Otome Game Review: Princess Nightmare

I was really sad that I couldn’t play Danzai no Maria since Karin’s old games hate Windows 7 it seems…but since PN had a PS2 port I was able to play it (`ゝω・)vィェィ The story is about our heroine Little Draculair, a 114 year old vampire, who moves from Transylvania to Japan with her “father” Vlad Draculair and “brother” Radu Draculair. While her brother doesn’t want her going out to suck the blood of humans, she often sneaks out using her cat youkai as a decoy. Her father finds out but he lets her change into human form and attend a middle school for 2 years so she gets to experience a human school life. Fortunately unlike our typical otome heroines, Little has balls of steel and it’s her way or the highway (*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪

Inukai Ichirouta – I had intended to play oniisama’s route first but you needed to do at least 1 run before doing his so I decided to start with Inukai instead. While Inukai was loud and obnoxious at first, after a while he became like a good puppy dog and completely was under Little’s will 😆 He bitches about how he only likes nice girls with big boobs but in the end he falls for Little anyway. At first Little uses him as her little blood bank, asking to suck his blood when she feels weak and of course he agrees |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ He’s been sort of an orphan for a while because his mother died soon as he was born and his father disappeared when he was 7 years old. One day Inukai suddenly disappears and turns out he was captured by the mad scientist Murasame. He uses Inukai in his experiments which completely wipes his mind of all his human emotions so that he’s only a wild and crazy werewolf. He’s naturally a werewolf because his father is a werewolf as well but he tends to stay in his human form most of the time. Anyway Murasame sends mind signals to Little which gets her to come to his lab to save Inukai. She tries to save him but turns out the floor where Inukai is held captive is actually magic proof. That means Little can’t use any of her vampire magic powers and she ends up being thrown in the cage with Inukai. He’s still in werewolf mode but eventually he remembers her and hugs her as she falls asleep. When they wake up a few hours later, he’s regained his human self again and can speak instead of just growling.

Then for like reasons unknown to me, Van Hellsing (who looks like a Wolfwood reject), who’s been bent on killing Little the “evil vampire” 🙄 suddenly rescues both Inukai and Little. What the hell. They run around the lab to try to escape and they end up in a room full of giant test tubes full of experiment bodies. In one of those tubes Inukai finds his father. He’ sad and angry that this is why his father was missing. He breaks the tube out and his father comes out and tells him that his body is already “dead” and he’ll be dying any moment. He tells Inukai to live on and protect the one he loves. Inukai says he will and they both continue running until they run into Murasame and his weapon Franken. Murasame tells Franken to kill them but Franken turns the tables and instead shoots Murasame like 4 times in the back (  Д ) ゚ ゚ So anyway Franken helps them escape and they kill off all the “clones” of Franken so that they would stop wandering around killing anything in their sight. Because Little’s been away from her oniisama for so long, she didn’t get to drink his blood during a full moon – which is required for her or her vampire powers go berserk. So yea while Inukai and Franken are fighting zombies, batshit Little shows up ready to tear them to shreds. Before she can do so, fortunately Radu shows up and lets her have some of his blood so that she returns back to normal. So from then on both Inukai (who’s homeless) and Franken (who becomes their butler) both end up living in the Draculair castle.

By this chapter, Yuka tells Little that she’s fucking sick of her and Inukai twiddle their thumbs like idiots when it’s obvious they both like each other. A few days later Inukai takes her on his bike to the seaside. He tells her about his past of how he moved to this town as an orphan. He became friends with Shinji because Shinji could see demons and he accepted his werewolf form because Inukai protected him. From then on Inukai became obsessed with fighting and cared less and less about hiding his werewolf persona. He then grabs Little and kisses her saying he’s too scared to ask her feelings. Little calls him an idiot and says of course she likes him |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ During Halloween a hide & seek event goes wrong when Hellsing decides to stop being a nice nurse man and he starts fighting with Franken. Suddenly Murasame, who I thought was freaking dead, shows up with yet-again-revived body of Inukai’s father – sigh. Inukai says he wants to fight his father on his own because if anyone else hurt him, he’d feel some kind of grudge towards them. Little isn’t just gonna sit back and watch Inukai get shredded to bits. She yells some sense into him and instead he grabs Murasame and throws him in front of his father who tears him to shreds – before dying once more. Inukai and Little bury his father in the forest and at his grave Inukai says he will take Little as his waifu some day (*´ω`*) During a full moon Inukai asks Little to watch him as he goes berserk chained to a wall because every full moon he can’t control his werewolf tendencies so he needs to be chained down or he’ll go randomly start killing people. This is so that she would accept him for who he is. In school one day, he writes “I love you” on the sports field with the white paint to Little. She calls him an idiot and says she loves him too as she jumps out the window into his arms XD. They go to the beach once more where they kiss ♡ Daww this was such a cute story XD. I just love Inukai, the entire route was like puppy love.

