical fingers up her skirt. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! And well you can guess what happens after that hehe. And so in the good ending, he finds her fighting with Tono again and he can’t help but interfere. He knows she needs to let her powers out but he hates seeing her hurt and Tono backs off the moment he sees Keigo in his wolf form…cause I guess he’s weak to furry animals. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑  In the best ending, they once again get randy in the nurse’s office because Shizuka asks Keigo to suck out some of her extra powers via kissing. They start making out pretty hard but apparently the nurse guy is back for once and they don’t notice him. He’s like AHEM and they’re like (;゚д゚)ェ… but he politely tells them to continue as he leaves www. So then as they start cleaning up all the stuff they knocked down I guess they can’t hold themselves back and Shizuka ends up toppling on top of Keigo. He then spreads her uniform top open and starts licking her chest slowly making his way down….. (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟)ハァハァ. And so the next time that Shizuka comes to Keigo’s place his family convinces her to live with them since she’s like a bum who floats around swimming pools & fountains anyway. Shizuka agrees after Keigo gives her a proposal speech & they live happily ever after. (*´▽`*) Ah this whole route was just the most precious thing ever. DEM PUPPIES AND DAT PUPPY LOVE |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ !!!!!!!! I think I died multiple times throughout this route, Namikawa was absolutely wonderful in this role.

Tono Atsuro – Atsuro is the oresama bancho who always has fights with Shizuka because he sees her as a battle partner rather than a “girl”. Due to this whenever they fight he never holds back but doing so would actually be an insult to Shizuka’s pride anyway. Atsuro is an oni and his specialty is controlling hitodama (disembodied souls.) As a punishment for them constantly fighting & causing trouble, the seitokaicho Hibiya rages at them and makes them clean the pool. Instead of cleaning the two end up fighting again and splashing water all over each other. 😆 They run into each other at the movies and after arguing he goes DERE and asks her to go the movies with him again. In fact after this they become movie watching buddies too xD. They go again a few days later and argue that Shizuka’s too cold while Atsuro’s too “hot” because he wants to PROTECT HIS WOMAN WITH ALL HIS MIGHT or something xD. Shizuka tells him she pities whoever dates him because he’s so smothering…lol you say that now woman. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Thinks start getting awkward when they go to the movies again a few days later and some guys start hitting on her until Atsuro shows up…and they think that he’s her boyfriend. At the movie she can’t sit still and she keeps staring at him and going all o(^o^)oドキドキ. While Atsuro may seem like a rough guy, he’s actually weak to cute and fuzzy creatures and he even goes as far as rescuing a small trapped youkai from a crane machine. (*´꒳`*)

He’s even a gentleman and shares and umbrella with her making sure she doesn’t get wet even though she’s a water spirit xD. After they go to a cafe to dry off some dudes from their school are about to recognize her but Atsuro grabs her and stuffs her face into his chest so they can’t see it. He then lies and says that she’s his woman which gets the dudes off their back…and silences the entire restaurant. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Afterwards he realizes that she’s small, and soft and thin…like a small animal and starts (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァing until she punches him xDDD. A few days later when some guys start hitting on her at school and Atsuro shoos them away he then tells her not to let other guys touch her cause it pisses him off. Our QR Heroine is like “What do you like me or something? Just kidding…” ( ≖‿≖) In school the next day the teacher asks them to get some materials out of the storage room for his lesson. Shizuka spills the contents of the box and a magical kaleidoscope rolls out which puts a curse on both of them and they begin trippin’ balls lol. He almost confesses his feelings to Shizuka but that’s when the teacher finally gets them out of the curse. One night when Shizuka’s in the park alone some drunk guy starts hitting on her because she forgot to make herself invisible from humans. Knowing that if she unleashes her rage on him she’ll kill him, she has a hard time getting him off her back. The moment he grabs her arm though, Atsuro shows up and beats the fuck out of the guy until he hears the cops and they both run off.

After they’re far enough away Atsuro mentions again that he doesn’t want other guys touching her and he lightly puts his hand on her cheek. Shizuka doesn’t know how to react because normally Atsuro is violent & rude rather than….gentle she smacks his hand away and runs off xDDD.  Anyway I guess at first it was funny but then it really got on my nerves after Atsuro finally confesses to this idiot at the festival…..BUT SHE LIKE KEEPS DENYING IT. HE EVEN CONFESSES TO HER IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASSROOM AND SHE STILL DENIES IT SAYING IT’S A MISUNDERSTANDING ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Oh my god ok I like my heroines strong but this has now reached dumb levels. Buuutt Atsuro isn’t about to let “HIS WOMAN” go (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In fact he tells the whole class that any guy who hits on her he will personally kill. Despite Shizuka punching him multiple times this doesn’t change anything and he tells if her she doesn’t like him saying this stuff to just…..go out with him! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He keeps trying to go after her but like a moron Shizuka keeps hiding from him orz. At the school trip things get awkward but he doesn’t give up and buys some pair bracelets. All the girls + Wakako give Shizuka some love advice and tell her that it’s not that she’s against him, it’s that she’s just a chicken pansy lol. And so in the good ending, she saves some random student youkai girl from some rapists. She takes the love potion from them and then Atsuro shows up and she jokes that she should use it to fall in love with him. Atsuro says that he’ll win her heart on his own so to be ready and she punches him out of embarrassment as usual.

And so in the best end, during the school trip Shizuka says “let me find out if I like you” and kisses him. Things get hot & heavy and she starts to think that maybe it’s ok to be in love with this sexy  beast and so they make lovin’ all night long (/ρ\)いやーん. And so a few days later at school Shizuka starts babbling once again about how maybe should break up and Atsuro as usual convinces her that they shouldn’t….and they end up doing it on the roof (♡´౪`♡). After he gives her the pair bracelet he bought at the school trip they cuddle and almost do it again until she’s like “We just did it give me a break @_@;;” xDD. And  so the two of them become a bakkapuru as Shizuka realizes that she can “defeat” him just by being all deredere and uses it to her advantage \( ^o^)/ . Of course if you choose for Shizuka to not be honest with her feelings  Atsuro continues doing as he pleases by grabbing her and making out in public until she punches him again /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Fortunately they had themselves hidden from humans but Atsuro says he doesn’t care who sees but he hid them for her sake xDD.  (。≖ˇ///ˇ≖。 ) Lol man this route had good parts to it but a lot of it just AGGRAVATED ME. Shizuka was like WAY TOO TSUN and I sincerely don’t understand what happened with this lack of eroi suwabe sound effects. Seriously its the SWAB where’s my  kissing sounds!? (ಠ_ಠ)Also it’s kinda sad how all the action was in the best end route and in the “good” end route pretty much NOTHING happened lol.

