Otome Game Review: Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kamisama ga Iru to Suru Naraba.

Title sounds like a light novel mouthful which means “If there is a god in this world then…” The title itself is pretty ironic at the things that go down in the story but that was probably Rejet’s intention. The story starts when Kurumi Haruka, a lonely high school girl is forced to be part of the school field trip committee with 4 guys. All 5 of them receive letters one day from “themselves” that have a strange “wish” written on it. None of them have any idea what’s going on until a series of strange incidents begin happening around them. To find the true plot of the game, massive spoilers after the jump. If you plan to play this I suggest just skipping to my final thoughts at the bottom. If you do decide to read the spoilers, be warned, this isn’t for the faint of heart. Also warning: lots of text walls.


Well if you’re reading this you probably want to know the clusterfuck that’s going on. First I’m going to talk about the basic story and then go into detail about the heroine because it’s extremely vital to the plot. So basically Haruka, Ace, Neji, Kyou and Shuri are all victims of child abuse. At the age of 11 they were all childhood friends and got together one day to write letters to god with wishes. They then threw the letters into the ocean and the Japanese god, Izanami heard their wish. (If you don’t know the story I highly suggest reading the brief link I just posted.) She granted this wish by creating a new world – a world between earth & the underworld – aka Limbo! Haruka & co. get teleported to this world, and while they’re at it, the 4 earthen guardians that guard Izanami get inside of them. Meanwhile, Izanami gets inside of Haruka because Haruka’s wish is to “not be herself”. And so 7 years pass and Izanami’s powers are beginning to weaken so the world is going to come to an end. Izanami’s mythological husband Izanagi, comes into her world to try to get her back to the underworld along with the help with his 3 sons Susanoo, Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi. Unfortunately for him, Susanoo is a Mama’s boy so he wants to make Izanami’s wish come true, to reunite her with Izanagi on earth. But what happens when the god of the underworld roams the earth? All shit hits the fan so every time this happens, a reset occurs – aka when you restart the game to get a different ending or go into someone else’s route. 😂 The other part of this is the Izanagi takes the body of Haruka’s deceased brother Masato, and the 3 sons take deceased bodies of the Kuki brothers Akira, Shizuka & Hikaru. Now if that wasn’t enough, because the world everyone is in is created by Izanami who is inside Haruka – everyone in this world wants her. So Haruka is often a victim of creepers, stalkers and yandere BFFs. Fortunately with Izanami on her side, she can make any wish to save herself – but granting too many causes Izanami to take over her body and cause all sorts of chaos.


Little does anyone know that the true end boss is Haruka’s brother Masato, who has taken over Izanagi’s powers and will do anything in order to have Haruka all to himself, even if it means world destruction. Haruka’s real father died from an illness when she was little, so at around  when Haruka was 10, her mother remarried and Haruka got Masato has her step brother. Apparently her mother suffered a lot of debt because of her father and when she married Haruka’s real dad, that’s when she felt “free’d”.  After Haruka’s birth father died, her mom became a single working mother who worked hard to raise Haruka while continuously being chased by loan sharks after her granpa’s loans. They would move around a lot running away until her mom gave in and married a rich guy to pay off all her loans. Everything was ok at first until it turns out Haruka’s mom married a fucking pedophile rapist who would continuously rape Haruka. Haruka kept quiet about it and just put up with it because she didn’t want her mom to have to work again and be miserable like she was before. The only one who “knew” about it was Masato, and he would spend more time with Haruka to keep her distanced from his dad…but nobody called the police or reported this horror (눈_눈). So this is why Haruka made a wish to “not be herself” and why it allowed Izanami to easily go inside her body. After the beach incident (which I will talk about later), Haruka’s mind mentally shut it out because of the PTSD and she would constantly have dreams of being trapped inside a whale skeleton surrounded by dwarves. Not too soon later, her brother suicided but her mom just said that he went to “study overseas” and to “forget about him”. And because Masato died, there was no one left to protect Haruka from stepdad pedophile rapist. Haruka then stopped smiling and stopped going to school and her mother knew of what Masato did but not of what her own husband was doing so when Haruka brought up Masato’s name, the mom would constantly rage in both worlds. One day her mom found a letter that Masato left behind which told her the truth about his father and after that day the pedophile shitlord was finally gone from their lives.

Haruka’s mom then took Haruka and they left Tokyo to move to a small village by the sea – which is where she met Neji, Ace, Kyou & Shuri. She never did get a clear answer of what happened to Masato but she heard his dad blaming his death on both Haruka & her mom. All of this happened within a span of a year and at age 11 is when Haruka & co. made their wishes and were teleported to Izanami’s world. In Haruka’s BP letter, she goes into detail to say that the full description of her wish was to “not be a woman” so she could have fun with the boys w ithout feeling shy about where they touch each other…and if she wasn’t a woman she wouldn’t have gotten raped all those times. However she brings up that if she became a man, then oniichan might not recognize her or want to be with her so……….she became both. Izanami makes her have as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome when she is teleported to her world….so while she still looks like a woman on the outside, supposedly she cannot have children is what the doctor tells her. Several times throughout the game she mentions how she doesn’t feel like a man or woman and it’s only after I read her BP letter that things finally made sense. The letters also interestingly revealed that Haruka is actually older than the 4 guys by a few months. Most of what I wrote above isn’t in the actual game but in the Black Post scenarios in the omake section. Honestly I’m a bit glad because had some of this stuff been voiced I think I would have thrown up. The common route mostly deals with Haruka being bullied by Tomoko, whose intentions I still can’t figure out. Tomoko is Izanami-world-only friend that Haruka has in high school but due to her trauma Haruka’s nature is to be closed off from everyone. In middle school she was tricked by her friends & backstabbed because some guy who they liked ended up like Haruka instead. So even though Tomoko tried to befriend Haruka, she’d act nice but would always keep a wall in front of her.


Tomoko has her own set of problems, including a drunk wife beater dad who beats her mom so badly that she wanted Tomoko to take the beatings for her. In one of the routes when Tomoko goes missing, her mom tells Haruka that if she’s not there that she will get beaten instead. Also in the common good ending, if Haruka opens up to Tomoko, she’s suddenly all happy and they become BFFS – and if she doesn’t , typically Tomoko either kills Haruka (bad end) or ends up dying, and being brought back to life as an oni. Tomoko basically goes out of her way to make Haruka miserable. She admits all her crimes in Shuri’s route and says it’s because Haruka would never open up to her. Honestly I can’t tell if Tomoko wanted Haruka to be her bff or if she wanted more. It varied from route to route, and in Shuri’s, Tomoko said that she wanted to BE Haruka which disproves my previous statement. Tomoko was known to basically go around fucking random guys when she got the chance to look like Haruka in appearance, and she would spread her legs for any guy who would do as she says to make Haruka miserable. So overall, I never really did understand her feelings towards Haruka, or towards herself so it’s difficult for me to talk about what went on inside her head. Obviously being beaten by your parents doesn’t help things and a lot of Haruka’s classmates talked trash about Tomoko even after her death until Haruka told them to shut up. Ultimately I’m not sure if I can ever forgive Tomoko for the awful things she did to Haruka, (setup multiple attempts to get Haruka raped/killed) so I’m not delving into this any further. Once you get past a lot of the bullying and you end up on one of the guys’ routes, by then usually Tomoko’s either dead or close to dead. I don’t think she survives in a single route except the common good end. In the BP letters though, Tomoko’s harassment of Haruka begins almost immediately after she introduces herself, so I’m going with the fact that she was jealous of Haruka easily attracting men while Tomoko had to put out in order to get anyone’s attention (also pretty much proven by Shuri’s route.)

2016-04-20-123953Sasanami Ace – Unless I understood wrong, Ace probably has the “least” problematic family. His mom is just obsessed with him becoming a pro Tennis player like his father so she even named him “Ace” because of this (;^ω^). Well other than the stupidity of that and constant pressure to be the very best like no one ever was, Ace had a pretty normal childhood. I mean yea it can be annoying to constantly be forced to practice tennis but I think ultimately he ended up liking it and he really enjoyed it in Izanami’s world. He seems stoic & quiet but then he’ll say something goofy and has an obsession with a certain soft drink called Karasu Coke. So Tomoko decides that since her rape-Haruka-by-sensei plan didn’t work out so well, she’s gonna target Ace who Haruka now obviously likes. She sets it up so that it seems like Ace was hitting on her in the tennis locker room. She also gets some of the guys on the team who hate him to run in at the right moment and take photos. She then threatens Ace to act like they’re dating and not tell anyone the truth or else she will do more bad shit to Haruka. Ace wants to protect Haruka so he even lies to Kyo about everything because Tomoko apparently is spying on him everywhere or installed some hidden cams at his house. Tomoko then gets attacked by oni-sensei and when an oni bites you, you turn into one so she turns into one herself and chomps Ace’s arm off. (Well she doesn’t chop it off completely but takes a huge bite out of his shoulder rendering him unable to play tennis.) Haruka wishes for all of Ace’s wounds to be insta-healed and they take a nap. After waking up, they tell Kyo & co. where they are, and Ace reveals to Haruka that Tomoko is the wench behind it all.

2016-04-20-124008Meanwhile, the Kuki brothers decide to keep Tomoko as a pet oni feeding her random sacrifices until they kill her (;^ω^). When Ace gets back to his house everyone wonders how his horrible wound is magically gone but he wants to keep Haruka’s powers a secret. Ace then tells everyone about Tomoko and the oni and everyone realizes that no one but them were able to see the oni  – because any kind of underworld beings can only be seen by those associated with it – aka Haruka & the Ikazuchi guardians. A few days later Ace confesses to Haruka that he loves her and kisses her. When Haruka returns home that day Akira shows up to warn her that she may have cured Ace’s outer wounds but the oni curse is still “within”. The wounds begin spreading on his shoulder and  Haruka notices it….but when she tries to bring it up, she uh has bad timing..and does it right as Ace confesses once more that he loves her and wants her to go out with him. Before she can be like umm no I just was worried about your shoulder, he thinks that she’s just rejecting him and he goes to emo off in his tennis. Meanwhile Haruka makes a deal with Shizuka to basically be his slave in exchange for a purification water to cleanse the oni out of Ace.  Kyo sees the  2 together and tells everyone and of course everyone just assumes that Haruka is now dating Shizuka and that’s why she rejected Ace’s love confession! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Meanwhile Shizuka takes Haruka to the Forest Rape Shack™ and almost does the deed until she’s like UGH DONT TOUCH ME FIEND and suddenly this knocks him out – and brings out his ~other personality~ which is actually Tsukuyomi – the son of Izanagi. Ace then finds out about Haruka sacrificing herself and decides to follow Shizuka into the woods. He ends up getting knocked out and taken to the Forest Rape Shack™  (seriously that’s all that this place is ever used for in Ace’s route) where he wakes up and finds out that Haruka was gonna sacrifice herself to Shizuka in order to cure his shoulder.

