Otome Game Review: Tiny x Machinegun The Game

New York City is the safest city in the world because Captain Vaneast police crew is always making sure to catch the bad guys. Some of their other duties include even helping some baby ducklings cross the road! 😆 Our heroine Tiny McDaniel, who is a massive brocon, is a police idol since she’s only 15 and her job is pretty much reduced to making coffee for the rest of the team. The peaceful city’s days come to an end when one day, the clone of Tiny’s grandfather, Bradley McDaniel starts running around randomly killing everyone. On top of this, a crazy psycho criminal X named Break has escaped from Ossining labs and is also murdering people left and right.  Vaneast starts to get bad rap for not protecting the city so they get some reinforcement from the German police and a new guy to join their crew to be Tiny’s team buddy. Can Vaneast restore peace and justice to NYC once more?

machinegun002Like with Norn 9, various routes give hints about various details of the story so I figured it would be easier once again to just spoil everything here and then go off into individual routes. (I may end up using this type of review style from now on when there’s an obvious common story throughout the game rather than individual date-the-bishie scenarios.) So here’s the deal: The  McDaniels have some magical blood running through their veins (Rejet loves this crap don’t they?) which allows them to become excellent killer machines! The New World Order is an organization who basically are a bunch of crazy bible humpers that want to wipe humanity and “start over fresh” with a plan called Project New Bible. (Gee where have I heard this plot before.) The idea is, they destroy the world and become like Noah’s Arc so that people will follow them like drones and they can take over the world! To do this they figured they’d start in NYC and so they’ve secretly teamed up with the UN and the National Security Agency.

machinegun003About 40 years ago the peace of NYC was upheld by Bradley McDaniel  but because he was a cockblock to their balancing plan, they staged a terror plot and killed him 10 years prior to the game. At the time, Tiny was 5 and Reigand was 14. The thing is, Tiny didn’t know about her father or grandpa or Reigand because she was actually the daughter of her father’s lover.  I don’t think she ever knew her dad either so when her mom died she was left all alone and that’s when Reigand adopted her since after all, he’s pretty much her half brother. Anyway back to the McDaniels, they create McDaniel clones for reasons that Rejet decided to never tell me. (I’m guessing because they want an army of supermen for their  Super Megalapolis!!!) Of course the clones they created were all made from Bradley’s dead body remains.  They also then found some VAMPIRE Nosferatu and told him he needs to be their balancer for ‘evil’ since at the core, these hobo vampires just want to kill people for blood. The guy was in frozen sleep for like 40 years until the NWO released him. They’re not the type you see who like live in rich mansions and suck blood of sexy ladies. 😆  So then Break goes around killing people and Van East are the created “heroes” to balance his evil with their GOOD! Break however is not a controlled variable and he’s like fuck da police so he steals all the McDaniel clones and forces them to work for him and go on a rampage as well! Not only does this create chaos in the city but obviously it ruins the name of Van East since both Tiny and Reigand are currently in the police force.  Originally Break was handed over to Jacklost corporation run by Lian Jenkins and told to “watch over him for a while.” Of course they knew that there’s no way that Lian could ever control Break so Break lies and takes advantage of the poor sap. He tells him that he’ll make him the hero of NYC instead of Van East and being a huge Van East fanboy, Lian eats the bait.  The rest of the story will be explained in my individual write ups!

machinegun004Reigand McDaniel – Reigand is a massive siscon and well I’d probably group him with Rejet’s other siscons like Nesso or Wabisuke. Fortunately he’s not an insane yandere, but still yandere none the less. For a long time, his job was to be a police sniper so he pretty much killed as told and his track record is pretty big. When he found out that he had a half sister who was now left all alone though, his cold persona vanished and OUT COMES THE SISCON! Despite being HALF SIBLINGS Reigand is totally okay with banging his sister, even though this is NYC and it’s considered incest here (Sorry to burst your bubble Rejet lol.) The good news for him is, Tiny is actually a huge brocon! In fact she secretely cuts out articles/photos of him in newspapers and magazines and adds them to her oniisama collection \(^o^)/. She even keeps her hair in twin tails because it’s makes Reigand go ぶひぶひ(◉◞౪◟◉ ). Reigand really idolized his grandpa Bradley so when he died, Reigand was pretty much shocked but of course he easily got over it because he now has a cute imouto to sit on his lap every night. During the terror attack on Lincoln Center by Break and his joker army, Break tells Tiny that Reigand is just using her and that she’s the McDaniel sacrifice. Not knowing what’s going on, Tiny starts to doubt Reigand because he’s pretty much been keeping her in the dark. Tiny’s role in the game is very important, and in fact the NWO wanted her to be the balancer for “good” of NYC. (Not sure why they chose her instead of Reigand.) Of course by having her be a balancer, Oniichan can’t have her all to himself anymore! The tragedy!! By this point he pretty much stops holding back his siscon urges and one night grabs her and kisses her. He then proceeds with his yandere banter of locking her up so nobody else can see her etc etc. Tiny’s like wtf no and she runs off to the bar of a spy lady named Maria.  Meanwhile the NWO also tries to capture Reigand so they can continue making clones (cause hey a living body is better than a 40 year old dead body) but thanks to Wolf sacrificing his life, Reigand is saved.  Reigand decides to chill dafuq out and goes to the New York Public Library where he reads the diary of his grandpa and about what happened with him and Break. Just then Break announces yet another terror plot and Van East gets together to stop him. Tiny also picks up a pair of power shoes from Lian which help her run really fast during the fight.

machinegun005Everyone goes to the piers to stop Break’s attack with Reigand fighting against Break one on one. They both pull out their knives to have a knife on knife fight since Reigand’s used to this kind of work back in the day.  Reigand gets badly chopped up and when Tiny sees this she jumps out of the helicopter and lands safely thanks to her power shoes. She runs to her oniisama and tells him not to leave her. Reigand then grabs Tiny and jumps into the water as Zen launches a shit ton of missiles at Break. Break is blown to bits and Reigand and Tiny are taken to the hospital.  Best End: After some time Reigand recovers at the hospital and gets all raburabu with Tiny saying that they’re siblings for now, but after she RIPENS he’ll hit dat /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. And so some years later they get married, obviously in Mexico or something because you can’t marry your blood related relatives in NYC bro wwww. Normal End: Break gets captured and imprisoned and Van East is reborn as a stronger police force. On top of this, they’ve decided to join forces with Jacklost. As years pass, Tiny has grown up and gotten taller so she’s not so tiny anymore xD Together she and Reigand continue working for Van East side by side with Zen and Heinz. Lol I liked this better than the best end ^^;.  Bad End: When Break goes to finish off Reigand, Tiny jumps in the way and gets stabbed instead. After she dies, Reigand is taken to Ossining labs and made into a killing machine like that which runs through the McDaniel blood. He then becomes pretty much a lifeless robot without emotions though it seems like a part of him still remembers Tiny. (´・ω・`;) Dead End: NYC becomes like the wild wild west and Tiny becomes an infamous bounty hunter known as Calamity Tiny. She’s out to get revenge on those who took her oniisama and she’s a badass sexy lady with her machinegun. Wow well this end and the Normal end are probably my favorites for Reigand. Honestly if they were going with the romantic route for him, they could have just easily made Tiny his non blood related sister? (Though I guess that would ruin the whole McDaniel blood thing.)

