Otome Game Review: Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-

Because apparently 96 of you voted for this, I decided to finally play Black Wolves Saga. There’s a country of Weblin where humans and furries once lived in peace. The humans let the  cats and wolves take lead, and there are other races like rabbits, dogs, mice etc. One day someone from the wolf race went and stabbed someone from the cat race and that’s when shit hit the fan. A war broke out between cats and wolves and just around that time rabies some black plague disease called Zodiva spread and started mass killing everyone. Someone then started a rumor that the plague came from the wolves and then the wolves started getting attacked by humans to “wipe away the disease.” In self defense, the wolves started fighting back (though most of the time beyond their control due to the mad cow disease). Needless to say with plagues and rumors going around, the wolves pretty much got wiped off the face of Weblin – except they didn’t. In fact the remaining wolves have all been secretly living in the woods while Weblin was taken over by the cats. Meanwhile back at the ranch, there’s a rich ojousama named Fiona Galland who is our heroine. She’s just reached her 16th birthday and she spent her entire life living in a tower like Rapunzel, never being allowed to see the outside world. The reason being is because Fiona was born with SPECIAL genes Key Aids and her body called Robeira, so she  is incredibly weak that even catching a cold can be deadly. On her 16th birthday they figure that it’s safe for her to leave the nest and see the outside world. Unfortunately by doing so, she gets caught in between the battle of the furries. In other words, welcome to Rejet’s rendition of Animal Farm!

rathThe entire game follows a consistent linear plot and then branches off slightly differing in each characters route.  Also please note I never played Bloody Nightmare so anything mentioned in this review is strictly based on Last Hope. To make it easier here’s a brief story breakdown. On the day Fiona is allowed outside, while she’s playing hide & seek in the garden, she finds Rath Vogart, a wolf boy, hiding in the bushes. She notices that he’s injured so she ties her handkerchief around his arm. She doesn’t want him to get caught so she tells him to run off quickly but one thing leads to another and well he does get caught. He takes Fiona hostage, runs with her to her tower, jumps OUT of the tower window like superman and then scurries off into the forest pretty much kidnapping her. At first it seems like it’s because he didn’t know what to do on the spot, but this is all intentional and he’s kidnapping Fiona because of her Robeira blood which seems to keep the Zodiva rabies at bay. The two of them end up going on an adventure through the forest until Rath takes her to a nearby village to rest because he’s a gentleman. Unfortunately news breaks about their whereabouts thanks to the mouse army and the two are once again on the run. They almost get ambushed  but Nesso and co. come to the rescue and by request of Fiona, they save Rath as well. When Zara takes a look at Rath, he explains the markings on his arm indicate he’s got rabies Zodiva! And now that he’s bitten Fiona, he’s passed it on to her \(^o^)/. Zara gives everyone drugs he developed by being his own lab rat and says it will hold back any symptoms of Zodiva in the case that they all catch it. Once Rath wakes up they let him run off and keep Fiona behind. Anyway Fiona’s family is ready to bring her back home but once the 2 cat princes, Mojo Jojo and Orange Juice Mejojo and Auger (pronounced MEYOYO and OJAY btw) find out that they let a wolf escape, THEY BE MAD BRO. They call the Galland family traitors and while Nesso & co. run for it, the cats arrest and imprison their father at their castle. From here is basically where the game starts branching off in to the various routes. Also this will be more entertaining if you listen to this while reading.

cats01Mejojo & Auger Von Garibaldi – Mejojo and Auger are the 2 abusive cats who are next in line for the throne. Well mostly Mejojo because Auger just derps around kissing Mejojo’s ass the entire time. On top of this Mejojo is apparently Fiona’s fiance but she has no sense of “marriage” being stuck in her tower all her life. The reason she’s up there in the first place is because Mejojo used to be engaged to Fiona’s cousin and due to various circumstances, she got killed. (More on this later.) To protect Fiona from suffering the same fate, her brother and father used the excuse of her Robeira blood that she’s weak and needs to be kept in that tower away from everyone. That includes Mojo Jojo and Auger but the two have been trying to get her out of there every possible moment they could. So of course the moment that she comes out and goes prancing with some wolf, drives Mejojo up the wall. HOW DARE SHE! Mejojo is a materialistic ho and he doesn’t actually love Fiona but in fact he just wants to have her as an object to make up for the fact that he couldn’t have her cousin.  The two cats hate wolves so much that in the past they attacked Rath’s family and burned their entire house down killing Rath’s father, mother and sister but Rath and his older brother Arles managed to escape alive. After the fire in the village that Fiona was hiding with Nesso & co., the ChuChu Knights (Mouse army who serves the cats because they need their drugs nuts) captures Fiona and brings her to the cat castle.  She wakes up to find herself in the presence of an ikeman nuko named Julian who basically becomes her caretaker while she’s there. Soon after, MJ and OJ show up and rub into her face that she’s a useless weak pansy who can only be protected by them!

