The Top 10 Notorious Oniichans I’ve Encountered in Otome Games


Brother double feature! Following the otoutokun game, by popular demand I’ve decided to do the top 10 oniichans that we all love to hate (or maybe love to get locked up in the uguu cage of love??) No otoutokuns allowed here, must be the older brother figure! Please be forewarned that there will probably be some spoilers for the games they come from so read at your own risk!

Even Takuyo agrees that oniichan is the best guy for a tokuten
Even Takuyo agrees that oniichan is the best guy for a tokuten

10. Akira from Himehibi 2

He’s also obsessive stalker bro who leers at Nanami from behind classroom doors almost all day long. He also is her tutor for classes and I guess since their parents have been dead for x number of years they’ve basically survived on their own. The problem is they both think of each other WAY MORE than family.

Ok well to be fair, he’s one of the milder oniichans. He just quietly stalks his imouto waiting for her to go through all the guys in the game until she can be all raburabu with him in his route. Hmm where have I seen THIS premise before?

Incest? ☑Yes ❏No


9. Takashi from LoveRevo

..his old college friend Shinobu who basically told Hitomi that her brother rejected girls, scholarships, jobs all to be with her. *3 hours later* …….it really was an incest ending orz. And he’s like biting her ear and he’s like her brother….and their parents both want them to go on omiais but they refuse….because they’re in love…

I think this was my first encounter in an otome game with an actual incest route. My golden reaction will forever be remembered because now I can look back and laugh because the me then didn’t know what would lie ahead of me 7 years later… 😂 That said, I guess he was generally a good oniichan, he did help her lose weight…but then he probably cry-fapped himself to sleep when she ended up with every guy except for him in the game.

Incest? ☑Yes ❏No

Ze Oniichan Grip
Ze Oniichan Grip

8. Reigand from Tiny x Machinegun

When he found out that he had a half sister who was now left all alone though, his cold persona vanished and OUT COMES THE SISCON! Despite being HALF SIBLINGS Reigand is totally okay with banging his sister, even though this is NYC and it’s considered incest here. The good news for him is, Tiny is actually a huge brocon! In fact she secretely cuts out articles/photos of him in newspapers and magazines and adds them to her oniisama collection \(^o^)/.

This oniichan is lucky that his imouto is a massive brocon and they even get married & live happily ever after. Unfortunately Rejet doesn’t realize you can’t marry your blood related sibling in NYC.

Incest? ☑Yes ❏No

Oniichan taking it upon himself to interview potential mandidates for you
Oniichan taking it upon himself to interview potential mandidates for you

7. Joshua from Death Connection

At first he just feels like he’s this annoying “older brother figure” and that’s what Amelia pretty much sees him the whole game. However, things change when they are living in a house fulla dudes and he starts to really get jealous that he no longer has all of her attention! I mean back in the day any male friends Amelia made he’d scare them away and give them the evil eye.

Amelia always wondered why nobody ever hit on her until now…well that’s because oniichan has been scaring off any potential suitors! 😂 Also they have to basically get him drunk and take him away in every route that’s not his or else Amelia really can’t get with any other guy.

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No

What a waste of Tachibana Shinnosuke's voice
What a waste of Tachibana Shinnosuke’s voice

6. Manaka from I DOLL U

So after Aika’s mother died, he had Aika hospitalized and then illegally changed her memories using a ~special song~! He even went as far as becoming an idol because Aika said she was too shy to be one. All of this because he just wanted to be her oniichan😆.

When imouto won’t notice you, you must alter her brain so that she does. What a genius!

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No


5. Radu from Princess Nightmare

Little is 14 and she’s been playing with some female human friends and going to school taking lessons. However she says she is bored of this and she wants to spend time talking to Radu who is only awake at night. Radu gets irritated and chomps on her neck turning her into a vampire. Vlad bursts in and bitch slaps him saying “What have you done!” and Radu retorts with “the same thing you did to me!” BL rage everywhere! \(^o^)/

So not only does he turn a 14 year old loli into a vampire, he did it because of BL rage against daddy!😂😂😂 And after this he becomes her unofficial oniisama who of course she gets to marry in the end because why not.

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No

A high spec oniichan who escaped from a fairy tale

4. Nesso from Black Wolves Saga

Alright now we’re getting to the good ones. These last 4 brothers are ~special~ in a way where you want to specially seal them in a box and ship them off to a deserted island.

they are actually half siblings. DESPITE THIS NESSO REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTS TO BANG HIS SISTER. It’s not one of those “I’ve never once looked at you as a sister” kind of things, it’s one of those “I want to bang you cause you’re my sister YEAAAH” l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il . In the bad end if you tell Nesso you don’t love Elza he’s like STOP LYIN’ BITCH and goes batshit insane. He takes her outside saying they’re gonna go where no one can take her away from him! キモイよ兄ちゃん(◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)

Nesso was the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cray cray oniichans. It’s also hilarious because he’s a special siscon who rather than “I don’t love you like a sister” he “loves her like a sister and wants to bang her because of this” 😂😂. Also I almost laughed him off until that bad end in Elza’s route. Rejet just can’t stop, won’t stop.

