Otome Game Review: Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!

For starters this is the most complicated otome game I’ve ever played. If you think you can just click your way through choices and stuff you’ve got another thought coming. This game requires you to take our 100kg heroine Hitomi, and get her down to 55 or less within a years time period. Not only that but you have to also get her to become pretty, smart, athletic and all around a non-existantly perfect human being for any of the bishies to even like her and get a good end with her. Actually apparently she used to be a beauty queen when she was a loli but her siscon oniichan spoiled her with candy so she became a tub of lard. The other problem I had was that a lot of the online guides are only for the DS or PS2 version. While most of the stuff is the same, the keywords at the end were completely different and I had to google for 3 different guides because the first time I played through I didn’t get the bishie’s good end arggh! (Warning: This post is REALLY REALLY long.)

otome01While it’s time consuming, it’s not impossible to get her down to 55 kg. Hell I got her down to 45 kg by following these simple procedures: You get her the exercise bike, the sauna suit, healing music and the rowing machine. By combining those 4 you can keep your hara/heri gauge under control and you can lose weight REALLY fast. The rest of the stats can easily be upped with what she has on hand so you don’t need to bother going out and buying all those expensive items. The thing is you gotta do part time jobbing for a while at first so you can buy all the equipment I mentioned above. Once you have it though you’re all set.

otome02Fukami Souta – Souta was the first route I ran through because his body weight requirement was only 75kg. Most of the other guys want you to be around 45-60kg. Souta is a shota (lolol) kouhai who is one year younger Hitomi. However despite this, he still likes her from the start evenwhen she’s like 100kg lol. This makes him probably the easiest route in the game. However beware: He HATES staying in his room. If you don’t always go “out” on a date with him enough times, you will not get his good end. I had to run through his route twice to get it, and when I was getting started I had to run through it like 3 times so be sure to save!!

otome03While most of the game is spent losing weight, each guy has his own little story. In Souta’s case he has manorexia. Apparently he didn’t like eating his parents’ food so they left him with his grandma. He thought that his parents abandoned him and so he only cared about his grandma and would actually eat her cooking. Unfortunately at one point his grandma falls ill and is sent to the hospital where she may possibly die. He gets so upset he stops eating again and it’s up to Hitomi to cheer him up. Fortunately his granny recovers and he’s happy as a puppy (literally) so he finally asks Hitomi to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately he has a fanclub who are then enraged that she take their shota-prince away from them and demand they break up.

otome04Hitomi refuses and Souta tells them that if they don’t leave her alone he’ll kick all their asses. So yea they started going out and when they both graduate high school they end up going to the same university. There Souta asks Hitomi to “live together with him forever” and so they do. By the way I forgot to mention that each guy you have to give “presents” to on certain marked days. The problem is again I followed a PS2 guide so I could never find the “correct” present in the shop. I’m lucky that I had lucky guesses with that sigh =_=;; I didn’t get his complete CG because his other end was the “just friends” end and let’s face it who wants that crap 😆

otome05Wakatsuki Ryuutaro – This guy is a pain in my freaking ass!!!!!!!!!! I did his route once, screwed up. Did his route a 2nd time, realized I screwed up and started over. Did his route a 3rd time, screwed up and it was too late so I just let it tumble down until I got the same stupid harem end as in the first route. What pisses me off is all these guides are for the PS2 or the DS and they are completely inaccurate and do not explain jack shit. I was able to fumble my way through Souta but it didn’t seem like it was possible with this guy unless you did something exactly. I went through 3 fucking guides to try to get his end. 😡 And the reason for my perseverance? Sugita Tomokazu ;_;

otome06So the 4th time I did his route I had like 3 different guides open and realized something simple: You HAVE TO harass him for dates or have tea in his apartment. This will bring his heart meter up for you. Once you get this up you can just go on about your normal weight loss but you have to just harass him for tea & dates non stop until at least August to make sure that his heart turns pink for you. If not seriously you’re screwed lol. Anyway his story is that his ex-girlfriend shows up and wants to get back together with him. But the whore left him for some rich guys so she’s a gold digging bitch to begin with!