Radu Draculair – I must be playing these routes completely out of order because while the first half seemed to focus on the past of both Little and Radu (as well as Vlad), the latter half felt more focused on Prince Crimson Chaos and pretty much it felt like most of Radu’s CGs with Little were in Inukai’s route more than his own (´・ω・`;)。I guess I’ll try to make this make as much sense as possible… So anyway Radu is the “oniisama”. He’s not really her brother though. Little is actually a human child of a nun…probably raped by a priest. Of course a nun cannot get pregnant so she had to keep Little hidden in a cellar for 8 years as she brought food and water to her. Eventually the village they lived in got the black plague all around. A lot of people died including Little’s mother. Little, being raised underground her entire life and not seeing the light of day, was scared and didn’t know what to do. She left her house and suddenly something told her to go and kill the priest. Just then she ran into Radu Draclair and asked for his knife. He tells her he’ll lend it to her for half a day saying he knows she doesn’t have the guts to do it. Needless to say an 8 year old loli isn’t gonna go on a killing rampage (just yet) and he comes and takes the knife from her. He takes her away with him saying that he knows a lot of dead people’s spirits are attached to her because apparently she has the 6th sense. So anyway Vlad is against it at first but Radu threatens to leave him if he won’t let Little stay there. So then 6 years later, Little is 14 and she’s been playing with some female human friends and going to school taking lessons. However she says she is bored of this and she wants to spend time talking to Radu who is only awake at night.

Radu gets irritated and chomps on her neck turning her into a vampire. Vlad bursts in and bitch slaps him saying “What have you done!” and Radu retorts with “the same thing you did to me!” BL rage everywhere! \( ^o^)/ So anyway Vlad tells Little that she’ll now be living forever and he says to call him “father” and to refer to Radu as her “brother”. A few days later Little’s hair turns completely white and her eyes red. So I’m guessing since she pretends to be 14 in school but she’s 114 and Radu’s 516, I guess maybe his real age is “stuck” at 16 then. Anyway one day in the cellar of their home she finds a bunch of dead girls and freaks out. Turns out they were all girls who wanted to become vampires but couldn’t and didn’t want to die. Their spirits jump all over Little as usual and Radu apologizes and says that she shouldn’t be down there because it’s not good for her body to have so many spirits in it. She says not like it matters since she’s eternal anyway. She hates sucking human blood so she starts to suck on mice instead (ew.) Radu then tells her that she can suck on his blood anytime she wants instead. So now the story suddenly shifts when Little accidentally releases the seal on Phantom, Vlad’s real son. So now we have a flashback about Radu’s past. Turns out Vlad was some head army dude and Phantom (real name Vlad – who I’ll refer to as Vlad Jr.) was his real son. Radu was adopted by Vlad because he was the son of a servant family that was destroyed by Vlad’s army. I guess Vlad Sr. felt bad so he adopted him as his own son knowing the fact that Radu wanted to seek revenge on him – promising he would not hurt Vlad Jr. or his mother Loraine. For a while Vlad Sr. and Radu go off to do some army stuff but when they come back both have red eyes and white hair. Vlad Jr. is freaked out more about his father but feels like Radu hasn’t changed much from being the grouch he is.