machinegun006Wolf – I dunno why Wolf doesn’t have a normal name but he’s Reigand’s partner in fighting crime, aka his buddy. He loves to have fun and is pretty laid back, often calling Reigand out on his siscon urges. Wolf also loves da ladies and calls himself the no. 1 cool dude in the city. Break sets up bombs all over Van East HQ and when Tiny runs in there, Wolf chases after her  and gets badly injured but he doesn’t want to stay at the hospital claiming he’s fine. Reigand knows his buddy well so he  assigns Tiny to take care of him and make sure he rests for 3 days.  She takes care of him but the next day he gets bored of sitting around so he takes her on a “date” to Coney Island XD While he goes to buy some hot dogs break shows up and shoves Tiny’s head underwater trying to drown her. Fortunately Wolf comes to her rescue and Break runs off.  Because Van East starts getting bad rep, Wolf decides to screw everything and goes bar hopping and chasing da ladies. Reigand gets pissed and the two have a huge fight so Tiny decides to try and get the 2 of them to make up.  Tiny doesn’t wanna give up and decides to go to Wolf’s place one evening to convince him to tell her his true feelings. He pushes her on the bed instead going “hey guurl how about we screw instead” but Tiny’s like “fine whatever but I trust you won’t do horrid things to me.” Wolf is disappointed that she’s so fuckin’ awesome and lets her go saying she’s too much like Reigand. He tells her to do whatever and leaves so Tiny decides to take one of his spare keys to his apartment so she can come back trying to convince him to return to VanEast to talk things out. She also finds a photo of him as a shota with some girl and that girl is a key to his past. So then Break decides to blow up the empire state building and Wolf gets crushed by the rubble though Tiny is saved. Because a month passes by with no remains of Wolf everyone assumes that he has died.  So then Break comes back with his usual terrorizing, but this time he has Wolf on his side!

machinegun007Turns out after the explosion his legs got crushed and then thought he was gonna die. He then woke up and found himself with Break who offered to restore his broken limbs if he became a servant for Jacklost.  In fact he’s been brainwashed and he says that Van East are not heroes and Jacklost are way better. Fortunately Reigand’s been hanging out with Wolf long enough to know he’s lost his marbles.  He starts shooting randomly until shooting at Reigand finally snaps him out of it. A bleeding Reigand comes over to Wolf (who’s like NOO I SHOT YOU WHYYY) and punches him to knock him back to his senses. Unfortunately it’s too late and even though Wolf returns to normal somewhat, Reigand dies. His death however helps gain more “trust” in Van East and people leave flowers on his desk at HQ. Wolf is still at Jacklost and he couldn’t be brought back to his senses fully.  Tiny decides to try and convince Wolf to come back to their side so she goes looking for him.  She then runs into Wolf at Central Park and begs him to return to HQ with her because Heinz and Zen are worried about him. She says she’s forgiven him for killing Reigand because she knows it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t mean to do it. He tells Tiny that he became a hero because he and his childhood friend (the one in the photo) once got involved in a convenience store robbery and she saved him in exchange for her life. Feeling survivor guilt, Wolf decided to become a hero himself. By the time Wolf became a cop though, he found out the guy who caused this had already died in prison years ago so now he felt like he lost his reason to do anything. He feels like he could never do anything for her and he would constantly have dreams of her bloody body from that day. On top this now he has Reigand haunting him in the same way. He says that he’s so brainwashed by Jacklost and he won’t be able to stop himself from killing Tiny  like he killed Reigand. Tiny sits on a bench hugging him as he cries and she then realizes that she’s in love with him. щ(ಥДಥщ)  Some days later, Break shows up in front of Tiny with Wolf at his command and the 2 of them have a shoot out.  Tiny ends up shooting him in the leg and then manages to convince Wolf to come back on her side. Break gets butthurt and runs off.

machinegun008Happy End: And so 3 months pass and Wolf recovers from his leg injury and brainwashing. Tiny and Wolf visit the cemetery and place some flowers on Reigand’s grave where Wolf apologizes to Reigand for killing him, brainwashed or not. He also tells Tiny that he loves her even though he can’t make apple pie as good as Reigand’s. He then tells Tiny when things have calmed down and she grows up, to marry him. Erm uh okay Break just ran off lmao weird ending. Normal End: Break vanishes and Van East’s jobs lessen as Jacklost takes over bigger crime incidents instead. Wolf is close to being released from the hospital and goes with Tiny to the park one day to reflect on everything that happened. Tiny confesses that she loves him and says he’s the only special person left to her now that Reigand is gone and she doesn’t want to have to shoot him ever again. Wolf hugs her and asks if he can be her one and only hero. Bad End: Tiny shoots Wolf in the chest instead of in the leg like she had intended. Zen gets pissed and comes shooting at Break who prances off somewhere. Wolf then goes into a coma for 2 years and Tiny visits him daily talking to him to try and get him to wake up. Finally one day as she’s holding his hand she feels that his hand moves and runs to call a doctor. Meanwhile Reigand’s spirit is like wake dafuq up already bro I know you’ve healed enough already. Wolf says that he’s not qualified to  live after what he’s done and he decides that it’s time for him to go. By the time Tiny returns to his room, his heart monitor indicates that he’s died. (´;ω;`) Dead End: Wolf gets shot and tells Tiny that he really wanted to die anyway because of the guilt of killing Reigand and the guilt of his childhood friend haunted him. He then dies in Tiny’s arms saying that he and Reigand will watch over her. But then Break shows up and trolls everyone by blowing them all up saying that they can all reunite in the afterlife. ┐(‘~`;)┌ I really like Wolf but I felt like there was so much guilt in his route not only from his side, but also from Tiny’s side as she  was constantly trying to validate herself as the “appropriate McDaniel” since she was just the child of a lover.  Still  I think the two of them had a lot of sweet moments though Break constantly running off was a weird plot hole lol. Also the message I get from Reigand & Wolf’s routes is “you’ll date Tiny over my dead body!” 😆

machinegun009Zen Midou – I actually played Zen’s route first but his route was so action packed that when doing Wolf and Reigand immediately after, their routes felt anti-climatic in comparison xD. Zen was supposed to follow in the footsteps of Bradley and be the next “hero” but due to a certain incident, he had quit the police force. That incident is, about 4 years prior there was hostage situation at a bank and the current mayor who was police chief at the time took the lead. He made a mistake on the right timing to burst in and because of this a lot of people that were held hostages died. Unfortunately in that hostage group were Zen’s wife and daughter so they also got killed. However to make Vaneast look good, they lied about the incident and said that its the criminals who started mass killing people for no reason and then the police burst in and stopped them. If the chief didn’t rush in, they could have saved some of the  hostages but now everyone saw Vaneast as “heroes”. Zen was away from the city at the time and when he came back, the police chief lied to him about what happened but Zen knew he was fulla shit. He dug up evidence and wanted to show the truth about Vaneast but instead the chief shot him down. He got so pissed that he wanted to kill the police chief and he realized he couldn’t be in Vaneast with those feelings so he quit. That’s when the police chief became mayor making it seem like NYC is the safest city in the world which pissed off Zen even more. From that day forth Zen planned to assassinate Mayor Jenkins and took him hostage, which is why he was labeled as a criminal. (´;ω;`) So after this he pretty much spends most of his days watching shitty pornos and getting piss drunk in his dirty apartment. He’s good friends with the bar lady Maria however during the Van East HQ bomb, she ends up dying to protect Zen from getting stabbed by Break. Maria is smart though and since she used to be Zen’s ex-g/f, she left him a message on one of his reserved alcohol bottles at her bar with the name “Jenkins” on it.

machinegun010After hearing Zen’s past story from Reigand, Tiny rushes to see Zen at Maria’s bar figuring he’d be there based on Maria’s last words. She finds a really drunk Zen who’s been drowning his sorrow in alcohol. He tells Tiny that Maria was the only one who accepted his feelings of revenge which is why he loved her. Now he has no Maria, no wife and no daughter and he hates himself for not being able to protect any of them. Suddenly the German police Helshaft burst in and say that Zen’s under arrest. They say they’re now here to take care of business because there’s nothing left of Vaneast after that mass Vaneast murder by Break. Zen’s like sorry no time to be arrest and he grabs Tiny  & runs. Since Tiny’s house and Zen’s place are now unsafe to be in, they hide in some abandoned building where criminals hide out.  Zen starts protesting trying to go out on his own to do shit so they have to handcuff him while Tiny feeds him lol.  Sadly he tricks her requesting to go to the bathroom and uses the opportunity to escape through the window. Tiny then splits with the group to look for him but has no luck finding him…until she runs into him standing in front of the bank where his wife and daughter were killed. Tiny holds his hand to comfort him and he tells her that at this point he has nothing to lose. Tiny says she can’t be a replacement for Maria but she wants to be with him. Sadly their moment’s cockblocked by Break’s clown army mass killing everyone again. Zen protects her and afterwards they both come to the conclusion that they need to stop Break and have Zen be AN HERO! Based on Maria’s message, Zen & co. decide to break into Lian’s house. When they get there they hear Lian complaining to the NSA leader that he was only supposed to hold on to Break and it wasn’t supposed to go out of control like this. He says he’s tired of constantly hearing gunshots outside and constantly seeing dead people on TV. He never wanted the city he grew up in to be destroyed, so the NSA guy tells him that he’s off their crazy New Bible project and tells Break to “dispose” of him. Zen of course sees all this and feels bad for the poor sap so he bursts in as the AN HERO. Unfortunately he gets stabbed by Break protecting Lian. Tiny & Co. run in to find a bloody and unconscious Zen so they call an ambulance to save him. Unfortunately by this time Lian has already died. (´;ω;`)