2016-04-20-123925Ace says he doesn’t want the water and instead just wants Haruka. Shizuka is pissed that shit ain’t going his way so he brings out his oni-dog Tomoko and provokes her to attack Haruka & Ace. The two of them run away with Tomoko on their heels but right before she can do anything, Akira kills her. Shizuka is enraged that his otoutokun Susanoo is betraying “father” (Izanagi) but Akira says that he only cares about “mother” (Izanami). Shizuka flies off somewhere, Tomoko dies while saying she hates  Haruka. Akira then tells them that they’re both from another world and he wants to return them to that world. He also gives Ace the water that clears his curse. Two days later Haruka wakes up in bed with Ace who tells her she was knocked out for 2 days. He kisses her good morning and after chatting a bit about what happened Haruka confesses to him. Akira then ends up sacrificing himself and crumbling with the “fake world” because it cannot withstand on its own without Haruka there. While the other 3 guys fight against Hikaru, Ace passes out and has an internal battle with himself to get over his past with his mother & tennis coach. When he wakes up, he pulls a sword out of his butt and kicks ass defeating all of Hikaru’s trouser snakes 😂.  Immediately after Haruka shows up and he hugs her and ichaichas in front of everyone while they make fun of him for being embarrassing. 😂😂 Return end: Shizuka defeats Hikaru, all guys get left behind due to crumbling debris and injuries and Haruka & Ace prance off into the ocean.  They then return to their world and Izanami is no longer inside her. They’ve been gone for 7 years and miraculously have returned. Haruka is sad the memories she made with all the other guys in the fake world are gone but decides to at least live on for Ace. Ace meanwhile sucks at tennis cause the other guys were his motivation but says he’ll try his best. Oh also like a chunk of that part of west Kyoto was destroyed in an “accident” that happened when they return to their world which the sacrifice made for bringing Izanami to earth.

2016-04-20-123944Chaos end: after diving into the ocean Haruka loses sight of Ace and ends up back in the underworld. Izanami says that she has no reason to return to earth because Izanagi doesn’t love her. Haruka rages that she has no reason to stay in the underworld with her, but Izanami is like Lol bitch I made a bunch of your wishes come true so not gonna let you go off and live a happy life with your loved one. Izanami then takes over Haruka’s body completely. True end: Ace decides not to drink the water because he wants to make sure the same outcome isn’t repeated. Haruka gets some memories back and says that they were all childhood friends. When they got blown to the fake world, their relationship and living place all got reset. After they ichaicha in Ace’s room, she asks him to go to the hospital. After he sees a doctor suddenly Haruka runs off from him and he chases her down and strangles her against his will. Just then Kyo shows up and Ace begs him to help separate them because he can’t seem to control his own body – which is slowly succumbing to the oni curse inside of him. Ace then tells Haruka to stay away from him and Kyo says to leave him alone unless Kyo is there to interfere in case something happens. This route also has a revelation that Izanagi is inside of Masato-oniitan and unlike with Haruka, Masato manages to overpower the Izanagi inside of him. 😂 Meanwhile the Izanami inside of Haruka starts to make Haruka’s body do stuff she can’t control – like SLAP ONIITAN’S HAND AWAY LOL. 😂😂 Ace continues to suffer home alone with his curse and when Haruka visits he keeps telling her to leave him alone. She runs off crying so instead the other 3 guys come visit him telling him to stop wangsting and that they’ll be there for him.  And so thanks to the ikazuchi god Ace is able to overcome his arm problems and gets a cool sword to fight against Akira with.  sword to defeat Akira. Just then Shizuka & Hikaru show up and take them back home to ~reveal the spoilers~.

2016-04-20-124003They say that in the previous run (aka my first run of the game 😂) the reason there was a natural disaster is because Izanami, who belongs in the underworld, came to earth which caused problems cause she ain’t supposed to be there! Thru also tell them that they’re the Ikazuchi who are Izanami’s guardians by myth. Shizuka says that Haruka has to return to the underworld but Ace wants her to return to earth with everyone. But Haruka knows if she returns people on earth will be hurt again, so she makes the decision to return to the underworld. Everyone then goes to the ocean side to perform the ceremony to send her back. After it’s over Masato and Akira show up and oniitan is mad. He don’t give no fucks about the earth or underworld and claims Haruka belongs to him. 😂😂😂 So now Akira and Masato just want to save Haruka from the underworld while Ace and co. want to respect her wishes so cue another battle. This time Hikaru & Akira join in because they hate “Masato” who’s basically using their father Izanami’s powers for himself. Also Akira gives up because as it turns out, Izanami has been returned to the underworld and only Haruka’s “vessel” is left. Akira & Hikaru kick Masato’s ass and tell Haruka & co. to run back to their world while they will go down with the ship. All the guys start bawling cuase OH NOES U GUYS WERE OUR BROS AFTER ALL (´;ω;`)ブワッ as they jump into the ocean. Haruka and Ace waste time by making out and then follow everyone else back to earth. In the epilogue, they come back and make out some more while the other 3 guys roll their eyes from behind the bushes. Everyone graduates from high school and Ace becomes a pro tennis player but loses his first wimbledon – though he makes it to best 8. Also Ace and Haruka are engaged and plan to marry the following year. Dead End: Cause Haruka made too many wishes, Izanami is able to take over her body more easily and she refuses to return to the underworld. She escapes the seal and is like YAY I’m FREE and starts destroying everything and everyone. She tells Ace to accept her because she and Haruka are one but he refuses. Just then Haruka sends a telepathic message to Ace asking him to stab her with his sword. He does but it doesn’t work so she does some pretty guro shit which I don’t feel like talking/thinking about 😨😨. Haruka then manages to take over for a brief second enough to stab herself. Everyone else returns to earth while Haruka and Ace both go down with the titanic that is Izanami’s fake world.

2016-04-20-124040Kamisato Kyou – Kyou lived in America and his dad was some American guy his mom met when he was stationed at an army base. Unfortunately he was a huge child molesting pedophile and during one of his attempts to attack Kyou, Kyou grabbed his gun and shot him in self defense. I guess since he killed his parents he was deported back to Japan and thrown into an orphanage. (I’m still unclear on this and the BP letters didn’t clarify it for me.) Because of this he has gaijin trauma so when people call him a foreigner or an American he gets pissed off, and that’s why he just went crazy violent on his English teacher. His wish was to have his family back again so in the fake Izanami world, it comes true. His fake world parents were told they’re infertile so they adopted him from the orphanage – but then they miraculously had his sister Azumi. Kyou felt like he was worthless since Azumi was their “real” child, but they treated both children equally. Because of this Kyou didn’t care about who his real parents are. Kyou feels like he has to give back to his family so he works part time jobs to support his mom & sister. His mother is disabled and cannot work for long periods of time so a lot of the money comes from Kyou’s part time job at Ninja Yashiki. During the whole Komine-sensei oni arc, Kyou runs off to find him but it’s already too late. He ends up running away from Komine and instead runs into Haruka. The two of them begin running away but unfortunately Kyou’s sister Azumi shows up looking for him – just in time for Oni-Komine to kill and gruesomely eat her. Haruka is so upset she makes a wish for the oni to go away and the oni suddenly gets eaten by a bunch of crows and dies too. Kyou is horrified, and Haruka is horrified that she didn’t make the wish BEFORE Azumi died and both of them sit there blaming each other.

2016-04-20-124047When Kyou comes to school the next day he says this is what Azumi would have wanted, and he ends up hugging Haruka on the roof for support because both are so upset. Nooo Azumi-chan (´;ω;`). What’s weird is later that day Kyou gets a call from the hospital that his sister’s been in an accident and died…but her body seems safe – not the kind they saw when she was eaten by an oni. As they make funeral preparations, the English teacher who Kyou beat up tells him that he should get counseling in case he has some kind of PTSD. Haruka later realizes Azumi’s body came back because of a subconscious wish she made. Kyou reveals to Haruka a few days later that he’s half white, but for some reason he doesn’t like caucasian men so he doesn’t care to ever meet his real parents. This is possibly why he ended up beating up his English teacher without thinking. \(^o^)/ She tells him about her powers on the beach and after talking a bit he confesses that he loves her. He ends up kissing her and uh nearly bedding her in dat Suwabe voice(ㆁωㆁ*)…but she asks him to stop because she says she’s not ready (and because she hasn’t told him about her AIS.) A few days after Neji wins his race Haruka finds out Kyou’s mom left cause Azumi died. Kyou then quits his job and bums around his house. When Haruka goes to comfort him and he nearly tries to have sex with her again. …but then Azumi shows up and Kyou thinks that Haruka wished this.  Even after she tries to tell him she didn’t do it, he doesn’t believe her. Azumi SEEMS to act like her usual self except that when Haruka brings over some peaches, she’s horrified and screams that she doesn’t want that shit – despite Kyou saying this was her favorite food. But it’s all because she’s turning into an oni and has begun to eat people so Kyou’s has to drug her and lock her up in his house.   Just then Akira shows up ready to kill her and send her back to the underworld, because apparently his brothers were the ones who brought him back. Kyou can’t bear to see his hungry imouto get killed so he grabs her on his bike and randomly rides away somewhere. Haruka makes a wish to be taken where Kyou is, which brings her to the usual forest abandoned shack that serves every route’s purpose in this game 😂.

