Otome Game Review: Gekka Ryouran Romance

Our heroine Nazuna is the top student at her school because the person who used to be on top got played by some manwhore and became a hikki. Her parents are busy with their work and decide to go overseas leaving Nazuna alone at home. They don’t want her to be all by herself so they send her off to the same school that her older brother Wabisuke attends. She moves into the dormitory there and while looking for her stuff, runs into a The Manwhore Club (+1 lesbian) who demand that she give them money for hitting on her. ( ´_ゝ`) Nazuna’s like “wtf no” but Wabisuke tells her that these guys will screw you over if you don’t do as they say because they’re drowning in money. Nazuna not sure what to do consults the dorm teacher Reito-sensei, but sadly for her, he’s also part of the manwhore club. The only way to clear her debt is to make Wabisuke become a member of the club and for Nazuna to date all the members until they get bored of her. However if she ends up falling in love with one of them, she will have to pay the debt and Wabisuke will be part of the manwhore club forever!! Will Nazuna be able to overcome being a prisoner of love?

Saionji Seri – Seri is the token shota, but fortunately Kishio does his sexay voice so it’s almost a miscast but at the same time it’s a relief to my ear drums. Seri is a genius kid who’s only 14 but already skipped his way up to high school. He’s Mr. Psychology so he always tends to analyze anyone he talks to, including Nazuna of course. Too bad you got nothing on me shota cause I’m analyzing you too wahahaha! Because he thinks in advance, he put a hidden camera into the club room which helped him save Nazuna from being raeped by Aoi and Atsumori. Fortunately, the best part about Seri is he’s also a massive tsundere |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  which becomes more obvious once you go into his route. He starts getting extra tsun when Nazuna catches on to his thinking process and doesn’t do as he “expects” her too ( ≖‿≖). One day Nazuna catches him throwing books into the water and asks him to stop but he tells her to GTFO. She then finds him alone in an abandoned church (lol Under the Moon flashbacks) and asks him to eat lunch with her. He tells her to GTFO once more and when she tries to stop him from leaving, he kisses her and walks off xD. One of the dates he takes her to some dark under ground abandoned prison in the school (why does this still exist is beyond me..) So here’s where the drama comes in. She sees him getting made fun of by some dude named Junya and when she tries to ask him about his past, he gets pissed off and locks her up in that abandoned church. She thinks he’s abandoned her overnight but he secretly does check up on her but his pride gets in the way so instead he asks Wabisuke to rescue her the next day. Nazuna covers for him saying that it’s her own fault for accidentally getting locked in which makes Seri really mad because he’s testing her, hoping she’d betray him like others have in the past.

So then Nazuna hears from Junya that he’s actually Seri’s distant relative whose family took Seri in because his parents died. The reason of course is also because Seri is this bastard secret child that was born from his parents cheating on each other.  Junya hates Seri because he always kisses up to the adults and acts like he’s this perfect child, which is all a cover up for Junya’s HOMO RAGE towards him. That’s right Junya’s like seriously gay for Seri and he’s SO MAD that Seri won’t be his cute little otoutokun 😆 He then says they should spread all this info about Seri to the whole school so Nazuna slaps dat beitch and tells him to eat a bag of dicks as she returns to dance with Seri. Seri is so happy that someone sincerely cares for him that they almost kiss but Nazuna catches herself and runs home realizing she almost lost the game. In the Forbidden Hard ending, Junya knocks Nazuna out while she’s shopping and drags her down to the abandoned prison. Seri comes to rescue her and STABS THE DOUCHEBAG LOL who then immediately dies. He tells Nazuna to go away or she would be considered a criminal with him but she’s like “And III will always loveee youuu~” and the 2 of them become like Bonnie & Clyde until it gets so cold, they both die together on the street. In Forbidden Normal end, Seri apologizes for locking her up in the church that one time and tells her he did research on her before she came to the school because he wanted to know about someone who was as “smart” as him. The Kano brothers saw his data which is why they found out about her as well.

Just then Mr. Trollface Kakeru appears (who is basically the Jean of Gekka) and makes it so that Junya’s death was a “suicide”. Seri & Nazuna run off and go humping to celebrate 😆 In the Pure Hard ending, it becomes so sweet I was dying from sugar overkill. Nazuna asks Seri to spend Xmas with her and Seri’s like (//ˇ◡ˇ//) so then they exchange gifts. Seri gives her a teddy bear and she gives him a picture book. It was all cute & sheit until Kakeru blew up the Xmas tree outside for no apparent reason, but I guess it worked so while everyone was staring at the flaming wood, Seri took the opportunity to kiss Nazuna XD. They go have dinner at a restaurant and hump afterwards (lol Seri is 14.) Seri then quits the deate club and becomes a バカップル with Nazuna while annoying all the other club members. They watch the blooming cherry blossoms together and kiss under them. In the Pure Normal ending, Seri catches a cold during Xmas and Nazuna comes to visit him (thanks to Fuji-sensei letting her in.) Seri gives her a hand made snow globe as a present this time and then drags her into bed with him as a hug pillow (*´ω`*).  Afterwards he quits the date club but he still has fangirls running after him asking for dates. He tells Nazuna that there’s no point of them doing that since he loves her now. Ahhh Seri was so cute xDDD. From reading others’ playthroughs on twitter I thought he would be annoyin & bratty…which at times he was, but I feel like it was all justified. I also loved how compared to the other club members, he was actually the most mature one & actually had a brain in his head (while everyone else felt like a freaking idiot to me lol.) Then again I could just be biased towards Kishio since I’m not sure if I’d feel the same way if Seri was voiced by say…Kaji Yuki lol.

