Otome Game Review: Himehibi -New Princess Days- Zoku! Nigakki

This game is a direct sequel to the first game I played prior to it. This time, our past heroine Koi has gone to study abroad in France with Masaya and Nao so now the school is back to being all dudes. They opened up registration for girls but because it will take 2 years for them to finish building the girls dorm, not a single female has enrolled. Meanwhile elsewhere a girl who lives alone with her older brother is told they are going to have to move. Her brother gets a job at Tenjouji Gakuen and so she is forced to move up there with him (since the school is in the middle of some mountain lol.) When they get there and find out its all guys they are both upset and her brother says they will only stay there for a month. Nanami, our new heroine, agrees to this but at the same time Ken attacks the prey while it’s still fresh and revives the Princess club 😆 Nanami ends up staying in Koi’s old room and is told she would be Koi’s room mate when she returned from France. Spoilers ahead~!

Kamishiro Albert – Albert, or as everyone calls him Al, is the half American half Japanese guy. His dad is the American and mom is the Japanese. He becomes Nanami’s bodyguard because he’s part of the patrol club so that makes Hikaru his senpai (even though Hikaru is 3 years younger.) While Al seems really sweet and gentle to Nanami there seems to be a few things off. First of all he’s the only one in the school who wears a long sleeved blazer and gloves. When Nanami asks him this he just says he likes long sleeves. Secondly, a lot of students try not to deal with him directly. If they need something they either go through Ken or they go through Nanami. One time when she and Al go to the town to buy some supplies for their school festival, they get harassed by some delinquents who appear to know Al. They start beating up on Al saying that them getting kicked out of Tenjouji gakuen is his fault. Al at first takes hits and doesn’t fight back – until one of them threatens to reveal his past to Nanami.

That’s when Al goes into his “wild beast” mode and he beats the living shit out of all of them. He even continues punching the one guy until that guy completely loses all form of consciousness. When Fuuta runs up to see what’s going on, he tries to stop Al but Al punches him too. 😯 Nanami then tries to stop Al as well and he almost punches her too but then he comes to his senses and stops. He feels so guilty about punching the girl he was supposed to protect that he locks himself up in his room and curls up in his bed with the lights turned off. It’s so emo that Ken makes himself at home in Yamato’s room for a couple days lol. Nanami, Ken and Fuuta console him about it and try to make him feel better despite classmates treating him like an outcast. Ibuki chips in as well says that he shouldn’t take their crap 😆 Anyway as time passes Fuuta realizes that Al likes Nanami and so he challenges Al to a boxing match lol. School festival preparations continue and Al gets stabbed in the arm and bleeds like crazy.

Nanami takes him to the nurse but he says it’s really nothing but she insists on tending to his wounds. He warns her that what she’s about to see isn’t gonna be a pretty sight. When he takes off his blazer she sees a huge burn mark on his arm and hand. She winces at first but then tells him she will tend to his wounds regardless because she wants to accept Al for who he is. He says because of the burns he doesn’t feel anything in his arm anymore and so he gets upset when Nanami takes it in hers and he cannot feel anything. At some point later Fuuta admits his feelings to Nanami and then later on tells her to be honest with hers – because he knows that she likes Al by this point. During the school festival the two of them walk around the different events and then Al tells her about his past. He said that when he lives in America, his younger brother began to get constantly picked on. Al would then get into fights with the bullies who attacked his brother and from all that fighting he developed like an “inner beast”. He would then fight so hard to the point where he would beat his opponent way beyond the point of consciousness. (How he didn’t end up in juvy is beyond me 😆 )

One day while he was fighting one of the guys there told him his house was on fire. He ran home to save his little brother and somehow the brother was saved, but Al burned his hand in the process. From that time his brother blamed himself for Al’s wounds and so to stops this Al transferred to Tenjouji gakuen to be away from it all. He wanted to fight the boxing match with Fuuta so he could “overcome his inner beast”. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Anyway after that goofy boxing match Al of course wins and then passes out & wakes up in the nurse’s office with Nanami by his side. He then tells her his feelings and they kiss. In the epilogue he’s all raburabu with her (so sweet I thought I was going to burst (〃ノωノ)) and tells her to call him Al (instead of Al-kun). Anyway I really liked Al he was so sweet. It’s hard to believe he had such a difficult past but I think it made the route a lot more interesting and his character more developed.