cats02They also tell Fiona that they’ve assigned Nesso to be the head of the wolf-genocide brigade. Fiona’s like “hey dudes why do we fight with the wolves anyway, I mean if we cooperated we could actually have peace and figure out a cure for it!” Sadly she’s dealing with 2 douchebags who refuse to listen with their 1 track minds like some horse with blinders. Anyway, Auger is the younger prince and calls the heroine buchaiku-chan like Kiyoharu from VitaminX…I think Iwasaki just wanted to add cat ears to him. Also if you’ve played the VitaminZ series, Auger and Mejojo are both exactly like Kei and Nachi, in personality and in relationship. Ah well figures since from the same director but still a fun easter egg. Julian helps Fiona escape cause he doesn’t want her to be trapped like a plant in a greenhouse anymore so he lets her run off when Auger & Mejojo go off to fight Nesso’s rebellion army. When she escapes one rainy night, she runs through the woods only to find both Auger and Mejojo half dead and burned. Apparently they lost the battle against the wolves who had ambushed their army. In Auger’s end, she choses to save Auger first and as she and some servant take Auger way, they leave Mejojo to die forever alone. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ After this Auger’s mind completely shuts down to infant level and all he can say is googoogaga so Fiona decides to take care of him. In Weblin he’s declared as dead anyway so now Fiona has a pet baby nuko (though it seems in his mind he knows exactly what he’s doing). If you choose to save Mejojo, Auger is instead saved by his mouse slaves but because he acts like a douche to them, they abandon him to die. After Mejojo regains consciousness, he goes insane thinking Auger is still alive, and then shortly after, he’s arrested. Additionally he loses his mind to the point that when Fiona visits him, he still thinks that she’s his former fiance, Elvira.  Fiona’s like already dude time to put you out and she stabs the poor sap out of his misery.

cat03Because of a past spat with Rath’s brother Arles, Mejojo hates all wolves and he wants Fiona all to himself just to “have a Galland daughter” as his wife to make up for her cousin. In a sense she’s just a replacement thing as he told Auger that he don’t care if she dies as long as she belongs to “him”. ( ´_ゝ`) He goes as far as getting official permission from his gullible and sick father to go on a wolf genocide once more. Once he gets Fiona in his hands, he puts her in his uguu green house of love like some potted plant. Anyway same story as Auger, if you choose to save Mejojo, Auger dies of in a fire. Fiona manages to meet up with Nesso and co. while the servant carries an unconscious Mejojo. And so time passes Nesso is restored into the army, Julian becomes king and peace comes to Weblin. Zara becomes a super doctor and works on finding a cure for Zodiva while helping Mejojo recover. As he recovers, he starts to finally gain some sanity and tells Fiona that he was always afraid that if he didn’t take things first, he’d lose them and in the end he lost everything. Fiona’s like its ok baby I love you now..uh yea okay well the lack of any development on Mejojo or Auger for that matter couldn’t really make me see how/why she fell in love with him in the first place. If you pick to save Auger, BAD IDEA cause then he goes batshit, kills everyone and tells Fiona to come play with him. Fiona’s like fuck dat shit and kills herself by jumping out of her tower leaving Auger to laugh like a Hyena and make my ears bleed.  I think most of the stuff about these 2 is covered in Bloody Nightmare but the fact that they abuse Fiona, and well I actually like Fiona, is rage enducing enough that I will never bother with the game. Sadly, Julian gets a route there and I really liked Julian (´;ω;`). (Though come to think of it, for all I know he coulda been a psychopath too just not an obvious one lolol sigh Rejet.) Unfortunately their respective routes were probably the “tamest” part of the game as what they do in other endings of the game was a lot more rage inducing so READ ON :lol:.

nesso01Nesso Galland – Nesso and the general family route is pretty much identical throughout so I’ll just discuss the bulk of it in Nesso’s writeup. Nesso is actually Fiona’s half brother and even though she said somewhere that she’s not related by blood to him, this is not true. As confirmed by her father Edgar, Nesso is the son of Edgar’s first wife while Fiona is the daughter of his 2nd wife so in fact, they are actually half siblings. DESPITE THIS NESSO REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTS TO BANG HIS SISTER. It’s not one of those “I’ve never once looked at you as a sister” kind of things, it’s one of those “I want to bang you cause you’re my sister YEAAAH” l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il . Basically Nesso is just a hillbilly.  He serves as a loyal knight to the royal cat army and he does anything they tell him, even going as far as to kiss Mejojo’s stinky boots.  After the wolves set fire to the village Nesso & Co. are hiding in, they run to a nearby hideout which is also a secret research lab where a researcher named Kyle works. He’s a run away from the cats because he used to work on finding the cure for Zodiva and once he completed it, the cat wankers stole his recipes and burned down his lab arresting & killing all of his assistants. This basically gave them power of everyone because they had a means for the cure and no one else did. Once Kyle found out that Nesso was considered a traitor he figured they could join forces along with other guys in the army who were sick of taking the cat wankers’ shit. So anyway just as luck would have it, FIONA’S RABIES KICK IN. Well she’s always had it but once the symptoms start, that’s it you got 1 week before you die. Nesso is heart broken because his IMOUTO is going to DIE! He makes sure to shove his tongue down her throat a few times before that happens though and Fiona is too delirious to care or the rabies have turned her into a massive brocon. While Fiona’s out cold, Nesso & co. come up with a plan to steal the recipe from the cats. Basically while Nesso and Elza’s rebellion army distract the cats, Pearl & Richie (Fiona’s guard doggies) are assigned to sneak into the castle and steal the recipe. Once the recipe is obtained, the plan is for Kyle and Zara (who’s a medicine making pro) to create the medicine and cure Fiona. Everything goes just as keikaku except one thing: Nesso gets his head hit a bit too hard and loses his memories. In fact he only loses his memories of having Fiona as a sister and Zara as a butler. THIS IS ALL OF COURSE A LIE BECAUSE HE JUST WANTS TO CREATE A CIRCUMSTANCE TO BED HER. ヾ;(;(;*;゚;ω;゚; ); ); );ノ゙アーッヒャッヒャッヒャッヒャァー