Kaneda Wabisuke – Wabi oniitan is the neighborhood siscon. He always loved Nazuna ever since they were kids, but only because he knew that they weren’t blood related. In fact he was adopted by his mother, who then married a dude, and had Nazuna but since Nazuna was born after the remarriage, she thought he was her blood related oniitan. So all sorts of stuff happens where Wabisuke tries to get Nazuna to realize his feelings but of course she just sees him as her brother. He tries to do a fake wedding ceremony with her to “prove” that it’s not a big deal that he does a fake one with someone for the date club.  Aoi plays a role in this route too when Nazuna catches him sticking his hand up some whore’s skirt and then the whore runs off so Aoi tries to make Nazuna his replacement. Wabisuke of course was stalking her from the shadows and comes just at the right moment to save her 😆 So then one day the soccer club vice captain or something asks Nazuna to help set up the manager Aizaki with Wabisuke because she has a crush on him and he seems like his concentration’s pretty bad lately. He’s worried about their upcoming match and thinks this is a good idea. Brocon Nazuna’s like I don’t want to but the guys talks her into it and so she agrees.  So then this whole jealousy misunderstanding thing begins between Nazuna thinking she shouldn’t be in the way of Wabisuke & Aizaki, and Wabisuke thinks that Nazuna’s dating Aoi. Aizaki also gets pissy that “sister and brother are all over each other” and tells Nazuna to fuck off.

Nazuna’s like ok.jpg and tells Wabisuke to cancel their plans to go Christmas shopping together and when she runs into Aoi in town, he gives her hot chocolate, burns her tongue and then he “licks” the pain away. Oh my god |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  This isn’t even Aoi’s route but (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ omg man dat kissing sound. Sadly in the meantime stalker-Wabisuke saw all of this and began raging internally.  So then the next day Nazuna comes to Aoi asking him to free Wabisuke from the club and in exchange she agrees to be his girlfriend.  In the Forbidden Hard ending, Wabisuke comes raging and if you say that your heart only belongs to oniitan!~ you will go to this end. Aoi’s like whatever siscon and walks off and Nazuna runs off in turmoil until Wabisuke catches up to her. He says he can’t hold it in any longer and he grabs and makes out with her in the middle of the hallway for all eyes to see. Aizaki sees them and screams and runs off to post shit about them on the school fansite. Wabisuke tells Nazuna that he’s been in love with her forever and tells her about how they’re not blood related, asking her to accept his feelings. The next day at school everyone avoids her except the date club. Aoi tells her about the fansite board and she asks them to break up since it’ll be a bad image for him and she doesn’t really love him anyway. He’s like ok whatever I got other bitches & hoes and lets her go. Nazuna then starts running like a chicken with her head cut off thinking about her feelings for oniitan and Daria gives her some woman to woman advice and tells her YOU GO GUURLL.

So then Nazuna meets up with Wabisuke in the abandoned church and they have a  passionate make out session followed by intensive sex until Aizaki & her lynch mob catch them in the act. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/  They tie them up and drag them to the abandoned prison cell (seriously why does this exist) until Reito sensei rescues them. They decide to run away together leaving a letter for their parents and go off to god knows where. In the Forbidden Normal ending, Nazuna has no denial about her feelings for oniitan and says she wants to face the challenge of their relationship and not run away. She says she will call him Wabisuke, not Oniichan and of course everyone in the school hates them except for the date club. They’re like “you man you’s awwright” and so they chillax in the club room and live somewhat happily ever after. So here’s where it’s like rage inducing. In the Pure Hard end, Nazuna, who’s been like a massive bro-con since the start, suddenly decides OH NOES WERE ONLY SIBLINGS AND NOTHING MORE! After she lead the poor guy on so god damn much, of course Wabisuke just loses all his marbles after hearing this. He goes completely insane, locks her up in an underground prison and basically makes her his love slave. In his mind, if he can’t have her, no one can, and the dumb part is Nazuna continues to be in this denial despite him doing whatever he wants to her physically.

Like normally I’d be like ew rapist I hate you, but part of me feels like “karma bitch”. Seriously she just suddenly decided “nope I feel nothing for you and you need to accept this.” Like yes he should theoretically but what the fuck’s your problem bitch lol. The other wtf is like, why didn’t anyone ever LOOK for her? I mean surely they might have thought something was strange when she didn’t show up to class for a while?? So yea that ending was just…weird. Not horrible but…strange haha. Pure Normal ending was even more rage inducing where she pretty much asked him to be siblings and he said he’d try his best to forget his feelings for her, without the whole locking up business. However at the end she makes him a new keychain thing and is like “ONIITAN PLZ KEEP ME #1 IN YOUR HEART UNTIL YOU FIND A GIRLFRIEND” omg why do you still say that kind of shit you stupid bitch. Who the fuck says that to their brother (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻. So needless to say, I almost wish I played the Pure Normal first so then I could be like lol you deserved that you ho in Pure Hard even more 😆 I don’t know how I feel for Wabisuke, I think mostly I feel sorry for him because aside from Forbidden Normal, he had to deal with a lot of Nazuna’s stupidity and indecisiveness. I don’t blame him for going insane lol.

Kano Aoi – At first impression to me Aoi is a perverted idiot. Now normally I like perverted idiots but on top of that he’s also a tsundere, a brat and an oresama. 😆 The game lists him as a yandere prince but lol he’s got nothing on oniitan above there. He has this strange attraction to Nazuna’s bed and throughout the game he climbs into it at least 4 different times. At some points he randomly strips naked so he can troll Nazuna into thinking they had sex (and sadly for some reason it works.) Suddenly Aoi starts getting sleepier and it becomes so bad that she finds him passed out in the clubroom. Atsumori comes and takes him away telling Nazuna to forget what she saw. When Nazuna asks Aoi about his condition the next day he acts like he has no idea what she’s talking about.  Suoh sensei tells  Nazuna to stay away from Aoi but she’s already head over heels for him so when she sees some guy beating him up the next day she runs to his rescue. Of course she can’t do much and its thanks to the teachers who tell that raging dude (well I don’t blame him since Aoi manwhored his g/f) that if he hits a girl he’s going to kick his ass.  When Aoi wakes up in the nurse’s office, Nazuna yells at him saying he can’t just throw his life away but he yells back saying she doesn’t understand his FEEEELINNGGSS. Nazuna doesn’t understand and Atsumori tells her that Aoi is like the “living dead” and that his existence doesn’t matter. She finds Aoi on the roof one day and thinking he’s gonna jump off and suicide she runs to him glomping him telling him suicide is not the answer. Aoi’s like “umm wtf?” and then he almost kisses her, but getting too embarrassed himself, he instead just takes a pic of her face and runs off. ( ≖‿≖)