machinegun011When they get to the hospital they find out that the reason Zen survived is because Break didn’t stab him all the way through the heart – he stopped right before it.  While Zen is recovering, the following night Tiny & Co. sneak into Lian’s old mansion to get more clues that Zen failed to get due to the ambush. They find his old computer and a new pair of shoes that Lian had reworked because he felt bad that the previous pair let Tiny get caught by Break. When she turns them on they tell her that Lian has hacked their system so they won’t put her into danger anymore. Tiny decides to take the shoes with her becuase she doesn’t just wanna be in the way and wants to help everyone.  Just then Tiny gets a phone call that Zen’s regained consciousness so she runs to see him at the hospital. She comes into his room and jumps on his bed hugging him and crying that she was worried about him.  She tells him that she wants him to be happy not because Maria asked her to but out of her own will. (*´ω`*)  A few days later Reigand comes to visit telling Zen that because Break used Zen’s gun to shoot Lian, the german police think that Zen is the murderer. Reigand tells Zen that he vows to prove his innocence while they search about the New World Order and their doings.  While everyone is busy working (in their swimsuits cause its like July and hot as balls damn it’s like 94F outside in NYC as I’m writing this), Tiny gets a phone call to meet someone at Maria’s old bar and she gets a USB stick which has video footage of right before Zen burst into Lian’s place before he got killed. With this they can prove that Break was the criminal and not anyone in Vaneast. (Still wondering who this was? Maybe Boris?)  So they solve little crimes together as Zen recovers until one day the camera footage that they obtained somehow gets leaked on the news. It’s all because Reigand leaked the video to Patricia from the news team and now this proves Zen’s innocence. The Mayor substitute Watson calls Reigand telling him he wants to have all of them return to Van East and be on the team with Zen being the team leader and chief.  They go to the place where Zen’s wife & daughter died – the bank in Harlem  – because Break is there.

machinegun012When they get there he’s like ‘I FUCKIN LOVE KILLING LAWL’ and don’t give no fucks who he kills as long as he destroys everything like the fuckin’ terminator lol. He runs off and they run after him to Rockafeller center and during all of this Zen and Tiny make a promise for her to show him her pantsu~ after everything is over lmfao.  Zen and Break fight but Break’s like a zombie and even after getting badly injured he still gets back up. He stabs Zen’s old wounds so Tiny takes action, puts on her special shoes and kicks Break in the face m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ This gives Zen a chance to shoot Break down once and for all. Break gets returned to Ossining labs and Tiny  & Co. work on restoring NYC as 1 year goes by.  Happy End: Zen goes to visit Break in maximum security prison who’s been avoiding food and water but somehow manages to stay alive. Zen tells him to live and suffer like those whose lives he’s taken. And so 7 years later Tiny and Zen are engaged much to oniichan’s dismay whose raging at them ichaichaing in the office xDDD. Normal End: Turns out the Hellshaft German police are working for the NWO.  They capture Break and then Zen retires from his position, allowing Reigand to become the next chief of police. Zen instead becomes the bar tender at Maria’s old bar Raincat. Bad End: Tiny’s kick is a bit too strong that she ends up kicking Break off the Rockafeller center and we all know that falling off a building doesn’t kill him lol. He escapes and goes MIA until 1 year later as everyone is working to restore NYC, Zen’s old arrest warrant is brought up. Zen is like it’s alright I know what I did is wrong so I accept the punishment and he asks Reigand to handcuff him. (´・ω・`;) After he’s arrested, to make things worse, Break returns and kills Mayor Jenkins. Dead End: In the fight with Break, Zen runs out of bullets and tries to fight with a knife. Zen gets stabbed and then stabbed a 2nd time protecting Tiny. Tiny gets so pissed she goes nuts and stabs Break so many times you can’t even tell what he is. By the time Reigand and Wolf arrive, they shit bricks at the scene. Tiny ends up getting hospitalized because she’s so mentally damaged she can’t remember anyone but Zen and still thinks that he’s alive. In the special voices  Zen admitted that he got so drunk he kissed Reigand lol. Zen is my 2nd favorite character which is weird because I usually don’t go for the shaggy ossan types but he was so cute XDDD. Or maybe cute isn’t the right word, charming?

machinegun013Lian Jenkins – Pronounced like “lyian” and rhymes with Ryan for some reason Rejet called him Lian. (Elic anyone?) Lian is the son of the mayor and the CEO of Jacklost. Most of the time he’s just being used though and he’s lost his legs so he’s usually in a high tech wheelchair. He’s a genius engineer and is often tinkering with some kind of inventions in his lab but secretely, he idolizes Van East and is Tiny’s fanboy. He wants to be a hero just like them so when Break tells him he’ll make HIM into NYC’s hero, poor Lian eats it all up.  If you go after Lian or Break there’s a bit of a common route so I’ll just post it in Lian’s route.  So after Break sets up the bomb at Van East HQ, Tiny & Co. run over there only to run into the McDaniel clones. Tiny unfortunately runs into a bomb and blacks out waking up in the hospital. Maria visits her and gives her some flowers and cream puffs. However when Tiny tries to remember what happened, she can’t see to recall anything. She then sees the news and turns out that everyone died in the explosion except for Tiny, being the only survivor. Now instead of Van East, Jacklost is taking care of all police duties. Tiny doesn’t believe it at first but Maria confirms that everyone except her died. Tiny throws a shitfit and has to get sedated. When she wakes up, she escapes out of the hospital and runs to the ruins of Van East HQ. She then starts running around screaming like crazy until someone calls the cops to get her back in the hospital. After she recovers she returns home all alone. She turns the TV on and sees the news with her clone taking all the credit and calling herself a hero. She goes to see Maria who tells her to sneak into Jacklost company party to get some info. At the party she finds out that Lian basically calls Van East a bunch of idiots who rushed into the explosion carelessly. He also announces that the new Jacklost police HQ will be rebuilt where Van East once was. Tiny hears this and she is NOT pleased so she walks over to Lian to give him a piece of her mind. Lian then starts babbling that everything is Break’s fault and he wants to stop the guy from constantly destroying shit. Speaking of the devil, Break shows up, ruins the party and is like lol Lian you’re such a tool and goes back to his path of destruction.

machinegun014Afterwards Tiny realizes she’s the only one who can save  NYC cause Jacklost is useless and Break only has an interest in Tiny cause she’s a McDaniel. Maria gives Tiny the power shoes she stole from Lian and then NYC places a no-going-out restriction because of all the bombs Break keeps placing everywhere. Lian meanwhile gets upset that all he wanted to do was be a hero but Break ruined everything. If Break wasn’t a party pooper as it is, he then chops off the heads of a bunch of Jacklost workers and drops them all over the entrance of Jacklost corp building. Frustrated Lian remembers that he has his LIANMAN (RIANMAN, IRONMAN etc lolol) suit and he can still be a hero! He then goes and saves Tiny from some criminal and helps her hack into Jacklost’s server (cause its his server lol.) After they hack it and destroy the data, Tiny calls Lianman her hero and he’s like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. He then tells her that he’s Lian Jenkins and apologizes for hiding it from her.  He then says the reason he could never become a hero is because he was a loser who just blamed everything on others instead of doing anything himself.  He admits the reason NYC is in shambles is because he let Break do whatever the fuck he wants and didn’t take responsibility for him.  He begs Tiny to join forces with him to kill Break and she agrees so they start working up a plan to stop the crazy hyena man.  Meanwhile Break is bored running from Helshaft, some dude from Jet Black comes up to him asking to “use his name” to make his mafia seem more threatening. Break is like uh sure whatever dude, and figures while that organization will probably be busy with the German police, Break will go prancing after Tiny. Maria gives Tiny a new gun that has 2 hidden bullets in it, while Lian is recovering from Break’s attack and fixing up his suit. When Lian goes outside he notices the city’s really gone to hell when you got kids with knives pulling holdups just to get some food. Jet Black starts causing problems everywhere and when Helshaft goes after them, they don’t care who they hurt in their way to stop the mafia. Helshaft can’t tell which ones are regular townsfolk or which ones are Jet Black members and just end up killing everyone. Break just sits back watching everything and LOL’ing waiting for Tiny to arrive. When she arrives he grabs her abducting her to the top of some building and starts using her ears and neck as a lollypop threatening to kill her.