nesso02Suddenly news comes that their hideout is surrounded by the cat army  so they have to try to make their way out ASAP. Elza offers to be a decoy while Zara, Nesso, Pearl/Richie and Fiona run away. As they run into the woods they get ambushed by the mouse army. Pearl and Richie decide to sacrifice themselves so that Zara, Fiona and Nesso can run away. (´;ω;`) As they continue running, they get split up from Zara and instead run into Orange Juice and Mojojojo. They tell Nesso if he wants to save Fiona, to kill himself. He agrees but then the cats catch on that something’s screwy with Nesso’s siscon mindset. When Fiona cries saying she’d rather be dead than be without him, Nesso decides nope not giving her to you turds. He ends up fighting the cats, but losing horribly. Suddenly there’s a surprise ambush from the wolves on the cats’ army which distracts them, allowing Fiona and Nesso to escape. They manage to reunite with Zara, Pearl, Richie and Elza, and take care of Nesso’s wounds. Well the cats die, and now Nesso & co. no longer have to run out of Weblin.  Fiona and co return home with Edgar being released as well. Fiona returns to her rapunzel tower and Nesso returns to the castle to serve with the rest of the knights. His crime as a traitor has been forgiven and on top of that he becomes KING of Weblin! ヽ(。_゜)ノ (Wtf happened to Julian?) Due to this he never returns home to Fiona but one day Zara tells her that she can visit him at the castle. The visit is actually because Nesso is holding a ball in order to find himself a waifu who will be the new queen. Fiona’s brocon rage goes over 9000 and she gets jealous because he’ll never pick her since she is his “sister”. Nesso finds her,  asks her to dance together and apologizes for breaking his promise to come see her again. She then says that she can’t live without him and so Nesso makes a loud announcement that ORE NO IMOUTO KONNA NI KAWAII NA WAKE GA NAI!! and says he’ll be marrying her. Enjoy your deformed babies! Eventually Fiona finds out that he got his memories back but he’s like lol who cares let’s just fuck (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In the bad end if you don’t show oniitan that you love him by giving him a big ol’ hug, Mejojo stabs Nesso over & over while Auger orgasms watching. He then beheads the poor guy right in front of Fiona and then make her carry his head back to their castle. (´・ω・`;)  Suddenly I wanted to replay their stupid bad ends so I can watch them die in a fire again. I thought Nesso was comedically gross in this route, but once I did Elza’s bad end, Nesso was pretty much ruined for me. Good thing the game makes you play Nesso’s route to unlock Elza first lol. Grooming tip: Nesso likes it when you touch his weiner.


Mawaru Wolfdrum

zara01Zara Skeens – Zara is the moe bunny man and Fiona’s butler.  Fiona sees him more as a childhood friend though because they were pretty much raised together since he was little. Being of the rabbit race, he’s great at making medicines and has saved Fiona’s life on multiple occasions, including this game.  He’s also pretty good at sword fighting because he used to train with Nesso so he’s not just a regular butler.  Zara’s parents were killed when his village was attacked and burned down so he was taken and forced to become someone’s slave. (`;ω;´) He was kicked and beaten repeatedly and wanted to die but that’s when Fiona’s father rescued him. At first he was jealous of Fiona and did stuff like hide her things but eventually he felt stupid doing that and warmed up to her. Even though she’s pretty much bed ridden, Fiona asks Zara to let her go outside for a bit once last time. She also  tells him he shouldn’t be near her or he’ll get her rabies, but he becomes a sad bun and flops his ears down telling her not to say such things because he wants to be with her. (*´▽`*)萌え  After hearing his story about the past,  Fiona realizes that she’s in love with him. After she passes out to sleep again, Zara swears that he won’t lose her like he lost his parents. Zara you cute baby you (*´ェ`*). Fiona then loses her voice, wakes up and starts crying so Zara kisses her on the forehead and wipes away her tears. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ She then begins to regret that she could never tell Zara how much she loves him.

zara02Just as Zara feels like it’s over, Pearl and Richie burst in and bring the recipe that they stole from the cats. Zara makes the medicine immediately and Fiona gets better and regains her voice. The first thing she does is tell Zara that she loves him. ( ≖‿≖) Zara of course is happy because he’s been in love with her for a long time. After Fiona gets a lot better, Zara then announces to Nesso that he wants to stay in Weblin to continue doing research on Zodiva cure. Fiona says she wants to stay with Zara and Nesso has to admit defeat that his IMOUTO NO LONGER LOVES HIM THE BEST!  Nesso intends to leave the country but suddenly news comes that the wolves killed the cats (lolol m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ everytime I hear this). Nesso returns to the castle but Fiona chooses to stay with Zara while he works on his Zodiva research. He wants to work with the wolves to figure out how Zodiva works on them since normally humans die within a week of catching it but wolves can continue to live with it for a long time. She tells him to take a break from his research for a bit and he tells her he wants to spend a day ichaichaing with her before they return to visit her family.  In the bad end, if you dare to HUG the moe bunny man, Fiona dies before Zara can finish making the medicine to cure her Zodiva. 😦 Nesso & co. leave Weblin leaving Zara all alone and he’s so shocked from her death he totally loses his marbles….and creates a new disease that starts killing everyone as revenge on “the world for taking Fiona away from him” xD. Zara pls go back to being a moe bunny man and Rejet stop trollin’. BAWWW MY CUTE BUNNY MANNNN  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q   I love bunneh men, I can’t wait to see them when I get Mirror Alice again (and Ishida too cause of Joker xDDD).

pr01Pearl & Richie – Pearl & Richie are Fiona’s guard dog twins, but they are still puppies (being only 12) and often find it more comfortable to be in their doggy form. ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆  Nesso doesn’t even consider them to be a MALE THREAT to his imouto and allows them to even sleep in the same bed as her. Too bad Nesso has no idea that despite dressing like a girl, Richie is the RANDY TWIN.  Basically we get a point of view from Pearl & Richie as they go to sneak into the castle to steal the Zovida documents. It’s kinda funny since you’re still picking choices between the two which affects who you end up with but Fiona isn’t actually there. They sneak into the castle by hiding in a delivery cart, and once inside,  they find Edgar but he tells them to focus on finding the recipe for the medicine recipe first and saving Fiona.  They get the recipe from the cats torture chamber, and while there, they release a wolf that was locked behind bars for shits & giggles. As they head back they get ambushed by the mice so Pearl tells Richie to run with the recipe while he holds the mice back. When Ricchi brings the recipe and Fiona gets better, he cries saying that it’s all his fault if Pearl died.  After the cats are killed blah blah, time passes and Fiona ends up staying with Zara to assist him with the Zodiva research. As they are in the forest one day, they run into a wild dog but that dog is actually Pearl. He’s spent too much time in the wilderness and forgot how to be human. Fiona knows the best way to get the shota to come to his senses is with candy! She runs back to the research facility, asks the chef there for some candy and runs to the forest to feed it to Pearl.