otome07Needless to say at the end he rejects her and chooses Hitomi, not caring of the fact that he’s still her sensei 😈 The other small story arc of this game was that his father was going to close his mom & pop vegetable store because a supermarket was built next door. However Hitomi helped him sell stuff and convinced him to keep on plowing! Oh well Sugita-san’s voice was incredibly sexy rofl and even though in some CGs Wakatsuki sensei looked odd, I forgave him cause of his hot voice lmao. The game ends with Hitomi moving into an apartment with him when she goes to college. He drinks all the time, smokes, it’s really offensive actually lol but sometimes the lines he said made me go (*´Д`)ハァハァ. However this is a game, and well the voice actor is pretty much the sole reason I played his route.

otome08Tokita Kaede – I was really looking forward to Kaede’s route because he’s voiced by Ishida Akira. It was actually a big fat disappointment to be honest. He spent half of the game around that skinny bitch Yurika who made fat jokes at Hitomi in every sentence. It turns out that she is is client and he is her “bodyguard hitman” sort of. Unfortunately for Yurika, he doesn’t have any love feelings for her like she does for him. Instead since I’m doing his route, he had developed feelings for Hitomi but didn’t know what to make of them.

otome09Apparently his family all died in some accident and some guy who looks like a Code Geass reject named Rolan adopted him as his own son. I don’t know what kind of idiot adopts someone as a “son” only to raise him as part of some mafia =_=; Once Hitomi finds out the truth about all this she’s enraged that Rolan did this to poor Kaede who has “nothing else to live for” now. Fortunately after the contract between him and Yurika ends, he gets permission from Rolan to stay at the school with Hitomi until they graduate. After that Kaede still continues his work but it’s only to “protect” people rather than kill them lol.

otome10Overall Kaede was freaking weird. I mean he’s this hitman guy, but when he wasn’t killing people he was this clumsy idiot. He’d like get lost and take wrong trains and end up in another city on the way home from SCHOOL. He also had “dreams” of traveling the world atop of a giant alligator. O_o So yea imagine Hitomi’s shock when she sees this boke be this swift hitman who threatens her if she says a word to anyone. Also I’d like to point out that Kaede had the lamest CGs in the game so far. Most of them were like bootleg “upclose face” CGs and even the kiss one was horribly drawn =_= The only redeeming one was the epilogue CG where at least he cut his stupid looking long hair.

otome11Kitamura Touru – Touru is Hitomi’s endearing childhood friend. Similarly to her he is also fat. As all game childhood friends will have it, he’s had a crush on her since forever. Unfortunately she sees him as a childhood friend despite him blushing all the freaking time around her lol. Touru’s really into anime and manga stuff but it’s apparently because his father is a mangaka and his mother was a cosplayer before she got married. (Although from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like she’s quit her hobby…)

otome12Anyway at one point in the game Touru goes overseas to America to learn about being a movie director. This is his dream and his father managed to strike up a deal to let him be an apprentice for a month. Unfortunately overseas he gets sick and doesn’t eat much causing him to lose like all his weight and become half the size. When he comes back almost no one recognizes him, including Hitomi. By the time he comes back I’ve had Hitomi down to 48kg anyway so they’re both kinda “half their size” by now.

otome13Anyway now that he’s a skinny bishounen all the other girls in the class suddenly like him. Too bad for them he only has eyes for Hitomi and eventually he confesses to her after graduation. Hitomi tells him that she no longer sees him as a childhood friend and accepts his confession. The “kiss scene” wasn’t even a kiss scene so it as actually really disappointing ^^; In the epilogue Touru becomes a movie director and he writes all his movies using Hitomi as the “model” of his protagonist females lol. Meh, I think I enjoyed Touru’s cut-out scenes a lot more than the CG ones. He was a pretty easy route to do and well he was a pretty endearing guy, even when he was fat lol. Save for the crappy CGs they gave him, he’s actually a really likeable character in the game.

otome14Kahara Masaki – Masaki seems like the happy genki shounen type guy who plays sports and loves his dog. That’s just all a cover up to his really dark side. Actually this route really focuses on that whole fake persona that Japanese tend to show off in real life. How they will act all fake to you but what they say isn’t always what they mean. Masaki’s issue is that he used to live in NYC when he was young. At one point he was in a store with his best friend which got held up by  gunman. His friend ran off to save himself and left Masaki on his own. The only one who saved Masaki was his dog Stein.