When he tries to get randy with her in the library after that she smacks him with a hardcover book. She then asks him if he wants to celebrate Xmas together since he’s not had a nice Xmas in a while, he agrees and says that it may be his last, before passing out. So by then Nazuna’s in lovelove mode and thinking that Aoi’s not getting enough nutrients, she makes him a bento and he complains that it doesn’t have the same ingredients as the ones in manga. So the thick of the plot is Aoi is actually a test tube baby conceived to be an organ donor for his ill older brother. Since the Kano family are a bunch of rich bastards they wanted to keep their heir alive so they created Aoi, but they only considered him as an organ box and nothing more. They didn’t even register him as a “born child” so he’s really a “non-existant” person. Aoi was aware of this and was always prepared to die for his brother because his brother knew about Aoi, and actually treated him as family – unlike the rest of those douchebags. Therefore Aoi didn’t mind that he would be donating pieces of himself to his brother because he was the only one who cared for him. So in the Forbidden Hard end, Suoh tries to take Aoi away for some hard core organ donation which means its the end of the line but Nazuna won’t be having any of dat. She tries to protect him but one of the stupid guards punches her in the stomach, makes Aoi rage and beat everyone up until they shoot him with tranquilizer. (´・ω・`;A) They both wake up clinging to each other in the nurse’s office and then Nazuna decides she wants to do something special for Aoi for Christmas after all. Their last date is in that underground prison which obviously doesn’t go too well and Aoi gets the impression that Nazuna only pities him which is why she hangs around him. Sigh.

So then Nazuna finds out that Aoi went voluntarily to the hospital to give his organs away and Nazuna and Atsumori rush after him. While Atsumori takes the guard to the movies or something, Nazuna runs off with Aoi into some random empty room. He’s like “I’m ready to die why do you give a crap” and she’s like “CAUSE I LOVE YOU STUPID DUMBASS!” and Aoi’s like (〃ノωノ) And so since Atsumori and the guard are probably watching My Sister’s Keeper, this gives Aoi and Nazuna plenty of time to get down and make lovin’ all night. So after their humping session Aoi suddenly goes into wangst mode and tells Nazuna to kill him cause he’s tired of living. He gives her a knife and she’s like “wth are you crazy!?” and fortunately by then Atsumori is back from the movies and tells Aoi and Nazuna to escape while all the guards are busy munching on popcorn. (Ok I made most of the last part up but seriously it was ridiculous how much time they had 😆 ) So then Nazuna & Aoi run off somewhere and promise to live only for each other as they make out in the woods. In the Forbidden Normal ending, Aoi’s brother refuses surgery saying he doesn’t want Aoi to be a sacrifice and he ends up dying probably. Aoi cries and Nazuna hugs him, and soon after they return to school. They go on a Christmas date together and she gives him the tree top ornament she stole from the tree. They both promise to make each other happy etc. In the Pure Hard ending, in fact both Pure endings were just BLAH to me. At first it was cute with them running into each other at night cause they were both going to each others rooms. Then they go to the church where Nazuna confesses her feelings to Aoi to stop him from raging like a shitlord. He gets all embarrassed and turns into a bumbling idiot until Suoh shows up with a phone call from Aoi’s bro.

The bro says that he won’t be able to get surgery anymore because his body’s on the verge of death and that’s when Aoi rushes to the hospital where his brother dies shortly after. After this Aoi becomes extremely depressed and wangsty and says now he has no reason to live. Nazuna slaps dat beitch telling him that she may not be a replacement for his brother, but she loves him just as much. Guess she didn’t slap him enough cause he goes and SLICES HIS FREAKING WRIST but then he realizes “wohh shit man I don’t wanna die I love my Nazuchan” and then his bro in heaven tells him to get the fuck back to earth 😆 Nazuna visits him in the hospital and cries when he tells her that she’s his reason to continue living. When spring comes, Aoi recovers and says he’s thrown away the Kano family name  since no one gave a fuck about him anyway except his deceased brother…and he lives happily ever after? with Nazuna. In the Pure Normal ending I wanted to flip a table cause Aoi finally accepted his brothers death and he went to hug Nazuna and his ero side came out so he started to cope a feel. What does Nazuna do? PUSHES HIM AWAY MAN. WTF BEITCH LET THE POOR GUY HAVE SOME ENJOYMENT AFTER ALL HE’S BEEN THROUGH ( ಠ益ಠ ). So then Aoi decides he’s gonna change his name to Ichinose Tokiya and become an Uta no Prince Sama as he drops out of school and frolics off telling Nazuna not to cheat on him.  ヽ(・´ω`・)ノ Allrighty then! Well anyway I enjoyed Aoi as a character but I feel like his best and hottest moments were in…..Wabisuke’s route wth honestly lol. His Pure endings were just blah to me and for some reason I just enjoyed his forbidden ones a lot more. Also his 3rd Blackout was (*´д`*)ハァハァ . I think Terashima Takuma should apply for some R-18 roles lol.

Kano Atsumori – Atsumori is 1 year younger than Nazuna but until maybe through the middle of the route I didn’t actually realize this. I mean I knew he was Aoi’s “younger” brother but he’s such an oresama/do-s/kichikumegane smartass that I actually thought he was either Nazuna’s age or older lol. He’s always eating chocolate and if you steal it from him he’ll get quite bitchy about it and perverted enough to lick it off Nazuna’s fingers on their first date. I think out of all the BGMs in the game Atsumori’s was also my favorite one. He gets annoyed that Nazuna doesn’t “easily fall” for him like all the other hoes, but at the same time he’s like “Challenge Accepted ( ´_ゝ`)”.  He also has a secret love for nukos but sadly they didn’t go into that beyond the Halloween event. Shit starts getting weird when one day Atsumori receives a suspicious package which ends up exploding in the club room (while nobody is around.)  Turns out that Atsumori’s family pretty much wants him dead because if you thought Aoi had it rough, Kano’s prolly got it even worse. More on that in a moment though. Atsumori is also pretty good at fighting, just like Aoi, and when he beats the crap out of some delinquins he thinks that Nazuna is afraid of him and gets even more aggravated with her. He tries to force kiss her on one of their dates but she bites his lip until it bleeds and runs off. He gets even more pissed and since he’s drowning in money, he pays the teachers to make it so that Wabisuke’s soccer team can’t go to the finals.

