Otome Game Review: Soshite Kono Sora ni Kirameku Kimi no Uta

I didn’t realize this game got 1 star ratings on Amazon Japan until I was almost done with the first route….and I could definitely agree with everything that was said. But you know me and my thing for playing terrible otome games so I plowed through it anyway! 😆  The story is about a girl named Rumina who is the princess of the Saint Foria space colony (pardon the spelling I’m sure I butchered all these Katakana names.) This colony is located in an enclosed space. Rumina is pretty ignorant being a princess and all and has no idea that the people of her kingdom are suffering – until she runs out of the castle one day to see what the common folk are doing. She then gets to travel the universe and even meet the King of Gaia (aka earth) where she learns that people should not be treated as slaves and actually PAID for their work! (something our current US economy could learn but anyway *cough). So yea since she’s a princess and all, she’s gotta marry some rich dude so the kingdoms can merge and we avoid international intrigue over war and wealth!

Ashray Bang – Lol I don’t know if that’s how you spell his name but anyway. Ash is Rumina’s childhood friend. There’s nothing unusual about him as the typical osananajimi character and as you can guess he’s obviously had a crush on Rumina for so long but she never realized it! Or at least that’s what I thought but at the end Rumina’s the one who’s like “my god why aren’t you TAKING me already!?” I could go on writing about all the space battles and country wars (it was like the romance of the 3 kingdoms or something) but I’m not even going to bother so I guess I’ll just do character descriptions instead. Ash has this whole huge guilt on him because Rumina’s brother disappeared saving him and so I guess he feels devoted to protecting Rumina since he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. When Rumina gets sucked into a black hole Ash is in despair but he cries manly tears when she magically comes back. Rumina tells Ash that she once had a crush on this old fart who comforted her as a loli when her mother died. Ever since then he was her first love and she’s had a crush on him. She realizes that her knight in shining armor is actually Ash and she tries to confess her feelings to him before the final battle but he’s all like NOO I MUSTN’T BETRAY MY COUNTRY etc. So then he dies in battle and Rumina is now forced to marry some erojiji who’s older than her dad /vomit. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! During the wedding ceremony though, a magically survived Ash shows up (apparently he got saved by Rumina’s brother who is also magically alive) and breaks up the wedding. He announces that the Ash who was loyal to the kingdom has “died” and this Ash will now take Rumina as a man and love and protect her. So the 2 of them run away while Rumina’s dad continues trying to chase after them. The funniest part is we see them living in this shack and the sprites are of them when they’re like 16…but suddenly the CG shows them grown up with a baby. GREAT CONSISTENCY GAIZ. \( ^o^)/ In the special scenario Ash and Rumina go to some amusement park and do all these cute date things. They finish the night off in the ferris wheel where they kiss. Sure it was quality but it would have been nicer to see in the original route instead of like – BOOM WE HAVE BABIES. Great. (ಠ_ಠ)

Pelmond Will Ricksys – Gosh I give up with these names. Pelmo’s route was actually quite interesting. He’s younger than Rumina and is also her teacher. Pelmo is really into history and he’s read like every single book in the kingdom’s library. In this route Edios doesn’t try to force her to marry him and in fact let’s them leave peacefully. Rumina signs a peace treaty with him but her idiot father starts raging and tells her to stay in her room while Pelmo is sanctioned to the library. While there he finds a new book which is full of secrets about the royal family. Turns out that Rumina’s father isn’t her real father. He is the step brother of Rumina’s birth father. He was in love with Rumina’s birth mother so he went and killed her real father – married the mother and became king by rewriting the books. This secret was hidden and when Raious finds this book he goes and arrests both Rumina and the King saying they are fakes. Before Rumina is about get beheaded (wtf really Gundams and Guillotines?) Pelmo shows up with her mother’s diary. This proves that Rumina is the legit daughter of the actual king and so she becomes the Queen of St. Foria. She’s not ready to be Queen though so she runs off with Pelmo to travel the world. In the bonus scenario they just get stuck in the jungle and live in some shack they built…and then she runs and sees him half naked bathing in the water 😆 I really would have liked more romance but maybe in the fandisk ショボーン(´・ω・`). What a pity, Souichiro Hoshi’s chars keep getting screwed like this T3T.