2016-04-20-124051Azumi then begs for them to kill her because she can’t deal with this suffering. She asks Haruka to become Kyou’s “family” in her place. Akira then shows up and sends Azumi back to the underworld. After this Kyou makes plans to dump his house and family belongings and then asks Haruka to marry him after they graduate. Haruka then reveals how she’s androgynous and that while she can be his family she can’t “increase” his family.  A few days later they run into a beat up Akira and take him back to Kyou’s house cause he decided to reveal the truth to them.  However on the way there, Kyou’s motorcycle gets hit by a car because of Shizuka and he’s taken to the ER. Just then the other 3 guys get to the hospital and she tells them about the other world and they realize that they really did write letters when they were little in “another world”.  Eventually Kyou’s condition stabilizes, but the impact has a massive effect on his memory – and it’s completely reset to when he was 10 years old – before coming to this world. After he is released and he finds out that Haruka is his girlfriend he’s happy he has a “family” and says that if he returns to the previous world he’ll have no family again. She goes home with him that day to make him dinner but he’s still acting like a 10 year old boku and comes out of the bath all naked… (◉◞౪◟◉`)..lol. He then asks if they’ve ever kissed before since they’re “engaged”. He ends up kissing her and saying she’s the only person that doesn’t bother him when they get close. The next day the other guys come over and Kyou refuses to return to the previous world saying he’s going down with the ship after this one crumbles. Ace talks him out of it and he agrees to return to the real world with everyone. Kyou says that his real family in the other world never had a sister cause his mom was just some housewife and dad was some foreign soldier who was in a Japanese base. It seems like he was then abandoned by his mom to the orphanage and not too soon after thrown into this fake world. Around this time Kyou’s adult memories start slowly coming back and suddenly an earthquake happens. Kyou ends up falling into gap into the earth but Haruka grabs his arm to keep him from falling in. The other guys go looking for them and instead they find Haruka’s house has been set on fire.

2016-04-20-124103One of Akira’s servants shows up telling Neji, Ace and Shuri that Haruka & Kyou fell into the underworld. The fall knocks all of Kyou’s memories back into him and suddenly he has a flashback of his past. It shows his father and mother being shot and dying by a gun wound in front of him. Just then he wakes up from the vision and he gets attacked by a bunch of angry hungry monsters in the Underworld. Ace & Co reach him and Ace sacrifices himself and gets eaten by the monsters so the others can escape. Just then he was so upset over Ace’s death that he awakens his power and pulls out his sword. He destroys all the monsters, and then thanks to Izanami inside of Haruka, the fend off the rest of the mob and she leads them to the exit. After they break their way out, Akira’s ally dudes tell them to run into the ocean to the daihana to return to their world. Return End: Just before they can jump into the ocean,  Shizuka shows up and forces Kyou to fight him.  Hikaru then shows up too and kills a defenseless Shuri. Kyou defeats Shizuka but then he has to fight Hikaru and it’s too much…so Haruka makes a wish to give him strength to win.  They jump into the ocean to go home with Neji but for some reason while Kyou & Haruka are fine, Neji drowns and dies. After returning to their world they get married, but only register, no ceremony and try to live with the memories of their friends. Charos End: Hikaru kills Haruka and Izanami fully takes over her body. She brings in monsters from the underworld who then kill Neji and cause chaos. Akira’s voice tells Kyou to kill Izanami with his sword – and after he does, the god inside of him takes Izanami to the underworld. Meanwhile Kyou takes Haruka’s now lifeless body and drowns in the ocean with her.

2016-04-20-124104Truth End: When Azumi comes back from the dead Haruka takes Kyou away from the house telling him that she knows the truth and about how Azumi is an oni. They also realize that Haruka has memories of the previous instance and that Akira is on Izanami’s side so most likely he’s kidnapped Azumi and will not help them as long as Haruka stops “making wishes”. They find Azumi in the forest shack and she’s already turned into an oni physically and she’s crying asking why she wants to eat people. Haruka says she can’t make her wish come true and offers for Azumi to eat Haruka instead…and so Azumi kills & eats her… (・_・;) This triggers Kyou’s powers to awaken and he pulls out his sword, killing his sister. Before she dies, she briefly turns into a human and apologizes for what she did.  Somehow despite being mauled by Azumi, Haruka is somehow alive. 😂The other 3 guys show up and they pull out their swords too but before they can chase Akira down, Izanami stops them. Haruka passes out and wakes up in bed with Kyou. Later on the rest of the guys come over and then Hikaru & Shizuka come over to reveal that 1) they are both dead bodies in the real world who volunteered to give them to Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi in the underworld and 2) Akira has started a cult following under the name “Okarasu-sama” where he grants people’s wishes in return for them to turn into his crow servants. One of the people he has brainwashed has been Haruka’s mother who wishes for him to “make her daughter sane” again. They get caught and locked up along with Haruka’s mom where they find out that her brother did “something horrible to her” and afterwards sliced his neck and died. (The horrible thing is the beach incident that I will talk about in Neji’s route.) Kyou doesn’t ask what it is but instead asks the hysteric mom to work with them to force Akira to eat the power sealing magic item so they can all get out.  Just then Masato shows up, kills the mom, and steals the power sealing medicine. He then demands that Ace and  Kyou come with him and says that he’s already killed Akira. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Hikaru & Shizuka made an agreement with Haruka to do a ceremony to split her body from Izanami, and send Izanami back to the underworld. There’s a risk that Izanami will take over Haruka’s body completely but Haruka agrees because she can’t return to the underworld as she is now – or someone will have to be sacrificed (which is why in all the return ends everyone but the guy Haruka’s going out with dies.)

2016-04-20-124059While the ceremony is going on, Haruka has a chat in her head with Izanami who reveals that Haruka’s wish to “not be herself” is the reason Izanami took over her body. Haruka doesn’t want this to happen and she hears Kyou calling out to her. Just then Masato shows up and says he’s taking Haruka away so the other 4 guys pull out their swords and they fight on the beach while Haruka watches after waking up half baked from her mental battle with Izanami. Izanami then hugs Masato because she feels the Izanagi inside him, and this distracts him for a moment enough for Kyou to stab oniitan right into the chest m9(^Д^)プギャー!  And so the fake world crumbles, Hikaru & Shizuka return to the underworld, and Haruka & her bodyguards return back to their world. They wake up on the beach and go to ask a nearby boy what year it is – and that boy turns out to be Azumi-chan – but in shota form 😂😂 He tells them that it’s been 7 years and they were considered MIA and then says that deep inside he’s ~a girl~ and Kyou recalls that he did wish he had a sister before he left this world. I am so confused (;´Д`). In the epilogue, Haruka also discovers that her mother suicided while they were gone because of all the stress and trauma regarding her, Masato and her step dad. Haruka doesn’t remember why her brother killed himself (thank god..) but Kyou tells her that if she remember he’ll be there to support her. Some time passes and they are celebrating Haruka’s birthday. He asks her to marry him and she reveals that she’s 6 weeks pregnant further proving the point that the AIS was only in Izanami’s world. Dead End: Like the Japanese god myth, Izanagi awakens and takes over Masato’s body after Izanami takes over Haruka’s. He wants to send Izanami back to the underworld but she’s like “well ok if you go with me”. Izanagi’s like “Lol you’re going alone” and she’s like “Lol then I’ll just drag you with me”. And of course anyone who tries to interfere, including Kyou, ends up getting killed.

2016-04-20-124138Sashino Shuri – Shuri was ignored by his parents his whole life and he mostly spent time with his home tutor Takayama who tutored him in math. Even when Shuri was able to study and get good grades his parents still ignored him..and one day he found out it’s because his father is not his real father. In fact Takayama tells him that he’s actually his birth father. So for a while he seemed like a nice guy but it was all a setup because he wanted the associate professor position which is why he pretended to be nice to Shuri whose father was a high ranking professor. But I guess he didn’t get that position so he got buttmad and came to Shuri’s house one day, punched the living fuck out of his mom and then staged it so the whole incident was Shuri’s fault. The mother was knocked out so hard that when she woke up, she didn’t remember who did it so she couldn’t prove Shuri’s innocence. Not only that but eventually his dad retired and the Takayama took over his position. Meanwhile Shuri’s family basically fell apart and his mom and dad just…left him alone in his house. (No idea if they killed themselves or what since it seems odd to just…leave.) So eventually Shuri was adopted by his mother’s relatives and that’s when he moved to the same neighborhood as Haruka & co. The worst part is since he has this endless pool of memory, he can never forget this incident. Shuri claims to have Savant Syndrome but I think Rejet completely misunderstands the meaning of what this really is. According to wikipedia it’s usually a form of autism but Shuri didn’t act autistic at all. He was basically normal except the fact that he has a really good memory and that sounds like he has Eidtic Memory instead. (눈_눈) Shuri has amazing memory where he remembers everything after seeing it once.  He got bullied as a child for being too smart so he started to intentionally fail tests to lower himself on the level of his imbecile classmates. He also has vague memories of him and Haruka as kids but they keep getting mixed with memories from the fake world so he can’t figure out what’s correct and whatnot.

2016-04-20-124122And so in this route the Crazy Tomoko decides to work together with Hikaru to make Haruka miserable. She takes the figure of  Haruka, and forces a drink down Neji’s throat mouth to mouth. This happens right before his race and he passes out unable to participate. By now Kominato kills himself by going insane and jumping in front of a truck and Shuri tries to get to the bottom of things by talking to Akira.  The real Haruka brings flowers to Neji when he’s in the hospital but he ends up running outside and throwing them back at her. He rages at her and calls her a liar but Haruka has no idea wtf he’s talking about because obviously it wasn’t her.  Shuri shows up and Haruka tells him what happened and Shuri says he can prove her innocence since they were together during Neji’s race. Meanwhile Tomo-ruka goes around in Haruka’s appearance and causes havoc and screws every guy she runs across. Shuri gets Neji and Haruka to make up and Neji apologizes for throwing the flowers she bought. They meet up with Ace and Kyo and then run into one of the guys Tomo-ruka screwed. Unfortunately Haruka gets kidnapped and taken to forest rape shack (the return) by one of the guys Tomoko fucked around with siiigh. 😐 In the meantime, Tomoko disguises as Haruka and goes to see Shuri. Shuri however immediately notices something is wrong when “Haruka” doesn’t bring her letter and drinks melon soda – that she actually hates. Haruka makes a wish to be able to escape and manages to do so but realizes once she runs out she has no idea where she is.  She trips and sprains her foot and just then hears the crazy rapist running around looking for her.  She almost falls into a pit until Akira flies her up in the air and saves her. Meanwhile Shuri the genius figured out by the mark on her neck that the fake Haruka he is with is in fact Tomoko. He then demands she tell him where the real Haruka is. The bitch then admits every horrible thing that happened to Haruka was setup by her. After Shuri calls her pathetic she rages and runs off. He chases her down and Haruka sees this and runs after him.