One day Vlad Jr. walks in on a yaoi scene of Radu sucking Vlad Sr.’s blood. He gets into some jealous BL rage and attacks his father with a knife. In the process he gets stabbed and he begs his father to also turn him into a vampire. Vlad Sr. says that while Radu’s got a heart of steel, Vlad Jr. is a weak pansy and he will not be able to handle being a vampire. (Right so instead it’s okay for him to be a ghost that stalks him for the rest of his life instead? Alrighty then.) Loraine walks in on her dead and bleeding son and rages at Vlad Sr. but continues to remain with him until one day he sinks his teeth into her too and kills her. Phantom babbles about how he’ll take Little away from Radu but when you reject him, he prominently disappears from the story. ( ´_ゝ`) So then if that wasn’t off track, now the story gets even weirder. A messenger from the underworld has come saying that it’s time to take Little as the Underworld Bride to the Prince Crimson Chaos. Vlad Sr. stops time. In the meantime Prince kills Shinji and takes over his body (???). He defeats Inukai and tells Little that he’s captured Radu. Or rather he’s made Radu his bitch who then admits that he’s raised Little to be a suitable bride for the Prince. Little agrees to become his bride just to get Radu back but when she’s at the underworld castle Radu seems to be too busy kissing Prince’s ass. Cheshire shows up and comforts her a bit. She pisses off Prince’s sister Marie who hates all those that get to marry her oniisama so she makes up a lie saying Little was trying to escape. Little is then locked up in a cell for a few days until the wedding ceremony. Cheshire steals a book from Prince’s room and reads it. Apparently Prince’s mother was the previous underworld bride and just like in a certain other vampire story, when she had Prince, he ate her uterus out and that’s why she died while giving birth to him. Ew (ಠ_ಠ).

I guess before that though she went batshit or something because she was locked up in the castle for 80 years. Anyway Little is to face the same destiny unless she escapes. On the wedding day, Prince uses a spell to make it so that she can’t talk or say no to him during the vows. Before he can seal with a kiss their official marriage, Radu finally stops being a pansy and shows up and slices the Prince with his sword. Because the Prince is weakened, his magic fails and the castle illusion disappears. Turns out the castle is really in ruins and he’s like forced to uphold the balance of the underworld so I guess he was just ronery or something. He said he didn’t want this destiny anyway and he lets both Radu and Little escape back to Japan. (Half assed but hopefully it will be improved in his own route?) When they return back to Japan time is still frozen. Apparently for it to unfreeze, Little has to kiss the person she really loves. Unfortunately that person is locked in a cell in their house for being a traitor. A week later, Vlad lets Radu out of the cell and suddenly…marriage! Uhm okay…I guess I probably should have done this route a little later so I could fully understand Radu’s obsession with Little because in this route they barely had any on screen time together. ( ´_ゝ`) So because they kiss during the wedding, time is back to normal and for some reason both Radu and Little go back to the school. When everyone finds out they’re both married they tell them to GTFO 😆 Meh I’m kinda disappointed. I wasn’t really told there was any specific order to do the characters in and none of the guides I followed listed a special order but I definitely realize that playing Radu 2nd was probably not a good idea. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more Radu x Little action in other routes which is a pity. On the other hand, I blame the writers for throwing story details all over the freaking place.

Vlad Draculair – Ugh well since Vlad is like the “father” figure this route was quite disgusting. Well 90% of the route was identical to Radu’s so I’m not even gonna bother reposting that. The only difference is during the wedding with Prince, Vlad starts a riot and then kills Prince instead. So then afterword they go back to Japan and suddenly Vlad’s all like dying. So then he passes out and for like 2 weeks the only thing Little uses as nourishment is his blood. ( ´_ゝ`) So then she babbles how she loves otousama and that she can only kiss him otherwise the time won’t start again. So then magically he wakes up and she’s on the brink of death (??) and they kiss. *cue me vomiting* So then she passes out for some unknown time and we flash forward…to her now being “lovers” with Vlad. EW. Even if she didn’t constantly fucking call him “DADDY” the fact that if they were human he’d be like 42 and she’d be 14. EW. ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ Lol bleh I really wish they didn’t do this route…or if they did it, to take out all the massive Electra complex lines. I never understand who enjoys these erojiji routes in these games to begin with (ಠ_ಠ).