machinegun015Fortunately Lian finally arrives in his fixed suit, and even though he shoots rockets at Break, as usual, it does nothing. Helshaft comes and cockblocks them again and after Break disappears again, Helshaft catches Jet Black and takes over controlling the city. The city becomes desolate and Tiny loses contact with Lian for a while so she goes to Maria’s bar for advice as usual.  Tiny finds Lian training at his place to try and get better with his suit.  He gets upset and starts saying how much of a loser he is and begins to cry. After she comforts him, they decide to try their best starting with helping Tiny train to use his power shoes better. And so  Tiny and Lian continue training together but Maria suggests that aside from serious training they lighten up things a bit even with something small. Tiny and Lian then make a bet that the loser has to buy the winner a drink. Lian keeps losing lmao and Tiny gets like 10 juices :lol:. Tiny decides to change the bet winnings and asks Lian to decide what prize he wants. He says that this will be the final round and the lose has to be the maid/butler of the winner for 1 day, wearing the uniform and all xD. This motivates him greatly and he ends up winning, forcing Tiny to be his maid for a day ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.    They check the news and Break’s killing people in Harlem again so Tiny and Lian rush to stop him.  They defeat Break and then Helshaft takes care of the rest. After some time, Helshaft leaves NYC and Lian becomes the top of the news as NYC’s hero. He continues being a hero and fighting crime as Lianman. Tiny sees him getting more and more popular even doing such things as drink commercials and starts to get worried about him.  One day there’s a fire and Lian goes to save a child from the burning house. However after he realizes that the boy’s legs are damaged, it hits home hard and Lian is completely heartbroken. He feels useless and starts crying that now the boy’s legs are just like his own. He tells the mother that he promises to get the best handicapped gear for the boy but continues crying that it’s his fault that he “took the boy’s legs away”. Tiny’s like no dude you saved his life and when the camera crew tries to interview him, Tiny tells them to back off as Lian runs away crying that he’s no hero. After this he’s so down he asks Tiny never to mention about that boy again and when calls for help come, he just sends his workers and doesn’t go himself anymore. While going to catch some criminals one night, Tiny runs into all 3 McDaniel clones and Break! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Tiny’s like wtf dude Van East is dead what the hell else do you want? Break is like “I WANNA BREAK EVERYTHING” sigh. ┐(‘~`;)┌

machinegun016He captures Tiny and tells all the news people to come film his great destruction tonight. Lian sees everything and shits bricks, but after ranting to himself for a bit he decides to be Lianman one more time to save Tiny.  When Lian arrives to where Break & the Clone stooges are, he’s basically forced to fight against Bradley and Reigand while the bitchy Tiny clone holds the real Tiny hostage.  Thanks to her power shoes, she manages to escape from Dark Tiny’s grasp and join forces to fight along with Lian. They defeat all the clones but then Break is still around and he starts tormenting Lian that it’s his fault he broke Mike’s legs. Lian is like stfu, I plan to apologize to him myself and I will continue to fight as a hero. Break is like “lol u guys can’t do anything cause I can’t die m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ”.  So then Lian and Tiny fight against Break Terminator 2 style where they drop him into a giant molten steel pit like they did with T1000 :lol:. Best End:  And so while Break spends the rest of his eternal life cooking in the lava cylinder, Tiny and Lian…apparently get married and have a baby??? Lmao OKAY I’ll just assume there was some romance in between there :lol:. Despite having a tiny babby, Tiny still wants to continue her hero duties and she’s already found a babysitter lol. Also I guess Lian now has his prosthetic legs which is why he’s able to walk without his ironman suit. ?_?  Normal End: Break cuts off Tiny’s legs during the battle (´;ω;`). Needless to say, Lian gets fucking pissed and shoots the crap out of Break and then he gets crushed by the press machine….like in Terminator 1 lol. Since Break is invincible and that doesn’t actually kill him, he’s sent to maximum security prison at Ossining labs for the rest of his life.  Fortunately Tiny is able to get prosthetic legs  thanks to Lian’s corporation and the 2 of them continue being crime fighting buddies. Bad End: Break suicide bombs and blows both himself and Lian. Unfortunately instead of Jacklost coming to help save a dying Lian, Helshaft comes instead and they only care about securing Break first. Tiny cries holding Lian’s dismembered arm as he lies badly injured beside her. (´;ω;`) (also damn that was a guro CG e_e). After this Jacklost goes under and the city gets taken over by Helshaft. In the meantime, Tiny visits Lian at the hospital daily but he’s completely out of it and doesn’t even remember who she is or is able to say anything except some mumbling noises. щ(ಥДಥщ) Dead End: Lian’s suit has a self destruct switch on it so he jumps on Break and activates it, despite Tiny begging him to stop. Lian basically exchanges his life for the ability for Break to get captured and thrown into the prison at Ossining. Tiny then becomes the CEO of Jacklost and then completely loses her mind deciding to cause chaos in NYC. Lian is cute and all but I feel like Tiny treated him more like a good friend than a lover?? So seeing the sudden baby end I was like whut..where’s the build up to this babby end? LOL xD. Did I miss it somewhere ?_?. I could tell Lian had feelings for her but from Tiny’s pov he just seemed like a reliable friend.

machinegun017Break – Well Break is the resident evil, and as I mentioned at the beginning he’s a hobo vampire who can’t die. He is literally like T1000 and even if you break him into pieces, they will all eventually form back together.  His hobbies include romantic walks on the beach, drowning his date in the ocean, cutting off people’s heads and playing fetch with McDaniel clones.  About 40 years ago, Bradley McDaniel put Break into the maximum security prison at Ossining Labs saying he’ll never come out of there. Break then vowed to kill him and take everything away from him. He lost track of time and 20 years passed. Just then one of the security guards at the prison told him that Bradley is already dead and died from a terror bomb explosion. Break then got all butthurt because he was supposed to kill Bradley but Bradley went and died without him how dare he! 😆 So now he’s obsessed with all McDaniels though I guess his obsession with Tiny is similar to the obsessions the Dialovers guys had with Yui lol (I kill you cause I love you! kind of thing ww). Also despite Break being 47 now, he still looked the same as he did when he was 27 (those forever young vampires..actually maybe he’s even older than 27!). Just  then someone from the NWO decided to release him from prison and they opened his door letting him escape and cause chaos.   Meanwhile in the present Tiny runs away from Helshaft down into the sewers and runs into…..Break sitting by a pile of dead bodies =_=;. Helshaft catch up to her but while they are busy with Break, she runs off and is then picked up by Maria’s car.  She takes Tiny to the leader of the NSA who is apparently a long time friend of Maria’s. He says he wants to destroy Break without the help from Jacklost or Helshaft because it’s America’s problem that they should handle on their own. (This is all ironic because NSA and NWO are in cahoots but anyway. ) Maria tells Tiny a few days later that Bradley’s items were donated all over NYC and that she can probably find his diary at the NYPL. They find the diary where Bradley talks about his crime fighting adventures chasing after Break. He talks about how while Break seems invicible, he does take damage which gives the attackers “time” to “defeat him”.  In the meantime, Lian gets hate and death threats from the NYC citizens because of all the loved ones they lost. Tiny sees this and protects him until they are interrupted by Break hijacking the news camera to give his love messages to Tiny :lol:. Lian gives her his power shoes and tells her to do her best because she’s now the only hero NYC has left. Tiny runs to stop break at St. Patricks church from blowing up both the church and Tom & Jerry. As Tiny fights with Break, her NSA squad comes to help. He ends up somehow single handedly defeating all of them and runs after Tiny inside.