otome15After that Masaki stopped trusting people and only put trust in animals. His dream was to become a veterenarian so he could help animals that he loves so much. While it seemed like he enjoyed hanging out with Hitomi, at the end he admitted it was all fake. He knows that a lot of people think he’s this guy who loves hanging out with people but he just goes along with it for shits & giggles. In actuality he doesn’t give a damn about any of them and he holds strong grudges. (Sounds like someone I know *looks in mirror 😆 ) During a skii trip one of the bitches who likes Masaki tricks Hitomi into taking the wrong skii lift and she ends up in the middle of nowhere. Masaki goes to find her and the two of them get stuck in a fog so they take refugee in some abandoned shack. There he tells her his past and she feels guilty about forcing him to talk to his ex-best friend.

otome16Later on though the ex-best friend Yuuki (who was visiting Japan at the time) begged Hitomi to let Masaki talk to him. They kinda talked it out but it didn’t really seem that Masaki forgave him so it was kinda odd…The entire time Hitomi was like afraid of getting close to him because of his trust issues, but then he drops the bomb during graduation and tells her he likes her. She was so shocked (as was I, seriously wtf you like her now?) she couldn’t speak for a moment. But then like Masaki went from “I don’t trust people but I want to trust you” to “You’re not running away from me baby *smoooochh” Yea actually he was the only one who had a REAL kiss scene (finally.) In the epilogue Masaki goes to college in NYC (NYU lol?) while Hitomi goes to college in Japan but they spent their New Years in NYC. He tells her no matter how far apart they are, she is the only one that he will ever trust no matter what.

otome17Kamishiro Ayato – It’s interesting but Ayato’s VA also voiced Keita in Kurokami so at first that’s all I kept hearing rofl…until eventually I got used to it. Ayato is the required sick character of the game. I mean let’s face it every game anime or drama has that “incurable disease” story and in our case this is it. Ayato is a senior in Hitomi’s school so he is one year older than her. As with all the other guys in the game, Ayato’s popular with the ladies. Unfortunately he has some kind of unnamed incurable disease that can possibly kill him. One day Hitomi even finds him with blood spurting from his mouth so she gets further involved with this, despite him trying to push her away so she does not get hurt in the end.

otome18Ayato is definitely a cassanova. He talks all poetically to Hitomi and actually getting his heart to pink was fairly easy. (Either that or I’m just getting pro at this game.) Anyway one day Hitomi finds out that he’s been hospitalized so she goes to visit him. There she meets his friend who has the same disease. His friend’s girlfriend Natsumi has been visiting him for over 2 years now and every year they celebrated Christmas in the hospital room. The Christmas Party is great and after New Years Hitomi decides to visit the two of them again.Unfortunately when she gets there she discovers that Ayato’s friend has died from the disease. Natsumi is devastated and cries a lot and tells Hitomi to remember him only in his “happy” form.

otome19Ayato tells Hitomi all about his incurable disease and that it’s better to stay away from him. Hitomi however doesn’t want to give up and wants to keep hope that some day a cure will be found. At the end of January Ayato is let out of the hospital and agrees to meet Hitomi to go out. Unfortunately she gets into a bike accident and loses consciousness. It’s only a couple of scratches but Ayato thought he was going to lose her so he rushed to the hospital to her immediately. After graduation he tells her that during that time he realized he cannot be without her adn says he wants to be with her forever, even if he might “hurt” her in the end. Time passes and a cure for his disease is found so they live happily ever after. I didn’t play the other ending (for any of the chars really) but looking at the “title” my guess is he prolly died in the other one x_X;

otome20Tachibana KennosukeKenchan’s VA also voiced Madarame in Genshiken but I didn’t realize this until after the fact xDDD Kennosuke is one year younger than Hitomi and also the obocchan of a rich family estate. Unfortunately he has no interest in inheriting it and instead runs away to live in the apartment building owned by Hitomi’s family – so that he can secretly practice his dream hobby: to be a pastry chef. Yea you got this tough guy who gets into fights, is always saying it like it is (including making fat jokes about Hitomi) but he has a soft side..and wants to make kawaii desu cakes. 😆 Unfortunately his dad is a brutal beast and he will not have this nonsense.