Nashibatake Wakako –  I wasn’t gonna do this route but since she only has 1 ending and it’s mostly overlapping with Atsuro’s route I figured I might as well. Wakako acts like a huge lesbian towards Shizuka but in actuality it’s because she has trouble finding the man of her dreams. The reason being, the man of her dreams must have a LONG NECK. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Anyway Wakako’s thing is that she can make her neck long and her head comes off but sometimes to the point that she can’t find it ( ゚ェ゚)・;’.、ゴフッ. I guess what irritated me the most about this route is you have to pretty much be an asshole & reject Atsuro in order to get on to her route. So yea pretty much being overly tsun turns you into a lesbian! Hooray! So then I don’t get her when she’s like “lets go hit on some hot guys!” and then they find a guy (who I think is Hibiya’s brother), he rejects them and she goes back into yuri mode. (ಠ_ಠ)何がしたいんだか...In Wakako’s ending she gives Shizuka a hair pin that she bought for her to match the one she bought for herself. Unfortunately for her yuri end, some crow steals the hairpins but that doesn’t stop her from glomping Shizuka on the school rooftop. Oookay….. ふ━━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━━ん So then some random guy confesses to Shizuka and Wakako like sets his love letter on fire. So yea I guess now Wakako’s the Yuri Defender, defending Shizuka from ever getting with any hot guys at the school. Meh I thought I’d see something new story related hidden in here but nope….nope….

Tobiura Moegi – I have to hand it to Yoshino Hiroyuki, Tobiura is a CREEPER and he gives him the perfect creeper voice. It’s so perfect that I didn’t even recognize it until I looked at the cast page. =͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́))) He’s just a creeper who gets pleasure from other people’s suffering and so you don’t get to be happy with him…since that would completely go against his personality. He’ll do shit like fly with Shizuka (since he’s a tengu aka crow) and then drop her, catch her and go “your face was delicious just now”….ಠ_ಠ. As a tengu, he has an obsession with uchiwa (Japanese fans.) He uses it to stir wind as well as perform the tengu dance. His tengu buddies say that he’s really good at what he does, except that he’s just a creeper. He takes Shizuka to an antique store where the owner likes to collect stories about gruesome murders of humans. One particularly story that she finds is about a family of 4 where one of the sisters killed the whole family in a gruesome way and then went missing in action. To this day she hasn’t been found. To get his ending I did following Atsuro & rejecting him in his route. Tobiura’s scenes were basically him going on dates with Shizuka. It finally led me to the part with Hisoka saying that if Shizuka hates Atsuro he can kill him because he’s the grim reaper.  Shizuka says she doesn’t hate him and just feels “weird” around him. After rejecting Atsuro during the school trip, Tobiura takes her flying again. He then kisses her on the forehead while sliding his hand up her skirt (/ρ\)いやーん…and nothing she can do about it cause they’re in mid air ww. So then he casts a spell that lets her float in the air but before she knows it, it  wears off and she falls to her doom until he catches her before she becomes a pancake. While she’s unconscious he then CALLS UP ATSURO AND TELLS HIM HOW HE TOUCHED & KISSED HER ahfksjdfhkdsjf. ( ゚ェ゚)・;’.、ゴフッ So then he starts groping her all over as Atsuro comes running in rage to the nurse’s office….人生オワタ\(^o^)/ Apparently you can reach his ending doing other routes but doing Atsuros or Keigos saves time (and well rejecting Atsuro’s not as bad as rejecting Keigo since for the most part she already rejected Atsuro like a moron in his good end anyway.)

Shikibu Hisoka – Hisoka is  Shizuka’s prank partner in crime and the two of them always cause chaos at the school. In Tobiura’s route it is revealed that Hisoka is a shinigami though it seems like his only powers are mainly curses & shikigami. Shizuka thinks that it’s always a competition with him as well and she tries to “beat him” by hugging him tightly so he can’t use his shikigami powers. It does kinda work but rather than hurting him, I think he actually enjoys it. (ノ´∀`*)ノ Whenever a chance comes up for Shizuka to recall her memories, Hisoka always interrupts as if he’s trying to make it so she doesn’t remember her past. Hisoka does mention that she and Hibiya seem to have a lot in common and it’s something that Tobiura mentioned as well. Turns out Hibiya Kyougoku, has a younger brother who is still a live human named Mitsugu. When one day Shizuka runs into Mitsugu at the end of his school day, she starts recalling things and her head starts getting clouded to the point that tears start coming out. Not knowing what to do he gives her a hankerchief and she runs off saying she’ll return it later…and then punches herself for acting out some weird shoujo manga scenario 😆 Because she ended up not sleeping during the day time she gets sleepy at night and decides to take a nap in Hisoka’s lap. Hisoka of course takes advantage of the situation and gives her a kiss on the cheek the moment she closes her eyes. She wakes up raging saying there’s no way she can sleep like this now 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . The next day Shizuka meets up with Mitsugu on the school rooftop but Hisoka is there too making it known that Shizuka is his. She’s like whatever I’m not your “doll” as you say, but then Mitsugu’s like “I don’t mean to cockblock but there’s nothing wrong with being a doll…” ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!!

The next day she decides to cut class with Hisoka and they end up going on a date where he buys her a “friendship” ring but it looks like an engagement ring xP. Things don’t go too well though because Hisoka starts getting pissed that Shizuka’s taken an interst in humans by going out of her way to meet up with Mitsugu. And so Hisoka wants to basically kill Mitsugu and bring him over to the “youkai” side by turning him into his puppet so he can basically “control him” to end his life. Shizuka tells Hisoka that Mitsugu has his own life and he has no business just “deciding” to end it. Hisoka goes into yandere mode and tells her he refuses to listen to her but Shizuka says if he hurts Mitsugu she’ll interfere and protect him. Desperate to save Mitsugu,  Shizuka runs directly to Kyougoku to ask for his help. Though after Shizuka runs into Mitsugu shit gets really weird..then the route ends. Isorta looked away for a moment so I don’t even know what happened…so I’m guesing Hisoka turned him into a doll after all(ಠ_ಠ). In the next ending I did,  Mitsugu doesn’t immediately get posessed by Hisoka and instead has a chat with Shizuka and tells her that he’s been trying to figure out why his brother disappeared. In addition he says that after he began attending this school he’s felt that his brother’s presense was near by but doesn’t know why. (Well of course cause he’s there orz…) After avoiding Hisoka for a few days she runs into him in the bushes and then they battle it out so she can release some of her energy. He’s like “What’s with your obsession with Mitsugu you should just be my doll.” Shizuka then asks if Hisoka likes her or something and it comes as such a susprise that she manages to finally punch him in the face. She refuses to let go of the Mitsugu thing and so one night he locks the two of them up in a classroom by placing a barrier and goes into full yandere mode. He says that he wanted her to forget everything and so that she’d only pay attention to him. He then grabs and makes out with her while she tries to get out and then after he finishes mollesting her he goes “How about I kill you?” ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε= ヒイィィィ!!!!( ̄⊥ ̄ノ)ノ