pr02This is super effective and after he gains sense of himself he cries and tells her that when he thought it was over for him, he woke up and found that a bunch of wolves had killed all the mice. He figured that it’s because he saved the wolf from the torture chamber, they repaid him and saved his life. Fiona eventually returns to her tower and Pearl asks if he can work under Nesso and train with him. He says that he wants to become stronger so he can properly protect Fiona in the future. He leaves promising to come back and be hot enough for Fiona to marry him. And so 3 years later, at 15, they both return with a growth spurt and Pearl asks Fiona to marry him. Richie cockblocks and says that it’s up to Fiona to decide who she will marry  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q babiesss. In Pearl’s bad end, Richie takes the beating from the mice while Pearl delivers the medicine recipe. Pearl cries saying that what if Richie dies and Fiona then has a dream that Richie has returned to her. She wakes up asking if Richie is around and Pearl confirms that he smelled Richie as well. They search outside the hideout for him but only find his dead body because he doesn’t make it back in time to get treated for his injuries. (´;ω;`) In Richie’s route it’s pretty much the same thing just reversing the roles. Though before Richie goes off to train, he sneaks in a kiss to Fiona saying he loves her. DAT RANDY SHIMONO SHOTA (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In Richie’s bad end they find Pearl dead instead, though honestly due to all the copypasta it didn’t feel as dramatic the 2nd time around. Also Shimono really sucks at making crying noises.  Bawww these 2 are sooo cuuuteeee  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q I just want to cuddle them all day. Grooming tip: Richie likes it when you poke him in the weiner omg. おまわりさんこっちです。

elza01Elza Clifford – I got nothing against Elza and I really like him but his route felt like it was so out of place. It’s like they were basically trying to stretch time to fit anything with him an Fiona into it and then his bad end felt like a tsunami of o/c on Nesso’s part. (´・ω・`;) This time we see the POV of Elza fighting Auger while Nesso fights Mejojo. As per the story, the wolves ambush the cat army giving time for Elza & Nesso to make their escape.  So then for some reason after she heals, Fiona starts taking interest in Elza and his teasing personality. They end up spending more and more time together as Fiona recovers, and chatting it up about how much of a raging siscon Nesso is.  She tells Elza that she wants him to look at her as a woman not as a “little sister” and Elza responds that if he does that, Nesso will kill him 😆 Pretty much anytime that Fiona tries to shot her feelings towards him, we get the “Nesso will kill me” cockblock. Elza even goes as far as saying that if she wasn’t Nesso’s sister, he’d propose to her on the spot.  The next day Elza and Nesso practice sparring while Nesso spews out his siscon vomit on Elza and Elza is like alright bro challenge accepted. That night Nesso realizes he can’t deny it anymore so he goes to Fiona and asks if she loves Elza. When Fiona says yes, Nesso shits bricks and rages how DARE she say that she will be his waifu when she was a loli and suddenly want other men! 😆 (This didn’t seem to a problem with Zara or the stupid cats wtf honestly lol.) Wow way to ruin Ness for me lmfao. Fortunately before Nesso can go into rape mode, Elza comes in and tells him to chill the fuck out and get the fuck out. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

elza02After Nesso leaves, Elza tells Fiona to let him calm his balls and eventually he’ll return to being only her brother. Elza tells Fiona that since she loves him, he’ll do his best to get Nesso to approve of their relationship. Suddenly there’s an attack on the research facility so Nesso says he’ll buy time and tells Elza to take Fiona and run out of the country to meet up with him later. Unfortunately this is a lie and Nesso ends up sacrificing himself and dying inside the burning facility. Thanks to his sacrifice though, Mejojo & Auger die and Elza & Fiona get the news when they’re in the next town. They were supposed to meet up with Zara & co. but with no sign of either Fiona gets lonely and asks to sleep in the same bed. Elza tells her he’s not her “brother” so sleeping in the same bed could mean other things. Fiona becomes a sad panda so Elza gives in but not before giving her a brief kiss. (♡´౪`♡)  Eventually Elza and Fiona return to her home and she goes back to her tower. Elza comes to visit her later and takes her to Nesso’s grave. He then tells Nesso that he protected her just as promised and asks Fiona to marry him. In the bad end if you tell Nesso you don’t love Elza he’s like STOP LYIN’ BITCH and goes batshit insane. He takes her outside saying they’re gonna go where no one can take her away from him! キモイよ兄ちゃん(◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) Fiona feels sorry for the idiot and decides to just go along for the ride. They end up in some mountain shack together and while he comes back to his senses, it’s only because he knows she’s waiting in the his uguu love shack all alone just for him. Nesso, ew. See, now Nesso has been ruined.