2016-04-20-124117When Haruka sees her clone Shuri tells her that it’s Tomoko but Tomoko rages and lunges at Haruka with her knife. She says she made a wish to be Haruka and there’s only room for one Haruka in this town! lol. Just then a mob of crows flies in and mauls Tomoko to death. Haruka is so grossed out by the guro she just saw that she passes out. After she wakes up she reveals to Shuri about her wishing powers. A few days later Shuri goes MIA because Akira throws him into the underworld to probably awaken his powers or something. Just like in the mythology, when he gets to the exit a bunch of deads attack him so he throws peaches in their face to ward them off. (Also explains why in Izanami’s world peaches tasted like shit to everyone.) When he comes back everyone is planning their groups for the class trip and Shuri is excited to invite Haruka to their group. Haruka however decides to break out of her shell and ask the girls in her class if she can be in their group. They accept her and she realizes she should have done this sooner and feels guilty for shutting herself off from Tomoko. Meanwhile, Shuri sees this and gets upset feeling that he and Haruka were “the same” but now Haruka is “moving on” leaving him behind. He gets really upset but after telling his feelings to Haruka he says he’ll try to move on and break out of his shell like she did. Their trip is cancelled because there was an earthquake at the Kyoto area they were going to visit. Shuri & co. decide to go there themselves to check things out but instead they run into Shuri’s birth dad, Takayama. The moment Shuri sees him he is horrified and freaks out, and everyone realizes what a monster this dude is because he immediately stabs Kyou on the spot. Everyone runs for it and Haruka makes a wish begging for god’s help, so just then Kyou shows up and kills the guy with the pocket knife he brought with him. It’s also revealed that he’s just a guy that Hikaru & Shizuka brought from the underworld to do their bidding (which I guess means that he either killed himself or got killed at some point not mentioned in the BP scenario?)

2016-04-20-124121They try to get help for Kyou but before they know it, they realize that suddenly no one can see them at all. Unfortunately Kyou is too badly injured so he dies, and his body vanishes leaving only his knife behind. Return End: They get to the cave of trials which if passed will lead them back to their world. Inside, Neji gets crushed by falling debris and Shuri is fallen into a mental battle with his past: the past where his birth father Takayama and his mother blame him for everything.  This triggers for Shuri to awaken his inner powers and pull out his sword which he uses to kill Takayama.  After they get to the beach, Shizuka comes to stop them one last time but since Shuri has his sword he decides to fight against him while Ace & Haruka run to safety. Unfortunately Hikaru shows up, kills Ace, but then Shuri kills Hikaru thanks to Akira’s crows distracting him. Akira tells them to go to the Daihana in the ocean and while Haruka has regrets about if this is the right decision, they go in anyway. After they come back to their world, they get split up and Shuri loses half his memories so it takes him a while before he finds Haruka again – thanks to news reports. After they live together, they throw some flowers into the sea for their lost friends. Chaos End: Haruka ends up like Izanami, and takes her place as the ruler of the underworld…while she eternally pines for Shuri who is no longer there with her. Truth End: In this route Haruka decides she wants to save Tomoko so she apologizes to her for being a bad friend and fends off the crows that come after her. In this route as usual, Akira ain’t pleased that Haruka isn’t making wishes left & right, so he abducts Tomoko trying to force Haruka to use Izanami’s powers. When they find Akira and Tomoko he ends up stabbing and hurting Shuri, but when he goes to stab Haruka to get her to use her powers – Tomoko gets in the way and gets killed instead. Before she dies she says now she’s made up for all the awful shit she did to Haruka & co. She dies in surgery and then visits Shuri in his dream allowing him to re-awaken his god powers & sword.

2016-04-20-124143Meanwhile, Masato beats the living fuck out of Hikaru & Shizuka and seals their memories so when Haruka & co. find them, they know nothing about Izanami/Izanagi or any of the gods. Akira tries to abduct Haruka after beating the crap out of Shuri, but then Masato shows up and stabs Akira. Akira’s followers can’t see Masato and they think that Shuri & co. were the ones who did it so they attack them. After this they all head down to west Kyoto to go to the Daihana together. When they get there they rent a Ryokan and start to remember stuff about their childhood days from when they were 10 in the real world. One thing that they do realize is that during that summer, oniichan wasn’t there but nobody can remember why. Haruka starts to get flashbacks that he did something horrible to her and all the other guys decide to sneak out and leave Masato behind in this world. Unfortunately he’s on to them and they end up fighting against him. He almost kills Shuri until Akira magically shows up and kills him instead. Akira tells them to go to the daihana back to their world, and he’s not gonna fight them cause Haruka & Shuri remind him of his mother & father. In the epilogue, they return to their world but both Shuri’s and Haruka’s parents are dead so they move in together.  Shuri becomes a scientist to build a robot, and Haruka becomes a kindergarten teacher. A new teacher starts working there, and she so happens to be the real Tomoko and Haruka is happy to see her again even if she doesn’t know her. Shuri gets an invitation to study abroad overseas because his thesis reaches the eyes of a famous scientist over there. He then asks Haruka to marry him and come with him overseas so of course she agrees. Dead End: Haruka makes a wish to save Shuri and this allows Izanami to take over her body. Izanagi manages to overpower Masato and take over his body as well. Izanami is happy to see him, but he tricks her by slipping a medicine via kiss to her that seals all her powers and sends her back to the underworld. Haruka returns to control her body but because Izanami is gone, the world immediately collapses with everyone going down with the ship as they have no way to go back to their world.

2016-04-20-124029Yumikura Neji – I had actually played Neji’s route 2nd but there’s revelation in his route – the beach incident – that just struck me in horror that I wish had not known until later in the game. Neji was told at a young age that his mother died when he was born but then one day she just showed up and adopted him. However then she got some boyfriend and was obsessed with him and pretty much ignored Neji. Then the guy dumped her so she got all lonely and started to care about Neji again. Whether he actually dumped her is up to interpretation because in Neji’s actual route there’s implication that Neji poisoned and killed him because he beat the living crap out of his mom cause she didn’t give him money. They didn’t specify details but the implication is she did sexual things to Neji but he was happy to have any kind of attention so he took it all….(;´Д`) Then Neji’s dad showed up to put a stop to this and take Neji back and despite the mom’s protests, Neji was returned to his dad & grandparents. Then he heard news that his mother died from a fire caused by christmas cake candles. Neji was also the first guy to meet and befriend Haruka when she moved to his town.  He’s on the track team and has loved to run ever since he was young. So after the common route, Komine sensei shows up as a rabid oni and attacks Haruka. Neji finds them but instead of saving her, the moment he sees her attacked he has a panic attack and can’t move. Akira comes in to save her and kill the oni but when Neji goes home that night he can’t figure out what triggered this kind of PTSD. (This is all a lead up to the beach incident and Masato.) During the process though, Neji gets bitten by the oni and because of this he begins to turn into one himself.  He tells everyone about it and asks them to help keep him and Haruka separated. But as usual Haruka comes to his track race and triggers his oni problems 😅. He then runs to  where she’s sitting and starts killing everyone. Haruka makes a wish to turn back time which causes a huge health penalty, but saves everyone and cures Neji’s oni problems.

2016-04-20-124014Akira then takes the unconscious bloody Haruka and runs off  to forest shack where he explains to the other guys that Haruka made a wish to save everyone because Neji killed them all in his oni form. Akira says that the only way to save her is to get a sacred water from the underworld. (Suddenly Hercules ) And so like with Orpheus, Neji is sent to the underworld alone but told to never look back no matter what.  Neji gets the water while awakening his magical sword powers.When he comes back he cures her and everyone continues their summer homework.  Neji and Haruka go see the fireworks together and he confesses that he loves her. But after the fireworks Haruka drops the bomb and says that she has AIS, and says that she can’t have babies. Neji tells her he’s okay with this and will love her anyway. And then he takes her to his house to have sex and when she comes home he next morning,  oniichan is internally raging (cause I’m pretty sure he stalks her in every route). 😅 Haruka gets kidnapped by the Kuki Bros multiple times and at one point Hikaru drugs her so she can no longer use Izanami’s powers. They run into a beat up Shizuka and Neji tells him that Haruka was his first love in the previous world her godly powers have no affect on his feelings for her. Meanwhile Shizuka goes to the underworld with Neji while oniichan rescues Haruka from Hikaru.  He also shoves a medicine down Hikaru’s throat that seals his powers too. While in the underworld Neji is once again faced with dealing with the past memories if his mother’s wife beater boyfriend. 😑 His mom is there too blaming him for her death. Neji remembers that he did poison his dad and apologizes to his mother for not protecting her from the accidental fire. After the illusion of his past vanishes in which he ‘saves’ his mom from the fire he awakens his inner powers and pulls out his magical sword. Return end: When Neji returns from the underworld  he finds a dying & badly injured Shuri. Before they can bring him to the hospital they get attacked by Hikaru. Shuri gets stabbed and tells everyone to run while he holds Hikaru back. Everyone feels bad but doesn’t want to ruin the sacrifice Shuri made for them so they run to the ocean to jump back into their world. Unfortunately Hikaru shows up and he’s mad that they’re about to go back to Earth with someone could belongs as in the Underworld. Even just basically one shots Kyo and Ace, so Neji rages and fights him. Shizuka then shows up from the underworld and fights his brother while Neji takes a power nap. His reason to fight his bro? Fuck you oniichan I’m not your shadow (this is further explained in the BP scenarios). 😈

2016-04-20-124017After they defeat each other Izanami tells Haruka to go to earth so she wakes up Neji and they jump in to the ocean. When they return they run into Neji’s grandpa who is shocked to see his grandson after 7 years. Haruka loses her godly powers and somehow her AIS magically goes away and she becomes a regular female with the right organs 😕. Neji becomes a fisherman and helps his grandpa’s business while Haruka moves in nearby. Neji becomes depressed because he has survivor guilt wishing he could have saved the other guys. He is no longer the genki Neji he used to be and feels like he’s lost to himself. Chaos End: Oniichan pulls Haruka into the underworld and locks her in his uguu cave of love 😅😅 (Admittedly this was funny until I found the truth about him and as I am writing this it’s probably the uguu cave of rape tbh.) True End: The game knows that we finished the other ending so Haruka totally has a flashback of when Neji turned into an oni in the return end and wants to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself! She gets everyone together and tells them the truth with super-memory Shuri confirming everything. They suggest that Neji just drop out of the track race and he agrees to do so. He decides he’s gonna go into the mountains to stay away from Haruka so he doesn’t attack her or anyone else. They go to the forest shack and somehow the shack has a kitchen where you can cook food and while everyone’s out for a bit, Neji starts ichaichaing with Haruka and almost sets the shack on fire 😅. That night some kind of weird smell that only Haruka & Neji can smell causes Neji to go nuts and start turning into an oni. Shuri and Ace try to calm Ace down and Kyo tells Haruka to stay away cause she’ll only make things worse. The 2 of them then run into Akira who is surrounded by a bunch of rotting dead bodies he’s killed and he tells Haruka that if she wants all this solved she should just “make a wish.” However earlier Haruka was told by Hikaru that the more wishes she makes, the more chance she will give for Izanami to take over her body.