Nazuna knows it’s his doing and gets pissy part 2 and takes her to the stupid under ground prison for their 2nd date and then pushes her down threatening her with A  PAIR OF SCISSORS. REALLY NOW. SCISSORS.  Later she begs Atsumori not to screw over Wabisuke & the soccer team, and in return he demands that she become his woman. Nazuna agrees and then the soccer team is able to go to the finals again while Atsumori returns home for a few days. One day he “summons” Nazuna to come to his house and when she does he pushes her on the bed to ravage her 😆 Sadly his plans are broken when he hears a scream from his mother which sickens him to the point that he tells Nazuna to GTFO. She’s taken to a guest room by Suoh sensei (who’s like a servant of the Kano house pretty much) until Atsumori has dinner with her that night. Of course once again his crazy family tries to kill him by poisoning his food. I mean the child DROPS CHOKING TO THE FLOOR AND THE STUPID SERVANTS JUST SIT THERE AND STARE LIKE A BUNCH OF DRUNK BABOONS. So then Suoh shows up and gets a doctor to remove the poison while Nazuna spends the night by his side taking care of him. When he wakes up seeing her sleeping next to him he gets all dere as she pokes his cheeks. ( ≖‿≖) Sadly their moment of cuteness is interrupted when crazy psycho bitch mom runs in strangling Atsumori. Suoh runs after her and takes the crazy woman away (being polite at the same time. I woulda smacked that ho.) When they return to school, the route pretty much goes downhill when Wabisuke decided that his Pure Normal ending was a massive copout (and I really don’t blame the man) so he decided to cockblock in on Atsumori’s route! He punches Atsumori raging at him for kidnapping his sister, BUT LIKE YOU SHOULD TALK ONIITAN SINCE YOU DO THE SAME GOD DAMN THING (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. Well the saving grace was their final date where she spilled some hot drink on her thigh and he licked off the part that she burned (*´д`*)ハァハァ .

Sadly that was the end of the goodness of Atsumori because suddenly every possible piece of shit that could hit the fan, did. Nazuna finds out that  Aoi’s older brother (the sick one) was supposed to be the next inheritor, but then Atsumori was born as a “mistake” and so it became one massive family feud. So everyone wants Atsumori dead, and his mom went bonkers at the same time so she’s the one most obviously trying to kill the child. Nazuna & Atsumori make plans to have a nice Christmas together BUT SUDDENLY AOI AND WABISUKE GET LIKE A 40 FOOT POLE UP THEIR ASS AND DECIDE THEY SHOULD LOCK NAZUNA UP IN SOME ROOM AND MAKE ATSUMORI THINK SHE DUMPED HIM.  ITS NOT YOUR ROUTE MAN WHAT THE..ok Wabisuke I can understand but omg AOI WHY U DO DIS Щ(・`益´・Щ). Fortunately, in the Forbidden Hard ending, Nazuna isn’t completely dormatized, so she manages to escape through the window in that room and runs to see Atsumori. He tells her that she betrayed him like everyone else and shuts the door in her face. So then Douchebag-version Aoi shows up saying that the whole Kano family is cursed and there’s no way he’d let Atsumori be the only one who’s HAPPY. Wonderful. SO THEN WABISUKE SHOWS UP AND IS LIKE HAY GUESS WHAT WE’RE NOT BLOOD RELATED AND I LOOOVVEEE YOUUU WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAAND MY FEEEELINGGS. Nazuna’s like umm wtf no and runs away. Atsumori makes it so Nazuna is expelled but before she goes she asks to speak with him and when he finally hears the story of her yandere adventures he forgives her and hugs her. Everything is awwright with the world…….UNTIL AOI FUCKING SHOWS UP AND STABS ATSUMORI IN THE ARM. Ohmy fucking lord when will this drama train end. (ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~

Glad I played Aoi before this cause I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna do his route after this! And so just when I am confused as fuck, Otomate slaps me in the face with their trollface.jpg bat as they reveal a CG of NAZUNA AND AOI AND ATSUMORI NAKED IN BED HAVING SOME FUCKING ORGY. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT IS GOING ON  ヽ(・´ω`・)ノ ワッケ!!(ノ・´ω`・)ノ ワッカ!! ヽ(・´ω`・)ノラン!! And not only that, it’s not like she’s like enjoying this orgy, she’s pretty much been reduced their blow up sex doll with the 2 brothers fighting over who gets to lick the cooter or stick the cooter. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Ugh so in the Forbidden Normal ending, Nazuna’s stuck in that room for a week and when she asks Wabisuke why he’s doing this he’s like “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE YOU OPEN YOUR EYES” no YOU open your eyes you fucking siscon lol. So then I guess Aoi gets the call to go die for his brother and so he stops giving a fuck and lets Nazuna go. Wabisuke rages but nothing he can do as Nazuna runs back to Atsumori saying she couldn’t stop thinking about him the whole time! They both drop out of school, Aoi dies, and they make out in celebration. What. ( ´_ゝ`) I don’t know where Wabisuke went, I’m sure he’s stalking them from the bushes or something. Pure Hard ending was possibly worse when Wabisuke just goes bat shit on his own, kidnaps Nazuna without telling anyone and everyone goes looking for her. He rages that he’s in love with her and she doesn’t love him but loves that damn Atsumori instead. Fortunately Nazuna grows a pair, and kicks Wabisuke in HIS pair as she runs back to Atsumori on Christmas day. That day also is announced that Atsumori is the new Kano heir because his grandpa died and he told Nazuna on TV to return to him. She finds Atsumori in the abandoned church and asks him to call her usagi-chan~ like in the date magazine. He says he will if she kisses him and she’s like “Challenge Accepted” and does so. He’s so shocked she did it and then is like “lol you didn’t stick your tongue in so no count HAHA”.