Phantom – Well again, pretty much identical route to Radu so this route took me less than 30 minutes to complete lol. Basically Phantom tells Little that he used to let some of the girls that Vlad/Radu captured escape for like 500 years. Little was the first girl that didn’t die after they turned her into a vampire. Little’s like “oh wow! But for some reason I don’t hate my brother!” (ಠ_ಠ) So then Phantom asks Little to kiss him before he goes to heaven or whatever I guess. Little agrees and for a short moment Phantom turns human. Little sucks his blood and he yells at how it hurts since he’s a whiny bitch and then he complains that he’s sad he has to go now. I guess Little absorbs his spirit or something and the end! Poor Phantom, screwed over for 500 years.

Van Hellsing – Well if you know the Dracula story, Hellsing’s a vampire hunter and needless to say he spends most of the game chasing and trying to kill Little. Apparently he was once killed by Radu but I guess thanks to Murasame’s crazy science, he managed to revive. Hellsing hates him though because he’s constantly got some weird experiments done on him in exchange. He’s got scars all over his body and actually in this route there were so many naked scenes of him. I can think of 3 off the top of my head 😆 Little calls him an erojiji when thinking about him in the bath but it’s like YOU FREAKIN’ GOT WITH DADDY 2 ROUTES AGO, Hellsing’s only 26! He’s not a jiji yet! (ಠ_ಠ) To get closer to Little, Franken poses as a nurse at her school named Yamai sensei who she affectionately calls Yama-chan. He acts like a goofy dork in that persona and Little starts to find herself attracted to it a little. (Hell I thought it was kinda cute too….|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ) So one day he says he’s going to quit being a nurse. One day he shows up in his Hellsing persona and tells Little to leave Japan as soon as possible. He says he doesn’t want to kill her but it’s better than her becoming one of Murasame’s lab rats. She asks why he came all the way to tell her this but he just says “I don’t even know myself” and kisses her. He tells her that he warned her and next time he says he will kill her for sure.

So then a few days later he appears with his lab assistant army and they capture Little. Before he can kill her though, one of the Franken clones X5 escapes and starts tearing everyone apart. Little asks to be let go so she can help put a stop to him. Once she does, Hellsing takes her and they run off into the forest and jump off some cliff. In the meantime, Cheshire turned into Hellsing and told the army to retreat while Vlad & Co. search for Little. Little wakes up nearly naked covered up by Hellsing’s coat…next to a nearly naked Hellsing (*´д`*)ハァハァ . He stripped her clothes off so that she wouldn’t catch a cold because they got wet from the rain from the thunder attack Vlad did. Little says that she needs blood or she’s going to lose consciousness so he’s like “do whatever you want.” She gets to work and he’s like “holy shit dude are you trying to kill me?!” So then he tells her “I better get something for this in return…the fact that you’re not resisting tells me its ok?” She says “I’m not gonna resist” and suddenly they’re both half naked and making out HELL YES (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. Unfortunately it ends there and he says she is the first girl that in “that” situation he was able to contain himself hehe 😈 So then Murasame finds them but she uses her powers to freeze him and then goes to suck his blood while he freaks out like a pansy. She then lies to his followers saying she turns him into a vampire and they all suddenly point their guns at him lol. She then uses some other spell that puts him to sleep for a long time while averting the eyes of his subordinates. I dunno it was weird I didn’t really get what she did (ಠ_ಠ).