2016-04-20-124024One of the dead bodies is Haruka’s mom. Akira says that this is just a “copy” and not her “real” mother from her world. Turns out the dead bodies are an oni’s “favorite food” and tells Neji to eat them all and unfortunately Neji loses control and starts eating them all (;´Д`)… Haruka manages to talk Neji into containing himself and then Ace pulls out his magic sword and “cuts” the oni (but it doesn’t kill Neji in the process somehow.) Akira is pissed off that these humans dare defeat the oni on their own without getting consumed by it and derps off. When Neji and Haruka return to her house, they run into Oniichan and Neji feels something ain’t right with him. He says that he has a god with him as well (but not Izanagi) and gullible Haruka will never doubt her oniichan! And so Masato takes her away and  Neji and the other guys realize he might be bad news so they go look for them – and are intercepted by Akira. Masato ties her up at home and leaves but Haruka manages to use a kitchen knife to free herself but when she runs out, she gets captured by Masato’s lackeys and he’s not pleased that dear imouto tried to escape.  He has them tie her up again and then Akira shows up to prepare for the ~ceremony~. Meanwhile Neji & co are captured in the woods but somehow can talk telepathically to each other  (because they are all Ikazuchi) – so while Akira is gone they form a plan to trick the guards watching them and escape. Unfortunately they get caught and brought to the ceremonial place along with Haruka. Masato & Akira show up to reveal that they plan to merge Haruka with Izanami until Haruka’s personality is completely taken over by the god…and all the 4 guys will be sacrifices for the ceremony.  But he tells Haruka not to worry cause oniichan will always be with her! 😂😂😂 During the ceremony all the guys get hurt so badly Haruka gives in and wishes for them to never get hurt again. Masato then betrays and kills Akira and during this time, Haruka & co. manage to free themselves and escape running towards the daihana to return to their world.

2016-04-20-124027When they get to the ocean, Masato shows up and Haruka pleads him to just come with them to their world – but that’s when Neji reveals that Masato is dead in the real world.  This is where we get the beach incident. Haruka suddenly has a flashback that when she was younger, she went to the beach with  Masato and his college friend. The friend said he found a dead whale and told Haruka to come with him while Masato wasn’t looking. It was a trick, and instead the friend raped her..as a 10 year old child…and Masato saw the whole thing. He got so enraged, he killed his friend – and then claimed that Haruka “tempted” the guy into doing this with her body….and raped her again…../HANDS SLIDING DOWN FACE (눈_눈). Somehow the 2 of them lose memory of this entire incident and some time later, Masato killed himself. And now  Haruka remembers all of this, how he basically raped her over & over in a dark cave next to his friend’s dead body. (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ Haruka then freaks out and tells Masato fuck off and not come near her. The world then starts crumbling because her anger upsets Izanami inside of her as well but Neji calms her down and tells her that like how she accepted him when he was an oni, he will accept her. He says she doesn’t need to tell him the details, but she needs to know that he will be there for her no matter what. As the world starts crumbling, everyone runs into the ocean to return to their world. In the epilogue, Haruka ends up living  with Neji’s grandma & grandpa because she has no family to return to because while she was gone her mom committed suicide. Some years later Neji is running track in the Olympics and ends up winning. He then dedicates the prize to Haruka in front of all the reporters. Dead End: Izanami takes over Haruka’s body and kills everyone except Neji. She tells Neji to be her manslave & come to earth with her. When they get there, obviously Izanagi isn’t there and Izanami rages and destroys the world. Umm Neji is actually my favorite guy in the game but his CGs felt the most disappointing. (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

2016-04-20-123843Kurumi Masato – The trauma with Masato and his father is the utter horror that’s the key to the main plot of this game. As I mentioned at the start, Haruka’s step dad was a pedophile rapist and the mother never caught on – only Masato did. Masato noticed Haruka acting extremely terrified and started to think his dad is the one causing this. Masato then began spending more time with Haruka to make sure she was never alone with his dad. Unfortunately his dad knew his class schedule and sometimes would come home early to abuse Haruka. What angers me tbh is that Masato didn’t actively do anything about this. Instead of trying to get help or trying to stop his dad, he just “assumed” something bad was going on and just tried to “comfort” Haruka. And wtf the mom, how did the mom not catch on to any of this ffs.  So I mentioned the beach incident in Neji’s route but here’s the detail from Masato’s POV. He claims that he got Dissociative Identity Disorder and that when he formed a 2nd personality obsessed with Haruka he had NO memories of what he did. There was also mention that when Masato took Haruka to the school festival and she “opened up” to his friend – he got internally jealous. So really all this tells me is that Masato basically had the same pedophile rapist predisposition as his father, and all it took was a traumatic event to bring it out. Even though in Haruka’s mind she paints him as the nice heroic oniichan who “saved” her from the dad – that’s all just abuse victim delusion. He didn’t save her, he just brushed the problem under the rug and moved her away from the rug until the problem crawled out from under the rug when he wasn’t looking. I also have a theory that Haruka’s mom actually murdered her step dad because BP scenario mentioned her mom coming back looking like she just killed someone, being taken into custody for a few days and then being released and moving out of Tokyo into some inaka. After the beach incident, Masato manages to recall what he had done and he kills himself by slicing his neck.

2016-04-20-124147He left a letter behind detailing what he and his father did to Haruka which is probably why her mother finally took action. Because of his deep regrets and obsession for Haruka, he agreed to allow Izanagi to take over his body and just one day showed up at Haruka’s house again. She thought nothing of it because it was still unclear to her whether he died and she thought he just returned from “studying abroad”. However his age remained the same as it was when he died – so instead of being like 34, he was still 22. Due to all the PTSD Haruka’s mind blocked most of the experiences so she thought nothing unusual. Also nobody in that world could see Masato except Haruka & the guardian guys – so when mentioning her brother in front of her mother, her mother would just rage. The mother then joined Akira’s cult “Ookarasu-sama” to pray to him to “make Haruka normal”. Haruka had no realization at all that she was crazy one who could see Masato when no one else could. Despite Masato allowing Izanagi to take his body, he manages to overpower the god and use his powers for his own purpose…like vanishing when it’s convenient and basically killing anyone who poses a threat to Haruka (like all the guys who hit on her.) Basically Masato now has split personality – the obsessed pedo yandere oniichan and the nice oniichan who could control his urges until Haruka became legal 😂.  Unfortunately the pedo has now taken control of most of his body so Haruka is in for a bad time. He confesses to her that he loves her but Haruka just thinks it’s as a sister…not knowing that while she’s sleeping he’s sitting there with his head pressed against her room wall and fapping ナンテコッタ/(^o^)\ He also picks up her hair from the bathtub drain and puts it in his mouth when she’s not around…(;´Д`)  He eventually confesses to her that he loves her as a woman not as a sister and asks her to accept his feelings. He says he’ll give her time but when she goes home he just laughs like a maniac that he stalks her 24/7 and will basically not take no for answer 😂😂😂😂

2016-04-20-124156Haruka goes home to see if she can remember about her past with Masato but when she looks through the albums she can’t find him in any of the photos. He claims that it’s because her mom threw them all away but Haruka can’t even get a hold of her mom because she’s constantly going to see Akira (Ookarasu-sama). Meanwhile Masato starts setting up a bunch of “bullying” on Haruka to make her distrust people, including the 4 guys on the school trip team, and only rely on him. お兄ちゃんキモイ!☆彡  For example he puts up a photo of her on the classroom chalkboard with the message “I’m a slut!” written on it. He also reminds Haruka how in middle school a bunch of girls got jealous and bullied her because one of the guys they liked had a crush on her instead. After Haruka decides she’s gonna quit the school trip team because ~no one but oniichan cares~, when she gets home that night Masato pushes her down on the couch and makes out with her. At first she’s like HELL YEA until of course the horrid memories start pouring back into her head and she passes out. After she goes to the hospital her mom comes to visit and once again rages at Haruka saying she has no brother and when Haruka tells her to stop going to the okarasu-sama cult, she’s like ZOMG GODS GONNA PUNISH US IF YOU SAY THAT and runs off again. That night Haruka realizes she forgot her headache medicine with her brother and goes to his room to get it while he’s taking a shower. She accidentally knocks over a bottle of his own medicine and since it looks similar to hers, the pills get mixed up. She just stuffs whatever she thinks is hers into her bottle and returns to her room. However in the middle of the night, Masato runs into her room saying that “he” finally was able to take control and tells Haruka to grab her mom and run as far away from him as possible. Haruka of course, doesn’t listen and the next day Masato decides he’s gonna get rid of everything that stands in the way of him and her….starting with Neji, Kyou, Shuri & Ace.  First he sets up for a truck to hit & kill the guy Neji was gonna introduce to Haruka who constantly wanted to go on a goukon with her. Haruka is so horrified, just as keikaku of course, so she goes home all crying to Masato who takes advantage of this and hugs her and makes out with her. He also continues to pour propaganda into her head that it’s “divine punishment” and she should just rely only on him or she might be next! ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ

2016-04-20-124152Masato isn’t done yet though, he then continues to mentally torment Neji who is so horrified he locks himself in his room and refuses to leave. It’s also revealed by Hikaru & Shizuka that the “resets” in this game (aka when you start a new route) are all because of Masato. 😂😂 One night Masato slips something into Haruka’s mouth via kissing so that she gets knocked out and Izanami comes out instead. She tells Masato to fuck off and he tells her to stop bringing her guardians together. He threatens that he’s got Izanagi’s powers hostage and she will never go against her loved one. She claims that he can’t change the fate of having her guardians assemble around her but he’s like “lol watch me try.” In the meantime, Neji has joined Akira’s ookarasu cult and he tells Neji that in order to “be saved” he must avoid “a woman”. Neji only knows ONE woman around him to avoid – Haruka. Kyou tries to talk some sense into Neji but Masato makes it so only Neji can see him…and Neji ends up stabbing and killing Kyou multiple times out of madness. Meanwhile the Kuki brothers join forces for the first time to try and stop Masato and give Haruka a medicine to seal away Izanagi powers. Haruka decides to try to take control of the situation, so she swaps her medicine with Masato’s hoping to meet the “other” Masato. It works, and the ~nice~ (relatively) Masato runs to the town and finds Haruka going home after school. She says she’s ready to hear the truth and that’s when Masato tells her about the rape by him, his friend and his dad. 😨 Somehow despite everything, Haruka forgives the ~good Masato~ because I WUV ONIICHAN and they hang out together like the ~pre-rape days~ (눈_눈). Before evil-Masato returns, he tells Haruka that his other self is a violent sadistic shitlord and to try to stay as far away from him as possible. After getting rid of Ace, Neji and Kyou, Masato steals their cell phones to fool Shuri, who Haruka is taking safety with. He uses Haruka’s cell phone to msg her mom saying that she’s being “locked up by a stalker” and then calls her directly saying that Haruka belongs to him \(^o^)/.