machinegun018Break also planted a bomb switch inside of Jerry and unless he dies the bombs will go off all over NYC. Break lied saying that it was inside of Tom but after Tom died and nothing happened, Jerry was like wtf  give me back my brother but Break ignores him and pushes Tiny on the floor with a knife pointed at her head. Tiny tries to shoot him but since he’s invincible man, it only hurts him but does nothing.  So then for like I dunno what reason, the shota that Tiny saved a while back, shows up and starts yelling for Break to let go of Tiny.  Tiny then pretends to give in to Break and says she’ll do anything as long as he spares the poor child. Break then threatens to rip out Tiny’s uterus out and then ends up killing the poor shota anyway. Since the kid is dead, Tiny doesn’t have to hold back her traps and as Break gets crushed in the building she uses her shoes to escape. She cries that she couldn’t save Tom, Jerry or Robin but then the crushed Break crawls back to her like a roach. Just then Helshaft shows up and BBQs Break with their flame throwers and Tiny starts suddenly trippin’ balls imagining her brother making Apple Pie for her. She then imagines all the other Van East guys there and they pour her a glass of blood that they “all shed the day of the explosion”. They say that the food she was eating was actually Reigand……(lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  She wakes up screaming in the hospital and Maria is there telling her that Break’s been captured by Helshaft.  Maria also informs her that she’s not in a hospital but rather in the new Helshaft HQ medical care room. Maria takes her to a room to mee with the NSA guy who calls himself Franz. He thanks for helping them capture Break, and turns out he’s also the leader of the Helshaft army, and as you will find out next, Heinz’ father. . Tiny gets pissed off at Maria for lying to her because Helshaft killed a lot of people mercilessly. Maria decides to tell her the truth and takes her to the underground level of Helshaft HQ, and to an experiment room where Break is being held. It’s apparently the experimentation lab of the NWO and the UN is in on this too. Tiny then finds out from Maria that they all knew in advance that Van East was gonna perish and gets pissed off while Break wakes up is like lol I told u.

machinegun019So  then Heinz shows up alive and well going lol it was all just as keikaku!! He tells Tiny he was working for NWO to begin with and it was all part of that New Bible plan. He tells Tiny to cooperate with them to “bring a new peace to NYC” because she’s now the hero who defeated Break.  He then stabs her with a sedative needle and tells her that unless she agrees to cooperate with them, they won’t release her. Heinz also threatens that if Maria tries to do anything funny to try and free Tiny, they won’t be easy on her either.  After Tiny wakes up still in the room with a tied up Break, who’s being experimented on in front of her eyes. Heinz reminds him that he agreed to be the “balancer” 20 years ago and let them do whatever they wanted to his body. Tiny begs Heinz to stop messing around with Break’s body and Heinz agrees only if she accepts their conditions to join Helshaft. She’s basically then required to forever stay at Helshaft HQ and never leave. Once the experimenters leave, Break is like wtf is wrong with you, not like I’m gonna thank you, in fact if I ever get loose I’ll still kill you. He also says he’s disappointed that Tiny’s become the Helshaft’s dog despite the fact that he’s killed her friends and family. He then says he hates all McDaniels and he’s butthurt that that he couldn’t kill Bradley but instead Bradley got killed by NWO and they made clones out of his body. He says the only thing that will fill that sad gap in his thimble sized heart is to kill Tiny.  Before they finish talking, Heinz tells her he has a job for her which is to basically show up in front of NYC as the “hero” who defeated Break. Tiny isn’t too thrilled about this because she knows it’s all a setup and has to pretend in front of the cameras that “yay peace in NYC”.  So basically by day Tiny goes out to be Miss Hero and by night she spends time sleeping on the floor in the lab where Break is tied to the experimental bed. She continues talking to him like in Dead Man Walking.  Tiny then finds out that no one ever gives break food or water but he still has to feel hunger pangs though he doesn’t die. She feels bad so she gives him some water to drink. Tiny finds out soon that most crimes in NYC are all planned by NWO and it becomes harder and harder for her to fake her hero smile for the cameras. (more on this in Heinz’s route.)  One night, Break spits acidic medicine (that they made him drink) on his shackles and manages to escape out of the lab room he’s held in. Tiny pulls the emergency trigger so he’s busy running away to kill her. Tiny asks him to stop and he’s like “well you kill me instead then?” and Tiny promises to kill him someday.

machinegun020Unfortunately for him, he gets caught and Tiny begs Heinz to stop torturing Break already.  Heinz says that to a Nosferatu, killing is a natural instinct so no matter what, he will always be a killing machine. Tiny is then not sure what to do because she feels bad for break being tortured but hates herself for pitying a serial killer. She also starts to sympathize with Break’s “constantly being forced to live” because Heinz won’t let her “die” as she is the “face of NYC hero”.  Suddenly Maria bursts in to rescue Tiny out of NWO because she found a way out thanks to info that Break gave her. Break is like good you escape and you better stay alive because I’m the only one who will kill you, once I escape. Tiny doesn’t wanna leave him and she says she will be the one to kill him so she lets him loose. He goes crazy but they handcuff his hands in the back to control him and the 3 of them escape. Turns out Jerry was alive because Maria had saved him and as they run to the roof to escape on a helicopter, Maria and Jerry get shot by Heinz. Break and Tiny fly off and land in some desert and start to discuss their meaning of life. When  Helshaft catches up to them, Tiny asks Break to take her with him. He instead shoots her in the leg telling her to feel what it was like to be him to constantly suffer but never be able to die. She passes out from the pain and when Helshaft finds her, they want to take her to their labs to experiment on (for clones). Man Break, badass until the very end.  Best End: Tiny wakes up shoots them both even though she can no longer move her leg. She then flies back to NYC and somehow gets to Lian who’s no longer a Jacklost CEO but just an old friend to her. He takes the 2 dudes and locks them up in Jacklost’s prison and tells Tiny he’s sorry for leaving her to fight break alone.Tiny apologizes to Lian for letting break escape but says she made a promise with Break that she will someday find a way to kill him for good. Some time passes and Break returns to NYC to cause chaos once more. Tiny goes to fight him but instead of killing him, she throws off his attention by saying “I love you” to him and then says she will catch him. Basically she says she will lock him away like a dracula in a prison under ground and he will live there forever and ever until everyone forgets his existence – and once that happens he will die. However once you lock him up there, there’s no way to unlock him, it’s a one way prison.

machinegun021Tiny says she wants to go in there with him  so he won’t be lonely but he pushes her out and tells her that he won’t be able to deal with seeing Tiny grow old and die before him. He then says thank you and the prison door shuts him in. (´;ω;`) Tiny continues her police duties alone trying to create a world where people will forget about him so he can finally rest in in peace. Normal End: Lian rescues an injured Tiny and gives her a prosthetic leg because her injured leg got infected and they had to cut it off. Break returns to NYC and Tiny goes to fight him because it’s her job as the only remaining Van Easter. And so Tiny and Break continue their battle adventures till the end of time lol. Bad End: Tiny dies in the desert and says she finally understood the suffering that Break went through but never got a chance to tell him. On the news Break sees that they found Tiny’s dead body and she had died due to too much loss of blood. NWO then sends Tiny’s clone to kill Break but he’s like whatever you’re just a copy and he ends up killing her, and vowing to kill any other clones they make.  Dead End: Break returns to NYC killing and destroying waiting for Tiny to come kill him. Tiny basically loses her marbles and when Break finds her in the hospital she asks him to kill her. So then Tiny announces that SOMEHOW SHE’S PREGGO WITH HIS BABY AND BECAUSE OF THIS HER BODY ALSO HAS BECOME INVINCIBLE プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵WTF WHEN DID THEY EVEN HAVE SEX SERIOUSLY. (Unless he raped her unconscious body after shooting her in the leg before he pranced off e_e). He then is like blah Tiny’s not herself and we don’t need more invincible dudes running around this world so let’s end it. So then like in Terminator 2, Break and Tiny both go to that foundry where they jump into the giant acid lava tank thing to boil in there forever. Whuttt lmfao…didn’t see this coming a mile away. (ಠ_ಠ) Pardon all the Break tl;dr but he definitely leaves you thinking about him and his route. I mean its no denial, he’s a monster and he will keep killing and he knows it. He knows that he won’t get a happy end with Tiny and Rejet knows that a massive killer will never “have a change of heart”. However they did give him SOME feelings for Tiny and that’s why he didn’t want her to be stuck in misery with him forever so he pushed her out of that eternal prison door. The face he had in that last CG almost made me cry (and I say almost because seriously it’s really hard to like someone who chopped off Tiny’s legs and sends dismembered heads as presents to people.) As a bad guy though I think Rejet did an excellent job and lol once again shows us that vampires are not sparkly bishies, they are blood thirsty killers. Still, I could have done without all the creepy as fuck laughing Suzuki Tatsuhisa did. It was well done but augh pls stahp 😆