They go on their xmas date and afterwards he gets a letter from Suoh where he finds out that his mom’s suffocated herself to death. He runs off to cry in the church and Nazuna comes and hugs him saying that she’ll be there for him. He admits all he ever wanted was some LOVE~ and asks her to be with him from now on. Well this was probably the best Atsumori ending, too bad we had to deal with crazy siscons in the process. Finally in the Pure Normal ending  Nazuna asks Suoh to take her to Atsumori’s house and there Atsumori tells her to GTFO cause he’s mad that she was posessed by her yandere brother for a week. ( ´_ゝ`) She waits until night time for him to change his mind, and then instead she finds his crazy mom about to kill herself. She tries to stop her almost getting stabbed in the process but fortunately the psychobitch passes out and instead of leaving her to rot, Nazuna has to be all NICE and bring her inside the house and take CARE of her. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ So then the crazy ho wakes up saying she always wanted to love her son but he looked like too much like his father so she could only HATE him. Stupid cunt. Atsumori and Nazuna return to school and she’s all excited to tell him about how she had a woman to woman chat with his mom and he gets all tsundere saying if she wants to see him and his mom get along, she has to be by his side until that day. Alright ending I guess..but meh. Dumb bitch shoulda been dead, stop being all nice & shit Nazuna lol. Hm I didn’t intend to be so raging at Atsumori’s post but now that I think about it I feel like his character & route got cockblocked by crazy family members of both parties so even though I really liked him at first, by the end I was too busy WTFing at everything else that was going on. By the end I didn’t even know what to think of his character because he just kept being the victim of various circumstances sigh. What a pity as I was really liking his whole kichiku megane ドS persona.

Fuji Reito – I’m glad I left Reito for last, not because he’s the best but because the wtfery from Atsumori’s route pretty much spilled into here. Let’s start with the fact that Reito’s the school nurse, ero sensei and also 2x the heroine’s age. Sure I don’t feel odd cause he’s close to MY age but yea not for Nazuna! Alright I’ll let it go because for once the older man character in an otome game doesn’t look like someone who could be your DAD and he’s rather hot looking. He acts like a nice polite nurse man to Nazuna, occasionally teasing her once in a while but I guess that’s enough for her to fall in love with him. She starts getting jealous when she smells other women’s perfume on him and tells him he should be more responsible. He’s like umm none of your business little girl so she runs off angrily. Jealous bitches at school start doing stupid shit to her like writing all over her notebooks  and calling her a slut temping Reito. When the heater in her room “breaks”, Reito comes in to fix it just as she’s coming naked out of the shower. Due to being sick she passes out so he brings her into bad, surprisingly embarrassed, despite him being a massive manwhore so it’s not like he’s never seen a naked chick before.  Reito tells Nazuna not to fall for him because he’s a dirty manwhore and she’s like “no you’re not sensei!” like some idiot and he pushes her down and leaves a hickey on her neck to prove his point. So this petty student/teacher drama aside, WABISUKE DECIDED THAT HE’S STILL NOT SATISFIED THAT HE GOT SCREWED OVER IN HIS ROUTE, AND ATSUMORI’S ROUTE SO HE REVS UP THE YANDERE LEVEL HIGHER IN THIS ONE. He decides to level up his stalking level by giving Nazuna a stuffed rabbit that has a voice recorder built in it.

Additionally he makes a duplicate key of her room so he can come into it any time and take anything that Reito gives her. The broken heater was his doing too although it was never explained why. (Did he think that Nazuna would run to her oniitan to warm up? rofl.)  This is of course in addition to him stalking her all day long behind the bushes when she thinks he isn’t around. I don’t even know when the hell he has time for soccer practice 😆 Kakeru makes fun of Nazuna for having a hickey on her neck but then Wabisuke jumps from the shadows barking at him to GTFO and Kakeru prances away 😆 One day Nazuna catches Reito making out with some whore in the classroom and he sees her and continues “showing off” to further prove his point that he’s a manwhore. Nazuna runs off crying to the library and he comes after her to make sure her lips are sealed. In the Forbidden Hard ending, he kisses her but she slaps him away. She admits that she’s lost the game because she’s head over heels for Reito, and he accepts her defeat saying he’ll try to do something about her debt as a repayment for the kiss just now. Nazuna’s become Reito’s prisoner of love and she begs him not to go but he tells her she shouldn’t take a “game” seriously. On their last “date” she comes to the nurse’s office and he pushes her down on the bed saying that if she’s here she’s accepting the consequences. Sadly for her, he only goes as far as giving her a hickey on her boob before the chime rings and their date is over.

He walks her back to her dorm, but she demands to know more about him. He calls her a cute stalker and says if she doesn’t give up he’ll screw her so hard she’ll break. Nazuna’s like “come at me bro” and so he tells her the wonderful story of how he’s a MASSIVE OEDIPUS COPMLEX. But it doesn’t end there. His mom is a fucking lowlife piece of shit (who I would say should die but thankfully she’s already dead) who raped the poor child when he was little. Out of guilt Reito of course was like “oh noes but she’s my family” and he continued having sexual relations with his mother, while his father did nothing. Eventually I guess his mom killed herself (stupid cunt) but OH GOOD LAWDS  she has a TWIN SISTER WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE HER. AND THE TWIN SISTER’S HUSBAND RECENTLY DIED AND WHO ELSE DOES SHE GO TO FOR SOME CONSOLATION SEX?? Sigh. ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) Yea pretty much things went down hill for me from here and I was just so sickened at this revelation that I didn’t even care that Nazuna suddenly forgave all his sins and they went and had sex. I mean I guess the whole thing was supposed to be romantic but I was busy mentally vomiting at what I just heard. So needless to say, when Wabisuke shows up INCREDIBLY PISSED that his sister’s virginity was taken by Reito (and not him 😆 ) I just burst out laughing. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ Yes here comes Wabisuke yelling at Nazuna for not being in her room the night before, and having her run into the bathroom and lock herself in out of terror and I’m fucking laughing my ass off on the couch.┗(^o^ )┓三