Kohinata Fuuta – Fuuta is voiced by Terashima Takuma who voiced the sexy Sou in Garnet Cradle. Unfortunately for all of us he voices an annoying bratty tsundere shota in this game whose route isn’t even worth going through. Yep just as the first game suffered with “copycat” routes, Fuuta’s was especially guilty of this. While Fuuta is a fun character, well fun to be made fun of by Ken….his route is basically identical to Al’s. Since Fuuta attends Nanami’s old school most of the route is just flashbacks to her at the old school or phone conversations with him. My first run I followed a shitty guide and the school props got destroyed which got me a bad end – but a nice hug CG with Rinto sensei (´д`)ハァハァ . But it made me rage because I had to go through Fuuta’s route all over again which was like 80% skip at this point. The difference between his and Al’s is that he won the boxing match and was in this huge denial thinking Nanami liked Al over him when it was all his stupid lack of confidence. Even in the epilogue, Nanami goes back to their old school once again, and they are dating, he has to “ask” her if he can kiss her. This is even ruined by the CG where Nanami’s neck makes her look like giraffe because it’s drawn completely out of proportion. The only memorable scene of Fuutan’s route was probably when he was dressed as a cat at the “haunted house”. That was about the only funny & interesting thing about him. Everything else was just a drag and felt like they were just trying to fill game time.

Koizumi Ken – Ken was obviously in the last Himehibi game and I totally raged that he didn’t get a route because he’s awesome. Fortunately this game gives him a route (and make him look more adorable) so I was happy! (`ゝω・)vィェィ When Nanami transfers to the school the first thing Ken does is glomp her and then later that day he jumps into her room and begs her to be the next “hime”. Overall Ken is pretty crazy and his specialty is running away really fast which is why Nanami’s brother can never catch him (at least most of the time.) Ken tells her that he may not be a great bodyguard like Al and Hikaru but he says the one thing he will do is protect her smile. Later he also asks her to join the student council because he’s apparently part of it but he never does anything (except make Yamato angry 😆 ) One day out of the blue he comes and asks her out on a date. It turns out to just be handing out flyers for the hime club but then they get a bunch of rabid fanboys after Nanami. Ken, the master of escape, takes her to a secret place (which is actually Koi’s childhood place..lol) to get away but then he goes and scrapes his hand or something. Nanami insists on putting a bandaid on him, even though he protests he’d do it himself.

The only reason he protests is because her putting a bandaid on makes him blush over 9000 ( ´^,_」^)ぷ♪ When she asks him how come he and Al and others are only “vice presidents” of the hime club and there’s no president. Ken explains that the only person fit to be president of the hime club is the person who will become her lover – and then he adds hoping that one day he can be promoted to that position. Daww xD. After the school festival prep is done, once again someone goes and destroys it all. I thought I was headed for a bad end and was about to rage ((╬ಠ益ಠ)) but thankfully this was actually part of the story this time around. Everyone starts fighting and arguing and Ken yells at them (for the first time) and says everyone should work together not against each other. They never really tell us who was behind it all (I can take a wild guess though 🙄 )but anyway apparently all that gets resolved and they rebuild everything. However in that span of time Ken begins to become aloof. He doesn’t come back until really late at night to his room, he seems really out of it a lot and he avoids both Nanami and his room mate Al.

Al and Nanami one day spy on him coming out of the nurse’s office talking to Rinto sensei – and they hear something about him needing to do a serious checkup before it’s too late. Both Nanami and Al now think Ken has some kind of horrible disease and Al especially gets pissed that his friend would hide something like that from him. So basically this continues like most of the route until it’s time for the school festival. Nanami comes in the next morning to find the prep has all been finished and it looks like Ken did it all on his own. Al carries sleeping Ken to the nurse’s office where he sleeps. When he wakes up Al punches him and walks out of the nurse’s office asking Nanami to take care of the rest. When Ken wakes up and tries to explain to her what’s wrong with him, she spaces out and thinks he has some deadly disease and she becomes depressed thinking he’s dying and runs out of the office lol. He asks her to walk around the school festival with him on the 2nd day and she agrees. Anyway after they walk around (and hold hands (〃ノωノ)) she finds out that he isn’t dying…all he had was a wisdom tooth 😆 He had to take pain killers which is what made him really drowsy and out of it lol.