2016-04-20-124205Just then her mother bursts in with her cult members to “save Haruka” and blames Shuri for everything. They take Shuri away and then Masato disguised as “Okarasu-sama” goes back to Haruka’s house with her mom and continues brainwashing the mom…until he pulls out a sword and kills her. He tells her that finally everyone is dead and then proceeds to rape her. WONDERFUL! She wakes up the next morning and her living room is filled with dead bodies of the 4 guys and her mom. He then tells her of his grandiose plans to “make their own world” just like Izanami & Izanagi did.Haruka tells him to fuck off and throws shit at him so he ties her up and tells her he’ll let her go if she “says sorry like a good girl” ughhhh. He also apparently is on to her swapping his meds, so he takes them and throws them out so that his other self can never appear again. He demands she admit that she loves him but Haruka refuses so he goes around beating the 4 guys’ dead bodies asking who she loves instead of him. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Return End: She agrees to take his abuse and pretend to love him for a long time in order to gain his trust so she can slip the pill that Hikaru gave her – to seal away his powers. She almost forgets that he’s an abuser but deep down inside she still remembers her plans to get back at him. So when he’s out one day, she manages to free herself and run into her bedroom to get the pill. Unfortunately her bedroom is locked and she has no way to get in but just then Akira breaks into her house and helps her escape. They run into Shizuka and Hikaru who kill Akira because they are still loyal to Izanagi (despite him having almost no presence anymore). Haruka tries to escape but Masato catches up to her before she can run – and that’s when she finally makes wishes for Masato to stay the fuck away. This awakens Izanami and partially awakens the “good” Masato but they’re so mixed up Haruka can no longer tell which one’s which. They end up running into the daihana and going back to their world and Izanami claims she’s taking Izanagi and peacing out.

2016-04-20-124207Unfortunately because she doesn’t peace out to the underworld, Haruka’s world gets messed up, snow in the summer and all sorts of accidents happening. She can’t forgive Masato for all the shit he’s done so she runs away and continues running until she’s so drained that she just gives up…and lets Masato catch her because she’s so broken and no longer has the will to resist his grossness (◉◞౪◟◉`). Truth End: Masato beats the living fuck out of Akira, Shizuka & Hikaru and then brings them to his house to watch him and Haruka have sex =_=;. This time, Haruka manages to talk him out of this and instead convinces him to let her take a bath while she thinks of a way to slip the magic pill down his throat. Suddenly she hears Izanami’s voice inside of her, telling her that if she uses that pill, she can probably get her “real” brother’s personality back. When she comes back, Masato’s killed the Kuki brothers cause he figured there’s no need for them to watch after all! ヽ(。_゜)ノ When they go into his bedroom she tricks him and slips the medicine down his throat when he kisses her. It works and he’s pissed so he starts strangling her but thanks to Izanami she manages to push him off. He then babbles about how imouto don’t understand his WUV and that he just wanted to WUV HER RONG TIME before somehow the entire house sets on fire. Haruka hugs him and thanks him for loving her (LOL what a joke) and then runs out of the burning house dragging his lifeless body behind her. Haruka doesn’t know what to do but Izanami tells her to make a wish so Haruka makes a wish to be reborn with Masato. Izanagi and Izanami then say goodbye to each other and say they will continue to love each other even if they are far apart. In the epilogue, Haruka forgives rapist oniichan and asks him to be with her forever, even though he wanted to stay away from her because he felt doesn’t deserve her for what he did. And it’s all ok becuase the evil Masato has taken a long nap because ~Haruka accepted him~.

2016-04-20-124211Gee wiz oniichan you only raped me multiple times and killed everyone but it’s ok I wuv you💕💕💕. Ok well to be fair, magically Neji, Ace, Shuri & Kyou all come back to life. Out of all the guys rapist oniichan gets the wedding end yay! ಠ_ಠ No thank you.  Chaos End: Masato finds the medicine in Haruka’s room because he didn’t trust her and leaving her alone was a “test” of her loyalty to him. Since she failed he tries to punish her but then Akira bursts through the room and knocks him out telling her to shove the pill down his throat. Unfortunately it was a fake pill  and it doesn’t work so Masato kills Akira and tries to rape Haruka part 235253. Just then though, the good Masato comes out and sets himself and the house on fire telling Haruka to run away. Shizuka & Akira rescue her because they don’t want her dying there and instead they take her to the cave to do the ceremony to send her back to the underworld with Izanami.  During the ceremony Izanami’s powers go berserk and she starts killing everyone because she wants to see Izanagi/Haruka wants to see oniichan~! Dead End: Haruka refuses Masato’s advances so he tells her that either she accept him, or he will strangle her to death and then use her dead body as his blow up doll. フ━━━( ´_ゝ`)━━━ンHaruka decides she’s had enough of his shit and is gonna die – until she hears good-Masato’s voice telling her to not give up and to call Izanami for help. Izanami pushes Masato away, and it allows Izanagi to finally come out and take over. Apparently this is all just as keikaku for Masato because now the old world is destroyed and Haruka creates a new one (???? Idk honestly wtf is going on lol) Yea it’s funny that the true end only happens when you basically accept the fact that Masato is a pedophile rapist and that’s when you forgive him and live happily ever after. He says that both the evil self and good self are all part of him, which just further confirms that given time, he’ll probably be a pedophile rapist like his disgusting shitlord of a father. (눈_눈)

Full Circle End – Haruka wishes for everything to be the way it was and somehow this brings back the Kuki brothers & Masato back from the dead to kyakyaufufu on the beach with her and the other 4 guys. They have a swimming race and the reward is a kiss from Haruka.

2016-04-20-124005Akira, Shizuka &  Hikaru – This isn’t a route or anything but there was a bit of info on them in the BP scenarios. Black Post scenario for them describes them as a wealthy family, father being leader of a wealthy company and mother being some yamato nadeshiko ojousama. Hikaru was always pressured to follow in the foot steps of dad, while Shizuka wanted to do his own thing so when he got yelled at he’d just leave the house. He wanted to travel & study abroad more, and kept in touch with his friend in Miami named Jessica. However his dad wouldn’t let him so Shizuka would stop going to school and spend time with random girls all night at their houses. Somehow thanks to his dad’s money he managed to get up to his 2nd year of high school. Meanwhile Akira was kinda the shadow of his brothers but was the only one who cared about their mom….who basically began to go insane when the dad called her “useless” after Shizuka became a rebel. Most household duties would be now done by Hikaru as well as taking care of his brothers so she felt like a sack of potatoes. On her birthday Akira felt sorry for her and decided to buy her a birthday cake since she liked sweets and used to bake them for their dad before they had kids. And so on that fateful day, Shizuka came home as well and everyone had cake – cake filled with sleeping medicine. The only ones who didn’t eat the cake were Akira & the mom. While everyone was asleep, the mom set the house on fire and Akira woke up and found her screaming that everyone’s abandoned her. Akira just came and stood by her until everyone burned to their deaths. In the underworld, because the 3 of them had regrets for what happened, Izanagi offered them to harbor the souls of his 3 sons Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi & Susanoo if they want to return to earth. I guess this explains why Akira had such a strong obsession with Izanami, probably regrets that he could never save his mother or stop her from killing their entire family.


I don’t think I’ve been this shocked and horrified at an otome game in a long time, if ever. I  thought Diabolik Lovers crossed that line, but this game crossed another 10 lines in comparison. Without going into detail, this game features multiple cases of child abuse and child rape. This factor alone is what made it horrifying, never mind a ton of guro stuff like constant murders and cannibalism. Fortunately a lot of it was implied and text only and there really wasn’t any visual graphic imagery of any of this. Still just the mental thought made me sickened and after finishing Neji’s route – with the big story revelation – I had to sit there for a moment before I began freaking out on twitter. 😂 Therefore, I don’t agree with Rejet’s play order and I personally recommend Ace→Kyou→Shuri→Neji→Masato. I also highly recommend that once you finish the game, to go through all the Black Post scenarios and read them thoroughly. I had to read a few of them twice  to really understand what the actual fuck was going on, but the more I read them, the more sickened I got at what all the characters in the game had to go through as children. On one hand, it made the game interesting because it was something I have never seen in any otome game before so I was curious to know what happened? what caused this? what was the trauma? But once I found out, I had wished I didn’t. I also wondered what Rejet is trying to accomplish by using this as the central theme in their game. The game also features another land mine I hate – backstabbing bitch best friends but all the other shit in the game was SO BAD that it was literally overshadowed and I no longer cared. Rejet’s site lists the game as 運命に抗う純愛アドベンチャーゲーム (Going against destiny pure love adventure game) but that is completely misleading. This is not a pure love adventure game, it’s a pure child abuse experience game (눈_눈).

Weirdly long torso
Weirdly long torso

System wise, I’m disappointed. They have ” JUMP ” option but it skips all text. Seeing how there would be new bits here & there, if you jumped, you’d miss some CGs or scenarios…forcing you to basically use skip instead which was horribly slow.  The game also would hang on me several times when trying to load my saves for some reason.  There was also an uranai system which gave you a daily fortune but ONLY if you closed & reopened the game. Seeing how I never close my game to avoid wasting time loading it again – I only ever saw maybe 2-3 uranais in the 2 weeks I played it. The artwork while looking great on the site, was pretty weird in the game. The sprites weren’t so bad, but in some of the CGs the characters looked completely inconsistent. The biggest offender was Kyou who looked different in pretty much every one of his CGs.