otome21When they go on their summer trip, Kennosuke requests that they go to France. There he observes a French pastry chef and gets some words of encouragement from Hitomi. He’s also strong so he catches the guy who steals her wallet in addition to protecting her from stupid bullies during the school festival. Kennosuke also has 3 older sisters who probably contributed to his trauma of Gyouza rofl. Anyway while Hitomi is on her skii trip she tries to contact him to no avail. When she comes back she finds out that his dad is forcing him to move back home to “retrain” him to take over the estate.

otome22Hitomi decides to provide moral support and go with him. Once Kennosuke explains that he wants to be a pastry chef his dad’s all like “WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO!” And so things work out well. During graduation day, Kennosuke confesses to Hitomi and gives her a white day cake in exchange for the valentine’s day chocolates she gave him. She begins eating it with her fingers and so instead of the usual kiss scene he uh..licks the cake off her lips (whatever it was hot :twisted:) In the epilogue, Kennosuke ends up going to France to be a chef’s apprentice and he decides to take Hitomi with him because he doesn’t want her to be snatched by other men.

otome23Ichinose Ren – Ren is a big doodoo head and possibly the hardest character in the game. Also he is voiced by Suzaku 😆 I’m saying this mainly because he requires you to be 45 kg by the time you get his good end. 45 kg is actually the possible lowest the game will even let you go and if you think about it, it’s like anorexia level. I mean that’s like 99 lbs! A high schooler weighing 99 lbs? What is Hitomi like 4’7″ or something?? Anyway he’s rich and Mr. Perfect and is the #1 top eligible bachelor of Hitomi’s high school. The first thing he says to her is he hates her annoying she is and that she let herself get so fat.

otome24However Hitomi isn’t going to give up. And because by now I’m like so pro at this game, I’ve got him coming asking ME on dates by the middle of May, bwahahahaha!!! Unfortunately Ren has a baww story himself. He’s actually the adopted son of a rich leader of the Ichinose group. Not too long after he was adopted, his father and mother had a real baby of their own. Because of this they basically ignored Ren and the only way Ren could continue to really be “noticed” was by being Mr. Perfect so that he could take over the family business.  The real son Rin (lol Rin&Ren vocaloid jokes etc) however was much like Hitomi, carefree and generally happy. He also loved his oniisan very much despite how Ren’s mother hated him.

otome25Ren got annoyed at this and one day told Rin to wait for him outside so they could talk. However it was all a lie and Ren never showed up. He assumed Rin would get tired of waiting and just come home but instead Rin got into an accident and died. Rin’s girlfriend (I assume) has since hated Ren and wished he’d live a miserable life. Instead Ren acted cold & aloof to everyone and so she was unsatisfied. She stole a key to Rin’s diary which said good things about Ren. She told Hitomi that if she wants to give Ren the key she has to go find it and pretended to throw it into the river.

otome26Needless to say Hitomi spent all day looking for it and found out later it was a fake. The girl said she “lost” because of Hitomi’s determination and gave her the key. Too late though Hitomi caught a cold but she did leave the key for Ren. Ren found the key, went back to his house and read his diceased brother’s diary. After that he became more gentle and told Hitomi that he takes back what he said about her. He doesn’t hate her for being pushy, but instead loves her for it. After graduation he gives her a ring as a promise to someday marry him.  I guess Ren had the most interesting story by far out of all the characters, and despite him being a butthole a lot, he was also very sweet at the right moment. I just wish she didn’t get another “half assed” kiss scene sigh 😦

otome27Takashi Oniichan – So before I ever even downloaded this game I read on various forums that this game had “incest”. I mean I knew there was an oniichan route but I mean there were oniichan routes in all the Da Capo games I ever played – but since they weren’t blood related it was okay. Hell even the Takashi’s voice actor was the same guy who played the “oniichan” role of Shio in Da Capo Girls Symphony. So I thought why not this may be a good route and Takashi is a pretty funny character with all his crazy siscon traits.

otome28However that was not the case. The first time I went through the route, you encountered his old college friend Shinobu (voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru – geez could we get anymore all star cast in this game or what?) who basically told Hitomi that her brother rejected girls, scholarships, jobs all to be with her. Takashi even came to her rescue and got cut on some glass (I’m surprised he didn’t sue for assault but then again this is Japan). In the first ending basically Takashi tells Hitomi that until she finds herself a man he’ll be there for her forever etc. So it’s basically I’m your siscon oniichan ending.

otome29So then apparently there was a “true end”. Okay maybe in the “true end” there will be SOMETHING ANYTHING that will signify that these two are somehow not blood related. Please I beg of you LoveRevo don’t let me down! *3 hours later* …….it really was an incest ending orz. And he’s like biting her ear and he’s like her brother….and their parents both want them to go on omiais but they refuse….because they’re in love like Mei and Akira…orz orz orz. Sigh yep, incest route complete. Sigh. I almost said that Takashi was gonna be my favorite character in the game….but not anymore. Sigh.