After he finally lets her go she runs into him later and he’s hugs her while he’s covered in human blood. He asks her “You like humans so now that I’m covered in human blood you like me more right?” ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ He then says he thinks he may want her to remember the things she’s forgotten and to “help” her he pushes her into the water fountain. She does have a flashback a few days later when she was first “born” she found herself floating in the school pool and Hisoka was the first person who was there. He her that she’s got the blood of some water youkai and so she believed him knowing nothing about herself. Kyougoku joins forces Shizuka and Wakako to help and try to stop Hisoka from hurting Mitsugu. Unfortunately they’re too late and Mitsugu’s already Hisoka’s puppet. Kyougoku yells at him saying that  he doesn’t belong with the youkai while Hisoka’s like “COME…TO THE DARK SIDE (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)” xD. In order to stop Hisoka she tries attacking him but it doesn’t seem to work so the only last thing Shizuka can think of is to grab & makeout with him (✧≖‿ゝ≖). This actually works and breaks the curse on Mitsugu but when a curse is broken, Hisoka ends up taking the damage instead. He passes out so Shizuka takes him to the nurse’s office and takes care of him since it’s not like she HATES him completely. While they’re in the nurse’s office he goes into his yandere mode saying he wants to kill her while he licks her ear and moves his fingers up & down her thighs /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He then says that he won’t allow her to ever leave him and go to the “human world” which is really the only stupid reason he ever bothered to attack Mitsugu. HE WAS JUST JELLY THINKING SHE HAD A THING FOR HUMANS. ┐(‘~`;)┌ So then Shizuka’s like to herself “I’d never leave him anyway because  I love him…but I’ll never tell him that.”

And so to Shizuka actions speak louder than words to to reassure this idiot that she’d never leave him, she kisses his ear and then his collarbone and he starts moving his hands up her thighs again…….AND THEN THEY do randy things in the nurses office until the sun comes up (✧≖‿ゝ≖).  After this he’s all ichaicha with Shizuka in front of the other guys pissing them off (I’m sorry Keigo bby  I still love you ;-;). Shizuka knows that Hisoka’s a wacko but she’s like “oh well I’ve fallen in love with him and I’ll still be by his side.” The bastard has no appreciation for her lol. So then Shizuka starts seeing dreams of a younger sister telling her to die but Hisoka is there for her when she wakes up in the pool. He jumps in with her and they make out while Shizuka thinks that she’s happy….and somehow this is considered a bad end. Oookay. (ಠ_ಠ)Kamikakushi end I believe killed Mitsugu again or something I dunno (´・ω・`). In the new moon ending, they fail to break the curse and Mitsugu ends up coming over to the dark side~ and becoming a youkai. He doesn’t seem to care too much though because he’s glad he’s able to see his brother. Sadly Kyougoku is just like щ(ಥДಥщ) as everyone stands in silence to their loss toe Hisoka. In the “Hisoka” end, after they free Mitsugu, Hisoka’s all raburabu  with Shizuka and can’t get his hands off her. ( ≖‿≖) As usual of course Shizuka thinks its so gross and kimoi and continues being tsuntsun to him. ( ≖Д≖;) Hibiya, like most guys in this game, is persistent though and starts licking her ear until the lunch time bell rings and he’s like “we’ll continue after school ;)” (♡´౪`♡). So then at the end she and Hisoka go to the summer festival together and he says that he will make sure she doesn’t get killed by anyone but him…then he kisses her. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Alrighty then. So I guess once you do all these weird ends, you can then go and get Hisoka’s true ending. In this one, Shizuka has a flashback to when she was younger and a lot of kids bullied her because she could see youkai despite being a human. One day Hisoka comes to her but she’s like 10 or something so to her he’s a huge pedobear hitting on her. When she calls out for help, a man comes over but tells her he cannot see anyone. Hisoka laughs saying humans can’t see him but Shizuka can.

So then he continues stalking her after school and she calls him a pedobear stalker but Hisoka’s like (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ lmfao. xD He likes her so much that he starts placing deadly curses on any kids that bully her. And so he pretty much continues stalking her as she grows to be a high school student..waiting for her to “ripen” :lol:. He then tells her since she’s always bullied amongst humans to just come over to the dark side & become a youkai. Shizuka refuses, but her bullying in school escalates even further and her younger sister says she should stay home for a while. Shizuka says she doesn’t care so then they target her sister and she catches them trying to down her in the school pool.They tell her sister to push Shizuka into the pool while telling her to die. Upset about what she just been through, her sister does so and when Shizuka falls into the pool she’s so depressed she doesn’t even think about trying to swim out and decides to drown. Just then Hisoka catches her in the water telling her to come over to the youkai world and says he’ll take revenge on everyone who hurt her, including her sister….and so Hisoka placed the curse on her whole family and that’s why everyone  blamed Shizuka as the murderer of her family.  After Shizuka remembers all this and wakes up she gets pissed at Hisoka because he’s the one who killed her family even though it wasn’t her sister’s fault or her family’s fault.  She attacks Hisoka strangling him but he’s like “oh its ok if you kill me as you have the right to do so.” She decides she will think of an appropriate punishment for him instead of killing him immediately, but the seasons pass and he remains alive because she can’t bring herself to do it. Spring comes and Kyougoku informs Shizuka that Mitsugu graduated safely. Hisoka continues stalking Shizuka and she figures until she either forgives him or takes her revenge, then she’ll just leave their weird relationship as is. ……..(ಠ_ಠ)Well I suppose that was an appropriate ending for this yandere but it still leaves me with an odd feeling. On one hand I’m like yay Hisoka killed all dem bitches but on the other hand, why did he kill her family, I guess he really just wanted her all to himself. Oh well typical yandere I guess… ┐(‘~`;)┌

Hibiya Kyougoku – Gah I hate writing his first name so for all intensive purposes I’m going to write Kyou lol. Anyway Kyou is the strict fuukiincho who is a vitctim of kamikakushi – aka murder that is said to be a “mysterious disappearance.” Because he is part human and not a full youkai,  he gives off a “delicious” smell and other youkai often try to eat him. He gets pissed of course and sets them all on fire usually as he is the strongest youkai at the school. As seen in Hisoka’s route, his human brother Mitsugu is younger than him but since it’s been 3 years since Kyou died, his brother has now caught up in age to him and is a senior at the same school. Kyou makes his own bentos and just like himself, they are delicious too and when Shizuka has lunch with him one day and ends up taking some of it xD. After a while Shizuka starts to realize that even though Kyou may seem like the strict uptight seitokaicho, he’s actually quite gentle and sweet. (*´꒳`*) When her powers go berserk again, she forgets who he is and thinks he’s a delicious human to eat so she starts biting him. After he calls her name out she’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー and then snaps out of it and explains to him the deal with her powers. He tells her there’s gotta be other ways for her to release them without her getting violent and Shizuka just laughs as she cuddles with him (while he mumbles that she better not do this kind of thing with other guys… |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ). Of course needless to say he’s unhappy when he sees Hisoka all over Shizuka, and then tells her that she shouldn’t be so “loose” with guys or they will misunderstand (like he has!! ( ≖‿≖)). Constantly hanging out with Kyou makes Shizuka more interested in “humans” but of course as expected, this does not please yandere-kun Hisoka.