Edios Ruckloud Piras – I prolly should have saved him for last but his route was halfway identical to Ash’s so I figured why not? 😆 His thing basically is he’s the Wander Knight that Rumina’s been in love with since she was like 4. She met with him when she was crying about her mother’s death and he comforted her. Turns out Edios is actually the real son of the King of St. Foria which is why he hates him, and vice versa – hence for interplanetary intrigue over oil and wealth. He was a twin who was unwanted so while he was born on St. Foria he was then abandoned on Gaia and so he’s pretty much lived his entire life for revenge…and well I don’t blame him! That manwhore king is at fault in this whole game! So during the battle between Soldishia and St. Foria, Rumina protects him and therefore betrays her kingdom. She goes and baws in some cave and then Edios comes for her telling her he’s abandoned Soldishia and the 2 of them will go start a new planet together or something. ┐(‘~`;)┌ The bonus scenario was even dumber as she randomly met up with him, without even knowing his name and is like “OMG PLEASE TAKE ME AWAY!” Then 1 year later it still shows him as “shounen” so what she lived with him for a year without knowing his name? XD Then suddenly Ash and Pelmo burst in raging and then a fight breaks out and Edios gets stabbed. Rumina tells the other 2 to GTFO while Edios is like dying or something. What the hell did I go through the effort for (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻.

Lailous Seto Reiford
– Laious is the king of Evil Land (lol nice name.) He’s assigned to be Rumina’s fiance so that Evil Land and St. Foria can join to be 1 massive Kingdom. Laious is kind of annoying at first always hitting on Rumina but then shit hits the fan and Shion goes batshit and like destroys Evil Land completely. Because Evil land is in ruins he starts emoing saying how he’s no longer fit to be Rumina’s fiance. Ash hears of this and starts bitching about how he’s just lying to himself and how he loves Rumina as well and he’s not gonna give her away to some loser. So then the 2 of them have a sword fight (that sounds like forks and knives smacking against glass 😆 )and Ash wins…but at least he gets Laious to admit that he loves Rumina. Ash walks out all cool saying “damn I won the battle but lost the war!” Poor guy TAT. So then Laious goes off to fight Shion and is lost in battle. Years pass and Rumina spends most of her time emoing alone in her room. Since Evil Land is destroyed a lot of people start moving into St. Foria. Meanwhile Laious is actually alive and he wants to change the country for the good so he frees all the servants and works amongst them. The sad part is – he’s lost his sight in the war. He’s blind but to this day he still loves Rumina. Rumina finds him talking about her to some kids and she cries a river. She comes to him and introduces herself as his wife. He asks if a blind guy like him is good enough for her and she says yes. (´;ω;`) What the hell! What kind of ending is this ugh. I didn’t even bother doing the bonus end because it was just too depressing after the last one -_-;.