machinegun022Heinz Siegbert – So after knowing Heinz is working for the bad guys it was quite an awkward start to his route. Still, I just couldn’t resist the megane tsundere hetare all in one |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . Also he’s Rejet’s manthong character for this game (cause there’s one in EVERY GAME xD.)  Unlike Break/Lian’s route, everyone survives the explosion and they’re feeling well enough to read porno mags in their hospital rooms :lol:. So while everyone is recovering Tiny ends up working together with Mr. Tsundere Megane Last Boss www Also during the no voice parts all he did was ふんっ non stop lmfao xD  Anyway the 2 of them fight crimes together while the rest are recovering. During a bank heist the criminal dude says he wants a sexy lady and Tiny’s not good enough so…Tiny has Heinz dress up as a woman named Henrietta www?? XDDD lololol wtf And the dumb criminal falls for it lmao. After this everyone teases Heinz about being a sexy lady and he gets pissed lolol xD Once Zen and Wolf recover they tell Tiny and Heinz to take a break from all the city patrolling. Wolf says that instead of Heinz doing desk work and Tiny visiting her siscon bro, the 2 of them should ENJOY THEIR YOUTH! Zen tells the 2 of them to just go on a date together and to prove they did, asks them to take a photo together. Heinz gives in and asks Tiny for a tour of NYC. When they go to S. Patricks cathedral Heinz reminds Tiny of the terror explosion that happened there where the only person killed was Bradley.  They go have a picnic in central park where Heinz reveals that he doesn’t have any siblings or much connection to any family members. He also says that ever since he was a shota, he was training to be in the police force and learning hacking etc. His father was in the police force as well and he always admired him and wanted to be a hero like him. At the end of the night they get their photo taken together and when he takes her home he says he had fun to which she’s actually surprised since he’s usually such a stiff.  One night they find a pile of dead bodies with slit throats and Tiny gets sickened at the view.   Because Tiny is kinda scared to walk around and go home alone at night, Heinz offers for her to stay the night at Zen’s hideout and help him with his work. Wolf and Zen are at Maria’s bar getting drunk so Heinz and Tiny help themselves to whatever is in his fridge, whatever’s not expired :lol:. They find a porno mag in the freezer and Heinz gets all embarrassed xDDD. Heinz says he lives on sandwiches and vitamin drinks and coffee cause he’s too busy working to bother cooking. When he starts thanking her for making him food (with what they could find) he smiles and she starts to realize what a cutie he is ( ≖‿≖)

machinegun023He even gets all embarrassed about her sleeping on the couch in the same room as he is working xD Tiny’s like what’s the big deal ?_?.  Tiny says that he’s her buddy so she trusts him so he tries to show her how he’s a man but when he gets close to her, he gets embarrassed and says he’d rather just be a hetare xDDD After they both fall asleep with him on his chair and her on the couch, she wakes up and stares at his beautiful face calling herself a hentai (◉◞౪◟◉ ).  The next day Tiny gets a phone call saying she knows the place where the throat slitting killer will be and tells her to come down to Wall Street. They find the knife guy there and he goes to attack Tiny protecting yet another random child so Heinz protects them both and grabs the knife with his hand. They chase the guy down to Brooklyn Bridge and he ends up jumping off the bridge into the water to his doom. And the whole thing is once again to setup Tiny to be the hero of NYC. She recalls the guy saying he’s not the throat slicer guy because the moment he saw blood on Heinz’ hand, he was shocked just like she was when she first saw the dead bodies. When Tiny tries to tell all of this to Heinz, he gets mad and thinks she’s just thinking ridiculous things. After this Tiny starts to  doubt Heinz because it’s strange for him to get so defensive. A few days later, while Heinz is out Tiny tries to hack into his computer to find stuff about the throat cutter incident to see what really is going on. Unfortunately she’s caught by Heinz. It also then turns out the throat slicer Jack was a set up by Heinz and NWO and the woman who called Tiny was given 200,000 dollars so that she could pay for her brother’s medical bills.  So anyway Heinz catches her and tells her that there was never a “password” to begin with because he set his computer to unlock after 10 minutes automatically. He then tells Tiny that everything he saw is his fanfic that he made into reality and she’s part of it lol. He then tells her how he’s part of the NWO and his job is to make sure the balance between good and evil is kept in NYC. Meanwhile at the bar, Maria tells all of this stuff to Reigand, Zen and Wolf. Heinz then blames that the guy in his scenario died all because of her because she interrupted his scenario and protected a child. If they had followed his scenario the guy would have been saved and returned to his family. He then says that “justice kills”.  He then tells Tiny that he can’t have her not following his fanfic scripts so he wants her to be a balancer – the light to Break’s darkness. Tiny refuses so Heinz is like ok then u gotta die. Suddenly a crime happens that’s NOT just as keikaku and Tiny runs for it.

machinegun024In the meantime, Heinz’ dad – the leader of the NSA tells him that they will get rid of Tiny unless Heinz can convince her to come to their side. So after this Tiny starts cockblocking Heinz’ plans so he asks to “settle it all” a 3 days later at Brooklyn Bridge – aka when Heinz plans to kills Tiny per NWO’s orders.  Meanwhile back at NWO HQ, Boris tells Break that if he just became a servant for NWO they wouldn’t have used him as their experiment monkey. He then frees Break and tells him to go kill Tiny the same night hoping that he will also kill Heinz in the process.  At Brooklyn Bridge, Heinz says that even if he dies, they’ll find a replacement for him to do the same job.  Heinz is a good guy though, he can’t shoot Tiny and instead tells her how he always wanted to be like his father and was happy he was told to be a policeman. When Heinz finally joined Helshaft he was so happy he could finally be a policeman but he was then informed about the NWO. When Heinz didn’t agree with what his dad and NWO were doing the dad said he’s a useless idiot. Apparently all his dad ever wanted was for Heinz to just be his personal slave who would do everything on command. He wanted true justice to NYC but in the end he realized he was just brainwashed by the NWO. It’s Van East, particularly Tiny, who let him realize that not everything is “calculated” and the time he spent with Tiny was the best time he’s ever had in his 18 years of life. 😦 He then tells Tiny that the NWO is out to kill her and even if he doesn’t kill her, someone else will. And that someone, Break, shows up with his hyena laugh and stabs Heinz.  Heinz then offers to buy Tiny some time and tells Tiny to run for it and tell Reigand & Co. everything about the NWO.  As Tiny runs, Break then admits that the reason he didn’t kill Heinz is because he felt like the 2 of them were the same….in a sense that Heinz also wished for this whole world to disappear because he hated how NWO changed his father into a horrible person. Heinz admits that he used to think that but not anymore. He also adds that he will stop Break not because he wants to return him to NWO but because he doesn’t want him to kill Tiny. Just then Tiny returns with Reigand, Zen and Wolf as backup. m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!!