So then the next day after Nazuna goes shopping for Reito’s Xmas present, on her way home she walks through the forest and sees Reito and Wabisuke going deeper in together. Curious as to wtf is going on she follows them only to hear Wabisuke admit that he wants to bed his sister and then raging and stabbing Reito THREE TIMES LOL. Nazuna rushes out to help a bleeding Reito and calls an ambulance while Wabisuke whines that now Nazuna hates him (even though she forgives him because like I said – she’s a brocon forever.) In the epilogue, Reito manages to survive but because of all the surgeries he ends up with his legs paralyzed and confined to wheelchair. WONDERFUL. Well I didn’t feel too sorry for him because before the stabbing he said “I don’t love Nazuna, but I NEED her by my side.” Umm okay whatever ossan, that’s what you get for being an indecisive douche.  In the Forbidden Normal ending, Wabisuke goes batshit part Ilostcount, kidnaps Nazuna and throws her into the cellar prison thing. He tells her to stay there until the semester ends and then he’ll take her home and they will live together. For. EVER. Fortunately for her, Reito saves her, and convinces her to GTFO because she was on the verge of Stockholm Syndrome by that point. Bleh.

In the Pure Hard ending it’s gotta be all pure and shit so Reito goes MIA and Nazuna doesn’t go after him even though Renge tells her where he might be. Two years later, she graduates and Reito returns to her with a book he wrote while wangsting on his own without her.  He tells her to read the book because it contains everything about his past and that now he’ll be with her forever. Well I guess I could say this is probably Reito’s best ending because in the Pure Normal one, Nazuna actually goes after him….and it’s a good thing she does CAUSE HE DECIDES HE GONNA JUMP OFF DA FUCKING BRIDGE! AND EVEN THOUGH SHE TRIES TO STOP HIM, HE JUMPS ANYWAY SIGH. (≖_≖) 🙄 They manage to save the fool since he just jumped into the deep blue sea, and he finally wakes up from his mini coma and says that he’s now “reborn” and he’ll forget his shitty past and move on with his life. Hooray. SHFKLJSFHkj I don’t even honestly Reito what.  I was thinking Reito would be my favorite (which is why I put his banner up) but I think similarly with Atsumori, he was just a victim of PLOT and by the end I was just so blarghafied I lost any feelings I had for him. It’s such a shame he had the potential to be that sexy hot sensei ossan (without looking like he’s your father) but they just HAD to go and ruin him. Strangely enough, this didn’t make me hate Wabisuke. If anything it made me realize what a brocon Nazuna is and that she and Wabisuke are probably the OTP of this game because they’re both crazy for each other lol.

Yaehara Daria

I think by the end I was at loss of words for what I feel for this game. (*′皿`艸)  I arranged my play order based on advice from friends, but somehow it ended up going from “least crazy to what the fuck” near the end. I mean I didn’t even bother with Daria but I’m sure with her in there it would have made me flip a desk (not that I’d ever sit through that crap lol.) I would have rather them given me some trolly twisted route with Kakeru as the final boss instead to be honest as I preferred Daria as just as ‘side’ character in other people’s routes. I do have to say the game was interesting. Interesting in a way like you watch a trainwreck. You have to stop but you can’t look away! So I was actually continuously playing this game curious as to what the hell Otomate would throw next at me, so in that sense I think they succeeded. The font made my eyes bleed but eventually I somewhat got used to it. I enjoyed the speech bubble format tremendously. It really felt like the characters interacted with you and it almost felt like you were reading some kind of shoujo manga or something. (And I say shoujo cause of all the roses everywhere.) While I absolutely loved the sprite & background art some of the CGs were just (ಠ_ಠ). Noses being too long, mouths being too long, and stuff just looking extra creepy sometimes made me wish there wasn’t a CG at all. The blackout system was aggravating at first but once I got the hang of it, it became kinda fun. The CGs in those were the best in my opinion. Out of all the blackouts I think the most エロイ ones were in Aoi, Wabisuke & especially Atsumori’s (seriously the dude was panting in every single one lolol.) As far as favorite character? Well if you include my feelings of the endings, by process of elimination I’ll just have to go with Seri. Aoi was good in other people’s routes not his own, Atsumori & Reito were victims of plot, Daria doesn’t count and Wabisuke got screwed over by his and Nazuna’s personalities lol. It’s strange I usually don’t even like the shota characters but I guess in this situation I have to pick one of the lesser evils 😆 Would I recommend this game? Sure I would. Like I said, it was very unique and interesting to play and it’s definitely a “refresher” from the typical otome storyline. While Nazuna was abhorring in Reito’s route, I did like the way she acted in Seri’s so I think she did have her ups & downs depending on how they wrote her for the specific character.  I guess that would make her inconsistent but at least she wasn’t a doormat 100% of the time. If you can’t stand dark scenarios and people with SERIOUS PROBLEMS, I would steer clear though. (´・_・`) I’m just glad this game wasn’t R-18 or it would really be terrifying lol.


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  1. Oh really? Well, I haven’t played it yet, but someday my Naozumi bias will lead me to the game. LOL But I think I won’t touch Arabian’s Lost in near future, since I’m still struggling with HaruToki 5. 8D

  2. Oh my… I don’t know, why I’m reading this review the 4th time, but it’s so entertaining…. Even though my poor Atsumori is only a victim of all circumstances… orz Seriously, why couldn’t they make a route for Suou *drool* instead of Daria?!

    I want this game so badly, just because I love Takahashi Naozumi’s voice so much (*°∀°)=3 and Wasurenagusa’s Drama CD was not enough for me. 8D

    Hopefully it will be sold cheaper soon? (it’s the usual: I don’t have enough money issue…) LOL

  3. … But the screencap just proved that you want Nazuna to get raped. :3

    Stop going all Social Justice Sally, okay? It makes you look really bad and hypocritical.