The 3rd year students also get annoyed with Shizuka constantly teasing and playing around with Kyou but she doesn’t give a crap and goes to see him daily to ask to eat lunch together. Kyou finally gathers his guts and asks Shizuka on a date to the amusement park xD.  (Though when they get there he’s in denial that it’s a date lol.) Shizuka decides to tease him and links arms with him and he’s like dhflksghkds⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん Things go ok until they are in the ferris wheel and Shizuka tells Kyou that Hisoka is targetting his brother. Hisoka tells Shizuka that because Hibiya is stuck on being worried about his brother, he can’t fully become a youkai. This is why he thinks of his brilliant idea of killing Mitsugu and turning him into a youkai. Shizuka of course disagrees with this stupidity and Hisoka goes back into yanyan mode saying she’s an idiot if she tries to oppose him. As usual she sets up the plan with Kyou & Wakako, and later on Kyou’s so happy that she’s on his side he randomly hugs her then blushes like a tomato. He then even offers to let her try to “calm her powers” by letting her suck some of his blood and after she tells him he can suck it out of her via kissing, he immediately grabs her & makes out with her. (♡´౪`♡) He then tells her that he would only do this with the girl that he loves (ノ´∀`*)ノ. Worried about Mitsugu, Kyou asks Shizuka to comfort him. Well of course to her it’s comfort as well so these two loners up giving each other comfort secks in the nurse’s office. (。≖ˇ////ˇ≖。 ) Before the battle with Hisoka, Hibiya says he doesn’t like when Shizuka thinks about him and it makes him jealous because of it. He grabs her and they almost make out until Wakako’s like “uh hey guys I’m still here” :lol:. As usual they duke it out with Hisoka and break the curse on Mitsugu. Wakako acts like a bro and takes Hisoka away like a sack of potatoes leaving Shizuka  & Kyou alone together. Kyou and Shizuka go to his old house and bring an unconscious Mitsugu home.

Not being in his room for 3 years, Kyou decides to take a look and it looks like it’s been left the way it was before he  died. He says he was lonely before but now that he has her he doesn’t need anything else. They kiss near his old bedroom window and the following day Shizuka’s gettin randy with him in the nurse’s office by sucking his blood to release her powers. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) She then says it’s not enough so he’s like “then I’ll suck it out of you” and says that it’s not fair that she gets to have fun all the time and he doesn’t. She’s like “what about your fuukiin duties”and so he takes his badge off and toses it aside going “idgaf” as he ravages her on the nurse’s office bed. (/ρ\)いやーん After this they become a bakappuru and he feeds her lunch during their lunch breaks together. (๑→ܫ←๑) And so in the “bad end” Shizuka is fighting with Atsuro again, and after Kyou stops them, she says that she feels like she’s forgotten something sad and can’t recall it. (Probably the death of her family.) He tells her that no matter what he’ll be a shoulder she can lean on and they kiss in the classroom. When they go to the festival together Shizuka starts having more flashbacks about her past and begins crying so Kyou takes her hand saying he’s there for her. In the out of control bad end, Shizuka doesn’t take the shikigami from Hisoka and her powers go out of control strangling Kyou. In the confinement bad ending, Shizuka agrees with Hisoka that they should bring Mitsugu over as a youkai….and then lies to Kyou about it. (´・ω・`) And so Mitsugu becomes a youkai and while he’s happy to be reunited with his brother, Kyou becomes extremely depressed because he wanted Mitsugu to live his life as a human.

He also then stops talking to Shizuka for her betrayal. In the new moon bad end, they fail to save Mitsugu during the battle with Hisoka and he turns into a youkai. In the Kyougoku end, they defeat Hisoka and then both go to the amusement park together again.  There hs indirectly proposes to her saying that “isn’t it obvious that we’re dating because we’re going to get married in the future” ?? Shizuka’s like ( ゚ェ゚)・;’.、ゴフッ and spits out her juice at his old fashioned ways of thinking xD. He then is like “oh wait we’re old enough since we’re youkai now so..LETS GET MARRIED!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!  They go into a haunter house for the hell of it since they’ve seen REAL youkai, not human made fake stuff. So then Shizuka tells him how most couples go here so the girl will go kyaa and cling on the guy. So as they keep walking he clings on to her saying “I’m doing as required.” Shizuka’s like “uh that’s not how it works I think the girl should do that..” and then he pulls away and spreads his arms going “alright now jump into my arms!” dhflskjdfhskd プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then goes into randy mode and grabs Shizuka and makes out with her after he hides them from human eyes. He then says he won’t do more than kissing …at least for now. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) And so the following spring, they watch as his brother Mitsugu finally graduates. And so Mitsugu once again asks Shizuka to marry him bribing her with the fact that she can have his delicious blood daily 😆 So then in his true end, Shizuka remembers what Hisoka did to her and her family and realizes that he’s also is the one responsible for turning Kyou into a youkai. The reason is because one time she joked saying Hisoka wasn’t her type and she made up an ideal guy type which KYOU JUST HAPPENS TO FIT PERFECTLY INTO (;☉_☉).

She goes to try and strangle Hisoka but then Tobiura the troll flies doing saying that there’s a way to turn back into a human but a blood donor is required. Since Shizuka’s a youkai she can’t donate her own blood so he flies away laughing. She goes to him a few days later asking him to give her details of the turning back to human ceremony and then decides to perform it on her own. She’s doing it to turn Kyou back into a human but Hisoka tells her to stop because then when he’s a human again she’ll be lonely. He then grabs Shizuka and kisses her saying what can he do to make her his. She gets pissed and punches him away and he’s like “I’ma kill you” and then is like “whatever you can go turn him into a human, and then he won’t be around to cockblock while I hit on you \( ^o^)/ “. When Kyou finds her doing the ceremony she doesn’t tell him what it is but he tells her to be careful with all the fire. He then recalls a story about the time he spent with his family and brother and Shizuka feels even stronger that he needs to return to being a human. As she sends him off back to the human world, she gives him 1 last kiss to suck out his remaining youkai powers. She then says goodbye to him and he disappears from her sight. (´;ω;`) Some months pass and one day while she’s sleeping on the roof he comes running looking for her saying that he can’t forget about her….but he can’t see her because he lost his youkai powers. щ(ಥДಥщ) Shizuka then comes over to him and hugs him even though he can’t see her figure but he smiles anyway…..ウワァァ━━━━━。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━━━ン!! Does this mean I am to assume that in the end she’ll probably end up with that psychopath Hisoka anyway since eventually Kyou will have to just move on with his human life?? This is the most cruel ending ever! How could you do this Quin Rose! This is supposed to be the true end orz what a horrible way to end the game….. (◞‸ლ)