machinegun025Break self destructs himself with a bomb but Heinz protects Tiny. As usual Break escapes and vanishes somewhere so Tiny & Co. run to Zen’s place to help Heinz recover from his injuries. Once he heals, he tells everyone about the NWO and their stupid Project New Bible. Basically the end of it, he fell in love with Tiny, realized what an awesome justice hero she was and decided to screw the dumb crazy religious wackos.  Zen and Wolf drag Reigand to the bar to drink all night so that Tiny and Heinz can have some time alone together ( ≖‿≖) They end up sleeping next to each other cause Tiny crawls over to him at night (ノ´∀`*)ノ  Happy End: Heinz stays with Van East as they continue fighting Break. Heinz also tells Tiny that his old friend Boris planted a GPS device inside of Break but he locked the gps system behind a series of locked terminals so that Heinz would be forced to hack into them. Finally Heinz hacks through them and says he’ll continue protecting NYC because it’s the city Tiny is in. He then sneaks a kiss on to Tiny as a woman screams for help due to a purse snatcher and on their way they go. He says that from now on he won’t be following orders and he prefers being direct, so he goes from a tsundere to an ikemen!! (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Dead End: Tiny wakes up alone and then Heinz calls her asking her to “wait for him” and she freaks out cause usually that’s the line someone says before they die. Heinz then goes to kill his father and gets the entire truth about Project New Bible. Heinz then asks Tiny to protect NYC with him because if NYC gets destroyed the rest of the world will follow. Unfortunately Boris comes to Zen’s place where Heinz is and shoots and kills him. Tiny hears this over the phone and despite him telling her not to come, she comes anyway and dies in a bomb that Boris set up at the door. He then throws a gun for Heinz as a “present” and Heinz kills himself to follow her. (´;ω;`)

machinegun001Bad End: Heinz says goodbye to Tiny over the phone and returns to NWO. Tiny & co. continue their Van East crime fighting but realize that Heinz was an important member of their team. That day Tiny sees the news that there was a bomb attack in Germany and Heinz’s dad has been killed. They’ve pointed Heinz as the prime suspect and said that he’s  currently MIA with another man (probably Boris.) Just then Tiny gets an email from Heinz asking Tiny to forget about him and not get involved. Some time later, the news announces that Heinz has been caught and killed by the German police. 😦 True End: Heinz calls Boris lying that he killed Tiny and says he’ll bring her body to him. When he gets to Boris, Boris already knows that he was lying to begin with. Instead, Heinz asks when Boris has killed his father because he’s not been under his father’s orders and instead been acting on his own. He wanted to kill Tiny because he figured eventually she’ll get in the way of their religious stupidity plans. When Franz told Boris to calm his titties, he killed him. Heinz then says he knows that Boris was the one who pushed Break to run around and cause chaos. Heinz then blows himself up and kills himself along with Boris….but ends up surviving thanks to Lian’s power shoes. Zen and co. then provide data to the police to make it seem like Heinz has died so now he can live a free life as a different person. However as one last thing, they go to look for Break though Heinz has to stay behind so no one finds out that he’s alive. They find him and give him to Ossining labs who finally put an end to his eternal life. NYC is back to being peaceful to the point that Zen is bored to tears that he reads porn mags at work :lol:. By now Heinz is finally able to show himself in public and both he and Tiny cut their hair. They continue kicking ass as the justice police force Van East! I liked this ending and all but really if it was so simple to “take Break apart so that he won’t revive” at Ossining, why the hell didn’t they do that in the first place (ಠ_ಠ)?? I mean in some routes he’s locked up forever, in others he’s just prancing around someplace! Also if Heinz was supposed to disappear from public eye, how exactly was he able to return magically? Surely a single haircut can’t hide his original identity, I mean he didn’t even change his name! 😆 Yea honestly this route left a lot of stuff unanswered which then in turn left a lot of questions unanswered for me:

  • Why did Lian lose his legs?
  • Why doesn’t Tiny go to school?
  • What is so special McDaniel blood other than they’re good at killing?
  • Boris was the one who let Break out of the prison obviously but who is Boris working for? Who the hell is he e_e???
  • Can I know more about Wolf and Reigand please, like surely there has to be a reason he’s a siscon and why Wolf’s name is…Wolf.
  • What is the deal with Bradley? And what happened to all the clones?

Maybe I’m reading into this too much but I guess it kind of left me a bit annoyed that the game creates so many interesting plot lines but leaves them all open to interpretation. (´・ω・`) Also pardon the obvious Heinz bias and massive Tl;Dr in his route lol.

This is starting to become a thing here isn't it? :lol:
This is starting to become a thing here isn’t it? 😆

The reason Confidential Money is in the middle is because 4 of the seiyuus from that game are in this game 😆 (Midorikawa, Toriumi, NojiKen, and MikiShin) You know what, despite my gripes I enjoyed the game! From the awesome music to the nice character designs to the action packed story, it really got me thinking. I love when games get me to think and try to solve the over all story mystery. I mean how many times do you play otome games and you see the usual “oh noes Senpai misunderstood me talking to his friend so now he thinks I like his friend I like him wangst” and you just don’t think about it. You kinda just..go with the flow, knowing how the ending will be and the only thing to look forward to are how good the kissing CG will be. Not in this game. In fact for the most part, romance is put on the back burner to the point where I would wonder “wow since when were these 2 even at a dating status??” Honestly it was pretty weird seeing the characters act like friends or partners and suddenly the happy end comes and “oh btw here’s some kissing cause this is an otome game.” XD I swear I think the only route where it felt progressive was maybe Zen and Heinz. I don’t count Reigand cause his and Tiny’s relationship is sinfully weird.  Some lol Japan stuff is you can’t drive a car at age 15 in NYC, so lol why was Tiny driving is beyond me. Policewoman breaking her own laws! Tiny I think lives in Gramercy, but somehow she lives in a giant house….theres only apartment buildings in Gramercy lol. There was a lack of sprite variations except like swimsuit, regular clothes & police clothes. So when Zen was in the hospital for example, in the CG he’s in hospital clothes but the sprite is his usual outfit. It was pretty jarring cause then you’d see a CG and be like “whoa I thought Tiny was in her police clothes whut.”  I also wish the CGs had more than 1 place to click. Sometimes they’d have 2 but usually only just 1 and because of this it was sometimes hard to find where to click. Also while I was playing this game a relevant article came on the news lol. Of course the biggest complaint of all is NO FULL VOICE.

Thank you Rejet.
Thank you Rejet.

Ok so I guess if the auto mode wasn’t TOO FAST or TOO SLOW for me I wouldn’t be forced to click/press enter to read through the non voiced parts. But since it was just ahaha ooh ahh fun, I had to pretty much manually make my way through the first 7 chapters of the game and damn did my arm hurt!  I know the TYB games also had the same problem with auto-mode not being the right speed for me but at least for the most part those were fully voiced (and in the PSP ports the automode was improved.) Still though I don’t really like this no full voice trend. I just recently found out that OZMAFIA which I preordered is also partially voiced. Is this some kind of new trend? First Koisentai, then TxM and now Ozmafia. Hey man if you’re not gonna full voice the games either 1. drop the price or 2. at least make it clear that it’s not full voiced! I only found out about Ozmafia from some Japanese blog post because nowhere on the site could I find it clearly stating the game isn’t fully voiced. The bad part about not fully voiced common route in this game is there were so many enjoyable scenes that I WISH had the voice acting. In the common route you really get to interact with all the guys besides oh shit we gotta fight the bad guys. Due to this all the interactions kinda slipped my mind by the end because I could only remember the parts that were voiced in my head. Well I’ll be sending Rejet a letter voicing my complaints (and of course my likes) for this game so I hope they take it into consideration. For the amount of money I paid for this game I think I deserve full voicing (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. Still though, I don’t regret buying it, and it was still enjoyable for what it was so I can definitely recommend it if you have a hundred bucks to spare. I do warn you, the game is pretty violent and gory so if you can’t handle that stuff, then maybe skip it because all the bad and dead ends somehow contribute to the story and are worth doing.

And now for fun, here’s a gallery of comparison image to the backgrounds & their real life counterparts. I think this was probably the most fun part of the game xD.

36 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Tiny x Machinegun The Game

  1. It’s not quite a full 100 bucks if you don’t do the limited edition, is it? I mean, if you’re going to be buying stuff from Japan ANYWAY the shipping isn’t going to deter you. (But yes gdi PC games in Japan. Also I don’t understand why they’d STILL have the game be not-full voice even when they chose the platform with the most storage space).

    Reading this, though, I guess I’ll stop waffling and buy the game. Maaaaaybe when Amazon gets some discounts going so maybe in a while, but yeah I’ll buy it. This sort of low-sugar high-plot thing is right up my alley.

    Ngh. A lot of PC releases this year. Goddammit my wallet.