rath02Rath Vogart – Rath is a victim of this entire game but the game is all about him now and he gets his good ending(s). Rath has done a lot of hard livin’, because 10 years ago Auger & Mejojo burned down his house, killed his father, mother and sister (the poor kid literally watched them burn to death in front of his eyes.) He spent his entire life on the run from humans and cats trying to kill him and during the timespan he caught Zodiva. On top of this he has this homo named Guillan being a massive douche on his ass becaue he’s jealous that Rath’s oniichan Arles won’t give him a any buttsecks a pat on the head. Arles tells otouto-kun to drink the blood of the humans they’ve captured but Rath tries to resist before he really goes off the deep end. Guillan and Arles force it down his throat anyway. ( ≖Д≖;) Once you branch off into the wolves route, it starts where Fiona is attacked by Arles in the forest. None of her family members come to save her so she gets kidnapped by Arles and taken to wolf HQ (Zannan Castle) where she reunites with Rath and meets Guillan. Arles tells Fiona that he and Guillan are the only ones who don’t have Zodiva. Rath then takes off his patch to show that his left eye is completely grayed due to Zodiva and he can’t see anything through it.  Arles then tells her that he and Guillan once had Zodiva but they managed to completely recover from it thanks to what he thinks was the Robeira blood. (Basically they raided a village, killed and ate people and before they knew it, their rabies were cured!) This is why he’s kidnapped a bunch of women who he thinks may have it and kept them in a prison at their wolf hideout. He adds that they also want to get revenge on the cats because they’ve driven Weblin into the ground. Fiona thinks that she’ll be their next dinner but Arles says he’ll just eat the imprisoned women and let her live. They’ve even prepared a room for her, how thoughtful! 😆 At least the kidnappers in this game let Fiona sleep in a luxurious room rather than some abandoned prison cell! In actuality, Fiona’s sole purpose is to help keep Zodiva at bay and act as bait for the cats.

rath03And so as Fiona stays there she has some of the wolves suck a little bit of blood from her via hands. (Diabolik Furries.) Fiona has trouble getting along with Guillan but eventually after he tries to have a bite and gets scolded by Arles, he apologizes and gives her a cookie. Aww how sweet lolol. Okay I admit I found him a lot less annoying after this incident XD.  Once Mojo Jojo and Auger Simpson find out that Fiona’s been taken they rage (well mostly Mejojo rages cause Auger has no fucks to give about anything.) One night Fiona goes for a walk with Rath and he says everything is his fault and if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be in this predicament. Fiona’s like oh its okay and he’s like NOO WHY DONT U HATE MEEE. He then takes her to his secret place in the woods and shows her some pretty night flowers. He admits that he didn’t want to kill anyone and when he did he felt awful afterwards since he had to do it to survive. Fiona & the wolves go on a picnic the next day where Fiona rubs the head of everyone for their hard work but Rath gets embarrassed and refuses to get one xD. She then finds out that Arles has actually been preparing food for her to eat properly since the wolves just eat everything raw. Suddenly their happy picnic is interrupted when the cat army catches them.  The news reaches Auger and Mejayjay and they also find out that Arles has also released all the imprisoned women.  After this incident, Fiona’s Zodiva symptoms get worse and she gets a fever as well as losing her voice. Rath offers to take care of her even going as far as feed food to her so she doesn’t need to get out of bed to wash her hands…and he licks her face clean  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q Arles then decides to attack Biarles because the Nesso & knights are there and he figures to use Fiona to lure the cats. Rath is against this because Fiona just barely recovered from her symptoms but Arles is like “hey bro she’s just our Zodiva vaccine.” Arles is like “that’s the point cause if she dies we won’t be able to use her as bait anymore!”

rath04Rath comes to Fiona that night telling her that he is against what is brother is doing because he doesn’t want to sacrifice her. They hug each other and promise not to die the next day. (*´ω`*) After burning down the village, Nesso as well as the cats know Fiona’s whereabouts, and that evening, Arles comes to talk with Fiona and tells her about their final battle against Weblin and the plan to kill the cat wankers. When he tells Fiona that he wants to just burn everything to the ground, including WolfHQ Rath shows up saying he’s against this once more.  Fiona runs after him and when she finds him, he grabs her hand and tells her that if they don’t run away, Arles will kill her. He then starts crying saying he doesn’t know what to do anymore while Fiona hugs him saying she’ll be ok. (´;ω;`) They go into a small cave where Rath tells her all about his past. He once met a girl named Melissa who was the first person he met that wasn’t afraid of him as a wolf. Unfortunately his Zodiva took over and he ended up killing and eating her. After he came to his senses and realized what he’s done, he realized he’s just like what the humans claimed wolves do – attack and kill people. He’s carried this guilt on himself all these years because he pretty much punched a gift horse in the mouth. Fiona comforts him and says she’s not afraid of him which makes Rathy go (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ so he asks if he can touch her. The two of them embrace as they both start crying. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ When Nesso comes to deliver the news of Biarles, the cat wankers stab and kill him, sigh.  Finally the day of the final battle comes and Fiona chooses to be with Rath to protect her. The cat army ambushes WolfHQ and as Rath runs with Fiona through the burning forest they run into the cat wankers. Rath recognizes them as the same dickwads who burned his house and killed his family and lunges at them with his knives. Unfortunately Auger stabs poor Rath in the right eye (´;ω;`) making him completely blind. Just as Auger is about to finish Rath off, Fiona jumps in the way and gets stabbed instead. The cat wankers then decide they’re gonna kill both Fiona & Rath and stab them both. Before the cats can leave though, the wolf army attacks them and burns Mejojo’s face. Auger then loses whatever brain he had left and SHOVES HIS FUCKING FACE INTO THE FIRE so he can be just like his niisan. Then while Mojo Jojo rages, ホモger (cause he’s obviously ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ for his niisan) dances in the fire like a fucking idiot lmfao ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.

fig 1. The Augurus Catteas in his natural habitat.
fig 1. The Augurus Catteas in his natural habitat.