The tooth pain still hasn’t fully gone away which is why he’d choke mid sentence. Anyway he then takes her to where her fanclub members made a special fireworks show for her and then that night he brings her to that “secret” place again where there’s a bunch of illuminated lights set up. He then tells her that he likes her and she tells him she likes him as well. He’s so happy (and shocked) that he kisses her? XD He says that even if she’s moving away they can still keep in touch via phone/email etc. After the fact she realizes she’s really lonely being 4 hours away from him (god forbid 4 hours!) and then one day a postman delivers her a special package. It’s a DVD video Ken made himself telling her that he’s very lonely as well and he can tell she is from her messages to him. He then tells her that he’ll go see her and tells her to go say hi to the postman – and well turns out the postman is him lol. I wish he was in some postman disguise though – he was just in his regular clothes 😆 Anyway they hug the end. Ken’s route was really cute. I guess the angsty part was a bit too angsty for a….wisdom tooth but that aside Ken is my favorite character ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆. It just kinda annoys me that in Al’s route Nanami stays at the school but she has to move away in Ken’s. What gives bleh. Also there was this brief Hikaru end that branched off Ken’s route. It was really pointless and only gave us 1 extra CG but I guess for Hikaru fans it might have been good? (´・ω・`;)

Kiriyama Taira – Taira sensei is 37 years old. 37 man! She’s 16! This is so nasty! :;:;:;:;ガ―{´`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:; Needless to say I wasn’t exactly thrilled to do this route. The worst part is I made the mistake of doing Ibuki’s route first instead and sensei’s route felt like it was just following Ibuki’s route. Maybe I missed scenes because I skipped all the horrific mini games but overall it was meh. He’s a temporary replacement for Koi’s grandpa and while he seems nice and calm he can get pretty hard core when Nanami’s bro and Rinto start arguing.  He’s also an artist so he spends most of the game drawing some portrait of Nanami.  At the end he realizes he’s a big ol’ pedo so he’s about to go back to France, where he spent 5 years. Nanami rushes to the airport (with Ibuki’s help) and starts screaming like a psycho that she loves sensei. Suddenly he shows up and says oh noes I couldn’t leave you and suddenly the whole sensei/seito problem is like non-existant?? In the epilogue he’s saying how he has to get permission from her bro to marry her. Blah. He doesn’t even LOOK old but he sounds old (hooray for ookawa) and ugh 37. I have nothing against 37 year old guys but only if the heroine is like in her late 20s not in her mid teens ( .;´;ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ Also his BGM was such elevator music so with the combination of him talking I wanted to fall asleep during each and every one of his scenes.

Tachibana Ibuki – Well since Ibuki’s route was pretty much the same as Taira sensei except the slight branch off at the end I guess I had trouble paying too much attention. In one scene he falls down the stairs and for some reason Nanami catches him (isn’t that his job?) and then he’s all like “stop don’t hurt me, I promise to be good!” and then he starts crying. Wtf? So yea from there I knew that basically Ibuki was a victim of child abuse. And so turns out that he was. I guess his parents didn’t get along or whatever so they took his anger out on him. Because they abused him he was then sent to live at an orphanage and that’s who he really considers his family. Because of this he also gets pissed off if you call him by his last name since he thinks his parents should go die in a fire. So then he tells her at the beach that he likes her and wants to run away with her. Nanami’s like uh no…let me think about this…no. So then one night Ibuki runs off on his bike again and Taira sensei tells Nanami about his past. As expected, Ryuuya’s dad is behind it all and he wants to still be the president of the school. 🙄 Nice plot recycling.

So he basically blackmailed students from the school who were at Ibuki’s orphanage to do his deeds or else he’d use his money/power to destroy the orphanage. (Ugh Riddle Garden flashbacks…) So basically Ibuki’s mission was to hit on Nanami and make her “his” so that it would create a scandal and the school would go back to being male only and then Koi’s dad would be shamed/fired and Ryuuya’s dad would take over. However things don’t go just as keikaku and he failed to make Nanami run away with him. When she caught up to him and found him by the beach, he started raging and angsting at her saying that he never liked her, that he was just following orders and he only gave a fack about his orphanage. Nanami’s like “lol yea whatever” and then Ibuki’s all like 😦 FINE I LIKE YOU GOD C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! and then he cried and kissed her lol. Then he admits he really did like her and was torn between his feelings for her and his feelings for the orphanage. In the epilogue they got married and are planning their honeymoon to France where Taira sensei will be their tour guide lol. Bah Ibuki’s route was so angsty yet he seems to get like the best ending in the game (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻! For once I have to give Nanami props for being awesome though lol.