Incest? ☑Yes ❏No

Bless the gal who made this blingee

3. Toma from Amnesia

Worried that Mary will run away to Shin, Toma decides to take his insanity one step up, and stuffs Mary into a fucking ANIMAL CAGE. (He even complained how hard it was to bring it into his apartment.) Seriously, he fucking carries a giant animal cage into his apartment and NOBODY says anything.

You thought he’d be #1 right? Well wrong! To be fair, he had a slip with his cage but he did kill the crazy bitches who attacked Mary Sue and feeling bad about the cage he later just locked himself in it in the FD 😂. They even watered him down in the games that followed so honestly I don’t have much beef with Toma anymore.

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No

A high spec oniichan with a gentle smile

2. Wabisuke from Gekka Ryoran Romance

WABISUKE DECIDED THAT HE’S STILL NOT SATISFIED THAT HE GOT SCREWED OVER IN HIS ROUTE, AND ATSUMORI’S ROUTE SO HE REVS UP THE YANDERE LEVEL HIGHER IN THIS ONE…. Curious as to wtf is going on she follows them only to hear Wabisuke admit that he wants to bed his sister and then raging and stabbing Reito THREE TIMES LOL. Nazuna rushes out to help a bleeding Reito and calls an ambulance while Wabisuke whines that now Nazuna hates him (even though she forgives him because like I said – she’s a brocon forever.)

This one’s funny because he’s worse in other people’s routes than his own. I mean, he was pretty cray in his own, but his stalking ways in Reito’s route were COMEDY GOLD. It was so ridiculous, I literally just burst out laughing the entire time. Also, it was extra funnier because he and Toma have the same voice actor.

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No

A high spec proud oniichan who is sweeter to his imouto than anyone else…(눈_눈)

1. Masato from Moshi Kami

Massive game spoiler here so beware:

Haruka suddenly has a flashback that when she was younger, she went to the beach with Masato and his college friend. The friend said he found a dead whale and told Haruka to come with him while Masato wasn’t looking. It was a trick, and instead the friend raped a 10 year old child…and Masato saw the whole thing. He got so enraged, he killed his friend – and then claimed that Haruka “tempted” the guy into doing this with her body….and raped her again…../HANDS SLIDING DOWN FACE (눈_눈).

After this revelation I sat there for a solid 15 minutes in utter horror and then shit bricks on twitter about wtf I just read. On top of this he also did some pretty gross stuff in his own route in that game but if you’re morbidly curious you can read my review on the details of that. (눈_눈) Masato definitely earns the platinum trophy for being the most disgusting oniichan in my 7.5 years of otome gaming.

Incest? ❏Yes ☑No

I’m sure someone is thinking I should have added Lindo from Dance with Devils in here but since I never played that game I didn’t bother putting it in. Decided to just go with the games I actually did play. Also I realized that there’s quite a few yandere otoutokuns but not enough to make a top 10 list. Maybe in a few years?

40 thoughts on “The Top 10 Notorious Oniichans I’ve Encountered in Otome Games

  1. I laughed really hard seeing that Toma blingee 😂😂 I thought Toma was gonna be 2nd with Masato being 1st but then I saw Wabisuke. I was like oh right there’s this guy. maybe because I was still new to otoge back then when I read your Gekka review

    1. that Blingee (and the other ones she made) are golden and will never be forgotten.

      Yea Toma is bad but Wabisuke actually crashes into your dude’s routes which Toma didn’t really do outside his own

  2. Takashi ❤ ❤ lol he's the only reason I tried Love Revo (and because he's voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke). It probably wouldn't suit the charm of the game, but I wanted some stupid brother ending. XDD

    1. haha meanwhile I was like “I Love Takashi but pls make some kind of note that he was adopted and not her real brother——nope” 😂

  3. It’s okay to not add Lindo he was disappointingly normal most of the time (Except Devil End1: in a bad way, Human end2: in an acceptable way) lol. Pretty chill guy over all. (Of course my sensibility shouldn’t be trusted because Nesso is still my favorite to this day lmao.)

    1. haha well had I played DwD he would have still been ok for the list I mean he doesn’t sound any worse than Reigand or the other guys in the bottom 10 XD

    2. And to top it off Lindo has somewhat understandable reasons beyond siscon for his behaviour so…I doubt he’d make the top four, at least.