  4. Belucre why are ya bitchin’ at other people’s blog about what they do? -..- Gurl you have some serious problems…. why don’t you save your opinion for the ones who want it? LOL people like you make me sick If you don’t like don’t buy~that’s what they say w-w

  5. Those posts are from six months ago, besides. My opinion has changed since then, I have met a fair portion of the otome-ge fandom who are nice, reasonable people, and I was wrong to stereotype them and I was speaking out of frustration, it doesn’t reflect my entire opinion, and certainly not now that I have changed since then. However, you seem to think that a throwaway comment made in anger says everything.

  6. Sure, I say they’re useless. Ashe and Kurumi are nice girls, but they lack common sense, making them weak characters and heroines, but not necessarily bad people. They may deserve grief for being so problematically submissive, but that does NOT mean I think they deserve getting raped or killed.

    And when I say ‘them”, I’m referring to people like you, the part of the otome-ge fandom who is offensive and immature. In that tweet, I say I have a right to be harsh on you, and I do. You’re childish and discriminatory and dismissive of real issues, and you don’t realize how much you’re insulting many other members of the fandom. Tell me, why I should think you mature when your replies all prove my point?

  7. You’ve just proved your maturity, I see. It’s not your style of writing, it’s your insulting and demeaning attitude. Homphobia, sexism, victim-blaming: even if online and no one in reality will ever know the things you say, it’s never acceptable. It’s your commentary reflects on you very poorly not just as a writer, but as a person.

    There is a difference between me and the person complaining how you don’t think fictional rape is acceptable. It’s perfectly understandable and justifiable to say you don’t accept rape. Although, for someone who says you dislike it, you do seem to be eager to accuse others of being deserving of it. You have this malicious and hateful comentary all throughout your writing.

    I’m not asking you to like something you dislike. I’m asking you to be civil.

  8. and if you think this way why are you reading my blog again? 😕
    also are you assuming that just because you don’t like my writing style I am going to bow down and change it for you and write happy fluffy things? lol.
    that’s a good one! may as well go to every website that “offends” you and give them the same speech and see how much of a difference it makes? ┐(;Ծ⌓Ծ;)┌

    or you can be like that guy who stalked my blog for a month complaining that I didn’t like rape in R-18 games 😆 that was quite entertaining.

  9. I’m not sure how to start, as you seem to be fairly popular in the otome-ge community, but I really, really must address this. Of course, perhaps none of what I say while have any impact, but this is getting to be an issue for me, and I hope you consider it.

    Your language is, frankly, offensive. Extremely so. I’m not just referring to cursing, or just in one review, but in every one of your posts. It’s your attitude that I have a problem with, and it does not make you seem like a likeable, reasonable person. It’s insulting and dismissive of sensitive subjects like suicide, and your commentary reeks of vicitm-blaming and justifying domestic violence. I know, it’s “just fiction”, and the characters aren’t real so they won’t take offense, but it’s offensive to me. If this is how you talk regarding fictional characters, then I’m afraid to find out what you think about these incidents occuring in reality.

    “ike normally I’d be like ew rapist I hate you, but part of me feels like “karma bitch”. Seriously she just suddenly decided “nope I feel nothing for you and you need to accept this.” Like yes he should theoretically but what the fuck’s your problem bitch lol.”

    “I almost wish I played the Pure Normal first so then I could be like lol you deserved that you ho in Pure Hard even more. I don’t know how I feel for Wabisuke, I think mostly I feel sorry for him because aside from Forbidden Normal, he had to deal with a lot of Nazuna’s stupidity and indecisiveness. I don’t blame him for going insane lol.”

    “After this Aoi becomes extremely depressed and emofaggy and says now he has no reason to live.”

    “Dumb bitch shoulda been dead, stop being all nice & shit Nazuna lol.”

    So, the victim is to blame for someone else’s acts of violence? People contemplating suicide are “fags”? Someone deserves to die because she’s “too nice”? I’m not even going to get into how strongly I disagree with your opinion, I think Nazuna is perfectly loveable and a strong heroine, but that’s for another comment. It’s your overall personality, the extremely sexist and homophobic overtones, the encouragement of suicide and saying that a girl deserves to be raped. If you don’t see what’s wrong with that, you’re beyond any advice I have to give.

    Even if it’s “just a game”, it’s wrong. It’s degrading and just simply wrong. You sound immature and narrow-minded, and it’s apalling.

  10. Mei> lol yea I just used a guide and played right into the good (?) endings. I dont want this to be R-18 cause then it would just be like every single Hiyo rape game out there (cough Akazukin) and I think I’ve had enough of those @_@;

  11. man. I love this game. I do wish it was more like r18 XDDDDD but anyway I liked everything actually (..ok not daria) but just how the game looked and i was really like WTF at the stories (i mean i’m paranoia and so halfway the game when i was playing aoi i was like SOUNDS like he’s a replacement body like in that movie THE ISLAND or Never Let Me Go, and he’ll die because they’ll just take his body blahblaaah so sad and dramatic omg! and then.. that actually turned out to BE the storyline lol .. first time i ended the game I was totally trolled btw no ending cg and Aoi just randomly DIED because his body was too weak, and then later on the girl, chasing an aoi look a like boy over the street, gets randomly RAN OVER BY A CAR. CREDITLESS END. /troll
    i was so like.. wtf? XD
    and lol at your comment about some emo char changing his name to tokiya XDDDD

  12. Alright, so congratulations. I had been thinking about selling my body to some random PSP owner so that I could play this game and after reading your review I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do it. I didn’t read it completely because I don’t want to spoil it too much but the parts I did read made me LOL in a creepy, perverted way.

    I pray I get to play this soon </3

  13. @hinano: d3p’s Storm lover wasn’t that difficult though you don’t need to ask about vitamin series bec. everyone knows why. >.<

    Well, haven't made much progress but so far I don't think there is a stat-raising system in the game I've been interrogating people and take pictures looking for something interesting as a scoop or solving some mysteries.

  14. I’ll play both then, but I am more interested in the dark version. Maybe I’ll play PSP first though, so I don’t avoid crappy characters from the dark version on the romantic version, but I am getting really tired of lovey dovey stories. As long as it’s not a rape fest, I’m all for a dark story.

