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I’ve been so disheartened by the amount of kusoge I’ve sat through recently that I decided to further damage myself by buying a kuso-mobile game! Fortunately, it was ironically entertaining for all the wrong ways so in a way, it was a worthwhile purchase for me. 😂 The story is about our heroine Mirai (age 19) who is studying to be a preschool teacher/nurse/whatever the translation wants her to be and her mom suddenly remarries. The new stepdad has 4 sons and he and the mom suddenly say they’re going to France to work for like 6 months or something. They tell Mirai to take care of her new otoutokuns but being a mobile game heroine, Mirai has about 45 minutes to fall in love with all of them from the moment I blow $11 on all their routes. 😂😂😂

Ousaka Izumi

Izumi is a 14 year old kuudere who doesn’t attend middle school cause he was bullied because his mom left them. Actually their mother is this alcoholic cheating ho who was a child abusive fuck until she left the family for another man. So yea depending on the age of the brother they react pretty umm badly towards women and Mirai in general. I mean I guess this could have been a deeper plot but well – mobile games ┐(´д`)┌. Anyway Izumi seems like the quiet guy who takes some time to open up to Mirai but HE’S THE LEWDEST ONE.

EITHER THAT OR I PICKED ONLY THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR HIS ROUTE?! I don’t know but he pushed her down on his bed in his room and gave her a hickey while the other just had uh hugs and hand holding??

Ousaka Hikaru






WHY ARE THEY CHEERING YOU ON. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Ahem, moving on.

Ousaka Itsuki

I had high hopes for Itsuki man, he’s nearly the same age as Mirai (19) but younger by a few months.  He had such a way with words.


He had such strong arm.

But sadly it was just drama about his stupid medical exam school exam and cooking dinner and the only thing that stands out is he looks like some kind of KPOP star. 😂

Ousaka Akane

Fuck yea the bumbling oresama tsundere NOW WE TALKIN’.( *゚∀゚)=3ムッハー Akane is 17 and the typical sports high school dude but he secretely likes idols and kyarabens lol.

O...oh... right. Mother problems.
O…oh… right. Mother problems.


Holy Lance boy? (^ω^)

Wait….that’s now how this is supposed to go….Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン


So then I guess they had to use the angry bullying girl trope and the crazy bitch pushes Mirai into the fucking river and then runs away going ITS NOT MY FAULT…UM IT VERY MUCH IS YOUR FAULT YOU PSYCHOPATH LMAO.

At least she was nice enough to let me pick which way I wanted to be bullied? Thanks for the pizza!
At least she was nice enough to let me pick which way I wanted to be bullied? Thanks for the pizza!


Uh well it was pretty much as bad as I had expected it I guess? The worst part was probably the translations:

Last I recall step brothers weren't brothers in law...
Last I recall step brothers weren’t brothers in law…
What the actual fuck does any of this mean
What the actual fuck does any of this mean
Looks kinda red to me
Looks kinda red to me

Terrible translation aside I just couldn’t figure out the system. I picked random choices with no indication of whether they raise affection but all my endings were “good” ends. There was no Cgs at all but before I even started the game I clicked the “Album” button and it gave me what looked like the “ending” CG for each guy?? So I have no idea if there’s even bad or BEST ends and I couldn’t be assed to go back to redo any choices since I wouldn’t know what raises affection and what doesn’t. ಠ_ಠ The only good part of this system was that if you got out of the app it wouldn’t crash or lose progress so I could spam tweets in between playing to share in my misery (or amusement?) Also the artwork was actually pretty and the CGs that came in the album are actually kinda cute what a shame 😦

Anyway the game is actually free and you can read some tickets a day…but ain’t nobody got time for that so I just paid $11 for all the routes at once lol (it’s actually cheaper if you buy them all than buying 1 at a time.) This is currently available in English and Japanese on  Google Play so if you want to enjoy it ironically feel free to grab it. I heard this company’s (Genius) other translations are just as terrible so maybe when I’m feeling masochistic I might buy one of their other games. And obviously in English, because the terribad translation is the best part ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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  1. This is the type of shit I’d read out loud to everyone around me, just to annoy everyone. ((I used to do that w/ voltage games)). But holy shit this game looks like crap but seeing your livetweets made my day lmao.

    1. Lol yea voltage games had some pretty funny moments last time I played them too….just too expensive for the crap you get haha

  2. This seems like some hilarious let’s play material, because of how ridiculous it is. Gotta love those mobile dating sim games!
    but seriously why is there an option to romance an 11 year old
    society doesn’t like it when male pedophiles are attracted to children but it’s suddenly okay if a female pedophile is WTF DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH

    1. Yea probably all of this company’s games are badly translated and could make for some comedy gold posts when I’m feeling maoschistic 😂

      And yea I don’t really get the shotacon trend S:

  3. Wow such strong arm, very firm. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Also, I see that they forgot to include poor Itsuki in the app store description, and instead listed Akane’s info twice. Biased much?

    1. yea I noticed the google play description listed Akane twice. Also I think it has all their ages wrong too. lmao they can’t even be assed to proofread their google play info!