And so this concludes my LoveRevo adventure. This is probably the longest game I’ve ever played. By longest I mean with the most amount of characters to finish. While I really liked some of the routes, particularly Ren, Ryuutaro and Ayato, sometimes it got really annoying that from January – March I basically upped random stats because I had the requirements all completed already. I’m really disappointed that in this game the only character that got a REAL kiss scene was Masaki and a “somewhat” decent one with Kennosuke. In addition I really thought that Touru was a sweetheart and he didn’t even GET a kissing scene, wtf is this holding heads bullshit, what are you about to start a football match 🙄 Obviously the game focus was on losing the weight (and maybe in real life some fat girls did or something) but I feel like we shoulda gotten “better CG rewards” for all the effort put into this task! I suppose the amazing All-Star male cast makes up for most of the pitfalls in the game xD

In addition I never bothered to get all the CGs. I know there’s a “model” end where she ends up with no one but becomes a super model. There’s also the “diet fail” end where you end up with no one because you didn’t get to 55kg by March 14th. Do I wanna go through an entire year of exercising just to get these CGs? No. Also I didn’t bother getting the “friend” ending with any of the guys. I know there’s an extra CG but to me that’s like getting a bad end =_=; It’s mostly the “not this diet shit again” that’s stopping me. I’m so pro at this game now I remember what items are in what store, what day to buy them on and what months to ask the guys on dates. Sigh, I think this is a sign that I need to quit and move on to a new game xD Hope you enjoyed my tl;dr if you made it through this far!

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  1. This game sounds pretty fun, although with my limited knowledge of Japanese I don’t think I’d be able to get anything other than bad ends anyway. 😛 I remember I wanted to get the DS version but I didn’t know if it was voiced or not (which would be a shame since I’d be missing out from hearing Sugita and Takapiro~ lol).

    By the way, which otoge are you playing next? Choosing at random? xD;;

  2. Actually I Plan to play Pet Detective Y’s (Finally lol) May as well finish my whole “Mizusu, Yuka” connection thing lmao (Misuzu has female heroine friends in like every game lol)

    I heard the DS one had no voices but on the DS you can also like cheat and get codes & unlimited cash so um you can always play that way lol xDDDD Once you get the hang of it it’s really easy lol

    When did this happen?
    What version are you playing?
    There wasn’t any voice acting on my DS version

  4. Hunh… Played this game for some five minutes and then moved on. I might pick it up again sometime, but frankly I’m bothered by the retarded “lose weight to get a guy” concept. I mean… What?

    Oh well, I know I’ll end up playing this just to see the over-the-top stories 😀 Going to America makes people lose weight, eh? That’s a new one.

  5. Shiny> The weight thing was annoying at first but then you get used to it so its no big deal. Actually because of this there’s a lot less text to read so actually it makes the game less boring ^^

    Kai> I don’t have a DS lol I played the PC version which came out in 2008

  6. Oh hay
    This is from the same artist who does all those BL VN’s o_o.
    He’s popular for drawing guys, apparently.

  7. I’m rather interested in dating *simulations*, so I’m hoping that someday there might be an equivalent of Love Revo in English. I know that any translation — even a “Woolseyism” style translation — is very unlikely… but it’s slightly more plausible than an official translation of any Tokimemo game. (To clarify that: Interchannel developed Love Revo, and unlike Konami, at least Interchannel has recently let other companies release its games in English. For instance, it let others release the relatively mainstream DS games Ys Legacy and Air Traffic Chaos in English.) …Well, at least there’s some FAQs for Love Revo which aren’t in Japanese…

  8. i am playing a korean version and i’m stuck…
    where do you get the first keyword for souta (the kid with green hair and suncap)
    Help would e really appreciated~
    Thank you<3

  9. well if you’re playing the korean version aren’t the keywords going to be different?