One of the nicer features was the dummy head mic which was great during the cute romantic scenes…but extremely unwanted in pretty much all of Masato’s route. 😂 😂 😂 😂  The other great thing that’s common in Rejet games was of course the music. They have a couple samples on the site and the one track that really stuck on me was the one called あの日の心象 (The mental image of that day) on Disc 2. The name of the track is also pretty much a dead on description of the common theme of the whole game.  Another feature was the touch CG feature where you could touch parts of a CG to hear lines…but honestly I didn’t find it necessary? Like none of the lines were particularly interesting, not like how they were kinda funny or unique in games like Tokyo Yamanote Boys. The heroine’s name is called out if left default and this is also compatible with Playstation TV …but unless you have TV headphones you can’t hear the dummy head mic or use the cg touch feature so it kinda defeats the purpose. (Though I heard if you have the newest ps4 controller you can plug headphones into it and there’s a touch screen window??)

Anyway over all…I don’t think I’d recommend it unless you really love those guro/murder/mystery type things. I mean I’m all for mystery scenarios and I can take a bit of guro here & there but I think the child abuse is where I have to just draw the line.  It was so unbelievably traumatizing that I hope to never see this theme come up in any game again. If you’re still curious enough to get this game & play it…just remember that curiosity killed the cat. (눈_눈)


64 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kamisama ga Iru to Suru Naraba.”

  1. I mean I guess I don’t mind do-S if it’s tastefully incorporated – but this is very rare. I’ve only seen good do-S in some quinrose and takuyo games..most of the time its disgusting and abusive sadly :/

  2. Ahh, I feel like I’m going to get stuck with raped-up MC’s and creepy yandere forever. Where’s the ドS主人公 love?! Or at least an MC that can function as a human being? Just played a game where the girl took a sip of gin and tonic and she got instantly drunk. It’s like, great, not only am I playing an idiot who can’t even chop a carrot, she has some kind of genetic defect XD

    Sorry for the negativity. Just really wishing that Diabolik Lovers didn’t push the whole market even further into the M territory than it already was o.o

  3. I never played Bad Medicine but that game had a “do not vibe” coming from it so I just didn’t bother. Glad I made that decision lol.

    I dunno if Cero D can be considered all ages because TECHNICALLY it’s supposed to be 17+ but at the same time, I don’t think anyone even that young should be playing this game anyway its too horrific!

  4. it’s weird to answer that because the world they’re in is created by Izanami who is inside Haruka – so naturally everyone there wants to bang her…so she is often blamed for all the “attempted” rape. now when she was a child, in the regular world, nobody blamed her – except when oniichan got ~evil~ and then blamed her 10 year old self for having a lewd body that caused his friend to do that which is why Masato is a shit lol. but yea other than that nobody really “blames” her for what happens.

  5. also i forgot to ask, how did they handle the rape situation game aka was there any victim-blaming? Coz from your reviews, it seems like all the pervs and crazy bitch blamed Haruka for being so desirable and i’m like …….. no you don’t.

  6. indeed, wtf are they thinking. I always seem to get hit by child sexual abuse in Rejet games i.e Dialov n BAD MEDICINE. I was disgusted but the themes were there to highlight why the guy is acting immorally, and that’s ok. But child rape done to the heroine and she forgives the rapist coz he didnt know what he was doing teehee? HOW ABOUT NO.

    A small warning in your genre listing should have been there in the product page, Rejet. If this was an r18 game I prolly wouldnt be mad. But an all ages cero D game? /raises eyebrow

  7. Exactly! I don’t mind otome games wanting to make theirs games unique and out of the box but sometimes (especially Rejet) took a bit too far in a disgusting way EVER. So far, this game is on my “Worst Game Ever Played” and beat Reine. 😦 I’m really disappointed, this game looks really tempting and exciting…

    As for R18, at least they told us IT IS R18 so I can pretty much expect they have rape and yandere all around the place. Honestly, right now, I don’t know what else I can say, rape+incest are the hottest trend in otome game right now. I wish Rejet, Otomate and other companies understand some people really hate this kind of game that includes rape, incest and unneeded sex flying around. IT’S DISGUSTING AND UNCOMFORTABLE TO PLAY. I mean the point of playing otome game is to enjoy the fun of the plot and character not to fucking around, for the love of god ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

    I’m really sorry for ranting again (ノ_<。) because honestly, I don't know if I'm the only one who is REALLY against rape + incest (even though Masato isn't her blood related brother). But thanks again for replying to my comment, it really meant a lot when otome gamer replied 🙂 but really, for an experience gamer like you to said that kind of thing really makes me wonder where do you have the will to continue on playing games lmao ( ’ω’)旦~ cheers for you bro

  8. lol yea I saw that scene but honestly it didn’t seem like THAT unusual. Just thought it was another “clingy oniichan” character….didn’t know how bad he was lmao

  9. Yeah it was. I’m glad you put a warning-thanks. And at least people can empathize/sympathize with the situation. It just pisses me off when the victim is blamed:(
    I saw the one where her bro was on top of her earlier and the dialog was really sketchy so I immediately removed the game from my cart. I’m glad I felt somehting was off. And thanks for reviewing this game and saving me lol

  10. A lot of R-18 games have rape in them for those rape fantasy enthusiasts but usually the heroine is old enough and in the end acts like she likes it anyway. In this game it’s just unacceptable and I think Rejet was just trying to see how far they could push the limit. They constantly bring in themes that no one wants to talk about or see in their games…so they figure it would make their stories more exciting…well it certainly makes them unique but whether I actually want that in my games is another story :T

    I think she forgave Masato because she was just so traumatized and there were so many worse things (like her stepdad and Masato’s friend) that she just pushed anything Masato did out of her mind. I don’t know the details but with PTSD it can really affect the mental decisions of people…so I can’t really blame her…I’m just honestly surprised she didn’t kill herself and somehow managed to live on despite everything she has been through.

    And while Reine was bad, I don’t think anything comes to the level of WTF until now and I’m saying this after 7 years and 200+ otome games 😂

  11. Wow that’s horrible I’m sorry to hear your friend had such a scathing experience. That’s kinda why I mentioned it in my final thoughts in case this ends up being a trigger for somebody because I imagine someone with an experience like that would just be horrified by this game. (I don’t even have this experience and it was still sickening to me. ) The CGs when the site came out didnt’ seem “unusual” from any other otome game to me so a lot of it came as a shocker.

  12. My first impression was the game will be some what good and interesting and art seemed decent enough, but a few people around le otome game circle that played Moshkami told me this game is too much of a plot twist, WTF situation and rape all the way through.

    Honestly, I feel disgusted playing games that evolved to many sex and (unneeded) rape moments. I mean, who wants to be raped? I get that theres are a lot of people out there got raped but really, otome games… just don’t… it really makes me sick seeing rape on otome games. 😦

    As for this game, the character (the guys except for Masato) was decently nice. Haruka seems to be a typically-forgiven-otome-heroine so I’m not surprised at all when she just forgives Masato. The plot DEFINITELY CROSSED THE LINE, I mean gods inside a body, creating worlds for them? Ok, that sound interesting but really…. Masato….

    Idk how or what to say about him other than WTF IS WRONG YOU ONIICHAN. Seriously I just can’t. Anyways, sorry for my stupid rants about this game, because I really don’t know what to feel right now (it reminds me of Reine Des Fleur, so many disappointment and WTF moments until now) but thanks for reviewing out, there was a lot of things that I didn’t catch (especially with Haruka’s mom) 😀

  13. With DiaLovers, at least you get a hint. Promo for this game is so innocuous. I figured it might be something about death but never multiple instances of abuse.

    I admire you. I’d probably have quit halfway through one of routes with molestation.

  14. I will never understand why some people feel the need to write stories where the rapist is forgiven. Honestly. My best friend was raped by her boyfriend and I can’t even begin to tell you how awful she felt after the ordeal and how terrified of everyone she was. The worst part was that she was blamed. Because she wore a dress to her birthday dinner. And the ironic part is that her dress was a full-length gown and modest. Like holy shit. Rape isn’t funny or something that should be used as a way to move a plot. I understand it happens but that’s something that makes me very uncomfortable. And I will never forget the day I found her and she told me what happened to her.

    Great review. Took a while to read through but I’m glad I didn’t get this. Those cg’s looked way too rapey (Masato’s) when they came out, so I’m glad my gut feeling was right.

  15. This is one game that deserves to have the SJWs all over it. They could rage all the more and perhaps help purge the lingering disgust of the story…

  16. You just saved me some money. Thank you so much for this review. I am noping the hell away from this one.

  17. yea tbh the endings never really felt happy to me because of how disturbing everything was. and yea as you said it’s technically well written and not a kusoge, but the themes used in it remind me almost of the Nice Boat stuff from School Days (;^ω^)

    they probably got away with it because there was no visual guro/porn so it probably flew under the radar.

  18. Thanks for the comment xD

    And I agree I don’t mind the dumb stuff like hair chewing or fapping but the rape just ruined everything for me X_X I’ve seen child abuse in other games but never on this kind of level 😦 I have honestly no idea how Haruka made it through. I guess her mind mentally blocked it so much she literally forgot it ever happened.

    If you mean game difficulty system wise, it’s just straight VN choices so nothing hard at all.

  19. Thanks for reading my reviews! 😀 Enjoy revice;D I think it kinda flew under a lot of people’s radar because it was one of Otomate’s early Vita releases.

  20. I honestly went blind into the game. I knew there was something about being reborn but this is totally not what I had in mind! I recommend playing Tokyo Yamanote Boys or Tiny x Machinegun. I thought those games were pretty good and despite having dark elements they weren’t nearly on the level of this one.

  21. Well maybe….her feelings towards the guys is pure since everything in the past was uh..extremely impure!? I dunno what they were thinking lol..

  22. haha reine was bad on another level (mostly the awful system) but this was more just…wtf who thought this plot was a good idea lol

  23. yea really, when I look at people saying how the Dance with Devils oniichan is crazy I’m like pft..you haven’t seen crazy….

    yea honestly when you see this stuff in action it’s probably worse than when you just read my regurgitation x_x

  24. I…I think I’m going to throw up.

    I…what the heck…Rejet why….why….I don’t even know what to say.