Anyway she and Hellsing escape and she has a feeling he’s Yamai sensei so she calls him Yama-chan. Hellsing responds in a dorky way and then is like “wtf are you making me say!?” She’s like I’m just happy I got to see my beloved sensei once again! He hugs her and she tells him when she sucked his blood she made it so he could never go against her again (*´ω`*). He tells her he plans to go overseas to Germany effective immediately to do research on half beasts like her, Inukai etc. He asks her to come with him if she wishes to help him in his research, being a vampire and all. She agrees and on the night of Christmas eve they go to the airport. However due to some snowstorm they get stuck so instead they go to a hotel to spend the night (and fight some angry Xmas demon or something lol.) In the meantime all the mans are crying jealousy tears back at the Draculair house. Radu is more positive saying “oh whatever, humans will die eventually so she’ll be back.” I dunno though, he’s already died once…and since he was brought back to life via experimentation isn’t Hellsing technically a zombie that can live forever? Oh well not sure but I loved Hellsing’s route. I think this was the first route that made me wish that this was an R-18 game… (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Franken Wristling – Franken’s route is very overlappy with both Inukai’s and Hellsing’s so there was a lot to skip. But basically after he escapes from Murasame’s lab and goes to live with the Draculairs as a butler, it turns out he was actually sent there by Murasame as a spy. Murasame also attached a self explosion device on him so that if he were to betray him, Murasame would blow him up. Fortunately, Vlad noticed this and he disabled the device. Franken fell in love with his ojousama (god I love ojousama dudes…(*´д`*)ハァハァ) and he decided to instead betray Murasame. He told him over his bracelet (contact device) that he will no longer be coming back to the lab. Murasame rages and promises to get his revenge. On Halloween Murasame comes and brings his army of Xclones to attack everyone, and destroy Franken. Franken goes crazy fighting them and uses a lot of his powers. Even though Little begs him to stop, he says that he doesn’t want to go out all boring because she will then forget about him. He defeats all the zombies but then his body starts getting weaker over the next couple days and he ends up sleeping in bed. From here you basically have 2 options (well if you’re playing PS2 it’s 2 options.) In the original PC end (where this was the only end) Little doesn’t suck his blood and he basically dies a couple days later. Some time passes and she finds a letter from him expressing his feelings of love for her along with seeds to the flowers that bloom once and then die. He had taken her to this flower field in the past one time. I got such a huge lump in my throat even though I played this end after the happy end (´;ω;`). Fortunately in the PS2 ending he got, if Little chooses to suck his blood, it successfully turns him into a vampire. Before she does though, he kisses her and says he loves her. So then some time passes and it’s now Fran’s 5th birthday and he plans to go visit the cemetery to say his prayers to all his dead “brothers”. I’m so glad he had a happy ending. If I only got to play the PC Fran end I’d prolly be crying a river TAT. Oh, Franken’s also good at baking pastries :3.

Kobayakawa Shinji – Shinji had 2 split routes because one was also a good and a bad ending. What sucks is the route for the bad end was better than the route for the good one. I really didn’t understand what the point of doing this was but I guess I liked the bad route a lot better ( ´_ゝ`). Shinji can see demons and most of the game he’s pretty much screaming for help because one of them is attacking him. He takes Little to a conbini for the first time as she pretends that she doesn’t speak Japanese 😆 Anyway his “good” end route is pretty much identical to Vlad/Radu’s. Before she goes to save Radu in the underworld, he hugs her from behind begging her not to go. He then lets her go and says oh go ahead sorry for stopping you. So then as usual, Prince takes over his body (since they share a body) and the whole wedding nonsense commences. Before Prince can kiss her, Shinji’s mindset overcomes Prince’s and Little is able to escape. She ends up fighting and defeating Marie. Suddenly Prince and Little return to Japan where he has her tied to some wall as he attempts to kiss her again /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So then Hellsing shows up with a gun that looks like something outta Trigun and starts fighting Prince too. Then Prince and Little have a chase with each other and I lost track of what the hell was going on and before I knew it everybody was naked ( ´゚д゚`)エー Suddenly the game derailed into the End of Evangelion movie and everyone was like in the “mind” of Little and she had to choose between either Prince or Shinji and that the world’s fate lies in her hands! Umm funny how the guy’s name is Shinji too….coincidence? I think not (ಠ_ಠ). Anyway magically Little returns to Japan again but time is still frozen. She goes into the classroom where she finds only Shinji. He tells her he likes but she says that she can’t be with him because she’s not a human.