    I got the keywords from an otome game wiki http://www.ladygamer.jp/wiki/

    Just search loverevo in there and in the comments someone usually would be like PC Keywords: blah blah blah. Again they are in japanese, i dont know if korean keywords would be different.

  10. Where’d you get the pc version? I can’t seem to find it anywhere since it’s out of print. >.<

  11. Ah, thank you so much for this review~~ I remember when I was young and innocent(?) and new to the otome gaming community, I was extremely excited by this review and hunted down the PC version to play this with all those awesome seiyuu voices. I still haven’t finished all the routes, but this is such a good game that I want to thank you for recommending it^^ I also linked this review at my own review in my blogspot, hope you don’t mind.

    1. I THINK the PSP version may have the most content on it including new CGs so I’d recommend playing that one if you can get your hands on it!

  12. Yes! Ren is totally a big doodoo head. He was mean. D=

    I was wondering if you could point me into the direction of the PC version, as I cannot seem to find a full download of it (or the PS2 for that matter)

      1. I’m dying to find this game for pc, don’t care if I have to pay for this too 🙂 but I can’t find it. Could you plz help me post the link where I can buy the game?

        1. I am not sure if any place sells it for the PC anymore since it’s rather old. You might want to try getting your hands on the PSP version

  13. Hi, I really love your Onii-chan’s review.. it is funny..
    Say, have you played using other platforms aside from PC? For what I know, only the PC version have the seiyuu version. So, can I know which character seiyuu that certainly worth it in the game?

    Thank you, although it would be good to put (spoiler tag) in your review.. ^_^

    1. 1. there’s no spoiler tags on wordpress.com so thats impossible to do. By reading my post you assume that you’re ok with spoilers unless you scroll to my final thoughts so..
      2. i’ve only played the PC version but I think the PS2 and PSP versions have voices as well. Only the DS one is unvoiced.

      My fav character was Wakatsuki sensei but I think doing them all is fun once you get the hang of losing weight!

  14. Hey, I don’t mean to bug you, but I have a question. So if you have the time could you please help? 🙂 I’m new to this game but I decided to challenge myself. After I completed Souta’s route (pleasantly surprised at how much he grows up 🙂 ) I decided, ah heck let’s play Ren’s route. By the end of the night I had a massive migraine. I used a guide but it was useless to say the least. It said to get his first event you need to be 95kg or lower. I was around 90kg by then cause I worked her ass off. And then May 15th goes by and no scene… I ended up with the ending where Hitomi ends up being chased by rabid fanboys.

    Anyway, to get to the point since I already wrote a novel… (sorry! 😦 ) What am I doing wrong? ;-; Do you know? Or is it somehow a glitch? I don’t know but it really irritated me. I worked my ass off being very careful as to what I scheduled and yet ended up with that….

    1. Um as far as I remember for Ren (the blonde guy right) you need to 45 kg to get his happy ending. His route is the hardest – he wont date you unless you’re an anorexic weirdo 😆

      Try getting down to 45 by spamming with the tools I suggested and hopefully that should give you the good ending. I used the guide on otome.girly.jp but peche.parallel.jp has a step by step guide (which is pretty much a hand holding guide) if you still have trouble.

      Oh also, you have to get him to go on dates with you or have tea or whatever. If he refuses, save, load and spam him until he agrees. If you don’t spend enough time with each guy before their “event”, the event wont happen and if you miss events you get the harem end

      1. Thanks for linking me to those. I’ll check them out. To be honest, I was like perfect everything by the time I would have gotten the ending. The issue I had was Ren’s first event never triggered. No matter how many times I restarted it and worked my butt off the first little bit, it didn’t happen. 😦 Gonna try the guides now, ty. ❤

        1. yea it just sounds to me like you were too busy losing weight and ignoring him so make sure to harass him no matter how many times he says no 8D

      2. Ah, thank you so much then! xD That makes soooo much sense. I haven’t even gone to try it yet but it’s probably exactly that. I was so worried about getting the right weight for the first event I never visited him. Since I didn’t start visiting Souta till later, guess puppies don’t care. ❤ I was getting frustrated since it told me I need 95kg or lower for the first event, and even though I managed around 90kg that it didn't trigger. Time to harass Ren~ ❤

  15. Waah i dont know the keywords for Ryuutarou Wakatsuki someone please help :s i have the english patched one cause i only speak english. please help you will make my day 😀

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