  4. Called it! Masato is extreamly creepy, but that game is so messed up in so many ways I don’t think it matters. However Toma will always take the cake for me, that was the first time I ran into a character like that. XD

    And, as far as top 10 lists are concerned, top 10 worst bad ends. Reading through your reviews, I’ve seen stuff that makes my skin crawl.

    1. I think I had played Gekka before I played Amnesia so it was backwards for me in that sense lol. hm 10 bad ends XDDD I used to skip a lot of bad ends before there were PSN trophies so I actually don’t have a complete listing but I guess I could do with the ones I did go through. Reine des Fleurs, and MoshiKami would probably take the cake for those :T..or any R-18 game with all the massive amounts of rape and abuse

  5. They should have set TxM in Sweden, lmao. Here it’s legal to marry your half-sibling (after some serious consultations, most likely to see if you’re sane). I totally researched laws incest relationships some time back for a story I’m writing and knowing this is the thing I regret knowing. I will never see half-sibling oniichans or otoutos the same again. (Not that I ever loved oniichans or otoutos as a type per se.)

    1. haha honestly I don’t know why they had to give him a route, or make it so that they are actually related lol. He coulda been a side character like her dad/uncle whatever it was. Oh well Heinz was the best guy so I’m not that mad 😂

    1. haha what was weird about the whole thing is they didn’t act like it was unnatural or forbidden. it wasn’t like “oh my god can I marry my oniisama!? is this forbidden?” Nah it was just like “oniisama I love you lets marry~ ❤” like it was totally normal which is why the whole thing felt even weirder to me.

  6. Welp…lol yanderes and oniichans were never my thing so reading this made me cringe. Lol, thanks for the post and now I can watch out for the crazies!!! (Or I should, but gotta play Amnesia Uggu Cage of Wuv)

    1. haha well in one of Toma’s ends it feels like justice to me so honestly after all these others, Toma barely scratches me

  7. I feel like arcana famiglia should get a special mention coz of the complicated incest in that game despite having no “onichans”. Lol. Cousin and nephew…..hmmm

  8. This brings back so much tears and pain from Toma’s dog cage of love ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  9. I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years but have yet to leave a comment.
    I think a ‘top 10 plot twists’ would be interesting!
    Or maybe top 10 ossan characters???
    There are some huge age differences in some otome games it’s spooky. D:

    Btw do you know anything about the game system of higurashi no naku koro ni sui? I’ve seen some reviews of the original games but none of sui. The only thing I really know about it is that the game is fully voiced and it looks like the text isn’t all over the screen anymore which is a plus.

    1. thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

      I don’t know anything about higurashi since I never played that game sorry I can’t help you!

  10. Lol, the Oniichan I’m currently encountering is the brother-cousin Lindo from Dance with Devils. The Mother is currently telling me that since he’s her older sister’s son we’re not actually related by blood???? But like??? Whaaaat???

    And like, the guys in Dance with Devils are so fucking insane that the brother-cousin is actually the best choice!!?!? I mean, at least he’s not peeling off people’s faces with arrowheads o.o OMG THIS GAME

    Sorry for going off on a tangent XD

    1. wait a minute *record scratch

      how are they not related by blood if he’s her older sister’s son (aka her cousin) unless her older sister or her mother were adopted….??? lol yea I got nothing.

      holy shit really ? I thought that in DWD Lindo was the craziest one..I guess not XD well sasuga Rejet I guess rofl

      1. There were no adoptions XD I don’t get it at all~

        Shiki is hands down the craziest. He goes full on yandere and brings people to kill in front of the MC so he can see her いい顔。 ああゾクゾクする痛み!!::insert orgasm noise here:: Let’s just say that in the good akuma ending, she stabs him in the heart with a knife.

        1. “Let’s just say that in the good akuma ending, she stabs him in the heart with a knife.”

          Somehow that phrase just made my day.
          *stab* …..ヽ(^o^)丿hooray happy end!

          1. UPDATE: I have just finished the ‘hidden’ Roen route and I have now decided that he is the best one. Especially the good Devil end.

  11. I didn’t want to hop onto that insanely long thread on Lindo from DwD above, but I can comment on what the anime says: he and MC are first cousins because their mothers were sisters. After his mother died, her mother/his aunt took him in and raised him as her own, telling the kids that they were bro and sis. That being said, that’s not as bad as blood-related siblings, but with what I know about DNA and science…it’s not good either.

    Maybe a “Top 10 funniest otome game characters/routes”? Some of the reviews I’ve read on here make me laugh.

    The following is unrelated, but I feel should be added to your old defunct otome game company list – it sounds like Blue Moon bit the dust (YAY you called it right). Through Google Translate (which was coherent enough for me to understand the important bits), they officially discontinued Double Score this April because it sounds like they couldn’t get it together:

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