    1. thats true I think Amazon has it for like $75 but then you gotta add on proxy/fwding costs + ridiculous Japanese shipping and it probably adds up to $100 anyway.
      I guess I prefer to get limited editions cause I want something for my importing patronage 😆 (Though this is a burden on my wallet sometimes)

      I think you’ll like the game too, seems like you prefer this kind of stuff to romance which is pretty much the whole game xD and yea Rejet’s really crankin’ out the pC games. DotKare and the Danzai no Maria PC port are looming on the horizon for me!

    2. by the way I just found out Aeromarie is porting Chou no Doku to PSP. I assume that means all the terrible rape/pr0n scenes are gonna be removed. With that in mind you think it’s worth for me to play the PSP port then?

      1. It…..depends, I think? The game draws from popular literature of the era, which liked talking about obsession and decadence, so it can get fairly dark in the sense that I’m not sure you’d like. And while the pr0n’s getting removed, their place in the plot will…..probably still be there, just faded-to-black? I’d say the story is really good despite not being ABOUT anything big, but maybe try Getsuei (darker) and Hanayakana waga Ichizoku (lighter) first to see if you like that sort of shit.

        Also, thanks for the heads-up, I never even knew there’s going to be a port!

  2. I know this game is gonna be action packed but who knows it’ll filled with frankenstein cloned body and zombies with killer blood. then again it’s rejet so it’s expected I guess?
    and not fully voiced games are kinda annoying. I forgot about ozmafia but now that you mentioned it, it is half voiced only.

    and gotta love the background comparison XD

    1. I recall seeing the OP movie with a screenshot of Tiny getting violent in 1 of the bad ends so I figured….things ain’t gonna be pretty. However I guess if you only do the good ends you skip most of the bad parts? But since all the bad ends really contribute to the story (and unlock voice bonuses) you gotta do em all!

      I read Ozmafia is 75% voiced so maybe itll be like this one with common route unvoiced and the endings voiced?

        1. really? I think I Saw a Japanese blog post say that that the game is only 75% voiced. Well it was an old blog entry so maybe things changed 😆 My copy was shipped today so hopefully I’ll get it by next week ( ≖‿≖)

  3. like surely there has to be a reason he’s a siscon and why Wolf

    There needs to be no reason to be a siscon or a brocon! Pure love is enough!

    And Wolf is a sexy name? 😛

    1. lol but Wolf seems like its just a nickname, I mean I can see why Break has no real name but Wolf is your average human dude lol

      1. Then you rather he be called… Pikachu instead? 😛

        In other news, I should claim royalties for Brother Prince, I mean Brothers Conflict since I had the idea of the reverse harem of Sister Princest 13 years ago… 😀

  4. Seems cool!! =D
    I wanna try playing this one too ;3
    “Thank you Rejet.” LOL
    For sure!! hahahahahahaha
    We need more of these stuff XDD
    Thanks for the review!!

  5. When I found out it was only partially voiced I was so let down I decided to stick to read your review. I really hope OZMAFIA!! is fully voiced because I itend to actually buy it, i hope it was just for the trial…

    Oh and by the way, you cannot marry a relative here at Mexico either (applies to cousins, 2nd cousins, etc let alone half siblings!) as it is also considered incest xD Sometimes people (who are sick in the head maybe) DO lie though and claim to not be related whereas they are actually are and can (in a catholic ceremony, not legal one) marry but that’s another story I guess… x_x

    1. again the stuff that matters is fully voiced so I think in the end I wasn’t that upset about it.
      i’ve played (or am playing shall I say) worse games that are fully voiced 😆

      and lol about Mexico, sorry for the generalization XD

  6. Hmm, I still am curious of the manga. Heh, I wish to find a blog where they translate every bloody line. So I can be like, hehe I can lie about what they’re saying. Then, onee-chan has a friend who learned Japanese who would no I was full of it. I can’t wait for the next review.

  7. With all the previews I brought the game, and now after reading your review I’m really excited. However, I can’t seem to find a single walk-through. Can you direct me to which one you used? Thanks.

    1. Ah the one I used is in a locked forum so you wouldn’t be able to see it in afraid. Try searching Google? Though it’s a point based system so you can always quick save and check before making a choice to see how many points you get. Under 50 is dead end 50-65 is bad end 65-85 is normal end and 86+ is best end

  8. Thanks…unfortunately, I’ve Googled both in English and characters タイニーxマシンガン (with and w/o the x)…no luck. However, thanks for the tip on the point base, I’ll give it a try. If I get too frustrated then I’ll set it aside in hopes there will be a lull in games and someone will pick it up.

  9. Sigh, Japan and their lack of research XD
    Also do they think that New York is like the haven of all places or something lmao?
    So far the only Japanese work that gets American facts right is Baccano

  10. I can’t read Japanese for the life of me and have to rely on translation engines to understand the gist of what’s going on. But I can understand some to most spoken Japanese. Would you recommend getting this game for someone like me? Cause I’m kinda debating on it, but I can’t decide lol. The partially voiced thing is really throwing me off 😛

    1. if you can’t read Japanese then I guess not. Someone said that apparently the text hooker/AGHT or whatnot doesn’t work with this game so you’re basically going to have a common route that’s you can’t understand at all. (´・ω・`)
      though I guess if you can follow along with my rough summary you’d pretty much know what’s going on? XD But yea I’m not sure if you’d have the same enjoyment not understanding a lot of the dialogue!

      I’ve suggested to MangaGamer to pick up this game and license it, and I think they have an otome game suggestion thread in their forums so I recommend tweeting them or posting in their forum asking for this game to get picked up!

      1. Ohh I didn’t know the game wouldn’t be compatible with the translators :O All the games I’ve tried have worked in the past, I’m surprised this one doesn’t. Thanks for telling me that^^ Yeah what you said makes sense 🙂 I guess I’ll just stick to reading your summaries then! And alright, hopefully they’ll localize it one day 😀

  11. Oh! I’m late reading this XD Thanks for the detailed review! I had like no clue what was going on in Break and Heinz’s routes lol. I knew that Break was some kind of superhuman supervillain but I didnt know he was a vampire @_@

    My favorite characters were definitely Heinz (dat speedo lol), Zen and Break. I’m actually surprised you liked Zen because you don’t seem to like the “old man” type of characters xD Personally I loved him because of how mad Reigand would get when he saw Zen hitting on Tiny~ I didn’t really like Break as a character since… well he’s a psycho but I thought his story was pretty awesome and I liked how there was no “happy” ending for him. That said, his grating laugh got on my nerves XD;; I’m glad this game wasn’t R-18 otherwise they’d have made him some a rapist on top of being a murderer and I probably wouldn’t have liked his storyline as much. Though I’m pretty sure he did rape her in the bad end when Tiny got pregnant (wut?).

    Heinz! I thought he was sooo adorable lol. I was expecting the backstabbing though since he’s the last unlockable character. I KNEW IT WAS COMING. I can’t get over the speedo scene either LOL. Plus his voice was awesome- I love Nojima Kenji so much xD

    Anyways thanks for the review, I really enjoyed reading it. Lol @ the T2 comparison XD;;

    1. glad the review helped you understand XD
      I keep forgetting about Heinz’ mankini since I only played the common route like twice and then ended up skipping it for all the other routes but yea!! Rejet and mankinis!! XD I expect one in dot kareshi too 😆

      And you’re right I don’t normally like ossans but I just loved Zen’s personality and sense of humor. Besides all he needs is a shave and he’s an ikeman!! ( ఠ‿ఠ )

  12. haha i can’t even.. the german names 😀
    i live in germany and even the kids here would get bullied if their names were heinz or franz lol japan
    anyway thanks for the review! i really like it when you explain the overall story before going into the indivual plots i think its easier to understand
    i love your reviews! please keep up the good work \(^o^)/

    1. lol yea that’s so funny xD
      I don’t know where they got names like Reigand or Tiny cause those are definitely not American names? lol
      And thanks for reading the reviews 😉

      1. sometimes i don’t understand what ideas they have of the western cultures 😀
        like marrying your brother in nyc? i mean wtf?
        yeah i’m one of those that never comment but i’ve been following for a long time now and finally decided to come out of my cave lol

  13. anou
    i’m just stucking with Heinz’s route so I can’t get his one on episode 7
    can you show me the way please ><

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