I guess they take a walk around the school and she changes her mind cause before you know it they’re making out in the classroom. Suddenly time unfreezes and everyone else is in the classroom and they see them making out and they’re like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Especially Radu who rages so hard while Sensei is like “get a room >_>”. So then Radu has a fightoff on the roof with Shinji and loses on purpose and allows him to date Little 🙄 So pointless. For Christmas Little knits Shinji a scarf who apparently was so poor he never had a scarf in his entire life until now 😆 Now in the bad end Shinji route, there was a great chapter where the class did Cinderella for the school play. The best part of course, Little being the Prince, Shinji being Cinderella, and Inukai & Radu being the wicked step sisters プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ During the play Radu & Inukai fight some giant spider demon but the play is hilarious and a success so their class wins the best play prize. The next day Shinji tells everyone he has to move back to his inaka so he is transferring out. After everyone leaves for the day Shinji calls her out to the classroom telling her he’s like her ever since the first time she sunk her teeth into him ( *´艸`)フフフ She yells saying she doesn’t care and he can go to his stupid inaka. He says “oh that’s how you feel..” and leaves the classroom. Little falls to the floor crying and then suddenly Shinji comes back and kneels down and kisses her |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ He tells her that he’ll come back for graduation next year for sure and asks her to wait for him. Honestly this route felt so much sweeter to me. The other route felt like it was more about Prince than Shinji. What a pity that “Shinji’s” true route got a crappy ending.

Cheshire – Cheshire again had the underworld route so majority of it was the same. He was sent to spy on Little by Prince. While she’s captured in the dungeon before the wedding ceremony with Prince, Cheshire tells her that she can suck his blood. As she does this he blushes and says he likes her. He then randomly asks “will you marry me?” I don’t know what the hell Little was thinking but she’s all like “SURE!” Right in other routes it’s this big production but here it’s like going out to get a bowl of ice cream 😆 So then at the wedding ceremony, Cheshire turns into the form of Prince and “marries” Little and kisses her instead. The real Prince shows up and is like “what the fuck dude!” and says he’ll come get Little eventually. When they get back home from the Underworld and everyone finds out they’re married, they’re as much “WTF” as I was when I first saw that scene (ಠ_ಠ). Inukai and Radu rage and cry manly tears while Cheshire goes and kisses Little on the couch in front of everyone. Lol I don’t know, he’s just so SHOTAey compared to her some of the CGs just looked like shotaraep to me 😆

Prince Chaos Crimson – Well sadly Prince’s route was as I had expected, identical to Shinji’s. Prince seem to suffer the Kazama Chikage syndrome where basically his entire route he just wants to spend some raburabu time with his soon to be waifu but she and her male harem just seem to be in the way! After that whole we’re floating in naked space scene, Little returns to Japan but she’s no longer a vampire. She’s back to being a human and she’s really bummed out about it because now she’s lonely since all her buddies are demons/vampires/ etc. One day Prince calls her out and tells her he left the underworld just to see her because he was bored. He says he has to go and leaves but she’s afraid he’s gonna disappear so she chases after him. I guess she developed stockholm syndrome cause now she likes him 😆 He says that his body is sleeping in the underworld and if she kisses him he’ll have some magic left over to stay here a little longer – otherwise he’d disappear. He says he likes her a lot and knows that she’s lonely. He tells her that he’ll turn her back into a vampire and in return he wants her to suck his blood and make him into a vampire so he will never disobey her. So she turns into a vampire, sucks his blood (and oh boy does he fucking love it.) He then disappears and says he’ll be back for her some day~. Someday being like 3 days later he transfers into her class as “Wakaouji” 😆 He then promptly tells Radu to GTFO so he can sit next to his honey in class プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Needless to say, I am disappointed we didn’t get more school life scenes like that with him. Actually I feel like Prince was pretty awesome but his route just overlapped with other routes making him the bad guy 90% of the time so he barely got to shine on his own. Oh yea and Shinji comes back too but now that him and Prince are split up, screw you Shinji, Prince FTW! XD