Cyanide Baccard Eisel – Shionido is Cyanide right? LOL well for now I’ll refer to him as Shion. He is the king of Shinorekia and always has something up his butt. He’s got glasses so he pretty much has the “I’m serious and have no emotions!” shtick going on for a while. He basically wants to avenge the royal family of St. Foria because his sister got killed by one of their gundams or something in an accident and they refused to compensate him for it. So from then on he’s been bent on revenge and even joining forces with Soldishia to destroy both Evil Land and St Foria. He also lies and says that he killed Michael and that sets Rumina off and she whips out her knife trying to attack him. She says she’ll kill him and then herself but of course it fails. She tells him that she wants to save him from….himself and his thirst for revenge because she knows it makes him a sad panda. So then somehow she accidentally presses the SELF DESTRUCT button for the entire colony (why would you even have this ?) The entire place catches on fire as she tries to deactivate it and she gets trapped in a burning room. Shion thinks its better this way because this will be part of his revenge, but then the ghost of his dead sister appears telling him to stop emoing and go save Rumina. He goes and saves her (and gives her some mouth to mouth hell yea too bad the CG was horrible) but then they both get trapped in the fire cause they’re too busy chit chatting about his ideals. Fortunately, Michael comes to save them because hey guess what he wasn’t dead after all! So then Soldishia betrays Shion and attacks them instead and Shion and Michael go out battling to save both St. Foria and Shinorekia. Afterwards Shion tells her that he loves her and he wants to be with her forever and make a happy land! \( ^o^)/ The bonus scenario was kinda cute. After the fire incident, Shion ended up nursing Rumina back to health and she got mad at him cause he wanted to give her a sponge bath 😈 At the end he tells her “It’s time to change your clothes ^_^” and she’s like “baka ( ´_ゝ`)”. Haha well it was cute. It’s really a shame for the CGs since I actually thought the route was really nice….oh well ┐(‘~`;)┌

Vongils Arcaid Shumal – Gils is from the Tirangs kingdom. He basically just sits back and wants every country to just fight until they kill themselves. Rumina finds him getting drunk and watching the space battle and laughing so she bitchslaps him. Apparently St. Foria and Evil Land keep leeching off Tirangs along with Soldishia…so he figured if Soldishia killed everyone then he’d only have to worry about dealing with them. When Rumina falls on to Gaia, he goes to save her and in the meantime Soldishia goes and destroys his country and kills his father. They then plan to destroy Evil Land & St. Foria and he tries to tell that to everyone but they don’t listen. In order to get them to listen, he takes Rumina hostage at knife point and because of this they are able to stop the war. Rumina’s father offers him a reward for his doing and he almost requests Rumina but when he hears that Soldishia retreated from Tirangs, he changes his mind and instead asks for assistance to rebuild his country. Then before leaving he randomly takes Rumina at knife point AGAIN 🙄 and says she better come to his country when he rebuilds it…as his waifu. NICE PROPOSAL. (ಠ_ಠ) Anyway that was stupid. I barely paid attention half way through the route. In all of his CGs Gils looked like some nasty ossan too so I couldn’t even find myself caring for any of the event scenes either.

Elmichael Ivent Shumal – Michael is the brother of Rumina who’s been MIA for like the entire game but has secretly protected her from the shadows. Well since I already did Shion and Edios’ routes, basically he reveals the deal with Shion’s revenge and that he’s Edios’ twin and not actually Rumina’s brother. SO MUCH FOR NEW CONTENT! So then he suddenly goes “OMG I LOVE YOU EVER SINCE I FOUND OUT YOU WEREN’T RELATED TO ME!” Rumina’s like “lol wut” and then suddenly a crazed Shion shows up raging to kill them all. Just as time would have it, the ghost of Shion’s dead sister appears and tells him not to kill them. So then Shion & Michael team up and defeat Soldishia and that’s when Rumina’s all like “I LOVE YOU TOO!” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So then Shion suggests she become his “sister” so that her last name changes and that she can go and marry Michael without any problems! And so in the end they get married. In the bonus scenario it was Michael to marry Elizabeth but then Elizabeth (who has the most sense of anyone in this game) is like “ok I know you’re a siscon, so go marry her instead lol bye.” So then Michael goes to いちゃいちゃ with Rumina on the balcony. But then they both start emoing how their relationship is forbidden, completely disregarding the fact that in the previous scenarios we found out that they aren’t actually blood related anyway 🙄 So then her father has to explain the entire “you’re not actually siblings” plot to them so everything is ok! So then they’re both so happy they start making out in front of the dad 😆