Kamikawa Akira – Akira is the oniichan. He’s also obsessive stalker bro who leers at Nanami from behind classroom doors almost all day long. He also is her tutor for classes and I guess since their parents have been dead for x number of years they’ve basically survived on their own. The problem is they both think of each other WAY MORE than family. Well moreso Akira. Since this is Akira’s route, Nanami is then turned into this weird bro-dependent personality and everything is always about oniichan. Then there’s this nasty scene where they’re out shopping and they sit down at a cafe to eat. Some people around them start going “oh what a hot couple” and they both start blushing like KYAA THEY THINK WE”RE A COUPLE. Wtf dude? If anyone ever thought of that I’d be like uh no, brother, hello. Not sit there blushing UGH. So then Akira decides to transfer while Nanami stays at the school followed by massive angst train. This pretty much goes on until the end where I think she ends up transferring with him. In the epilogue they’re all huggy wuggy and he’s like I’ll never find a girlfriend because I love you Nanami! And she’s all like DAISUKI DAYO ONIICHAN. /puke. Bleh it woulda been more interesting if it was one of those “forbidden love” incests I guess like in STEP with the uncle (gross but interesting). Here it was so lovely dovey it was kinda gross. Reminded me of how it was gross in love revo. Bleh what the fuck this route was so pointless!!

Naomura Ryuya – Well you all remember Ryuya as this big bad guy behind it all in the first game. He’s pretty much the same thing in this one but I guess the writers felt sorry for him and gave him an “explanation” route. The route basically shows us that he’s just a victim of his father who wants to be the president of Tenjouji Gakuen. His dad basically shoved a bunch of money into his hand and told him to get out of his face to keep him shut up. He also had bodyguards monitor Ryuya’s phone activity and general activity. When they saw Nanami with him (she helped heal his wounds after he got beat up), he decided to use it to his advantage. Because of Ryuya’s dad do the school festival props get destroyed and even though Ryuya tired to warn Nanami, it was too late. She runs to look for him and finds him and he hugs her and cries and tells her everything. Then he runs off again saying how he won’t see her again…and then shows up in front of her 2 weeks later when she is transferring out of the school 😆 He’s like a pathological liar lol. He says he has no way to contact her but when he leaves (after kissing her and telling her he likes her) she opens up the hankerchief he returned to her, and it contains his phone number and email address. Lies again! ( ´^,_」^)ぷ♪ So anyway I think he’s tsundere or something or other who knows lol. He became kind of an interesting character near the end, too bad his route was so short. At least I can finish the himehibi series not completely hating him.

Final Thoughts: I have to say for making me RAGE regarding the skipping business in the last game this game added a feature where you can “skip to next choice” or skip to next unread dialogue. Geezus its a god send! Additionally the skip button actually SKIPPED without me having to HOLD IT DOWN. Thanks to the skip to next choice thing though, I was flying through this game like the wind! Nice going Takuyo! The mini games had a skip mini game option but since I sucked at the mini games I was afraid that if I didn’t do them all I would miss a scenario or a CG orz;;. The mini games in this game were a lot harder than the ones in the first game, but there was also less of them and not getting “daiseikou” every time wasn’t a requirement this time around. After Ken’s route I just turned Mini-games off completely because honestly after Al and Ken all the other characters were just a drag to go through, especially Akira and ugh, Ryuuya 🙄 It’s annoying how in some routes Nanami would transfer but in others she would decide to stay at the school. Well which one is it? It was worse because I liked Ken and it pissed me off that in HIS route they had this angsty long distance ending. The music was pretty bleh and some tracks repeated from the first game. Taira’s BGM put me to sleep every single time he came on screen.  Nanami as a heroine was bland and generic and I personally felt Koi was a lot more fun as a character. Also the lack of Koi’s nukos on this game made it less interesting for me 😆 For some reason the cutouts were really hideous this time around. Everyone’s faces felt blown up and the only one that was an improvement was probably Ken. Sensei and Yamato looked terrible, and Hikaru kinda lost his cuteness. Ibuki looked hideous in his cutout but in this CGs he looked much better.  Same goes for Akira, but his angry face was funny so I guess I’ll forgive him lol. For the sake of completion I’d recommend playing this after playing the first HimeHibi, but overall other than Ken and Al I don’t think any of the other routes were worth it.


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