  15. YonYonYon> Thanks!

    gothicat> well you might want to hold your cheers cause the PC version will be “darker” while the Otomate psp version will be more romantic so if you like weird gekka shit then PC version and if you dont then PSP. I’ll prolly be playing the PSP one lol. What would it take? For me to clear my 50 game backlog and have nothing else on my plate 😆

    otomew> wow I’m amazed you’re playing a stat raiser over a vn. well in my eyes all stat raisers by d3p are hell so I’m keeping them in the back of my priorities xD

  16. @hinano: lol.Yeah, I might pick it up some time later but not now… I’m still having trouble liking…her. >.<
    Though 60% of my otome gaming is usually based on the seiyuu casts so I don't know… I really drool for takuma's voice.
    but then again… so long as I'm not finishing strobe mania, i might not recap playing this again.

  17. Black Wolves will have both PSP and PC versions? OMG, where did you read that? I believe you, but I want to see with my own eyes so I can then yell BLESS REJET!! They like PC buyers! Not like those dicks at Quinrose who decided to make the (probable) last Alice game for PSP only after years of the series being available for both (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

    As for Armen Noir….what if the hotsprings was a scenario you unlock only after completing all other routes? Would you still play then, put up with Sword and the endless legs again? I wouldn’t, but if you wanna take one for the team, do it. Because I get the feeling not a lot of people are even going to talk about it, much less review it. And speaking of ports, what would it take for you to play a port of Pandora or Edel Blume?

  18. otomew> I can see your reasoning for dropping it (cause after atsumori and reito I wanted to drop it too good thing that was the end rofl.) I thought Nazuna wasn’t too bad, she coulda been worse but at least she shined brightly in Seri’s route. I hope you get a chance to pick it up again!

    Usagi> Its’ true he did lose his marbles but it annoyed me about Nazuna cause she’s gaga over him too. No matter how MEAN he was to her or the other dude, she still forgave him EVERY TIME. Like i said in my tumblr I think they’re honestly meant for each other lol.

    gothicat> haha Armen Noir, well if they actually add that hotsprings bonus they joked about in the PS2 version I may actually want to try it…lol. Black Wolves will have PSP and PC versions and you can prolly guess which one I’ll be playing ^^;

    Kyjin> Welcome 😀 I couldn’t stop myself from capping all of Oniitan’s crazy moments since they made me burst out laughing 😆

  19. kinda…dropped Gekka a month ago. Even though the seiyuus make me drool, the story put me down. Thought it was hana yori dango and thought it was cool(ahemaoi=domyoujiahem) but the heroine really just put me down and takuma’s voice can’t even help me recover even though he is my..best fave seiyuu.

    …Well, glad you covered it(cause I probably would had picked it up again later out of curiosity if i hadn’t read your review) 😀 Thanks!

  20. And here I was thinking “Man I wonder what the description for Daria’s route would be like” and I ended up laughing until I fell off my chair lmao!! xDD

    LOL “The Manwhore Club” – great name for them. I agree with you about Wabisuke’s Pure Love Hard even though I haven’t played the game yet but from what I read Nazuna is seriously dumb there…and actually I think that Wabisuke already lost all his marbles right from the start since he’s gaga over his sister in almost every route!

    Otomate slaps me in the face with their trollface.jpg bat as they reveal a CG of NAZUNA AND AOI AND ATSUMORI NAKED IN BED HAVING SOME FUCKING ORGY. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT IS GOING ON ヽ(・´ω`・)ノ ワッケ!!(ノ・´ω`・)ノ ワッカ!! ヽ(・´ω`・)ノラン!! And not only that, it’s not like she’s like enjoying this orgy, she’s pretty much been reduced their blow up sex doll with the 2 brothers fighting over who gets to lick the cooter or stick the cooter. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

    ROLFFF I love your descriptions of the routes. xDD Great review. :3

  21. Well this game was advertised for people who were bored with normal romance, and you have to admit that otomate and rejet delivered on that. I did enjoy this game after spending a tremendous amount of time suppressing the fact that they’re all manwhore (my most hated characters), and then I was able to enjoy it. I didn’t hate Wabisuke either, but that may be because I’d just came off playing amnesia before this, and the siscon there was disgusting in all routes.

    I’m mostly looking forward to the Black Wolves Saga now. It has two cats (too bad that from what I know, one of them is a manwhore), something both you and I love. I’ll also pretend Armen Noir portable isn’t coming out the same year.

  22. Thanks for your review! I’ve loved all the screenshots you put up this week on tumblr and was really curious about your overall impressions. I’ll add this to my list of games to pick up as soon as I get the chance/money.

  23. lmfao well I did skip daria’s route so that saved me a day? XD;

    but yea Aoi was like “who the hell are you” in his CGs. It’s like he was a completely different person! I was like ugh go back to the sprite plz T_T;.

  24. I agree with you completely about Aoi. I actually thought his pure normal ending was pretty cute, but he was so dramatic through his route that I was like “wtf dude just go back to making those hot kissing noises like you did in Wabi’s route” lolol.

    AND THOSE CGs! WHY!? I really enjoyed the style of art that this game had (it’s what caught my eye) and the sprites are good, but like you said about some of dem CGs.. they burn my eyes. I was running out of things to put in Aoi’s because he looks terrible in half of his.

    *in awe of you for finishing this in 1 week www*

  25. Reito’s route ruined Reito forever more than Wabisuke lmfao xDDD

    In fact I think if I played Wabioniitan last I would be even more disappointed that after all that he gets brother zoned in that Pure Normal ending 😡

  26. LMAO @ Daria’s section.

    If Gekka is R-18, I’m sure there would be countless rape scenes everywhere lol. As much as I love Reito, I have to admit not everyone could take his past without feeling grossed out.. and yes, I told you to play him last just in case his route ruins Wabisuke forever. Not because it’s the best. This game ruins almost everyone honestly. (´・ω・`A;)

    To be fair, Daria’s route is actually lighter and has less emotional trainwreck compared to the others.. but that’s only if you can take yuri. I can’t, and you make the right decision by not doing her route lol. Congrats on finishing Gekka! xD

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