If you completed all the bonus scenarios there was apparently some final ending you’d see but I pretty much had it with the QUALITY of this game so I didn’t even bother. I might have considered doing it if the choices weren’t timed but redoing the routes with timed choices irritated me to no end so I just gave up at this point. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Well I guess I’ll just echo what the Amazon reviewers did. The cover art and sprite art are extremely misleading. The moment you see a CG and then compare it to the sprite in the dialogue box you start to think “who the hell is that guy in the CG?” It’s like the CGs were the absolute last priority on the company’s list so even when you finally get a nice scene, you see someone’s crooked face and it’s just all ruined. (´・ω・`;) Music was fitting but nothing special. While I did like that the heroine sort of goes and stands up for herself and doesn’t sit back and be a damsel in distress…there was a massive lack of romance. To make up for the lack of romance, they then made you do this “slot game” in order to then “buy” the special endings from the shop. The special endings are as you guessed, all the actual romance that should have been in the original routes. (ಠ_ಠ) Sadly after the route is over, I don’t really find myself caring that much about romance by that point! You need to make me care when I’m playing the dude’s route! The slot game was complete b/s so the only way to earn enough coins was to quick save before the ending, and then quick load enough times until you got enough points. Sad. In the CG gallery if there were CGs that say panned vertically….you could only see it pan vertically and THAT’S IT. You could not then pan up or down once the auto-pan finished. So say in a CG the bottom part was the characters and the top part was the sky…yea that’s right you had to quickly cap the part with the chars before it turned into the sky cause it would just stay that way. THANKS. ( ಠ益ಠ )The entire story felt like Gundam, Eva, some old timey crap put together. It’s like they didn’t know whether they wanted to make it fantasy or mecha or what because you’d be seeing like kingdoms and horse drawn carriages…but then you’d be seeing gundams, skyscrapers and guys in construction hats :lol:. Some of the voice acting was poor quality. Morikawa sounded like he recorded his lines on skype and uploaded them to the game makers while he was on vacation in Hawaii. I might have been less brutal in my opinion if they had put the romance scenes into the original routes and had less QUALITY CGs but those 2 things are typically what make or break a game for me so…too bad so sad. Hopefully the fandisk will be an improvement…

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  1. LOL Evil Land? Is that really the name? xD
    What kind of developer puts all of the romance in a slot machine? (ಠ_ಠ) Lucky I didn’t play this game.. *says the person who almost got tempted by the cover art* So you’re playing the fandisk now? I hope it’s better so you don’t have to sit through yet another crappy game lol.

  2. Pelmolookslikekidholycraphowdidyounotfeellikeapedobeartheentiretime?

    Lol I’m with Rin ^ hahahaha EVIL LAND? LOLWAT

    And the names…. lol it was like they were trying to mix gundam, medieval, and…. fancy english names(?) into one game… and I don’t think it worked too well 😛 Lol

  3. WOW That’s the famous Adumi Tohru doing the character designs! (realized right away) but all the CGs in game were obviously done by someone else. Too bad they’re not even half as good.

  4. Rin> Lol I know right? nice naming there 😆 Yea it was really the name lol. The fandisk sadly isn’t much better except that the art is maybe SLIGHTLY better, it’s shorter, and there’s no more timed choices.

    Mimi> Because I made it through Trouble Fortune
    Company Happy Cure 😎 I’m sure I butchered the names but I couldn’t find any English transliterations on the official site so I just rolled with it 😆

    yukiruchan> Yes the person who did the cover art/stand ins is definitely NOT the CG artist. Maybe they couldn’t afford to pay him to do the CGs so they just go some cheapo to do them. Kinda makes me angry cause that’s like MY art quality and I don’t get paid for it! 😆

  5. Paying people is silly…except for one person–number one! Don’t you know! Lol, be glad you don’t live in Ohio. We’re on the whole we shouldn’t pay government workers either kick. 😀 After all, what are the doing for big business?

    Oh Kaisch. He’s not as stupid as other states make out. He’s 10x stupider. And we can’t get rid of him. What’s annoying is he barely squeaked into office.

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