  4. If I was bored out of my mind, this looks like the game I’d go for rofl. Bonus points for oresama tsundere, and negative for the shota. Like some shotas are alright-but he’s 11. 11!!! Just be at least idk, smt that wouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable, an age that isn’t weird.

    1. yea I don’t really know why they do routes like this. it would be ok if it was platonic lil bro route or whatever but writing things like “he looked like a man” was so gross lol

      1. Actually I did try to make it platonic by scolding him and treating him like my little brother, I mean I’ve shouted at him all of the time and refused to help him like any normal big sister 🙂 I thought that I would get a BAD ending and we will live happily ever after as a normal siblings 😥 but in the end he confessed to Mirai instead and he actually liked it when she scolded him because nobody does, he even asked her to marry him -_- also it was a HAPPY ending with a cute CG 🙂 I didn’t mind that actually because it’s normal and cute for children his age I think, which grossed me out the most was when Mirai said that she actually scolded him because she was in love with him o_O and then the rest of the family congratulate them o_O WTF

        1. wow lmao go figure. I guess I was too nice to him. I think the CG was available from the start (the one where he kisses her on the cheek right?) so at least I didn’t miss out (not that i cared about missing out on the shota tbh… lol)

  5. I like shotas, they’re usually pretty interesting characters, but….11 years old. Saying that out loud makes me wanna take a shower. Oh, and yay for terrible translations.

  6. Dampers spill out of me as I me look with questioning eyes but spit happiness at funny word. (Seriously, how do you screw up red or whatever color they call it and black??)

    Anyways, 11 and 19? And the whole family is cheering them on? Wonder what kind of people the other brothers are interested in in that universe for them to think that’s okay…. ⊙△⊙

  7. It’s always a pleasure to read your review Hinano! I find your reactions hilarious everytime whether I agree with you or not. Er no, I did not mean to be rude at your rants, please take it as a compliment. Their translations always manage to make me laughing whale though. Frankly, I think their “Life is beautiful” and “My Arahitogami Romance” is pretty good (no please don’t compare them to professional level, but with their oldest? game-“My Secret Spies”). ‘Arahitogami’ have some problems on misplaced sprites and holes in the plot because of it’s limited chapters/words limits (it’s a pity I tell you. it has potential). And last but not least, their system is friendly enough to let and push you to happy endings, I think. Anyway, I still plan to finish one route in “Otokosuku” 🙂

  8. お疲れ様!

    Seeing all the boys don’t look like one another, I swear they probably had different moms. Or dads… ( ̄◇ ̄;)

    Oh LOL dating an 11yo!
    If only there was a ‘got caught by cops dating a minor and now the heroine must do jail time’ route I’d tap that x’D

    Anyway, I tried it but since the ticket didn’t spawn I’m just gonna move on. And I was actually interested in doing Akane’s route too :<

    1. I was thinking that too….they look nothing like each other lmao xD

      I ended up just buying all the routes cause I couldn’t be bothered playing such a crappy game over a long period of time lol

  9. By Genius I like Life is beautiful [That violinist route took such a drastic turn I want to see you comment on it] and Arahitogami [which at some point erased all of my progress and there went my 100 tickets]. Those are the only decent free mobile english otome games that don’t involve ANY dressing up or battling others for beauty. I appreciate that so much. *hatefully looking at Shall we date/Solmare games*

  10. I thought I could get away with the game without paying, but in the end it asked me for End game ticket. I was hoping I could somehow get away with it by playing ads. But holy cow, aint nobody got time to play 200 ads!!! Srsly, the company is mean! T_T I should really stick with Arithmetic games. Funny review tho. Atleast I had the idea of how it all went in the end. 🙂

  11. I love your review. So funny X’D

    Yeah this game is pretty damn bad. I really agree with your shrug at mobile game plots lol. but the art is cute and soft, so I was like eh, I’ll give it a go. At least until I can’t stand it. When I saw you can technically play free, I went with the one character that looked the least cringe-worthy and was my taste. Which was Izumi. I was able to do just enough of the easy ticket granting tasks to make it thru his route (like downloading an app… and then immediately deleting it lol).

    I thought maybe, just maybe I’d check out the other dudes sometime, but then I looked at the game again months later and was like NOPE.
    Those translations are funny… but they really wear on you!

    I came to check out whatever I was missing. xD heh. hehehe….
    heeeeeeh…. T_T
    oh god. that one’s fricking 11. like, it was already super awkward during Izumi’s um, more romantic? ending cuz like, he’s 14. He’s rational but still a young kid that has NOT been around the block, Ms. 19 yrs college girl. i can’t imagine a route with someone even younger.

    I’m glad I made the “wrong” choices and got the other ending which was much more realistic. tho I guess it was the less good end cuz it didn’t show the cg during the scene. WHATEVER. I still captured Izumi! : p

    so ya. thanks for making this post and saving my brain from turning to sludge lololol.

    1. Yea you’re not missing out by not doing the shota route. Lol actually most mobile games are bad so I don’t really play/review them that often xD

  12. I know its kinda late but… I saw a post from the official facebook page of the developers/creators of this game, saying that this game is greenlit for steam…. and it is planned to be release early 2017… on steam….

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