  25. I nearly ordered this otome game because it looked like a tragedy that would have a bright and happy ending but… I could never be more far off.

    Reading your review, the amount of guro and disturbing parts is comparable with actual horror games I played that focus on these kinds of things such as Silent Hill… I’m not sure whether I can call this a bad game or not because it seems good in a way but also not the ‘kusoge’ kind of bad. Overall, I’m confused on how to feel about this and I’m wondering how rejet got away with just a cero D on this.

  26. (For whatever reason part of my comment didn’t get posted ? I guess I delated it without noticing ?)

    “I wanted to believe that Masato was not that much of a bad person but… oh well, I guess he was more or less fucked up in the head from the beginning. ʅ(´Д`)ʃ

    I don’t really mind people dying or things like Masato fapping and chewing his sister’s hairs whatever, at some point I can only think of it as funny but… I have to say rape and child abuse aren’t really my thing, it can feel somehow really disturbing and I feel just soooooooo sad for Haruka… I’m amazed at how she managed to keep on living on even after all the shit and PTSD she had to deal with till now… If I could, I’d like to give her a big hug. (´Д`)

    Nevertheless, even with all the shit going down in that game, I still feel curious and can’t help but wanting to play it by myself so… I guess I’ll probably buy it ~someday~ … when I’ll be done with my backlog ʅ(´◡`)ʃ
    (Ah, also I wanted to ask, how would you rate the game’s difficulty ?)

    I’m sorry, ended up writing quite a lot, I hope you don’t mind it. >.<"

  27. Hello, hello ! 😀

    At first, I wasn’t really interested in the game, but since I saw your tweets about MoshiKami (especially those about Masato, hehe) I got really curious and was really looking forward to your review about the game !
    It took me quite some time to read through everything but I really enjoyed it ! 😀

    I was more or less expecting Masato onii-chan to be some kinda weird mentally disturbed onii-chan who’d probably rape imouto-chan in some of the bad endings but.. yeah, I didn’t anticipate the fact that he actually raped her as a CHILD… Like, when I began reading your review and when you said Haruka got raped by her step-father & all and that Masato would try spending a max of time with her, since he didn’t really do anything about his father I thought he was actually like 15 or something but afterwards you said that he was 22 at that time and I was like “What…? You’re 22, your cute imouto is being raped by your huge pedophile rapist DAD and… and all you find to do is… playing outside with her ? Like wtf ? Is that all you can think about ?! FOR GOD’S SAKE GET UR SHIT TOGETHER PLEASE !!! (ノ Ò 皿 Ó ╬)ノ彡┻━┻” this is so confusing >..<

    Anyway, thank you very much for sitting through the whole game and once again providing us with such a nice/fun review ! 😀
    Now that you're done you can finally relax and have fun with Project DivaX ! XD

    Looking forward to your next review,

  28. Hooray! I was following your twitter and really looking forward to the game review! 😀 So glad i waited as i was planning to get this. While i’ve always been wary of Rejet games, the art looked so pretty. But after reading the review…christ! >< Think I'll stick to Otomate for now! ^^;;

    Btw your reviews help SO MUCH when purchasing games. Because of them, I've bought Code:Realize, Binary Star and KLAP! 😀 Just bought Reviced too! So looking forward to playing it at some point!

  29. First things first, thank you for the review and otsukaresama from sitting through all those… stuffs
    I don’t have any intention to play this game so I just read the whole thing.

    Oh Rejet, you did it again. Just when I thought it won’t get worse, it did.
    I guess listening to a few rejet drama cds do help me prepare mentally, I’m not that grossed out but still disturbed ugh.

    I guess, Ken ga Kimi will be the only rejet game I play ε=( ̄。 ̄ )
    This is just, too much, rape is not love dammit. I rarely use this word to describe things but this game is way too fucked up

  30. how can it be pure love when it involves getting together with the dude who raped u as a kid? wtf rejet
    i dont agree to policing content, you can have a grimdark story like this but dont refer to rape as pure love pls

  31. Wow. I’ve been waitin for this review since the twitter post about Masato. Thank you for writing this. I feel so disturbed by this game. Also, thanks for the review for Queen of Flowers. I couldn’t comment on it anymore, but you saved me the trouble and grief of that game.

  32. Wow O.o I kinda had a glimpse that Masato was psychotic imouto lovin rejet oniichan…but that beach incident…….. (0_0||) I think he makes Laito seems like a good boy and all the other rejet oniichan’s yandere tendencies look cute

    Congrats on finishing the game and thank you for the review~~ now I’ll probably be prepared on what I’ll encounter when I pick this up from my shelf and go YOLO playing the game (its been sitting there since I got it cause I was wondering why I even bought it—then again…Namikawa and Toriumi XD)

  33. Damn they didn’t just cross the line, they freakin triple jumped dat shit and broke an Olympic record, lol. Maybe once Rejet gets tired of pushing the envelope of grimdark in otome games they can go back to their silly old ways. 😫

  34. Okay so they’re not the same thing. I thought they were at first and thought it was weird how you have to buy the LE to get the extra scenarios (wasn’t sure which edition you got).

  35. I’m guessing the letters are probably just black paper maybe? like so you can write stuff on it
    Probably related to the “black post box” that they used in the game for writing these letters

  36. Congrats on finishing it! I like dark stuff so I’m definitely gonna try this out. And your tweets just made me really curious lol. The limited edition of this game comes with the black post letters, is that the same thing as the black post scenarios?

  37. I’m such a virgin to otome games, so I haven’t tried QuinRose or Rejet games, but this is not going to be my first Rejet game. I’ve been told older Rejet were good, so I’ll try to find those :,)
    After reading all the spoilers, this game is just as whack as DiaLov ORZ Maybe with less plot holes, maybe.
    Thanks for suffering so I could know if the game is worth it, and as someone that bad art really jumps out for me, I’d nitpick it and not enjoy it. The CG’s are super inconstant, I wonder how many artists they used trying to emulate the official style of the game. It shows it was at least 2-3, I wish they’d stuck to one artist :/
    Aaah, such pretty art when it’s good wasted on that crazy plot. Mind you, there’s some interesting things there, but get bogged down by the…fuckery, I have no other word for it but that ^^’
    I pray your next game is not this big of a mess, but I fully expect you to suffer 😛

  38. I miss Rejet doing goofy things. I mean honestly, Masato didn’t even bother me with his hair eating or toenail sniffing (I found it to be funny lol) but the rape just…..ruined everything lol. I think the game is probably set for a novel seeing how they had to add a ton of text only scenarios at the end just to reveal all these incidents leading to the reason for the story….but I agree, it’s not a theme I want to see in an otome game ._.

  39. Haha you’re welcome! 😂

    And yea if the anatomy/inconsistency bugs you then it’s gonna really jump out at you here. It’s almost on the same level as quin rose derpiness – I was pretty surprised. It killed a lot of romantic scenes for me because it would be some derpy kiss CG :/

  40. Yea I feel you there, I didn’t even expect it to be THIS dark. I thought it would be more tragedy themed like Rebirthday Song rather than just horrific and guroi :t

  41. I’ve seen Masato’s image all over my Twitter for the last few months…Anyway, now that I finally know what’s going on, I demand a manga/anime/light novel. This isn’t a good ‘otome’ game, but it has the potential to be interesting as almost anything else. It does subvert the whole ‘destined pure love’ thing, but I think Reject has accomplished that multiple times.

    So I don’t think I’m gonna invest in this game, since the plot, while interesting, isn’t what I wanna see in my otome games. At least, not without being extreamly sarcastic and poking fun at tropes. Which Reject should try doing, they’d excel at that.

  42. Oh, I forgot to ask. Did Izanami and Ixanagi and the other gods show up as their god selves? I’m curious to see what they look like.

  43. OMG what kind of audience are they aiming for with this Σ(゚Д゚)
    Child rape WTF *brr*

  44. I like mystery and blood in visual novels, I really enjoyed Corpse Party, but it’s more the themes that I feel a but WTF about. Plus some of the CG’s and super long torsos seem really off, I’m a bit picky about anatomy and consistency ^^’
    I’ll keep my eye out for it, in a “if it goes on sale for half or so I might buy it” kind of way. I haven’t read your spoilers yet, so I might drastically change my mind once I do.
    It’s kinda funny because this game seems to polarise gamers a fair bit. I’ve seen reviews really gushing and loving it, so I’ll kinda wait for more consensus. Now to read your spoilers (I don’t want to make a comment addressing spoilers in case anyone sees it >_< )
    Almost forgot to say: awesome review and thanks for suffering in our stead every single time! ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  45. Uuuuum wow. I remember seeing some of your tweets while you were playing but I still didn’t expect this. It’s so messed up. I was pretty close to buying this game but decided against it in the end because I needed to budget and now I’m staying far away from this game. Faaar away. I do appreciate darker themed stories with a good mystery once and a while but this is not something I’d like to experience playing through. Reading about it secondhand from you is already bad enough. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  46. Probably not and I’m pretty used to it. Anyway, I plan on playing Moshikami regardless (I already have the game), so we’ll see how I feel about it. But it’s probably have to wait until end of this year/some time next year before I get to it. I need to get this year’s blog post material and next year’s White Day galge out of the way first and then I’ll see what I feel like playing.

  47. yea if you want fluffy shoujo/romance, then yea definitely stay away lol. the romance feels overshadowed by all the other crap going on.

  48. if it’s a common theme in your books you might not be that surprised then? I mean like I said it’s interesting because it’s “new” but at the same time it’s horrible and disgusting to me lol. Your mileage may vary though

  49. I had been looking forward to playing this.
    But once I’ve read your review, even if just the spoiler free part, I’m having second thoughts.
    I personally love guro and mystery, but in combination with otome…no thank you.
    I play otome games for purely for that otome/shoujo feel, and I don’t think I can handle that being mixed in together with guro, lmao

  50. Good job completing it and thanks for the review!

    Reading your thoughts I’m a bit “eh… I don’t want child abuse in my otoges” but my interest in this game is really high, so it’s not really affect my wish to play. The fact I have a track record of reading disturbing themes in novels (sexual abuse of children seem to be the most common and I don’t even know how I manage to pick these novels on random while at the library!) I might not be just as disturbed as you and in a sense it interests me as someone interested in literary science. So while my thought is till “I don’t want child abuse in my otoges” so many other parts of me just are super interested. It’s making me super conflicted even though my interest for this game just seem to be growing. ”’orz

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