Well the biggest annoyance of course were the timed choices. That means I had to really pay attention to each chapter and the guide to make sure I knew exactly what to pick when the time came. You had about 10 seconds to pick a choice and if you didn’t, the game would randomly pick for you..and what the game picked wasn’t always the right choice. Fortunately there was only a handful of choices (about 1-2 per chapter) so it wasn’t too bad after a while. In order to complete the cocktail, you had to start each route from the beginning even if it meant skipping 90% of the game. What was the point of doing this? In order to get certain characters to appear “naked” while playing musical instruments. 😆 It was funny but I don’t know if it was funny enough to vouch for starting each route from the start. Unless you wanna see Radu playing the violin naked or Shinji playing the piano naked, feel free to save & load for some routes 😆 The music and action scenes were great and the transformation movies were nifty. I personally enjoyed the research lab routes the most so Inukai, Hellsing and Franken are probably my favorites. I really did like Prince as a character but like I said in his blurb, they focused too much on him being the bad guy so I kinda wish he had more focus on him being the womanizing shota instead 😈 There was somewhat an inconsistency in sprites which really bugged me. For example, Hellsing had certain “poses” which made him go from like 25 years old to like 40 in an instant. Cheshire looked like he was SO TINY in his sprite but he looked a little more acceptable in his CGs. Inukai really didn’t need that middle finger sprite at all. It was okay at first but after a while it was like alright dude, stop pointing that thing at me 😆 Some sprites were basically just “taken” out of a CG which then felt really inconsistent compared to the other sprites. It’s almost as if some sprites were just done by multiple people or something? Some of the CGs were a bit weird because everyone had arms/legs twice the length of what someone’s arms & legs should be lol. The replay feature was cool but it wouldn’t let you skip so say I wanted to watch a certain part of Prince’s ending – I had to press the O button really fast to skip to it…couldn’t force skip :(. Anyway overall the game was actually a lot of fun even if a lot of the routes overlapped. The first “run” was great and meeting all the new characters was definitely a pleasure. Some routes were obviously hit & miss but the game is definitely worth checking out overall. Only thing is though, I recommend the PS2 version over the PC one since some of the best endings were in that one.


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  1. The men in this game must love showing their navels. XD Even without the CGs, I can see from the website that these guys really want people to see their chest, but then again, it’s an otome game. How long did it take to finish the game? 😮

  2. Thnak you for the review! I had been wanting to check out this game and this review has helped me a lot 😛

    Which game are you playing next?

  3. Umi> Yeaa not just navels but naked mans in general! I don’t mind though, fanservice all the way \( ^o^)/ It took me a little less than a week.

    blanca> Glad it did! Started on Edel Blume this evening

  4. Little is an awesome heroine, I agree. xD
    Glad you played the PS2 version since I totally cried my eyes out in Franken’s PC route lol. And yes timed choices were annoying. I left the game on auto for a while to get a drink and got a big game over screen when I came back lol. Danzai no Maria has timed choices as well.. I hope not all of Karin’s games are like this.

  5. Thanks for playing the PS2 version. I raged when I found it that this was being ported to the PS2. I was so upset that they decided to give Franken a happy end and give Prince Chaos Crimson his own route in the port. The character I was most interested was Prince Chaos Crimson. Even though he was a bad guy I thought he was cool! ;_;

    @Rin, I think all of Karin’s games have timed choices. Meikyuu Grimm had timed choices too. Also Yo-Jin-Bo, even though it was produced by TwoFive, the programming was done by Karin and that had timed choices too ORZ. I thought in the PS2 version they would take that out…

  6. Hazuki> I guess Karin doesn’t want us taking a break while playing their games!! XD Crimson deserved a lot more than he got. I almost wish there was a fandisk for this game with more raburabu routes for all the characters.

  7. after a while he became like a good puppy dog and completely was under Little’s will — so whipped xD LOL


    haha Danzai No Maria no workie on your windows 7?? I’m pretty sure it works on mine… I’ll check it later and if I can figure it out I’ll try to tell you 8D

    I have the PC version of this game, and I loved it!! I’m glad to see a review of the PS2 version though, just to see some of the differences and/or similarities, you knoww? 😀 Lol Prince FTW ❤

  8. Mimi> Yea I couldn’t get it to run =( Well at least not the no CD patch which is what I think the issue is. If you figure it out – let me know as I couldn’t play the other 2 Tiramisuvilla games for the same reason. I love Prince! He deserved more than just being the bad guy in the game though TAT

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