Fortunately, they both die. Sadly, Fiona and Rath are both at the end of the line too and they smooch as they burn in the fire. Somehow magically, they survive and decide to live on together though poor Rath is now permanently blind.  (◞‸◟ㆀ)ショボン  Fiona’s gets news that her father died, her Zodiva is healed thanks to Zara’s medicine and the wolves back out of Weblin never to be seen again. Fiona and rath end up living together in a shack in the woods and they shack it up cause they end up having 2 twin babies omg xDDD One is a human shota named Juta and the other is a wolf girl named Canary ε-(*´∀`|萌|. (In before bestiality jokes because Rath’s babies are so precious ww.)  In the bad end, (which for story sake I recommend doing after doing Arles’s route at least once), Auger shows up like a cockroach who won’t die, stabs Rath multiple times and then kills Fiona. ( ´_______________ゝ`) お前も死ねよ。

arles01Arles V. Felnoir – Arles is Rath’s older brother but the reason his last name is different is because he changed it to not associate with his family once he got Zodiva. He probably did it to protect them but sadly his family still suffered a terrible fate because there’s no escape from the wrath of Mojo Jojo. Rumor has it that because Arles attacked Mejojo the war between the cats and wolves broke out. This is all of course a lie made up by the cats in order to wipe out the wolves in revenge because of the following.  When Arles was part of the castle knights, he used to be in love with Elvira, Fiona’s cousin, despite her being engaged to Mejojo. Elvira told Arles that she and Mejojo grew up together and thought of each other as brother and sister. Mejojo never loved her and wanted her to just be his “thing” which Elvira knew is not love.  The two realize they’re in love and Mejojo actually approves of their relationship saying he also does just see her as a sister. Arles says he has a feeling Mejojo is lying and maybe really loves Elvira, but Elvira says that he has high pride and if he really wanted her, he would have taken her all to himself already. Close to their marriage date, Arles catches Zodiva and that’s when all shit hits the fan. Just like with Rath, the moment he started smelling blood it drove him to insanity and the urge to kill people got progressively stronger. Knowing that it’s too dangerous to be with her her, Arles tells Elvira that he’s come to break up. Elvira doesn’t listen and tells him they can try to cure him, but suddenly the Zodiva takes over and he loses control of himself. He tells her to run away, and since she doesn’t he attacks and badly injures her. Just then Mejojo walks in and is like lol I was just kidding when I said it was ok for you guys to be with each other, YOU FUCKING NTR’er YOU.

arles02He goes to stab Arles, and instead ends up stabbing killing Elvira instead. Instead of caring about what he’s just done Mejojo goes off the deep end babbling that he can never have his favorite toy. Arles is like wtf you just killed someone you claimed you love and gets pissed, stabs Mejojo in the face and runs off deciding he will live to avenge everything. After hearing this story, Fiona realizes the only reason Arles was nice to her is because she looks like Elvira. She eventually starts to fall for Arles and gets jelly whenever he brings up Elvira, including giving Fiona one of Elvira’s favorite books. During the final battle, Auger and Mejojo find Fiona and Arles. Mejojo tells his “waifu” to come over here but Arles is like “no she’s my waifu” 😆 OH NO HE DIDN’T Jerry jerry! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ So then Auger pops in with his trolling telling Fiona that she’s like a replacement for Elvira but Fiona’s like tell me something I don’t know. Mejojo then admits that HE NEVER LOVED ELVIRA BUT HER BEING TAKEN AWAY MAKES HIM RAGGEEE. ヽ(。_゜)ノ uh yea okay. They duke it out until Fiona’s like CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG щ(ºДºщ) though Arles & Mejojo imagine Elvira speaking to them. After Mejojo’s down Arles like “wow why didn’t we just..get along!” Then there’d be no black wolves saga Arrrr-kun. After the battle ends and the fire is put out with the rain, Fiona, Guillan and Rath go back inside to see if they can find any wolf survivors. They find Arles’ body and his heart is still beating so they grab him and run. In the end, Arles survives and along with Fiona and the other 2, they create a village just for wolves and humans to live in harmony, to show everyone that they’re not all rabid people killers. (Also helped that Zodiva’s been completely wiped out to Zara Nye the Science Guy.)

arles03The reason he survived is because he kept thinking that he hasn’t told Fiona that he’s in love with her! So I guess this stubbornness is what kept him alive. He said that Fiona misunderstood and he didn’t “treat her nicely” because she looked like Elvira and BECAUSE she looked like Elvira he tried to be cold to her lol. He then confesses to Fiona that he loves her and they smooch deciding to live on together to improve the wolf image. In the bad end, Arles is the sole wolf survivor and he goes insane and goes around killing people. Auger calls Fiona a witch and locks her up in a tower until one day Arles breaks in and eats her. Fiona is of course happy since she’d rather die by Arles than be imprisoned by Auger the rest of her life. In the true end, Fiona decides she wants to be with both brothers YEAAAA 3P. And by 3P I mean 4P (including Guillan) because Fiona & the wolves live happily ever after cause they decide to live on instead of all mass suicide each other. They form a village for wolves & people to live in peace together while the 4 of them act as guardians. I admit at first I thought Arles was one of those calm psychos but once I did his route and saw his past I just felt sorry for the guy. Sure if he never saw Elvira he wouldn’t have attacked her, sure if Elvira had run away when he told her she would have lived and Mejojo wouldn’t have exploded BUT they were in love! You have to put yourself into their shoes and the person who you were in love with and were going to marry is suddenly telling you they can’t be with you because of a disease. Naturally you would want to try and patch things and find a way out first (unless you’re just the type to give up easily.) In the end Arles learned from his mistakes, and he did his best to correct them which is more than I can say for forest ballerina-kun and material-boy.