Ok I loved this game a lot. I don’t even have a favorite character because I found everyone charming, even creeper team Tobiura & Hisoka lol.  This was my first Quin Rose game and I can say that a strong heroine REALLY DOES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. It really makes you feel like you’re actually interacting with the guys because there’s actually a personality from your side. How can people mary sue themselves into these doormat heroines is beyond me but I really felt like I could relate to Shizuka’s thinking at least 90% of the time. Yes she was very tsuntsun a lot and sometimes I wanted to slap her for not being dere enough, but she kicked serious ass and in the end she dere’ed up anyway. The story was intriguing and I loved how throughout the game they gave out little hints here & there about the truth behind her past. While some stories felt emptier than others because they didn’t wanna give away the plot in those, I still enjoyed it. The romance scenes were plentiful and they were very hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ ..good thing that nurse guy was almost never there cause… ( ≖‿≖)… I also loved the music. At first it was blah to me but eventually some of the BGMs really grew on me. (๑→ܫ←๑) There were also some cute mini games with the chibi versions of the characters that you could vs against.

Raving aside this game of course had its flaws. One flaw was the system. This is my first QR game but I’m so spoiled by otomate’s systems that not having an auto-matic skip button was just wut. Yes I had to sit there HOLDING DOWN the damn R1 button to skip everything. My arms got so tired that I’d just flip my psp and lean it against my desk to constantly keep the R1 button pressed OTL;;. They lazied out on the sprites so in flashbacks I would sometimes get confused and especially in scenes like the summer festival….GIVE HER A YUKATA SPRITE JESUS CHRIST MAN. Drawing only 2 outfits per character but then having them wear different outfits in scenes was just dumb & lazy (´・ω・`).  Though I don’t use it as much, there’s no quick save or quick load, but the L1 button allows you to scroll backwards so it’s not a total disaster. I didn’t get the point of Tobiura & Wakako having routes. I liked Wakako as a supportive tsukkomi friend character but not as a crazy yuri bff with a yuri ending =_=. Tobiura’s a wacko but I guess if they gave him a good ending route like the others, it would make him be completely out of character with his crazy sadistic personality. My biggest complaint is the true ends. Not gonna spoil anything here but I feel like they left a bad feeling in my mind and I almost wish they either didn’t exist or were written in a different way. It’s really weird to me how horrible those “true ends” were and how much better the “bad ends” were. Did they like accidentally program it backwards and put one in place of the other or something?? (≖_≖) Sigh that was such a heart breaking way to end the game for me but if I look back on the game overall, I did enjoy it and I’ll just have to try to put that minor  detail out of my mind when looking at the big picture :lol:. Overall I will recommend this game. I heard Quin Rose games were long but this took me about a week to finish so it’s not long at all.

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  1. The bad ends weren’t really BAD lol in fact some of them had like kissing at the end so I’m like “how is this a bad end again…?” xD so yea I don’t think you should skip those rofl
    But I’m glad you enjoyed the game =D

  2. I was debating whether I should play game at first when I happen come across the PV on youtube. However, it was a “most likely not” at that point because I was never really that interested in Quin Rose games. Then, I saw your review on it and was like hmmmm Let me just read your Final Thoughts…And You’ve successfully persuaded me into playing the game. I wasn’t going to play the game if it was the usual doormat heroine. Since she wasn’t, I was actually looking forward to it and it made a hell of a difference. I couldn’t agree more about the yukata sprites. At first, I think I KIND OF saw your images while scrolling down to your final thoughts section, the yukata CG. At this point, I only read your first paragraph on final thoughts about the characters and all so when I actually played the game I was like what the…I thought she was wearing a yukata but her sprite was still school uniform. Also, AT FIRST, I was like WOAH WOAH (being overwhelmed) to the romance scenes. It’s not like I can’t stand those, but surprised because Otomate is totally randy-less compared to this game. I also agree about Wakako and Tobiura’s routes, they felt pointless. I like Wakako as a supportive character as well but… I was completely bored with those two’s routes and esp Tobiura because I wasn’t sure how to go through Tobiura’s route while doing others as well UNTIL i finished like more than half the characters so…I was rotting from boredness. And thank goodness I came across the comment on putting a rubberband on the R button or I would be dead by now. I actually can’t believe I finished the game within a week when I USUALLY would play a new game and finish one character and the game would be stashed somewhere else until one day I feel like completing the game. I only played the best ends and truth ends, but I’m done since I usually don’t go through bad ends and normal ends didn’t really have much. But I wished the best end would be more like Shizuka finding out the truth about her past AND then end up happily ever after with the character rather than being one or the other. It made me feel (・へ・ ), like it didn’t completely solve anything. But oh well i still enjoyed it ^^

  3. Actually, this is your second game isn’t it? I think you rage-quit Crimson Empire if I remember correctly XD

    That being said, this game sounds like a ton of fun. I was worried since recently QuinRose hasn’t been making many games that hit their old standards.

  4. no problems that’s why I keep my final thoughts spoiler free 😀 I hope you enjoy it and I will definitely be playing more QR games cause I’m raging against otomate at the moment 😆

  5. This is one review I opted to not read because I really really wanna play this game! >w< I'm so excited, I love strong heroines. In my opinion otome games with strong heroines help you connect better with the game, because you can relate more with the heroine. It really helps put the game in a special place in your heart, you know what I mean? Haha! I've played a few QuinRose games, I didn't particularly like the Crimson games (too lazy to get through them 8D) but the Alice's games didn't bother me so much. Good to see QuinRose keeps the strong heroines in all of their games! Hope to see more QuinRose reviews from you 😀

  6. well I’m glad someone agrees with me about those takuyo mini games cause lol.
    yea Armen noir what a kusoge honestly. the new scenes looked cute but I heard overall the game was still crap lol.
    why should otomate give a crap about natsuzora when they can…REALEASE ANOTHER HAKUOKI YUUGIROKU YEAAA ( ´_ゝ`)

    I think yone’s art is fine but I tend to notice as you said all of otomate’s better games are by artists other than yone…which tells me otomate thinks “as long as the bishies are hot & sparkly nobody will care about the plot.” lol yea that’s what they think – but I guess it works for Japanese otome gamers. i’m glad to see quin rose is pumping out games regularly and they still maintain their quality (though they could do something about their lazy PSP programming templates.)

  7. Hahaha oh wow the minigames in Kaerubatake. I like stat-raising and the other games are pretty easy so I don’t mind their games much, but Kaerubatake turns the dial up to ‘lol are you serious’. I’m glad they got rid of them in the fandisk.

    Re Natsuzora : I KNOW RIGHT. I don’t mind the oddly placed texts even though they kind of get in the way of eye candy, being the oldschool sound novel-playing bastard that I am, but it would be nice to at least give us the damned option YOU HAVE AWESOME ART SHOW IT. And I’d really like to have it on the PSP already because that’s my preferred platform for otome games and this is one of your better games port this instead of fucking Armen Noir. Some people speculate, though, that they’re not porting it as quick as they could because Natsuzora’s programming is weird and doesn’t translate well to PSP environments. To which I say : well, figure it out, damn you. If Square can make FF Reishiki on PSP that platform can well support whatever programming you have in there.

    Also lol Otomate tracing. I don’t know why they’re so stuck on imitating Kazuki Yone, I tend to like THE ART in their OTHER games with clear, distinct non-Yone-imitation artistic signatures much better. Kazuki’s draws beautiful art, but the art does have flaws. And the flaws tend to be what sticks out the most in the imitations, since they tend to lack a vision of their own.

  8. Lmfao hm yea that explains why they don’t care about promoting their games as much as like otomate or d3P or something. I’m glad they’re giving a fuck you to all the doM fangirls cause lol. Only thing I hate about Takuyo are their mini games/stat raising. Some of that sheit makes me wanna rage like the fire of 1000 suns (like in the first kaerubatake game wtf honestly lol.)

    I also loved KamiKimi & Moujuu but Natsuzora…..woulda been 20 times better IF THEY USED A NORMAL READING FORMAT omg man that text on screen made me wanna punch the monitor lol. Why can’t they port it and just change the damn thing to standard otome game text box ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ).

    Lol as far as the tracings… http://breadmasterlee.tumblr.com/post/21579837607/oh-my-god-otomate-are-you-even-trying-anymore and http://breadmasterlee.tumblr.com/post/20903254098/continuing-kusomate-saga-not-only-is-ike

  9. THAT’S WHAT THE COMPANY REGISTRATION SAYS. Specifically, they do ships and harbors. It’s even right there on the company info page that nobody looks at! I was like “WTF MAN” the first time I saw it too lol, though it does explain how Takuyo could get away with making so few games that apparently don’t sell that great, taking their sweet time doing each one AND keep giving the mainstream do’M shoujo market the finger with all their heroines. They don’t have to cater to the crowd, it’s not their day job!

    As for Sorayume, I figured it’s them going ‘Okay guys we’ve made enough Gundams and Mazingers, how about we make a Eureka Seven or a Patlabor?’ Which are pretty serious business, but still quite outside the usual bounds of otome games.

    I think Otomate has been improving lately, actually, compared to their crapola PS2 days. They really got better when Hakuouki selled tons and they figured ‘holy crap if we piss off all these girls we’ll never make money again’, though….they also seem to be relapsing back into crappiness this year, so I don’t know. This might be my bias, though, since I started with Takuyo followed by QR, so I’ve never really understood the market’s love for Otomate beyond the ‘well they realized that otome games existed with Hakuouki/Hiiro maybe and Otomate DOES have the most eye-catching art or maybe it’s because they just shout the loudest about being all ‘for girls’ and the rest are kinda lowkey’ and I kind of had a thing against them until recently. Kaminaru was great. I loved Natsuzora. And Moujuutsukai. I even liked Hanayakana waga ichizoku which has the most unappealing settei ever. So I sort of warmed up to them and their better heroines, I guess, and it’s a pity their new lineup seems to made of complete crap and/or blandness….and man, do I even want to know about the tracings?

  10. Takuyo’s main job isn’t making otome games. They’re a construction company. Construction company!


    Lmfao are you serious what in the world. I didn’t play Shinigami to Shoujo but lol Evangelion text dumps. I actually liked eva, for the characters rather than for the giant robots lol. I did notice Shinigami wasn’t the usual Takuyo “crack romance” game so that’s why I’m in no hurry to play it. Though I wonder, crack aside what do you think of games like Sorayume? That was some pretty serious business lol.

    Otomate’s been delaying so many things lately and with the recent flood of tracings I’ve been finding I’m just like wtf is wrong with you gaiz. Maybe they were always so crappy but I never really cared because I was busy trying to play every otome game in existance. Now that I’ve seen the light of Quin rose (programming aside) going back to Otomate’s crapola is gonna be kinda hard…

    Also lol R18 companies – Mirai = rape-o-rama wonderland. XD

  11. Allegedly, Takuyo are giant robots because A) their relationships are something generally out of the action genre, particularly robots, but WITHOUT robots. Which means they tend to be bland if enjoyable, because that’s what relationships are like in a robot genre (because you need attention on robots). The moment they add crack (the otome game equivalent of robots) to their games, however, the way they write everything falls together perfectly and the relationships are no longer bland.

    I’m thinking my JPN friend (Firefox kind of ate the word ‘friend’ there, didn’t it, the metaphors aren’t my idea lol—I should ask her what she thinks of the 18+ companies sometimes) used robots as a semi-allegory for crack, and it kind of makes sense if you follow that logic. Takuyo’s relationships really do feel like they come out of an action show without the action, so they feel like they kind of miss something—until you add some wtf, then wham, it makes sense. So, if they’re an otaku type, they’d be the type who watch mecha shows. It’s just that they make games without them but can’t keep away from the dynamics they’re used to. The sense of humor you find in their wtf games aren’t that different from the cracky mech nerds, and you know, sometimes robot genre otaku also likes wordy series semi-philosophical Evangelion wannabe text dumps—-Shinigami no Shoujo.

    Also hilarious tidbit : Takuyo’s main job isn’t making otome games. They’re a construction company. Construction company!

    Broccoli is probably a more ‘normal’ a shoujo fan than Otomate is, lol, so the shoujo they write is more interesting and less hilariously pigeonholed. Otomate is getting to the point where it’s kind of creepy—I think some of their studios can still write awesome shit, it’s just that those studios don’t seem to be their A-team. Unless those studios ar just people they collab with—then oh well.

  12. I figured mother goose is a good game to play during downtime when I have a little bit of time left before a new release but don’t want to start on a long game.
    You are right about the otomate shoujo thing. Some of their heroines are no better than the ones out of a shinjo mayu manga lmfao 😆
    Takuyo and giant robots? Erm….which games are you playing I don’t recall that at all o_O What stands out about Takuyo to me are either strong/otokomae heroines or just completely weird shit like traps, talking animals and constant easter eggs between all their games. D3P is weird indeed and some of their systems make me wanna flip 1000 tables but they sure make charming characters so I have to give them that. Broccoli I’ve only really played Utapri (though I do have DigiCharat fantasy on my to play list) but I enjoyed it a lot so if that’s how they handle “shoujo manga” then otomate should learn a thing or two lol

  13. lol wouldn’t that be a miracle 😆 Rejet’s system is fine too so hell even if QR got with Rejet I wouldn’t mind! XD;

  14. How about Otomate and QuinRose just get together for once? Otomate can plan the system and provide the art while QR writes the story. What? A girl can dream.