Well damn that flew by faster than I expected. Before I knew it, I was done with the game!  The problem with the game is it has a very linear storyline and not much changes when you change characters. The major changes occur between groups (cats, family, wolves) but within each group it’s pretty much replace 1 guy with another. The only real difference ends up being the tiny epilogue at the end so I felt like I spent more time skipping than anything else after doing the initial run. I think the PC game had a “jump to next choice” feature but sadly Otomate wanted to make me suffer through hours of skipping which only added to all the copypasta frustration. Due to the game being too linear, there were times where you had to pick choices for a guy that wasn’t with Fiona at the moment so it’s like the game went from you making decisions FOR Fiona, to you making decisions for everyone xD In the extra, the extra voices 4 and 5 were lame. In TYB they were always like sexy or sweet voices or something fanservicy, but here its like “heres what I think of everyone in the game”. I honestly dgaf what you think, I could already tell from playing (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Additionally, you have to do the bad ends or certain characters/endings won’t unlock. If you don’t like bad ends then just force skip through them as they are not pretty.

Overall I think the story is pretty good and I liked all the animal farm references but I feel like they were focusing too much on the main story and didn’t really bother to focus on the “otome game” aspect. It’s so linear to the point where it should have just been a kinetic novel where you don’t make choices except maybe choices to branch off either into family, wolves or cats endings. Otherwise they could have shown the pov’s of what was happening at the time back to back (like meanwhile Nesso and Elza were fighting, Fiona was at the research lab). They obviously still wanted to do SOME kind of “otome aspect” by giving the characters somewhat romantic endings but they barely focused on that and in the end I just felt unsatisfied in that aspect. It’s strange because when I think about games like Clannad and Tomoyo After where I didn’t really care about romance (since I never do when I play galges) I still bawwed my eyes out because of how they handled each individual character’s story. In here, I really could only feel myself sympathizing with Rath and Arles because the rest just felt like they were shoved in for the sake of having a “route”. And so unfortunately because of this, I couldn’t feel myself getting INTO the game. Everything just flew by so quickly that before I knew it, it had ended and everyone lived happily ever after. As far as character ranking for me it’s Rath> Zara > Pearl & Ricchie > Arles> Elza > Julian > Guillan >>>>>>>>>> brick wall >>>Nesso>>> burning volcanoes of hell >>>>> Auger Simpson & MojoJojo. Maybe my outlook would have been different if I had played Bloody Nightmare but seeing how I don’t appreciate Fiona abuse, because she’s actually a great heroine, I will pass and so my BWS adventures end here.

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  1. What? I decided to watch your broadcast and you’re ALREADY done. xDDDD Well, I told you Auger is such a badass… xDDD And sorry, but I haven’t read your familie route contribution, because I want to experience the sadness and madness on my own. LMAO

    But yeah… I think the game would have been better if the story wouldn’t have been so linear and yes… BWS is more a visual novel than an otoge… ^^ I can see where you are coming from, when you say, that the romance was sometimes really TOO fast-paced…

    But it’s nice that you liked the story… 😀 😀 And now, let’s play something not so depressing, shall we?! 😀 What are you planning to play next? Norn9?

    1. Yea I dunno the game just flew by so quickly lol.
      The family route wasn’t really sad? I mean bad ends were bad but otherwise it was actually pretty good lol.

      Norn9 hasn’t arrived yet so I’m derping around RO2

  2. 10/10 that was in fact one of the best reviews I’ve ever read ever, you had me laughing so hard and you know pretty much exactly how I feel about the cat twins. I hope you enjoyed poking everyone in the wiener.

  3. Oh my god that Auger gif wwwwww. I just had to watch your broadcast just so I could see that part. It was hilarious. 😆

    Overall, I think it’s a good thing you played this and not BN since this sounds like the better one out of the two BWS games. In BN the cats get the spotlight, so most of the game is just the two of them being a pair of gary stus and running around ruining people’s lives. It’s pretty rage inducing cause they’re clearly shown at an advantage and things almost never go wrong for them while Fiona and the rest feel completely hopeless against them. Also, the family route in BN sucks balls cause they just spend the entire time running away and camping in the woods and like… nothing happens until the end lol, so yeah it sounds like their route was handled a little better here (except the part with Nesso becoming a yandere, wtf happened there Rejet?). The only reason I see to play BN is if you were interested in the PC exclusive routes, but even those aren’t worth going through all the crap in the other endings. Guillan is cute but he still does some pretty awful things, while Julian… (´・ω・`;) well, the less I say about him the better.

    1. Hahaha the moment I saw him dancing in the woods that ballerina image immediately came to mind! 😆

      hahaha gary stus lolol
      Yea I dunno what the hell the deal with Nesso’s weird yandere route. I guess they got nostalgic for Wabisuke? 😀
      WOw so Julian’s route was terrible after all eh? He seemed like one of the nicer cats in this game but I guess its because he never had a chance to go wacky tabacky on me this time lol.

  4. Great review as usual! Especially enjoyed the nameplays of Mejojo and Auger ww
    Anyway, I have this love/hate relationship to them since their feelings toward Fiona changes so much depending on which ending you play (in bloody nightmare anyway)
    Also I would’ve loved to play Elza’s route since well … He’s hot. But I probably still prefer Julian so …

    Anyway, again, great review! Already looking forward to the next! (I’m pissing myself laughing with them every time)

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed it! Yea another broadcast viewer told me there’s a lot of stuff about the past of both the cats but I look at it as “well they had a tough life but so did Rath and you don’t see him going around abusing Fiona” XD
      I’m sure I would have had different thoughts (for better or worse) if I played BN though but for the sake of my sanity I think it’s best that I don’t XD

      Elza’s route felt like it was shoved in so you didn’t miss out on too much!