  15. I played almost all of QR PC games, but finished only “Arabians Lost”. Because it’s goddamn awesome playing as a princess of rogues who has a great cast of bad boys. Also it’s not that long as Alice series

  16. And by that I meant ‘ONLY one of the few times QR did this to me’ OTL. They usually pick characters I don’t like as much as the true end route and I get my tolerably happy endings. I’m pretty sure the entire Kaidan Romance line—if there is indeed a line in the future, which I hope there will be—will do this to me judging from Hyakki Yakou’s character list haha.

    Oh, and I think Mother Goose wasn’t depressing, but it also didn’t have much romance in it, either.

  17. Luckily for me, Kyougoku is one of the few times my favourite guys got saddled with QR’s ‘true end depression’ role lol.

    I haven’t played it myself, but I’ve heard old hardcore QR fans saying that 12ji no kane disappoints them because it’s not as ‘癖がある’ as their others, which to me says that it’s not depressing as hell. I mean, they say it’s lighter than Peter Pan, which has a happy ending. You should totally do those if the banners don’t mean you’re playing them already. I don’t think the Alice series is depressing romance-wise, but it has a lot of headaches along the way, IIRC, and it’s not a completely happy series—which is kind of hard to get with a cast like that lol.

    Re Otomate – I think 80% of their aims are on the major shoujo manga-reading crowd, which automatically translates into overly emotional heroines. The other companies—I think my Jpn said it best with ‘If all of them are otaku types, Otomate writes those shoujo manga with cool guys doing cool poses with cool art. When they get it, they do, but when they don’t that’s all their work amounts to. QR goes for the CLAMP genre with girl protags instead of slashy boys, Takuyo’s of type that thinks everything is improved by giant robots and D3 is the hipster with the weird artstyles that nobody quite gets but nobody hates either because they do cool things sometimes. Broccoli is the chick who likes manga but still can’t decide if they want to come out of the shoujo-reading closet or not.’

  18. I never saw a single miyazaki movie so I can’t relate I’m afraid (not my cup of tea I guess lol)

    Sad to hear all QR games are like this (especially since I am the “rooting for theirs” team :lol:) but since there’s plenty of happy endings I’ll just think of it as a “bad ending” in my mind lmfao (cause seriously ITS BAD BAD BAD hahaha ! XD) And I also tend to think with the head as well so most otome game heroines from otomate for example I’m just like “why” the whole time. So yea it’s nice to see SOME otome game heroines have a brain in their heads rofl. After this game seeing play samples & demos of upcoming games with these doormat heroines makes me wanna chuck a table. I think I’m gonna play some QR games for a while before I get back to doormat/nonexistant personality heroine land lol

  19. I’m guessing that whether Kyougoku’s true end is depressing or not—as well as how much—kind of depends on whose happiness you’re rooting for the most. If you’re rooting for his, then it’s bittersweet and tear-jerking, but a good ending. If you’re rooting for hers, then it probably depends on how much ‘I want my beloved to be happy’ factors into Shizuka’s happiness. I’d say it’s about the same as above. If you’re rooting for THEIRS, then….well, damn, you’re screwed. Quinrose LOVES doing that in their games, since the first thing they ever made, although some are better than others. Their point seems to be that when the stakes are high, you never get EVERYTHING you want. Compare to routes where the stakes are pretty low; those tend to be pretty happy and saccharine and have decently happy endings. You don’t get real highs, but you don’t get real lows, either.

    That said, their take on otome games tend to take better if you’re the sort who loves with the head rather than the heart (does not require intelligence, so this isn’t me trying to be a snob—it’s actually kind of unfortunate as a trait, I think.) I’m glad there’s this sort of thing in the market at all because it’s woefully underserved argh, although sometimes I do wonder if they shouldn’t make alternate ends that unlocks after you’ve learned the truth ala Tsukihime’s non-canon good ends or epilogues which leaves room for the imagination. It’s not like they ever really make fandiscs except for the Alice series.

    ….or, regarding that ending, you can think of it as the otome version of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away! Think about it, it does have some similiarities…….

  20. From what I remember, you don’t need to do all the other endings to get the true end in Alice, mostly because there’s so many endings that most players would give up before that. The only locked parts of their games are in Heart/Anniversary/Clover, where you have to get one character first before the other. If you want spoilers, in Anniversary you have to do Ace’s normal route (that is, the one you get when you live with him, not when you pursue him somewhere else) before you can even live in the Clock Tower and be able to get Julius normal route. In Clover you have to do the Cheshire cat first before getting the doormouse.

    Otomate has been so boring lately, especially their crappy fandisks. After Amnesia later, I haven’t bothered with any of them, and the only game I want, passion pink, keeps getting delayed so meh. And one of the last games they released was Armen Noir portable, no way I’m touching that. I’d rather play creepy BWS than their boring games. And the Alice games may have worse art than otomate games, but at least they are funny and have a huge variety of characters, so you’re bound to like at least a couple of them.

  21. I was going to play anniversary because its on the PSP and like I mentioned before it’s easier for me to play PSP games simply because I can take it with me on my commute to work. I managed to hunt down joker and clover last night (as I already had anniversary & omochabako) so I will probably play them all. I don’t mind that they removed tongues since the art’s kinda derpy anyway lol. I still think that even with that factored in, it will still be more enjoyable than the crap I’ve gotten from kusomate in the past few months. I also don’t feel like dealing with PC compatibility crap as that’s been a huge issue for me running windows 7 64 bit.

    Sad to hear that the “true” ends are uh.always bad lol. Though I think if I was able to play the “true ends” before doing the “best ends” it wouldn’t have been as bad? It’s just that it sucks they force you to do all the other ends first THEN do the true ends which kinda leaves a bad aftertaste? Though overall I found the game enjoyable and I sincerely liked the characters so much I wouldn’t even have minded if it was longer. Most of the time with otomate I just want the damn thing to end already so I can write my review & move on 😆

  22. Oh and get used to sad true ends. The only game I’ve played of theirs that had a good true end was Peter Pan. Their motto seems to be “you either get love or the truth”.

  23. Quinrose games are long mostly because of the Alice series. After the first game (which had 700 CGs), most games in that series had over 1000. And they’re long because there’s a ton of characters to get, friendship events with people you aren’t romancing (though in Anniversary you get even more events and if you pursue them all the way you can end up with them romantically. Anniversary has double the routes), and then there’s the multiple non romantic endings you can get, including true endings, explanation endings and family endings, then endings you can get with multiple characters. The games are long, except the last fandisk which is laughably short. And the problem is, all those extra endings and events are totally worth it.

    The bad thing is, after the first game the art improved a little, but the kisses became so passionless. They never do the almost kiss or the kiss your monitor things, but their expressions look bland. In the first game you saw passion, tongues everywhere, heavy expressions, the whole thing. Plus the first game was the most ero of the bunch. Also, some characters fare better in some games than others, although the Clover game was a let down overall, and some have changed a lot over the series, but in my opinion all of them were for the better or it made them more different than others. Play Anniversary and compare the Cheshire cat’s two routes to see what I mean.

    If you play them, I recommend the first four games (or three if you don’t wanna bother with the original and just go for the remake) on the pc because those aren’t censored and you can still see the occasional tongue to save the lame kisses. Otherwise, Alice has great characters mixed in with very funny moments, so I hope to see you play it someday.

  24. I think the thing about QuinRose games being long came from Heart no Kuni no Alice since there are like over 700 CGs apparently.

  25. If you play the spinoff too then I’ll most probably wait for your thoughts on it too! Haha no problem~ I only read about it when I finished Peter Pan (sobs) and ever since I’ve been waiting for my next chance to use the rubber band. XD

  26. Well I still have a difficulty with Kanji so kinda avoiding QR game since the heroine talks a lot lol (T▽T). When I was playing Peter Pan I got headache afterward lol.

    Rubber band, ah so true we can use that trick (never thought about it before lol (≧∇≦)/ ) Btw hinano san, I hope you don’t mind if I add you into my blogroll ^_^

    Thank you (≧∇≦)/

  27. I don’t mind the length since I enjoyed the story so I plan to play more of their games. I got my rubber hand handy now for when I gotta skip again 8D

  28. Thank you for the review, judging by it, I think I might try this game ^_^ I guess QR’s heroine is pretty different, not a doormat like other otome game lol. I agree about the skip button, I played Peter Pan before and it’s pretty annoying since I need to hold R1 all the time 😦

    Ah you are playing Hallowen Wedding? I’ll be looking forward for your review ^_^. I rarely play QR’s game since it is too long lol

  29. you can play in the same order as the guide lists (which is the order I Played in.) I think that reveals the “truth” about the story in the best fashion

  30. Wow, now I definitely have to try out this game. Headstrong heroine? Hell yes. Even the yandere Hisoka kind of appeals to me. And the art’s not bad. Thanks for making a review for this game!

  31. yea I guess I was turned off after crimson empire but this definitely gave me a chance to really find out about QR heroines. I think I might purchase grimm the bounty hunter it looks pretty awesome!
    i remember playing real rode, it was also quite “long” with its gameplay but in the end I enjoyed it xD

  32. no problem I deleted your double comment ;D
    lol I’m not a fan of yanderes but I think Shizuka handled him PRETTY well…unlike that dead blob fish from Amnesia 🙄
    That might have been why I hated him less than I probably should have lol.
    yea I bundled my Miyako FD with after winter as well so I”m waiting out too xP I usually try to only bundle games if they’re released within a week of each other lol

  33. yea I am actually looking forward to the spinoff! Omg thanks for the rubber band suggestion o_O that is SUCH a good idea why didn’t I think of that!

  34. crimson empire I ragequit cause I couldn’t even get past the first battle lmfao xD; At least you actually REACHED an ending! I couldn’t even do that. That’s like the one game I will probably never play again. I’ve played stat raisers before but there’s just some kusoge that I will never touch. I will probably try my luck with the PSP alice games as I heard they decreased the # of turns in those.

  35. drastic killer had an awesome system but I think the art/character scenarios in this game were a lot better so I’d probably go with this game XD; then again DK is like 4 years old so it already has age as weakness

  36. Old quinrose games like the Alice series and Crimson Empire (oh, don’t even get me started on these) are long. I mean, I gave up actually trying to play the game cause I kept on getting the bad end for Crimson Empire, so I just downloaded a save data and played all the scenes from the replay-this-scene section .___.

    Oumagatoki is actually one of the shortest QR game I’ve ever played, the other one being Cinderella.

  37. …okay I may try playing this QR game since you mentioned that it wasn’t that long. XD It just scares me that they’ve announced a spin-off to this title so quickly, just like for their Cinderella game. Yeah about the skip button, I read a suggestion somewhere to tie a rubberband there to hold it the R button down lmao.

    Since you’re playing Cinderella next, I’ll wait for your review on that too. 8D

  38. I only read the final thoughts part for now as I don’t want to spoil the game too much for myself before I play it.

    When I watched a bit of Hisoka’s route on your broadcast the other day, I was like “OMG NO, yandere crap… .__.” This kinda killed all the enthusiasm I had for the game OTL (I really hate them yandere)

    Knowing you liked every characters, even the creepers is quite a relief. I mean, you know things are done right when they even manage to make you like/not hate the creepy characters www
    Also, it’s good to know there’s a strong heroine in there. I’m getting tired of those heroines with no personality. I can tell this is definitely going to make the game more enjoyable to me.
    Thanks to all of this, I regained interest. Thanks for the review! :3

    I will now patiently wait for my copy of the game to come in so I can get started. (I was stupid enough to bundle order it with After Winter so it’s been delayed for a month ugh…)

    (My browser crashed when I posted my comment, so I had to post it a second time. Hopefully, it doesn’t end up being posted twice >.> Sorry if it does.)

  39. Otsukare-sama~~ glad to see you’re finally joining the bandwagon 8D
    What guide did you use to play this game?

    Also, as for QR games that are ‘”long”… I think they’re long because of the (mostly tedious) gameplay. I think for those games, the stories are actually fairly short… the gameplay is the thing that makes it long.

  40. yeaaa omg as my friend said “This is Cero C done right”. Comparing this to the “Cero C” that otomate puts out should be like Cero A over there lmfao XD; The heroine being spunky was such a joy for once. I’m seriously putting QR games ahead in my backlog now =D

  41. Ohh this game sounds very nice, I’ll definitely play when I have the cahnce to do so. QuinRose’s games sound very good and I find charming the fact that there’s always this subtle ero stuff going on instead of a blatant r-18 scene. Besides the heroines are so likeable, they always made me laugh hehe

    Thank you a lot for your wonderful reviews! 😀

  42. Yea this wasn’t long at all but I liked it so much that even if it was longer I wouldn’t have minded! XD I am seriously going to just play my QR backlog now ^_^

  43. I will definitely try this game then.. One of reason is there’s Namikawa.. I also longed for QR short game (Iza Shutsujin, for example). Most of QR games are long, it’s true. But they have comedies (The crazy one that is) so I won’t feel very bored at it. And I can get full course CG from their games, I mean, there’s a lot. It’s satisfying

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