      1. Yeah! BN was pretty much all about Mejojo and Auger and their background (and this in not just in their routes, it’s in the common story)
        Anyway, of course they didn’t really have a reason to abuse Fiona as much as they did, I felt really sad every time Mejojo whipped her Dx but they where the sexiest routes (so far, still not done since PCfucker can’t handle playing more than 2 hours) compared to the others which felt more like ‘friend-routes’ … But I was sad that Rath didn’t have as much story as I thought since uh … Kaji sings the op? Hahah, anyway, you probably get the most background story if playing both games but, I have so many other games to play and I think your review is a good way to ‘almost have played it except I didn’t buy I know the story and all endings’ ww

  5. I laughed so hard at the ballerina’s image ! Didn’t expect that haha.

    Hmm, not sure if I should give this game a try, looks a bit too ‘dark’ and…depressing ?

    Thanks a lot for the recap, it made my day ! 🙂 Kept laughing like an idiot in the bus to Uni haha !

    (By the way you going to give a try to Norn9 ? The art and soundtrack are really good )

    1. Yea for the most part it’s pretty dark and it’s more like reading a short story rather than “dating the guys in the game” XD
      I hope nobody on the bus gave you weird looks lol 😆
      And yes I feel like a broken record but still waiting for Norn9 to arrive (I’m a cheapass and I pick airmail shipping for my games xD)

  6. God forbid I laughed so hard while reading this LOL. Black Wolves Saga is like, great material for horrible jokes. xDD Bloody Nightmare is actually more fulfilling story-wise and character-wise in my opinion. But since you seem to can’t stand Mejojo and Auger, it’s really a good idea to not play Bloody Nightmare because they cause ruckus in the other bad ends other than their own too, especially Arles’ bad end. ._. I think it would have been worse if they are birds instead of cats. They’d fly around wrecking up Weblin.

    P.S. Julian is sort of a psychopath in Bloody Nightmare. Well…he didn’t make it so obvious but his true end kind of trolls. And all the HOMETE KURE HOMETE KURE HOMETE KUREEEEE should be enough indication. But hey, at least he has a reason for it and doesn’t go around wrecking things up in the other bad ends? :’D

    1. It truly is, I didn’t think I’d get to see Auger the Ballerina in any of my expectations for this game 😆
      When you said they were birds I imagined them both like flying over someone’s car and pooping all over the windshield before cackling and flying away ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

      I guess it’s good Julian was normal here and wasn’t ruined for me since he seemed really sweet orz lol.

  7. And this is the tame version? Wow. Well, it’s lucky I didn’t really touch this.

    1. oh for some reason I had thought you played the PC version since I figured you like the wolves.
      Well if you do ever play any of the games seems like this one would be better up your alley than the other one anyway

  8. Lmao! “Auger Simpson!” I see what you’ve done there XP
    I think imma skip this game although Arles and Rath’s routes seem promising. Not gonna play through this dark shit for only those two! XD (i do like Animal farm though, its one of my favorite books) I dunno I just don’t like a lot of Rejet’s games,
    And Julian route where D:

    1. The game is really about those 2 anyway and the rest are just part of the main story/route fodder 😛
      Rejet loves throwing EDGY shit into their games but I always liked their humor (when its actually present in the games).
      (Lets face it auger ballerina was funny :lol:)

      As others have pointed out seems like Julian’s wacky tabacky and his route is restricted to the first game which is all about the cats

  9. LOL @ the Auger ballerina! I’ve only played Bloody Nightmare and I probably won’t ever play Last Hope since my Japanese sucks. That game was focused on those hateful cats which sucked some of my enthusiasm right out the window. That said Mejojo was the lesser of the two evils but Auger was just… I don’t even have any words.

    I’m sad that Elza’s route was a disappointment since he seems like an awesome character. I just can’t get over the fact that the two shouta puppies have routes in this game LOL. Personally I liked Julian in the Bloody Nightmare since even though he was a psycho, he had reasons and he does love Fiona. I liked Guillan too since he is sooooo adorable even though his bad end is kinda crazy.

    Ugh so my Tiny x Machinegun came and the game is only partially voiced. WHY IN THIS DAY AND AGE ARE THERE PARTIALLY VOICED GAMES THAT RETAIL FOR $80??? ಠ_ಠ

    Also neither AGTH nor capture2text work so I’m getting through this game at a snail’s pace with my dictionary, barely understanding anything lol. I wouldn’t even be annoyed if it was voiced but most of the scenes are just the characters exclaiming “ah!!” or laughing like in FE:A.


    1. Lol $80 eh…I paid like $126 for it. Well I’ll be sure to leave a scathing review on amazon japan about that once my copy arrives.
      I knew Tiny wasn’t going to be fully voiced so I was ok with that but not having the guys fully voiced is just absurd for a game of that price.
      It better some super amazing as hell game to warrant such a price tag!

      I just got my Norn9 so I’ll be playing that first but once I’m done I’m sure I’ll have TxM in my hands so I hope my review at least serves as a guide to help you understand the story =D

  10. You did it! You played it! Was it as bad as you thought?

    I’m really upset Julian didn’t get a route. He was my favorite in Bloody Nightmare!

    Auger the ballerina… Beautiful… Glad you finally touched BWS!

  11. Mojojojo… lol I was so surprised you played this one.
    I’m glad I skipped both of these games now. I had my fill of war grief, blinding racism and furry insanity in Jyuuza Engi. Oh not to mention the unavoidable sexual harassment by a psychotic female character.

    1. well it was more like a request from the readers. gotta throw around fanservice once in a while right? 😉
      I think from what I’m hearing the first game is the worst one because this one wasn’t that bad compared to some stuff I played (like diabolik lovers)
      also lol thank god I skipped Jyuuza xD

  12. nice one 😀 i really want to play japanesse game in my psp but lacking launguage background im just sitting around and watch the review T.T
    well at least good work i really love this this but well hahaha 😀

  13. Do you know of any other games besides BWS that have characters with animal ears? preferably for PSP

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